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Shut Up and FIght 8

The heavy yet familiar guitar riff of “Walk” by Pantera sucker punches its way through silence as a beat up, dirty wrestling ring sits under a spotlight surrounded by darkness.

The drums kick in, sending the song into it’s natural, guttural rhythm and the SHOOT Project helmet logo burns its way onto the dirty canvas. Seconds later, the rest of the SHOOT project logo brands itself onto the canvas.

As the song continues to hammer forth, the mat begins to char and blacken, the logo turning white with ash.
In the flames that begin to form, the faces of SHOOT Project Soldiers Akuma Satsui, Bobson Dugnutt, Chadwick Kyle, and Fuego Eterno appear in quick succession.

The drums pick up speed, coming to their violent crescendo and the ring transitions to the traditional modern black canvas with white logo seen weekly in the Epicenter.

Can’t you see I’m easily bothered by persistence…

NEMESIS does battle in the ring with Joshua Breedlove before cutting quickly to a shot of Joe Wrestleman getting the flim flam from Bobson Dugnutt.

One step from lashing out at you…

Spinebuster Island goes toe to toe with Martial Law during their 20 minute tag team epic.

You want in to get under my skin
Call yourself a friend…

Courtney Hatchett shows no fear against Akuma Satsui before we cut to several Fuckhaus members engaging in a group high five.

I’ve got more friends like you
What do I do…

The Sin City Scoundrels and Spinebuster Island clash in a memorable clinic of tag team wrestling.

Is there no standard anymore?

The former #TJOMD arrives, throwing his arms out wide and basking in his moment, NEMESIS scowling behind him.

What it takes
Who I am
Where I’ve been

The last moments of the Shut Up & Fight Battle Royal play out, Curtis Rose coming out on top as the inaugural champion transitions to Shinji Takahashi winning the title from Rose.

You can’t be something you’re not…

Kitsune casts a spell on X-Calibur during the Redemption Rumble, an audible hiss permeating even the music.

Be yourself
By yourself
Stay away from me…

Haskell Payne and Robbie Bingo enjoy a couple bottles of Bingo’s Best before we cut to Joshua Breedlove in all his glory and then to NEMESIS putting in a valiant effort against Shinji.

A lesson learned in life
Known from the dawn of time…

Jonah Silverkin scores a three count on Shinji, earning him the SUAF Championship transitions to Martial Law and GOOD JOB tearing into one another with gumption!


Curtis Rose holding the title becomes Shinji Takahashi holding the title before cutting to Jonah Silverkin raising the title in the air in victory.


The Shut Up & Fight Championship dominates the scene.

What did you say…

A flash of every Soldier on Shut Up and Fight goes by so fast that one couldn’t pick out the face of any particular Soldier.


Cut back to the pristine, black and white canvas emblazoned with the SHOOT Project emblem on it.


Jump cut LIVE to the Epicenter as red and blue pyro explodes on the ramp and stage. 


Kicking this off are the opening drumbeats of “Body Hammer”, the song firing up as the crowd erupts into cheers.  Emerging from the back, clad in their gear, their spiked leather jackets, and of course with their belts around their waists, both men club each other in the chest with screams from the crowd each time.

Scott Kamura: The Unholy Cyber Army is here, ready to put their belts on the line at Shut Up and Fight!

Dutch Harris: It’s what, minute two?  Before the first match?  I’m already tired of these guys.  

Scott Kamura: Dutch, show some respect!  These guys are the most dominant tag team in the company!

Dutch Harris: I’d make an extended fart noise while I pantomime masturbating, but I’ve been advised that doing so is not considered ‘professional’, whatever that means.  

As they roll into the ring, they both clamber to opposite corners, climbing to the top turnbuckle and screaming into the rafters as the crowd roars back.  Hopping down, they both call for mics–and both are tossed one–before Power Devil hollers into his, cutting the song off.

Power Devil: Shut Up and Fight!!  SHOOT Faithful!!  WITNESS!!

The crowd roars back with a solid “WITNESS” of their own, and Superbeast runs the rops before beating the top turnbuckle with a hammer strike. 

Superbeast: We will duck no challenge thrown to us!!  To duck challenges, to push them off, this is the mark of the coward!! 

Power Devil: Accept the truth of things!!  These belts are ours.  Now.  And after the match?  They may not be! 

The crowd goes into boos, and Superbeast grins, chiding them good naturedly. 

Superbeast: Silence, Curs!

“Cur!  Cur!  Cur!  Cur!” breaks out among the crowd, raising in intensity until it’s a din of cheers.  Power Devil raises the mic as if he’s going to speak, but lets it drop as he and his brother raise their arms in the ring, basking in the glory of it all. 

Power Devil: We are the Unholy Cyber Army!  The Demons of Cyber Roppongi!  And we will challenge any man, woman, or self styled beast to face us head to head in open combat for the ultimate prize!!  But that challenge is meaningless without stakes!!

Superbeast: If we are to lose these?  They will not be away from their rightful homes for long!!  In this life of battle you have three choices!!  Power Devil!!  Brother!!  Name them!!

His partner begins walking in a stalking circle around him as he speaks.

