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Ruination 24: Battalion Edition

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 Welcome back, SHOOT Faithful.


The familiar voice of SHOOT Project alumni Ben Jackman greets us as the scene opens to a hardpan desert landscape. Except, it isn’t the barren Mojave we’re used to seeing. Wooden buildings line what looks to be an unpaved street, covered in layers of desert dust and grit.


We hope you enjoyed your vacation. Our Soldiers are well rested. But now, it’s time for a whole new season to start.


We travel down the dusty thorofare, catching glimpses of wooden signs with faded, peeling letters above their doors and porches. We pass by The Black Out Saloon, The Steel City General Store, Gold Bank & Trust, Iron Will Billiards, DiMitri Barber & Dentistry, The Sanctorium Town Hall, and The Smoking Skull Shop… you can guess what’s sold at that last one.


The next two nights are one of a kind, as only The SHOOT Project can deliver. But, tonight? It’s all about opportunity…


The clink of spurs grabs our attention as three figures emerge from behind one of the buildings. The three figures walk with their backs to the low, red, setting sun, casting them into half-shadow. They wear long, canvas dusters with wide brim cowboy hats pulled low. The three walk shoulder to shoulder towards the camera.


We zoom in closer as the figure on the right exhales a plume of white smoke, raising his head slightly and revealing a face hidden by the skull mask of Dave de los Muertos. In the center, we see the masked face of the Purple Fox, Kitsune, and to the left is the painted face of Mike de los Huesos.


Tonight, we’ve got an old fashioned showdown. It’s ain’t exactly High Noon, but then again, that’s not how we do things here.


We zoom out just far enough to see an archway with a sign hanging from it behind the three figures.


Epicenter City

A SHOOT Project Town

Est. 2001


We pan back down to the three men, who have stopped in the middle of the thorofare. They look around them as a light breeze tosses a tumbleweed across the road. The three men slowly open their dusters, revealing the gold faceplates of the SHOOT Project Battalion Championship belts.


A second passes before our ears are suddenly greeted by a new sound…


I got, I got, I got, I got

Loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA


The voice of Kendrick Lamar powers out the lyrics to “DNA” and we get a brief freeze frame of the Battalion Champions.


~The Broguns~


We get a brief 360 view of the champions before we cut to DiMitri Barber & Dentistry, where Laura Seton comes flying through the glass window, rolling as she hits the ground and popping back to her feet.


Cocaine quarter piece, got war and peace inside my DNA


Bobby Tick leads Broodwarden out the doors of the establishment while Judy-E DiMitri, best known as NEMESIS, glares out the broken window, shaking her head.




I got power, poison, pain and joy inside my DNA

I got hustle though, ambition, flow inside my DNA


We cut over to the Steel City General Store where Dan Stein sits in a rocking chair, a corn shuck clutched between his teeth. The door flies open and Nate Robideau stalks out onto the porch, while Trashcan Tim walks out from behind the building.




I was born like this, since one like this, immaculate conception

I transform like this, perform like this, was Yeshua new weapon


We cut again, this time to The Sanctorium Town Hall where SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, Joshua Breedlove saunters out the front door. The Montgomery Twins, Patience and Decius trail behind him, Patience drawing a metal spike from her waistband.


~Breedlove-The Twins~


I don’t contemplate, I meditate, then off your fucking head

This that put-the-kids-to-bed


The scene jump-cuts to Gold Bank & Trust where the doors are blown off their hinges and Josh Conway runs out, a money bag clutched in each fist. He tosses one of the money bags and Ria Lockheart steps into the frame, catching the bag. Lexi Gold walks into the doorframe, arms crossed and head shaking.




This that I got, I got, I got, I got

Realness, I just kill shit ’cause it’s in my DNA


We cut away as Haskell Payne comes flying through the batwing doors of the Blackout Saloon, closely followed by Bobson Dugnutt. Curtis Rose saunters out behind the two men.




I got millions, I got riches buildin’ in my DNA


Our view switches to Iron Will Billiards, where Jamie Johnson and Ignatius Albert Martin lean against the wall, each holding a billiards cue. The door flies open and Daiichi stands in the doorway.




I got dark, I got evil, that rot inside my DNA

I got off, I got troublesome heart inside my DNA


From the opposite end of the thorofare, Azraith DiMitri stalks forward, flanked by Lindsay Troy and Chadwick Kyle, the trio spaced apart but somehow united.




