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Revolution: S1E7 5/9/2016


Kenji’s eyes are blood shot and wide as his feet stomp across the concrete backstage. The SHOOT Project World Championship, a crusted brown color from his victims, hangs loosely on his shoulder. Everyone who sees him either steps cautiously out of the way or run for their lives. On this night, where he finally gets Isaac… no one wants to be in his cross hairs.

However, two technicians have their backs turned to Kenji, unaware of presence. They’re huddled up to each other to have, what they assume is, a very private conversation. Their voices are shaky and raspy, afraid of anyone hearing them. Each have lanyard with a laminated tag that has the SHOOT Project helmet, their name, and picture on it… Willard and Paul.

Willard: Listen, I don’t care how much this Master or whatever is ponying up, we gotta get the hell out of this place fast, man.

Paul: Look, I know it’s a little… crazy… but… the money, my family needs it.

Williard: Are you out of your god damn mind? A LITTLE crazy? Are you even watching the shit that goes down EVERY week? We’re practically walking on blood soaked concrete back here, are you stupid? This isn’t just a little crazy, this place is full blown fucking mental, no matter what they’re paying us. If this Master or whatever doesn’t eventually get us then how long until Isaac and his deranged army of whatever the fuck those were get us, if they could do that to Kenji, break him down then imag-

All the color in Willard’s skin leaves him when a hand slams into his shoulder. Paul, who could see Kenji now stalking behind Willard, falls to the floor. Paul tries to get something out, but only gasps escape his mouth.  Kenji takes his free hand and grabs the lanyard around Willard’s neck, the force pulls Willard right up to Kenji, face to face with the blood caked World Title… Willard begins to cry.

Kenji: Willard, I don’t think we’ve met. I want you to look at my crown, smell it, touch it, become familiar with it, Willard.

He just sobs as Kenji pushes his face against it.

Kenji: NO ONE is safe from me, Willard. Not man, not Ivory Coward, not force of God… and certainly not Willard. THIS is my KINGDOM, Willard, and you think me a BROKEN man because of what Isaac did to me? You think that a reason to be fearful of MY DOMAIN? No, no, no, Willard, you’ve got it ALL wrong. I would say that what happens to Isaac when he finally has to face, when there’s nowhere left for him to run, will be example enough but…

Kenji’s breathing gets heavy, his eyes grow wider still. Willard, only being held up by Kenji, has become a sniveling limp pile of fear.

Kenji: I don’t think you’re going to be around for it.

Kenji reels back to begin the strikes that would probably end Willard’s life.

???: KENJI!

Kenji turns around to see Eric Rohkar standing behind him. Eric glares down at Kenji, tensing up.

Eri Rohkar: Leave him the fuck alone.

Kenji looks FURIOUS to be interrupted. He turns around and faces Eric.

Eri Rohkar: If you want to kill something…kill me.

Kenji’s eyes are wild with rage, but a smile crosses his face.

Kenji: Happily…

Kenji suddenly throws the World Heavyweight Championship at Eric. Eric blocks it, painfully, but this distraction is enough for Kenji to LUNGE forward, striking Eric in the groin with a kick. As Eric doubles over in pain, Kenji begins to rain down punches with an insane flurry, the sound of his fists echoing off Eric’s head. The blood comes fast, what with Eric’s face mostly being stitches at this point, and Eric is basically unable to defend himself at all. Eventually Eric crumbles to the ground. Kenji turns back to Willard, who was so terrified that he forgot to run.

Kenji: Now…where were we Will-

Eric grabs Kenji’s foot, looking up at him with a face completely covered in blood.

Eric: Not…him…me…

Eric looks at Willard, a plea in his eyes. Willard gets the drift and scrambles, running away. Kenji turns his attention back to Eric, stomping him over and over again.


Stomp after stomp, even after it is clear that Eric is completely unconscious.


Kenji gives one final punt to Eric’s head, leaving him completely lifeless. Kenji looks around, the rage still in his eyes. He can see that Willard is long gone. Kenji just scoffs, calming down a little.

Kenji: Fine…I have more important things to worry about.

Kenji walks away, leaving a non-moving Eric Rohkar to bleed out on the concrete. After it is clear that Kenji is gone, several men run forward to check on Eric.


TMB, a staple of the SHOOT Project community, is looking to cement his dominance by catching another win after beating Cronos Diamante. However, Elgin Blair is looking to get some heat going, and he has the size and strength advantage, though TMB is the better all around wrestler.

