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Ruination 52 & Revolution 202: News & Notes



Ruination 53 and Revolution 203 will feature a mini tag team tournament to decide the number one contender for the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships. The first round will feature Midnight Cowboys MC vs The Punchline and The Kings of the Wild Frontier vs Lucha Fitness. While there was some concern about the viability of booking the Midnight Cowboys with their ongoing legal battles, it would appear that SHOOT Project legal has been able appeal the decision to allow no bail. Sho Yoshida and Tafugai are still set to be tried for felony drug trafficking charges, but they are currently out on bond and are able to honor their booking obligations, provided they take place in the state of Nevada.


When asked for a statement, Sho of the Midnight Cowboys MC said, “The whole gang back together now. We come see Lucha Fitness reeeaaaal soon.”


In response, Maximo Fisico of Lucha Fitness was quoted as saying, “We’re looking forward to facing The Punchline in the finals at Reckoning Day.”


-Rumor has it that a former REIGN champion may be making the move to the main SHOOT roster at Revolution, though what capacity he/she will be on the show is a matter of pure speculation.


-SHOOT Project has announced multiple new signings to the organization, with debuts slated to happen as soon as the upcoming Ruination 53 and Revolution 203. Those signings are “The Punchline”, a team managed by Roy Vezina, containing a technical wrestler by the name of Harv Norris and a dominant striker by the name of Rick Hull. The Punchline will be making their SHOOT Project debut against Midnight Cowboys MC as mentioned in a previous blurb.


-Additionally, SHOOT Project has signed two new singles wrestlers. One, named Fang Fury, will be the first wrestler that SHOOT has ever signed emanating from Transylvania. The other, an MMA competitor by the name of Madison Gray, who hails from the United Kingdom. Both bring very interesting and diverse backgrounds and speak to the reach that the SHOOT Project is attempting to maintain internationally. 


-The specific configuration of the Unholy Thunder Army that will be competing against the Coltons is rumored to be Thunder Fist and Power Devil due to an injury Superbeast suffered during training.


-Contradictory to that blurb, Power Devil has released a statement to the press.  We present it in its entirety below:




Nate Robideau has been fined $25,000 for his attack on Joshua BreedloveThe Empire has released a statement noting that this was against the wishes of Joshua Breedlove, and that he personally put in a call to several executives to lobby against a suspension.


-Much talk has come about regarding the debuting Atomic Punks’ sixty-minute-time limit draw against Chingones Groseros to open up RUINATION 52. While Little Boy and Fat Man were visibly disappointed in not getting the duke to start their SHOOT Project careers, their manager Dr. Ayumi Sato was poring over sheets upon sheets of data backstage in glee.


“To think that I somehow made them capable of such a feat of endurance…” the self-proclaimed Mad Science Queen said to nobody in particular, “do you know what this means?!”


Her enthusiasm made her stand out like a sore thumb.


“It means that I now have the ability to create more soldiers with perpetual energy… which means I can overrun all of SHOOT Project and change the face of all of professional wrestling! The Age of Sato will truly last forever!”


She tried to do an evil laugh, but it ended up sounding almost like an adorable squeak from an excitable girl.


Little Boy was overheard talking to his tag team partner, saying “man, I don’t even know about this girl, man…”


-In what may be a company first, the SHOOT Project has officially confirmed that ULTIMATUM, the side project of the Unholy Thunder Army, have been booked to perform at Revolution 53. Among fans the show has already begun to be called the “SHOOTper Bowl Halftime Show


-Information has been sparse regarding the condition of Jamie Johnson and Ayumi Seppuku following the events of Ruination; however, indications are that both are in stable condition and recovering at their respective homes.


-Observers have noted that both Josh Johnson and Lennox Ferguson have been noticeably absent from many public SHOOT Project events or have canceled a number of previously scheduled appearances at local Las Vegas public events. Both are reportedly keeping a much lower profile to avoid questions following what appear to be serial attacks on members of the roster.


-On that note, the rumor that the SHOOT CEO Josh Johnson may be looking to take a step back has begun to see some legitimacy. With security-involved attacks happening regularly on the shows, Johnson may potentially be looking to hire or promote someone to have a more in-person presence. 


This is notable because SHOOT Project has historically been against the use of an “on-screen authority figure”, but times are different now and with UWA and other SHOOT business occupying so much of Johnson’s time, many are saying that the time might be now for that kind of move to be made.