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Ruination 28

Ruination 25

Table of Contents

The stream comes alive as the SHOOT Project helmet burns its way onto the screen.



🎶DNA by Kendrick Lamar🎶


I got, I got, I got, I got

Loyalty, got royalty inside my DNA


The familiar voice of Kendrick Lamar bursts onto the scene as “DNA” begins to play and we cut to the exterior of the SHOOT Project Epicenter, the Las Vegas Strip lit up in all its neon glory.


Cocaine quarter piece

Got war and peace inside my DNA


The scene flashes and we’re taken to a SHOOT Project tour bus hurtling down a highway, the sunrise just on the horizon turning the sky a shade of faded pink.


I got power, poison, pain and joy inside my DNA

I got hustle though, ambition, flow inside my DNA


The record scratches and the music comes to a halt as the scene fades out for just a moment until…


California looooove…


🎶California Love by Tupac & Dr. Dre🎶


The beat drops and we’re suddenly looking out the windows of the tour bus as we hurtle past the iconic “Hollywood” sign.


California… knows how to party


We cut to the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame and then to a shot of the world renowned Los Angeles Theater.


California… knows how to party


The scene jumps again and it’s evening as we’re shown the Santa Monica Pier all lit up.


In the cityyyy



We’re back in the tour bus, looking out the front windshield as we pull up to the Los Angeles Epicenter and the song continues.


The Ruination logo flashes across the screen.


Tinseltown Tussle


We cut to the inside of the jam-packed LA Epicenter just as the lyrics hit…


Now let me welcome everybody to the wild wild West

The state that’s untouchable like Elliot Ness


The crowd is absolutely jamming as they go wild for the SHOOT Project’s first tour in over ten years!


The Iron Price: Chapter One

We cut to ringside where our broadcast team, Dutch Harris and Scott Kamura are ready!


Dutch Harris: Welcome to Ruination! We are LIVE from the Los Angeles Epicenter!


Scott Kamura: For the first time since the World Tour over ten years ago, the SHOOT Project is back on the road! We start right here tonight LIVE from Los Angeles…


The Los Angeles Epicenter is plunged into darkness and the SHOOT Project Faithful in the City of Angels murmur in anticipation.


🎶The Dark Horse Always Wins by Blues Saraceno🎶


A heavy guitar riff tears through the speakers, accompanied shortly by drums as “The Dark Horse Always Wins” by Blues Saraceno begins to play. The SHOOTtron comes to life with the image of a burning Joshua tree, eliciting a LOUD chorus of boos from the sold out crowd just as the lyrics kick in.


Deliver me from evil,

Deliver me, Deliver me from sin,


The burning tree fades and is replaced by a new logo:



Deliver me from evil… Yeah

Deliver me again…



The crowd unleashes another flurry of boos as a spotlight shines down onto the entrance stage and Jacob Mephisto stands in the center of it. Mephisto is dressed to the nines in a dark, charcoal gray suit with a blood red tie. He unbuttons the suit jacket and opens it slightly revealing the Iron Fist Championship, the pristine white leather of the strap a sharp contrast to the charcoal gray of the suit and the black dress shirt underneath.


Oooh… Oooh

The Dark Horse always wins

Oooh… Oooh

The Dark Horse, The Dark Horse always wins


The lights flare to their absolute brightest for just a beat before settling to their normal brightness. We now see that Mephisto is flanked to the left and right by Patience and Decius Montgomery. Just behind him and to the left and right are Johann Deitrich and KC Rockefeller. The Family is in full force.


Dutch Harris: Here comes The Family! The reigning Iron Fist Champion is here, and he isn’t alone.


Scott Kamura: You can hate this man all you want, folks, but he endured an absolutely brutal war to close out his story with Azraith DeMitri at Redemption. That match, of course, ended in a draw, but Jacob Mephisto is still the Iron Fist Champion.


Mephisto steps forward and the rest of The Family follows suit. The Patriarch leads the way down the ramp and to the ring, walking up the ring steps and stepping through the ropes. Mephisto walks with purpose, though there are small moments where he almost seems to wince, clearly still feeling some residual effects from Redemption. The stitches have mostly dissolved in his forehead, but a couple still stick out, an ugly reminder of the war he endured with Azraith DeMitri.


