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Ruination 26

Ruination 26

Table of Contents

Cause and Effect

A camera follows closely behind a figure with a duffle bag thrown over her shoulder.


At her side is another, shorter, figure reaching out and clasping hands.


As the loading dock appears in frame we can make out it’s Ayumi Seppuk and her girlfriend, Zee, making a bee-line for the staff entrance.

Approaching up the stairs, both women are caught off guard to see a dapper-looking, red-haired man step through the door.

Ayumi: Lennox. Holy shit. I knew you were back but seeing you in the flesh… it brings back a lot of old memories.


Lennox looks back at Ayumi, empathetically.

Lennox: You were there for me when I needed someone in my corner, Ic- Ayumi. And… I’ll always appreciate that gesture.

The SHOOT Project Chief of Staff doesn’t move from his spot as Zee looks around, getting slightly agitated.


Zee: Okay well… this is great and all, but Yums, you’ve gotta start getting ready, yeah? At least meet up with Azraith and Judy-E. You haven’t talked with them at all since the bookings came out and-


Ayumi and Lennox are locking eyes as Lennox presents an envelope to the Ronin Wraith with a chagrined look on his face.


Lennox: Ayumi… I can’t let you in the building tonight.


Zee’s mouth drops open in shock and then clenches in anger.


Zee: The fuck… what is this? Some sort of intimidation? Did the Family put you up to-


Ayumi grabs Zee’s arm and sighs, lowering the folded piece of paper she pulled from the envelope. Clearly trying to keep her composure, the arm holding the letter is slightly shaking.


Lennox: Ayumi… I’m sorry, but a parent from Ryan A. Reeves Middle School has filed a formal complaint that you assaulted their child.

Zee: Assaulted!? Excuse me?


Lennox: Yes… a young boy named Jaden Perez. And trust me, Ayumi, I know that you would never harm a hair on a child’s head, but we DO have to take this accusation seriously and begin an internal investigation. In the meantime, I can’t let you compete tonight.


Ayumi nods while Zee looks flabbergasted.


Ayumi: But.. what will happen to Az and NEMESIS?

Lennox sighs and shakes his head.

Lennox; No one wants to take on the Family and, quite frankly, the DeMitri’s are a bit stubborn in their own right. Unless some sort of miracle happens, it’ll be a handicap match.


Ayumi: I understand. Thank you for letting me know. Let’s go, Zee.


With a defeated look on her face, Ayumi turns away, duffle bag still on her shoulder as she makes her way down the steps and back towards their car.

Zee: HEY! This is BULLSHIT! 


Ayumi: Leave it, Zee. It’s just… it is what it is. 

Zee looks back at Ayumi with sadness before turning back to Lennox and jabbing a finger into the breast pocket of his suit.


Zee: You better fucking fix this, asshole. Or you’ll have ME to deal with.


Lennox doesn’t say anything, but simply grabs Zee’s arm and lowers it down off of his body before calmly turning and walking away from the scene and back into the Epicenter.

Spinebuster Island Vs. KHARRION

Bring the Action

Waveshaper” by Crystal Protocol is sounding out through the arena, and the boys from Spinebuster Island, Dan Quinn and Joe Richards are both propping themselves up against the ring ropes, smiles across their faces. Quinn calls for a microphone and the music quiets down.


Joe Quinn: Las Vegas… that’s how the work gets done, folks.


The crowd pops!


Joe Quinn: We’ve been back in the mix for about a month now, haven’t we? Feels good to be back in front of the lights here with y’all, but make no mistake, complacency isn’t what we do. This is an opportunity that we were given after the work we’d put in at REIGN, and we’re going to make the most of it. We figure… it’s not quite time for a title shot yet, but that time is coming. We can feel it.


The crowd pops again as Quinn looks to Richards, who nods confidently.


Joe Quinn: So consider this our formal declaration. Lux Aeterna? We want the gold around those waists, but we know… we understand how a pecking order works. Lord knows we’ve gone through it in our careers, but consider yourselves marked. You knew how that would be coming in, though, right? Cuz now’s the time… now’s the time to really get on the same page. Put the stink of VALOR behind you and all.


