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Ruination 34

Ruination 34

The Carolina Lions Vs. the Bone Brigade

Repaying a Debt

The horns sound.  “American Venom” permeates the arena and brings the fans there to their feet.  The camera switches over his shoulder and we see what he sees: the sea of Faithful.  The SHOOT World Heavyweight Champion is here.  Buck Dresden is here in Charlotte.  He steps onto the stage, World Championship on his shoulder and a smile on his face.  He can’t help it.  He is wearing his entrance vest with a Charlotte United shirt on underneath, a pair of black jeans and boots to adorn the lower half.  


He walks down the ramp, staring at the ring with intent.  He tosses the World Heavyweight Championship over the top rope into the ring and then rolls in below the bottom rope.  He pops up, title in hand, and slings it back over his shoulder with the faceplate on his back like the cross he carries for this company.  “American Venom” dies down and he stands there, microphone in hand.


Buck Dresden:  You had to know I wasn’t gonna let Charlotte go by and NOT show the hell up.


The fans pop throughout the arena and a small chant of “Thank you, Buck” threatens to break out.


Buck Dresden:  Lemme tell y’all a story.  Non-fiction.  Mostly.  See, when I joined SHOOT Project I told them to call me from the Great American South.  Fact is, no matter how shitty things get or how shitty people get to be, I’m a goddamn Southern man and I’m more’n proud of that fact.


The pop’s a lot bigger because, let’s face it.  I know my people.


Buck Dresden:  See, two weeks ago I got sick.  Had to sit on the bench right when Real Deal made the bookings for the show.  Told me to sit this one out.  Told me to stay home.  Charlotte, I did.  Thing was, I took my medicine.  I ate my vitamins.  I took care of myself because I knew by hook or by damn crook the World Champion Buck Dresden was gonna be in Charlotte with SHOOT Project!


The fans pop once more.


Buck Dresden:  I love my heritage.  I’m not a dipshit that pretends hate and the symbols related to it are relevant to my heritage.  My heritage is where I come from, who I come from, and who I am.  I was born in the South, Charlotte.  I was raised in the South.  My family’s here, my wife’s from around here.  And the thing about bein’ a Southern man like me is you don’t let disrespect walk away from you with its head up high.


He pauses, turning to the entrance stage from whence he came.


Buck Dresden:  So, to paraphrase the words of the theme song of a better man than I…you will know that I have come to collect.  I came to Charlotte, I came back home, and goddamn it I came to fight.  Void, you sorry piece of shit, you’ve been in hiding for months now.  You’ve let your standing in this place falter.  I get that Dan Stein destroyed you so thoroughly that the injuries you sustained have kept you away for a long damn time but here’s the deal boy.  I still know you report to work and I still know you don’t like to show your fucked up face anymore but if nobody else wants a piece of you then I do.  Let’s finish this shit.


The fans pop for the idea of a fight breaking out.  Buck glares at the entrance and waits.  The lights in the arena flicker and then suddenly…they go out.  Buck looks around quickly and cautiously until a constant, persistent hum of electricity echoes throughout.  Up on the SHOOT Tron, we see a hooded figure.  The bottom half of his face is clear, though the upper half is masked still.




Void:  Buck Dresden.




Void:  You’ve got to stop trying to call on me for a fight.  People are going to start thinking it’s nepotism or something.


He pauses again.


Void:  Dan Stein shattered the bones in my face, not that you care.  My collarbone was broken, not that any of you care.  Both of my pectoral muscles were almost torn completely away from the bone.  My spine was dangerously close to breakage, as if that matters to you lot.


Buck Dresden:  Oh my GOD, you big bitch, get to the point!


The fans pop as Void blinks behind his mask.


Void:  I came back early as a favor to sidetrack you, distract you, keep you off your game.  I tried, I failed.  I even beat you in a match, but nothing.  You just kept coming and took the World title away and now no one wants to fight you.  You’re a champion without a proper challenger.  I could jump to the front of the line but where’s the fun in that?  So I can be hurt again?  So I can be broken up by you and you can pretend killing a limping lion means you’ve taken down big game?  Please, Buck, don’t be so naive.


Buck Dresden:  All that to say you ain’t comin’ down here for a fight.


Void:  In Charlotte?  God no.


The fans boo mercilessly.


Void:  But I’ll do you a favor, Buck.  I’ll give you what you want.  On the next shows.  I’m not giving Charlotte the satisfaction and I’m not giving you the satisfaction, either.  You can face me in a steel cage.


The fans pop once more.


Void:  I want your only way to victory to be escaping me.  Running away.  Win or lose, I will be done with you and you me.  My debt will be repaid in full and I can either walk away knowing the champion is less than me or I can go back to my hole and wait for the next prey to come by.  I’ll let you decide if you want the title on the line or not.


The hum cuts out and so does the video.  Void is gone.  The lights come back up and Buck stands alone in the ring.  However, he turns and sees something behind him lying on the mat.  He bends down to pick it up and realizes what it is: Void’s mask.  He throws it to the mat and looks back to the entrance.


