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Ruination 45 & Revolution 195: News & Notes

Ruination 45 & Revolution 195: News & Notes

  • To the surprise of many observers, a large congregation of so-called “Daihmbreast” fans were waiting outside the Epicenter following the events of Revolution. The furvor of the crowd was such that extra security was immediately posted to allow Daihm Ferguson and Chick Grillbreast to exit the arena without incident. Due to the scene, the pair had to enter the same car – an act that, according to web reports, has only seemed to stem the will-they/won’t-they conversations blowing up online. #DAIHMBREAST #CHICKSON #FERGUCHICK


  • Sean Kygon’s ownership stake in the SHOOT Project has been bought out. Kygon’s stake will be split and shared amongst the SHOOT Project talent and staff as the company begins to roll out its Employee Ownership plan.


  • Timothy Roy was seen, following his victory against Pigpen Matsumoto, trying to approach the veteran fighter near his dressing room in a show of sportsmanship. Pigpen was apparently not amused and was shown berating the young fighter in Japanese before exiting the Epicenter.


  • Greg Nicholson has been hired on as the SHOOT Project’s Marketing Director. Greg’s voice is the one you’re hearing with SHOOT’s new radio commercials for Ruination, Revolution, and other major events.

  • Molly Stein has requested a few minutes on an upcoming episode of Ruination. No word on what the subject will be.


  • Stacy Ng’s work was present on Revolution, when El Paria changed up his look. Ng, who was previously an employee of Joshua Breedlove’s Empire has now been brought onto the SHOOT Project staff as its head gear designer.


  • Rumors have been flying on the dirt sheets that none other than Ayumi Seppuku may be ready for a return to in-ring action soon. Lennox Ferguson refused to comment outside of saying that any fighter competing under the SHOOT Project banner must have a clean bill of health from the company’s doctors before being scheduled to compete. As of this report, the Hall of Fame competitor and former tag team champion, who has been on IR for the better part of a year, has not yet been cleared for competition.

  • Ticket Sales for REIGN’s first PPV, Total Annihilation, are trending in a positive direction. The Los Angeles Epicenter holds 12,000 seats and at the time of this writing, 8,400 of those seats have been filled.


  • Donovan King has left the organization in order to spend more time with his growing family. Eddie E will step into King’s role as the Director of Talent Development and the Willennium, Trey Willett, will take over Eddie E’s duties as the SHOOT Project’s Head Trainer.


  • Black Sheep Baez, El Paria, and Madison Seton were seen hanging out after the Seattle Storm game in Brooklyn on Tuesday night. Baez reportedly took the couple to dinner at Gage & Tollner. Onlookers say the encounter seemed friendly and cordial.


  • In other acquisition news, SHOOT Project has learned that the Pro Wrestling of America organization and its partner organizations have been put up for sale: 


  • Old School Wrestling (OSW
  • Double Cross Championship Wrestling (XXCW)
  • Eternal Lucha (EL)
  • Japan Pro (JPro)
  • Prime Time Wrestling (PTW)
  • Real American Wrestling (RAW)
  • Championship Pro Wrestling (CPW)


It’s not clear yet what the plan would be for absorbing all of these properties, but Josh Johnson and the SHOOT Project team are very interested in obtaining them and will have more news shortly. Historically, SHOOT Project has taken on all existing wrestler contracts in deals like these, but they would almost certainly be looking to either condense the number of brands or group the brands together for touring purposes.


  • Jamie Johnson has both been out with a shoulder injury and has been granted an undisclosed amount of time off. SHOOT Project sought to reward Jamie for his work as the Sin City Champion. Until this past episode of Revolution, Jamie has had the most matches under his belt in all of 2023. 


  • SHOOT Management and World Heavyweight Champion ‘Blackhawk’ Nate Robideau are currently in a gridlock over the title defense to take place at Eternal.  Management is high on seeing a rematch between the champion and Azraith DeMitri, a match that they assume DeMitri is interested in.  Robideau has floated a number of possibilities for a match that notably wouldnt involve DeMitri, but so far no one has committed.  One person close to the situation stated off the record that the concern of management is that “Az is going to probably make himself an involved party if we put him against anyone else, so our position is to not pussyfoot and just go ahead and get them in the ring together again.”


  • Robideau has privately, according to sources, threatened to “take the strap to PRIME“–i.e. sign with another company while still the SHOOT Project Champion.  Reached for comment, Owner and CEO Josh Johnson stated “Those are empty threats, just like they were when Breedlove made them, just like they were when whoever else probably made them before him. And you can quote me on that.  Make sure he sees this.”


  • Ahead of their SHOOT Project debut, our sources have learned that there is an active case in small-claims court brought by Bennet Bronco to…his own tag team partner King Oso.  The filing is in regards to a pair of custom boots that apparently Bennet can no longer find and blames his partner for losing.  We’ll keep you updated.