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Ruination 40

Ruination 40

Meeting Fans

We cut to outside the arena where the parking lot is. Fans of SHOOT Project are gathered in a group before the event starts with signs, pictures and their phones, hoping to spot some of the talent pull up in their vehicles. After a few minutes, a 2023 Genesis G70 pulls up and finds a parking spot. The female figure eventually gets out of the car and walks around towards the back of the trunk and pulls out her luggage. The blonde figure belonged to one of SHOOT Project’s fan favorites, Lexi Gold. She is wearing a pink floral print ruffle dress, and white heels. 


The fans scream and cheer to get her attention. It works as she turns on her heel and walks towards them with a smile on her face. She has a big fan base obviously and anytime she met her fans it was a great experience for her. Once she was close enough to them, they handed her pictures and she signed every single one along with taking pictures with them. One female fan got emotional and cried afterward. Lexi reacted by giving her a big hug, then once she finished fulfilling every single request, she gave them a wave goodbye and turned to head inside the arena.  As she got to the door, it opened.  Alongside building security stood Laura Seton.


Although the two had a bit of a standoff two weeks ago, Laura didn’t appear to have hate in her eyes.  Granted, it wasn’t the normal, genuine pleasant expression of hers, though a small grin did appear.


Laura Seton: You the one causing that ruckus over there?


She nods in the fans’ direction.  Before Lexi can get inside, Laura makes sure to cut her off–heading outdoors herself.  Her tone gave the impression of a light-hearted joke, but something seemed off.


Lexi looks at her with confusion on her face, but she could be overthinking it, so she brushes it off.


Lexi Gold: Ruckus? Oh, no, I was just meeting some very nice fans. I know some choose to ignore them, but not me, I am very close with mine and try to give back. They are like my friends in a way. 


Laura Seton: Nothing wrong with some fan-time.  They’re the backbone of our industry.  We wouldn’t get too far without them, right?


She makes her way to the fan area and gives them a polite nod as she scans them, almost as if trying to find a specific person or persons.


Lexi Gold: Absolutely! One girl started crying as she met me, which almost made me cry too. I never thought getting into this business could cause this type of reaction towards people.


Lexi followed her, noticing Laura still staring at someone in the crowd of people. She slightly turns her head curiously as well. 


Lexi Gold: Did you happen to spot any Laura Seton fans? 


Laura Seton: Couple out there, heh… You see, Lexi, these people love you!  They spend on you.  They want to see you win.  Win big.  But what about you?  Remember our chat two weeks ago?  Did you think on it since?


Laura turns her attention back to Lexi and puts her hands on her hips.


Lexi sighs under her breath and closes her eyes.


Lexi Gold: Yes, but I still don’t agree with some of your views. Call me stubborn or too nice, or whatever, but I guess I just have my own ways of how I conduct things. I saw the anger in you when you saw my match, but I hope you’re okay now. I’ll pick up that win when everyone least expects it. The important thing is we can’t give up on each other. You are one of my few friends that I have here… 


Laura Seton: You– take a look here, Lexi.  Look at these people!  


She motions to the fans.


Laura Seton: Lexi Gold, SHOOT World Champion.  How does that sound to you all?


The fans cheer on cue.  Laura smiles and nods at Lexi.  But as the cheers fade, so does Laura’s smile.


Laura Seton: But that’s not gonna happen.  Because Lexi Gold–


Laura steps towards Lexi.


Laura Seton: Is just…


She gives Lexi a shove.  Not strong enough to knock her down, but enough to throw her off balance in her heels.


Laura Seton: … too kind.


Laura shoves her again.  This time it’s enough to send Lexi to the ground.  Lexi and her fans look equally shocked.  Laura steps towards the downed Lexi.


Laura Seton: IT DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT!!  You gotta show yourself as an actual threat, little girl!  Because when all you do is smile and let things happen, hoping all that good karma will reward you?  I can tell you: You don’t get shit.  Oh, maybe a chance or two–


She walks right up to Lexi as the fans start booing.  Lexi gives a couple kicks towards her, just trying to keep distance, not trying to hurt her.  But Laura’s eyes light up.


Laura Seton: Do not kick me!!


Laura loses whatever cool is left and stomps at Lexi’s midsection a couple times.