The match starts off with TMB and Elgin Blair battling it out in a collar elbow tie up. Elgin Blair has the size and strength advantage, but TMB continuously uses knee shots to the stomach to keep the advantage on Blair. Blair gets fed up with this and begins brawling with TMB, and TMB is able to keep a fairly solid pace with Blair, but the begin man proves to be a harder hitter and is able to get the advantage. Once he is able to rock TMB with a couple of really solid shots, Blair begins to hit TMB with sloppy, but effective suplexes.

Eventually, though, TMB is able to block a vertical suplex and proceeds to trip Blair into an STF Hold. Blair powers out, but TMB keeps the advantage by launching kicks and chop blocks to the legs of Blair. Blair begins to hobble around the ring when he is up, but the big man is able to power through the pain. However, already being the slower man, TMB is able to work circles around Blair, giving an absolute wrestling clinic an inferior wrestler. TMB manages to catch Blair in a double leg takedown, which he transitions into a Boston Crab. Blair is able to catch the ropes, but TMB holds on until the four count, placing as much damage as possible as he can on the big man’s lower back and legs.

TMB comes at Blair again, but Blair is able to catch TMB off guard with a Big Boot! TMB goes down hard, but Elgin is unable to capitalize, as putting the extra weight on his other leg causes him to fall. TMB and Blair get up at the same time, right at eight on Linam’s ten count. Blair swings wildly, but TMB is able to duck under and catches Blair under the chin with a choke! TMB locks in a standing Anaconda Vice! Blair’s eyes go wild! He tries to punch and elbow TMB, but he is unable to get any real momentum on his shots, and thus TMB feels nothing. Blair continues to fight, trying to get to the ropes, but his weakened legs allow TMB to power him into place. Finally, feeling that he might have the win in his grasps, TMB releases the hold, locks his leg behind Blair’s, and SLAMS Blair to the ground, relocking the Anaconda Vice! Blair again tries to power out, but with his legs battered and bruised, he is unable to use his full strength. Blair is forced to tap out!



The shot goes to the back, with Abigail Chase standing by, flanked by the three members of the Just Us League. Cade Sydal and Cassi Ryan off to her left, with the Suicide Test Dummy leaning over her right shoulder and sniffing her hair. She is clearly uncomfortable as STD licks his lips lewdly with his split tongue.

Suicide Test Dummy: Goddamn, when you gonna let me take you out for a nice lobster dinner and some fuckin’?

Abigail Chase shudders but tries to regain her composure., she has a job to do after all.

Suicide Test Dummy: I mean, I ain’t gonna call you again, but damn it’d be a fuckin’ night and a half.

Cade Sydal: You done?

Cade interrupts STD’s advances to Abigail’s immediate relief.

Cade Sydal: Alisson Chains needs to do her job and ask me about my match tonight. She’s got fucking bills to pay and doesn’t need you sniff up her snatch every chance you get, yeah?

STD looks down, a bit dejected, but Cade slaps him on the arm.

Cade Sydal: Hey, cheer up buttercup. It’ll be alright. Just, ya know, hit on her after shes done doing her job next time.

STD smiles and starts rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

Cade Sydal: Well? Fucking get to it, I don’t have all day!

Cade snaps at Abigail suddenly, who for her part is back to being incredibly uncomfortable with the Suicide Test Dummy right next to her.

Abigal Chase: Yes, well…uhh…well, tonight you face Eric Boyer for the first time ever. What…what’s going through your mind before this big match?

Cade Sydal: Bitch, that’s the best you got? How do I feel going into this match with Elias Boise? C’mon, now, you’re better than that…I’m gonna give you a pass, though, and I’m gonna move on and tell you what you really wanna know. You really wanna know what’s next for the Just Us League, right? We’re a team, but no tag matches yet…what gives, right?

Cassi Ryan: Of course that’s what she wants to know. Give her the answer, baby.

Cade Sydal: Oh, I will. I’ll tell you what’s next, Alicia Chanel. At Revolution One-Point-Eight I’m calling out any two jamokes that think they can match up with the Suicide Test Dummy and myself. You got the stones, we’ll kick them right off your stupid fucking chin.

Cade turns and glares at Abigail, sneering at her.

Cade Sydal: That’s what the fuck is next. Let’s go, I’ve got a face to kick in.

With that, Cade starts to walk off with Cassi right behind him. STD starts to follow, then stops and turns around to offer some parting words to Abigail.

Suicide Test Dummy: Seriously, call me.

