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Shut Up and FIGHT: Special Attraction!

Following the end of Shut Up and Fight 3…


The pyro explodes and THE REAL DEAL shows up at the very END of Shut Up and Fight 3, and he’s got a bag in his hand and a microphone! 

Real Deal: Listen, I… I realize that the show is technically over… but you know, I just… I wanted a little more of the fight, you know what I mean? 

He holds up the bag. 

Real Deal: In my hand, I hold a bag, as you can all very clearly and plainly see. It’s a heavy bag, it’s got… it’s got gold in it. 

The crowd POPS. 

Real Deal: You don’t even know what’s in here, WHY are you cheering?! 

He smiles.

Real Deal: Okay well it’s a title belt, but it’s not ANY title belt… it’s the SHUT UP AND FIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! Yeah! 

We got another pop! 

Real Deal: So, who gets to compete for it? Well, that’s easy… any active singles competitor on the Shut Up and FIGHT roster, with the exception of… Jonah Silverkin… because he had DnD or something. 

Real Deal shrugs. 

Real Deal: Either way, we’re off to the races. Good luck!