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Ruination 49 & Revolution 199: News & Notes

News & Notes

Ruination 49 & Revolution 199

-Reports have surfaced that after the last set of shows SHOOT Project management has asked security staff to do extra sweeps of the Epicenter facility before, during, and after each show. Superstars have noted the increased presence of both SHOOT Project security and off-duty officers at Ruination 49 and Revolution 199.

-Another odd item coming on the heels of the weekend is that AV staff have been visited repeatedly by SHOOT Project CEO Josh Johnson, Chief of Staff Lennox Ferguson, and Head of Security Lou Grimaldi. There is no confirmation but various peices of equipment including video cameras, aux cables, headsets, and even portable switchboards have gone missing. More on this story as it develops.

-Timothy Roy was approached by fans and reporters after his epic battle with Azraith DeMitri for the Heavyweight Championship. Seemingly in high spirts despite the loss, Roy was asked what’s next to which he replied “Just continue to get better and take every opportunity with the same passion I know my uncle had.” When asked his thoughts on X-Calibur getting a chance at the title next Revolution, Roy simply left his remarks at a curt “No comment.”

-Pigpen Matsumoto was detained by TSA for attempting to travel back to his home country with a number of improvised weapons in his carryon bag.  He was held foe questioning but later released.

-According to eye witnesses, despite leaving Ruination with his tag partner, Chick Grillbreast, the Scottish Solider was seen arriving the next night at Revolution on the arm of none other than Maximo Fisico. Neither member of Daihmbreast or Lucha Fitness have responded to a request for comment at the time of this reporting.

-“Canada’s Greatest Export” Roy Vezina held a book signing for his newest book “You Can-ada Do It!” in San Diego, CA. The event ended up being cut short due to only having three people attend. Vezina was unable for comment. His client, Ryan Samuels, was not in attendance.

-Joshua Breedlove was treated for a broken nose and multiple contusions after being attacked by Nate Robideau.  There was some concern that the former World Champion may have hyperxtended or torn Breedloves knee, but all scans only show minor injury.

Breedlove isn’t expected to miss any time.  Nate Robideau has been fined $20,000.00.

-Rumors have been circulating about a planned return for a long-missing SHOOT Superstar.  The front office hasn’t made any official declarations, but sources have indicated this has been in the works for some time

-SHOOT Project’s various deals with the ACE Network and the PWA are rumored to be up for renewal. Nothing concrete about this yet, just that the timing makes sense.