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Ruination 31

Ruination 31


House of the Rising Sun – The Animals


The soft guitar begins to play the tune of “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals as we’re taken to an overhead shot of New Orleans, Louisiana, all lit up at night.


There is a house

In New Orleans

They call the Rising Sun


The shot changes to the outside of the Smoothie King Center, the SHOOT Project logo and ACE Network logo advertising tonight’s event.


And it’s been the ruin

Of many a poor boy

And God, I know I’m one


We cut to the waterfront, where a ship is coming in. Our tour bus seems to have been delayed. The flag on the ship flaps in the breeze, revealing the world famous SHOOT Project helmet.


My mother was a tailor

She sewed my new blue jeans


 Headlights flare on the deck of the ship, and our SHOOT Project your bus, now battered from riding it heavy, comes alive like some beast waiting to descend upon the town.


My father was a gamblin’ man

Down in New Orleans


The Ruination logo flashes across the screen before we cut to the inside of the arena.



Inside the arena, pyro explodes on the entrance stage as we pan across the crowd before cutting to Dutch Harris and Scott Kamura!


Dutch Harris: Welcome to Ruination! This is the Crescent City Collision! We’re LIVE from New Orleans, Louisiana and tonight, we’ve got an absolutely stacked lineup. We’ve got a LAST CHANCE Iron Will match on our main event!


Scott Kamura: That’s not all, Dutch! We have a preview of a future Tag Team Championship match as Isaiah Gailliard of the Carolina Lions goes head to head with Lindsay Troy of The World Tag Team Champions, Lux Aeterna.


Dutch Harris: We’ve also got the debut of a brand new tag team mentored by the one and only Jester Smiles, The RIOT Patrol as they square off against Martial Law! We’ll also see Jack Horn square off against Haseo Karasawa!


Scott Kamura: Folks, I’m sure you saw it a few moments ago at the top of this broadcast, but Haskell Payne has been attacked by persons unknown. He’s been taken to a local medical facility and is not cleared to compete tonight.


Dutch Harris: Persons unknown. Sure. In any event, you are still going to see an Iron Fist Championship match tonight! We’ve been informed that Jacob Mephisto will defend the Iron Fist Championship against Ignatius Albert Martin! Stay tuned, folks! You don’t want to miss this go home show!

Left for Dead

We cut to the backstage area where the first thing we are greeted by is the sound of sneakers slapping against the ground. Seconds later, we see several SHOOT Project officials sprinting down the hall, EMTs in tow.


There are a lot of mixed voices shouting orders and acknowledging them. As we come around the corner, the screen bouncing slightly as the cameraman works to keep up, we see a body laying face-down on the hall floor.


As several of the EMTs clear away, one of them sighs.


EMT: He’ll survive. He needs to go into concussion protocol though. He definitely isn’t competing tonight.


The camera pans back down to see Haskell Payne, tonight’s would-be challenger to the Iron Fist Championship, laying face-down and unconscious, sticky, dried blood caking his hair.


Just at the edge of the camera’s view, we see a figure stepping around the corner and out of sight, a flash of jet black hair and glint of what looks like gold on white leather disappearing with the figure.

The Dragon's Lair

We see a now-familiar three-wall setup made to look like a dungeon.

Daihm Ferguson sits confidently in a throne-like chair – red hair spilling out over a blue-and-white robe as three individuals look around the set cautiously.

As the scene sets in, a graphic appears superimposed over the screen: 


Daihm Ferguson: ‘Ello again, everyone, to another edition of the Dragon’s Lair – we had such a great response to last week’s episode that it was clear we needed to return as soon as possible…

Daihm casts a knowing glance over to his guests.


Daihm Ferguson: Which is why I am extremely excited to welcome three individuals today who make up both the past and future of SHOOT Project. Joining me in The Dragon’s Lair are none other than Eric Rohkar, Jester Smiles himself, along with two… would you say proteges? In the team of RIOT Patrol – Kid Lucha and Israel Bishop. 


