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The Real Deal

Name:"Real Deal" Josh Johnson
Wrestling Style:Technical
Date of Birth:04/04/1980
Country:United States
Finisher Name:Reality Check
Finishing Move:C2C Superkick
Theme Music:"Chuuch!" by Bun B
Signature 1:Reverse Gory Special
Signature 2:Twist Cutter
Signature 3:Superkick
Signature 4:Wrist Clutch Exploder
Bio:The Real Deal has been around since nearly the beginning of the SHOOT Project. He's most well known as the first and only person to win the TRIAD, and has multiple World Heavyweight Championship reigns under his belt. He is a member of SHOOT Project's Hall fo Fame.The former owner of SHOOT's brother, Real Deal has also seen himself shift more towards the business side, running RCW which would later become SHOOT: Mexico, during one of SHOOT's last tenures. He's here now as the official owner of the SHOOT Project, alongside OutKast, with Jason Johnson having sold his stake and vanished, but as seen before, since he's only 40, he's still willing to lace 'em up and get in the ring, albeit on a very limited basis.