Dutch Harris: It’s going be interesting to hear what Mephisto has to say tonight. Where does he go from here?


Mephisto unbuckles the Iron Fist Championship from around his waist and slowly raises it high above his head before placing it on his shoulder. Patience Montgomery retrieves a microphone and hands it to her Father. There’s a long pause as the music fades and the LA Epicenter crowd hurls boos, jeers, and insults down at the ring. Mephisto smirks.


Jacob Mephisto: Tonight marks a new beginning in the legacy of the Iron Fist Championship.




Mephisto shakes his head.


Jacob Mephisto: See, I’ve learned that you people are, if nothing else, consistent. The SHOOT Nation has always been a bunch of hypocrites.




Mephisto tosses his head back and laughs while The Twins scowl and KHARRION shake their heads.


Jacob Mephisto: That story ended at Redemption. He’s not coming.




Jacob Mephisto: But, to the matter at hand! The legacy of the Iron Fist Championship has been written in blood. The pen that has written its story has been filled over and over again with the blood of the SHOOT Project Soldiers. You people revel in it. You don’t care about whose blood is spilled.


He pauses as the jeers and boos rain down around him.


Jacob Mephisto: At Redemption, you didn’t care how much blood poured from Azraith DeMitri. You didn’t care how much I spilled. No. You only sought to satisfy your own thirst. But, no more!


Mephisto shrugs the title off his shoulder and holds it in his free hand.


Jacob Mephisto: Redemption didn’t just mark the end of Azraith DeMitri and Jacob Mephisto’s story. It marked the end of an era in the Iron Fist Championship’s legacy. This title no longer signifies blood. It no longer signifies violence for the sake of violence.


The crowd only gets louder, fans coming to their feet and shouting their displeasure. Mephisto stops and smirks.


Jacob Mephisto: To be the Iron Fist Champion, you need to prove yourself worthy. You need to prove your endurance. You have to beat me twice. Prove the first time wasn’t a fluke. Two out of Three Falls. That is the new legacy of this title. It’s how I became the champion. It’s how anyone coming down the line will need to take it.




Mephisto shakes his head again, allowing himself another chuckle.


Jacob Mephisto: He’s a little busy right now. He’s not coming either. But, who then? Who is going to be next? I mean, say what you want about Redemption. Talk about how Azraith left me laying. Talk about how Azraith DeMitri conquered Jacob Mephisto. In the end, the hall of famer couldn’t take this from me either.


More boos rain down, it’s becoming a wonder that these people can keep up this volume this long.


Jacob Mephisto: I survived Azraith DeMitri. I have outlasted legends before him. So… who is going to try and take this from me next?


Maybe you’ve never felt the things that I’ve felt…


🎶Felt by Gangster Ass Anthony🎶


The crowd comes ALIVE with cheers as the SHOOTtron springs to life with three simple letters




“Felt” begins to play through the LA Epicenter while the crowd goes wild. Seconds later, Ignatius Albert Martin, better known as simply IAM steps out onto the entrance stage.


Dutch Harris: The former World Heavyweight Champion is here! And it looks like he’s about to answer the current Iron Fist Champion’s question!


The song fades out as Mephisto glares up at IAM. The former World Heavyweight Champion looks around at the roaring crowd, soaking it all in and a dueling chant breaks out.







Mephisto shakes his head slowly, allowing a smirk. On the entrance stage, IAM slowly motions across his waist, nodding at Mephisto!


Scott Kamura: It looks like IAM has made his intentions clear! He’s coming for Mephisto’s crown!


Mephisto’s smirk melts into a sneer as he clutches the Iron Fist Championship a little tighter.


Dutch Harris: Oh, man, when that gets signed, it’s gonna be a good one. If Ignatius wants that title, you know he’s going to have to pay an iron price for it!


“Felt” hits the speakers again as IAM salutes the crowd, while Mephisto whispers to his Family members in the ring and we cut away.