I just win again, then win again like Wimbledon, I serve


From the shadows of an overhang of an unmarked building, Ayumi Seppuku, RAIKO, and Punky step out onto the thorofare.




Yeah, that’s him again, the sound that engine in is like a bird


We cut back to the Broguns, the champions continuing to walk down the thorofare.


You see fireworks and Corvette tire skrrt the boulevard


The other eight teams begin to converge out on the main street, each turning toward the champions.


I know how you work, I know just who you are


Everyone freezes for a moment as the red sun sets all the way.


See, my pedigree most definitely don’t tolerate the front

Shit I’ve been through prolly offend you, this is Paula’s oldest son


A pulse wave goes out over the entire main thorofare and each building flares with a neon purple light. The Broguns vanish in streaks of purple neon, leaving the other Battalion pairings staring at one another, each Soldier glowing with a purple aura.


I know murder, conviction, burners, boosters

Burglars, ballers, dead, redemption

Scholars, fathers dead with kids and

I wish I was fed forgiveness


Every one of the remaining soldiers charge one another before the scene cuts back to the town entrance sign. The sign flashes neon purple and our scene cuts to the modern day Epicenter.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, soldier’s DNA


Streaks of neon purple fill the screen before cutting away to the Ruination logo.

Run the Gauntlet

The night is young, the new season of SHOOT Project is about to begin, and there’s an air of excitement amongst both the talent and crew at what’s in store over the next two nights. A Battalion tournament on Ruination, made up of completely random teams, to find out the next challengers to the Broguns’ dominance. And on Revolution, an evening where the Champions were asked to hand-pick their opponents. 


As Real Deal settles in to watch the first of seven Battalion matches, he can’t help but feel like it all seems appropriate. Springtime signals new beginnings, after all, and it’s always good to shake things up a bit. Keeps the product fresh and the Soldiers on their toes. RD swipes a remote off his desk and is about to turn the television on when a knock is heard.


Real Deal: Come in.


The door swings open and in strides Lindsay Troy, looking like she’s just gotten through with her pre-match warm-ups. She takes her Airpods out of her ears and stowes them in the pocket of her hoodie.


Lindsay Troy: You got a minute?


Real Deal: If you’re here to try and back out of teaming with Chad Kyle, you already know what my answer will be.


The Queen smirks and walks over to his desk.


Lindsay Troy: I’m not trying to back out of anything. I volunteered for that assignment, remember? 


Johnson smirks as well, motioning to a chair. Lindsay takes a seat.


Real Deal: I just wanted to make sure. What’s on your mind then.


Lindsay Troy: Breedlove. I’m not done with him.


There’s an edge to her voice which signals she’s done with the banter and it’s time for business. Real Deal folds his hands in his lap and leans back in his chair.


Real Deal: He beat you clean at ApeX.


Lindsay Troy: I know. And I don’t care. Besides…


She folds her hands in her lap now.


Lindsay Troy: You heard the crowd reaction at the end of the ApeX match. You saw him pitch a fit. All those cheap shots and Burning Hammers and a PPV win and I still stood up at the end of it all. You’re not gonna sit there and tell me things are settled, Josh. I want another crack at him, and I’m willing to work for it.


Real Deal looks at Lindsay; his contemporary, business associate, employee, and friend. He knows she’s serious because it’s Breedlove, and as marketable as he is to SHOOT Project, he is also an obnoxious shit who is overdue a comeuppance. Lindsay also used his first name, and Josh could count on one hand the number of times the Queen has done this outside of a business setting. They’re always RD and LT to each other, their nicknames signifying a professional respect.


He knows this is personal. How could it be anything but?


Real Deal: Say I say yes. What are you thinking?


Lindsay Troy: I’ll run an UBE Gauntlet. If Chad, Az and I win tonight, and/or if Ayumi and I win tomorrow, you can double book me for Battalion and tag matches as needed. But from now until the next PPV, I’ll fight someone from Breedlove’s Yes Man Camp. If I win out, I get him at the big show one more time.


Johnson furrows his brow.


Real Deal: You know he may not still have the world title, right?


Lindsay Troy: This isn’t world title dependent. I run the gauntlet, I get Breedlove, I beat him and I make a case to get another crack at the belt, whether it’s IAM holding it or someone else.


