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Ruination 52

The camera opens in what appears to be a science lab of questionable condition; various broken bottles and beakers strewn about the room as a thick cloud of smoke permeates the air.


“At long last…”


A figure shrouded in white stands in the center of it all, back towards us. With a dramatic pivot, a new face presents itself; a black vest underneath a white lab coat. Hands gloved in a deep purple. And a feminine face obscured by large dark goggles and framed by raven black hair.


“The reign of Dr. Ayumi Sato shall touch down upon the simple peons of SHOOT Project!”


She takes a few steps towards us, leaning forward on the counter, looking at us close enough to see her almond eyes through the ring of her goggles. Her voice is bold, confident, and most certainly dramatic, and evil, and dramatically evil.


DR. AYUMI SATO: I have been assembling my army, with which I will conquer your ring, and while it is not quite complete… tonight you will be graced by my presence, and by my merciless Atomic Punks. Ruination 52 will go down in history as CHAPTER ONE of my rise to glory, and there is nothing that anyone in SHOOT Project can do about it!


The camera zooms in on her face. One gets the impression that she would be very pretty if she… well, wasn’t batshit crazy.


DR. AYUMI SATO: Little Boy… Fat Man… ARISE!


The camera cuts to the Epicenter as the visual effects begin to take on the appearance of a lawless, post-apocalyptic wasteland and the scratching notes of Van Halen’s “Atomic Punk” fill the air. Emerging from the haze, the debuting Atomic Punks enter the Epicenter for the first time, flanked by their leader, the illuminous Dr. Sato herself. The trio journey to the ring as our loyal hosts introduce us to tonight’s action.

The roaring crowd is visible as the camera sweeps across the packed arena, settling on the Ruination logo before moving to the announce table where Dutch Harris and Scott Kamura are ready to kick off the night.


Dutch Harris: Welcome, wrestling fans, to another heart-stopping episode of Ruination! I’m Dutch Harris, joined by the incomparable Scott Kamura, and folks, we are in for a night of unforgettable action!


Scott Kamura: You’ve got that right, Dutch! Tonight’s main event is a World title showdown that’s been on everyone’s lips. The challenger, Lexi Gold, takes on the reigning, defending champion, Azraith DeMitri. It’s a battle that’s set to redefine greatness!


Dutch Harris: Lexi Gold’s determination is off the charts, Scott. She’s hungry for that title, but Azraith DeMitri is never going to back down. He’s a champion through and through, and tonight, he’s out to prove why he’s at the top of this business.


Scott Kamura: But that’s not all we’ve got in store, Dutch. Let’s talk about the Irish Brawler, the man known as the Fist of Eire, Archer Quincannon, who made his television debut at our last show. He’s bringing that fiery Irish spirit to Ruination, and I’ve got a feeling he’s just getting started.


Dutch Harris: Archer’s fists are as quick as his temper, Scott, and he’s been a presence since arriving here. The locker room better watch out because this brawler doesn’t just come to fight; he comes to dominate.


Scott Kamura: And let’s not forget about the much-anticipated debut of the Atomic Punks. Rumors about this team have been creating wave, and tonight, they finally step into our ring. Expect hard-hitting moves, unexpected tactics, and pure, unadulterated energy from these newcomers.


Dutch Harris: The Atomic Punks could very well turn the tag team division upside down, Scott. Everyone’s been waiting to see what they’ll bring to Ruination, and tonight, the wait is over.


Scott Kamura: With a World title match, the rise of a new brawler, and a tag team debut that’s set to electrify, Ruination is the place to be tonight. So stay tuned, because we’re about to unleash mayhem like you’ve never seen before!


The camera zooms out to capture the excited crowd, transitioning smoothly to the first segment of the night.


Atomic Punks Vs. Chingons Groseros

Tag Team Match



We are backstage near the staff entrance as a confident-looking NC-17, dressed to the nines in a pink mink coat and neon green tank top waltzes through the door.

Quickly approaching from out of frame is Seventeen’s manager, Johnny Vig, waving his arms like he’s trying to land that Boeing airliner that had its window panel pop out.

Johnny Vig: Jesus Christ Teen, where the FUCK have you been? I’ve been blowin’ ya phone up for the betta part of a week! The titty bar’s been shut down! The Cowboys are in jail! Ya schedule a meeting with the SHOOT upper brass without me, then ya don’t even show up for it?

