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SHOOT Project News & Notes – 04.05.2023

SHOOT PRoject News & notes

  • Some good when it comes to Buck Dresden.  Buck’s wife gave birth to a happy and healthy baby, but the gender and name were kept private from the media.

  • Now for the bad news.  Details are scarce at this time, but there is information that Buck Dresden’s concussion is far worse than previously suspected.  According to insiders, he has complained of serious bouts of vertigo and numbness in his extremities.  While the word has been considered verboten in his treatments, “retirement” has been floated around as a possible and tragic premature end to a Hall of Fame career.

  • Management has been discussing the idea of Kitsune becoming more of a singles performer.  With renewed interest in the Battalion division, there are many who argue the merits of keeping the Broguns as an active team in that division.  Despite that, Kitsune’s performances in the Master of the Mat tournament and merchandise with his image that have been moving has had management trying to think about the future for the foxy wizard.

  • There has not been any official statement from SHOOT Project leadership regarding the whereabouts of Lennox Ferguson, the company’s Chief of Staff and father to current Solider Daihm Ferguson despite whisperings that the executive has not been seen by friends or family in roughly 48 hours.

  • Though the organization has been quiet for the first third of the year, Joshua Breedlove’s Empire is firmly in Danni Johnson’s corner as she works her way through Master of the Mat.

  • Daihm Ferguson, meanwhile, has been more visible than ever. Literally. Reports that The Dragon flashed Chick Grillbreast backstage have taken Spitter by storm and while both men deny that their personal training session became a “personal” training session the fans are quote-unquote “here for it honey.”

  • Carolina Lions have been working with world renown fashion designers Megan Blattspieler and Aldo Mencatto on their wrestling gear color palettes, outfits, and upcoming merchandise.  Luis de Leon and Isaiah Galliard have been discussing heavily the idea that wrestling gear and merchandise has a place at the table of high fashion without being looked down upon.  Galliard specifically has stated, “What else are we gonna do while our tag division gets some meat on its anorexic bones?”

  • REIGN and SHOOT Project have signed underground Mexican sensation Infierno.  The former Fuego Eterno has changed a great deal since he was last seen and it remains to be seen what he will bring back to the States.  Rumor has it he has some level of wealth with very little information on how he obtained it.

  • BRONSON has been asked to abstain from using Spitter as heavily as he did before.  The issues were more for his mental health more than anything.  His struggles with his bipolar disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, generalized anxiety, and paranoid personality disorder have been chronicled and SHOOT management have been paying close attention to his behavior since he came back to the company.

  • According to witness reports Blaze Claymore  was even more erratic and nervous than usual when he left the Epicenter following his loss at Ruination. Clearly distracted by something, Blaze put up almost no offense against Kitsune in their matchup and before the bell could even stop ringing Blaze was rolling out of the ring and charging backstage.  More on this situation as it unfolds.

  • Reports are that after Revolution went off the air and NEMESIS was helped to the back, she refused any further medical assistance.  She was heard yelling “I’M NOT GOING BACK TO THAT GODDAMN HOSPITAL”.  NEMESIS has suffered numerous bouts of injuries and attacks that have left her hospitalized over the last year, and it seems like the frustration has boiled over for her.  Reports are Josh Johnson had to encourage her to go for concussion protocol and liability reasons.  Eventually she relented and went on her own volition, but checked herself out as soon as she was able to.

  • None other than Ayumi Seppuku  was noted to be ringside for both Ruination and Revolution, watching her one-time allies RAIKO, Judy Punchinello, and Lindsay Troy compete for Master of the Mat. Ayumi has been more of a presence backstage in recently weeks as she continues to recover from significant trauma experienced at the hands of the Carolina Lions almost four months ago but there has been no indication of when she will be cleared to return for in-ring action.

  • Judy-E DeMitri has been diagnosed with a broken nose, an orbital fracture, and a concussion.  No current timetable for her return.

  • There have been no further updates regarding Joshua Breedlove’s injury and his potential return. In fact, most people have not even seen Breedlove in public, which is a wild change from how prolific he’s been in the past. A member of the Empire’s staff spoke under the condition of anonymity that this injury and how it occurred affected Breedlove deeply and that he’s been very different as a result.

  • The same staff member confirmed that Danni Johnson is responsible for a lot of the day to day operations of the Empire, though other members of the staff have had greater responsibility placed on them as Danni has seen success in the Master of the Mat.