SAIGO Vs. The Carolina Lions

Big Mouths, Bigger Problems

The Carolina Lions are exhausted.  Breathing heavily.  They’ve just been through a war and it’s one they never anticipated being as hard as it was.  Once Daiichi and Keiji Tokugawa walk away from the ringside area, ol’ CL Smooth himself, the Carolina Reaper Isaiah Galliard calls for a microphone.  He taps it a few times to get everyone’s attention.


Reaper:  Ahem.


The boos are almost immediate.


Reaper:  And now, folks, it’s time for…who do ya trust?


He motions for someone to hand another mic to him.  He gives one to El Fumar, CL Smoke, Luis de Leon.


Smoke:  Money, money, money…who do ya trust?


The two of them snicker to one another as the boos cascade upon them.


Reaper:  The Carolina Lions?  We’re giving away five star matches.


Smoke:  And WHERE…is Lux Aeterna?


Dutch Harris:  They’re quoting the Tim Burton Batman movie, aren’t they.


Scott Kamura:  …yyyyyyyup!




The two of them slap hands in the ring, proud of their shitty little back and forth.  The boos continue, but it doesn’t seem to bother the two of them.


Smoke:  Every week since we came to this company.  EVERY.  WEEK.  We’ve been here.  We’ve done the matches.  We’ve put in the work.  We’ve come to save this division from the putrefied mess it’s become.  Face it, fans, nobody cared when the Sisters of Steel beat the Unholy Cyber Army and nobody cared when the Unholy Cyber Army held the titles and nobody cared when they traded them with the only other team in the company at the time in the Scoundrels.


Reaper:  Tragic though it may be, SHOOT Project, it’s time you faced facts.  We’re the number one contenders to the tag team titles.  We can call our shot whenever we like, I imagine.  Those girls?  Pathetic.  Weak.  It’s only a matter of…


A low hum filters through the Epicenter’s speakers, breaking Reaper’s train of thought as it hits his and the SHOOT Project Faithful’s eardrums. The hum gives way to synthesizer chords and a frantic drumbeat before blasting into the instrumental intro to “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd. 


The lights around the SHOOTron pulse in time to the beat of the music as the screen plays the intro video for Lux Aeterna: clips of Lindsay Troy’s and Ayumi Seppuku’s matches in SHOOT, interspersed with clips of them training both separately and together, and preparing for battle backstage. It’s not long before the tag champs walk out from the back, microphones in hand, and the fans erupt into cheers.


The Ronin Wraith is out first, platinum blonde spiked hair with black streaks frame a stony and unamused expression as she looks to the Carolina Lions in the ring. Barely a step behind her is the Queen of the Ring, her trademark smirk out in full force. The women stop center stage and listen to the ovation before Ayumi looks over to her partner and then raises her hand, palm out, before clenching it into a fist – signaling for the music to be cut.


“Blinding Lights” fades out as the Tag Champs, in their first joint public appearance since their victory over Sisters of Steel, staring down the #1 contenders. Lindsay Troy lifts her mic to her lips to address the youngsters for the first time not on a social media platform.


Lindsay Troy: Only a matter of time, right?


The Queen chuckles.


Lindsay Troy: That’s what you were going to say. ‘It’s only a matter of time before we’re crowned the tag team champions.’ I know this because it’s all you two have talked about since you walked in the door. And y’know, I can appreciate that hunger from the both of you. The drive, the determination. 


Troy pauses and tilts her head, letting her smirk grow wider.


Lindsay Troy: It’s just too bad that you two are gonna have to wait to be kings.


Scott Kamura: Did Lindsay Troy just quote the Lion King?


Dutch Harris:  …yyyyyyyup!


Reaper and Smoke look at each other, confused, not quite getting the reference.


Ayumi Seppuku: I think what Lindz is trying to say, boys, is you need to just let it go. Just like Bruno, no one will be talking about the Carolina Lions this time next year. You poor unfortunate souls want to shit talk us? Be our guest. You don’t even have the bare necessities to compete against-

Lindsay puts her hand on Ayumi’s shoulder and shakes her head.  Reaper and Smoke look at one another incredulously before turning their attention back to the two of Tag Team Champions.


