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Ruination 8

It’s dark. 

Some manner of storage area deep in the epicenter can barely hold but CYBER Power Devil and CYBER Superbeast, who have recently acquired hooded cloaks, it seems.  Their facepaint gleams from underneath the darkness of the hoods, and their barking tone–really when they whisper it’s still a growling shout–marks them as The Unholy Cyber Army.  They circle one another, shoulders hunched, shamed from their loss.  Superbeast finally pauses, speaking slowly.  Remorsefully. 

Superbeast: We tried the route of being honorable warriors.  At every turn, you stymied us. 

His partner now stops and turns to the camera. 

Power Devil: We tried to suffer for our sins of not taking you seriously.  You showed us that such flagellation was pointless. 

Superbeast: What has it earned us?

Power Devil: What has it gifted us? 

Superbeast points his finger directly at the camera. 

Superbeast: Do you respect us, Michael and Lucas?  Does our bearing and attempting to remain above the fray of your petty insults make you give us the respect we are due?!  Or do you still sit, acting buffoons, and discount all that we are?!

Power Devil clubs him on the shoulder, their intensity revving up. 

Power Devil: The Kings of Hell have tried to be gracious!  Have tried to uphold the honor of combat!  Have tried to set an example!!  But in times that are tough…we all have to make a decision.  Do you lay like a hound and await the embrace of death?!

Superbeast: No!!

Power Devil: Do you do whatever it takes, no matter the cost, to slay your enemy?!

Superbeast: Yes!!

Power Devil Throws his hood back, stretching his arms out and bellowing to the ceiling. 

Power Devil: Michael!  Lucas!  Hear this and hear it now.  Do not blow us off as you have countless times before!

Superbeast tosses back his owne hood, stepping in front of his partner. 

Superbeast: You will not be safe!  You will find no rest!  Your every waking moment gripped with fear, your every sleeping one restless with nightmare!!  The Demons of Cyber Roppongi are through with being cordial and we will no longer accept the laws of this realm as deterrents!!  No Mercy!

They face one another.

Power Devil: No Mercy!!

Superbeast: No Mercy!!

With the last one, Superbeast rears back and CRUMPLES Power Devil with a headbutt–the smaller of the two goliaths stumbles, his knees weak for just a moment, before shooting to standing with a small leap.  His eyes wild.  His forehead sporting a fresh gash that begins to bleed over his black facepaint.  He screams until arriving at the words. 

Power Devil: Sin City Scoundrels!!  The belts are ours.  And we will obliterate Clemson Dean, Kimo Apana, Joshua Breedlove if we have to!!  Because as of here forward…

A pause for a deep intake of breath. 

Power Devil:the Unholy Cyber Army has declared WAR on Michael and Lucas Sexton!!

With that, they both pull their hoods back on.  With a growl, they stomp past the camera and kick the door leading from the storage area to the hallway–clear off its hinges–and stalk out, bad intent on their mind, lust for war in their veins. 

Bobson Dugnutt Vs. Teresa Ames

The camera opens on Dan and Molly Stein walking hand-in-hand through the backstage area, talking to each other. Dan is in street clothes as his match isn’t until Revolution tomorrow night. Molly, starting to show her pregnancy, is wearing clothes that make her look glowingly. The Steins are accompanied by their twin female bodybuilder bodyguards, Toni and Tina, who wear SHOOT Project muscle shirts. As Dan and Molly make their way into their locker room, they notice the door slightly ajar. 

Dan Stein: Hold on, let me go first.

Dan puts himself in front of Molly and pushes the door open quickly. Thankfully, nobody is inside of the room and Stein is able to breathe a sigh of relief. Dan turns around and gives his wife one of his trademark smirks and taps his head.

Dan Stein: Can never be too cautious. 

Stein laughs, picks up Molly with one hand, and spins her around. Something catches his eye as he spins her. The smile on his face fades. Stein puts Molly down, staring at what caught his attention. He walks past his wife and over to his locker quickly. There in front of him is a giant nail holding up a picture of an ultrasound.

The Stein’s ultrasound.

Molly gasps, clasping her hand over her mouth. Stein pulls the nail out of the ultrasound, and shows it to Molly, just to make sure she knows it’s theirs. Stein turns it around and looks at it, rubbing his thumb on the picture.

