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Ruination 16

“Make Way for the King” explodes over the PA as Ruination kicks off with a heavy dose of JOSHUA BREEDLOVE, the LONGEST REIGNING SIN CITY CHAMPION IN SHOOT PROJECT HISTORY! Strobes and lights are shining and blipping everywhere, announcing his arrival, and as we go to Dutch Harris and Scott Kamura at the announce table, the crowd erupts into boos for the leader of the Unholy Breedlove Empire!

Dutch Harris: We won’t take too much time, but we’re kicking Ruination off with a little Breedlove action!

Scott Kamura: He’s gotta have a lot to say after getting attacked and dropped by the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, NEMESIS!

Breedlove is dressed to the nines, full suit with a colorway that matches the group. He’s joined by Muratagi Hanzo and Cromwell Yarbury, two of the signings from SHOOT Project’s REIGN expansion and members of the Unholy Breedlove Empire!

Scott Kamura: Interesting to see Breedlove flanked by Hanzo and Yarbury and not the UCA or KIMO, isn’t it?

Dutch Harris: Not at all. This is marketing. The Cyber Army and KIMO have their own things going on tomorrow night, so it makes sense that he’d keep them away from Ruination. Yarbury and Hanzo, however? This is a good look for them to be placed next to him. He’s going to square off against NEMESIS, he’s the longest reigning Sin City Champion… this is just smart.

Breedlove makes it to the ring right as “MAKE WAY FOR THE KING” booms out over the PA and then trails off.

Joshua Breedlove: I am… your next SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.

The crowd boos, not down with that announcement.

Joshua Breedlove: NEMESIS all but sealed her own fate when she took me out of the equation last week, so eventually, we’re going to have ourselves a coronation and I will be crowned the KING of the SHOOT Project. It’s emperor, if you will. I will not stand by and let NEMESIS bully ANYONE anymore. She will not be one of those people who gets to jump others in the back and use that as some sort of gotcha. NO NO.

He waves a finger as the crowd boos!

Joshua Breedlove: When my administration sets in, you will see some changes. I am magnanimous in my rulings, as you know. This king? He rules fairly and justly, and with NEMESIS? Judy-E? You have a BRAT holding the greatest prize in ALL of professional wrestling. You have a CHILD as your flag bearer… your standard. That just doesn’t work for me, boss. So, understand this… this emperor is going to run through and DESTROY Chadwick Kyle at Revolution, and then after that?

He smirks directly into the camera.

Joshua Breedlove: After that, I set my sights on that FRAUD, Judy-E DeMitri. Your NEW SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion… JOSHUA. BREEDLOVE. MAKE WAY FOR THE KING.

He flips the microphone out of his hand as “Make Way for the King” takes over the PA once more.

Jacob Mephisto Vs. Chadwick Kyle

As the music continues to play, Mephisto stands with his arms outstretched and his head tilted back, soaking in the jeers and boos from the SHOOT Faithful.

Eryk Masters: It was, well, let’s call it a valiant effort from Chad Kyle, but Jacob Mephisto is as dangerous as they come, folks.

Other Guy: I mean, was there really a question how this one was gonna turn out, E?

Mephisto turns back to look at Chad, who has begun to pull himself up by the ropes. Mephisto begins to stalk Chad, his cold, pale, gray eyes full of bad intentions.

Eryk Masters: Oh no, come on! The match is over!

Other Guy: Mephisto said he was gonna bring the end of Chad Kyle, E. A guy like him? You know he meant it.

Mephisto reaches Chad, right as he turns and immediately HOISTS Chad up onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry position.

Mephisto shrugs Chad into the air and drops back, bringing his knees up. Chad comes CRASHING down across Mephisto’s knees!

Eryk Masters: Folks, this just isn’t going to end well. Look, can we PLEASE get someone out here before this turns any worse!?