Seventeen scratches his five o’ clock shadow, clearly not interested in his manager’s outrage.


NC-17: Yah, well, things changed. I had to pick up a guest of mine for tonight’s show.

Johnny Vig: Guest? What guest!?

The figure who steps out from behind the peacock-like plumage of NC-17’s coat causes Vig’s voice to catch in his throat.

She looks the same in a lot of ways but…

Johnny Vig: Jesus.

NC-17: Hey, c’mon man. Don’t fuckin’ stare – its rude!

Ayumi Seppuku places her hand on NC-17’s arm and steps further into the light. You can see the incredible amount of scarring on her face from the attack by WOLF MAN at REIGN months ago. She has a horrid-looking gash from her scalp down past her eye through to her chin. It also looks like she has portions of her scalp that may never grow hair again and a nose that clearly broke in enough places that it will never again function the same way.

The SHOOT Project Hall of Famer whispers something to NC-17.

NC-17:You’ll need to come closer. Her voice is still recovering.

Johnny moves forward and looks from NC-17 to Ayumi and then back to his client. He looks hella uncomfortable.

Johnny Vig: I…er…can’t make out the…garglin’…look, we don’t have time for this shit, we can still make the meeting if-

Ayumi Seppuku: Nice to… see you too… Vig.

A quiet, but intelligible series of words comes out of Ayumi’s throat that puts Vig into a moderately stunned silence. There is just enough of a pause to hear footsteps walking up to the group. 


It’s Lennox Ferguson, SHOOT Project’s Chief of Staff.

Vig stiffens to attention as Lennox surveys the situation and his eyes go wide as they land on Ayumi Seppuku standing next to the company’s Premier Champion.

Johnny Vig: Ayyy, Mr. Ferguson! Sorry about the tardiness, we were just about to make our way to the meeting, I swear!

Lennox Ferguson: Fuck the meeting. What is she doing here? She’s banned and barred from this building. Get her out of here, NOW, or perhaps you want your own indefinite suspension?

NC-17 steps in front of Ayumi and locks eyes with Lennox.

NC-17: Ya know, there’s always been a lot of chatter about my “offensive” nature. I cross boundaries. I say “hurtful” things. But you throwing this lady… after all she’s done for this company, in the physical state she’s in, out of this fuckin’ building? Might be the most blatantly obscene thing I’ve seen in SHOOT Project to date… and if anyone knows obscenity, you’re lookin’ at him.

Lennox Ferguson: Bloody… Christ! As I didn’t have enough shit to deal with tonight.

NC-17: She’s MY guest tonight, OK? And as you can see, she ain’t exactly in any condition to be causing trouble…right or wrong? All she wants to do is sit down and enjoy the show and cheer on her old friends in tonight’s main event. Don’t you at least owe her that much, man? Or has your executive role gotten to your heart as well as your head?

Johnny Vig looks shocked at what NC-17 is saying, but perhaps even more shocked that Lennox is seriously considering it.

Lennox reaches up and pulls at his hair before screaming in frustration.

Lennox Ferguson: Fuckin’ FINE! But mark my words … she steps out of line tonight and it’s YOUR fucking career on the line. Yours too, Johnny.

The SHOOT Project Chief of Staff pushes past the trio in a huff as Vig looks back at the pair, his face as white as a sheet.


Singles Match



The show feed transitions to a shot of none other than Justin Moreno with his head bowed in prayer, clutching rosary beads, as he makes a silent sign of the cross before slowly lifting his head. He inhales a slow, deep breath as he starts to speak.


Justin Moreno: Professional wrestling… has lost its way. 


Moreno allows his words to sink in as he continues.


Justin Moreno: Once upon a time, this business was centered on the morality play of good triumphing over evil. But you know what I see when I look at professional wrestling in its current state? I see a sport… choking on its excess indulgence, promoting wickedness and sin to the masses, promoting perversion and graphic violence, distorting and manipulating the impressionable minds of the youth… of America. Youth… that need a beacon of light to look up to. Youth… that need to strive for morality. Youth… that need to shy away from the corruption and filth permeating this world.


