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Ruination 38

Ruination XX

BRONSON Vs. Felix Mullen

There's something inside you...

BRONSON stands in the center of the ring, lording over the fallen Felix Mullen.  He is grinning from ear to ear, soaking in the booing adulation thrust upon him.  He motions for a microphone to be handed to him.  Once Samantha Coil hands him hers he slowly brings it to his face, slowly chuckling through his grin.


BRONSON:  Felix…thank you for taking the time to be the first step in my journey back to where…I belong.


He kneels down, essentially pinning Felix to the mat by straddling him.


BRONSON:  Now I need to show the world…what happens to those that become the steps in my journey.


He shrugs.


BRONSON:  Sorry, Felix.


BRONSON lifts his fist up and suddenly the lights completely go out!  The fans are already abuzz, cheering as BRONSON begins to talk in the microphone.


BRONSON:  Oh ha ha, very clever.  I’m not falling for this.  Felix, you’re not going anywhere.  You’re not-HURK!


BRONSON goes silent.  The lights come back up as THANE has BRONSON on his knees, hand clasped firmly around his throat!  BRONSON’s eyes are filled with fear as Thane glares down at him.  He says nothing to his former partner and friend.  The camera looks at his dead eyes through his hair dangling from his head like the tendrils of darkness inside of him.  BRONSON tries to speak but Thane’s grip tightens.  Felix Mullen is nowhere to be found in the ring.


Thane slowly brings BRONSON to his feet, his hand still clasped around the throat.  BRONSON’s knees go weak from the lack of air as Thane continues to hold the grip.  BRONSON futilely punches at Thane’s arm.  Thane quickly snatches BRONSON up, hooks the arms, LIFTS BRONSON up onto his shoulder…FLIP…APOTHEOSIS.  BRONSON is FLATTENED on the mat and Thane is immediately back to his feet, looking down at his fallen foe.  Thane straightens his torn jacket and slowly pulls the hood over his head, looking over the sea of fans who just witnessed the events unfold before them.


The lights go back out.  We hear the whisper of Lovefoxxx over the PA system.


There’s something inside you…


“Nightcall (Sawagii’s revenge remix)” by Kavinsky and Sawangii plays in the darkness.  The fans who knows the song sing along.


There’s something inside you

It’s hard to explain

They’re talking about you, boy

But you’re still the same


I’m giving you a night call to tell you how I feel 

I want to drive you through the night, down the hills 

I’m gonna tell you something you don’t want to hear

I’m gonna show you where it’s dark, but have no fear


Suddenly the lights come back on the song is cut immediately.  We see BRONSON laid out on the mat, unmoving, and Thane is gone.  As if a ghost on the wind, the Lovefoxxx’s voice whispers again and again…


There’s something inside you…


There’s something inside you…

Curtis Rose Vs. Jacob Mephisto

Danni Johnson Vs. Peach Backshots

Birthday Celebration

We cut to a scene inside an Italian restaurant, where we find a big crowd of people already in their seats enjoying their meals. The camera pans over to Lexi Gold, who is occupying a table of her own. She had on a tropical dress with white heels on. She smiled as she looked around at the sea of people around her before turning her attention towards the entrance, hoping to see her friend Laura walk in soon.


It was just seconds later that Laura Seton would walk through the door.  In a black pantsuit with matching formal shoes, she fixed an earring in her right ear before a couple words with the hostess.  Her blonde hair held steady as she gazed amongst the throng of patrons before her eyes settled on Lexi.  The Rules of Surrender champion made her way towards her friend, smiling as she arrived and sat.


Laura Seton: Lexi!  Hi!  Sorry for being a tad late. 


Lexi leans over the table and gives her a hug before sitting back in her seat and smiled again, excited to be in her company and share a meal together. 


Lexi Gold: Hey, glad you finally made it, Happy Birthday, let me guess you are twenty-two today?


Laura gives a small laugh.


Laura Seton: Not quite.  I’m not quite the spring chicken you are.  But thank you.


She picks up a menu.


Laura Seton: You ever been here before?


She looks at her up and down and tilts her head to the side. 


Lexi Gold: You could have fooled me, sweetie, you look pretty young in my eyes, and to answer your question, no never been here before, but it had good reviews on Yelp, so figured we could try it. All I know is I am ready to devour some lasagna. I’m not sure what I want for my drink, though. 