Laura Seton: And what happened with your chances?  You fucked it all up, didn’t you?  Because now you’re–


It starts up again.  The chant long-time SHOOT fans recall.  “See You Next Tues-day”  Laura’s attention snaps back to the fans.


Laura Seton: Leave me alone!  Just because she doesn’t give a DAMN about her career–


The fans further boo as Laura just shakes her head, looking back at Lexi.  She bends over and tries grabbing Lexi, but she again tries kicking Laura away.


Laura Seton: Stop fucking kicking me!… Get up…


Laura lifts her now likely former friend and forces her to come over to that same Genesis G70 of earlier.  Laura shoves Lexi especially hard, Lexi slamming against the hood.  Laura quickly takes Lexi at the throat, making direct eye contact.


Laura Seton: I did a lot of stuff here that I haven’t been proud of.  I’m not saying go as far as I did.  But you have to show more pride in yourself because otherwise it’s a road… to… nowhere.  


She lets go and moves towards the windshield.  After a short struggle, she breaks away one of the windshield wipers and goes back to Lexi.


Laura Seton: Don’t worry about watching my past here… cuz you just woke that me up.


She swings the wiper, catching Lexi aside the head and across the face!


She falls down onto the ground and lays there unconscious while the fans scream and watch on in shock over what just happened. Meanwhile, Laura hovers over her body and throws the wiper she held in her hand to the side and stares down at her while breathing heavily and a smirk forms on her face. To prevent further damage, a group of trainers and security rush to the scene. The trainers check on Lexi while security tries to get Laura to leave. After a few minutes, she looks at Lexi’s helpless body and turns around and leaves while Lexi is still being looked at.

The Bone Brigade Vs. THe Twins

Dragon's Lair

Daihm Ferguson: Lindsay Troy, the one and only Queen of the Ring, welcome to the Dragon’s Lair! I hope that you will find your time here worthy of your station.

Daihm bows cordially to Lindsay, who smiles and laughs warmly at the gesture.

Lindsay Troy: Thank you for having me, Daihm. I’ve become a big fan of yours over the last year or so.

Daihm rises from his bow and looks, honestly, at Lindsay with confusion.

Daihm Ferguson: Why?

The crowd in the Epicenter busts out laughing at Daihm’s earnestness while Lindsay just smiles and Daihm sheepishly does an “aw shucks” gesture before pointing back at Lindsay.

Daihm Ferguson: Well I think the crowd here agrees with you and think you have good taste! I can’t say I disagree.

Lindsay Troy: (winking) Well a girl can’t get by on her looks alone, you know.

The crowd turns into an episode of the Jerry Springer show, Oooing and Ahhing much to the embarrassment of the host.

Daihm Ferguson: MOVING ON! I think what everyone REALLY wants to know about, Lindsay, is what the bloody ‘el is going on with you and Void? I mean… like, honestly, what’s the tea?

The Queen laughs again, only this time it’s not full of geniality.


Lindsay Troy: The tea is that jealousy’s a disease that Void’s not going to find a cure for.

Daihm Ferguson: So, in the immortal words of David Cassidy, then what is he so afraid of? Does it worry him to say that he’s never felt this way? Jealous that is… 


Lindsay Troy: I think you might be the oldest Gen Z-er I know, Daihm.

Daihm Ferguson: You’re welcome.


Lindsay Troy: Anyway, no. I think Void’s felt jealousy before. I’d wager a guess on that being part of the reason why he attacked Buck all those months ago. Jealous that the man was able to pick himself up after a few disappointments and go on the run that he did. Jealous that the man wasn’t going to cower and quake before him. That’s not the Buck Dresden that the SHOOT Faithful know, as much as Void probably wished it was. And unfortunately for him, that’s not who I am either.


Daihm nods earnestly, if not clearly showing his fear that Void may come after him if he says the wrong thing in response.

Daihm Ferguson: So, I do have to ask – as someone who is now a Master of the Mat observer rather than a Master of the Mat competitor, what is going through your mind knowing that at any point you could potentially face not only Void, but another rival of yours, Laura Seton, on the path to a Heavyweight Title shot?


Lindsay Troy: I can’t think about those what-ifs, Daihm, or wonder about who might be waiting down the line. I have to focus on whoever the person in front of me is, and right now that’s Jamie Johnson. Right now, Jamie’s going to get my full, undivided attention, and as much as he likes to think that I’m “distracted by Void,” I’m confident enough to say that having my full, undivided attention is never a good thing. 


