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Under Siege


The scene… Tokyo, Japan…

The time… is now.


[Pyro flares, and the crowd, a little less than capacity, is hot as always, in anticipation of tonight’s major event. We go to Jeff Hansen and Ryu Kosi at the annoucer’s table]

Jeff: Welcome to the SHOOT Project’s Under Siege!

Ryu: Tonight, everything is decided and more begins, as we decide a NEW World Champion on this night!

Jeff: Let’s kick this shit off! We’ve got Strayt Jakit Vs. Kid Wikkid, now!


Samantha: “This next bout is for The Shoot Project DOJO Championship…and will be contested under DeathKore Rules! There will be NO DISQUALIFICATIONS, NO COUNT-OUTS, and NO TIME LIMITS for this match…and the referee will NOT attempt to prevent the usage of any foreign objects.”

(The crowd cheers excitedly…laser lights begin to flash in the arena…and ‘HASHPIPE’ by Weezer begins to play…)

Samantha: “Firstly…HERE IS YOUR CHALLENGER! Now approaching the ring, standing 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 203 pounds…here is KID WIKKID!”

(The crowd explodes as Kid Wikkid emerges from the runway amidst smoke and pyro…Wikkid jogs down the runway and does an impressive summersault over the top rope…the fans continue to give him an impressive ovation…as Kid Wikkid limbers up…the lights go out, and the familiar refrain booms throughout the arena: FOR THE TRUTH SHALL BE FOUND…NOT IN SIGHT…BUT IN SOUND…BOOM! A huge explosion of pyro goes off and Strayt Jakit appears on the top rope, amidst a cloud of smoke…)

Ryu: “WHOA!”

Samantha: “HIS OPPONENT…standing on the…uh…tope rope to my right…he stands at 6 feet 3 inches tall, and weighs in at 230 pounds…he is your SHOOT PROJECT DOJO/DEATHKORE CHAMPION…the ‘SYCO MAN’…STRAYT JAKIT!”

(Strayt Jakit jumps into the spotlight as flashbulbs from the crowd go off…Strayt Jakit removes his championship belt and hands it over to the ref as the bell rings and his music fades…)

Jeff: “The bell rings…and here we go, ready for DEATHKORE ACTION!”

Ryu: “This should be a good one.”

Jeff: “The two men circle each other like sharks…”

Ryu: “This is the third time these guys have met recently. You can tell they have each other very well scouted, and neither one wants to make the first mistake…”

Jeff: “Good point. They finally hook up…ARM DRAG by Strayt Jakit on Kid Wikkid…who bounces right up and answers with a DEEP armdrag of his own! Both men back up…”

Ryu: “Tit for tat there…now they’re back to slowly circling each other…”

Jeff: “Drop-kick attempt by Kid Wikkid, Strayt Jakit side steps and Wikkid hits the mat…before he can capitalize, Kid Wikkid kips up! Strayt Jakit goes for a dropkick attempt of his own…but this time WIKKID side steps! Now JAKIT kips up! The two men back away from each other as the crowd gives them a standing ovation!”

Ryu: “Like I said…neither of these guys wants to be the one to make the first mistake! They REALLY are being cautious and are playing mental chess at this point…”

Jeff: “Lock up again…now a go behind waist lock by Jakit…reversed by Wikkid…reversed again by Jakit…he pushes Kid Wikkid into the ropes…FLYING head-scissors on Kid Wikkid by Strayt Jakit! He keeps his legs locked tightly around the head of Kid Wikkid…Kid Wikkid has to bridge his way out of that!”


Jeff: “Jakit throws a short clothesline attempt…Wikkid ducks…go behind waist lock…into the German suplex backslide pin attempt! ONE…TWO…Strayt Jakit kicks out…and kips up again!”

Ryu: “Nice! Wikkid nailed him there but couldn’t keep him down!”

Jeff: “Strayt Jakit starts firing in some sharp knife edge chops to the chest of Kid Wikkid…Wikkid grabs Jakit…Irish Whip…off the ropes, Wikkid escapes a hip-toss attempt by Jakit and tries a monkey flip…Strayt Jakit reverses and flips over…landing on his feet…and the two men again back up as the crowd cheers!”

Ryu: “Wikkid looks calm, but you can tell Strayt Jakit is getting frustrated…which isn’t really a huge surprise. He’s not playing with a full deck under the BEST of circumstances…and he is obviously angry that Wikkid has been able to counter every single move he has applied so far.”

Jeff: “Strayt Jakit getting up in Kid Wikkid’s face…and slaps him! Wikkid slaps back! The two fighters start to trade punches back and forth…and Strayt Jakit rakes the eyes to gain the advantage. Strayt Jakit backs up…comes off the ropes…and delivers a flying double axehandle which floors Kid Wikkid! Strayt Jakit pulls Wikkid to his feet by the HAIR…and Irish whips him off the ropes…reversed by Kid Wikkid…Strayt Jakit slips under Kid Wikkid’s legs…comes up and delivers an unassisted enzuigiri! COVER: ONE…TWO…Kid Wikkid gets the shoulder up!”

Ryu: “WOW! Strayt Jakit hits Wikkid right in the back of the head UNASSISTED!” Jeff: “Strayt Jakit stays on Wikkid…gets a knee to the midsection of Wikkid…buries another hard knee right to the gut…now he whips him into the corner…then charges into the corner…Wikkid gets the boot up! BAM! Kid Wikkid leaps to the second rope and hits a leaping, spinning mule kick! Kid Wikkid kicks Strayt Jakit in the midsection a few times…and floats over and rolls him up…COVER: ONE…TWO…Jakit gets the shoulder up!”

Ryu: “Impressive looking rollup!”

Jeff: “Both men up…Strayt Jakit tries a back bodydrop on Kid Wikkid…but Wikkid lands on his feet! Kid Wikkid jumps up for a huracanrana…but Strayt Jakit hangs on to him…and hits a power bomb!”

Ryu: “Man…Wikkid felt that! He is clutching his back, and rolls out to the apron.”

Jeff: “Strayt Jakit tries runs…to the tope rope…springboard dropkick attempt…but Wikkid ducks…and Strayt Jakit goes crashing to the floor! Wikkid back in the ring…and goes over the top with a slingshot crossbody on the floor!”

Ryu: “WOW! Wikkid is staying on him…now Strayt Jakit is sent face first into the post, then hotshotted onto the security wall!”

Jeff: “Strayt Jakit draped over the security wall…Kid Wikkid up on the apron…and goes for a spinning kick Jakit…but Strayt Jakit MOVES and Wikkid lands ankle first!”

Ryu: “OH MAMA! You could break a LEG that way! Strayt Jakit goes under the ring and brings a ladder out! Well, I guess we have now officially changed from the DOJO Wrestling part of the match to the DEATHKORE part! BANG! Strayt Jakit runs the ladder face first into Kid Wikkid…and then DRIVES it into his back!”

Jeff: “You can tell that hurt Kid Wikkid pretty badly…and his back was already softened up by that powerbomb from Strayt Jakit earlier! Now Wikkid is rolled back into the ring, and setup in the corner. Strayt Jakit stays on him and fires some hard knife edge chops into the sternum of Kid Wikkid. Now Strayt Jakit with an Irish whip to the other side corner…which Wikkid reverses! Strayt Jakit hits the corner HARD! Wikkid comes charging forward with a shoulderblock…he backs up and does ANOTHER… now he does a backflip…and misses the third attempt as Strayt Jakit sidesteps…and Wikkid ends up hitting the post full on!”

Ryu: “HA! That will teach you to get fancy with the Syco Man! Strayt Jakit smartly throws Wikkid into the post a second time…to do more damage to the shoulder!”

Jeff: “This match has been fairly even so far, but Strayt Jakit is using his weight advantage and is doing some damage to Wikkid. Strayt Jakit now takes the opportunity of Wikkid laying on the canvas clutching his shoulder…he gets the ladder and slides it into the ring…and hits a snap suplex…shooting Kid Wikkid right onto the ladder!”

Ryu: “YOW!!! Strayt Jakit is doing a hell of a number on Wikkid’s back! Strayt Jakit covers: ONE…TWO…OH! Kid Wikkid JUST gets the shoulder up!”

Jeff: “Strayt Jakit stays on him…goes for a second suplex…NO! Wikkid sticks his foot in and blocks the suplex…now he spins around…and KID WIKKID hits a snap suplex of his own on Strayt Jakit!”

Ryu: “Oh MAN…did you see Strayt Jakit’s HEAD hit the ladder? Concussion time!”