Dan Richards: You two are fierce competitors, no doubt about that, but when you break it down, you’re a thrown together tag team that caught the champs on an off night. You’re not like us. You’re not like Blood Money, SAIGO, the Cyber Army, the Sisters, the Lions, or whoever else has come through here as an actual tag team. We’ve all been up and down the road together, some of us a little longer than others, but all of us longer than you. We KNOW tag team wrestling.


Joe Quinn: And we know what it looks like when two singles wrestlers put a makeshift tag team together.


Dan Richards: That’s what you two are. Gifted, talented, fierce singles competitors.


Joe Quinn: Fly-by-night tag team.


The crowd isn’t quite sure how to react to Spinebuster Island at this point, with some boos and some cheers scattered throughout.


Joe Quinn: It’s all good, Vegas. We get it. When the time comes, we’re gonna shock the world. Until that time? Keep putting teams in front of us.


Dan Richards: We’ll keep knocking ’em down.


The sound of the mic hitting the ground comes next as “Waveshaper” picks up again, ushering Spinebuster Island out!

Nate Robideau Vs. Reginald Dampshaw III



As “Sick, Sick, Sick” begins to blast from the arena speakers, Robideau slides out of the ring and starts to stalk off, clearly in a sour mood.  Nate turns to raise his arms at the top of the ramp, and gets blindside wrecked by a running enzui clothesline from…OutKast!! 

Scott Kamura: OutKast is here!  He’s not been an active competitor for years and he just…Well, there’s no other way to put it!

Dutch Harris: He just fucked up Nate Robideau. Scott!  All gas, no brakes, back of the neck!

Scott Kamura: ‘Kast has harbored some resentment toward Nate for how Jamie Johnson left Blackhawk Fight Gym, and it appears the time for words is over!

Kast peels off his suit jacket and loosens his tie, his face filled with disgust.  Nate is trying to rise, shaking his head, and Kygon bends over, waiting, his body jittery with energy.  As soon as Robideau makes it to his feet, OutKast rushes him and doubles him over with a hard wingtip kick to the gut!  Doubled over, Nate is completely open…OutKast takes a step back, then rushes forward, catches Robideau in the double underhook, and BURIES his skull into the stage with The Alienator!!  Nate rolls away screaming and the stage has a dent in it–the crowd erupts into screams!!

Scott Kamura: Zero protection, zero give, just metal plating on a metal frame and OutKast just dented it with Robideau’s skull!! 

Dutch Harris: He ain’t done, Scott!  Look!!

Kygon is pacing around the fallen Nate Robideau, breathing heavily, his eyes filled with fury.  He looks like nothing more than a jungle cat stalking wounded prey, and as Nate slowly gets on his hands and knees, he steps back, nodding his head.  His eyes fill with fire.  He gets a running start, throwing his right foot back, getting ready to field goal the former World Champion’s skull–but stops himself short!!  He stares at Nate. breathing heavily, clearly debating something inside his head…and then OutKast shakes his head and straightens his tie!!

Scott Kamura: The president of SHOOT showing mercy, it seems? 

Dutch Harris: I wouldn’t bank on that one, man.  Look at his eyes.  That’s not a man in a merciful mood!

Nate tries to get to his feet but collapses instantly, clearly unable to gather his strength.  Medical staff swarm and attempt to get OutKast to move, but he stands still, making them work around him.  Finally, he snatches his jacket and calmly puts it on–and then walks away, leaving the man he has laid out to be attended to by the medics.  We cut away…

Sins of the Fathers

A distraught-looking Daihm Ferguson sits outside of his father’s office, back up against the cold, concrete wall across from a door that reads “Chief of Staff”

It had been several hours and Daihm hadn’t seen Lennox go in or out of the office. 


Daihm: Bollocks… this is a bloody waste of time.

As the Dragon stands up, he turns and almost runs directly into the Sin City Champion himself, Jamie Johnson.

Jaime: You blind or something, dude? 


Daihm steps back and gets a good look at the SHOOT veteran. He had crossed paths with Jamie from afar, but this was the first time up close. For some reason Daihm is a bit star struck and stumbles to find his words.


Daihm: I… uh….well, you see…


Jaime begins to get upset, ready to read Daihm the riot act, but as his eyes dart over to Lennox’s office door the tension leaves his body and instead he puts an arm on Daihm’s shoulder, which causes the Dragon to look up in shock.