Jester, sitting on the left, closest to Daihm, nods knowingly over to Lucha and Bishop who, for their part, look around the set like they just wandered into a Universal Studios backlot. Jester casually looks over at his slightly star struck team, grinning.


Jester Smiles: I don’t know, is protege right? I’d hate to MAKE A BIG MISTAKE AND GET YOU ALL MAD!


Jester yells, but it is obvious that he is being playful. Kid Lucha seems to respond, but Israel Bishop remains bewildered.


Kid Lucha: You… you helped us come up with the name. I just thought you’d, y’know, GET IT RIGHT!


KL responds with a similar playful manner. In many ways, he almost sounds like Jester.


Daihm nods to Lucha.

Daihm Ferguson: Trust me – if there is anyone on this roster who understands how people butchering your name can get under your skin, you’re lookin’ at ‘em. 


Israel Bishop gestures at their host.


Israel Bishop: So… it’s DIME? Right? Or DAMN? Or DAYUM? Or…


Jester Smiles: DAAAAAY O. DAAAAAAY O. Daylight come and we want to go home.

Silence falls over the set.


Jester Smiles: I mean… we don’t want to go home. We’re very happy to be here.


Daihm adjusts his note cards and clears his throat, Scottishly.

Daihm Ferguson: So… let’s start there actually. Why RIOT Patrol? What’s the story there?


Israel Bishop: You see, we just felt that-


Kid Lucha: CUZ WE’RE TAKING OVER LIKE A REVOLUTION! We’re coming for that sweet, sweet victory babyyyyyyyy!


Israel looks at Lucha with moderate annoyance. Lucha shrugs.


Kid Lucha: I apologize for my outburst. You were saying?


Israel Bishop: So, my partner here is not…wrong. In some sense, we want to overtake this company like a riot takes over the streets, but we also want to change the way this sport is perceived. Like, we take enjoyment in the victory, not the pain. It feels like this sport thrives on unnecessary suffering, and we’d like to represent something more. Don’t get me wrong, this is combat, and… we’ll hurt you if we need to, but-


Kid Lucha: But I’m also happy to just sorta tie you up, get that un, deux, TROIS, and then get home for steaks and non-descript adult beverages!


Israel Bishop: Yeah… yeah, what he said.


Daihm Ferguson: Well, you’ve certainly made a mark early on here but so have a number of other tag teams like the Carolina Lions and … oddly enough Delayed Heat – meanwhile teams like Lux Aeterna, UCA, Sin City Scoundrels, and so on are making it one of the toughest tag divisions in this company’s history. What does RIOT Patrol have to do to stand out amongst that crowd? Jester, what is it that made you make this choice to return to SHOOT after being away for so long?


Kid Lucha: He came back because we are the best BABYYYYYY! Like, we stand out because we’re, just, like, more lit than these other tag teams. Like, The Lions, they alright. Lux Aeterna, fine, hard name to say. Delayed Heat, well… that guy got stabbed in the head with a fork. Is he okay? Anyway, bro, it’s about just being more FIRE than any of them.


Israel looks dumbfounded by his partner. Jester just laughs.


Jester Smiles: I mean, yeah, sure, what he said. To, y’know, add on to that second question, I never intended to be gone forever. When I got hurt in my match with CJH, I never had any intention of being gone from this sport for very long, but… I couldn’t wrestle anymore, I couldn’t get in the ring, so I had to take a step back and consider what my future in the wrestling world would be. And… these two dumbasses came crying to me all like “oh please oh legendary Jester Smiles, please take us in”. 


Kid Lucha: Say what now?


Israel Bishop: I don’t recall the conversation being like that.


Daihm Ferguson clears his throat again and gestures back to… Jester.

Daihm Ferguson: So, Eric. Jester. You’ve got a lot of history with the folks running things around here. I asked Azraith about this last week so I wanted to ask you too – what do you remember about your time with Lennox Ferguson? Quite honestly, you probably have a lot more information about him than I do and I’d love to hear what you have to say.