Mephisto doesn’t talk trash. He doesn’t smile. He doesn’t even smirk. He simply watches Chad roll around clutching at his ribs. Mephisto walks into a corner across the ring and readies himself as Chad begins to struggle back to his feet. For all the dislike he garners, Chad Kyle is a fighter, a SHOOT Project Soldier in every sense of the word right at this moment.

Other Guy: For the love of God, man, just stay down!

He doesn’t. And Mephisto prepares to charge across the ring.

Until suddenly a chest rumbling and head rattling ROAR rips through the arena, “Godzilla’s Main Theme” by Bear McCreary playing through its speakers!

The crowd ERUPTS as Jacob Mephisto immediately whirls around to face the entrance ramp, eyes going wide briefly before narrowing.

Azraith DeMitri steps out from the back, standing at the top of the ramp and meeting Mephisto’s glare before bolting down to the ring.

Eryk Masters: Oh, my! The Sandman Cometh!!

There’s no hesitation from either man. The moment Azraith gets to his feet after sliding under the bottom rope, it’s on.

Mephisto and Azraith collide in a flurry of closed fists and hatred. The two Soldiers trade heavy shots back and forth before Az gets the upper hand, backing Mephisto into a corner while Chad Kyle takes the opportunity to make a quick exit.

Other Guy: Here we go, E! Let’s not sugar coat it; these two despise one another and we have a fight on our hands!

Mephisto THROWS his head forward, smashing Az in the face with a headbutt. Azraith staggers back half a step but quickly steps forward and DRIVES a knee into Mephisto’s gut. Mephisto staggers out of the corner for a few steps but then WHIRLS around and sends another shot to Azraith’s jaw! The two men continue to throw savage shots at one another until Mephisto swings wild and misses.

Azraith SNATCHES Mephisto by the throat and lifts as the crowd explodes with cheers!

But Mephisto sends a kick to the midsection on the way up, causing Az to lose his grip. Mephisto drops and rolls out of the ring, backing up the aisle and never taking his gaze away from Azraith.

Eryk Masters: To say there’s no love lost between these two would be a huge understatement, folks. I don’t know why Azraith came out here, but this may have just reignited something between these two.

Mephisto and Azraith burn holes into one another with looks that should end lives and make lesser men wither.  Azraith yells out to Mephisto as he lunges at the ropes, braced like a wild animal as Mephisto backs up the ramp.

From behind Mephisto, Patience and Decius Montgomery rush towards the ring, but Mephisto reaches forward and snatches them back by their collars, a look of brief concern on his face. The Twins in hand, Mephisto stalks backwards up the ramp, never taking his eyes off a seething Azraith DeMitri as we cut away.

Sisters of Steel Vs. Fear and Loathing

We cut to the back where we see Kitsune currently waving his arms all willy nilly, clearly trying to perform some new method of sorcery.  However, he is on his own and that becomes a problem when Victor Thane and Kintaro appear.  Thane stands there staring at Kitsune as the fans boo relentlessly.  Kintaro, meanwhile, clenches his jaw staring at his longtime friend turned foe.

Thane:  Kitsune.

Kitsune:  Diane.

Kintaro moves to attack but Thane stops him.

Thane:  As you know, per our agreement, the Proper Villainz have earned the right to face the Broguns for the Battalion Championship at a time and date of my choosing.

He pauses, Kitsune says nothing.

Thane:  However, there is an issue there.  Kintaro and Victor Thane are the last remaining members of the Proper Villainz that actually…care.

Kitsune:  What’s wrong?  You couldn’t get Fuego to buy in to your bullshit?

Thane:  Fuego Eterno took my money and proceeded to use it to re-apply for a permanent visa.  You see, Kitsune, I have learned a few things in my time.  I have learned that while I am a master strategist, I have gotten in over my head.  RAIKO is injured, Bronson is pointless, Arthur is idiotic, and X-Calibur is delusional.  I simply do not have the manpower to compete against your faction for those titles.

Kitsune looks at Kintaro and then goes back to Thane.

Thane:  I come here now to tell you that the Proper Villainz are disbanded.  Officially.

The fans cheer loudly at this announcement.