She looks at the menu and her eyes scan the drink options. 


Lexi Gold: Maybe I’ll go with a glass of wine. What are you in the mood to try?


Laura takes a deeper look into the menu.


Laura Seton: I… don’t know.  I really don’t eat out that much.  Ummmm… maybe the mostaccioli?  Looks pretty good.  Jumbo shells sound good too but that might be a bit too much for me.


She sets the menu down and looks up at Lexi.  The youth and general excitement shone from her. 


Lexi Gold: That sounds super delicious. I am not much for eating out, myself. I prefer my meals to be home cooked, but it’s always nice to give that a break once in a while.


The male waiter comes over to the table and takes their order as well as the menus before walking off. The sound of a bag ruffling is heard on the ground near Lexi’s legs. She got her a surprise birthday gift over the week and felt now would be a good time to give it to her as her eyes grew anxious.


Lexi Gold: Since it is your special day and all, I may have searched through every store in LA to find you the perfect gift, and I think I found it. Would you like to see what it is? 


Laura Seton: You got me something?  Lexi, you know you didn’t have to.  But… since you did?  Yeah, I’d love to see it!


Lexi hands the bag over.  Laura milks the moment for dramatic effect before pulling out…


Laura Seton: A chicken purse??


She looks up at Lexi who seems pleased with her choice of gift.  Maybe it’s not what she would have expected, but Lexi has shown quite the quirky personality during their chats at events.  Laura has a breath before smiling again as she moves the purse around for a full view.


Laura Seton: Lexi?  Thank you.  Most unique gift I’ve ever gotten.


Lexi clapped her hands ecstatically, loving her reaction to the gift. In fact, she ponders buying one of her own afterward, so they could match. The waiter comes back with their drinks and sets them down on the table. She grabs her and has a little sip before setting it down.


Lexi Gold: I’m so glad you like it. When I first saw it on the shelf, I thought it was the cutest thing ever and such a unique item to have. Can you imagine if by chance it started clucking randomly, then it would truly stand out from all the other purses made. 


Laura has a sip of her own drink, taking in Lexi’s enthusiasm.


Laura Seton: Have you always been like this?  I’m trying to think of the right word here… I don’t want to say “odd” because that seems negative… maybe “eccentric” is more appropriate.


Lexi Gold: You could say that. I just find that things that aren’t considered normal interest me more. Hell, I talk to my dolls and my snakes. They aren’t judgmental.  I also learned that it’s hard to trust people nowadays. They can backstab you if you aren’t careful. At least with my dolls and snakes, they are loyal to me and love me for who I am.


She sighs to herself and looks down at the table, getting a bit emotional the more she thinks about what she just said.  


Laura Seton: People in general?  Or people in wrestling?


Lexi Gold: I guess both. Have you experienced that before, hun, or just me?


Laura Seton: No, I’ve had my share… in both categories.  You know, you’re such a positive person and that’s why I’m glad to call you a friend.  We need more optimists around here–but… this is the wrestling world.  There’s a lot of dark people to meet.  You’ve probably had your share already.


Lexi Gold: Unfortunately, I have, but I didn’t allow those people to tear me down. I probably sound so cheesy right now, but I have been through so much and have so many stories untold. Maybe someday I’ll write a book and tell my stories there. 


Just then, the waiter returned with a big tray of food. He set it down, grabbed the plates and set it in front of them, then asked if they needed anything else. Lexi nodded her head before the waiter left as she grabs her fork and begins to eat. 


Laura Seton: You and me both, heh.  Be proud and be true to yourself.  I can’t stress that enough.  Even if you already believe that, stay true to it.


Lexi Gold: That’s some good advice to carry along. Anyway, let’s talk wrestling. You and I both have a match on Ruination. You got quite a challenge on your hands when you face Lindsay Troy. Now, I have never faced her before, but I’ve seen enough matches to know she is a tough one.


Laura Seton: When I wanted to return to wrestling, I looked around… got a lay of the land, so to speak.  Two people caught my eye before I even looked at SHOOT.  Both quickly became so-called “dream” opponents for me.  One is LT.  The two wily vets going at it?  Two classic women wrestlers?  And there we were–60 minutes and the only thing that was missing was a winner.  She gave me what I was hoping for from her.  I hope she can do it again.


