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Shut Up and Fight 10

The heavy yet familiar guitar riff of “Walk” by Pantera sucker punches its way through silence as a beat up, dirty wrestling ring sits under a spotlight surrounded by darkness.

The drums kick in, sending the song into it’s natural, guttural rhythm and the SHOOT Project helmet logo burns its way onto the dirty canvas. Seconds later, the rest of the SHOOT project logo brands itself onto the canvas.

As the song continues to hammer forth, the mat begins to char and blacken, the logo turning white with ash.
In the flames that begin to form, the faces of SHOOT Project Soldiers Akuma Satsui, Bobson Dugnutt, Chadwick Kyle, and Fuego Eterno appear in quick succession.

The drums pick up speed, coming to their violent crescendo and the ring transitions to the traditional modern black canvas with white logo seen weekly in the Epicenter.

Can’t you see I’m easily bothered by persistence…

NEMESIS does battle in the ring with Joshua Breedlove before cutting quickly to a shot of Joe Wrestleman getting the flim flam from Bobson Dugnutt.

One step from lashing out at you…

Spinebuster Island goes toe to toe with Martial Law during their 20 minute tag team epic.

You want in to get under my skin
Call yourself a friend…

Courtney Hatchett shows no fear against Akuma Satsui before we cut to several Fuckhaus members engaging in a group high five.

I’ve got more friends like you
What do I do…

The Sin City Scoundrels and Spinebuster Island clash in a memorable clinic of tag team wrestling.

Is there no standard anymore?

The former #TJOMD arrives, throwing his arms out wide and basking in his moment, NEMESIS scowling behind him.

What it takes
Who I am
Where I’ve been

The last moments of the Shut Up & Fight Battle Royal play out, Curtis Rose coming out on top as the inaugural champion transitions to Shinji Takahashi winning the title from Rose.

You can’t be something you’re not…

Kitsune casts a spell on X-Calibur during the Redemption Rumble, an audible hiss permeating even the music.

Be yourself
By yourself
Stay away from me…

Haskell Payne and Robbie Bingo enjoy a couple bottles of Bingo’s Best before we cut to Joshua Breedlove in all his glory and then to NEMESIS putting in a valiant effort against Shinji.

A lesson learned in life
Known from the dawn of time…

Jonah Silverkin scores a three count on Shinji, earning him the SUAF Championship transitions to Martial Law and GOOD JOB tearing into one another with gumption!


Curtis Rose holding the title becomes Shinji Takahashi holding the title before cutting to Jonah Silverkin raising the title in the air in victory.


The Shut Up & Fight Championship dominates the scene.

What did you say…

A flash of every Soldier on Shut Up and Fight goes by so fast that one couldn’t pick out the face of any particular Soldier.


Cut back to the pristine, black and white canvas emblazoned with the SHOOT Project emblem on it.


Jump cut LIVE to the Epicenter as red and blue pyro explodes on the ramp and stage. 


First, there was darkness. Then as the drums pick up the pattern of a beating heart we see a silhouette shining in the middle of space. It is the outline of a man hewn from the mighty stone of the finest marble. It is a man in the image of a mythological god. There are few that will believe it but the first step is to see. Let there be light.

It is blinding, shining so bright, but you will get used to his grin. Don’t shirk back at the glare of his piercing eyes, for any sudden moves and you might be pulverized. It is those muscles that will do the job and they are so great. When one puts the whole together they can only wonder who can handle such biceps, bear those glutes, and tame that wild mane of hair. 

Do not worry for he is here to inspire, deter, and save you from yourself. Yes, because at the end of the day there is nobody else to blame but you. He knows because he has been there before. Out of the ashes of depression, addiction, and misery he has risen to this form that you see smiling at your pathetic visage. And he came to crush you out of this state to resemble something closer to his perfection. Make something out of nothing as he has.  It will not be perfect, because it will not be him. The name is a reminder. The body is the prophecy. He is Kowloon Zombie and he is here to save all of you.