Molly Stein: W-who? Who did this? X-Calibur?

Dan Stein: That arrogant asshole would just be in the room.

Molly Stein: Then…who?

Stein looks up at Molly, snarling his lip as he speaks.

Dan Stein: Thane. Thane did this.

Molly Stein: Why would Thane do this?

Stein looks at Molly knowingly.

Molly Stein: What did you do to Thane?

Dan Stein: Spitter. 

Molly Stein: Spitter? Why would he do this over a Spitter spat?

Stein chuckles to himself.

Dan Stein: ‘Spitter spat’. Heh.

Molly puts her hands on her hips, looking at Dan seriously. Stein shakes his head, getting himself back into the game.

Dan Stein: I…I don’t know. But I’m going to find out. 

Stein looks at Toni and Tina.

Dan Stein: Stay here. Don’t open the door for anyone but me.

Stein walks over to Molly and kisses her forehead before quickly making his way through the door to the room.

The Bone Brigade Vs. Alpha & Omega

The ref signals to the timekeeper.

Ref: “Ring the bell!”

As the bell rings the lights go out, shrouding the five men in the ring in total darkness. A spotlight, from the rafters, lights up the team of Bone Brigade so that only they are visible. The screen on the stage comes to life, showing Alpha and Omega in what appears to be the bowels of the arena.

Omega: “Take a good look at what your insolence has wrought. This is the first of many, a taste of things to come. With everyday that goes by He gets closer, closer to you. You may not know who you are, who you are meant to be, quite yet but we do and through the grace of Him you shall fulfill your destiny. We await you. He awaits you.”

The spotlight shuts off and for a few seconds it’s completely pitch black. Then the lights return but Alpha and Omega are missing from the ring. Perhaps that wasn’t a video after all….

KIMO Vs. Teddy Palmer

Fresh off of his win, Teddy Palmer looks down at KIMO and smiles, having felled the Samoan destroyer. As he continues to look at KIMO while catching his breath, he doesn’t see two guys walking down the ramp with a purpose, with him in their sights.

Dutch Harris: That’s the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions! The Sin City Scoundrels!

Scott Kamura: You had to know that they’d be out here given what match is next, and also given what just happened to KIMO!

Dutch Harris: Are they here for revenge?

Before Kamura can answer, both of the Scoundrels slide into the ring, catching Palmer off guard. Palmer turns to face them but manages to dodge and roll out of the way when both men send a superkick towards his direction! He gets out to the ringside area and walks with his back to the stage, admonishing the Scoundrels for what they attempted to do, and as they stand against the ropes facing him, they hold their fingers up signifying that it was a very slim chance he got away from them scot-free. Palmer smirks, making his way safely back up the ramp, and the Scoundrels grab a microphone.

Michael Sexton: Y’all ever have a moment where your life flashes before your eyes and before your imminent doom, you somehow manage to escape with all of your faculties in order, totally safe?

Lucas Sexton: That just happened to Teddy Palmer, because we were within an INCH of taking his fucking head off. And yeah, maybe we were a liiiiiittle bit cocky coming out here face to face to try and pick up our fallen compatriot, but make no mistake… next time, we won’t miss.

Michael Sexton: Yep, keep your head on a swivel, Ted. You’ve drawn the ire of the Empire, so, good luck with that. Now, as for the Unholy Cyber Army… you guys can just continue being mad. Be angry, my dudes. You guys lost at Reckoning Day, you lost at Iron Will, and you’ll continue to come up short against us. You wanna go through the Empire to get to us? Fine. Bring it on, idiots.

Lucas Sexton: NO MERCY!!!!!! WITNESSSSSSS!!!!! Blah blah blah. Here’s the thing man, breaking the fourth wall here, we DO respect you. You’ve earned your stripes and the right to call yourselves champions over and over again, but what you’re NOT going to do is ever come close to attaining our level of greatness, EVER AGAIN. You can witness that, BITCHES.

“Bad Company” hits as Michael goes to collect KIMO, and they make their way out of the ring.

Dutch Harris: Well, you heard it here. Earlier, the Unholy Cyber Army threw down a challenge and right here, the Sin City Scoundrels just straight rebuffed it and then some. Will these two teams end up locking horns again?