Thane:  Should Kintaro wish to remain with me I will help him, but it is clear I have made too many missteps in my time here.

Kitsune:  Whoa, wait.  You mean to tell me you take my dude’s mask and then because the kitchen’s too fuckin’ hot, you gonna run?

Kintaro:  We did Mike a favor, Kitsune.  Something I want to see more appreciation for.

Kitsune:  Bruh, shut the fuck up.  All you did was make us stronger.  You think I’m scared of you, man?  You think anybody’s scared of you?

Kintaro:  I want to settle this.  I don’t care what happens afterward.  I want you, Kitsune.  One on one.  I want you to put your mask up.

Kitsune stops.

Kitsune:  My mask?

Kintaro:  Put your damn mask up.  If I win, I take that shit.  If you win?

Kitsune:  I’m cuttin’ your gotdamn hair an’ kickin’ you outta this company for 30 fuckin’ days.

Kintaro stops.

Kintaro:  Suspension AND my hair?

Kitsune:  Oh absolutely.

Thane:  Gentlemen, please.

Kitsune:  You don’t need to say shit, Thane.  Mike an’ Dave ain’t here with me right now but straight up, this is how it’s gonna go for you.  You ain’t gonna get away from this shit so easily.  No Battalion to face us?  No problem.  I’ll fight Kintaro here.  You can fight Mike.  One on one.  You lose you can take that suspension right along with Kint here an’ also?  Also I want the Brink.

Thane:  You seek to destroy everything I’ve built?

Kitsune:  Dude, I’m gonna fix the shit you fucked up.  Kitsune versus Kintaro, hair versus mask.  Mike versus Thane in a get Thane the fuck outta here match.

Thane stares at Kitsune.

Kitsune:  You want redemption go buy Lindsay Troy some nice chocolates an’ wine so her an’ Breedlove can have a snack between they fuckfests.  

Thane winces.

Kitsune:  I’m done with the both of you.  

Kitsune storms away.  Kintaro sighs and looks at Thane, who watches him leave.

Kintaro:  This what you want, Mr. Thane?

Thane nods.

Thane:  I’m tired, Kintaro.  I’ve failed all of you.  I need to fix that.

He pauses.

Thane:  That starts with giving my pound of flesh and taking what is rightfully ours.  I’m done playing games and machinations.  I cannot take their titles but I can take our final victories.  We deserve at least that.

Thane puts his arm around Kintaro as the two men stare off in the direction Kitsune walked and the scene fades.

We cut back to the ring.  CK Butcher is standing in the center with a microphone in hand, a thin stack of index cards in another, a smile on his face, and a jovial stare.  He’s wearing an all white t-shirt with #SEIZEIT written in all black across the chest.  He’s dressed to wrestle in his white trunks, kneepads and boots, but he’s not on the card; so this must be precautionary.  The reaction from the crowd is mixed and it’s clear they’re still not sure how to handle the man in the ring versus the man they’ve seen in the past.  However, CK Butcher knows just what to say in order to hook their interest…

CK Butcher:  This is the BEST damn crowd in the industry, isn’t it?

There’s a better pop that just blankets the overall distrust floating in the arena.  Butcher’s smile grows and presents his always pearl-white beam as he begins to pace between the ropes.

CK Butcher:  When I see ya’ll pack this arena and I see how well the SHOOT Project is evolving (and, damn, we’re getting better by the day, aren’t we?) – the first thing that I want to do is thank each and every one of you for what you’ve done for SHOOT, for the industry, for all the talented individuals in the back, and for me.  Without YOU [he stops to point at the crowd]…this isn’t possible.  Thank you for that.

He begins to clap the microphone and index cards together.  Some, not many, of the crowd follow suit in an odd uncoordinated fashion.

CK Butcher:  I want to, once again, thank each and every one of you for accepting me back into this home.  I know there’s still plenty out there that do not accept that I’m trying to change my ways, and that’s OK.  It will all be…ok.