She subtly grips her microphone’s handle a little tighter and casts her eyes to the camera, speaking not only to the fans in attendance and at home, but to every single one of the boys in the back.


Lindsay Troy: I’m the reigning and defending Master of the Mat, and I want to be the only one who’s won it back-to-back. That means I’m going to do whatever I need to do to accomplish that goal, including wrecking “The Realness’” hopes and dreams of getting another crack at Nate Robideau. I’ve made it real clear that I want another shot at the World Title and – most importantly – I want to hold the World Title. I want my name etched on the faceplate. I want my name in the record books. I’m going to make every single Soldier who’s ever said that I don’t belong here because I compete elsewhere to fucking choke on those words when I finally hoist that belt in the air and make y’all recognize that I’ve reached the summit of SHOOT Project.

Daihm lets out a powerful “woo”sh of air as he gestures to the crowd, who is ALL IN on Lindsay’s call to arms.

Daihm Ferguson: And just to be clear I’ve NEVER said any of those words in any combination.


Lindsay Troy: I know you haven’t, Daihm, because you’re a good kid.

Daihm Ferguson: A good ADULT. Who is mature. And is able to do many ADULT things. Like … voting. And… paying taxes. And enjoying the occasional night out on the town in Las Vegas where you sometimes forget doubling down isn’t a proposition, it’s just a turn of phrase and oh my I’ve gotten us off topic now haven’t I?

Daihm fakes a laugh-cough.

Daihm Ferguson: But, anyways, Lindsay, I’m getting word that apparently there are “matches” that need to happen tonight and they can’t very well happen with us in the ring jabbering about ADULT things. So I do have to ask one last question…

Lindsay looks on inquisitively.

Daihm Ferguson: Void. Laura Seton. Jamie Johnson. Boink. Marry. Kill. Go!


There it is again, that warm laughter as the Queen shakes her head.


Lindsay Troy: I am very obviously killing Void – and that’s both a prediction and a promise. Marry Laura because I have to pick one even though that might make someone a bit sad. And with all respect to Jamie, I only want to compete against the Boss’s son, so I have to leave the first option unanswered.

Daihm Ferguson: And that’s what we call a cliffhanger, lads! So until the next edition of “Dragon’s Lair” stay fiery, stay feisty, and stay away from illicit substances. And be sure to check out our one and only sponsor – Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves because if they sell enough tickets, I think I may get to actually meet Mr. Bridgerton.

Lindsay looks utterly confused.

Daihm Ferguson: Thank you, everyone, and good night!

Missed Connections


Blaze Claymore is perched over a laptop, his shoulders hunched as he softly reads the Wiki article for “Fox Spirit”

Blaze Claymore: Fox spirits and nine-tailed foxes appear frequently in Chinese folklore… yeah… Depending on the story, the fox spirit’s presence may be a good or a bad omen… OK… The motif of nine-tailed foxes from Chinese culture was eventually transmitted and introduced to Japanese and Korean cultures.

Blaze leans over and begins to scribble down notes in preparation for his match with Kitsune.

Blaze Claymore: …the fox spirits encountered in tales and legends are usually females and appear as young, beautiful women.

Blaze’s eyes light up.

Blaze Claymore: Ah HAH! I knew there was more to Kitsune than meets the eye… no wonder he wears a mask all the time; but then again he doesn’t have breasts… or nine tails.

Blaze slams the computer shut in frustration.

Blaze Claymore: Fucking Wikipedia. Most trusted news source in the world my ass…

Voice: Deep in thought, are we, Blaze?

Blaze spins around to find himself face to crotch with Lou Grimaldi and Samantha Coil, head of SHOOT Project security and VP of Talent Relations, respectively. In a flash, the much skinnier, shorter Blaze bolts up and looks around his locker room.

Lou Grimaldi: Calm down there, hoss. I’m just here to ask you a couple questions, you know… about what happened to Lennox.

The color drops out of Blaze’s face.

Blaze Claymore: Oh?

Samantha Coil: Our cameras have him entering the building at approximately 8 P.M. last night but there was some sort of issue with the tapes after 11 P.M. We called IT but they can’t seem to recover anything between that time and this morning. Lennox’s car was still in the parking lot but he hasn’t made any calls or texts to Mr. Johnson, us, or his son since.

Blaze Claymore: Why would I know anything about it?

