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Ruination 56 & Revolution 206: News & Notes

News and Notes

News and Notes

Coltons Agree to Barbed Wire Deathmatch

The Coltons have readily agreed to the barbed wire deathmatch stipulation for their title defense against Lucha Fitness at Warrior's Code.

"Might as well, it's gonna be a deathmatch anyway," Benjamin Colton said in an interview with Dustin Callais of "'Cause as soon as I lay eyes on him, that [expletive] is dead."

"They crossed a line they can never walk back," Dennis added. "This ain't about the titles anymore. This is about showing everyone what happens when you [expletive] with our family. Then maybe the next dumb [expletive] will think twice before trying to pull [expletive] like this out of the ring."

Madison Seton and Jack Johnson's Wedding Plans

It's being rumored that new Sin City Champion, Madison Seton, and Fiancee Jack Johnson will be announcing their wedding date shortly. No word on if it's going to be a big affair or a smaller, more boutique event.

Dan Stein's High Marks

Dan Stein is said to be getting high marks from Real Deal, not only with how fast he's picked up the job, but also the signings he's made. The Tag Team division is seeing new heights with recent additions.

The Collins Twins Sign Year-Long Contract

The Collins Twins have agreed to a year long contract with SHOOT Project, effective 4/1/2024.

Boyd Walton's Injury

Boyd Walton suffered a torn ACL and MCL in his knee at the hands of The Punch Line. No word on when the surgery is scheduled.

Ultimo Muerte and Pandora's Contract

Ultimo Muerte was confirmed to still be under contract, as is Pandora, with potential opportunities post Warrior's Code.

United Wrestling Alliance's First Show

The United Wrestling Alliance (UWA) is looking to have its first show in the coming weeks.

Nate Robideau's Statement

"I'm not a man with no stomach for failure. Anyone can look at my career and see the many, many times I failed at the task that was in front of me. But one thing I will not tolerate is disrespect. Another, far greater sin to me, is cowardice. Burkhalter has proven himself both of those things, and his refusal to answer calls from myself or his friends at the gym show me exactly who he has decided to be. Effective immediately, Joseph Burkhalter is no longer employed at or representing Blackhawk Fight Gym, and he is no longer welcome on the premises."

SHOOT Project CEO's Possible Return

SHOOT Project CEO, Josh Johnson aka the Real Deal has been seen at the Epicenter's fitness facilities more often lately, fueling speculation about a return to the ring.

Lindsay Troy's Potential Re-signing

There has been little update regarding the re-signing of Lindsay Troy to a SHOOT Project talent contract, but interest remains high.

Jamie Johnson's Health Update

There's been questions about an update for Jamie Johnson's health. Jamie has been discharged from the hospital and has returned to training within the past week.

Joey Burkhalter's Behavior

While entirely displeased with Joey Burkhalter's behavior against the Collins Twins, Joshua Breedlove's Empire has not waivered in their interest in Burkhalter's talent.