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Ruination 46 & Revolution 196: News & Notes


  • Felix Mullen, after suffering a defeat with the Murder Doves in the main event of Ruination at the hands of the Boomer Shooters and Miranda DC, has laid out a challenge for his former partner, both in life and in wrestling, for ETERNAL: LEGACY OF THE TRIAD.

    “This time, I will not be leaving my fate to two sycophants who tried to butter me up but could not get the job done when it counted!” said Mullen. “I am going to bring Moriton, my Horde Rider from the Mongol Steppe. Miranda, I am challenging you to find a partner, any partner, who can stand being on the same team as your narcissistic, selfish, and weighty ass to face us at ETERNAL: LEGACY OF THE TRIAD.”

    ETERNAL: LEGACY OF THE TRIAD will take place at the SHOOT Epicenter in Las Vegas, NV.


  • Madison Seton & El Paria were seen leaving a Seattle-area fertility clinic early Wednesday morning.


  • Joey “Golden” Burkhalter was widely praised for his performance and the word making the rounds is that there are A LOT of sponsorship opportunities that are availing themselves of Burkhalter, with Max Debonair stating that he’d never seen anything like this before and that one of the offers was almost unbelievable.


  • Jamie Johnson is technically cleared to compete, but the SHOOT Project is being extra careful with managing his return, owing to his lineage within the company and his age.


  • Talks around the acquisition of Pro Wrestling of America are still ongoing and heading in a positive direction. SHOOT management was hoping to have an announcement ready for Eternal, but rumors coming out of the Epicenter indicate that it won’t happen until some time after the PPV.


  • Rumors are swirling out of Black Sheep Baez’s camp because the Premier Champion was examined by the SHOOT Project medical team after his match with Chick Grillbreast.  Baez missed four months in early 2023 due to a back injury that required surgery.  The champ held his own during a grueling battle with Grillbreast.  The monstrous challenger worked the champs back, which included a record amount of bear hugs, but was unable to secure the victory.

    Baez will square off against the number one contender, Madison Seton, at Eternal, although speculation is that Baez will be entering this match less than 100%, and potentially injured.  The Premier Champion was unavailable for comment at the time of this report.  More to come as this story develops.


  • Ayumi Seppuku, who was shown at Revolution having a tense conversation regarding her active status with Lennox Ferguson did not return to her ringside seat following the encounter. In fact, several observers saw her shoving past fans on the concourse, pushing away attempts to take selfies or get autographs on her way out the main entrance. It is unknown why she chose to exit on the main level rather than through the back entrance where most employees come and go.


  • Daihm Ferguson reportedly left the Epicenter following Revolution without his friend Chick Grillbreast at his side despite being seen together in the back following Chick’s lost to Black Sheep Baez. Neither is booked for Eternal so it may be a while before an explanation is provided, but some wrestlers are already speculating that Daihmbreast may be over before it ever truly began.