Jamie: Listen. If there is anyone in this company who knows what you are going through right now, it’s me. Sure… you can’t throw a rock anymore without finding someone’s kid, niece, cousin, or half-brother four times removed in this company. But it’s … different when not only is it your pops, but that they have the power to make or break you with the snap of a finger.


Daihm nearly collapses, having waited to hear someone – anyone – articulate what he had been feeling, what he had been so scared of since he last sat in that office.


Daihm: I thought… when I finally got the chance to meet my dad I would be able to show’em how wrong he was for abandoning me mum and I. That I would show I was not only worthy of his attention but that I would be BETTER than him.


Jamie laughs out loud as a reflex. It’s a dry, sarcastic laugh.


Jamie: Look, Daihm… I’m not in the habit of doling out advice. And even if I was, I’m not sure how valuable it would be because, man, I struggled… I struggled HARD to get out of Real Deal’s shadow and even now… even now I have to keep taking bigger and bigger risks as the reach of his shadow gets bigger. But if there is one thing I can offer, it’s a sympathetic ear.


Daihm smiles weakly as Jamie takes his hand off his shoulder.


Daihm: I appreciate it… you don’t know how much I appreciate that.


The Sin City Champion pushes past Daihm Ferguson to continue on his trek down the hallway. He turns around and keeps walking backwards.


Jamie: Oh. No. I do, man. I absolutely do… just… keep at it man. You’ll find your way soon enough. Cheers, mate, and all that.


Daihm goes to say another thank you, but before he can, Jamie has turned back around and is out of ear shot. Instead, Daihm takes one last look at his father’s office door and scoffs before turning the opposite way Jamie was headed and exits the scene.

Nikole Reese Vs. Jamie Johnson (c)


Out of nowhere, El Paria hits the ring, sliding underneath the ropes like a blur! He has an ASP in hand and he comes up quickly behind Jamie Johnson, clipping him in the back of the leg with that asp! Jamie crumples to the ground in a heap as Paria tosses the asp aside and gets Jamie back to his feet.


Dutch Harris: What the hell?!


Scott Kamura: This again!? Jamie JUST had a very tough matchup against a really game Nikole Reese and here’s El Paria out here YET AGAIN attacking the Sin City Champion. What’s the deal here?


Dutch Harris: There’s clearly a very deep-seated issue between these two and we haven’t really been able to find out what that is. This is the second show in a row now that Paria has come out here and laid a beating on Jamie Johnson.


Having shoved Jamie against the top turnbuckle, Paria starts laying kicks in to Jamie’s midsection, not allowing him to fall to the ground. He hits four, five, six of those before hitting a FAST spin kick to Jamie’s chin. THAT leaves the Sin City Champion down on the canvas, not sure where he is. Paria calls for a microphone as the crowd continues to let him know that they are not into it.


El Paria: Blah blah blah, famous hero Jamie Johnson etc etc. boo El Paria we hate him for doing the blah blah blah. Shut the fuuuuuuuck up. Here’s something you guys gotta get through your skull. I’m going to keep doing this. I’m going to keep fucking Jamie Johnson up until I get a match against him and I can show him in the ring that I am better. than. him.


The crowd boos.


El Paria: Oh please, you think OutKast has domain over the use of different adverbs? Fuck outta here. I intend to show the world what a piece of shit Jamie Johnson is, but more importantly, I plan to show you all that I am way… waaaayyyyy more talented. You guys THINK you’ve seen it with him, with this New Vanguard, Empire schtick, but nah. The real Jamie Johnson? Big time asshole. He DESERVES to get fucked up every time he’s on a show, and while I am still breathing… I am going to make that happen. He’s NEVER going to feel safe. Not until I get what I want.


El Paria: Speaking of things that I want… Danny V5 is the NEWEST member of the SHOOT Project!


The crowd pops for the mention of the new signing!


El Paria: Yeah you love that. Well, you’re going to REALLY love what I do to him here in JUST a moment. Y’see, ol’ V5 talked some mess on Spitter and I was feeling a little froggy, so here we are. I’m about to bless you dipshits at Ruination with my amazing talent and presence. You won’t even know what hit you.


The medical team has gotten Jamie out of the ring and he’s walking, assisted, to the back. Paria can’t resist.


El Paria: There he goes, the Sin City Champion. Getting all the help in the world, just like he always has. Fuck that. Danny V5! Get the fuck out here and prepare to lose your debut, bitch!