Again, Moreno lets his words sink in as he holds up an index finger.


Justin Moreno: This… ladies and gentlemen… is where yours truly comes in. Wrestling needs an upstanding, morally incorruptible individual to ward off the evil ways of this business. Wrestling needs someone to wash the blood away from the sport and make it pure as snow once again. Wrestling… needs to be about good triumphing over evil. I… am the light in a world consumed by darkness that envelops it. I… will redeem the wayward souls in this business. I… will bring salvation… to those who seek it. This is no altar call, ladies and gentlemen. 


Moreno shakes his head and continues.


Justin Moreno: No… this… is a call… for a “Fellowship” of fellow true believers to follow the path… to true righteousness… and to ultimate glory. If you are watching this at home, I heed you to answer the call… for “Fellowship”. Follow the Way… Follow the Truth… and you will find… The Light.


Moreno manages a slight smile.


Justin Moreno: I am aware many of you will dismiss my words as self-righteous proselytization… but let me assure you wayward souls out there that there ARE those already willing to answer the call to join “The Fellowship”… and in due time, those blessed souls will reveal themselves. But until then… I want each… and every wayward soul watching… to look deep within themselves and ask themselves… do you want to stay mired in the cesspool of Satanic ecstasy this business has become? Or do you want to strive to serve something FAR greater than this mere business? The choice…


Moreno slowly points to the camera.


Justin Moreno: … is yours…


The scene then fades out as we tune back into the show.


Singles Match



Lexi Gold leans against the wall backstage, arms wrapped around her knees, lost in thought about her upcoming title match in the main event. Clad in her ring gear, she maintains a solitary demeanor since distancing herself from others. Breaking from her contemplation, she rises from the ground, proceeding down the hallway with a determined and stern expression. As she walks, a large figure crosses an intersecting corner and just manages to slip past her.


Azraith DeMitri: Just gonna move pa-oh!  Lexi!  Lexi goddamn Gold, I’m glad I nearly bumped into you.


Azraith was still in a full suit, the SHOOT Project Championship over one shoulder and a well-worn black dufflebag over the other.


Azraith DeMitri: I wanted to catch up to you real quick and tell you that it’s gonna be a blast facing you tonight.  I’m happy we get a chance to wrestle, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a shot at the championship.  How’re you doing?


It was weird to see a man most known for his violence in the ring with such a broad smile on his face, but it’s becoming more and more common after becoming champion.


Lexi places her hand on her hips and looks at him while shaking her head.


Lexi Gold: Of course I deserve this opportunity; I’ve been working my ass off since my arrival to SHOOT. I am the best thing on the roster, but unfortunately, some still underestimate me. They are brainwashed into thinking good will always prevail. You know, it is amusing to hear you react with such enthusiasm, knowing you will be losing your title to me tonight.  


Azraith DeMitrI:  Good.  Good!  Fan-fuckin’-tastic.  You have busted your ass, and you’re right, that gets lost in the shuffle and the grind at places like this sometimes.  That Atlas-sized ship on your fuckin’ shoulder has gotten you all the way up nearly to the tippy-top of the mountain.  Just a few more steps.


Azraith sees Lexi eyeing the championship on his shoulder, and that smile turns into something just a bit more familiar.  His eyes narrow just a bit.


Azraith DeMitri:  You’re almost there…but you gotta be careful.  See, you’re looking at the peak.  The prize…


Az slams his left hand against the brick walls of the Epicenter with a violent SLAP!, causing Lexi’s eyes to dart back to his with a scowl.


Azraith DeMitri: …when you should be keeping your eyes on the path.  Wouldn’t want to see this admirable ascent take a sudden, violent end, would we?


Lexi laughs and runs a finger through her hair.


Lexi Gold: Violence is practically my middle name. I welcome it. When blood is dripping down my head and onto my body, I wear it like diamonds, a badge of honor. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. 


Az mouths the phrase ‘wear it like diamonds’ quietly, nodding.  He lets her words hang in the air a second before holding his hand out for a handshake, a suddenly serious look in his eye.


Azraith DeMitri: Then, not out of ‘respect’ then…but maybe out of a mutual love of what we do in the ring, here’s to beating the ever-loving fuck out of one another.


She glances down at his hand before offering hers with a mischievous grin.