Jeff: “Strayt Jakit staggers to his feet, holding the back of his head…Kid Wikkid in…but misses a dropkick! Strayt Jakit smells blood and rushes right in to put on a BOSTON CRAB!”

Ryu: “What brilliant ring psychology by Strayt Jakit! He goes RIGHT to the BACK…again!”

Jeff: “I agree. You can tell that Strayt Jakit came in here with a game plan to focus on the back of Kid Wikkid, and come hell or high water he’s sticking to the plan! Kid Wikkid manages to use his leg strength to roll Strayt Jakit off… he gets up…goes off the ropes…does a somersault…then a standing frog splash!”

Ryu: “COVER: ONE…TWO…Jakit kicks out! Kid Wikkid gets frustrated now, and fires some rapid fire stomps to the gut of Strayt Jakit!”

Jeff: “Kid Wikkid trying to soften Strayt Jakit up for another pin attempt…drops a leg, then goes for the split legged moonsault…but Strayt Jakit gets his legs up to knock the wind out of him! Strayt Jakit pulls Wikkid to his feet and hits a bulldog over the ladder!”

Ryu: “That’s just brutal!”

Jeff: “Cover by Strayt Jakit…ONE…TWO…NO! Wikkid gets the shoulder up! Wikkid gets up and connects with the spinning heel kick to the face of Strayt Jakit! Kid Wikkid heads up top…SHOOTING STAR PRESS!”

Ryu: “NO! Strayt Jakit moves! The spinning kick wasn’t enough to keep Strayt Jakit down, and while Wikkid went to the top rope, it gave him time to recover! Wikkid misses the Shooting Star Press! Strayt Jakit quickly rolls through with a cover…”

Jeff: “ONE…TWO…NO! Kid Wikkid gets the shoulder up…barely! We can see Wikkid is bleeding…that must be from that bulldog over the ladder earlier! Strayt Jakit gets the ladder and goes after tries to grab Kid Wikkid, only to take a drop-toe-hold and he lands face first on the ladder!”

Ryu: “MAN! These DeathKore matches are brutal!”

Jeff: “Kid Wikkid sets the ladder up in the corner, and gets a chair. Wikkid drives the chair into Strayt Jakit’s midsection a few times…now a scoop slam onto the chair! Kid Wikkid sets up the ladder in front of Strayt Jakit and climbs to the top!”

Ryu: “What the hell is this crazy kid going to do now? HEY! Strayt Jakit’s on his feet! He’s THROWING the chair at Wikkid…BANG!”

Jeff: “Whoa! Kid Wikkid takes a chair to the face and falls HEAD FIRST off the top rope…right to the floor! He HAS to be OUT! What a bump! Look at this replay…he falls from the top rope…all the way to the outside…and lands on his HEAD!”

Ryu: “That was HOLY SHIT bump if I ever saw one!”

Jeff: “Strayt Jakit climbs the ladder, and makes a HUGE leap to the floor outside!”

Ryu: “KID WIKKID MOVES! Strayt Jakit goes face first into the security wall!”

Jeff: “Strayt Jakit gets up but is staggering around out there on the floor. Wikkid climbs back in the ring…Strayt Jakit reaches under the ring and comes up with a chair.”

Ryu: “Here comes Kid Wikkid…forward full blast with a TOPE through the middle rope and takes the chair right to the face!”

Jeff: “HOLY CRAP! Strayt Jakit pulls Wikkid to his feet and runs him shoulder first into the ring post. Wikkid is staggered…he’s really hurting! Jakit rolls Wikkid back into the ring and attempts to Irish Whip him off the ropes…Wikkid reverses…they each duck a clothesline…Strayt Jakit goes for an enzuigiri…but Kid Wikkid counters with a spinkick! COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Strayt Jakit!”

Ryu: “This fight KICKS ASS!”

Jeff: “These men have been going at it full tilt for 20 minutes now! Strayt Jakit puts on an armbar. Kid Wikkid rolls out to the floor as best he can…Strayt Jakit follows…and Wikkid gets whipped into the stairs!”

Ryu: “You make a good point Jeff. If this match wasn’t being fought by DeathKore rules, it would have been OVER by now…and it would have been a time limit draw.”

Jeff: “Outside the ring…Strayt Jakit keeps pounding on Wikkid’s shoulder. Strayt Jakit grabs that chair now…and drives the chair into Kid Wikkid’s back again! Wikkid stumbles forward…he’s in AGONY.”

Ryu: “Now Strayt Jakit drops the chair…and goes to the inside of the ring…he bounces of the far rope…BASEBALL SLIDE…BUT WIKKID DROPS, AND HOLDS THE CHAIR UP! CRACK!”

Jeff: “WOW! Wikkid held that chair up…and Strayt Jakit slid leg first RIGHT INTO IT! Now Jakit is in a crumpled heap outside the ring. Kid Wikkid throws the ring apron skirt up…what’s he pulling out?”

Ryu: “A TABLE!…and…ANOTHER TABLE…and…ANOTHER TABLE! What the hell…is he planning a board meeting?”

Jeff: “I don’t think GOD knows what Kid Wikkid is planning! While Strayt Jakit lays outside the ring clutching his knee, Kid Wikkid slides back in the ring and sets up the table…now he’s setting up the OTHER table…and putting it on TOP…”

Ryu: “Holy Moly! Now he’s setting up the THIRD table…and he’s putting THAT on top of the first TWO! What the hell is he planning to do with a giant stack of tables?”

Jeff: “Strayt Jakit is starting to get to his feet…Wikkid sees this…runs…bounces off the FAR rope…across…PLANCHA! PLANCHA! Kid Wikkid just SOARED over the top rope and NAILED Strayt Jakit with an AMAZING plancha…JUST as Strayt Jakit was getting to his feet! Wikkid is up…and he rolls the dazed Strayt Jakit back into the ring. Oh gawd help us all…Wikkid looking under the ring…and pulling out a duffel bag…now what the hell is he doing…he’s rummaging around in that bag…what’s he got?”

Ryu: “A bottle? He’s in the ring now…OH BOY…he’s spraying those tables with LIGHTER FLUID!”

Jeff: “…oh no…he’s got a zippo lighter out…he just threw it on those three tables he stacked up!”

Ryu: “WOW! Those tables are TORCHED! The flames must be six feet high! The fans are screaming…”

Jeff: “Kid Wikkid lifts up Strayt Jakit over his shoulder…he’s got him up…HIGH VERTICAL SUPLEX…NO! He PROPS Strayt Jakit up on the top rope…and now he’s climbing up there himself…OH MY GOD!!!”


Jeff: “WHAT AN IMPACT! What a sight! Strayt Jakit lays in a crumpled heap amidst the smoldering wreckage of those tables! Kid Wikkid on the top rope…raises both his arms to the thunderous cheers of the fans! Now he jumps…450 SPLASH OFF THE TOP ROPE! COVER: ONE…TWO…THREE!!! WE HAVE A NEW DOJO CHAMPION!!!”


Jeff: “Kid Wikkid staggers to his feet to the deafening cheers of the fans! The bell rings…let’s look at that replay…you can see those three stacked tables burning like a towering inferno…Kid Wikkid tosses Strayt Jakit head over heels right through them as he crashes…and then Wikkid follows it up with a 450 Splash! UNBELIEVABLE!”


Ryu: “Man the fans are just going NUTS as we show another replay of that amazing sequence! Kid Wikkid standing on the top rope holding his belt over his head as his music starts to play and pyro goes off!”

Jeff: “HERE COME HARDCORE STYLE! As Strayt Jakit staggers up the ramp holding his neck…Del Carver and Ben Jackman run past him and embrace Kid Wikkid! Hardcore Style hoist Kid Wikkid up on their shoulders and parade him around the ring as Weezer pounds throughout the arena. WHAT A MATCH!”

What we’ve got here is… failure to communicate. Some men, you just can’t reach. So, you get what we had here last week. Which, is the way he wants it. Well, he gets it… I don’t like anymore than you men.

[The intro to "Civil War" by Guns ‘N Roses plays as a thunder storm rolls over the screen continuously. Civil War kicks in and the regular lights go out. Strobe lights flash throughout the arena. A man walks down the aisle, it is as if the lights shift away from him. The arena stands to try and see who it is, yet all is dark. As the song continues, the man gets to the end of the ramp. He has long hair hanging down, that much we can see. With very little movement he slides into the ring. The song stops abruptly. The lights flicker on and all is quiet… all are hushed… all are amazed. In the center of the ring, a look of ice on his face, dressed in an old SWA T-Shirt, blue jeans, and boots, stands Beorn.]