Smoke:  Y’all cute.  I like the jokes, really.  Isaiah, can you believe it?  It’s Lux Aeterna!


Reaper begins to clap.  He even calls out a WOOO!!


Smoke:  Ladies, your whole…thing here.  I’m not sure your experience has ever prepared you for somebodies like us.


Reaper:  Yeah, you ain’t never had a tag team like us!


Smoke looks over at Reaper.


Smoke:  Nah, man, nah.  This is simple to the two of us.


He motions to Isaiah Galliard and himself.


Smoke:  You two don’t give a damn about this division and it shows.  You two aren’t a team, you’re only good to have those titles because it pads your already impressive resumes.


Reaper:  Oh my God we get it, you guys are in Halls of Fame and top all these lists or whatnot.  You see, we’re kids, we don’t know no better, right?  See, that’s the thing, ladies.


Galliard leans against the top rope staring at the Tag Team Champions.


Reaper:  You’re liars.  You played up friendships with people like Ria Lockhart and once her partner turned on her, did you guys rush to her side?


Smoke:  No.


Reaper:  Lindsay, come on now, be honest.  You see the tag belts with Ayumi as a consolation prize because you couldn’t get the job done against Breedlove.


Smoke:  Ayumi?  Hell, there’s not much to say about you.  After you dominated the ApeX tournament in your block, you must’ve thought the Rule of Surrender belonged to you, huh?


Reaper:  Nah.


Smoke:  So here you are, consolation participation trophy in hand, trying to pretend you’re a team because you both failed in your missions.  But here’s the thing, ladies, our mission is simple: save our division.  Be the best tag team in the history of the sport.  And two insanely popular and powerful solo wrestlers can’t even lace these rookie shoes, let alone rep our division with pride.  Pride, by the way, is what we Lions are all about.


Reaper slaps hands with Smoke. Ayumi remains unenthused at the Lions’ arrogance. Lindsay, however, gives the boys a little chuckle.


Lindsay Troy: Well, color me surprised because you two managed to get one thing right…you don’t know any better. And that’s OK. It’s fine that you exist in blissful ignorance and don’t know that pride comes before the fall. It’s fine that you’re underestimating two people who’ve spent more time in the ring than you’ve spent years on the planet. I hope you enjoy this time while it lasts, kids, because it’s going to be a real wake-up call when you actually have to stand in that ring across from us at Iron Will and deal with the reckoning that comes from being taken to school and then smacked back down to earth. 


Ayumi Seppuku: You’d do well to listen to Lindsay, boys. Because the thing you may learn some day is that those who talk the loudest and scream the most aren’t the ones people remember. You’re nothing but chaff. Noise screaming into the void. But congratulations on finally getting our attention.


The Lions cross their arms in unison.


Ayumi Seppuku: You wanted to hear from us? OK. Here is goes: Take a step back from your own egos for just a second and realize that all the world sees in the ring right now are two whiny brats who are projecting by saying we feel entitled. No dears… we’re confident. And confidence? True confidence is walking the walk without looking for praise, or adulation, or buying into your own hype. You two? You’re not confident – you’re delusional. 

The crowd roars as Ayumi looks over to her partner.


Ayumi: Seppuku: Don’t worry though, we’ll show you the light soon enough.


Both Lions snarl at Lux Aeterna as “Blinding Lights” cues up again. The cameras linger on the two teams for a couple moments longer before cutting backstage.

Ria Nightshade Vs. Reginald Dampshaw III

You Thought it was the Lesson

Sick Sick Sick” rattles and blasts from the arena speakers, and as soon as the guitars hit with their grumbling buzzsaw growl, Nate Robideau emerges from the back to massive cheers.  Clad in his standard casual wear–shorts and a gym hoodie–he makes his way down the ramp slowly, pausing every once and a while to look at the crowd. 

Dutch Harris: Lotta nerve showing his face, if you ask me.

Scott Kamura: Not that I did, but why do you say that?

