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Shut Up and FIGHT 1

Ever wanted a chance to shine on a global platform?

Want to get your foot in the door for one of the most modern, premiere wrestling organizations in the world?

Just wanna… settle a score with someone?


Bobson Dugnutt stands, if the graphic is anything to go by.  Middle aged, oiled, hair bleached in a spiked mullet of sorts, paunchy, dressed in bright cotton candy tights.  And all energy—be bounces back and forth and smiles big before yelling out in a voice somewhere between a southern preacher and someone trying to do an uncomfortable “cool” accent circa 1953. 

Bobson: Lissen good and lissen loud, Rock and Rollers!  They done decided to gimme a mic and some minutes and it’s about to be on like yer mama is cookin’ Sunday night chicken!

He holds his hands out to either side. 

Bobson: Thass right babies you may see yourself a lot of mens on this program and a whole dang bunch of them gonna try and tell you they the best!  They the baddest!  They got it all goin’ on!

He throws his head back.

Bobson: Haw!

Shaking his head now, he adopts a boxing stance and shoots off a few rapid fire jabs in the air.   

Bobson: You tell me, Rock and Rollers, any of them fools gonna give you this?

With that, he flexes his pythons. 

Bobson: This?

He then transitions to something akin to a pelvic grind, ending in a quarter-assed Harlem shake. 

Bobson: This?!  C’mon now baby, ain’t no way they can offer what Hootchie Cootchie Bobson Dugnutt gonna offer!  Octavian Entright?  C’mon son, you ain’t even half mattered for a dog’s age yet!  Maybe you got the skills, maybe you don’t.  But brother, I am bad and you gonna learn just how bad—right here, tonight!

Fists in the air, and a big grin on his pudgy face. 

Bobson: Woo!

Directly after Enright’s victory, the lights dim and he rolls out of the ring and walks to the top of the ramp.

I just want to introduce to you… the greatest wrestling group of all time.

Out from the back walk four men, two of them are Joe Quinn and Dan Richards, the tag team known as Spinebuster Island. Of the three men joining them, there’s Octavian, who you just saw in the ring, a VERY large wrestler with well kept blonde hair, and the man with the microphone, a guy who stands somewhere between the two in height, with jet black hair.

MY NAME… is JOSHUA BREEDLOVE, and this is the greatest group of all time. Let me introduce you…

He points.

You already know Spinebuster Island.

He points again.

This is Octavian Leander Enright. He is AMAZING and he is RICH. You saw what he just did to Robson Mugbutt! He will probably never lose a match.

He points once more.

This is Brock Holloway. You might have seen him working in a farm somewhere, but look at how fuckin’ JACKED this guy is. He might physically be the second strongest man I’ve ever known. Like, it’s ridiculous. Look at how good looking he is, too.

And then he points to himself.

Then there’s me. The first strongest man I’ve ever known. I’m amazingly good looking. I get chicks. Lots of them. My name? My name as mentioned, is Joshua Breedlove, and this… this is my conglomerate. The Breedlove Bunch.

He looks at Brock who shakes his head, no.

We’ll work on the name, but you all will work on getting to know us, because we’re about to set the SHOOT Project world on FIRE. BRING ME our opponents.