Beorn – How long has it been? A few years… and in those years I changed from an extremely talented boy to the man you see now. What’s the difference from before? Alas, that is something I cannot answer. You, the fans, the one’s that knew me back then… are the only people who can answer that question. But for those, and there probably are man, who do not know who I am do not worry… I’ll tell you.

(speaking slowly) I’m that guy that doesn’t have a "crew".

I’ve been that guy that isn’t popular but kicks ass anyway.

I’m that kid in school… that people would make fun of but never step up to.

I’m the guy that even OutKast is afraid of.

I’m the one that has a bad rap, simply, for standing up for himself.

I’m the guy that’s been lost for a bit.

I’m the guy that the rookies look up to, but the older guys hate.

I’m that guy, the one you can’t beat, but call an embarassment anyway.

I’m the guy that, even though I am better, can’t get a push because… well, it looks bad.

I’m the one that though I was champ in SWA for as long as Kygon, oh ya… and I defended my title…

will still be known as second best.

I’m the guy that the fans may like, but the back hates.

I’m the one that stands up for himself.

I’m the one that has trouble making friends in the business because of what others may think of those "friends".

I’m that guy with no gimmick but tons of wrestling skill.

I’m the one who won’t shut up.

I come here with nothing to give, nothing but my skill. And let it be known that I am here to win, not lose. And all you execs in the back… you can push me or not, because when it is all said and done I will have earned whatever you give me and then some. Who am I? Some of you ask. I am Beorn, immovable and unchanging. Some people here may say that I’ve done it all. I mean, I’ve had enough push to get a show in my own hometown of Halifax. Something never done before, a show in Halifax that is. I’ve been the champ in, what was, the top company in the world. I’m also undefeated in tag team wrestling. However, I say that I am very far from doing it all. In my opinion at least. I’ve yet to get that one match that I sat on my hands and waited for, but… never got. Somehow, though I have beaten so many, I still hear "He sucks." I still hear "Never Was." I still hear, I hear that I don’t deserve anything I’ve had around my waist.

So, no, I haven’t done it all. I still have something to prove. Some think that I need to prove that I belong in the "big leagues". My mission, from this moment forth, is to show all those punk naysayers what I’m capable of. I want everyone to forget what they once held against me and simply look at me as a man deserving to be called great.

In the past, fans have tended to cheer for me. However, ladies and gentleman, I have turned a new leaf. I’m no face, and I’m no heel. You may love some of the things I do and you may hate others. But I have to do them, from now on I’m in this for me because no matter how hard I try I always come back, I always return to wrestling. Even with all my friends gone… Hunter, Joseph, Allocca, where are these men? Hopefully, they have found better lives. Me, I’m tormented. I’m tormented because I love this damn sport but this sport hates me. All you people in the back, you all hate me for reasons unnamed, are any of you man enough to stand up for the loser that wins. And, even moreso, are any of you man enough to stand up TO Beorn?

[Beorn ends the interview just like that. He drops the mic and his music hits. The SHOOT fans are all silenced. All are bewildered as Beorn makes his way up the ramp and out.]

Jeff: “It’s interesting to see that Beorn has made his way here to SHOOT. Well, maybe not so much anymore with all the names we have now. It’ll be even MORE interesting to see if Beorn can follow up on his statements, and not prove a ruse.”

Ryu: “Certainly. But, who is he?”

Jeff: “Dude, nevermind.”

Ryu: “Well, next we have a cage match, for the SHOOT Project Tag Team Championships, and the competition for this has been nothing short of amazing this week, especially considering what kind of tag division we have. However, I wouldn’t want to do the talking, so Samantha Coil, take it away.”

Jeff: “Yeah dude, shut your hole.”



(The crowd cheers as the steel cage slowly lowers from the rafters and "Slow Burn" by David Bowie begins to play…)

Samantha: “Firstly, THE CHALLENGERS: Now entering the ring…standing 6 feet 4 inches and weighing in at 237 pounds… JONNY JOHNSON!”

(Jonny Johnson strides down the aisle, jumps on the ring apron, and holds his arms over his head…his theme music fades…and “Crawling” by Linkin Park starts to play…)

Samantha: “And his partner…making his way towards the ring…standing 6 feet 3 inches and weighing in at 245 pounds… here is…ENIGMA!”

(Enigma emerges from the entrance and slowly strides to the ring…a look of total concentration on his face. He climbs into the ring, stares at the cage which is lowering with no concern on his face…he solemnly nods to Jonny Johnson and turns and faces the aisle…“They Came In” by The Butthole Surfers begins to play. A spotlight swings to the entrance at the head of the runway…)

Samantha: “AND NOW…standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 225 pounds…THE FLYING DUTCHMAN! His partner…standing 6 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 295 pounds…THE FIST! Together they are your SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…THE MADMEN!!!”

(The Flying Dutchman and The Fist simultaneously walk to the runway…both proudly wear the SHOOT PROJECT Tag Team Championship belts around their waists.)

Jeff: “The SHOOT Tag Champs making their way to the ring…the cage is lowered and the door is shut…”

Ryu: “I love a good cage match!”

Jeff: “As we get underway here, we should clarify that the rules of this match state that ONE member of a team must escape either OVER THE TOP of the cage or through the door…and BOTH feet must touch the ground in order for their team to be declared the WINNER. There IS a referee in this match but ONLY to regulate the TAGGING in and out.”

Ryu: “There is NO place for a ref in a cage match. Just let them fight it out, I say.”

Jeff: “The bell rings…here we go! The Flying Dutchman charges at Jonny Johnson who grabs him…and runs him right into the turnbuckle. Jonny Johnson punches away…clobbering The Flying Dutchman to the ground… Jonny Johnson pulls The Dutchman to his feet…whips him off the ropes and hits him with a BRUTAL clothesline…The Dutchman down in the center of the ring…and Jonny Johnson tags in Enigma.”

Ryu: “ I wonder how long this whole tagging in and out LEGALLY deal will last…”

Jeff: “With these two teams, I’m guessing not too long. Enigma and Jonny Johnson throw The Dutchman into the ropes and hit him with a couple of elbows…now the ref is ordering Jonny Johnson out of the ring…as The Fist stands on the top rope from his corner and looks menacingly at Johnson…The Flying Dutchman reverses a whip and drives Enigma to the mat with a NICE DROPKICK!…The Fist tagged in, clotheslines Enigma right away!”

Ryu: “You know, I don’t know if a lot of Shoot Project fans realize that Jonny Johnson and Enigma are a VERY accomplished Tag Team. These guys got this shot for a REASON. They are old buddies from the AODWF”

Jeff: “Very true…Enigma staggers back to his feet…just as The Fist hits another clothesline…you don’t see much fancy from The Fist, but what you DO see is effective! Enigma staggers to his corner and tags Jonny Johnson…in comes Jonny Johnson.”

Ryu: “The Fist looks a bit peeved that Enigma is avoiding staying in there with him.”

Jeff: “The Fist hits a HIGH vertical suplex on Jonny Johnson coming in…and The Flying Dutchman gets tagged in…The Dutchman drops a big elbow on the chest of Jonny Johnson…pulls him to his feet…then hits a neckbreaker…Jonny Johnson pulled back to his face…but throws his arms up and blocks The Dutchman’s attempt to scrape his face across the cage…The Dutchman fires a series of sharp elbows to the midsection of Jonny Johnson…and HERE WE GO!”

Ryu: “Oh boy…The Dutchman GRINDING the head of Jonny Johnson into the cage…and he’s busted open…”

Jeff: “The Flying Dutchman picks Jonny Johnson up…but he slips off with a reverse DDT!…Enigma is tagged in and he runs over The Flying Dutchman with a clothesline… and a dropkick for The Fist! Roundhouse for The Flying Dutchman…and one for The Fist on the apron. The Fist goes after Enigma as he starts to climb out…”

Ryu: “The Fist is NOT letting Enigma get away…he grabs him by the ankle and PULLS! Enigma slides face first down the wall of the cage…now HE’S busted open…”

Jeff: “Meanwhile…The Flying Dutchman starts to climb out…but Jonny Johnson stops him, and press slams him to the middle of the ring! The Fist leaves Enigma hanging on the side of the cage…and BULLDOGS Jonny Johnson from behind! The champions team up to drive Jonny Johnson face first into the cage AGAIN…and they are AGAIN grinding Jonny Johnson’s face into the steel!”

Ryu: “After The Madmen are done with Jonny Johnson, his own mother won’t recognize him!”

