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Ruination 48 & Revolution 198 – News & Notes

News & Notes

Ruination 48 & Revolution 198

Dan Stein was taken to a hospital with chest contusions and a possible (likely) concussion. It’s believed that Dan’s heart stopped beating upon impact when the unknown figure ambushed him but that hasn’t been medically confirmed. Further, it’s understood that medical staff were able to resuscitate and stabilize his vitals until the paramedics were able to take over the scene after Revolution went off the air. It’s unknown how significant the chest injury is at the time but a significant concussion is likely to sideline Stein for multiple show cycles. If the rumors are true and Dan Stein suffered commotio cordis, like safety Demar Hamlin for the Bills last season, this could be an extended recovery time


Molly Stein was visibly distraught and shaken up following the acts of the unknown assailant. She was able to ride with Dan in the ambulance to a local hospital. 


We’ll treat this as a dire situation until told otherwise.


-Marketers got quick word of Black Sheep Baez’s remark about the hair of Madison Seton and it’s “minty sweetness.”  Upon confirmation from Madison’s camp of her shampoo usage, Paul Mitchell has extended Madison her first wrestling endorsement, primarily within its Tea Tree brand.  Do not be surprised to see a patch upon Madison’s attire as soon as her next match.


Benjamin and Dennis Colton were scheduled to do an interview at Revolution 199, but cancelled after a reported incident in the parking lot.


A follow-up report says that they also left their hotel in the middle of the night, shortly after a dozen or so bikers with improvised weapons crashed the lobby and demanded to know where they were staying.


-Despite the victory over Kid Lucha, angry shouting could be heard from the Daihmbreast locker room according to sources from inside the Epicenter. Reports have also surfaced that, after most of the Soldiers and crew had gone for the night, Daihm Ferguson was seen talking very animatedly to his father, SHOOT Project Chief of Staff Lennox Ferguson, about what is now rumored to be the match booked between Chick Grillbreast and Maximo Fiscio. The specifics of that conversation could not be corroborated.


-Reached out to for comment following the announcement of his upcoming match for the Heavyweight Championship against Azraith DeMitri, Timothy Roy said that it is an honor to get the opportunity to earn a title that always eluded his uncle, especially against someone with as much history as the Roys and DeMitris have together, and that there is no one he would rather have in the ring with him to witness that moment.


Black Sheep Baez left Revolution 198 to visit Matty Ice in the hospital following the opening tag match.  Mathias Martinez, known as Matty Ice of the On Godtourage, and co-host of That Smoke cast, was viciously attacked by NC-17 at Ruination on Sunday.


Martinez will be in the hospital for three weeks due to a severe concussion.  He also suffered a broken nose, fracture of the orbital socket, bruised ribs, and he received 14 stitches for a laceration above his left eye.


“Ya boi will address this at the next Ruination,” the Premier champion stated.  “This big title defense will most definitely be dedicated to my homie.  Win, or lose, both of us [BSB and NC-17] may need a room in this hospital after Sunday night.  On God.”


Black Sheep Baez defends the Premier Championship against the number one contender, NC-17, in the Ruination 49 main event on Sunday, October 1.


-To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Trailer Trash Terry and Pigpen Matsumoto are reportedly getting along swimmingly ahead of their tag match against COMBAT Kabuto and Madison Seton. “Ain’t much in this world that can make friends quicker’n a few tall boys and a mutual hatred for uppity broads” T3 remarked when asked about his budding friendship.


-Following the events of Revolution’s main event, SHOOT Project CEO Josh Johnson reportedly immediately ordered a top-to-bottom inspection of the Epicenter arena’s scaffolding, an inventory of all backstage equipment, and a thorough review of the night’s security footage. When asked for comment Johnson simply scowled and walked away.