Scott Kamura: You know they will. It’s just a matter of time, and much like that, we’ve got the leader of the Holy Breedlove Empire up next, defending the SHOOT Project Sin City Championship against Pat Cassidy in one of the final encounters of the Sin City Championship Series.

Dutch Harris: The Breedlove Invitational.

Scott Kamura: Yep!

Pat Cassidy Vs. Joshua Breedlove (c)

Two Range Rovers pull into the Epicenter parking deck.  The orange glint of the lights shine down on the black painted vehicles.  From the front Rover’s driver’s side appears Leviticus, the Villainz new security detail.  He marches to the back door and opens it to reveal Victor Thane, Akuma Lee, and RAIKO.  RAIKO storms away from the lot of them as Thane buttons his jacket and taps his cane on the floor, smiling from ear to ear.  Out from the second Range Rover comes Bronson, Kitsune, and the Bone Brigade.  The Proper Villainz appear en masse.

Thane:  Gentlemen, we are fed, we are fueled, and we are ready.  Shall we?

MIKE:  Man, you think when you go to a restaurant they’d appreciate the suits.

DAVE:  They out there actin’ like we can’t eat with our skulls, bruh.  That’s like basic science.

Mike touches his bony face.

MIKE:  No respect for the skeletal system.

Kitsune:  Where did RAIKO go?

Bronson pats Kitsune’s shoulder.

Kitsune:  The fuck?

Bronson:  You have a lot to learn about women, little Kitty.

Before any animosity can bubble up, Akuma steps between the two of them.

Akuma:  Guys, can we not?  

Thane:  Kintaro is right, gentlemen.  Let’s go.

The Villainz walk into the arena.  The first person they see is Mary Kelly.  She is quick to get to them and put a microphone in Thane’s face.

Mary Kelly:  Victor Thane!  Victor Thane!  Do you have any thoughts about the rumors going around that…

Thane places his hand on her mouth.

Thane:  Shush, little girl.

He smiles back to her.

Thane:  I do not deal in rumors and hearsay.  I deal in truth and facts.  The truth is, as always, that the Proper Villainz are growing.  We are an army.  We do not need to entertain something like a…”rumor.”

Bronson:  Mary, let’s not do this silly game right now.  It’s a great night!  We…

Thane stops Bronson from continuing.  He looks slightly off camera.  A voice speaks before he makes it on camera, demanding an answer.

Dan Stein: What the FUCK, Thane?

Stein steps into the camera’s eye, and is immediately separated from Thane by Kitsune, Akuma, and Bronson. Stein doesn’t back down.

Dan Stein: Where the FUCK did you get that sonogram?

Stein steps one foot back, balling up a fist, ready to fight through the three men in front of him to get to Thane.  Thane looks at Dan Stein quizzically, absolutely perplexed.  He motions to Bronson and the two members of ECLIPSE.  As if he were Moses parting the Red Sea, the three of them move aside to allow Thane to stand face to face with Dan Stein.

Thane:  Mr. Stein.

He blinks a few times, trying to understand the situation before him.

Thane:  Pardon my confusion, but what are you talking about?

Dan Stein: Horseshit, Thane. You or one of your…

Stein looks at the men in front of him.

Dan Stein: Misfits here put that sonogram in my room. A message, because you’re still salty about Spitter?

Stein stops Thane from speaking.

Dan Stein: I know you’re the great manipulator and you got these mental giants to believe your shit, but I don’t believe you had nothing to do with this. So, come clean and tell me why.

Thane:  Okay, so I can wade through this…swampy bog you call a theoretical accusation against me.  You think I sent one of my Soldiers to somehow either break into your home or hack into a medical facility that houses digital copies and then I had one of them put your sonogram of your…whatever it is…in your room here in the Epicenter.

He chuckles.

Thane:  Because we had a tete-a-tete on Spitter.  Like I am some sort of cyberbully.

He nods.

Thane:  Wow, Mr. Stein.  Wow.  I appreciate your candor in this revelation and accusation, Mr. Stein, but I assure you that if I wanted to send you a message, I would just…tell you.

He looks behind him.