Dutch Harris: You kidding me, Scooter?  He got his dick knocked in the dirt by a retiree!!

He rolls into the ring and waves his hand, the production crew’s cue to fade his music out.  Nate takes a moment, letting the cheers die down and transition to confused, antsy murmuring among the crowd.  While he normally has a very stern expression, he looks—relaxed.  Contrite, but at peace.  When he finally does speak, his booming thunderclap voice comes out calm, but not measured.  There’s a new looseness to his speech. 

Robideau: OutKast promised me a war.  And in my…sheer, boneheaded cockiness, I thought he was just another claimant.  Because folks…I’ve had a fair amount of people tell me they’re going to bring war to my doorstep.  And most of the time, they don’t have it.  Most of the time, they’re blowing smoke. 

He chuckles sadly, pacing, his gait a little jerky due to the after effects of being on the wrong side of 35 and fighting professionally for his living.  Shaking his head, he scans the crowd. 

Robideau: OutKast wasn’t. 

He pauses, thinking this through. 

Robideau: I foolishly declared that I wasn’t going to learn anything from him in this encounter.  I try to treat every fight as an opportunity.  Something I can use to make my fight that much better, little by little.  And he suckered me.  And I just…blew him off. 

He smiles softly, shaking his head again.  Nate almost cant believe himself, and although he is speaking in a confessional manner, he almost seems relieved to be this open, not tensing up, just flowing naturally. 

Robideau: Never let it be said that I don’t have the capacity to be a bit bullheaded.  But also remember, everyone: I’m the first to admit I was wrong.  And I was wrong.  All caps.  No hesitation.  Not just about OutKast still having “it”, but about how I was conducting myself.  I thought I was above learning that lesson.  Having a school, having kids who look up to you…it can inflate your ego a bit.  And I came from a place of ego.  Lofty and floating.  But he tore me back down.  He taught me that I should never think myself above a lesson. 

He strides over to the entrance edge of the ring and leans against the top rope, looking toward the entrance and the black jumbotron.  No one is there, but he knows who’s back there.  And he is addressing him directly. 

Robideau: So, I say this with all sincerity: Thank you.  Because I–

OutKast: Nope.  

The word cuts Nate short, and he straightens his spine, looking towards the screen.  Sure as anything, the screen lights up, and there’s OutKast–immaculately dressed and sporting a few lumps, but nothing that damages his look of derision.  He stares down his nose at Nate, and a smirk crawls across his lips like theater curtains opening. 

OutKast: See, Nate, here’s where you fucked up. 

He doesn’t hold the mic up, but he shouts “What’s that?”.

OutKast: You thought that beating I handed you was the lesson.  It was just the morning bell.  Now school is in session.  


Nate holds his arms out talking to OutKast on the SHOOT Tron.  The fans are immediately buzzing.  OutKast slowly points at Nate and then motions behind Nate.  Nate turns and is IMMEDIATELY knocked down by a roundhouse kick from a guy dressed in a green and white gi!


Scott Kamura:  That’s…that’s Fabian Kaye!  He’s a REIGN mainstay!  What the hell is he doing here??


Standing next to Fabian is another man in a similar gi, though his is red and gray.  Fabian Kaye picks Nate up and is immediately brought down by the red and gray fighter with a scissors kick!  The third person in the ring, a pink and black masked woman, calls for the two men to lift the Black Hawk up.  She NAILS Nate right a standing leg lariat, bringing him back down!


Dutch Harris: Who the hell are they?!


OutKast saunters out from the back to a chorus of boos.  The three people in the ring put the boots to Nate, who can only hold his head to keep from any permanent injury.  OutKast walks up the ring steps and calmly strides into the ring.


Scott Kamura: At this point OutKast is just…a big damn bully.  Why did he pick up these three from REIGN?


OutKast motions for them to pick Nate up.  The three of them hold Nate on his knees and keep Nate’s head up so he can look at OutKast.  He is infuriated, but the three of them hold him tightly, forcing him to listen.  OutKast slowly brings the microphone to his lips again.