Jester cocks an eyebrow, his grin fading a little. 


Jester Smiles: Man… I knew this would come up. 


Jester pauses a beat.


Jester Smiles: When Ox and I were in this company, well, let’s call it a role reversal. Lennox, your dad, he… he was tearing things up in the Iron Fist Division, fighting wars with Isaac Entragian and Cade Sydal, and, well… I was an entitled piece of shit who was DESPERATELY clinging onto any hope of relevancy. 


Jester sighs.


Jester Smiles: Things change, man. This business, it changes you. You can come back from it, dig yourself out of a serious pit of despair, but… you never come out clean. 


Daihm pushes further.

Daihm Ferguson: If Lennox was so noble and well liked why did he never check in on the woman he got pregnant back in Scotland? Why did he never reach out after he left SHOOT?

Kid Lucha and Israel Bishop look nervously at each other as Daihm gets more heated.

Daihm Ferguson: As someone who is clearly invested in the future talent of this company, what do YOU think, Jester, about Lennox’s recent decision to start cutting off rising talent at the knees rather than help it to grow? Seems a bit like a cock move to me.


Jester clasps his hands together, sighing. He cracks a slight grin, looking Daihm right in the eyes.


Jester Smiles: It’s more than a bit of a cock move, Daihm. Lennox is clearly being a piece of shit. Lennox was also clearly being a piece of shit even when he was perceived to be the “good guy” casting judgment on everyone else. 


The grin is gone. Jester is dead serious, even a bit wistful, being reminded of past times.


Jester Smiles: This industry is like a drug, in good and bad ways. It can be medicinal, giving freaks and outcasts a place to thrive. The obstacles can improve us, make us grow and become greater than we ever were. But…


Jester looks over at his proteges, the two young men he has brought into this industry. He wants to make sure they are listening, which they are. Jester turns back to Daihm.


Jester Smiles: This industry is also addictive, and I’m an addict, so I can speak on this. Once you’re hooked, you’ll throw everything away for the high. I’m generally regarded as one of the nicer, more decent individuals in this industry, and I have thrown loved ones away, betrayed good friends, and ruined lives. And I’m one of the GOOD ONES. Lennox has wronged you. He continues to wrong you. You’ve got a war to fight, a war that you maybe didn’t even choose to be in, but you’ve gotta go through it, and I respect that. But, I want you, a young, promising talent, to think of something. I want all the young promising talents to think of something.


Jester looks directly into the camera.


Jester Smiles: Don’t be like us… the old guard. Don’t cling onto past accolades until you have squeezed all the joy and happiness out of them. Make your own path, get what you can while the getting is good, and then get out. Take your medicine, improve yourself, but don’t let it destroy you. Someone, anyone, has to be able to come out of this industry clean. 


Jester turns back to Daihm, softening quite a bit.


Jester Smiles: If you need anything, let me know. I am invested in the future of this industry, and that includes guys like you.


Jester offers his hand to Daihm.


Daihm steels his gaze and leans down toward the guest chairs on set, returning Jester’s gesture.

Daihm Ferguson: I appreciate that more than you know, Eric. I wish you and RIOT Patrol nothing but the best here in SHOOT. I hope you’re able to carve your own path, as well.

Daihm makes a wiping gesture at his eyes before turning to face the camera, which cuts to a close up on his red eyes.

Daihm Fergsuon: Once again, thanks for tuning in to “The Dragon’s Lair” and thanks to our guests Jester Smiles and the RIOT Patrol. We’ll be back soon with another special guest so – until then – keep your eyes to the sky and don’t be afraid to speak your truth.




RIOT Patrol Vs. Martial Law

Made You Flinch

She was alone just outside the locker room.  Already dressed in her ring gear with black boots, Laura Seton takes a knee, arms folded over her opposite leg.  Her head is down, showing she is either in deep thought or having some sort of prayer.