A momentary pause for composure.  There are small pockets of the audience that boo during moments of Butcher’s dialogue.

CK Butcher:  However, tonight, I’m not here to be the broken record.  No, I’m here because I promised I’d answer your questions LIVE, here on RUINATION, before the BEST FREAKIN’ FANS IN THE BUSINESS…

Another mediocre pop, but a bit better than the first, and mixed in is a clear and present representation of cynics.  

CK Butcher:  …so that you’re all heard.  Perhaps, even, you might be understood?  I can’t guarantee I have an answer for everything, and I’m not insinuating that I do, but I’ve suggested that you ask me ANYTHING and many of you served up some…interesting…inquiries.  I’ve mixed these up so that there’s no real rhyme, reason, or that any question is better than the other; they were all fantastic.  So, without further ado…

That’s when those cynics begin to chant FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD, a little louder than normal and Butcher reels them in with a care-free grin.  

CK Butcher:  You all sound like the voices in my head!

The crowd’s volume seems to turn down as his eyes focus on the first index card.

CK Butcher:  The first question comes from @JerseyDevilBomber23, and they ask: “If you can relive your first run in the SHOOT Project then would you do it differently?”

His eyebrows boost and his eyes are on the hard camera.

CK Butcher:  Well oooooK!  Interesting start!  So, this answer is going to be two-fold because I just feel as if that’s the right way to answer this.  I’ll take the high road, first, and say that I have no regrets, and that this all happens for a reason.  I’m sure you may feel that way about certain aspects or events in your life.  If you went back and changed one crucial part of your life then how would we ever know if it was effective?  What we know is what we are doing now, right?  We don’t know what we don’t know.  So, I can’t regret what I’ve done, but I can change.  The second answer to this is pretty simple: You’re Goddamn right I would want it to be different.  

He begins to pace while addressing the second part of the answer.

CK Butcher:  You’re absolutely 100% correct.  I’d do anything to return to day one and eventually make my way onto that long, long list of SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champions.  If I could have leveled Buck Dresden in this very ring and forever modified the fabric of this company’s existence then I wouldn’t be standing here inching my way toward redemption.  There’s plenty more to add to the list of what I would have changed, but that isn’t happening and the best thing I can do is move on.  Today is my day one, and I will always have a chance to be the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.  Next question.

He stops, and reads from another index card.

CK Butcher:  The following question is from @XanCJA: “What was the point behind the Blue Ridge Butchers and was there ever an end goal?”

Butcher has a light belly laugh and then lifts his brows once again.

CK Butcher:  Yikes! So, I’ll be honest about this and I think most of you would be pretty fond of this answer.  I still don’t hold a firm understanding of what the Blue Ridge Butchers set out to accomplish.  So, initially, we came to put our footprint on SHOOT Project, and that we did very well.  Then, things spun out of control after that.  For what it’s worth: the end goal was to do what nobody has ever done, and most likely will ever do, and that’s rule over the SHOOT Project as it’s king, leader, so on and so forth.  The whole delusions of grandeur schtick.  It was a flawed, impractical approach to something I, for one, had no knowledge of and therefore couldn’t handle.  It’s also obvious to note that I did not have the mental bandwidth to complete such a far-fetched task.  Essentially we were three guys from North Carolina, born and bred of corn-field fame, with a rich history of being wicked and terrible, attempting to rule SHOOT with an iron fist.  Odd, and yet I’m happy to say that’s no longer the case.

He seamlessly continues.

CK Butcher:  The next question comes from @MockThis86: “According to you who’s the next SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion?”

There’s no hesitation with he’s straight forward.

CK Butcher:  Lindsay Troy.  I’ve been in the ring with a lot of performers.  She is, bar-none, one of the best I’ve encountered and I’d wager to bet she’s holding that belt at some point in 2022.  If it’s not her, then I hope it’d be me, or someone who would continue to build the respect that title deserves.  

He nods toward the crowd and he continues before they haphazardly respond.