Lexi Gold: May the best crazy fucker win.


He shakes her hand firmly before she pulls hers away and makes eye contact with him for a bit before turning on her heel and waking away.  Azraith watches her stalk off before nodding once more, slapping the wall again in anticipation before heading off to his locker room.



Dutch Harris: I hear we’re staying in the back. Elijah Starborne and the Celestial Order are making a scene apparently? 


Scott Kamura: Yeah, I’m getting word that he caught up with Archer Quincannon. Let’s head to the back.


Backstage is bustling with activity. The camera focuses on Elijah Cassius Starborne, standing regally in his celestial-themed attire. Beside him are a few members of The Celestial Order, their eyes fixed on him with admiration. Suddenly, Archer Quincannon, known for his brawler-style and no-nonsense attitude, walks into the frame.


Elijah Cassius Starborne: Ah, Archer Quincannon, the fierce warrior of the ring. A man of your strength and resolve is rare in this realm. I have watched you, seen the fire in your fists, the tempest in your spirit. You, Archer, are a fighter worthy of the stars.


Archer Quincannon: (with a skeptical look) Save it, Elijah. I’m here to fight, not to join your star-gazing club.


Elijah: (with a serene smile) But you see, Archer, this is not merely a ‘club.’ The Celestial Order is a path to enlightenment, a journey to a higher plane of existence. Your prowess in the ring is undeniable, but imagine that power… amplified by the cosmos.


Quincannon: I don’t need the cosmos to throw a punch, Elijah. I’ve done just fine on my own.


Elijah: (a hint of surprise in his voice, almost mockery) You reject the offer to ascend? To become more than just a mere brawler, but a warrior of cosmic significance?


Quincannon: I’m not interested in your cosmic nonsense. I fight with my fists, not with fairy tales.


Elijah: (composing himself, still resolute) I see. This is… unexpected. However, the stars often align in ways we do not initially comprehend. Your resistance is merely a part of your journey, Archer. In time, you too will see the truth of the cosmos.


Quincannon: Don’t hold your breath, Elijah. I make my own destiny.


Quincannon walks off, leaving Elijah and his followers behind. Elijah watches him go, a mix of surprise and contemplation on his face.


Elijah: (turning to his followers) Let him go. Archer Quincannon will find his way to the stars, in his own time, and we will help him get there. Our mission remains steadfast. The cosmos will guide those who are destined to be guided. Archer Quincannon has been touched by the stars.


The segment ends with Elijah staring thoughtfully in the direction Quincannon left, his followers nodding in agreement, their faith in their leader unshaken.


JAMIE JOHNSON VS. Chick Grillbreast

The lights dim and “One for the Money” hits the soundwaves as the arrival of Jamie Johnson is imminent. Fans cheer for the former Sin City Champion, the longest reigning Sin City Champion of all time Mr. Breedlove would have you know, and Jamie appreciates the love from the Vegas crowd. He’s on his own tonight, Jack Johnson not in tow.


Dutch Harris: Gotta love seeing Jamie Johnson out here, man.


Scott Kamura: I think he kinda flies under the radar right now, in spite of his already sterling record. Longest reigning Sin City Champ? That doesn’t just happen.


Dutch Harris: No it sure does not. He’s got a tough task ahead of him here tonight though, with the ever formidable Chick Grillbreast standing across from him.


Scott Kamura: Grillbreast is an interesting cat too, but dangerous in the ring. It definitely won’t be an easy night for “The Realness.” 


Jamie rolls underneath the ropes and takes to one of the corners, his red, black, and gold gear shimmering in the light of the Epicenter. The fans pop for him as “One for the Money” fades out.


Samantha Coil: Introducing first… from Charleston, South Carolina… he is the LONGEST REIGNING SIN CITY CHAMPION IN SHOOT PROJECT HISTORY… he is the 2022 Champion of the Year… he is JAMIE JOHNSON! 


He hops back onto the mat and goes to the far corner of the ring, turning his gaze to the entrance.


“Jungle Work” by Warren Zevon hits on the PA, but no one comes out of the back for a few seconds. Usually, Chick is raring to go, but there’s a pause between the first thirty seconds or so of the song and Grillbreast’s entrance.


Scott Kamura: Where’s Chick?