El Paria Vs. Danny V5

Blaze Claymore for President

Prerecorded | Part 1

A SHOOT Project logo appears on screen, quickly fading into a shot of a stoic-looking Blaze Claymore wearing a blue three-piece suit and white dress shirt. His expertly-gelled hair is slicked back into the perfect ponytail and he is, of course, wearing red-tinged sunglasses.


Stock footage of a waving American flag loops in the background as Blaze points towards the camera with conviction.


Blaze: SHOOT Project faithful, you have been sold a classic case of bread and circuses to distract you from the rotten truth that permeates this company. Just like the bodies they never moved from underneath the Freelings’ house in Poltergeist, the ROT that SHOOT Project was founded on in 2001 hangs on like a curse.


The SAG Award Winning* actor shakes his head in disdain.


Blaze: The old guard like “Real Deal” Josh Johnson, “OutKast” Sean Kygon, and Lennox “The Ox” Ferguson want to keep you from that truth – like the mayor in Jaws – hiding a lurking beast ready to eat your children. The truth that SHOOT Project is not the democracy or the ‘woke’ wrestlers paradise sold to you, the fans, who pay money to line these men’s pockets…

Blaze shoves his hands into his own pockets for dramatic effect, turning them out to show that they are empty.


Blaze: …and leaving YOU with nothing.


Blaze waves his finger.


Blaze: But that is not the future I see. No no no no. And the powers that be here in SHOOT are SILENCING me for it. This group, which I call Deep SHOOT, is full of dark money, connections to organized crime, and the worst of them all is… Lexi Gold.


A photo of the Shut Up and Fight Champion Lexi Gold, smiling, with a black bar over her eyes appears on the screen. Block letters fade in over the black bar revealing the word “FRAUD” 


Blaze’s voice booms over the image with grandiose drama.


Blaze: Ladies, gentlemen, and all the genderqueer rockstars out there I have been… patient. Incredibly patient. For MONTHS I have been blacklisted from SHOOT Project booking sheets and the ONE person who had the ability to change that, Lexi Gold, has been literally, figuratively, been spitting in my face week after week by not picking me as her SUAF opponent.

Well… that changes NOW. I need each and every one of you to ROCK THE VOTE and make your voices heard because you deserve more. You deserve… CLAYMORE.


Lexi’s photo fades to reveal Blaze flashing a cocky grin and thumbs up with a professional-looking graphic in red, white, and blue with “CLAYMORE 2022” imposed over a photo of Blaze, arms crossed and looking off into the distance before the opening bars of “God Bless America” begin to play in the background and the scene fades to black.

Lindsay Troy Vs. Cromwell Yarbury

Blood & Fire


The screen begins black, but fades into the image of a fire.  Not a campfire, but something more powerful, roaring against the night sky like living neon.  Though the sound is somewhat muffled, we can hear its roar and its crackle, as whatever is lit is being thoroughly consumed.  A voice over begins, a profoundly graveled sound, the timbre of ancient tombs. 

Let me tell you a story that will begin with a question. 

Do you remember blood and fire? 

I know you do.

The image changes–though we still see the blaze, it is in the background, blurry due to lack of focus.  What is in focus is a particularly wicked looking hand axe, medieval in it’s angles.  The light from the flames make the edge of the head look like it’s glowing.   

You remember the era of conqueror kings, who would cross the land with their head held high and their blades weeping crimson.  Millions would scream to see whoever faced them become another broken heap of humanity.  To see their beloved champions shatter bone and snap tendon.  To see the blood and the fire.  The sweat and the steel. 

They reveled in it. 

They consumed fear, flesh, lives. 

And when they turned their back on humanity, others stepped in.

Another shift.  Illuminated by the fire is a crown, resting on a pillow, perched upon a rock.  The circlet is practically coated in blood, which is soaking the pillow so thoroughly that it has started to drip down the stone.  




False prophets of a new age free from their grasp.  Free from blood and fire.  They spoke in honeyed words.  The iron gauntlet has rusted and broken at it’s rivets, they said.  The hand that so assuredly held all of you is withered and weak, they promised.  We can all sleep soundly again, comfortable.  And the lies were so sweet, so beautiful, that you all believed them. 

But did you?