CK Butcher:  This next question is from an anonymous DM, and I’m happy to tackle this…: “I’m at war with myself and I want to do the right thing.  I am unhappy with my current situation, and I want to be accepted by my friends and family for who I really am.  I want to be happy with my place in this world.  I am living with the fear that my homosexuality will be ostracized by the people I deeply care about.  I am grateful for any advice you can give as I progress to come out, open up, and be happy.”

His eyebrows sink.  He turns to his side and strokes his chin.  He nods.  The crowd has grown as silent as they can get without the normal sounds of movement and whispers.  Butcher doesn’t ponder for long and seems to have nailed down a content response.  

CK Butcher:  As I said – I’m happy to tackle this and I hope many of you in attendance will agree with me when I say: BE HAPPY.  So, you clearly understand that there’s a high probability the individuals you need to come out to will find it difficult to accept it.  I obviously don’t know every detail, and there’s probably more to why they’d react that way.  But, you can’t live your life being unhappy because you’re subjugated by an idea of disharmony.  Harmonize.  Initiate the conversation and tell them who you are, and that’s that.  Then, give them time.  They’ll need it, and they’ll deserve it.  You’ll already begin to feel the happiness you’re seeking manifest once you’ve got that off your chest.  However, the next stage is that fork in the road.  Which route will they go?  Acceptance?  Or, a gut-wrenching denial?  I can’t answer that, but my advice to you is to live your life, be who you want to be, be happy, and if the people YOU care about can’t accept that?  Then don’t waste your time, move on, and create a new chapter in your life where you live not shackled to a proverbial stigma.  You’ve got this, and I have faith in you that you’ll make the right decision.

CK Butcher:  The next…

He’s interrupted by a loud male voice cutting through the P.A.


The camera cuts to Ben Bronson bolting onto the stage.  The young superstar looks extremely frustrated, and angry.  He, too, is dressed to wrestle albeit he’s not booked.  The crowd is booing like crazy.  His walk is steadfast during his tirade.

Ben Bronson:  How much more of this can we take?  Jesus H. Christ, I’m not going to sit back there and keep listening to this nonsense.  I’m honestly surprised nobody else has taken the time to come out and tell you to shut the Hell up already.  In case you haven’t realized it, yet, I’M BITTER AS FUCK.  

Cut back to a comfortable, curious, Butcher in the ring.

CK Butcher:  Would you care to come join me in the ring?

Cut back to Bronson who is half down the ramp.

Ben Bronson: Listen, guy, I planned on it, so give me some time to walk and talk and blow this motherfuckin’ house down…

The crowd’s conformed hatred for Ben Bronson has peaked and he has to pause for a moment to make faces at members of the front row, while also taunting them.  He turns his attention back to Butcher and successfully talks over the unforgiving crowd.

Ben Bronson:  So, I’ve been with SHOOT just as long as CK Butcher has.  I’ve watched this prick [He points at Butcher] scale the latter of succession week after week.  This dude had the world…literally…by its big, wrinkly, hairy nutsack.  There are so many people in the back that wish they could have been you at the beginning of the year.  There are so many men, like myself, that wish they could been given that title shot.  Instead you kept hold of it so that you could fail, and then you dropped out because you couldn’t handle the pressure of facing an asswipe like Buck Dresden…the guy who can’t stabilize his marriage with such a hot babe because he’d rather play with Arthur Pleasant and bully me.  Buck Dresden!  The guy was literally full-retard several years ago, and all of a sudden is like the Stone Cold of this attitude era.  What?  None of this makes any sense, bro.  You’re a selfish piece of shit for doing what you did.  You should have just handed the contendership to someone else.  Instead we had to endure more of Buck Dresden waving his dick around on a nightly basis and making us depressed with his anti-hero existential sad clown cowboy act.  What a waste.

He’s made his way to the steel ring steps and begins to ascend.  A quick cut back to Butcher shows that CK is in clear observation, and listening to Bronson’s every word.  Bronson’s banter continues as he walks along the ring apron.