Laura has another sip from her drink.


Laura Seton: What about you?  Facing the new hoot, Chick?


Before she responds, she continues to eat the remainder of her food, then takes a sip of her drink and relaxes back in her seat, feeling very full from everything. 


Lexi Gold: I hope you know that I’ll be watching, just like I’ve been doing lately, and I want you to win. As far as me facing Chick, well he’s someone I have always wanted to face since he arrived. I like his strangeness. It’s intriguing to me. Anyway, when you do, we can do more celebrating this time, you pick the place.


Laura has another sip and finishes the last couple bites of her meal. 


Laura Seton: I look forward to it very much.


We fade away.

Lexi Gold Vs. Chick Grillbreast

Ski Mask Way


Backstage, the Carolina Lions are walking with their heads held high.  Probably more strutting–Isaiah Galliard has the Tag championship around his waist, shouldering his third of the Trios belts.  Luis de Leon has opted for the clergy stole configuration of both belts connected to one another, draped across his neck.  They’re jawing good naturedly down a hallway, knuckleheads from way back, and it really seems like there’s a solid argument for them being the two people in SHOOT most on top of the world. 

Out of nowhere, there’s a solid wood rapport–a real “THOK” tone like someone crushing a homer on a summer day–and Isiah Galliard goes flying forward, crumpling to the ground!  Smoke turns, confused, and catches the noisemaker right to his forehead!!  A lanky figure holding a miniature baseball bat emerges from the shadows: in all black, including black Air Force One’s, his face is…it’s a black ski mask, but it’s clearly pulled over a plastic skeleton mask.  We can see the shiny red plastic eyes and the teeth.  Dave de los Muertos is taking it to the Lions with a…Six Flags Great Adventure-themed souvenir bat! 

Isaiah: Motherfucker

The Reaper gets to his feet, extra shakily, then helps Luis to his own.  Dave telegraphs that he’s going to swing on Smoke, then pivots–but Isiah is on top of it, angling the Battalion title belt to block the blow!!  Luis is back to some semblance of clearheadedness, and backs Dave up with a hard boot to the gut!  Then, from behind them, we hear the pitter patter of running feet and a war cry…

“que Lo QUEEE~!”

Galliard spins, dukes very much up, but isn’t accounting for the speed of the masked up Mike de los Huesos–or the brick he’s bearing in his right hand!!  He superman punches Isiah right in the mush with a fireplace brick, then swings wildly for Luis, who has enough wherewithal to lean back out of the way, but Dave gets him in the temple with another “THOK”–two handed this time– and now the Bone Brigade are standing above the reeling champions!!

Mike: Know what they say, Davey Boy Spliff? 

Dave: Whassat bruh?

Mike: Don’t start none?

Both ‘Em: Won’t be none. 

Luis: Listen you loser-ass–

Without even a moment of response, Dave and Mikey start laying it in, all gum-soled forces, ski mask way!  Dave is soccer kicking Luis in the small of the back, causing the multi-title holder to roll away in pain, but his strikes are measured.  Methodical.  Mikey is going full DeNiro in Goodfellas, just laying in kick after kick after kick to Isiah’s stomach and ribs–we can actively hear the man gasping for air that isn’t coming.  Mike finally raises up and swings on for Isiah’s head–and it connects, the champion going limp for a moment!!  With both members of the Lions reeling from the sneak assault, de los Huesos kneels down and drops the brick to the concrete, idly wiping his hands clean. 

Mike: Whoo!  Better find out ‘fore your time out, azaroso.  You and your buddies need to get this much–you fuck with one of us, you catching it back ten times worse.  Try to get us back for this?  Then you got a big payback coming, James Brown status.  And you ain’t gonna know from where. 

Dave: Fast as lightning bruh.  Better use your Nikes bruh. 

Mike: Devastating’ Dave, Skeleton Rave, let’s give them the offer. 

Mikey stands, and he and Dave begin backing away expeditiously, as we can hear security rushing down the opposite end of the hallway.  Mike turns with his arms held out wide, classic “come at me” stancing, and belts out one last challenge. 

Mike: Put the belts up, boys.  One set or the other, don’t matter to us–hell, put em both up in one match, winner take all.  You’re gonna get stomped out on some old New York, badmon ting shit…or you’re gonna get it in the middle of that ring.  Your call, baby boys.