Voice: Oh holy lord of SHOOT Project, please let this wayward Seton see the error of her ways and do the rest of the roster a favor by finally admitting she’s a right shite and has no place in the ring any longer.


Laura looks up to the face staring back down at her. Judy Punchinello.  She initially gives a blank stare, not wanting to believe whom she was looking at.  Within seconds she furrows her brow but speaks calmly.


Laura Seton: You here to flip me off again?

Judy laughs.


Judy Punchinello: That’s what you’re mad about? Bloody ‘el. Is this an act?

Laura stands up to meet Judy eye to eye. The two are inches from each other, Laura with a stern look belaying her anger while Judy’s grin only grows wider.

Laura Seton: I don’t care if you give me the finger every time you see me.  I know your anger.  I was pissed at everyone when I was at the same stage of my career, “make it on my own”…


Judy rolls her eyes.


… but I learned something.  I didn’t have to be so angry.  Even if no one retires that you think should?  Just win matches.  Give a five star effort every week.  You’ll get noticed.


Judy takes a step closer to Laura and smirks.

Judy Punchinello: Oh, don’t you worry about that, Laura. I’m counting on it.

Judy takes a step back and looks like she’s about to clock Laura in the jaw, who steps back and goes to shield herself. But rather than follow through, Judy pulls her punch and smiles.

Judy Punchinello: Made you flinch.

With those final words, Judy walks backwards from Laura shaking her head in amusement before leaving the scene altogether and leaving a baffled-looking Laura Seton in the hallway.

Jack Horn Vs. Haseo Karasawa

The Tiniest Bit of Respect

Every wrestler has a different pre-match routine. Some psyche themselves up by themselves or with the help of teammates. Others guzzle energy drinks or bang their limbs on doors or walls. Some meditate. Others pray.


For Lindsay Troy, it’s calisthenics, instrumentals, and internalized gameplanning.


The Queen’s off in a corner of the Smoothie King Center’s weight room, earbuds in and completing a set of Hindu squats in front of a large New Orleans Pelicans logo. On a nearby weight bench is a towel and a hoodie and at her feet are a couple bottles of water and a shake bearing the arena’s name, courtesy of a station in catering. She notices someone out of the corner of her eye entering the room but pays them no mind…that is, until they start walking towards her.


“So, okay, face to face?  Up close?  I can get the hype.”


She turns her complete attention to the source of the voice.  “The Carolina Reaper” Isaiah Galliard.  One half of the number one contenders to her title: the Carolina Lions.  Despite his being her opponent and the tensions between the two teams, he seems oddly…disarming?  He is dressed in the Lions warm up hoodie and his wrestling gear.


Reaper:  We…haven’t met face to face before.  Y’know, me and you, just us two, and our dog Blue…


He smirks and throws his hands up to show her he doesn’t have anything.


Reaper:  No fight, no weapons, no ambushes.  You run a whole other company, it’d be smart for me not to piss off a possible someday employer, right?


Troy taps an earbud to silence the music and gives him a nod.


Lindsay Troy: Good thinking.


She does a few more squats, mentally counting them off in her head. When she hits a hundred, she stops and swipes her towel off the bench.


Lindsay Troy: Luis might not see it the same way, though. He know where you are right now?


Reaper shrugs.


Reaper:  I really don’t know.  I love the guy, he loves me, but we been rivals far longer than we been teammates.  I don’t check in with him, he don’t check in with me.  I know he don’t like that I’m not trying to attack you two from behind.  We’ve beaten everybody else face to face, why would Lux Aeterna be different, right?


He makes a playful face, sticking his tongue out between his teeth.


Reaper:  But on the real, I like us bein’ undefeated and challenging the two of you.  We’re gassed up, hyped up, makes sense to me if we come for you, we come full on.


He stops.


Reaper:  …you know what I mean.