Jeff: “The Fist left the dazed Enigma hanging between the ring ropes and the cage…but he has shaken his head…grabs the cage and starts to climb out like a madman. The Fist sees him…catches him on his shoulders…The Fist nods…gives The Dutchman the high sign…”

Ryu: “Oh lord, what are those two up to now?”

Jeff: “The Flying Dutchman lightly jumps to the top rope…and comes OFF with a flying clothesline taking Enigma OFF the shoulders of The Fist…and folding him up in midair! Enigma does a 360 in the air and lands on his head!”

Ryu: “What GREAT double team work by the champions! You know, The Madmen personify that great big man-little man Tag Team combo that works so well! The Dutchman handles the high flying moves, The Fist does the POWER, and they are both cunning, evil, and mean!”

Jeff: “The main factor that Enigma and Jonny Johnson have working against them here is that The Madmen are an established team and they wrestle primarily AS a team…and as we just saw, they have a wide variety of double team maneuvers…”

Ryu: “Yeah…you can tell by the way they work together that they have practiced these moves…”

Jeff: “Jonny Johnson is back up gets back in the face of The Flying Dutchman…he flattens him with a short clothesline…and now The Dutchman is run face first into the side of the cage…The Flying Dutchman is now busted open…now Jonny Johnson turns….and whips The Fist into the cage…The Fist comes off the ropes…Jonny Johnson then levels him HARD with a lariat!”

Ryu: “Enigma again staggers to the corner…and starts to climb…The Fist dives…grabs Enigma’s leg, and pulls him down…and flattens him with a headbutt!”

Jeff: “Jonny Johnson stomps The Dutchman who is on all fours, bleeding and dazed…and spins The Fist around…hitting a swinging neckbreaker on The Fist…Jonny Johnson turns and drops an elbow on The Flying Dutchman…meanwhile…Enigma is back up…and connects with a legdrop to the groin on The Fist…now the challengers double backdrop The Flying Dutchman and now they each take a corner…Jonny Johnson hits a legdrop on The Dutchman and Enigma hits a splash on The Fist!”

Ryu: “The challengers are really taking it to the champs now! WOW! Now we start to see where THEY have some impressive experience as a team!”

Jeff: “Jonny Johnson starts a climb out…The Fist staggers over and stops him…and Jonny Johnson winds up his foot and nails The Fist with a BRUTAL kick to the face…Meanwhile Enigma is choking The Flying Dutchman over the top rope…”

Ryu: “It’s now official…there is no need for the ref in this match!”

Jeff: “LOOK AT THAT! Even though Jonny Johnson kicked The Fist in the FACE…The Fist will NOT let go of his leg…Jonny Johnson cannot climb…he drops down…ON TOP of The Fist! Meanwhile…The Flying Dutchman gets caught with a vicious slam…now Enigma is CHOKING him…”

Ryu: “Jonny Johnson takes this opportunity to escape the cage…he’s climbing…meanwhile The Fist has grabbed Enigma and is trying to pull him off The Flying Dutchman!”

Jeff: “The Fist will ALWAYS protect his boss The Flying Dutchman, no matter WHAT the cost! The Fist is up and fighting with Enigma…but Enigma is managing to hold his own. The two men are standing toe to toe in the dead center of the ring…exchanging pulverizing rights and lefts…both men are standing their ground…neither man is willing to back off or step away…what a slugfest…it’s a war…blood is flying as both men take turns smashing each other in the face with punches…”

Ryu: “The Fist is showing everybody WHY he is the FIST…look at those punches! Man…both these guys are DESTROYING each other…you can just FEEL the hatred…OH SHIT…LOOK! Jonny Johnson is almost at the top!”

Jeff: “While Enigma and The Fist pound each other into a bloody mess in the center of the ring, The Flying Dutchman scrambles up the cage…he’s trying to grab the ankle of Jonny Johnson…he’s got it! He’s got his ankle! Jonny Johnson is violently shaking his leg…but The Dutchman won’t let go…”

Ryu: “The Madmen LOVE having those belts…to them it says they are the BEST team in Shoot Project and they are not going to let that go without a fight…OH MAMA!”

Jeff: “The Flying Dutchman has BRACED his legs against the side of the cage for leverage…even though he is halfway up the side…that means if he does succeed in pulling Jonny Johnson down…he will fall almost ten feet…OH MY GOD!”

Ryu: “What do you mean IF? The Dutchman propped his feet against the side of the cage…and leaned back and pulled…BOTH MEN fall back to the mat in a big bloody heap! That was a HUGE drop…both guys landed on their backs…WHAT A BUMP!”

Jeff: “Both men using the ropes to pull themselves to their feet…now The Dutchman is reaching into his tights…what the…?”

Ryu: “HANDCUFFS! HANDCUFFS! That’s ONE way of making sure your opponent doesn’t escape the cage…The Flying Dutchman has handcuffs…and he just cuffed Jonny Johnson to the top rope!”

Jeff: “As The Fist and Enigma continue to slug it out in the middle of the ring as Jonny Johnson thrashes around…pulling on the top rope…”

Ryu: “The Dutchman starts pounding over and over again into the forehead of Jonny Johnson…Jonny Johnson was busted up bad enough before…but this is just UNREAL…the blood is literally SPLATTERING with every fist that The Dutchman drives into Jonny Johnson’s face…I’m going to puke…that’s it…”

Jeff: “As The Dutchman pummels Jonny Johnson who is cuffed to the ropes…The Fist and Enigma continue to slug it out…but they are both exhausted…Enigma lands a roundhouse…now The Fist…Enigma…The Fist…Enigma…now he ducks…and slams a fist into the midsection of The Fist…The Fist doubles over…”

Ryu: “They WERE trading shots to the head…but Enigma slipped the jab there and knocked the wind out of The Fist…”

Jeff: “Enigma slips behind…lifts The Fist up and NAILS him with a picture perfect atomic drop! The Fist turns…but Enigma hoists him up and executes a textbook backbreaker…The Fist collapses to the mat, clutching his back…”

Ryu: “Well…I think Jonny Johnson is done…he’s just hanging there dripping blood…The Dutchman turns to see what’s happening with his partner…and he gets caught with a HUGE boot to the face!”

Jeff: “Both members of The Madmen laying on the mat now…Enigma looks at the bloody Jonny Johnson…and now he turns and hoists The Flying Dutchman up…and backs up…”

Ryu: “RUNNING POWERBOMB…but he dropped The Flying Dutchman ON TOP of his partner!”

Jeff: “Sweet lord! Enigma powerbombed The Dutchman on top of The Fist…just as The Fist was struggling to get up…both men laying in a heap…”

Ryu: “Enigma casts one last look at Jonny Johnson…and he calls for the DOOR! The ref swings the door open…”

Jeff: “Enigma staggers out the door as The Madmen both struggle to get to their feet…Enigma’s feet hit the floor…the bell rings!”

(“Slow Burn” by David Bowie starts to play…)

Samantha: “Ladies and gentlemen…the WINNERS…and your NEW SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…ENIGMA…and JONNY JOHNSON!”

Jeff: “The refs rush into the ring…one of them has a key and unlocks Jonny Johnson…meanwhile a bunch of security guys are escorting The Flying Dutchman and The Fist OUT of the cage…and UP the aisle? What the hell is that about?”

Ryu: “I’ll tell you…my old broadcast partner and the PRESIDENT of Shoot Project Jason Johnson is no dummy…he obviously had extra security ready to hustle The Madmen up the ramp if they lost…those boys are sore losers…everyone knows that.”

Jeff: “Well…security has successfully dragged the ex champions up the aisle…as the cage raises and the refs hand Enigma and Jonny Johnson their newly won titles…we get ready for our next match…”

Suddenly, the lights go completely dark within the Tokyo Dome. There is no noise what so ever as everyone has been thrown into a state of sudden surprise mixed with fear. The fear mainly comes from the shrill screams of a woman coming out of no where. The screams fade however, leaving silence once again… The Under Siege Big Screen turns on revealing the static screen… and the faint sound of “Save me” by Remy Zero fills the arena… and then a voice.

Voice: The horrid visions in your mind. The memories locked away for reasons unknown put there by those who wish to hide them. Embarrassment, failure, rage, thoughtless passion, simply a few emotions that trap these moments of your life in a cage stored in the furthest reaches of your mind…

Rapid images begin to flash on the screen, horrible images of a woman being raped and beaten, men chugging alcohol, people sobbing, raged filled children attacking each other, a figure falling through a dark void…

Voice: These visions are symbols of your hopes and dreams and the perfect life…. All shattered because of a moment in your life you feel shamed about. You hide this moment in fear that it will ruin you… but what you fail to realize is that it already has. These moments have happened, and somebody always knows, and one day those faded memories are sure to resurface…

The images stop flashing, leaving one image on the screen, that of a gravestone with the word hope etched into it.

