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Ruination 55 & Revolution 205 – News & Notes



  • – Management is said to have a renewed interest in negotiating a long term deal with Izzy Sia.  Once considered merely a capable in-ring competitor, talent relations has reportedly been impressed with her camera presence and time limit draw against CICADA.


  • – In other Blackhawk Fight Gym news, there has been some confusion regarding the contract status of Joey ‘Golden’ Burkhalter.  Originally he was going to be placed an an extended deal, with the fight gym as an entity reported to be ‘very satisfied‘ with the rate of pay and the timeline.  However, a report came out afterwards that contradicted that stance, as a source close to Burkhalter said that he was seeking a bigger payday and that ‘The gym isn’t in charge of these negotiations, and Nate Robideau isn’t in any capacity managing Joey Burkhalter’s affairs.’  When reached for comment, Nate Robideau stated that any issues would be addressed internally.

  • – Benjamin and Dennis Colton have had frequent meetings with SHOOT Project management, their family lawyer, and the police departments of Boston as well as Las Vegas regarding the events of the most recent Revolution.


  • The meetings were said to be “surprisingly formal,” especially considering the SHOOT Tag Team Champions‘ usual disposition. When asked to comment on the nature of the discussion, Benjamin would only say, “We’ve been advised not to make any statements at this time.”


  • – PRIME star Nate Colton, the victim of the attack, was taken to Massachusetts General and treated for his injuries. He was released the following day.

  • – Following the airing of Maximo Fisico’s kidnapping of PRIME wrestler Nate Colton on Revolution, PRIME President and CEO Lindsay Troy met with both Real Deal and Dan Stein to discuss the incident. Troy was said to have been “less than pleased” with what happened, which is likely code for “really friggin’ pissed.


  • – SHOOT Project workers have also noted the presence of several different species of owls that have taken up residence in the trees outside SHOOT HQ following this meeting. While the raptors have largely kept to themselves, staff have felt their judgmental presence and vengeful stares as they’ve come and gone from the building. One worker has even claimed that one of the owls – curiously wearing a pink bow – locked eyes with her and turned its head all the way around as she walked past it to her car.


  • We reached out to Lindsay Troy for further comment, however our calls went directly to her assistant’s voicemail.

  • – Following the events of the last several weeks, culminating at the most recent Revolution, Jamie Johnson is said to be awake and “in good spirits.” The second generation star was placed into a medically induced coma after Revolution and all tests were negative for anything that would be a lasting effect of the ordeal he experienced. There is no timetable for his return, but he was overheard asking when he could start working out again. He was visited in the hospital by members of the Empire and of course members of his family.

  • – Speaking of the Empire, it would appear that the recruiting effort has not concluded. Breedlove was said to be keeping a very close eye on Moriton, Alex Kincaid, and Archer Quincannon

  • – Ayumi Seppuku was visibly upset as she exited through the back of the Epicenter following Revolution 205. There is no word on whether the result of her match, the escalation of NC-17’s threats, or some combination of both were the cause. After being led up the rampway, she is reported to have shaken off the assistance of ring staff and exited the scene immediately.

  • – According to reports a small group of fans were nearly seriously injured following the events of Ruination as they eagerly came up to WOLF MAN and his manager Dr. Străjer looking for an autograph. The beast of a fighter sliced his claw-like hands straight through their WOLF MAN poster and nearly lunged at the group before Străjer was able to hold him back.

  • – There are no charges being filed and, quite to the contrary, the fans were reportedly in high spirits and arguing about where and how quickly they could get the poster framed.

  • – The date of the next SHOOT Project premium event is April 14th, 2024. No word yet on the name.