A smirk to match Isaiah’s appears on Lindsay’s face and she throws the towel around her neck.


Lindsay Troy: Young guns like you two should gas yourselves up. You’ve done well since you’ve gotten here, and your bravado hasn’t gone unnoticed.


Reaper:  You think?


He takes a few steps back, thinking about his recent social media.


Reaper:  Our fun smear campaign on Spitter went completely unsold.  Hell, the only person that actually did anything or said anything was Ria which is crazy since she…you know…isn’t really even that active right now.


Lindsay Troy: Oh, I see everything that’s said on Spitter. But how you talk on social media interests me less than how you talk in the ring. That’s what I want to find out about first-hand.


She bends to the floor and picks up her drinks, then holds out one of the unopened water bottles to The Reaper.


Lindsay Troy: And you’re gonna find out about me.


Isaiah takes the bottle from her.  He looks at her moment of sportsmanship and it almost perplexes him, but he pushes that aside.


Reaper:  We here to make that money, get that fame and glory.  Beating you, beating Ayumi Seppuku, that’ll do it.  We take y’all, we’re bonafide as they say.  Anybody can be undefeated for a little bit, but I’m here to prove we as good as we say.  Luis talks that shit, but he’s here for that, too.  You pay us enough, we’ll do what it takes to earn that money.  When you ain’t got no friends, the money’s the only friend you got.


He takes a beat.


Reaper:  I’mma see you an’ Ayumi soon, but you I’mma see…real soon.  I’d wish you luck, but I’m not a dumbass, I know neither of y’all need it.


He nods to her and takes a few steps away, walking backward until he is closer to the doorway.  He turns around and walks through the door frame, leaving the Queen to her work once more.

Haskell Payne Vs. Jacob Mephisto

Dutch Harris: Well, folks, up next we have the Iron Fist Championship on the line! In case you missed it, earlier tonight Haskell Payne was found unconscious. He’s going through concussion protocol. His replacement tonight is fellow contender for the Iron Fist Championship, IAM!


Scott Kamura: That match looks to be a good one… wait. Wait what? Folks, I’m hearing that we’ve got a situation in the back. We’re taking you there now.


We cut backstage where several SHOOT Project road agents and medical staff are standing around a prone Jacob Mephisto. Patience Montgomery cradles her Father’s head while security holds on to Decius. The camera pans to the side to see a very confused IAM holding his hands up and speaking quickly with SHOOT Project officials.


IAM: He was like that when I found him.


Patience Montgomery: Coward! Trying to get the upper hand! Is your confidence that low?


One of the road agents holds a walkie talkie to his ear for a moment before turning back to IAM. 


Road Agent: We’ll get this all sorted out, Iggy. Right now, they’re calling the match off.


On the ground, one of Mephisto’s eyes opens for the briefest moment, the ghost of a smirk crossing his face as–


Scott Kamura: What the hell!? That’s Void and Buck Dresden!


Buck shoves Void into a wall and the two are just throwing hands with one another!


Dutch Harris: We need to get some security back there! …wait, out here?! Are they coming out here?!


Scott Kamura: They’re DEFINITELY close, holy shit they’re in gorilla! Wait, is that Breedlove trailing them!?


Real Deal: Go fight it out in the fucking ring, good lord!

Buck Dresden Vs. Void

Harder to Breathe

Void stands over the beaten Buck Dresden.  The fans are almost in a stunned hush silence.  He takes a step over Buck and demands a microphone.  He stands for a moment and composes himself, closing his eyes to focus on his breathing until he could speak properly.

Void:  Ladies and gentlemen of the Faithful, I have been away from you.  I have been away from you besides a few moments of…shall we say…favors for a friend.

He looks down at Buck, who is starting to stir.

Void:  No no no, Buckley, not yet.  You still get to go prove yourself at Iron Will, right?

Void laughs a hollow, dark laugh.

Void:  I want you to remember this moment, Buck.

He bends down, straddling Buck.