OutKast:  I don’t know if you know the three of these young bucks right here but allow me to introduce you.  The guy in green is Fabian Kaye.  The guy in red is his brother Benedict Kaye.  The masked young lady in pink is Cecelia “Cece” Kaye.  Now, they’ve sat in REIGN for literal years at this point while people like KIMO or Adrian Reyes or even Bobson damn Dugnutt have bounced back and forth at their leisure but these three?  These three have stayed over there puttin’ work in on their own.  You know why, Nate?


He grins.


OutKast:  They wanted to earn their own way and, son…I respect that, I do.  But I’ve called on them to do me a favor and help…educate you.  Let me ask you something, Nathaniel and answer honestly: what do you think the “K” in their last name stands for?


Without warning, OutKast snatches Nate from them and PLANTS him with a devastatingly STIFF Alienator!  OutKast sits there next to Nate’s prone body as Fabian and Benedict pose over Nate’s body while Cece hugs OutKast’s shoulders.  Kast grins from ear to ear like the Cheshire cat he is.  Fabian offers him the microphone once again.


OutKast:  Class is in session, Nate Robideau, and your teachers are the Kygon Family.  Oh, and Nate?


He turns and looks at Nate, lying prone on the mat.


OutKast:  Never forget your betters, son.  Never forget that OutKast is another word for better…than…you.


“Signal to Noise (Instrumental)” by Peter Gabriel kicks back in as OutKast stands up and embraces his three children, all grown up and all violently debuting here tonight on SHOOT TV.


Scott Kamura: Oh my God, Dutch…OutKast’s two sons and his daughter have been right under our noses this whole time!  They’ve made their debut here tonight in a big, big way like a wild pack of dogs just…just…callously taking Nate Robideau down!


Dutch Harris: The war between Nate Robideau and OutKast continues and I’ve gotta tell you, Eryk, if nobody is stepping up to help Nate Robideau he’s done for!


Scott Kamura:  You know and I know that Nate Robideau stands alone!  Win or lose, smart or not, the Black Hawk wants to fight these War Hawks and he won’t care what the numbers are!


OutKast and the Kayes stand at the entrance stage, his grin showing on all four of their faces.  Nate struggles to the ropes, reaching out to grab one to help himself up–and he collapses.  We cut away…

RAIKO Vs. Adrian Reyes

Joshua Breedlove, Two Time SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion

Dutch Harris: Nice win for RAIKO over Reyes here, and Reyes had a good showing too, frankly.


Scott Kamura: It’s true. RAIKO is full steam ahead on her way to challenging for the World title at Reckoning Day. You think she’ll be in the Iron Will Classic? 


Dutch Harris: She was in last year, so it stands to reason she might be, but–


All of the sudden the camera cuts to the back as the scene is a litany people in black suits, and once the crowd realizes who this is, they erupt into a chorus of boos. It’s Joshua Breedlove and his inner circle, everyone! Breedlove is dressed in a black suit with a crimson dress shirt and is holding the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder. He’s joined on his left by his impeccably dressed Empress, Danni Johnson, and on his right by the Empire’s lawyer, Hodding Schrotenboer. There’s a shuffling sound coming from the side as Mary Kelly hits the scene.


Mary Kelly: Mr. Breedlove! Can I get a word?!


Schrotenboer starts to intervene and Breedlove waves him off, telling him that he’s got this.


Joshua Breedlove, Two Time SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion: Mary! So glad to see you. You may absolutely ask me a question or two, but as I’m sure you can guess, I’m on my way to meet with Josh and the crack team of lawyers at the SHOOT Project! 


Mary Kelly: So that answers one of my questions, then. You’re here to talk contracts, I presume?


JB, TTSPWHC: Among other things, yes. Don’t get me wrong, Mary and don’t misunderstand me, SHOOT Project Faithful – Joshua Breedlove wants to be out here, competing in front of you all, but there is a lesson to be learned here and this goes for all of you.


Mary Kelly: And what is that lesson? 


JB, TTSPWHC: To fight for what you’re worth. You owe nobody anything but yourself, and companies like this one? They seek to take advantage. It’s business 101, for sure, but if you’re someone like me that has a mountain of leverage?


