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Ruination 44 & Revolution 194: News & Notes

Ruination & Revolution: News & Notes


  • Internally, the idea behind Eternal: The Legacy of the Triad is to give honor to SHOOT Project’s storied Japanese history. It’s being said that some matches at that PPV will be fought under certain TRIAD rules, including but not limited to a submission match, a last person standing match, and a two of three falls match.

    No word yet on who will be fighting in those matches.

  • El Paria was not at either Ruination or Revolution due to an undisclosed excused absence.

  • KIMO, So-jun Lim, Danni Johnson, Kitsune, Ben Bronson, Spinebuster Island, and the Carolina Lions will be representing the SHOOT Project on the XPro tour. More names may be added later.

  • World Champion Nate Robideau‘s camp has, according to a source, been extremely dissatisfied with what they perceive as management’s inaction with regards to Azraith DeMitri.  Word is SHOOT Management and Blackhawk Promotions are set to have a face to face soon to hash the specifics of the complaint out.

  • Blackhawk Fight Gym student trainer Joey ‘Golden’ Burkhalter has been signed to a 30 day “wait and see” tryout contract.  Burkhalter, a recent highschool graduate, has years of Muay Thai experience, a brown blet in Judo, and a Third Geup Red Belt in Taekwondo.  SHOOT management is said to be high on the recruit, with Head Trainer Eddie E. going on record as saying, “He’s got the goods.  We’ll see if he’s got the grit to match.”

  • Former LLL Tag Champions Chingons Groseros–Bennet Bronco and King Oso–are rumored to be heading stateside.  While no one has made any confirmation, they both elected to not renew their contract with the Juarez-based promotion.

  • Is there change in the air for El Paria? Both his and Jamie Johnson’s contract are up for renewal and the younger of the two SHOOT Project stars has indicated that he’s looking to take the next step up, both in compensation and in notoriety.

  • SHOOT Project leadership was reportedly very pleased with the debut of “Mr. Canada” Roy Vezina at this past Revolution. Leadership is also looking forward to seeing what he and the other new signing, Miles Miller, can do when on the big stage and in the bright lights.

  • The inaugural SHOOT Project Premier Champion, Black Sheep Baez, emotionally celebrated his victory in the ring after the Revolution main event.  The returning superstar was given time to talk with the crowd after the show ended to which he weeped and dedicated the miraculous win to his fans and family.

    “I won’t lie, but ya boi was scared,” Baez admitted to the sold out crowd.  “Yet, throughout my recovery there was always the support of my parents, mi familia, and all y’all.  This is for you.  Without your love ya boi wouldn’t be standin’ here holdin’ this amazing belt.  This is the stuff we live for, y’all!” He hollered. “I’m goin’ back to Buffalo and we about to get TURNT.  Yo, momma, ya boi’s comin’ home with the gold!”

    Baez bowed to the crowd and spent time taking selfies and signing autographs on his way backstage.  The new Premier champ boarded a flight to Buffalo two hours after departing the Epicenter.  He plans to spend the next week celebrating with his friends and family, while also preparing for his upcoming tag match.


  • Black Sheep Baez reunites with Lexi Gold to take on the number one contender to his Premier Championship, Maddie Seton, and the always outspoken El Paria, at Revolution 195.

  • After that strange video package of Lexi Gold aired recently, everyone in the locker room and the rest of the world was left wondering whether she was okay, or not after she vented her frustrations over her losses. There are some sources who chose to not be identified that have seen her having some talks with SHOOT Project Owner, the Real Deal, regarding her place in the organization. We aren’t sure what that means exactly, but let’s hope it’s nothing to be concerned over.

  • Dan Stein was noticeably dejected following his loss at Ruination but seems in good spirits while on Spitter following Revolution.