Lindsay Troy Vs. Laura Seton

Solving Problems



Scott Kamura: I can’t believe it. Another draw?!


Dutch Harris: If I have to see them fight again, Scott, I’m asking Real Deal for overtime pay.


The SHOOT Project Faithful can’t believe it either, but they sure as hell can appreciate it. Everyone gets to their feet to give both Lindsay and Laura a standing ovation. Pockets of “Fight Forever” chants begin breaking out and catching on, and while it may be a little hackneyed in most circumstances, it can probably be forgiven here.


Two matches.


60 minutes each.


No clear winner.


Lindsay and Laura look out at the crowd. Seton’s already been given the Rule of Surrender title back by the ref and has it slung over her shoulder. When they finally look back at each other, they can’t help but laugh. Lindsay extends a hand.


Lindsay Troy: One more time down the road?


Laura Seton: Whenever you want.


As soon as the Champ finishes her sentence, her eyes widen in surprise.


Laura Seton: Look out!


Lindsay looks over her shoulder and Laura tries to pull her out of the way but isn’t fast enough to stop Void from kicking Troy upside the head.




Scott Kamura: Dammit all! Void again? What’s his deal?!


Dutch Harris: No idea, man, and I’m not about to go ask him either.


Lindsay hits the canvas like a sack of bricks and Void stays right on her, dropping down and ramming her head repeatedly into the canvas. However, in his blind rage, he doesn’t account for Laura Seton, who’s had quite enough of his antics. She drops the RoS belt and fires off a series of hard kicks to Void’s midsection. The crowd cheers as Void stops his assault momentarily, but then quickly start booing when he pounces and takes Laura off her feet with a spear.


Scott Kamura: Good Lord, he folded Laura in half!


Dutch Harris: Body count’s rising, SK.


Scott Kamura: We need some help out here, this is starting to become a repeat of last show.


Void stands and runs his fingers through his hair while looking down at Laura, disgusted with her insolence. That small distraction buys Lindsay Troy enough time to get back to her feet and she glares murderously across the ring at Void.


Scott Kamura: The Queen’s back up and she is pissed


Dutch Harris: Now now, Lindsay, don’t do anything stu—


If Lindsay could hear Dutch, she obviously doesn’t listen. Instead, she barrels across the ring at full-speed and leaps at Void, leading with her knees and cracking him square in the chest!




Scott Kamura: Queen’s Gambit! Void is down! 


Dutch Harris: Where’s security?!?!


Troy takes the mount and levels Void with rapid-fire forearm shots. The big man is dazed as the Queen is unrelenting, only stopping once blood begins staining her arm tape. She gets off Void and backs up to the opposite side of the ring.


Scott Kamura: What’s she gonna do here?


Dutch Harris: Hasn’t she done enough?


Scott Kamura: In my opinion? No.


Dutch Harris: I wasn’t asking you!


Lindsay watches Void struggle to sit up and a grin creeps along her face. She starts running toward him again, but we’ll never know her intentions as Void is pulled from the ring by an arriving Fade!




Dutch Harris: Fade’s here to save the day!


Scott Kamura: I really can’t believe you’re on their side, Dutch.


Dutch Harris: Hey, you gotta stand by your man, SK. I’m here for the loyalty!


Fade helps Void to his feet before any more damage can be done. The fans are not happy with the couple and even less so when SHOOT Security arrives on the scene to get inbetween them and the women in the ring.


Lindsay has checked on Laura and helped her to her feet. While the Champ retrieves her title, the Queen requests – and is given – a microphone. 


Lindsay Troy: (pointing at Void) I don’t know what your problem is, big man, but I’m fixing to solve it here real quick. Say in two weeks at ICONIC. 




Scott Kamura: Lindsay Troy has had enough! She wants Void at the PPV, and you have to figure Real Deal is gonna grant her request.


Dutch Harris: She just signed her death certificate. Void’s targeting her for a reason. We all know the war he went through with Dan Stein. The two of them are forever changed…LT should want no part of this!


A wicked grin creeps along Void’s face as he nods in agreement. A matching grin finds its way to Fade’s. The two take their leave and Ruination fades to black on a closing shot of Laura Seton and Lindsay Troy in the ring.