Trashcan Tim

Name:Trashcan Tim
Wrestling Style:Brawler
Weight:315 pounds
Date of Birth:03/02/1988
Hometown:Merigold, MS
Finisher Name:Trash Compactor
Finishing Move:A sheer drop Death Valley Driver where he clasps his hands together, crunching the opponent, before drivig them down
Theme Music:Honky Tonk Attitude by Joe Diffie
Signature 1:Full Nelson Buster
Signature 2:One Heck of a Clothesline!
Signature 3:One Arm Spinebuster (Simmons style)
Signature 4:Bionic Elbow w/theatrics (usually rubbing opponent's face in arm pit before final elbow, frequently a set up for the full nelson buster)
Bio:Tim Shaw is a modest man from Merigold, Mississippi that loves his mama and professional wrestling, in that order.Growing up, Tim had always fantasized about being a pro wrestler but never quite knew how to make that a reality. Fortunately for him, he caught the attention of a traveling promotion. Tim's size, charisma, and obvious love for wrestling stood out to the promoter; it also probably didn't hurt that Tim enthusiastically said he'd work for free. The promoter invited Tim to drive the ring truck and set up the ring all across Mississippi in exchange for wrestling training, which he did for several months before being ready for his first match.Prior to making his first-ever entrance, the promoter decided that "Tim Shaw" was a little too bland and they needed something with a little more pizazz. Tim, far from the creative type, was at a loss. The promoter, remembering that Tim had been a garbage man before coming onboard, decided that Trashman Tim was suitable and hastily communicated such to the ring announcer. The announcer misheard the request and mistakenly called him "Trashcan" Tim and the name stuck.While hardly a technical wizard, Tim's enthusiasm and charisma caught the eye of the wrestling world in late 2020, leading him to be signed by DEFIANCE. After some success in DEF and a stint as the Favoured Saints Champion, he comes to SHOOT Project wide-eyed and sincerely thrilled to still be involved in the business he always dreamed he'd be in.