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Rule of Surrender Championship

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Laura Seton01/09/2023#NUM!Laura Seton defeats Judy Punchinello to become the undisputed Rule of Surrender Champion.
Judy Punchinello & Laura Seton11/13/202201/09/202357Judy P and Laura S fight to a draw, Lennox Ferguson declares them co-champions at Reckoning Day 2022
Judy Punchinello09/04/202211/13/202270Judy P defeats NEMESIS at Iron Will 2 to become the Rule of Surrender Champion
NEMESIS04/06/202209/04/20221511NEMESIS wins the ApeX tournament at the ApeX PPV to become the Rule of Surrender Champion
Kale Tanev05/26/201411/08/2014166
Lunatikk Crippler05/12/201405/26/201414
Dave Marz10/06/201305/12/2014218
Mr. Ocelot08/05/201308/19/201314
Solomon Richards06/29/201308/05/201337
Isaac Entragian10/01/201206/29/2013271
Maya Nakashima02/05/201210/01/2012239
Mason Pierce10/09/201102/05/2012119
Cronos Diamante07/31/201110/09/201170
Alex Brooks02/10/201107/31/2011171
Jun Kenshin7/15/200610/01/200678
Eli Storm6/9/20067/15/200636
Ray Willmott4/29/20066/9/200641
The Poe4/22/20064/29/20067
Ray Willmott4/15/20064/22/20067
The Poe3/10/20064/15/200636
Chris Lee2/5/20063/10/200633
Ron Barker11/18/20052/5/200679
Trey Willett10/6/200510/28/200522
Ayumi Seppuku9/25/200510/6/200511
Osbourne Kilminster8/18/20059/25/200538
Chris Lee7/10/20058/18/200539
Osbourne Kilminster6/2/20057/10/200538
OutKast5/1/20056/2/200532Won Master of the Mat 2005 to win the vacated Rule of Surrender title by beating Osbourne Kilminster in the finals.
Eryk Masters9/15/200211/1/200247
John Mathews9/1/20029/15/200214
Will James8/23/20029/1/20029
Eddie E7/14/20028/23/200240
Diamond Del Carver6/30/20027/14/200214
Real Deal4/21/20026/30/200270
Chris Lee1/20/20024/21/200291