Void:  I want you to remember that everybody knows I’m going to hurt you right now.  I want you to remember that everybody knows that and nobody is coming to help you.  Nobody will come to your aid.  You will feel horror, pain, devastation…and you’ll do it as you live: alone.  See…

Void clutches Buck’s face by the cheeks as a parent that is disappointed in their child.

Void:  …everyone leaves you.  Every.  One.  They either quit this company or they die, either way they don’t want anything to do with you.  You’re toxic, Buck.  You’re a toxic, sad excuse for a man that masquerades as a hero for…these people.

Void leans in further.

Void:  You failed at Iron Will.  You will fail at Iron Will 2.  So, know this, Buck.  Know that I’m not here to fuck you up because I want to because I’ll be honest, I don’t give a fuck about you.  Know instead that I’m here because a friend asked me to handle a bit of business for him.

Void stands up, holding one of Buck’s arms.  He also plants one boot into Buck’s throat.

Void:  The Emperor sends his regards.

He drops the microphone and quickly grabs Buck’s other arm.  He picks him up and, in a swift motion, lifts Buck’s body up and SLAMS him back down with a boot to the throat in a disgusting version of the curb stomp!  Buck immediately clasps his throat, trying his best to breathe as Void picks up the microphone, listening to the booing that showers upon him.

Void:  All.  Alone.

He shrugs.

Void:  Time to add a bonus.

Void drops the microphone and bends down to grabs Buck and the fans begin to cheer!  Void immediately knows it isn’t for him and his head snaps up to see LUX AETERNA rushing to the ring!  Void stands his ground, yelling for the two of them to come and fight him.  Lindsay Troy and Ayumi Seppuku slide into the ring and as soon as they get up, Void QUICKLY slides out of the ring and begins to laugh as Ayumi stands at the ring ropes, glaring down at the monster.  Lindsay Troy, however, is on her knees trying to keep Buck calm and make sure he’s okay as EMTs rush the ring.

Eryk Masters:  This is disgusting.  I am appalled.

Other Guy:  Void makes his return in a sick and terrible way.  We have no idea if Buck is okay and that means we don’t know if he’s cleared for Iron Will!

Ayumi continues to pace the ring, standing between Void and her partner and his victim.  Void looks up at her and grabs his throat to pretend he’s choking before he laughs again.  As the EMTs and road agents swarm past him, he backs up the ramp, eyes still locked on Ayumi.  The camera comes back to Buck Dresden, finally lying flat on the mat as Lindsay continues to hold his hand and begins to direct the EMTs and road agents.

Eryk Masters:  I hope that Buck Dresden is able to see that even in this terrible moment, he isn’t alone.

Ayumi walks over to Lindsay’s side once Void disappears and bends down beside her to check on Buck as well.

Isaiah Gailliard Vs. LIndsay Troy


Backstage at the Smoothie King Center, resident SHOOT Project broadcast journalist Mary Kelly is standing by with the company’s newest signee, “All-Natural” Chick Grillbreast for an interview.

Mary Kelly: Good evening everyone, and it’s my pleasure to bring you the first words here in SHOOT Project from our newest and probably swolest wrestler, “All-Natural” Chick Grillbreast. First up Chick, how does it feel to finally arrive?

Chick Grillbreast: Finally? Are you saying that I am somehow late to the party? ARE YOU SAYING THAT I AM NOT ON TIME BECAUSE I WAS POTENTIALLY ENHANCING THIS PHYSIQUE WITH NON-NATURAL MEANS?

Mary Kelly: No, sheesh, take it down a notch. I’m just asking how you feel to be here in SHOOT Project!

Chick Grillbreast: Oh, well, I’m feeling good, getting to show a whole new roster and fanbase how SICK these GAINZ are. I’m enjoying using Spitter too, except when PEOPLE MAKE ME SO MAD THAT I HAVE TO GO AND BREAK MY MONITOR.