Voice: And when they do resurface, you can expect to see me there, smiling in my personal satisfaction…

The image plastered on the screen quickly goes up in flames and the outline of a bust of a person comes forward, the static in the background. The voice no longer sounds recorded, but instead seems as if it is right there in the arena, next to you.

Voice: I am everywhere, and you can rest assured I was there when it happened, when everything happens. And I will continue to feed off of your faded memories until there is nobody left to break down. You will all become sobbing shells of your former self, and then perhaps you will realize…

A quick flash of light fills the arena and once more illuminates the Tokyo Dome. There is nothing on the Under Siege Big Screen… not even static. The music has continues to play though as fans stir in their seats. The voice again comes from no where.

Voice: I can see you all.

And with that, everything returns to a complete normal state… the fans however still silent, unsure of what to think of what just occurred.

Ryu: Can someone please tell me just what in the fuck is going on here? I mean, Jesus. The past three weeks, we’ve seen this shit. It’s ridiculous.

Jeff: Simmer, Ryu. Simmer. This person clearly has a purpose, and he will likely end up showing himself sometime, if not soon.

Ryu: Yeah, whatever. Let’s just move on, shall we?

Jeff: The next match is between two men who share no love, at all. Their respective belts will be abolished tonight, and one new one will take its place. The unification of the Rising Star and Rule of Surrender Championship will now take place.


("Soldier" by Eminem begins to play, and laser lights flash on the runway…Eryk Masters emerges from the dressing room and begins to make his way to the ring…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…this match is a BEST OUT OF THREE FALLS MATCH to UNIFY the SHOOT PROJECT RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPIONSHIP…and the SHOOT PROJECT RISING STAR CHAMPIONSHIP! FIRSTLY on his way to ring the he is your SHOOT PROJECT RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION…standing at 6 Feet 4 Inches Tall, weighing in at 245 pounds…Eryk Masters

(The sound of Slim Shady fades…"South Texas Deathride" by Union Underground explodes across the arena as Trey Willett stalks confidently down the aisle …)

Samantha: “Now the CHALLENGER…standing 6 feet 4 inches tall, and weighing in at 236 pounds…here is your RISING STAR CHAMPION…TREY WILLETT

Jeff: “Trey Willett climbs into the ring and hands his belt over to the ref…the ref already has Eryk Masters belt. He hands both belts off to our timekeeper. The two competitors locked in a stare down.”

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen, HERE are the rules for this match: The first two falls will be determined by RULE OF SURRENDER RULES and RISING STAR RULES. IF a THIRD fall becomes necessary, there will be a SUDDEN DEATH TABLE MATCH to determine the winner. The referee will now flip a coin to determine which champion will dictate the rules of the first match…”

Jeff: “The referee flips a coin in the air…he points to the fighters…”

Samantha: “Eryk Masters has called TAILS…Trey Willett has called HEADS…the referee checks the coin…TAILS. Since Mr. Masters is THE RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION and he calls TAILS, the FIRST FALL will be held under RULE OF SURRENDER RULES…A SUBMISSION MATCH!”

Ryu: “The bell rings…here we go, in the first out of three possible falls. We know for sure this fall is a submission match and the next fall will be a ladder match. IF a third match is needed…it’s a table match! YES!”

Jeff: “Here we go…Eryk Masters quick kick into Willett’s leg…Trey Willett takes a swipe at Masters, and misses. Another kick by Masters, and another, and a third drops Trey Willett. HUGE kick to the roundhouse punch sends Trey Willett to the outside.”

Ryu: “Masters coming out full blast here…”

Jeff: “Willett climbs back in the ring. Another kick attempt by Masters is caught is by the champion…leg drag on Eryk Masters by Trey Willett! Now Trey Willett with a headlock on the challenger…grinding it in…Eryk Masters shoots Trey Willett off…shoulder block by Trey Willett. Whip into the corner…Trey Willett charges but Eryk Masters jumps to the top turnbuckle! Willett hits the turnbuckles full speed and careens backwards…and Eryk Masters comes off with a MISSLE DROPKICK!”

Ryu: “Nicely done!”

Jeff: “Both men to their feet…another drop-kick flattens Trey Willett. Eryk Masters pulls the champion to his feet…forearm…whip into the ropes…clothesline attempt by Masters…Trey Willett ducks under…clothesline attempt by Willett misses…he turns…grabs Masters from behind…German suplex!”

Ryu: “Trey Willett grabs Masters and rams his head into the top turnbuckle…and again and again!”

Jeff: “Stomps by Trey Willett onto the prone Eryk Masters…HIGH VERTICAL suplex! Trey Willett with his FIRST SUBMISSION ATTEMPT…a CHICKENWING! Masters yelling in pain, but slowly gets to his feet…DEEP armdrag breaks the hold and takes down Trey Willett…”

Ryu: “That chicken-wing will break your arm, good thing Masters worked it out…”

Jeff: “Trey Willett is right back on his feet and FLOORS Eryk Masters with a huge LARIAT. Trey Willett is up again, with ANOTHER clothesline on Eryk Masters…now a knife edge chop… another one…whip to the corner, Trey Willett charges in after Eryk Masters…but Masters gets his leg up…the champ snaps back…stunned momentarily…Eryk Masters goes to the top…FLYING CLOTHESLINE MISSES!”

Ryu: “The Lariat seems to be the offensive move of choice in this match…but that one MISSED.”

Jeff: “Willett nails Masters with a fist drop! Trey Willett stays right on him…and locks on a CAMEL CLUTCH!”

Ryu: “Trey Willett has this painful submission hold on Eryk Masters…and he’s right in the middle of the ring! This move will WRENCH your back!”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters thrashing around like a fish out of water…but he’s not going down easily!”

Ryu: “Masters slowly makes his way to the ropes…pulling himself forward inch by inch…Willett doing everything he can to prevent it…but Eryk Masters reaches the ropes!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett breaks the hold under orders from the ref…Trey Willett stays on Masters and hits him with some stiff European Uppercuts…another…boot to the gut…left jab to the jaw…now a powerful whip to the opposite corner…Trey Willett charges…but Masters is UP and knees Willett in the face! Eryk Masters goes to the top…but Trey Willett shoves him to the outside!”

Ryu: “That’s a HELL of a drop!”

Jeff: “Masters is on the concrete outside…now Trey Willett out after him and runs Eryk Masters right into the steel steps!”

Ryu: “WHAM!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett rolls Eryk Masters back in the ring…picks him up… PLIEDRIVER! Trey Willett has now secures both of Eryk’s arms and is driving the knee into his back.”

Ryu: “Right between the shoulder blades! He looks like he’s softening him up for the CAMEL CLUTCH AGAIN!”

Jeff: “Eryk slowly fights his way up to his knees…trying to reverse the double arm hold…but Trey Willett turns it around and drives the knee into the back again….YOU WERE RIGHT…Trey Willett puts Eryk Masters in the Camel Clutch AGAIN!”

Ryu: “Eryk Masters yelling in pain…and he’s not very close to the ropes!”

Jeff: “Once again…Masters struggles…but Willett stays on him…Masters thrashing around…fighting like his life depended on it…so Willett gives up…grabs Eryk’s head and RAMS his knee right into Eryk Masters face!”

Ryu: “He’s bleeding…I think Willett just broke his nose…Masters falls to the ground like a bag of wet cement…and Trey Willett AGAIN puts on the Camel Clutch! How many times can Masters fight this hold off? This has got to do it!”

Jeff: “NO…Eryk Masters is AGAIN working his way toward the ropes…and he’s about to get there…but Trey Willett grabs his head…moves in front of him, LEANS BACK and puts on a dragon sleeper!”

Ryu: “Eryk Masters in the Dragon Sleeper! But he fires back…and knees Trey Willett in the face! Turnabout is fair play! Let’s see how Willett likes the old knee to the face!”

Jeff: “Both men slowly stagger to their feet as the crowd gives them a standing ovation in appreciation of the amazing battle we are witnessing. Willett grabs Masters…whip to the corner…Trey Willett charges but Eryk Masters comes out with a SPINNING LEG KICK to the head of Trey Willett which knocks him down!”

Ryu: “Eryk Masters staggers over to Trey Willett…WHOA! OUCH! Willett NAILS Eryk Masters with a LOW BLOW…and while Masters is DOWN…Trey Willett AGAIN slaps on the Camel Clutch!”