Look at the eyes.  Every combatant to a man scans the horizon, fearful of the telltale signs.  Fearful of the clouds on the horizon that herald the end of your idyllic, peaceful era.  You hold on to your trophies and crowns with sweaty palms, convinced that you will one day awaken to the visage, the beasts from your nightmares once again given flesh.  You cannot shake, through victories and defeats, the sense that you are living on borrowed time. 

Once more we shift.  Now we can see what is burning.  A tree in the middle of the desert, gnarled, tall, defiant in it’s surroundings–coated in flames so thoroughly that it looks like nothing more than an oak made of fire itself, stretching it’s arms to the moon.  

You are already in Hell. 

And soon will be the time of monsters once again. 

Soon your world will be blood and fire. 



Scott Kamura: It’s main event time! We’ve got one hell of a fight about to happen here.


Dutch Harris: I don’t know if The DeMitris are gonna be able to withstand this one without Ayumi at their side.


The arena lights black out, eliciting boos from the SHOOT Faithful.


Reach Out and Touch Faith!


The electric sound of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” begins to pulse through the Epicenter and the sold out crowd unleashes their displeasure.


The lights begin to strobe in time as the lyrics pick up and we see Jacob Mephisto standing on the entrance stage, flanked by Patience and Decius Montgomery on either side.


Scott Kamura: Here they come, Dutch. The Family stands united. Jacob Mephisto has some kind of strange hold on his people and it’s really creepy.


The trio begins to make their way to the ring, Mephisto always just a step or two ahead of The Twins.


Dutch Harris: We’re going to see how much that influence translates to the ring tonight though. But still, with Ayumi out, these three have to be licking their chops knowing that The DeMitris are going it alone tonight.


As The Family settles in the middle of the ring, the lights cut out suddenly.


Dutch Harris: What’s this?


For several moments there’s nothing, just the crowd murmuring amongst itself, before a simple question blinks onto the ‘tron in plain, computer-like text, accompanied by a grungy, fuzzy guitar playing a few distorted notes.



> Y / N


The cursor blinks back between the Y and the N, like a ticking metronome.  The crowd doesn’t quite seem what to make of it.


Scott Kumura: I have to admit, this is unusual, even for them.


The cursor blinks, seemingly content to go back and forth forever.  Finally, a few people in the crowd yell out.


Crowd: YES!


> YES?


This time almost the entire crowd screams out:


Crowd: YES!!!!


The cursor blinks one more time, before the screen explodes with smoky purples, oranges, and cyans.  Barely visible, distorted 16-bit version of the Vegas strip, faded like run through an ancient VHS player slowly bleed across the screen as Perturbator’s “Future Club” starts to blast and thud through the speakers.  Numerous pot lights strobe cyan and orange across the arena as a single white spotlight drops under the ‘tron as two figures emerge.


The first: A beast of a figure wearing bluejeans and clean white high-tops.  A brown and tan letterman’s jacket struggles to cover a massive form, and a vibrant orange and white tiger mask covers its face.  Just beside Jacket is a smaller, lithe figure.  Blue jeans, heavy black boots, and a tight pink sleeveless hoodie with a skull emblazoned on its right breast and a larger one on its back, all over familiar wrestling tights and tops below.  The cyan motorcycle helmet with mirror-finish visor didn’t distract too much from the beautiful Rules of Surrender Championship slung over Biker’s shoulder.  The crowd is ROARING as the two characters stand at the top of the ramp.  “Jacket” raises his hand and points a bloodied baseball bat at the ring, while “Biker” pulls a steel chain from around its waist and pulls it taut.


Dutch Harris: It’s never a dull moment with these two…


As the two slowly stalk down the ramp, words bleed across the ‘tron in ghostly bold cyan and pinks.




The crowd cheers out at the debut of the name, but eventually the two make it to the bottom of the ramp.  Slowly, they remove their masks in tandem, both DeMitri’s glaring holes into The Family.  Az tosses the bat aside and slowly removes the letterman’s jacket while NEMESIS drops the chain nonchalantly at her side and reverently hands off the Rules of Surrender championship to a nearby ring official.  Finally the music starts to fade and the two DeMitri’s look at each other, then once again at the three members of The Family in front of them before both sliding under the bottom rope and standing face-to-face with The Family!