Buck Dresden:  When I signed on the dotted line to be a Soldier, I swore an oath to myself and to all of you fans.  It’s a marriage, me and this ring.  Sickness and in health.  ‘Til death do we part.  It’s what we all go through with this profession.  ‘Til death.  And Charlotte, I ain’t ready to die just yet.


He turns to the camera.


Buck Dresden:  But I am ready to kill.


He tosses the microphone down with a THUMP as “American Venom” kicks back in.  The fans rise to their feet as Buck Dresden leaves the ring, title still on his shoulder and a solid glare on his face.  He stops at the entrance, turns his head to look over his shoulder, and smirks before he disappears to the back.

Tommy Knuckles Vs. Butch Maudlin

The Visit

The faint sound of Idiot Pilot’s “A Day in the Life of a Pool Shark” is echoing through Judy Punchinello’s locker room as she stands in front of her bathroom vanity in a sports bra and leggings.

She reaches into the cabinet to pull out her white and makeup creams as she hums along to the erratic beat.

As she nudges the door closed, just like a scene from a horror movie jump scare, we see the face of Laura Seton suddenly over Judy’s shoulder. 


Rather than jump, Judy flashes a smile and turns around to greet Laura. Laura, meanwhile, looks like she’s about ready to cry, or scream, or both.


Judy Punchinello: Oh dear. Looks like I really do need to talk to security about that faulty locking mechanism. Are you sure you want to be here after what happened last-

Laura Seton: Just answer me this: Did you do it?

Seton tersely cuts Judy off. Her eyes are raging, burning, while Judy’s are placid and cool. Almost detached.

Judy Punchinello: Laura, I haven’t even had my match yet, so how could I have already made Curtis Rose tap out? I’m not that go-

Laura Seton: Did. You. Send. Them?

Judy takes a step back and begins to move over towards a pile of clothes lying on a nearby bench. Her eyes never leave Laura’s as she does.

Judy Punchinello: Ohhhh. Oh Laura. Madison told me all about the…  visit. 


Judy’s eyes soften just enough to indicate actual concern as Laura bristles.


Judy Punchinello: I’m sure Cheyenne and Alan will be-


Laura Seton: Shut the fuck up!  You keep their names out of your mouth. I don’t know what you told CPS, but you’ve crossed the LINE, Judy.

Judy clutches her chest in shock as she shakes her head in protest. She soon begins fumbling  through the pile of clothes and soon comes up with her cell phone. As Laura watches, Judy swipes a couple screens and then presses the phone to her chest.

Judy Punchinello: Look. Laura. I know we don’t get along and that you’re jealous of my success here in SHOOT Project, and you’re in denial about what your future looks like after wrestling, but that’s why I’ve been trying to get through to you! Children need their mother and YOUR children YOU.


Laura’s stern focus falters slightly as Judy’s words seem to begin connecting.


Judy Punchinello: I mean, after getting a chance to meet little Cheyenne and Alan, I honestly can’t understand why you would want to be away from them for even a second.


Laura goes sheet white and staggers slightly, as if she’s been slapped.

Laura Seton: What… wait… … what?

Judy turns her phone around to reveal a collection of photos that she begins to swipe through in front of Laura. With each one, Laura’s eyes get wider and wider.

Judy Punchinello: I mean, look at these cuties. Spending so much time with their Auntie Madison and Madison is just so good with them. I got to see that up close and personal when she invited me over to help her out.

Laura shakes her head in disbelief.

Judy Punchinello: Like I said, Laura, those kiddos need their mother. And I can’t help if your violent, unhinged actions from the last set of shows prompted one of the THOUSANDS of people watching to put in a call for a wellness check.

Judy reaches up and puts an arm on Laura’s shoulder.

Judy Punchinello: But don’t worry, Laura. I’m sure everything will work out. And… if not, Madison’s been as much of a mother to them as anyone.

Laura’s eyes flash bright as she grabs Judy’s arm and looks like she may be going in for some sort of devastating move, but in that same instant she lets go of Judy and steps away from the scene. Laura’s face is a mix of devastation and confusion as she wipes her face with the palm of her hands and, without saying anything else, quickly exits Judy Punchinello’s locker room.

Judy watches, waiting for several seconds after it’s clear Laura has left, before a smirk crosses her face and she begins humming again to her music and returns to getting ready for the night’s main event. 

Laura Seton Vs. NEMESIS Vs. Daihm Ferguson

Approved for Approved Audiences

The lights go down in North Carolina’s Spectrum Center when, suddenly, on the jumbotron a familiar title card flashes up on the screen… 


As the title screen fades to black we hear a familiar whiny, Californian voice…

In a world… where SHOOT Project’s most talented stars remain UNBOOKED.

A dramatic graphic treatment of the word “UNBOOKED” flashes across the screen with the sound of a woman whispering “NO” in a sultry, but confused tone.


In a world where every match is just… boring.

A woman’s voice moans the word “YAAAAWWWWWWN” as the SHOOT Project logo fades in from the black screen.