Ben Bronson:  I’m so mad at you, dude.  You allowed them to continue to rape natural talent of their integrity!  There’s so much talent here and look who controls the top spots.  Seriously.  It’s the elite, bro.  The people in power.  All roads lead to Real Deal and the strings tied to his fat little fingertips as he dances those little bitch-ass marionettes around the Epicenter.  Fucking puppeteer.  

There are a few boos as Bronson bends between the ropes and enters the ring.  

Ben Bronson: I…for one…will never be defeated. [There’s a bit of laughter coming from the crowd]  Everyone and their mother has apparently pinned me over the last year and a half, but I’m over watching myself rot at the fucking bottom of the barrell in this industry.  I’ve been fermenting this rage for far too damn long.  I’m sick of being asked to go out and job to I am Sam asshat NC-17, or whatever wet fart concept hails from the depths of the elite’s mind like a Chad Kyle miscarriage.  Go ahead, Ben, GO AND LOSE TO RODDIE ODDIE, OR THE UNIVERSAL LOVE HANDLE BOBSUN DUGNUTT!  Go out and be the laughing stock of the company!  The fact of the matter is – they know I’m WAY, WAY, WAY better than any of the so-called talent they’ve got backstage and they want to pin me down until there’s nothing left…BUT…I will not let them defeat me.

He takes a few steps toward CK and stands just a foot before him, nearly face-to-face.  Bronson stares up at Butcher who is just a few inches taller.  Ben’s chin is up.  He’s clearly confident in his approach.

Ben Bronson:  So, CK Butcher, here’s a question for you.  What’s the point?  What’s the point of getting paid to do this when I’m not friends with Sean Kygon, or Josh Johnson?  Our dicks don’t measure up.  What’s the point of doing this when you’ve never been in their lives like family?  What’s the point of doing this, and money isn’t even an option at this point, but what’s the point of doing this if you’re here simply to be…fodder for their fun little game?  You, me, we’re never going to get anywhere and do you wanna know why?  Because they don’t want us to.  They…never…wanted us to.  So, here’s one from @BITTERBRONSON…what’s…the fucking point?

There’s actually an odd cheering within the crowd, but it’s overtaken by boos as Butcher accepts the question with a nod and takes a moment to let it sink in.

CK Butcher:  That’s a lot to consume.  I want to be fair, and I think answering your question is the right thing to do, but I think you’re not in the right state of mind to receive it.  So, why don’t we leave this ring, go backstage, and make this more of a conventional man-to-man.  Off the record.  

Bronson is quick to retort.

Ben Bronson:  Nah.  Fuck that.  That’s not how I planned this and I’m not going to let you hit me with some kind of gypsy spell with your silly ass positivity quotes that you stole off Pinterest.  Answer my Goddamn question or step the fuck out of my ring…

The audience ate that up and a whirlwind of OOOOHHHHHH fills the arena.  Butcher gulps and seems surprised that Ben would say something like that, so CK responds with a curveball.

CK Butcher:  You’re a good man, Ben.

Bronson raises an eyebrow and isn’t happy with that.

Ben Bronson: Oh will you PLEASE shut the HELL up?  Seriously!  Do you think telling me that I’m a good man is going to quell my anger and extinguish the fact that I’m FIRED UP?  I just want to punch your fucking teeth down your throat so that your turd has a better smile than you do.

Butcher doesn’t seem to mind Bronson’s verbiage.  CK’s approach is like a parent trying to politely get the point across.

CK Butcher:  I want you to take a moment and look around you.  I want you to listen.  Observe.  

He raises his hand and pans it toward the crowd.

CK Butcher:  Who are you talking to?  Do you think that your hostility means anything to them?

Points at the crowd.

CK Butcher:  It’s difficult for me to filter through your diatribe because right now this isn’t something that I’m willing to invest my time in.  So, if you’re talking to me, not with me, and if you’re expecting me to answer your question in a way that satisfies your angst?  I’m sorry to say, but you’re sadly mistaken.