He turns back around and jogs to catch up with his friends, leaving Abigail to try and mask her disgust as the shot fades out.



Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Already in the ring, weighing in at 217 pounds! He is Erik! Boyer!

Many of the faithful boo, while a few of them cheer, for the slightly deranged Erik Boyer as he grins and wstches the entrance ramp in anticipation of his opponent. He needn’t wait long, as "Almost Famous" by Eminem starts up and Cade Sydal slowly makes his way from the back, being followed by the Suicide Test Dummy and Cassi Ryan. The latter has a microphone in her hand and a sultry smirk, and the faithful within the Epicenter boo even louder. Cade shoots a finger gun at the ring before raising his hands with the handguns on them and crossing them at the wrist, STD does the same with his own hands.

Cassi Ryan: Is that any way to greet your savior? Ladies and gentlemen, sluts and douchenuggets alike, alloq me to introduce to you that very savior…the man that will make SHOOT Project great again.

The trio start to make their way to the ring, though Cade doesn’t take his eyes off of the man inside the ring.

Cassi Rysan: Hailing from League Headquarters, he weighed in this afternoon at a sleak 172 pounds! He is the General of the Just Us League. The Technical Messiah! The SHOOT Project Iron Man! He is God’s Favorite Wrestler! CADE! SYDAL!

Cade leaps up onto the apron and slingshots himself over the top rope to land in the middle of the ring. He throws his hands up in the same League hand sign, this time right in Boyer’s face. Erik Boyer just laughs at him and says something barely audible about hoping Cronos is watching.

Eryk Masters: Two huge names from past incarnations of SHOOT are about to lock horns for the first time ever!

Other Guy: Neither guy has been in the company at the same time, so this is a huge opportunity for us to see how they match up.

The official calls for the bell, and immediately Cade and Boyer lock up. Cade shoves Boyer’s left arm up and spins around intio a waistlock behind Boyer before pulling back on his right shoulder and forcing him into a side headlock. Boyer grabs a handful of Cade’s hair and pulls him to the ropes before shoving him off of the ropes and breaking the headlock. Cade rebounds off the opposite side only to be caught as Boyer rushes to meet him in the middle with a shoulder tackle and a laugh.

Other Guy: Boyer’s slight size advantage is already coming into play here.

Eryk Masters: That laugh is disturbing!

Boyer hits the ropes and Cade quickly slides toward his feet on his chest, but Boyer leaps over him to clear him. Cade scrambles to his feet and leaps over Boyer with a leap frog when he rebounds a second time. Boyer stops right behind Cade and as soon as the former world champion lands on his feet, Boyer dropkicks him in the back! Cade sails forward and through the ropes, landing on the floor on the outside of the ring.

Eryk Masters: Both men are known for their high flying abilities, with Bouyer being a bit more of a brawler while Cade is known the world lover for his technical precission and prowess.

Other Guy: That brawling and high flying combination just sent Cade to the floor, for something bad!

Boyer hits the ropes even as STD helps Cade back to his feet and builds up momentum to leap over the top rope and tucks into a somersault, taking both Cade and STD down to the floor! Boyer gets to his feet and throws Cade back into the ring, but as he tries to follow STD grabs his ankle from the floor. Boyer half-laughs then stomps STD’s forehead twice to force a break. The distraction was enough, though, as Cade dives through the ropes now, feet first, and catches Boyer around the neck with his legs before turning hios body and snapping off a diving hurricanrana that sends Boyer tumbling head over heels into the barricade! Cade pops up to his feet and slides into the ring and demands the referee beigins counting Boyer out.

Other Guty: Haha! Cade doesn’t care how he wins!


Cassi and the Suicidce Test Dummy count along with the official with wide smiles.


Eryk Masters: Does he ever? Does anyone in this Just Us League, foir that matter?


Boyer starts to crawl toward the ring…with a grin of his own!


Eryk Masters: Boyer, on the other hand, is somehow enjoying this it seems!


Cassi and STD high-five each other at the count of five, completely unaware of Boyer inching closer to the ring just around the corner, putting his hand on the apron now.


Other Guy: He’s a sick dude, Eryk. A sick dude, indeed.


Boyer rolls in under the bottom rope! Cade starts stomping away at him immediately while his cohorts on the outside look shocked that Boyer got back in the ring. Several rapid fire stomps come from Cade right into Boyer’s shoulder, back, and neck! Cade kicks Boyer over onto his back then leaps up and drives a knee down on his chin!