Dutch Harris: Well, he’s been quite sullen since the last set of shows. He’s really broken up over the disappearance of Daihm Ferguson!


Scott Kamura: Wow, finally…


Chick enters through the curtain, shoulders slumped, head bowed, sad look on his face. He trudges to the ring.


Dutch Harris: Oh man, he’s really taking it hard.


Chick finally gets to the ring and slowly climbs in, looking up somberly at a confused, if not annoyed Jamie Johnson.

Scott Kamura: Not quite the energy I think Jamie was expecting, Dutch! It looks like a stiff wind could push Chick over right about now!

Dutch Harris: Hopefully Chick can snap out of it soon, otherwise he’s going to-


The lights in the arena go out and in the crowd it’s absolute pandemonium as a burst of audio static blasts through every speaker and other device connected to the building’s A/V setup.

Scott Kamura: AH! My ears!

Dutch Harris: CHRIST!

Suddenly, the static cuts and all sound leaves the arena, a void of deafening silence before appearing on the jumbotron is an image of Daihm Ferguson, alive and slumped over tightly-wound wrappings keeping him secured to a chair. His hair hangs over his face as we see his back rise and fall with each shallow breath.

Scott Kamura: Oh my… God.

In that one moment, there is no need for a microphone to hear the absolute, guttural scream that Chick Grillbreast makes in the middle of the ring, cutting through the hushed crowd like a jagged knife before the shot of Daihm Ferguson is replaced by four simple words:


In an instant the lights cut back on and standing immediately behind Jamie Johnson in the ring is a masked figure dressed head-to-toe in black with a cracked and bloody Oni mask strapped to their face. Both Jamie and Chick are so focused on the jumbotron that they don’t realize what is happening until the figure wraps their arms around Jamie Johnson’s face holding a white rag up to his nose and begins to pull back, trying to escape the ring!

Dutch Harris: They’re here! They’re here!

Scott Kamura: Someone help Jamie!

Chick Grillbreast turns and processes the scene in a split second as his energy does a complete 180 and he looks like a man possessed. Jamie flails wildly, trying to break free from his captor as Chick just absolutely BARRELS forward and knocks both Jamie and the masked figure to the floor, screaming in rage as he lays out both of his targets.

Jamie coughs violently, trying to regain composure as Chick reaches down and pulls him up, pulling him to his side as the crowd goes absolutely ballistic. The masked figure scrambles to their feet and takes a defensive stance as they now stand opposite both Jamie Johnson and Chick Grillbreast.


Scott Kamura: I am still not sure what is going on here, Dutch, but things are getting out of control here in the Epicenter.

Dutch Harris: I think top brass realize that as well, Scott! I’m getting word that security has been mobilized and they are on their way to take this terrorist into custody.

Scott Kamura: They better get out here soon, Dutch. I don’t like the looks of what’s going on in that ring!

Referee Alex Campbell is trying to restore order as Chick Grilbreast, Jamie Johnson, and the masked figure are circling the ring with mystery visitor seemingly still trying to collect their bounty in the form of Jamie Johnson.

A gassed, but furious Chick Grillbreast is just absolutely unhinged in the ring right now.


Chick runs full force at the masked figure, seemingly ready to put an end to this whole affair when suddenly the lights go out as the crowd roars in surprise.

Dutch Harris: AGAIN!? What is happening backstage!? Where is security?

Scott Kumura: I can hear something but my eyes are still adjusting and-

This time, emergency power kicks on with a massive “CLICK” sound, dimly lighting the arena to reveal Chick Grillbreast AND Jamie Johnson now BOTH unconscious, lying on the mat in the center of the ring as the masked figure stands over their quarry holding a MASSIVE steel pipe dripping with blood.

Scott Kumura: Oh God! Where did they get that from!? Chick and Jamie both look hurt badly!

The fans rain a chorus of boos down on the scene as the masked figure stalks the ring, calmly surveying their work before looking up to the ceiling. In an instant, a massive steel rope and harness fall from the catwalk. The figure pulls the rope taught and then reaches down and begins to lift a bleeding, unconscious Jamie Johnson up from the mat and into the harness!


As if on cue, led by a charging Lennox Fergsuon and Real Deal, a host of security and police arrive and begin to descend the rampway.