In a world… where DEEP SHOOT’s roots grow stronger with every day.


The words “SHOOT’S ROOTS” flash across the screen as the same sultry female voice repeats the words in a sexy voice.




An orgasmic “UH” echoes throughout the arena as a hand grasps a carrot emerging from a recently-plowed garden and YANKS it dramatically in slow motion from the dirt.

There is only ONE man who can bring together the TWO men needed to form the ONE team needed to do what’s needed to do the needed thing that needs to be done.


A stock thunder crack roars through the arena as a lighting strike flashes across the screen and reveals two silhouettes standing back to back.

This NOVEMBER… against all odds… against all logic… THEY will take on ALL comers. But not in a sexual way.

As the scene progresses, the two silhouettes turn to reveal Blaze Claymore on the left and X-Chadlibur on the right. As the two confidently stand, arms crossed, the voice over continues.






The two fighters turn to face the camera and point finger guns at the screen before pretending to shoot them off as the film itself rolls into slow motion and a slow-rolling explosion appears in front of them.




The two launch themselves backwards in opposite directions like a John Woo action scene as they exit the frame and the explosion takes over the whole screen before a wolf howl happens for some reason and then the lights in the arena come up in dramatic fashion.

There is a hushed silence across the arena before a single voice cuts through the awkwardness…


Dutch Harris: What in the everloving hell was that!? 

The Sin City Champion

Abigail Chase: Well, I’m not sure what we just saw either Dutch, but I’m standing here with the reigning Sin City Champion, and friend to Charlotte, North Carolina… “The REALNESS”, Jamie Johnson! Jamie, thoughts on the video we just saw? 


The crowd cheers for Jamie, who takes a moment to soak it in. He holds his title on his shoulder and after absorbing enough of the love from the crowd, turns to Abigail Chase.


Jamie Johnson: No.


There’s audible laughter in the crowd, and Chase smiles herself.


Abigail Chase: Can’t say I’m surprised. You’ve got a big-time match coming up tomorrow night at Revolution, against your former teacher and mentor, Nate Robideau. There’s been some harsh words exchanged between the two of you ever since the incident with OutKast at Iron Will. First things first, do you have an update on OutKast and after that, do you have thoughts going into tomorrow night? 


Jamie thinks for a moment, considering his words carefully.


Jamie Johnson: I wish I had an update I could share on OutKast, but the fact of the matter is that I don’t. I can tell you he’s still laid up in the hospital, and I can tell you that his kids are out and rehabbing, but that’s about it. I’ve been asked not to share anything else, as I’m sure you can understand.


Ms. Chase nods.


Jamie Johnson: As far as my former mentor goes and what it means to step into the ring against him again? I’m conflicted. We’ve kinda gone back and forth with the wins and the losses, but he’s got the most recent win. Thing is… it doesn’t seem like Nate Robideau cares about wins and losses right now. 


Abigail Chase: Care to expand on that? 


Jamie Johnson: We’re professional wrestlers, Abby. Keyword being professional, you know? We go out, we put our bodies on the line, and all of the generic wrestling platitudes and descriptors that every fresh faced newbie comes to understand about the world of professional wrestling. 


What Nate Robideau has been doing for the last, what? Three months? 


That’s not professional wrestling. 


Breaking people’s limbs, choking them out, putting them in the hospital… it goes beyond what we do as wrestlers. Accidents happen in this business, it comes with the territory, I’ve found, but what happened to the Kayes and Sean Kygon? Not accidents. 


Deliberate actions by a desperate man trying with all he can muster to stay relevant in a world that’s evolving beyond him. 


Abigail Chase: Those are some strong words, Jamie. 


Jamie sighs, shaking his head.


Jamie Johnson: I’ve got some strong feelings about it, Abby. Nate Robideau was my friend and my mentor, and the guy that I’m facing tomorrow? He looks completely different from my friend and my mentor. 


Abigail Chase: Any thoughts on the people who are kind of giving Nate a pass? Saying that Mr. Kygon essentially baited him and asked for this? 


Jamie Johnson: Saying that OutKast deserved to be indefinitely put into a hospital is disgusting. Those people are cowards and should be ashamed. 


Chase nods.


Abigail Chase: One last question… worried about El Paria tomorrow night? 


Jamie Johnson: Seems like that dude is always lingering, right? It’s always a concern of mine, these days. I want Paria at Reckoning Day, winner take all, no running, no fleeing, just a fight between the two of us. I’ll put up my championship, if I still have it after Revolution. He puts up his mask. I want to know who this fuck is.


There’s a cheer that comes from the crowd as Abigail Chase continues.


Abigail Chase: And if you are no longer the champion? 


Jamie Johnson: I’ll put my career on the line.


Abigail Chase: Wow, damn. Pardon my french. Dutch, Scott? We’ve got high stakes going into Revolution tomorrow, and potentially even higher at Reckoning Day! Let’s get back to the ring for our main event!

Curtis Rose Vs. Judy Punchinello (c)