Breedlove smiles at Mary Kelly.


JB, TTSPWHC: You do what you gotta do to make sure you’re compensated fairly, and with someone like me? That doesn’t just mean putting a new number in the salary box. Anything else? 


Mary Kelly: Odds we see you in a SHOOT Project ring again anytime soon? 


JB, TTSPWHC: No matter what happens between now and then, I’ll be at Iron Will 2, defending this title and maybe capturing the Rule of Surrender Championship? Who knows. I don’t run from a fight, and I LOVE the Iron Will Classic. It pushes my wrestling nerd button, but Mary? 


He stops himself and motions to the Los Angeles Executive Office, where the door has just opened. Real Deal is seen sitting at a conference table while Breedlove, Danni, Schrotenboer, and two of the lawyers from his large consortium enter the room and fan out. 


Dutch Harris: Well well! You heard it here, folks. The World Champion intends to be back out here and competing as soon as possible.


Scott Kamura: Weirdly wholesome message about fighting for your worth, too. 


Dutch Harris: I mean, let’s be real. Breedlove sees his worth as having control over as many things as possible, so let’s not pretend that that was a statement of charity. Breedlove knows what he wants. 


Scott Kamura: Fair enough. While that’s going on, though, we’ve got a Sin City Championship match coming up next! Judy Punchinello gets her first big shot at singles gold when she takes on Jamie Johnson!

Judy Punchinello Vs. Jamie Johnson (c)

Fade to...

Dutch Harris: From the top rope! That’s Paria! 


Scott Kamura: Where’d he even come from?! I didn’t see him or HEAR him run down, and it would appear that the fans didn’t either! 


Paria NAILS the Sin City Champion, Jamie Johnson, with a missile dropkick from behind, sending him down onto the mat hard. Judy P. is still in the ring, smiling, as she goes and gets Jamie to his feet and then shoves him into the ropes. She holds him there and wraps his arms into the middle and top rope! Jamie can’t get free! 


Dutch Harris: Oh wow! He’s tangled up! There’s no escape for Jamie right now! 


Scott Kamura: You have to feel like this was planned regardless of the outcome of the match. Sure, Judy took the L in the battle, but this is yet another shot in the growing war between El Paria and Jamie Johnson! 


Paria is just PEPPERING Jamie’s body with punches and kicks, absolutely going OFF on him. Jamie’s body is bright red and purple from absorbing the shots and to make matters worse, Paria just SLAPS Jamie in the face! The crowd is letting Paria have it for this, showering him with boos! Paria makes a motion as though he is offering a shot at Jamie to Judy, who gladly obliges, punching Jamie right in the face! 


Scott Kamura: Oh man, Jamie’s bleeding from the mouth right now, this doesn’t look good. 


Dutch Harris: He’s just… hung out to dry right there, Scott. Nobody’s coming to help him! 


Judy watches as El Paria slides out of the ring and to the floor. He rummages around underneath the ring for a bit and appears, brandishing a steel chair! He slides that into the ring and then slides himself into the ring and picks it up. Judy moves out of the way as Paria gets right up into Jamie’s face. 



The crowd continues its loud shower of boos but IMMEDIATELY erupt into cheers as something has stunned Paria and sent him a few steps back! 


Dutch Harris: What an ACT OF DEFIANCE from the Sin City Champion, Scott! HE JUST SPIT HIS BLOOD ALL OVER EL PARIA and what is this? 


Scott Kamura: He’s SMILING.


Paria is INCENSED, staring at Jamie Johnson with the chair held up high. 


“DO IT.” 


Scott Kamura: I think Jamie’s been broken, holy sh–


El Paria lowers the chair, staring at Jamie.


Dutch Harris: He’s YELLING at Paria right now.




Paria lifts the chair back up. but he smugly shrugs his shoulders and with every ounce of strength he has, he SWINGS FOR THE FENCES AT JAMIE’S HEAD, CONNECTING ON HIS SKULL WITH A SICKENING THUD AS THE SCREEN CUTS TO…