Jeff: “Masters eyes are rolling back in his HEAD, but I don’t know if that is from the repeated submission attempts…or the kick the groin? The ref checks Eryk’s hand…it falls…and again…AND AGAIN! Eryk Masters is OUT…THE REF CALLING FOR THE BELL!”

Ryu: “The bell rings and we have a WINNER in out first fall! Trey Willett has submitted Eryk Masters! The ref grabs Trey Willett’s hand and raises it …”


Ryu: “The ref helping Eryk Masters to his feet while the timekeeper slides that LADDER into the ring…both Masters and Willett get a few seconds break while the ref raises the belt over the ring on that winch…”

Jeff: “Both men now facing each other…you can tell that Eryk Masters is still in considerable pain…but Trey Willett is not without his own after-effects of the battle we just witnessed…”

Ryu: “Both men watching at that 15 foot ladder is set up…and the Rising Star Championship is now hanging above the ring …he bell rings… HERE WE GO!”

Jeff: “Brawl right after the bell to start us off…Eryk Masters with a stabbing left hook to the jaw of the Trey Willett…now going for the suplex…and drops him FACE FIRST!”


Jeff: “Eryk Masters clubbing away at Trey Willett…now climbing up to the top rope FLYING DOUBLE AXEHANDLE across Trey Willett’s back! Eryk Masters grabs Trey Willett…whip is reversed…and Eryk Masters runs RIGHT into the ladder HEAD FIRST!”

Ryu: “THAT didn’t take long! That may be the new Shoot Project record for fastest use of the ladder in a ladder match!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett now stomping and kicking Eryk Masters…Trey Willett takes the ladder now…and DRIVES it DOWN onto Eryk Masters!…AND AGAIN! Trey Willett is beating Eryk Masters with that ladder.”

Ryu: “The ladder is the ultimate weapon!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett now tosses the ladder aside…Trey Willett in control…shoves Eryk Masters back into the corner…and starts blasting him with stiff right hand shots to the face…now throws Eryk Masters into the ropes…BIG FLYING FOREARM SMASH!”

Ryu: “Trey Willett starts stomping away on Eryk Masters…now Eryk Master’s head smashed into to the buckle by Trey Willett…Eryk Masters fires back with a wild roundhouse…answered with a right jab by Trey Willett, right cross by Eryk Masters…another right jab by Trey Willett…now he grabs Eryk Masters and whips him into the opposite corner…”

Jeff: “Trey Willett follows through with a running clothesline…Masters DOWN…Willett pulls him to his feet…HEADBUTT and down goes Masters again…”

Ryu: “Trey Willett takes advantage of the stunned Eryk Masters and goes and gets the ladder.”

Jeff: “Yeah…but Trey Willett takes a bit too long carrying the ladder…Eryk Masters charges and bodyblocks the ladder right into Trey Willett’s face!…Trey Willett falls back against the corner, getting sandwiched by the ladder! Eryk Masters quickly springs to action and runs…SPLASH…THE LADDER GOES RIGHT into Eryk Master’s head!”

Ryu: “These guys are really using the ladder as a weapon now!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett collapses…he has the ladder laying on top of him…Eryk Masters goes to the top rope…and comes off!”

Ryu: “WHOA! Eryk Masters just did a FLYING LEGDROP onto the ladder…that hurt him but it SQUASHED Trey Willett! Look at Willett’s legs kicking under the ladder!”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters grabs the ladder off Willett…he has the ladder underneath the title belt…up six steps…but Willett sees him and scrambles quickly heads to the corner…up to the top rope…and off with a kick to the flying drop-kick to the ladder…Masters and the ladder sprawling to the mat!”

Ryu: “Just when Eryk Masters may have finally turned the momentum back his way…”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters is up first though…he pulls Trey Willett to his feet and throws him into the ropes…clothesline! Eryk Masters now picks Willett up…MASTERS SLAMS WILLETT ON THE LADDER!”

Ryu: “That’s just crippling! Trey Willett’s limp body on the ladder…and Eryk Masters goes up top again!”

Jeff: “Masters comes off the rope with a HIGH elbow smash onto Trey Willett…driving his back into the ladder!…Eryk Masters sets up the ladder for another try at the belt…”

Ryu: “Trey Willett climbs the other side of that ladder…right by Eryk Masters…right by Trey Willett…right by Eryk Masters…Trey Willett grabs his head and rams it into the top step!”

Jeff: “Masters falls back from having his head bashed on the top step…and lands in a heap. Trey Willett now appears more interested in laying a beating on Eryk Masters than grabbing the title belt…Trey Willett goes outside again for a chair…back in…SMASHES Eryk Master’s back!”

Ryu: “Trey Willett puts the chair in the corner and tries to ram Eryk Master’s head into the chair…but Eryk Masters BLOCKS…then rams Trey Willett’s head into the chair!…now Eryk Masters grabs the chair…gets a running start, then drop-kicks the chair into the face of Eryk Masters!”

Ryu: “Whoa! Nice move!”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters with a kneedrop on to Trey Willett…places the ladder on Trey Willett…Eryk Masters climbing up to the top rope…slowly…off the top with a FLYING BODY PRESS…ONTO THE LADDER!”

Ryu: “HOLY SHIT! Of course, that hurts Eryk Masters just as much…both men are down!”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters is slowly back up…and now the ladder is as well. Eryk Masters slowly climbs…Trey Willett staggers up from behind…pulling him back to the mat…Eryk Masters collapses…Trey Willett grabs him…now HE gets slammed onto the ladder!”

Ryu: “These guys are really using this ladder to their advantage…”

Jeff: “Trey Willett folds the ladder up and puts it into the corner…grabs Eryk Masters…he’s going to whip him into that ladder…but the whip is reversed and it’s TREY WILLETT hitting the ladder!…Eryk Masters pulls Trey Willett out and puts the ladder on top of him!”

Ryu: “Eryk Masters stomps on the ladder…runs…and does a HUGE DOUBLE LEG STOP on that ladder while Trey Willett is underneath! HE SQUISHED HIM!”

Jeff: “Both men are down…Eryk Masters is the first one up…Trey Willett slumps in the corner while Eryk Masters sets up the ladder…but Trey Willett to his feet and manages to drop Eryk Masters with a running clothesline!…Trey Willett grabs the chair…but Eryk Masters puts a leg up and kicks the chair into Trey Willett’s face!”

Ryu: “Now Eryk Masters sets up the ladder and climbs up…but Trey Willett won’t quit and climbs up the other side! Both men meeting atop the ladder exchanging lefts and rights…”

Jeff: “The two men slug it out atop that ladder…back and forth…rights and lefts…Trey Willett now STANDS ON THE TOP OF THE LADDER! He’s not holding onto ANYTHING…he’s reaching!”


Jeff: “Eryk Masters sees his shot and takes it…as Trey Willett stands above him and reaches for the title belt…he SMASHES WILLETT WITH A LOW BLOW!”

Ryu: “Look at Willett! Both his hands go to his groin and he SLIDES down the ladder! I think Masters hit him so hard he crossed his eyes!”

Jeff: “Like you always say Ryu…TURNABOUT IS FAIR PLAY! Trey Willett only managed to beat Eryk Masters in the first fall by nailing him with a low blow…so let’s see how WILLETT likes it?”

Ryu: “I hate to agree, but fair is fair. I’m not convinced that Masters would have submitted from that Camel Clutch if Willett hadn’t have nailed him with a low blow first, so all is fair in war!”

Jeff: “As Willett lands at the bottom of the ladder, Masters is reaching…pulling himself up by the belt for support…trying…and undoing it!”

Ryu: “The crowd explodes! We’re TIED one a piece and we’re going to a THIRD FALL!”


Jeff: “As Trey Willett lies at the foot of the ladder in pain…Eryk Masters stands atop the ladder and raises his hands to the thunderous roar of the crowd…flashbulbs go off all over as fans celebrate the victory of Eryk Masters in the second fall of this match.”

Ryu: “Meanwhile…the ref and the timekeeper slides a stack of tables into the ring and begin setting them up…four tables…one on each side of the ring…”

Jeff: “In order to win this third and deciding fall, all you have to do is drive your opponent through ONE of those four tables…”

Ryu: “You know what’s interesting? Masters WAS the Rule of Surrender Champion, but Willett beat him in a submission match…but then Masters came right back and beat Trey Willett at HIS game by winning the ladder fall! That shows you how good these guys are!”