Power Devil: Defeat in honorable combat!!

Superbeast: Valhalla!!

Power Devil: Victory in honorable combat!!

Superbeast: VALHALLA!!

Power Devil: Running from a fight like a jackal, a coward!!

Power Devil stops, and Superbeast puffs his chest out, absolutely bellowing.

Superbeast: Shame that will stain your family for generations to come!!  Shame that will never wash off!!  Shame that mocks you when you sleep and ruins you while awake!!  Power Devil!!  What do we choose?!

Power Devil: Valhalla!!  Now, tomorrow, forever!!  So Vice Squad?!  We make this solemn promise!  We will brutalize you!  Crush you!  Do our very level best to bury you under the rubble of the ring!!  Because we know deep in our ribcages that you will do the same!  As all warriors should!

Both men grin.

Superbeast: Be true to your word, Vice Squad!!  Step into the ring and let us see who claims glory, and who leaves the other team Bowed!

Power Devil: Bleeding!!

Unison: BROKEN!!

They throw their jackets off, tossing them to the floor, and then remove their cherished Title Belts.  They hold them up, basking in camera flashes, before carefully folding them and handing them to the referee.  

Dutch Harris: Vice Squad better teach them a lesson, man.

Scott Kamura: We’ll see if they will!  Folks, The Tag Titles are on the line!!

Vice Squad Vs. The Unholy Cyber Army (c)

The camera cuts to what appears to be a library of some sort. A fireplace roars in the center of frame, shelves of books around it, and a chair on either side. Sitting on the right side of our view is the man called Milton. His attire is the same as always: a red three-piece suit with black tie, red gloves, red shoes with black laces, and the blood-red mask that once belonged to Sangria, the late Roberto Cortez, Jr. What little we can see of his skin is scarred, warped, and in places blackened. He looks up to the camera, as if not expecting a visitor, but like everything else in this room, it is a facade. He closes his book (a copy of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s “Faust,” displayed perfectly for the audience’s benefit), picking up a wine glass from the table next to him. His voice is harsh and gravely, like the sound of a chainsaw cutting through solid rock.

Milton: Ah, come in. I apologize, I didn’t hear you enter.

He sips the wine glass, his twisted lips curling into a rictus-like smile.

Milton: I hope you’ll forgive us for not showing up to Shut Up and Fight this week. I know there are many in the crowd, and for that matter backstage, that truly desired to see my client, the true Iron Fist Champion, Arthur Pleasant.

However, I think it’s also safe to say we aren’t exactly welcome, either. Unfortunate, but true. Change is always difficult to accept, and there are some who just aren’t ready for the change the Collective is bringing.

BUT! I have it on very good authority that something is coming that will make everyone stop and, if not accept the change, understand that it is inevitable. Something that will show everyone, be they backstage, in the crowd, or even in the front office, that the Collective cannot be stopped.

Our next gift to the world will be revealed at Revolution. The one you’ve all been waiting for… on the same night that we advance in the Six-Man Tag Tournament, you will witness something beautiful, and it will put the Collective in a much different light.

So remember, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, SHOOT Project Soldiers…

The Collective is not a flash in the pan. We are not the “next great faction” in SHOOT.

We… simply… are.

Ooh, I can’t wait until the 28th. See you there.

The camera fades out as Milton opens the book once again, the face of Mephistopheles on the cover nearly matching that of his own.

El Caballero Blanco Vs. La Gorrion

After the bell, El Caballero Blanco calls for a microphone.  Being tossed one from the announce side, he taps it twice, breathing heavily.  

Dutch Harris: Aw jesus, now what’s this guy want?

Scott Kamura: Well I’d imagine he’s going to tell us, Dutch.

Dutch Harris: Shut up, Scottie.

El Caballero Blanco: La Gorrion!!  Step in front of me!

She sits crouched in the corner,catching her breath.  She suspiciously looks the Luchador up and down.  Finally, she sets her spine and steps forward. 

El Caballero Blanco: You fought tonight with power.  With eagerness.  With intensity.  Did you feel fear, feel nerves stepping out into this squared circle, this arena tonight?  You must have.  But…

He reaches out, pointing to her chest, his tone clear and serious.

El Caballero Blanco: …you swallowed that fear and turned it into strength!  Tell the fine people who you are!!

He holds the mic out to her, offering it.

La Gorrion takes the mic and looks around at the appreciative crowd, taking in the moment. She looks directly at El Cabellero Blanco.

La Gorrion: I am La Gorrion, The Sparrow. You fought well tonight, worthy opponent. We will meet again, I’m sure of it.

She gently places the mic down on the canvas and begins to walk away. But then turns and DRILLS El Caballero Blanco with a super kick right under the chin. Blanco hits the canvas hard and La Gorrion simply shakes her masked head before rolling out of the ring.

Dutch Harris: She sure showed him!

Scott Kamura: Come on! There was no call for that!

Dutch Harris: Says you! Maybe she wanted to make sure they’d meet again, Scottie. What better way than to nail him with a superkick?