Thane:  Do you know why I parted these men so that no one is between us?  Because I know there is no reason for us to fight.  You have something to be angry about, I have nothing to hide.  So I will not hide behind my Soldiers.  Do what you will, strike me if you must, but understand that despite my vast resources I would not bring harm or dread to a pregnant woman.  We may be Villainz, Dan, but we are Proper.

Stein chews on Thane’s words for a moment. He asks in disbelief, understanding Thane is telling the truth.

Dan Stein: You had nothing to do with this? Fine. But when I find out who did, and I am going to find out, I’m going to run them into the ground and bury them.

Stein looks at Thane, then the members of Proper Villainz. Stein brushes past Thane and storms through the members of Proper Villainz, unwavering as they bounce off his shoulders. Stein disappears from the camera.  Mary Kelly appears again, offering a microphone to Thane again.  He motions with his head for the Villainz to depart.

Thane:  Thank you for your time, Miss Kelly.

She looks confused as Thane takes up the rear of the entourage.  She turns back to the camera and composes herself.

Mary Kelly:  …alright, guys.  Back to you!

NC-17 Vs. Azraith DeMitri (c)

Without warning, the PROPER VILLAINZ have arrived!  Victor Thane stands at the entrance to the stage as Mike and Dave from the Bone Brigade lead the charge with Fuego Eterno and Bronson taking up the rear.

Scott Kamura:  Why is HE out here with his cronies?

Dutch Harris:  Maybe it’s to send a message to NC-17 and his harassment of RAIKO?

Scott Kamura:  Or are they sending a message to Azraith DeMitri?  Taking down a legend like him would be a major feather in Thane’s cap!

The four men slide under the ring ropes and stand in one corner.  Thane walks up the ring steps and enters the ring, a devilish smirk on his face.

Yeah UH, yeah, yeah UH

Don’t get it twisted

This rap shit is mine, motherfucker

It’s not a fucking game

Fuck what you heard

Scott Kamura: Whaaaaat?!

Dutch Harris: Oh shit! Is he bringing it back?!

It’s what you hearin’ (it’s what you hearin’)

It’s what you hearin’ (listen)

It’s what you hearin’ (listen)

It’s what you hearin’ (listen)

BOOM. Gigantic pyro blast!. 

X gon’ give it to ya (WHAT)

Fuck waiting for you to get it on your own, X gon’ deliver to ya (UH)

Knock knock, open up the door, it’s real

With the non-stop, (SHOOT) pop-pop of stainless steel

The fans. Go. Fucking. BALLISTIC.

Scott Kamura: Here he comes!!

Dutch Harris: Good God, my nipples could cut fucking vibranium!

X-Calibur comes RACING out from the back in black jeans, black boots, and an old school SHOOT Project t-shirt. His classic DMX theme from the early 2000’s continues to play as he reaches the ring.

Go hard, getting busy wit it

But I got such a good heart

That I’ll make the motherfucker wonder if he did it

Damn right, and I’ll do it again (yeah)

Fuego greets X with a right hand, but X blocks, jumps and… BAM! X spikes him to the mat with a vicious cutter unlike any other!

Scott Kamura: X-TERMINATOR!!!

Dutch Harris: Holy SHIT!! Fuego Eterno is NOQUEADOOOOOOO!!!

‘Cause I am right so I gots to win

Break bread with the enemy (what)

But no matter how many cats I break bread with I’ll break who you sendin’ me (YEAH)

X is up and NC-17 pushes Ben Bronson right into X’s direction. As soon as he’s within reach, X rocks him with a wild right. Bronson swings blindly, spins around, X jumps…

Scott Kamura: X-TERMINATOR!!

Dutch Harris: AND BRONSON IS DOWN!!! 

You motherfuckers never wanted nothing (UH, WHAT)

But your life saved, bitch, and that’s on a light day

I’m getting down, down like a nigga said, “Freeze” (UH)

Mike De Los Huesos sees X in his sights, and with great quickness, he springboards off, hoping to hit X-Calibur with SOMETHING. Anything, at this point, just to end this tempest that is X.

But X sees it coming and CATCHES a flying Boned Up Mike with a mid-air…

Scott Kamura: X-TERMINATOR!!


