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Ruination 50 & Revolution 200: News & Notes


Ruination 50 & Revolution 200

-Despite increased security and SHOOT Project management taking the unprecedented step of subpoenaing every member of the active roster, as shown on this week’s Ruination, leadership remains otherwise quiet about whether or not they have any leads or suspects on a rash of issues plaguing the company, not the least of which is assuring wrestler and fan safety following the attack that initially put Hall of Famer Dan Stein in the hospital.


Revolution 200’s gate tied SHOOT Project’s 2023 record for best selling event of the year. That record is also currently held by SHOOT Project PPV, Eternal, with both drawing a nice and tidy $1.8m


-Eagle-eyed sources have noted increased traffic at the Epicenter loading dock ahead of the upcoming Redemption 2023 mega card. Some of the equipment reported being unloaded includes industrial strength aux cables; broadcasting equipment including cameras and headphones; and even what appears to be a new sound mixer. There is no way to know whether these shipments were pre-scheduled or if the company has had more of its necessary AV equipment go missing.


Ruination 50 also did well, selling out the full capacity of the upgraded Epicenter. Fans were pleased with the Premier Championship as the main event and are interested to see what NC-17 does next.


-The word backstage is that X-Calibur and Azraith DeMitri were in good spirits after the incredible Revolution 200 main event match against Azraith DeMitri for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.


Furthermore, it’s being said that both X and Azraith received a standing ovation for their performance. One source close to us has even gone on to say, “That was a statement match. Two guys well into their 40’s outshone performers in their 20’s. It’s a ‘Get the fuck off Spitter and start studying tape.’ Type of statement.


Laura Seton, who refereed the surefire MOTY contender, was said to be absolutely beaming with joy backstage as well. 


One thing’s for sure out of all of this, is that 40 is the new prime


-According to reports Timothy Roy was seen leaving the SHOOT Project Epicenter parking lot just as Revolution’s title match between Azraith DeMitri and X-Calibur was getting underway. He has not been seen at any fan events since or shared thoughts on the outcome of the evening’s main event.


Black Sheep Baez will be taking an indefinite leave of absence to deal with personal matters. The SHOOT Project wishes him the absolute best and Real Deal has made it clear that SHOOT is here for him if and when he needs.


-At a rare public appearance, SHOOT Project VP of Talent Relations Samantha Coil was asked if Ayumi Seppuku may be one of possible entrants in the annual Redemption Rumble this year. Coil noted that the SHOOT Project Hall of Famer and former Heavyweight Champion is still on indefinite suspension from the company and would not be participating in any in-ring action or public events until further notice.


-Asked later whether Blaze Claymore may be given a similar opportunity to participate, Coil reportedly “rolled her eyes so hard there is no way she didn’t sustain ocular damage.”


Redemption is also looking like a huge show for the organization, as it has been very difficult to obtain tickets at this point. Word is that SHOOT will open new sections closer to the day of the event.


-On the subject of ticket sales, Real Deal was recently asked at a press event whether or not SHOOT would be raising the prices of its tickets for the year 2024. He commented that there was no planned pricing change at this time and felt that the ticket cost is in a good spot. He cited SHOOT’s accessibility as a big reason for its surge in popularity this year.