It’s swift, it’s fast, and it meant something: Ben Bronson jolts toward CK and socks him in the mouth with a vicious right hook.  The crowd is going crazy as Butcher takes a step back and massages his jaw.  CK’s eyes light up.  Bronson takes a step forward.

Ben Bronson:  That’s angst.

And doesn’t waste any time after the statement with yet ANOTHER right hook!  Bronson this time connects to the bridge of Butcher’s nose.  Blood begins to dribble from CK’s nostril as he takes a step back toward the ropes and holds his face in his hand.  Bronson continues.

Ben Bronson:  That’s satisfying my angst.

Butcher removes his hand from his face as blood settles on his mustache.  CK can clearly be heard asking Ben “Why?”  So, Bronson answers.

Ben Bronson:  Much like everyone in this place…you’re a fucking joke.

Ben drops the microphone in the ring as the fans continue to boo.  Bronson quickly hurries toward the opposite side of the ring and exits by sliding under the ropes.  CK slowly brings the microphone back to his bloodied lips, and with a blood stained smile, he yells through the P.A.

CK Butcher:  BEN…

Bronson peers over his shoulder as he’s a quarter up the ramp.  Cut back to Butcher’s blood stained grin.

CK Butcher:  …you’re a good man.

He takes a couple steps forward and points at Bronson.

CK Butcher:  You’re salt of the Earth, and I have faith you’ll find your answer.  

Blood continues to accumulate on his lips and he wipes it off.

CK Butcher:  If you want help in finding that answer…then you know where to find me.  We live in the same house.  

There’s a pause as Bronson is shaking his head.

CK Butcher: …SEIZE IT.

Bronson quickly turns around and grabs his crotch.  He can clearly be seen saying “SEIZE THIS” as he tugs on his crotch and backs up the ramp.  A cut back to Butcher in the center of the ring with a bloodied smile, not fazed by Ben Bronson’s antics and speech, as the scene fades.  

Jamie Johnson Vs. Ignatius Albert Martin

We cut to the backstage area where we see Buck Dresden sitting on a stack of pallets.  He says nothing at first, dressed in a zip up navy blue hoodie with the sleeves pulled up his forearms.  He rubs his head and breathes in a bit, looking around and seeming somewhat fidgety.

Buck:  So this is it, ain’t it?

He motions to nobody around him.

Buck:  I sent RAIKO to the hospital, I made Bronson go angsty, I convinced Thane to disband his merry crew of idiots and now in a few minutes, I tear the Iron Fist Championship away from Arthur Pleasant’s Daddy.

He sneers.

Buck:  S’funny.  People ask me how this amounts to, y’know, anything.  Artie’s Daddy is still gonna be an ingrown cunthair on the blue waffle of life and Artie don’t give a damn about anybody but himself so who really benefits here?

His smile appears for a second and then returns to a scowl.

Buck:  I do.

He looks at the camera.

Buck:  I benefit.  I become Iron Fist Champion and I ruin everything Artie’s Daddy wanted out of this run and I send him back to mediocrity where he belongs and then I tell Artie he can come here and get him some so I can send him back to hell where he belongs.  Nah, life won’t be no different.  I’ll still be where I am.  He’ll still have done the things he’s done.  I won’t feel better.  He got me good.  He got me damn good.

He glances around, nodding his head as if agreeing with himself.

Buck:  But ever since Iron Will I ain’t been the man I should’ve been from the get go.  See, Charlie Jay Hitchens was right to target me.  She was right to want me clean because see there’s a demon in me.  There’s a demon that burrowed into my soul an’ it’s made this man into a ghost that haunts places he don’t belong no more.  Well, that’s fine.  That’s all fine and good.  Because you see, if I got a demon in me that I need to let out I don’t see no better division to do that than the Iron Fist.  I’ll make you hurt, I’ll make you scream, then I’ll make you tap, then I’ll knock you the fuck out.

He chuckles.

Buck:  Sorry, Eryk, you just showed up at the wrong time an’ place.  

He slides from the pallets and storms off screen.