As La Gorrion walks backwards, still shaking her head, El Caballero Blanco finally rouses, eyeing her and rubbing his chin.  We leave them there, cutting away…

The Chad Ass Brotherhood Vs. GODSPEED

Backstage.  Bobson Dugnutt, his hair feathered and coiffed, is standing in front of a mirror.  His body?  Tanned, well fed.  His gear?  Cotton candy loud.  He starts talking as he checks his wrist tape.  

Bobson: Think throughout history, babies.  Folks come and go.  Some of thems is remembered!  Some of thems is forgotten.  But oh daddy, some of them folks become LEGENDS, that’s right.  Legitimate legends!  Now which would you personally wanna be?

He reaches into a duffel bag, retrieving a large scale canister of hairspray.  He looks at himself in profile, hitting his hair with a few sprays.

Bobson: See, everyone is gonna say ‘legend’.  But truth is?  Most folk do well enough if they get to ‘remembered’.  The vast, vast majority of folks get forgotten and forgotten fast, jack.  

He looks down.  Somber, if briefly.

Bobson: See, I had a taste of that.  And it’s a cold, coooold beat!  So I done resolved one thing in my days:

He looks at himself, eyes locking with his own, serious.  

Bobson: Never again.

His smile returns, and he resumes spraying his high coif with a truly prodigious cloud of hairspray.

Bobson: Now Dan Stein?  Dan Stein is forgotten but he thinks he’s a legend.  Sad state of things.  But I’m sure he thinks if he goes on enough of a tear, he can become a legend again!  And I bet you dollars to them Dunkins that he sees ole Bobson Dugnutt as a step towards his former glory.  But you know what, daddy?

He shakes his head.

Bobson: Never again.  

Tossing the can into his bag with a clang, he lifts his knees, slapping his kick pads.

Bobson: Andromeda?  She ain’t had a chance to be forgotten yet.  That ain’t no slam, cakes–she’s just new, is all.  Course she wants to be a legend, and she wants to stomp a mud hole in ole Bobson to do it!  The world ain’t showed her that forgotten is kinda the resting state, baby!  But for the Hootchie Cootchie man to lay down and just help some young doe cause she’s young??  Feh!

He mock spits.

Bobson: Never again.  You feel that, fans and foes?  Daddy Dugnutt is a mountain you gotta conquer, and the summit is steep, jabronis!  I ain’t gonna be forgotten, mack!!  Ever!!  And you gonna see how serious I am with I drop that Pork Chop, when I lay down that Oooooh, Slam-a-doo–when I serve y’all a two course feast!  Course one is Sweet, course two is SassyGet your fill, daddy!

He executes a quick spin, checks his hair, and struts off screen.

The camera cuts quickly to the announcer’s desk, with Dutch Harris and Scott Kamura…

Dutch Harris: As much as I hate to say it, we regret to inform you that due to the injuries he suffered at the hands of X-Calibur at Revolution, Dan Stein has been deemed unable to compete in the triple threat match tonight.

Scott Kamura: Well, naturally, I guess. It’s Dan Stein, after all.

The crowd boos their disapproval at Stein’s late scratch.

Dutch Harris: We DID get word; however, that Stein will be at Revolution to address X-Calibur’s challenge for Revelation.

Scott Kamura: That said, we will still see Andromeda Flynn and Bobson Dugnutt tangle it up in that ring, and that match is NEXT.

Bobson Dugnutt Vs. Andromeda Flynn

We cut to the backstage area where an angry Joshua Breedlove is admonishing his team, the Chad Ass Brotherhood, who have experienced a first round exit in the six-man tag tournament.

Joshua Breedlove: Ock! You fuck! I can’t believe you tapped out! He barely even worked your arm at all, what the fuck dude!

Octavian Enright: Listen man, you know I had that shoulder injury from way back. I didn’t want to risk that shit getting hurt any more, mate. Ol’ arm couldn’t take it, just had to tap. Kitsune’s real strong for a little guy.

Joshua Breedlove: First of all, Kitsune is a god among men. Do you know anyone else who can do magic like that? I sure fuckin’ don’t, and WHAT ABOUT YOU, BROCK. You’re supposed to be the hayseed killer with your fuckin’ cornbread eating gigantic ass. Where even were you? Did you run out of gas?

Brock Holloway just shrugs.

Joshua Breedlove: I won’t tolerate this insolence in my kingdom, Lady Brock and Lady Ock, but I am a benevolent king, and I will forgive you, this time. Future failures? Probably won’t be tolerated as much, but now we must look ahead. To the Eight Man Tag Championship tournament.

Octavian Enright and Brock both snicker.

Joshua Breedlove: What?

Brock Holloway: There’s no eight-man tag tournament. This was it.

Octavian Enright: Yeah boss, I dunno where you got that idea, but that’s not a real thing.

Breedlove ponders this for a moment.

Joshua Breedlove: FUCK. Well, NOW WHAT?

Octavian Enright: Singles titles? The tag titles?

Joshua Breedlove: Wait. Aren’t there some titles still in the SHOOT Project vault that can be claimed?

Brock Holloway: Arthur Pleasant and the Collective are already doing that whole thing, man.

Breedlove thinks again.

Joshua Breedlove: FUCK.


Adelaide Ainsworth Vs. Courtney Hatchett (c)