But won’t be the one ending up on his knees

Bitch please, if the only thing you cats did (COME ON)

Was came out to play, stay out my way, motherfucker

Dave de Los Muertos shrugs and nails X from behind, catching him slightly off guard as he’s getting to his feet. Dave whips X, but the Hall of Famer uses his larger strength and reverses his smaller frame. As Dave is rebounding from the ropes ahead, X goes to the SIDE, and as Dave approaches the middle of the ring, X charges forward, catches Dave’s head with smacking force and both men SPIN 360 degrees with a pounce-set-up…



First we gonna rock, then we gonna roll

Then we let it pop, go, let it go (what)

X gon’ give it to ya (uh), he gon’ give it to ya

X gon’ give it to ya, he gon’ give it to ya

Finally, X is met face to face with Victor Thane. His music cuts off.


You can feel the electricity running through the Epicenter as Victor Thane backs up with his hands up, begging X-Calibur not to drop him where he stands.

Scott Kamura:I feel like that was months and months of frustrations just coming out all over the PVz! Good LORD!!

Dutch Harris: It was awesome, is what it was. And the SHOOT Project faithful know it!



X looks over at Azraith DeMitri and helps him to his feet, who in turn looks warily at X-Calibur. Azraith shoves X’s shoulder away.

Scott Kamura: I don’t think Az trusts X here.

Dutch Harris: Well given how long Azraith has known X, it’s no wonder. But… something about this feels different. I think X has had enough.

X motions for a microphone to be thrown his way. One goes sailing over Victor Thane, who instinctively ducks. Catching it, X speaks.

X-Calibur: Easy, Az. I get it, man. But I’m not fucking playing the swerve bullshit tonight. What these motherfuckers were doing to you? I can’t let that shit go down. Not anymore. People like us? Fucking legit Hall of Famers? The fucking people who BUILT this goddamn place?! We’re not eating shit from these Xennial fucking soft serves anymore.

Azraith nods. X turns towards Thane.

X-Calibur: So this is what I’m proposing to YOU… you throw any two of your fuckin’ gnats at us, and we’ll swat ‘em down to the canvas right in the center of this ring. It’s time we got the goddamn respect we FUCKING deserve!!

X throws the microphone to Victor Thane, waiting for his response.

Victor Thane goes to respond, but X holds a finger up as if to say, “Sorry. Hang on. One moment. Please hold.”. Seeing Ben Bronson start to stir, X walks over to him and…

Scott Kamura: X-TERMINATOR!!

Dutch Harris: I wish we were drinking shots to that word. Hahaha.

Getting up off the mat, X waits for anybody else to stir and goes back towards Azraith.

X motions to Azraith. “You cool with this?”, to which Azraith thinks for a moment, his eyes never leaving Thane before he nods in affirmative.  Thane stands there, looking at the vast majority of the Proper Villainz down the mat between him and the two icons of the Iron Fist.

Victor Thane:  Gentlemen.

He tucks one leg outside of the ring onto the apron.

Victor Thane:  I understand your issues with my force.

Dutch Harris:  Ha…force.  Your team is almost entirely laid out from the man they call X.

Victor Thane:  Perhaps my team isn’t prepared for this.  You two want to see what it feels to feel the wrath of the Proper Villainz?  Very well.

He is all the way out of the ring now.  He unbuttons his jacket and marches backwards up the ramp.

Victor Thane:  Azraith DeMitri, X-Calibur.  The two of you against the Proper Villainz.  Ah, but which two of us, I wonder?  Which two members of my force shall step in the ring with the two of you.

His face twists into a grin.

Victor Thane:  Wouldn’t you like to know?

He sighs as he stands on the entrance stage.  Fuego has rolled from the ring and is slowly crawling up the ramp.  Mike and Dave of the Bone Brigade are both on the ring apron.  Bronson is still down in the ring, but his arms are slowly starting to move.

Victor Thane:  But, for now, gentlemen…allow me to say: bravi, bravi, bravissimi.  

Thane drops the microphone and begins to applaud the two men.  X slaps Az on the shoulder and continues to stare at Thane.  Bear McReary’s “Godzilla – Main Theme” kicks back in as Azraith and X-Calibur stare a hole through Thane.  Bronson begins to pull himself up to his feet and X casually helps him get all the way up, checking on him to make sure he’s okay.  Bronson nods and opens his eyes to see that it’s X-Calibur who helped him up…