Meanwhile, the figure grabs a hold of the harness and pulls on the rope again. They show an unnerving level of patience, watching the arriving security force as the rope begins to retract and they begin to ascend with Jamie in tow.

Scott Kumura: I don’t think they are going to make it in time, Dutch!

Then, like a flipped switch, a wave of cheers erupts from the crowd as a fast-moving figure vaults from the stands, over barricades, and makes a bee line for the ring.

Dutch Harris: Now we’ve got fans jumping barricades! Call the National Guard, we’re under attack!

Scott Kumura: No, Dutch, look!

Dutch Harris: No way….

In a flash, all eyes are on Ayumi Seppuku, a woman possessed up on the ropes, vaulting herself up and over into the ring. She wastes little time, clearing an impressive vertical jump to grab on to the waist of Jamie Johnson.

Dutch Harris: YES! SHE’S GOT HIM!

In what little emotion the masked figure has shown thusfar, they begin to thrash and kick wildly, trying to break Ayumi free, which also causes the rope to swing back and forth as it continues to rise.

Scott Kumura: Oh, what a sight for sore eyes! But she better do something, quick, Dutch. Those three have got to be nearly 10 feet off the ground by now and rising.

Ayumi struggles, causing the rope to swing like a pendulum above the ring as Lennox Ferguson, Josh Johnson, and the security team have finally made it, but can only watch on in horror as a still-unconscious Jamie’s fate literally hangs in the balance. Then suddenly…

Dutch Harris: OH JESUS!
Scott Kumura: WATCH OUT!

The crowd shrieks in a mix of fear and surprise as the chain holding the harness — as well Jamie and Ayumi — snaps, sending the pair falling nearly 15 feet straight down to the mat below. With a huge THUD the pair crash to the ring mat!

Josh Johnson and Lennox Ferguson rush immediately to the sides of Jamie and Ayumi as security begins to try and lock down the scene. Several of the police officers point upward, watching along with the crowd, as the rope continues to rise plunging the masked figure back into darkness.

Dutch Harris: Cut the cameras! Cut the cameras! Go to commercial! Go to comm-


A high-tech control room with screens showing wrestling matches. A tech team is analyzing data on Quantum computers.


Narrator: “In wrestling, strategy is as important as strength. Quantum Computing Corp brings you the edge with next-gen technology. Analyzing moves, predicting outcomes, enhancing training.”


A wrestler reviews data on a Quantum device and nods in approval.


Narrator: “Quantum Computing Corp – Where technology meets tenacity.”




The arena’s parking lot, dimly lit with the occasional flicker of overhead lights. The camera pans to Archer Quincannon, who is walking towards his car, a gym bag slung over his shoulder. The atmosphere is tense, with a sense of looming confrontation.


Suddenly, from the shadows, several hooded figures emerge. They are members of The Celestial Order, their faces obscured.


Hooded Figure 1: Archer Quincannon, you have disrespected the offer of enlightenment from Elijah Cassius Starborne. Such ignorance cannot go unchallenged.


Quincannon: (dropping his gym bag, readying for a fight) I don’t have time for this nonsense.


The hooded figures charge at Quincannon. A brawl ensues. Quincannon, despite being outnumbered, showcases his brawling prowess, fending off the attackers with a series of punches and grapples.


Quincannon: (breathing heavily, standing over the defeated members) I told Elijah, and I’ll tell you – I’m not interested in your ‘enlightenment.’ I fight my own battles, in the ring and out.


One of the hooded figures tries to get up, but Quincannon pushes him back down.


Quincannon: And let me make something crystal clear. I don’t bow to anyone, especially not some cosmic wannabe and his band of starstruck fools.


Quincannon picks up his gym bag, his gaze fierce and determined.


Quincannon: But now, you’ve got my attention, Elijah. Not for your cult, but for a good old-fashioned fight. You wanted me in your world? Well, now you’ve got me. But it won’t be for enlightenment; it’ll be to kick your ass. Tell your leader, Archer Quincannon is coming for him.


The camera zooms in on Quincannon’s determined face as he walks off, leaving the defeated members of The Celestial Order behind. The segment ends with a sense of impending showdown between Quincannon and Elijah Cassius Starborne.




Singles Match