Scott Kumura: Even for Azraith and NEMESIS this is going to be a tall order, Dutch.


Dutch Harris: Despite the audacious entrance The DeMitri clan came out to tonight, The Iron Fist Champion doesn’t seem like he can stop smiling looking at his prey across the ring. He doesn’t just want to beat Azraith, he wants to destroy the DeMitri bloodline here tonight.


Scott Kumura: It’s going to take a miracle to-



The lights in the Epicenter go out causing a huge roar to bellow up from the crowd. A throbbing sound begins to emanate from the speakers like a heartbeat.



Oooooooooooooo Ooooooooooo Ooooooooooooooo.

A familiar whistle cuts through the din as an orange light fills the arena to reveal Timothy Roy …. his imposing, muscular frame is casually leaning over the top of the ring ropes behind NEMESIS and Azraith DeMitri as Alice in Chains’ “Rooster” begins to play.


The scene causes Mephisto to throw back his head in manic laughter, knowing he’s got the Hall of Famer and Rules of Surrender champion cornered.

Dutch Harris: Oh shit. This just got ten times worse for the DeMitris! It’s been weeks since anyone has seen or heard from Rooster since his confrontation with Azraith… no wonder he’d show up here tonight and-

The crowd buzzes, waiting for the next move, when…

Dutch Harris: No way….

The arena explodes as Rooster points directly at Jacob Mephisto and draws his thumb across his throat executioner style, causing the members of The Family to stagger back. As they do, Rooster confidently steps over the top rope and firmly plants himself in the DeMitri’s corner.  Az stares a moment at Rooster in awe.


Azraith: I’m glad you came dressed for the theme ton-


Rooster: Shut up.


At that, both Azraith and NEMESIS crack huge grins before turning to face their attention to The Family once more. The Twins wear matching looks of shock and apprehension, but Mephisto’s face might as well be chiseled from stone for all the emotion he shows. Those pale, grey eyes though? They’re practically burning.


Scott Kumura: Hoooooly shit, Dutch. Rooster may have just evened the odds here in the most shocking way. Azraith and NEMESIS just went from underdogs to favorites in this competition while Timothy Roy may have just signed his death warrant by turning his back on The Family.

Jacob Mephisto & The Twins Vs. Timothy Roy & Hotline DeMitri

Threats Into Action

As the bell rings, it is clear the fight isn’t done between the Family and the DeMitris, who have somehow managed to convince Rooster to join them as an ally in tonight’s battle.


Patience and Decius, despite being bruised and battered, stand in the center of the ring shouting obscenities and challenges at Rooster.

Hearing enough, Timothy Roy steps forward and following closely behind him is NEMESIS, herself.


Dutch Harris: What in the world are the Twins doing, Scott? Tonight was a heck of a showing for The Family, but why not just let sleeping dogs lie?


Scott Kumura: As the bard Ron White once said… you can’t fix stupid.


Almost as soon as the Twins and Tim/Judy-E meet in the center of the ring, punches get thrown with both sides leveling haymakers at the other.

Dutch Harris: Here we go! The night’s not over yet.


Tim and Judy-E push the Twins to the corner but the crafty Family members slide under the bottom rope and begin to taunt two of the most intimidating forces in SHOOT Project today. The crowd erupts as Rooster and NEMESIS follow the Twins to the outside and begin to chase them around the rung..

Scott Kumura: It’s like a game of tag and I don’t think anyone wants to be it, right now, Dutch.


Dutch Harris: Well, Scott, I know another person who is certainly not feeling ‘IT’ right now and that’s Azraith DeMitri.


The blue-haired warrior is still collecting himself from the match as he looks up, breathing heavily, only to see Jacob Mephisto standing across from him, holding his chest and with a wicked look in his eye. 


Azraith lets a smile cross his lips before standing up and moving towards Mephisto who holds the ropes to regain balance and then wiping blood from his mouth and LAUNCHING forward.


Dutch Harris: Holy shit!


The Hall of Famer ducks a first swing by Mephisto but misses the second, which connects with the area between his jaw and his neck. Az stumbles back and Mephisto uses the momentum to push his opponent to the ground. Azraith doesn’t stay stationary for long as he looks to reverse and put Mephisto in a leg lock. Meanwhile, a couple referees and other backstage security begin making their way down to the ring.