There’s silence as Real Deal thinks it all over. Troy taps her thumbs together, patiently waits for him to make a decision.


Real Deal: Fine. You start this crusade next week.


There’s a grin from the Lady of the Hour as she stands up.


Lindsay Troy: Thanks Josh.


Real Deal: Uh huh.


She heads for the door, then pauses to look over her shoulder as she opens it.


Lindsay Troy: One small request?


Real Deal: Haven’t you made enough requests tonight?


Lindsay Troy: Last one, promise.


The grin hasn’t left her face.


Lindsay Troy: Give me Jamie last.


She slips out into the hallway, leaving Real Deal alone again.

Welcome Back!

Purple, white, and gold pyro explodes on the stage as Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA” pumps through the speakers and the SHOOT Project Faithful scream and cheer! The camera pans around the Epicenter, taking in the sold-out crowd before settling on our commentary team.


Scott Kamura: Welcome back to the Epicenter! Welcome back to the SHOOT Project! And, welcome back to RUINATION! It’s the season premier and we’ve got an absolutely stacked show for you tonight!


Dutch Harris: You’ve got that right! It’s the first ever Battalion Edition of Ruination and I can’t think of a better way to kick things off after a nice vacation!


Scott Kamura: Battalion Edition, indeed, Dutch. It’s going to be ordered chaos tonight as every team has been put together at random. These teams of three are going to go head to head in a single elimination tournament until only one remains at the end of the night!


Dutch Harris: That team’s reward? Well, they’ll go on to challenge the reigning Battalion Champions, The Broguns, tomorrow night at Revolution!


Scott Kamura: The teams have already been announced. The matches are set. Let’s get the new season started!

Broodwarden, Laura Seton, NEMESIS Vs. Dan Stein, Nate Robideau, Trashcan Tim

A Friendly Meetup...

We go backstage where we see the current Shut up and Fight Champion Lexi Gold walking around the hallway with her title on her shoulder. The crowd cheers on The Golden Goddess as she has a big smile on her face, excited for tonight’s six-person tag team match. She is dressed and ready to compete, continuing to walk until she spots someone standing there. With a smirk, she goes to acknowledge this person.


Lexi Gold: Just the person I was looking for. How the hell are you?  


Looking up from her phone is Ria Lockhart. She smiles politely and offers a hand out to Lexi.


Ria: Hi there, Lexi. I won’t lie, I’m pretty happy we’re gonna be on a team together.


Lexi extends her hand out and the two women hands. The champ respects everything Ria has done for SHOOT Project, and teaming with her along with Josh Conway is an honor in itself.


Lexi Gold: You and me both. This is my first opportunity teaming with others here, and I don’t plan to let you both down. I may be champion, but I still feel I have a lot to prove to everyone involved in this match. Speaking of which, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to knock Breedlove’s teeth down this throat from all the shit talking he has done. If his partners get in the way, I’ll have no problem playing dentist and giving them a taste of their own medicine as well.


Ria smirks and lets out a chuckle. The history between herself and Josh Breedlove has its ups and downs. Her smirk fades into her usual reserved stoicism.


Ria: Here’s the thing… I don’t always like how he conducts himself or the choices he makes, but Josh is talented. Big, strong, moves like a guy thirty pounds lighter than he is. He’s the World champion for a reason. And the twins… I’m not sure they’re as interested in winning as they might be in hurting us. Pretty much, we have to keep our heads up. No idea what they might have planned.


Lexi nods her head and adjusts the title on her shoulder, then clears her throat to speak.


Lexi Gold: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discrediting Breedlove’s in ring abilities. There is a reason he is champion, but when someone disrespects me in a way that he did, then you know there are consequences that are going to come along with it. He will learn that firsthand tonight. As far as the twins go, I don’t know much about them, but regardless, I’m not going to take my eyes off them, or the champion himself, not even for a second. I want to make sure our team is on the same page, but judging by our interactions, it seems like you and I will have no problem getting along. I’m still uncertain about Josh Conway, though.


Ria nods before shrugging.


Ria: I’ve never faced the Twins in the ring, but I’ve seen enough of them to know they’re vicious. It wouldn’t surprise me if Breedlove has sent some kind of gift Mephisto’s way to ensure he gets their total cooperation. Can’t say for sure they’ll still have good teamwork, though. Speaking of Conway, where is he?