Boyer kicks out and starts to laugh maniacally.

Eryk Masters: Look at him, OG! He likes it!

Boyer continues to laugh, even as he gets to his kn ees and waves Cade on to "bring it" some more, and Cade happily obliges with a STIFF roundhouse kick to the temple! Boyer drops to the canvas and Cade covers again.




Boyer slips a shoulder off the canvas all while nodding his head. Cade grabs him with two handfuls of hair before driving a forearm smash into the side of Boyer’s head. He whips Boyer to a nearby corner and rushes to follow with a jumping forearm in the corner! Cade rests his body against Boyer’s and starts talking trash even and audibly calls Boyer a "pussy." Cade piefaces Boyer after that and then whips him into the opposite corner.

Cade is just having his way here tonight!

Other Guy: Not completely. If he were, he”d have won by now!

Boyer laughs some more when he hits the turnbuckles and Cade comes rushing behind him. He posts his left foot on the middle rope and swings his right for a big kick to Boyer’s face, the SWYG, but Boyer ducks! Cade spins on the bakll of his foot and as he comes off the second rope Boyer catches him and heaves him overhead with a belly to belly suplex!


Boyer rolls toward Cade then covers him and hooks a leg, grinning all the while.




Cade kicks out!

Other Guy: Cade bounced off his head and somehow is still in this thing!

Boyer starts to whisper in Cade’s ear about how good it is to feel again, thanking Cade for the pain even as he pulls him to his feet. Cade slaps the arms away and spins counter clockwise to drive the sole of his right foot into Boyer’s face with a revewrse roundhouse kick that drops Boyer like the proverbial sack of bricks!


Eryk Masters: That kick sounded like a shotgun blast to Boyer’s face! Holy shit!

Cade goes for the cover, hooking both legs!




Boyer kicks out again, and this time Cade grabs him up by the hair immediately and yanks him up to his feet, even as Boyer begins to mumble disorientedly about revenge and Cronos Diamante. Cade doesn’t care, though, and drives a pair of elbows in to the back of Boyer’s head.

Other Guy: The Just Us Leabgue doesn’t care about your problems, kid! Haha!

Cade hits the ropes and comes back with a leaping clothesline, but Boyer drops to a knee to duck out of the way! Cade turns his body and rolls through a somersault to avoid crashing on the canvas, and as he gets to his feet he turns right into a big clothesline from Boyer instead! A second clothesline follows and Cade stumbles back to his feet in a corner only to have Boyer rush at him and dive into him with a dropkick to the face! Cade drops out of the corner and to the canvas, and Boyer grins as he goes up top, looking to capitalize.

Eryk Masters: That flurry was huge for Erik Boyer!

Boyer leaps off, backward, for a moonsault! Cade rolls out of the way and under the bottom rope as Boyer crashes to the canvas chest first! Boyer pushes himself to his feet, clutching his ribs, as Cade springboards off the top rope and back in with a spinning wheel kick right to the bridge of the nose! Blood sprays out as Boyer crashes to the canvas!


Cade covers, hooking one leg!




Boyer kicks out, shoving Cade’s back with both hands!

Other Guy: How does he keep kicking out?!

Cade starts yelling at the official about that very subject, demanding a faster count and for Scott Kamura to "quit fucking" him.

Eryk Masters: I’m not sure, but Cade should focus on the match instead of arguing with the referee!

Cade turns around as Boyer pushes off his knees and is caught suddeny with a small package!



Cade kicks out and turns around right into a punch from Boyer! Cade stumbles back a step then lunges into Boyer with a forearm to the side of the head! Boyer throws another punch, Cade responds with another forearm. Another punch, another forearm. Another punch, a blocked forearm! Boyer lands a fourth punch, then a chop to Cade’s chest! Another punch and chop combination sends Cade reeling back to the rope! A third and Csde is in the ropes being sent off by Boyer! Boyer ducksd his shoulder for a back body drop!

Eryk Masters: Boyer is on a roll!

Cade pushes off Boyer’s shoulders and flips through the back body drop, though! But Boyer turns and rolls Cade up from behind with a schoolboy!


Boyer hooks the tights!


Other Guy: Hey, he’s got the tights!


The bell sounds and Boyer immedistely slides out of the ring, just narrowlyt avoiding STD who lunges in looking to pounce on him for some traditional Just Us League post-match beattings! Boyer starts to mumble more about Cronos with a grin.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner! Erik! Boyer!