Scott Kumura: The bad blood and animosity between these two is fierce! I’m not sure anyone can pull them apart.


Dutch Harris: Don’t speak so soon, Scott. Is that… is that KHARRION!?


A determined Johan Dietrich and KC Rockafeller jump the barricades from the stands and quickly enter the ring, pulling Azraith off Mephisto and cornering the blue-haired warrior. NEMESIS and Rooster see this, but they are locked in a fight halfway up the ramp with the Twins, which the referees and security are now trying to break up.


Azraith flashes a cocky smile ready to go for KC Rockefeller but as he throws a punch he gets SLAMMED from behind by Mephisto who has pulled out a pair of brass knuckles. Az drops to one knee, instinctively reaching for his head, which provides an opening for Dietrich to wrap something around Azraith’s neck.

Scott Kumura: Is that a… damned dog collar?


As Azraith starts to gather his senses, he’s quickly yanked to his feet by an unseen (to him) force.  With an uncanny expertise, Dietrich throws the chain of the dog collar around the nearest turnbuckle ropes and YANKS violently, sending Azaith tumbling and trapped into the corner.  With another vicious pull, Az’s head gets pinned against the top turnbuckle with his head tilted right towards the ramp, watching as The Family is fighting NEMESIS and Rooster.  With a nod of his head, Dietrich hands the chain of the dog collar to Mephisto, who with his free hand wipes a bit of blood from his growing grin.


Meanwhile, more people – supporters of the Family – have started hopping the ringside barrier, barreling through security and swarming The Rooster.


Dutch Harris: This is turning into an uncontrollable situation, someone needs to do something FAST. Mephisto’s followers are here! The Coyotes are swarming Timothy Roy.


The Twins have started to overwhelm NEMESIS, forcing her to dodge and avoid increasingly volatile punches and kicks, while Rooster is absorbing punishment from the Coyotes, seemingly undeterred but still stuck in their grasps.  Back in the ring, Jacob is slowly wrapping the chain around his arm as he closes the distance on Azraith, keeping the chain taut and the Hall of Famer trapped where he is.  When he’s within arm’s length, Jacob stops, laughing as he leans in slightly to Azaith, wordlessly daring him.


Azraith: I’m gonna fucking tear you apart you – 


Mid sentence Az lashes out, trying to swipe at Jacob with a feral left.  Jacob doesn’t even have to move, the claw-like hand of Azraith missing his nose by centimeters.  Mephisto, despite the exhaustion of the match, looks downright jubilant as he gives just a little yank on the chain, causing Azraith to sputter and choke back into the corner.


Mephisto: I really don’t think you’re in any position to threaten, Azraith.  I like this look on you.  Pained.  Choking.  Submissive.  Maybe this is what you’ve needed this entire time…yes…yes I do think we’ve found our conclusion, don’t you?


In one quick motion Jacob SLAMS a chain-wrapped elbow into Az’s temple, causing him to slump down, only to get yanked back up by the tension of the chain and the rough leather strap around his neck, causing him to cough and sputter once again.


Scott Kumura:  I don’t think I’ve EVER seen Azraith in this vulnerable of a state before…


Outside of the ring, Rooster can see what’s happening to Azraith and is now a man possessed. Despite having what has to be five or six people on him, Rooster finally throws one off- then another. He viciously knocks a third to the ground before clotheslining a fourth as he runs forward to the ring.

Dutch Harris: A truly unbelievable sight we’re seeing, Scott.

As Rooster finally seems to break free of the Coyotes, running towards the ring, a stray hand rips Rooster’s mask off before he’s able to slide under the bottom rope and PLOW into KHARRION with a huge double clothesline!  


The pair goes down as Rooster starts to methodically stomp at their knees and ankles in an attempt to keep them off their feet!  Mephisto gives one more glance at Azraith with visible annoyance before turning his attention to Rooster, letting the tension of the chain go slack and slide down from his arm.  The sudden loud metallic clank causes Rooster to turn around…


…RIGHT INTO A FACEFUL OF BLACK MIST!  Rooster yells out in surprise and pain, staggering backwards, to a knee.  Mephisto wipes the ichor off his lower chin, looking at it in his hand a moment before smearing it across his chest, motioning for the now standing KHARRION to bring Tim back to the center of the ring.  KHARRION moves behind Rooster and wraps their arms around Rooster’s, pulling them backwards and yanking him almost off his feet, dragging him to the center of the ring as he still struggles and tries to thrash his head back and forth to get the poison out of his eyes.  Jacob still has a length of chain wrapped around his fist, and with an almost casual brutality, starts to swing on a completely defenseless Rooster.  Chain wrapped in one hand, brass knuckles in the other!