She looks around, trying to find him, then shrugs her shoulders. 


Lexi Gold: I’ll just assume he is getting ready for our match. It is a big night and there is some gold on the line should we advance to the finals and head to Revolution. I’m already content being a champion, but if the time calls for more gold, you can bet your ass I’m going to use my body as an indestructible weapon to prove our worth. I know you will have no problem doing the same. 


Ria can’t help but give a roll of her eyes before sighing.


Ria: I guess we’ll have to make it work one way or another. Either way, I’m putting my faith in you having my back. I’ll have yours. Hopefully, Conway holds up his end of things. I think it’ll probably be for the best if we go talk strategy somewhere. At the very least, two of us can be on the same page.


Lexi Gold: You can put all your trust in me. I have given you no reason why you shouldn’t. I’m no longer the Lexi Gold of the past. I like this new version of her better. Anyway, you are right though, let’s talk more in private. 


The two walk off together and go somewhere where no cameras are at. 

Josh Conway, Lexi Gold, Ria Lockhart Vs. Joshua Breedlove & The Twins

The Punchinello Heard 'Round the World

Bubble Gum: Holy cow, Punky! I can’t believe you get to be on a team with Ayumi Seppuku and RAIKO! That’s so cool!

Somewhere in the back, Punky The Clown is huddled together with her Pop Punks teammates, Bubble Gum and Daihm “The Dragon” Ferguson. Standing off to the side is a seemingly impatient Sarah King sighs loudly.


Punky’s eyes shoot over to the team’s manager, but smiles at her friend and nods with confidence.


Punky: They’ve been great. I’ve been learning a lot. I know we’ve got our work cut out for us trying to go up against Azraith DeMitri, Lindsay Troy, and Chad Kyle. I just hope I can pull my weight, ya know?


Daihm: Ey. You’re a helluva punch, Punky. Not trying to take the piss. You need more confidence in yourself, ya ken?


Punky: Bloody ‘ell, Daihm, you gotta start getting acclimated to the States. You sound like a stock character in some 50s cartoon.


Daihm looks down, embarrassed.


Voice: So, this is the famed Pop Punks – in the flesh.


Everyone’s attention piques as Ayumi Seppuku and RAIKO step into view, approaching their Battalion teammate – creating a split screen of sorts with Ayumi, RAIKO, and Punky on one side and  Bubble Gum, Daihm Ferguson, and Sarah King on the other.


Bubble Gum squeals and does everything she can to avoid globbing Ayumi and RAIKO.


Bubble Gum: Ohmygod! Ohmygod! It’s YOU! And It’s YOU! I love your makeup! Can you teach me how you do it? And oh gosh you are just so tiny and cute and that eye patch is so unique! You’re like a tiny Japanese pirate! RRRRRRAIKO!


Ayumi tries not to laugh while RAIKO’s face goes red, trying to come up with a retort.


RAIKO: Not like bubble gum. Too sweet.


Bubble Gum squeals again – ignoring the attempt at an  insult – and goes to pat RAIKO on the head before Punky coughs loudly, shaking her head at Bubble Gum, suggesting doing so would be a poor life choice.


Ayumi smiles and puts her hand on Punky’s shoulder, looking over at Daihm Ferguson.


Ayumi: Daihm… it’s good to finally meet you. I’ve heard… so much about you.


Ayumi’s eyes look up at Sarah King, a noticeable bite to her words for a split second before meeting Daihm’s gaze with a genuine smile.


Ayumi: I teamed with your dad for a short while… he was a good fighter. I hope you get the chance to meet him some day.


Daihm begins to blush as Ayumi turns to Bubble Gum.


Ayumi: I hope you both don’t mind us borrowing Punky for a little while; certainly didn’t want to impose on your group but hopefully we can make you proud and bring home a win – and, well, if we’re lucky enough a title. 


Punky smiles and fist bumps Ayumi, which elicits a scoff from Sarah King. 


Ayumi looks up to meet eyes with her former friend and manager who looks back with a mix of contempt and bemusement. 


Ayumi: Yes, Sarah?


Sarah pushes herself off the wall she had been leaning against and cuts through Bubble Gum and Punky to bring herself closer to the Ronin Wraith.


