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SHOOT Project – News & Notes – 03.21.2023

SHOOT PRoject News & notes

    • Real Deal sparked rumors this week when he appeared on a SHOOT Project podcast and more than hinted at some upcoming title unifications. The early word suggests that the Rule of Surrender and Iron Fist Championships will be unified under a brand new title name, where the Sin City Championship and the REIGN Championship will be unified as the Sin City Championship.

    • Jonas Coleman was backstage at Ruination and Revolution this week, working in a producer capacity. No timetable on his return to the ring at this time.

    • Backstage, the tag team Master of the Mat was met with some resistance, with some members of the company wanting to put forth a tag team ApeX instead. This event idea has not been entirely ruled out for the future.

    • Word has come from Nate Robideau’s camp that the World Heavyweight Champion has categorically refused to attend any of his scheduled appearances for the company unless his desire for a title match against NEMESIS at the next Revolution is met.  SHOOT President Josh Johnson has been vocal in his disapproval of the champions conduct in this regard, going on record as saying that “there are processes in place for this, and the way to go about it isn’t to throw a tantrum–it’s to call me and have a discussion.”  Regardless of this friction, the match has been added to the card.

    • Felix Mullen was diagnosed with a concussion and was placed in SHOOT’s medical protocols. He was lucid enough, however, to proclaim that his strike had ended, as he now wants a match with Pigpen Matsumoto, for obvious reasons.

    • Daihm Ferguson was reportedly excited when Chick Grillbreast told him he’d teach him how to clean and jerk. Ferguson reportedly asked if the jerk part could be mutual. Chick is still pondering what that could actually mean at this very moment.

    • Reports are coming in that the Fire Department had to be called to the SHOOT Project Epicenter shortly after Blaze Claymore’s win against So Jun Lim due to what observers could only describe as “the funniest shit they’ve ever seen” involving personal clothing items being glued to the ceiling of Claymore’s locker room, preventing him from changing post-match. After arena staff tried to remove the clothing through normal means, authorities needed to be called to rectify the situation.

    • Daihm Ferguson was apparently in high spirits even after losing his match to Chick Grillbreast and ending his shot at Master of the Mat. When asked what he planned to turn his attention to next, he smiled and told fans he was going to “revamp his diet” and get to work on securing enough “Gainz” to compete at the highest level in SHOOT.

    • A visibly energized Judy Punchinello was seen slapping hands of random people back stage after her main event victory against Jacob Mephisto, punching her ticket to Master of the Mat. One of the individuals she happened to run into was Madison Seton, a woman who Judy befriended for a short time during her feud with Madison’s sister, Laura. Madison looked to be congratulating Judy on her victory, which led to Judy to pulling Madison in for an uncharacteristic hug. Those in the vicinity reported that Judy’s words to Madison were simply “Blood for Blood”

    • Following her unusually aggressive conftontation with Lexi Gold, Laura Seton was found glued to one of the backstage monitors for Lexi’s match.  Sources say Laura was still pulling for her friend, but following Lexi’s loss, became further agitated–specifically throwing whatever she could get her hands on across the room.  Prior to her title defense on Revolution, Seton made sure to mention there would be another “friendly chat” with Lexi at the next set of shows.

    • Black Sheep Baez will be out of action indefinitely following his Master of the Mat qualifier with Dani Johnson at Revolution 189.  Baez experienced lower back pain after a training session on Friday, March 17, and mentioned it being a gradual issue since the ICONIC single elimination match.  The third generation sensation was noticeably absent for all of Revolution except the match against Johnson.  SHOOT Project officials were notified by Baez that he was working injured, but he planned to compete.  Baez was assisted to the back after the loss, but immediately transported to University Hospitals where he was told his back would require immediate surgery.  UH Doctor’s told SHOOT Project this specific procedure will take time to rehab.  Baez could potentially be out of action for up to 14 months.