Dutch Harris: He’s out here working Rooster like a heavy bag, Jesus Christ someone needs to stop this massacre!


Several cuts have opened up on Tim’s face, mixing a vibrant red in with the sickly black as Mephsito continues to maul him.  For his part, Tim seems to just slowly move his head back to look at Jacob, taking the beating with a cold callousness, not giving Mephisto the satisfaction to see him in pain.  All this does, however, is drive Jacob further, his amusement turning to frustration as he starts pummeling his ribs and midsection, finally causing Rooster to cringe, and clench his jaw.  Azraith, still incapacitated, is screaming weakly at Jacob to stop…to face him instead.  However, Mephisto is now singularly focused on Rooster, yelling at him.


Mephisto: You made your choice, Tim.  You abandoned your family!  You turned your back on Maverick…for what?  For HIS approval?!  Who the FUCK is Azraith DeMitri?!  Are you stupid?  BLIND?!  Or are you just as goddamn braindead as your IDIOT UNCLE?!


At that…even the crowd hushes somewhat.  Tim, who had been simply being held up at that point by KHARRION, finds his footing and slowly, horrifyingly…stands tall.  Still being held by KHARRION, he glares at Jacob with an intensity not seen in the young man before spitting a massive gout of blood right into his face!  For the first time since emerging once again in SHOOT Project, Tim flashes a sick smile to the shocked Jacob before YANKING his arms free and TACKLING KHARRION to the ground!  The crowd goes nuts…but then starts screaming when they see what was happening behind them!


NEMESIS has dealt with the Twins…and while Jacob was yelling at Rooster, she was carefully making her way to the apron, watching intently.  As soon as Rooster got the upper-hand, like an absolute psychopath she hops directly up to the top rope of a far corner, so that the SECOND Rooster tackles KHARRION to the ground, she springboards herself off of it, using every bit of force that velocity and her body can muster to send an absolutely once-in-a-lifetime SHOTGUN DROPKICK right into Jacob Mephisto’s chest!




The impact lands with enough force to damn near sound like NEMESIS shot Jacob herself!  The velocity of the hit alone sends Jacob off his feet and clean over the top rope, landing with a sickening thud outside of the ring!  


The crowd is going insane as NEMESIS pushes herself to her feet uneasily, glaring down at Mephisto while Rooster uses the last bit of his energy to lift and drop both members of KHARRION over the opposite rope as well, sending them tumbling to the floor while Rooster staggers back into the ring. 


NEMESIS makes the motion to start running towards the ropes to lunge over them and follow-up with a springboard to the outside…but stops as her hands reach the rope and she sees the chain on the ground. She glares back up at Mephisto for another moment before grabbing the chain and starting to untangle it from the corner and turnbuckle, freeing the tension on Az’s throat and finally letting the big man comfortably breath and drop to a proper knee.  The crowd cheers wildly as the daughter disentangles the father, helping him to his feet.  A bloody Azraith and Rooster flank a vengeful NEMESIS in the middle of the ring, while Jacob is pulled to his feet by his Family, as finally an army of refs and security officials fill the space between the two sides to make sure no more incursions occur.  


Scott Kumura:  They might be standing tall right now…but those three in the ring right now were literally a second away from god-knows-what if NEMESIS hadn’t intervened at the last possible moment.


Dutch Harris: You’re absolutely right.  They might still be in the ring, but look at the bloodied, beaten state of both Azraith and Rooster…they got through this by the skin of their teeth tonight, meanwhile Mephisto and his Family have all regrouped outside, and other than that absolutely highlight reel worthy dropkick, Jacob’s already on his feet.  I don’t know how many more of these attacks the DeMitri clan can fend off.


Mephisto stands in the center of his Family, The Twins, KHARRION, and a little less than a dozen Coyotes all forming a shield around him. Through it all, Mephisto’s hatred burns in the direction of The DeMitris and Timothy Roy.