Mary Kelly: Okay then. You’re debuting at Revolution in a few days against Bobson Dugnutt. What are your thoughts on your groovy first opponent?

Chick Grillbreast: You know something, Mary, I went on the Internet to look up information about Bobson. Did you know he’s NOT WHO HE SAYS HE IS? He’s not a musician-slash-wrestler at all! In fact, he was a BASEBALL PLAYER.

Mary Kelly: I don’t get it? Where are you getting these accusations from?

Chick Grillbreast: After searching Google and clicking on no fewer than five sites that gave my computer a virus and then using my antivirus software to get RID of those viruses, I found a site with his name on it that said he was in a baseball simulation video game called Fighting Baseball. HE’S BEEN LYING TO YOU THE WHOLE TIME, PEOPLE.

Mary Kelly: That’s just a meme based on a game with fic…

Chick Grillbreast: LET ME FINISH! UGH! IT MAKES ME SO MAD WHEN PEOPLE DON’T LET ME FINISH! I hate that Dugnutt is even ALLOWED to compete here! Does he think that his friends, Sleve McDichael, Dwigt Rortugal, and Rey McSriff, will help his NERD ASS get the jump on me and these MUSCLES BUILT SOLELY OUT OF EGG WHITES, PROTEIN POWDER, AND LIFTING?

Mary Kelly: They’re not on the roster page at…


Chick storms off stage right, leaving Mary befuddled.

Mary Kelly: Well, that was something. Dutch, Scott, back to you!

Special Guest

The arena lights go down as a wash of purple and green strobes flood the arena. A gutteral humming echoes through the speakers which can mean only one thing…

Dutch Harris: We have a special visitor for tonight’s match it seems, Scott.


Dorothy’s “Rest in Peace” kicks in over the speakers as Judy Punchinello steps out from the back wearing a slimmed down version of her usual attire and then begins making her way down the ramp.


Blood on my hands, what’s done is done.

Left you by the road with the crows in the dust.

Heart so hollow deep as a cave.

One day I’ll be dancing on your grave.


Scott Kumura: Oh… Okay well-

Judy Punchinello: Scott over Scoot.


Dutch Harris: Good one.

Judy Punchinello: How do you take your face, Dutch? Two creams and a sugar?


Dutch Harris: Well, that’s certainly uncalled for…

Judy settles herself next to the announce team, pulling a headset on firmly before punching Dutch, who is to her right, jovially on the shoulder.

Judy Punchinello: Just fuckin’ with ya guy. I always wondered what the view was like from down here – like being in the pit at a show.


Scott Kumura: So why ARE you here, Judy?

Judy Punchinello: Takin’ a page out of my friend Joshua Breedlove’s textbook and peeping the match. I’m heavily invested in which of these two will be joining me at Iron Will.



Scott Kumura: Don’t you mean three?

Judy Punchinello: No, I don’t. This is clearly a row between Mr. Stein and Mr. Rose, so let’s get this shit show on the road shall we?


Laura Seton Vs. Dan Stein Vs. Curtis Rose

The bell rings and an exuberant Laura Seton throws her fist in the air in victory.


Dutch Harris: Fighting all the way back from some recent losses, this one has to feel good for Laura, Scott.

Scott Kumura: No doubt about it, Dutch. Laura Seton not only gets a rematch with NEMESIS at Iron Will but the chance to be our next Heavyweight Cham-

Judy Punchinello, who hasn’t left, cuts Kumura off, jumping up on top of the desk and shouting.

Judy Punchinello: HEY SETON!

Laura turns from waving at her fans to lock eyes with Judy who – standing on the desk – is just about eye level with Seton.


The two stare each other down for several seconds – tension mounting – before Judy abruptly begins clapping her hands together in a big, mocking gesture as she smiles and nods at the SHOOT veteran. In response, Laura just shakes her head and rolls out of the ring and begins heading toward the back to cheers from the crowd having secured her spot in the Iron Will Classic.