Samantha Coil: We’re just asking everyone. We know you, Lennox, Daihm, and Judy were here not too long ago playing some sort of game on the jumbotron and so we thought something like that may have happened again but Judy was training at our annex facility last night and Daihm and Chick have similar alibis that we don’t need to go into at this time.

Blaze Claymore: Alibis? Do you think…

Lou Grimaldi: We don’t know anything yet, but obviously we’re concerned. Quite frankly a few of the newer guys on staff have been acting weird lately and oddly enough they keep talking a lot about you.

Blaze laughs nervously.

Blaze Claymore: Well, I’m… flattered, but obviously it seems like this new generation has some great taste. Maybe I can make some visits and sign some autographs. You know, especially after I win Master of the Mat, that’ll really be worth something.

Samantha Coil and Lou Grimaldi look at each other with a hint of suspicion.

Samantha Coil: Okay, well… we hope we can count on you to let us know if you see – or hear – anything strange. We do background checks on these folks but sometimes a weirdo or two slips through and if they look up to you, for… some reason, then they may confide something that could help us track Lennox down.

As they appear ready to leave, the SHOOT Project head of security reaches out and extends his hand to Blaze, who responds in kind. With a soft crunch, Blaze whimpers as the muscular Grimaldi squeezes Blaze’s hand extra tight.

Lou Grimaldi: Who knows, perhaps this is tied to all that Deep SHOOT nonsense you keep going on about. Could be a chance to prove to everyone just how right you were, all along.

Blaze nods emphatically as Lou drops his hand and gestures Samantha Coil out the door. As they leave, the shaken SHOOT Project solider sits back down and pulls out a phone. He slides through his contacts until he gets to the Rs and taps “ROOSTER” on the screen. Within a couple rings he swipes to turn the call off and begins wringing his hands.

Blaze Claymore: Shit. shit. shit.


Blaze Claymore: SHIT.

Blaze looks around, trying to gather everything into a bag as he realizes he still needs to change. He looks around wildly as he throws a couple things into a free-standing cupboard with a lock in his temporary locker room. He begins to change, shifting things from one hand to the other, as he reaches for the door and steps out… leaving his phone sitting out in the open.

A few seconds later we see it vibrate with the name “ROOSTER” popping up on the screen.




Then, from out of shot, a gloved hand reaches down and picks up the phone and ends the call before placing it calmly into a plastic bag and zipping it closed.

Blaze Claymore Vs. Kitsune

It's Not Unusual to be Loved By Anyone

The camera cuts to the backstage area, where Molly Stein stands in front of the dressing room with the large green Monster “M” on it. People walk down the hallway behind her, mostly just stagehands and roadies. Molly wears a SHOOT Project t-shirt tucked into the waistband of her yoga joggers fashionably. She takes a breath and exhales deeply, and then knocks on the door. Commotion is heard behind the door, Chad Kyle talking to someone, perhaps. Molly takes notice and steps back. As Chad opens the door a crack, he drills himself in the face with the corner of the door and yelps out in pain.


Chad Kyle: Aww, Hell!


Molly looks at Chad in disbelief, shaking her head. Chad rubs his forehead where the door hit him. He still keeps the door open only a crack.


Molly Stein: Hey, Chad. Just wanted to check in on you tonight.


Chad Kyle: Oh, yeah, I’m good. Thanks.


Chad goes to shut the door, but Molly sticks her hand out and keeps it from closing.


Molly Stein: Chad, wait. 


Molly hears gunfire coming from the room. Confused, Molly looks at Chad. Finally, it dawns on her.


Molly Stein: Are you playing Call of Duty or whatever?!


Chad glances back over his shoulder, then back to Molly. Chad sighs, opening the door with the hand that holds an XBOX controller.


Chad Kyle: No, it’s Fortnite.


Molly looks at Chad incredulously.


Molly Stein: Oh, okay. Definitely.


Chad looks at the TV and throws his hands up in disbelief.


Chad Kyle: And now I just lost my victory crown because that sweat got me. Thanks! Now I gotta return to the lobby and change my skin.


Molly looks at Chad dumbfounded at about 90% of the words he just used. She crosses her arms over her chest and looks at Chad with a look only a mom can give.


Chad Kyle: Hey, I know that look. I know that look! Oh, no! I know THAT look!


Chad tries to close the door again, but again, Molly stops it.