Jeff: “Very good point. Okay, the tables are set up and the bell rings…we’re ready to do in our third fall…Masters needs to come down off that ladder…”

Ryu: “LOOK! Trey Willett has pulled himself to his feet…and is crawling back up that ladder! Eryk Masters is ready up there and sees him coming…and HERE WE GO AGAIN!”

Jeff: “The two men AGAIN slug it out atop that ladder…back and forth…rights and lefts…the ladder is rocking back and forth like there’s a high wind…the fans are screaming as that ladder CAREENS back and forth…the two men continue to pound each other…the ladder is tipping…the ladder is FALLING!”

Ryu: “HOLY SHIT! As the ladder starts to fall…WHOA!”

Jeff: “As the ladder tips over from the brawl at the top…Eryk Masters GRABS Trey Willett on the way down…AND THROWS HIM THROUGH A TABLE! CRACK! OH MY GOD…”

Ryu: “WHAT A MOVE BY MASTERS! You can tell he totally suckered Willett up there and then rocked the ladder and jumped off, pulling Willett down with him and DRIVING him through a TABLE! WHAT A MOVE! WHAT A FINISH!”

(Lights flash and pyro explodes in the rafters…Eryk Masters music begins to play as the bell rings…the ref grabs the two Shoot Project Title Belts and takes them over to where Masters has collapsed on the mat…Eryk Masters holds both the belts to his chest as the fans roar in approval…)


Jeff: “As Trey Willett pulls himself to his feet from the wreckage of that smashed table…Eryk Masters stands on each turnbuckle and holds those two belts high over his head as the fans cheer themselves hoarse! What an accomplishment!”

Ryu: “Let’s take one more look at that replay! Here you can see the ladder rocking and tipping…Eryk Masters GRABS Trey Willett as they both fall…almost in a waistlock type of hold…and then SHOVES Willett in MIDAIR…sending Willett into perfect position to fall face first right through that table! The table splinters into pieces…WHAT A VISUAL…WHAT A BUMP!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett shaking his head in disgust and departing up the ramp…while Eryk Masters basks in the praise of these fans…WHAT A WIN…and WHAT A MATCH!”

Ryu: “And we plow ahead, as Hellion Youngblood makes his entrance!”


(The crowd buzzes in anticipation as "Evil Walks" by AC/DC begins to rock the arena…a spotlight hits the runway and Hellion Youngblood emerges…)

Samantha: “This next bout is for the SHOOT PROJECT IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP! Introducing FIRST…THE CHALLENGER…standing 6 feet 1 inches tall and weighing in at 230 pounds…HELLION YOUNGBLOOD!”

(Hellion Youngblood slowly walks to the ring…his face is serious, yet calm. He climbs into the ring and goes to the corner, beginning to limber up…"Revolution Man" by Union Underground begins to play…Ben Jackman steps into the spotlight…Ben has his fists heavily taped up and his belt his shoulder as he starts to confidently make his way to the ring…)

Samantha: “AND NOW…Making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 265 pounds…he is the IRON FIST CHAMPION…The Master of the Blackout Bomb…Ben Jackman!”

Jeff: “The bell rings…and HERE WE GO! Ben Jackman SPRINTS to the ring, slides under the bottom rope and gets up in Youngblood’s face…Blackout’s punch is blocked, Hellion Youngblood answers with rights to Ben Jackman…and we’re ON!”

Ryu: “YES! This is one of the matches I have been looking forward to THE MOST!”

Jeff: “Hellion Youngblood with a right to the jaw of Ben Jackman…another right…answered with a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex by Ben Jackman! WOW!”

Ryu: “You want to know why Ben Jackman is the longest reigning Iron Fist Champion in Shoot Project history…THAT’S WHY. He is the SMARTEST fighter in Shoot Project. Everybody is going on and on about this fight being a slugfest…and Hellion Youngblood being able to out punch Ben Jackman…and Jackman dumps Youngblood on his HEAD! You don’t have to PUNCH a guy to knock him out…and nobody knows that better than Ben Jackman!”

Jeff: “It’s true. Ben Jackman knows a million different ways to knock you out! Jackman stays on Youngblood…scoops him up…Blackout driving his knee into the ribs of Youngblood again and again! Now he POWERSLAMS him! Knocks the wind out of him! Referee Scott Kamura stands over Youngblood and starts to administer a standing 10 count…Youngblood gets to his feet at the count of FOUR…”

Ryu: “It’s probably a little soon to try getting the 10 count! Let’s not forget that Hellion Youngblood is a veteran of the AODWF and no stranger to big matches!”

Jeff: “Good point! Ben Jackman grabs Hellion Youngblood as he staggers to his feet, and spears him back into the corner! A shoulder block to the midsection of Youngblood…make that 2…3…4…5! Ben Jackman with a knee to the ribs that sends Hellion Youngblood to the outside!”

Ryu: “WOW! You can TELL that Ben Jackman has decided that the way to win here is to take the midsection out and wind away from Hellion Youngblood…that’s his game plan and so far he’s executing it masterfully!”

Jeff: “Ben Jackman follows Youngblood to the outside…clubbing forearm to the back…clothesline over the security wall! Ben Jackman with a GORILLA PRESS drops Hellion Youngblood on the security wall! Clothesline over the wall again!”

Ryu: “You see? AGAIN he does everything aimed at punishing the midsection of Youngblood! Ben Jackman came into this match with a PLAN and so far Youngblood has been totally unable to counteract it!”

Jeff: “I couldn’t agree with you more! Blackout with a stiff kick to the midsection of Youngblood, then rolls Hellion Youngblood into the ring…he stays on him…another overhead Belly-To-Back suplex as the crowd cheers! Referee Scott Kamura stands over Youngblood and starts to administer a standing 10 count…Youngblood gets to his feet at the count of FIVE…”

Ryu: “Blackout picks up Hellion Youngblood…Youngblood breaks free and starts firing punches at Ben Jackman…bang bang bang! Right, right, right…WHAM! Ben Jackman counters with a HUGE roundhouse upside Youngblood’s head!”

Jeff: “Youngblood to the canvas…Ben Jackman drops an elbow on the midsection…and another! Sticking with his obvious strategy…Ben Jackman starts stomping Youngblood repeatedly in the breadbasket. Finally Youngblood grabs the leg of Ben Jackman and TWISTS! Jackman backs off as Hellion Youngblood comes to his feet.. Irish whip attempt by Youngblood reversed…Blackout puts his head down so Hellion Youngblood kicks it! Hellion Youngblood charges in at Jackman…Jackman grabs him…powerslam by Ben Jackman!”

Ryu: “Referee Scott Kamura stands over Youngblood and starts to administer a standing 10 count…Youngblood gets to his feet at the count of FOUR…”

Jeff: “Big right hand by Blackout to the jaw of Youngblood…shoulder block, and another. Ben Jackman backs off, then CHARGES into Hellion Youngblood’s ribs. SPEAR! Youngblood collapses to the mat! Referee Scott Kamura stands over Youngblood and starts to administer a standing 10 count…Youngblood gets to his feet at the count of FIVE…”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman is like a PITBULL…he is sticking to his game plan of assaulting the midsection of Hellion Youngblood! Youngblood is going to end up with some VERY sore ribs tomorrow!”

Jeff: “If not broken! Youngblood to his feet…backs off, Ben Jackman charges again but Hellion Youngblood dodges and Ben Jackman eats the pole! Back suplex by Hellion Youngblood! Both men down, ref counting…BOTH MEN KIP UP AT 6!”


Jeff: “Right cross by Hellion Youngblood…another…whip reversed, clothesline by Hellion Youngblood! Jackman goes down! Referee Scott Kamura stands over Jackman and starts to administer a standing 10 count…Blackout gets to his feet at the count of FOUR…”

Ryu: “Youngblood finally puts some moves together and gets it going here…”

Jeff: “Hellion Youngblood drops Ben Jackman with a single leg trip…now he’s going for the Sharpshooter! Hellion Youngblood sets up the Sharpshooter and he LOCKS IT IN! Ben Jackman’s in pain, but he won’t quit! "Let’s Go Jackman" chant from the fans! Ben Jackman looks like he’s about to tap…”

Ryu: “Well…to ME, I understand what Youngblood is doing here. Jackman has had the upper hand for the first 10 minutes of this match…so Youngblood has adjusted his strategy mid-match…and decided to take the LEGS out from underneath Ben Jackman. That way…he can stop the onslaught and start going for the KO. You can see Ben Jackman reaching for the ropes…Blackout has managed to squirm his way to the rope! He’s got the bottom rope and the ref is telling Youngblood to release the hold.”