RAIKO: You stop there.


Sarah looks down at RAIKO and scoffs before noticing something on her wrist and then laughing out loud.


Sarah King: Is that a fucking friendship bracelet? 


RAIKO is about to say something as Punky steps forward, pulling up her own sleeve and brandishing a matching bracelet in front of Sarah King’s face.


Punky: Yeah, it fucking is. I understand why someone like you may be confused about that sort of thing.


Sarah’s eyes grow wide.


Sarah: Someone like… you better watch your mouth, Judy


Punky seeths as Ayumi tries to step in.


Ayumi: Back off, Sarah. We just came to get Punky – that’s all. We’re done here. Okay?


Ayumi puts her hands on RAIKO and Punky’s shoulders, squeezing them. 


Ayumi: Bubble Gum … it was a pleasure. I know Punky will make the Pop Punks proud out in that ring. And Daihm…

Ayumi smiles but almost looks… sad before casting a stern look up at Sarah King.


Ayumi: Let me know if you ever need anything, OK? And I mean anything.


The Dragon nods as Ayumi, RAIKO, and Punky begin to retreat, still tense, away from the rest of the Pop Punks and towards their match. They make it only a few steps before Sarah King’s voice cuts through the air like a blade.


Sarah King: He’ll give you a call next time he’s looking to choke in a title match. It’s what you do best, Ayumi.

No one has a chance to process what happens before it’s over. A black and green blur speeds towards Sarah King. Punky goes to throw her friendship bracelet-laced forearm directly into her manager’s jaw but Daihm Ferguson jumps in front of the attack and takes a shot to the jaw with a sickening CRACK.


Ayumi: Oh… shit.


Daihm staggers backwards and hits the concrete as Punky looks down at what she did, mortified. 


Sarah looks down at an unconscious Daihm and up at Punky, knowing the punch was meant for her. She begins screaming and pointing at Punky wildly as Bubble Gum drops down to check on Daihm.




Punky begins to get pulled back, away from the scene by Ayumi and RAIKO.

Punky: But I didn’t…




Bubble Gum looks up, confused, as Sarah continues to scream as Punky is quickly dragged down the hallway.



Daiichi, Ignatius Albert Martin, Jamie Johnson Vs. Haskell Payne, Curtis Rose, Bobson Dugnutt

sVo Presents: Roll the Dice 2022!

Lindsay Troy, Azraith DeMitri, Chadwick Kyle Vs. Ayumi Seppuku, RAIKO, Punky

Josh Conway, Lexi Gold, Ria Lockhart Vs. Jamie Johnson, Ignatius Albert Martin, Daiichi

Broodwarden, Laura Seton, NEMESIS Vs. Azraith DeMitri, Lindsay Troy, Chadwick Kyle

Broodwarden, Laura Seton, NEMESIS Vs. Daiichi, Ignatius Albert Martin, Jamie Johnson

The Carolina Lions - We In Here

“Ali Bomaye (Rock Remix)” brings the fans to their feet as the SHOOT Tron shows the emerald green Crown of the Queen City’s Finest, SHOOT Project’s Vice President of Talent Relations and Development…DONOVAN KING.  King steps out of the back, a smirk on his face and his usual gear: a green button up shirt, black tie, and black pants.  He points to the audience with a smile.


Eryk Masters:  This man has had one hell of a career in the ring.  He knows talent.  He’s cunning, violent, and a perfect shark to wade through the waters of the SHOOT Project locker room.


Other Guy:  You know why he’s out here, E?  Oh man, it’s time for the debut of the Carolina Lions!  “The Carolina Reaper” Isaiah Galliard and “El Fumar” “The Smoke” Luis de Leon!  These guys are two of the sickest talents King’s ever scouted.  He’s kept them under wraps and wanted to wait until our big season premiere to showcase them!


King enters the ring, microphone in hand.  Once “Ali Bomaye” dies down he stands there for a moment before he speaks up.


Donovan King:  The SHOOT Project before ApeX an’ the SHOOT Project tonight are two totally different beasts.  We have a Rule of Surrender Championship!  We have new champions all over the place!  One place that’s experiencing a renaissance is the tag team division.


He pauses.