Cade starts to shout at Kamura about his tights being pulled and STD glares at Boyer as Boyer backs up the ramp and maintains his grin.


Cronos Diamante stands in the streets of Japan after having gone through one of the most horrendous, heinous roller coaster rides of his life. He didn’t expect to see OutKast again so soon and have to deliver the news that his brother was caught up in this mess. VooDoo is gone now. A fiery blaze consuming him. As Cronos walks up and down the streets looking at his phone, the sickening feeling that he knows VooDoo isn’t the last person Boyer is going to target. Unfortunately he is well over ten hours away from being able to do anything to help. By the time he books a flight and lands in the states, it will be too late. So he picks up the phone and makes a call to Marcus Mirage, hoping… praying he’s not too late.

Cronos Diamante: Pick up, pick up, pick up! Come on!!!!

His voice startles a few passerby’s and his pace quickens until he finally hears the sound of the line being picked up.

Cronos Diamante: Marcus. You’re in danger. I need you to get your…

Cronos literally drops to the ground as the voice of Erik Boyer is heard in place of Marcus Mirage’s. The wind has literally been knocked out of him but he somehow manages to hang onto his phone.

Erik Boyer: You’re a bit late, boyo. Marcus is firmly in my hands right now.

Cronos Diamante: What do you want, Erik!?!

Erik Boyer: It’s simple. Keep that phone on you. When you get back to Vegas, you’ll be given instructions. For right now, Cronos… I have a match to handle. And Cronos?

Cronos begins kicking a nearby railing as hard as he can. If he fails Mirage again he won’t be able to live with himself.

Erik Boyer: CRONOS!

Cronos Diamante: What!?!

Erik Boyer: Don’t do anything stupid when you land. You won’t find, Marcus. And if you try anything stupid, I’m liable to take Lauren and their daughter too.

Halfway across the world, at The SHOOT Project Epicenter, Erik Boyer just wrapped his match up, victorious over Cade Sydal.


We have arrived at the abattoir, the butchering ground for two monstrosities that have etched their names in blood throughout the course of SHOOT Project history. Kenji Yamada still looks blackened and bruised after his assault at the hands of Isaac and the Coyotes, but the feral glow in the World Champion’s eyes is undeniable. He is ready to devour his pound of pallid flesh. The Faithful long for Kenji’s retribution, the fans stomping their boots and sounding the war drums for the “Red Horse” as he steps across the canvas to meet his oppressor.

The “White Horse” meets him, Isaac Entragian looming like the physical embodiment of perversion and pestilence, his fangs glistening as he smiles brightly at his….baby brother. He studies Kenji’s new scars, seeming to find a certain pleasure in the formation of them. Isaac is the author of these new scars, and his hubris is defined within the twisted lacerations.

The monsters do not linger with glares and words. It is scorn that has brought them together, and it is scorn that brings them to immediate blows. Kenji’s fists find the albino over and over again, the knuckles hard and seeking, pounding at the pale flesh that has wronged him. Isaac answers with his own fists, smashing into Kenji’s face and body, both men trading blows that would fell lesser competitors almost instantly.

The beast that is Yamada bays for viscera, and soon his strikes draw forth crimson from the well that lies under Isaac’s porcelain skin. Instead of being horrified at the blood leaking down his face, Isaac is spurred on by it. The monsters trade signature moves, their bodies crashing down against the canvas over and over again. Soon it is the dragging of canines against Kenji’s forehead that forces the World Champion to bleed as well, both men equal, wearing identical crimson masks.

Project: SCAR was built on the foundation of forced equality, and it seems these monsters are consummate equals. War and Death bash each other across the ring, bouncing from turnbuckles, flinging themselves from the ropes and back into the fray of battle. Kenji hits DEEP SCAR…but it is not enough. Isaac hits The Disemboweler…but it is not enough. These former blood-brothers know each other far too well, and each move seems only to serve as fuel to the bonfire that burns between them. Kenji’s speed and ferocity is matched almost perfectly by Isaac’s strength and madness. It seems a plasma-soaked stalemate; both monsters desperate to claim the title of World Heavyweight Champion here in this drastically changed SHOOT Project.

It comes down to a succession of roll ups, both monsters exhausted, Isaac digging at Kenji’s tights and getting so close to the three count, Kenji holding Isaac down but being pressed upwards, Kenji flipping forward to keep Isaac’s shoulders down, Isaac slinking out to drag Kenji into a roll up of his own…but Kenji reverses, rolling the giant up and pressing his massive shoulders against the canvas with everything that he has, a brutal roar exiting Kenji’s lips as he struggles to keep Isaac down for the three count.