Molly Stein: Listen, I won’t take up much more of your time. I have to go shoot off a couple texts, anyways. I just wanted to tell you that I think Dan is starting to come around to the idea of you, maybe, training with him. If you want.


Chad Kyle: Really?


Molly Stein: Really! I think he’s really starting to like it.


Chad looks at her, pondering.


Chad Kyle: He is pretty cool for an old guy.


Molly cackles.


Molly Stein: The coolest old guy I know.


Chad thinks about it again.


Chad Kyle: I’ll have to think about it.


Chad nods, then, it’s almost like a thought lightbulb pops up above his head.


Chad Kyle: Y’know, if you were my girl, I wouldn’t make you go to people and ask them to be my friend like Dan does. It’s unusual!


Chad tries to reach out to Molly’s hand. Molly recoils, then smacks his hand away. Chad cowers in pain and fear. Molly shakes her head. She chastises Chad in a more motherly than friendly manner.


Molly Stein: Dammit, Chad, you said you’d stop hitting on me! Respect my boundaries or you’ll lose one of your biggest supporters!


Chad, tears welling up in his eyes, nods.


Chad Kyle: I think you broke my button hand. I need to go.


Chad slowly closes the door, hiding his face from Molly. Molly turns around, shaking her head. She puts her hands on her hips as she hears yelling from inside the room.




Molly chuckles to herself, and walks off camera.

Chick Grillbreast Vs. Mushigihara

Getting a feel

Her hands ran along the Epicenter walls.  As her long, slender fingers lifted, a light “Ooh” came from Madison Seton.  Her brown eyes lit up looking around the back of the arena.  It was like a new experience for her in Vegas.  She was still a ways from having that first match, but she was no longer a fan. She was a wrestler.  Things felt different.  The wall texture.  Door knobs.  Even interactions with others.  It was like a new world was emerging right in front of her–one just for her.  She took a seat just to the side of an empty, closed room.  She looked to a side, again taking in the environment, before hearing a voice.  Realizing she was not alone, she turned her head, sending her long, deep brown hair around her right shoulder.  She gave a sly grin seeing the man now standing at her side.


Madison Seton: Jack…!


Paria throws a smile back Madison Seton’s way, genuinely happy to see her.


El Paria: Ayyy, Mads. You’re a welcome sight. Getting a feel for this place? Well… different kind of feel, I’d guess.


He chuckles, moving closer to her. 


El Paria: There’s all kinds of history here, all kinds of moments have happened here… what’s it like for you, being on this side of the door, so to speak? Being here as a performer and not as a fan or as “just” Laura Seton’s sister?


Madison Seton: It’s different.  Being able to get directly behind the curtain.  Go in certain areas restricted to fans and guests.  It’s surreal.


She looks to the floor and chuckles before looking back at Paria.


Madison Seton: But let’s be honest, I can say whatever about being backstage but until I get to the ring?  Actually get inside the ring?  And start wrestling?  I don’t know…


She simply shrugs.


Madison Seton: But I’m sure I’m gonna mark the fuck out.


El Paria: I think you got this. I’m sure you had a good trainer, you’re athletic as fuck, you respect the business… hell, you’re better off than I was when I got started. I mostly got into this because I wanted to be better than dad’s favorite kid, heh.


Paria pauses for a moment.


El Paria: You got any idea who’s going to be up first?


She can’t help but get a sly smile.  It wasn’t Jack’s intention, but the proverbial “door” was too open.


Madison Seton: You usually are…


El Paria: Ayyyyy.


Madison Seton: Say, you bring my rookie card?  We can have a… private signing… after you face you-know-who.


El Paria: You know I did, and as long as you’re not going all “jelly donut” I’m down for… basically anything.


Madison gets a slightly confused look that goes to quick thought before her face lights up.


Madison Seton: Oh… that’s GENIUS!


Now Paria looks confused.


Madison Seton: You’ll see soon enough.


She stands, putting a hand on his shoulder as she puts her mouth to his ear and whispers seductively.


Madison Seton: Good luck tonight… lover boy!


Paria’s eyes go wide and he smirks, suddenly feeling very, very confident. He clenches his fists and starts his walk towards gorilla, ready to challenge for his continued run in the Master of the Mat.


El Paria: I’ve fuckin’ got this…


He hits the wall with the fleshy part of his fist as we cut back to ringside…

El Paria Vs. Laura Seton

You Run and You Run

The camera cuts to a shadowy floor with brown tendrils of hair lying on the floor.  They were cut from a head, that much is apparent.