Donovan King:  Sisters of Steel, SAIGO, The Twins, Sin City Scoundrels, Fear & Loathing, among so many others at the drop of a hat.  So why not bring the hottest tag team you’ve never heard of to the forefront, to all of you tonight.  Ladies and gentlemen…


He can’t help but grin.


Donovan King:  …The Reaper, The Smoke, Isaiah Galliard and Luis de Leon.  CAROLINA…LIONS!!


“HUMBLE” by Kendrick Lamar begins to play.  Out from the back emerge two young men, purple and Carolina blue lights shining up at them, dry ice billowing smoke behind them.  Isaiah Galliard is wearing an unbuttoned white linen shirt, the sleeves rolled up.  He also has on large lens glasses, blue jeans, and a fresh pair of Diadora N9002s.  His dreads bounce along with his whole body as he feels the music.


Behind him is Luis de Leon, his hair styled up in a curly fade and an orange linen shirt with a purple sports coat and matching pants with black Oxfords.  Luis nods his head to the beat but he isn’t as hype as Isaiah, he seems more focused.  He jumps up to the ring apron in one leap, showing off his athletic prowess with ease.  Both men enter the ring and shake King’s hand.  Each of them given a microphone.  “HUMBLE” dies down.


Donovan King:  Gentlemen, the floor is yours.


The fans are cheering the men, though they seem reticent given they honestly don’t know them all that well.  The cheers clearly come from King hyping them up.


Smoke:  Thank you, Mr. King, for that introduction.  SHOOT PROJECT!


Smoke looks around at the Faithful.




Smoke grins and motions to Reaper to see if he liked it.  Reaper shrugs and smirks at his tag team partner.


Reaper:  Y’know what, though?  ‘Ey, I’m just gon’ cut right to the chase.  Y’all like our music?


The fans pop.


Reaper:  Yeah, yeah, us too.  Thing is, though, that’s old.  Mr. King, you ain’t get the e-mail I sent you?


King shakes his head, confused.


Reaper:  Nah, it’s cool, homie, it’s cool.  HUMBLE is cool an’ all but you know what Kendrick song we prefer?


King looks at Reaper, shrugging as if he has no idea where this is going.


Smoke:  King’s Dead.


The moment can be frozen in time.  King’s eyes grow wide.  He’s been had.  King turns around RIGHT into an elbow strike from Smoke!  Reaper catches King and HITS a Flatliner!


Eryk Masters:  That move he calls the Disparo and my God I can’t…Donovan King vouched for these men!


Luis lifts King up, wraps him up like he’s going for a Blade Runner, twists him into a DDT, and SLAMS him down with his DDT he calls the Smoking Gun.


Eryk Masters:  I don’t…I don’t understand!


Other Guy:  You wanna make an immediate impact?  You take out a boss!  The Reaper and Smoke are here, Eryk!  Isaiah Galliard and Luis de Leon are in full force here tonight!


Reaper lifts King up with a belly to back suplex and Luis is behind him, catches King in air, and brings him DOWN with a release German suplex!  King is crumpled on the mat in agony as the Carolina Lions stand there, breathing heavily.  Smoke unbuttons his shirt and lets his chest free while Reaper grabs a microphone and kneels down over King’s prone body.


Reaper:  Bruh you looked tired.  You aight?


He clutches King’s chin and wobbles it as he speaks in a silly high pitched voice.


“King”:  Yeah, Reaper that’s on me man!  I was so excited to see you guys I slipped and fell!  A lot!


Galliard looks at Smoke, both men grinning at one another as the fans rain boos down upon them.  Luis takes a microphone and stands in the middle of the ring, staring at the camera.


Smoke:  We the Carolina Lions.


Reaper grins, joining him in the center of the ring.


Reaper:  We here, baby.  We here.


“King’s Dead” kicks in and the fans boo mercilessly.  Isaiah Galliard and Luis de Leon leave the ring united.  Their statement made, they scoff at the fans flipping them off and yelling obscenities at them.  The camera goes back to King, who is breathing heavily in the ring, clutching the back of his head and neck.


Eryk Masters:  I have to think these guys didn’t just put the tag team division on notice, they put the whole company on notice!


Other Guy:  I wonder what this means for them, too, because I’ve gotta say attacking the #2 in the company is balls of adamantium levels of crazy!


Eryk Masters:  I don’t wanna know what’s going to happen next for these guys, but you can guarantee it’s going to be big.