Kenji’s ferocity pays off.

After the exchanged roll ups, Kenji is the beast that manages to hold Death at bay. War holds Death down for the count. War…conquers Death.


Kenji rises victorious, the World Title clasped high above his head. The Faithful stomp their boots in support of their beast, but his moment is short-lived, an enraged, spitting white viper darting forward to SMASH a low blow into Kenji’s groin. The beast is felled momentarily due to this treachery on the part of Entragian. Isaac drags himself to his feet using the ropes, shaking his head from side to side, unable to accept the fact that he lost.

“General Entragian” makes a sort of summoning movement with his hands, and his repellent followers make themselves known. The Coyotes begin to BURST up from beneath the canvas like worms burrowing to the surface, the derelicts using sharp, ragged fingernails and makeshift blades to pierce the canvas and drag their diseased bodies from multiple torn holes along the mat. These scavengers circle the downed World Champion—all of them stinking like sewer rats and eager to fall upon SHOOT Project’s apex predator.

For Kenji Yamada, this turn of events looks especially bleak…

Heavy is the head that wears the crown

Heavy is the head that wears the crown

“Heavy is the Head” by Zac Brown Band and Chris Cornell echoes throughout the Epicenter.  The lights begin to dim.

Black dog

Drinks from the water

Trying to cool his tongue

Like the king

Finds no peace

His work is never done

The lights go out completely.  The entire arena is pitch black now.

Night falls

Smoke on the water

Darkness closes in

Cold white hand in the deep

Will drown you for your sin

The song stops immediately.  The entire arena is in black still.  Suddenly, the lights come back up and the Faithful are frozen in utter shock as standing in the middle of the ring, over his former brother Kenji Yamada, is none other than the Darkness himself…OBSIDIAN.

Isaac stands there as pale as ever, staring at the giant lording over Kenji’s prone form.  Obsidian glares at the Coyotes and then to Isaac himself.

Obsidian:  BE…GONE.

Isaac’s eyes dart around to his Coyotes as their heads snap side to side, looking for their General’s command.  Suddenly, Obsidian grabs one of the Coyotes by the throat and HURLS him over the top rope to the floor below!  Isaac frantically commands the Coyotes to swarm Obsidian, but the Black Death brings two more down with a double clothesline and flattens another with a Big Boot!  The fifth leaps onto Obsidian’s back, biting into Obsidian’s forehead!

Blood trickles down Obsidian’s forehead, down the bridge of his nose, and on his lips.  He reaches up, grabs the Coyote, slings him over his head, catching the Coyote in sidewalk position…then yanks him forward and SLAMS the Coyote to the mat with the Pitch Black Powerbomb!  Obsidian pops back up to his feet, glaring at Isaac once more!

Isaac Entragian:  Brother…

Isaac grins his shark-like grin.

Isaac Entragian:  Brother…

Isaac holds his arms out.

Isaac Entragian:  You don’t want to do this.  Trust me.  You don’t want to do this.

Obsidian:  No…

Obsidian SNATCHES Isaac by the throat!

Obsidian:  …I don’t.

Obsidian takes his free hand, wiping the blood from his forehead.  The Faithful are cheering madly as Kenji is awake now, watching what is transpiring in front of him.  Obsidian looks at the blood on his fingertips.  He smears his blood on Isaac’s lips, then HOISTS him up for a chokeslam, but NO!  He snatches Isaac across his body…PITCH BLACK POWERBOMB!!!  ISAAC ENTRAGIAN IS DOWN TO THE PITCH BLACK POWERBOMB!!!

Isaac is out on the mat, Obsidian’s blood on his lips.  Obsidian stands there as “Heavy is the Head” picks back up again.  Obsidian turns to Kenji Yamada, who is staring almost in awe to see the arrival of his brother in SCAR.  Obsidian walks over to Kenji, the two men locking eyes.  Kenji slowly holds his hand out to Obsidian, who walks past Kenji and exits the ring.  Obsidian steps over the fallen Coyotes, his faded and torn black duster scraping over their bodies.

Kenji looks back to Isaac, who is not moving.  The camera shifts back to Obsidian, who steps over the guardrail into the Faithful.  The Faithful parts like the Red Sea for Obsidian.  He disappears into the masses of Faithful, leaving bodies, blood, and bewilderment in his wake.

Obsidian is here.