“You can’t run from your past.”


A pair of scissors lands with a CLINK next to the shorn hair.


“They tell you that when you try to run from the past, it happens to always find its way to catch up to you.”


The camera shifts up to reveal half of the face of a cleanly shaven and freshly cut hair of Thane.  The shadows cover the other half of his face as he stares at the camera.


Thane:  You run to get away but your past, as the sun, simply outruns you and sneaks up behind you.  Time.  Pink Floyd.  


He smirks for a second before he continues.


Thane:  It finds you.  For some, the past is a welcome friend.  Something you can enjoy, embrace, find a sense of peace within.  For others, it is a damning blade, ready to slide between your ribs, tear open your chest, and leave you whimpering and broken on the floor.


He looks down, presumably at his hair and the scissors.


Thane:  For some time now, Danni Johnson has been haunted by what she is passing off as a “hacker” on social media.  Someone pretending to be Danni’s former friend and partner, Ria Lockhart or rather…Ria Nightshade.  She sold her soul to align herself with the Holy Breedlove Empire only for the faction to go dormant and now…now…now Danni Johnson is running as hard as she can to keep from looking at the dawning sun behind her.  The past…becomes the future.


He slowly shrugs.


Thane:  Maybe it’s a hacker.  Maybe it’s a ghost haunting her.  But what I do know is that with the rising sun comes the Master of the Mat tournament second round and with the rising sun Danni Johnson comes face to face with…me.


The light slowly illuminates the other side of his face to reveal his eye is blacked out with a single line drawn down his cheek to his jaw.  His hair is shorter but it still falls in his face.


Thane:  Eventually the sun will shine on you, Danni.  When it does…and all of your troubles will come to the light.  But…for now, Danni?  For now you don’t need to worry about the sun.  You just need to worry about the man that lives between the light and the dark, the man that straddles the line between hero and villain…Thane.


The light goes out.  There is only blackness.


“It isn’t my place to judge you, Danni Johnson.”




“I only have to beat you.”

Jamie Johnson Vs. Lindsay Troy

As he rolls off of and away from Lindsay Troy, having now defeated her in the first round of the Master of the Mat tournament, Jamie’s met with a mixed reaction and the appearance of Abigail Chase, silencing “One for the Money” if only for just a moment.  As he’s collecting himself, the SIn City Championship is presented.

Abigail Chase: Just wanted to get your immediate thoughts and reactions to your win here tonight, big deal, right? 

Jamie hangs his head a bit, almost embarrassed, but looks back into the camera with a flushed face and a wide smile.

Jamie Johnson: HUGE deal. Lindsay Troy is a legend, no doubt about that, but tonight? I had her number. I did exactly what I said I was going to do.

Abigail Chase: Any thoughts on her leaving you out of the boink, marry, kill thing?

Jamie laughs.

Jamie Johnson: Nah, but if she changes her mind… kidding.

Abigail Chase: You’ve made good use out of that knee strike you’ve started doing, and that’s how you picked up this victory. Any reason you’ve switched to that over the Art of the Real? 

Jamie Johnson: All love to my dad and everything, but the knee strike works better for me. Less setup, less chance to get it blocked or reversed… it’s just working for me right now. It’s tough to plan for, tough to avoid… yeah. 

Abigail Chase: Something else of note, but you recently surpassed Joshua Breedlove’s record setting Sin City Championship reign. Are you comfortable calling yourself the greatest Sin City Champion of all time now? 

Jamie laughs and shakes his head.

Jamie Johnson: Absolutely not. I’m comfortable saying that I’m the greatest Sin City Champion right now. I’m comfortable saying I’m a better Sin City Champion than Josh Breedlove. But all time? Not yet. 

Abigail Chase: And to round it out, any words of warning to future Master of the Mat challengers? Your next round opponent? 

He pauses for a moment, the reaction still mixed.

Jamie Johnson: Yeah, I got some words. Doesn’t matter if you’re legendary like Lindsay Troy or Laura Seton, unknown and untested like Mushigihara, brutal and calculating like Void, a force of nature like Daiichi, a megastar like Stein… the Master of the Mat? This whole year? 

I’m putting my foot down. Making my mark.

Master of the Mat.


The year of the Realness.