Ryu: “Ha! He won’t do it! Her won’t let go! Look at him.”

Jeff: “Oh my lord! Hellion Youngblood laughing maniacally as he continues to put the pressure on Jackman’s leg! He won’t let go…he’s leaning back even harder! Jackman is thrashing around in agony…the ref is in Jackman’s face…”

Ryu: “Ha! Youngblood won’t let go! He’s going to break Jackman’s leg!”


Ryu: “It doesn’t matter! The only way you can win an IRON FIST match is if your opponent can’t answer the standing 10 count!”

Jeff: “Ben Jackman knows that…he is just pounding on the canvas instinctively as a reflex reaction to the incredible pressure and pain Hellion Youngblood put on that leg!”

Ryu: “Jackman has stopped tapping…and stopped moving! I think he passed out! What a brilliant move by Hellion Youngblood!”

Jeff: “Youngblood sees that Jackman stopped thrashing around…and releases the hold! He turns and stands over the prone Ben Jackman…Referee Scott Kamura stands over Jackman and starts to administer a standing 10 count…Blackout opens his eyes…the ref is up to five…Jackman grabs the ropes…up to seven now…Ben Jackman uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet at the count of NINE!”

Ryu: “UNREAL! The crowd goes nuts as Hellion Youngblood stares at Ben Jackman in shock and amazement! Ben Jackman stands in front of Youngblood…gingerly supporting himself on his one good leg! Ben Jackman nails Hellion Youngblood in the face with an open-handed SLAP!”

Jeff: “WOW! You know what THAT was? That was Ben Jackman saying ‘Screw you’ to Hellion Youngblood! Youngblood didn’t like that…and he absolutely FLATTENS Ben Jackman with a brutal shot right in the head. Jackman goes down…and Youngblood goes OUT…outside the ring to get a chair!”

Jeff: “Well, as the fans well know, IRON FIST matches are NO DQ! Youngblood slides the chair under the bottom rope…but JACKMAN ROLLS OVER AND GRABS IT while Youngblood was climbing back in the ring!”

Ryu: “BIG MISTAKE by Hellion Youngblood! Ben Jackman with the chair is there to meet Youngblood and nails Hellion Youngblood’s in the ribs with the chair! BACK TO THAT MIDSECTION!”


Ryu: “Yet another way of working that midsection of Hellion Youngblood…but Jackman can only do a standing bearhug because his knee can’t support Hellion Youngblood’s weight, thanks to that sharpshooter!”

Jeff: “Hellion Youngblood in OBVIOUS pain, but fires off rabbit punches to the side of the head of Ben Jackman…another "Lets Go Jackman" chant from the fans…Ben Jackman STILL has the bearhug on! Hellion Youngblood can’t break free! Hellion Youngblood is trying to fight his way out…but he’s fading….Ben Jackman cinches in the bearhug…..ref checks the arm it drops! Checks the arm again it drops again! Checks the arm a third time it stays up! Crowd BOOS!”

Ryu: “OH MAMA! That was CLOSE! If Youngblood’s arm would have fallen ONE MORE TIME…that would have counted as a KO!”

Jeff: “Hellion Youngblood fighting for his life now and starts pounding away at the head of Ben Jackman…right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right…Ben Jackman’s head finally snaps back from the repeated shots…and Youngblood breaks the hold!”

Ryu: “Youngblood staying on him now…right hand, another right has Ben Jackman reeling…”

Jeff: “Rapid fire punches are rocking Ben Jackman as he limps backwards…Hellion Youngblood trying to go after Blackout…but Blackout explodes and drives a SPEAR into Hellion Youngblood! Youngblood driven back into the corner! Ben Jackman really charging with that shoulder block into the ribs! Another one!”

Ryu: “NO! Hellion Youngblood comes out of the corner with a clothesline! Now he’s back to throwing HUGE bombs…right, right, right, right, right…now a HUGE ROUNDHOUSE LANDS and sends Blackout to the outside!”

Jeff: “Hellion Youngblood out after him…and rams Blackout’s head into the stairs three times in succession! Ben Jackman is staggered…clothesline misses…Hellion Youngblood nails him with one of his own! Hellion Youngblood shines up the steel post, the catapults Ben Jackman into it!”


Jeff: “Hellion Youngblood picks up Blackout and throws him into the ring. Hellion Youngblood measuring Blackout…chop block takes out Blackout’s leg again…the SAME leg that was injured earlier in that sharpshooter!”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman goes down in a heap! Another "Let’s go Ben Jackman" chant from the crowd… Referee Scott Kamura stands over Jackman and starts to administer a standing 10 count…Blackout opens his eyes…the ref is up to five…Jackman grabs the ropes…up to seven now…Ben Jackman uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet at the count of NINE!”

Jeff: “The crowd goes NUTS as Hellion Youngblood curses at the ref for what he thinks was a slow count! Both men standing face to face…Ben Jackman is practically standing on one leg…and Hellion Youngblood is clutching his midsection…what a war this has been!”

Ryu: “Now Youngblood bounces off the rope and is headed for Jackman…going for a clothesline…but Jackman sticks HIS arm out…DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!”

Jeff: “Both men jack-knife in mid-air like an accordion! They both slam down to the mat and lay there…motionless…”

Ryu: “Both men completely motionless…Jackman is lying flat on his back…he’s not moving. You can see that he WANTS to get up…but his injured leg just can’t support his weight! Hellion Youngblood is lying on his side…but he’s not moving either. The ref stands over both of them and starts counting to ten…”









Jeff: “Ben Jackman rolls over, gets to his knees…and CLOBBERS Hellion Youngblood in the midsection with a DOUBLE AXEHANDLE! Youngblood folds up…Jackman to his feet now…interrupting the count! Jackman secures Youngblood’s head between his knees…and HOSITS HELLION YOUNGBLOOD INTO THE AIR!”

Ryu: “YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS! Jackman spins around…and PLANTS Youngblood! OVER THE TOP ROPE! BLACKOUT BOMB! OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR! Scott Kamura starts the count! Jackman leaning over the ropes to keep himself upright…Scott Kamura is at 5…”

Jeff: “That was unreal! Jackman hoists Hellion Youngblood up…spins around and DROPS him over the top rope…a Blackout Bomb to the outside! WOW! The ref is at 8…9…AND TEN

Ryu: “Ben Jackman puts his weight on that injured leg…and collapses again! The bell rings…”

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen! Hellion Youngblood was UNABLE to answer the standing 10 count…therefore YOUR WINNER…AND STILL IRON FIST CHAMPION…BLACKOUT…BEN…JACKMAN

Jeff: “What a desperation move by Ben Jackman! He DUMPS Hellion Youngblood OVER THE TOP ROPE…RIGHT ON HIS HEAD! Jackman’s music starts to play as the ref hands him his belt and pyro explodes…”

Ryu: “That was like a 10 foot drop…right onto the back of his HEAD. If THAT won’t knock you out…I don’t know what will! Look at Jackman! He’s literally HOPPING almost up the aisle and holding his belt over his head. The ref tends to Hellion Youngblood, who shakes his head and starts to get up…look at that replay of Ben Jackman dropping Hellion Youngblood over the top rope. What a move!”

Jeff: “As we look at the replay, the ref helps Hellion Youngblood up the aisle…Youngblood is holding his neck…he’s going to need a brace for that. What a drop.”


(Some crazy ass beat blasts over the PA system that SHOOT boasts ever so greatly now that they can actually afford it…though they’ve just seen a huge reduction in financial backers…quite the paradox. The crowd is still buzzing from the Iron Fist Championship match that just went down. You know how it goes…when Ben Jackman gets down and rips up the opponent like you know he probably will, the crowd tends to get a little worked up. Hellion put out a nice effort, but Jackman is just too hot these days. Anyway, Pharell Williams, famous producer in the music world, yelling random things out interrupts that crazy ass beat blasting over the PA system, before the actual rapping begins. But when it does, it goes a little something like this…)

Top down, chrome spinnin’

You see the boss grinnin’, I’m lovin’ these damn women

I let two get in (Uhh…)

She tried to let the rest fit in

I’m like, "Naw love, that’s for…" (Get down!)

That’s a problem to the wheel well

Trust I know them twenty’s real well

Now we coastin’, me, two chicks and toastin’

I turn up the volume watch the bass get ’em open

Soft-spoken, with a wild side

I love ’em in the ride, they love it in the ride

We was movin’ bodies before we hit the party

‘Fore the DJ started cuttin’,

[Scratches] "I was already fuckin’…"

Cinderella these girls from nothin’ to somethin’

Hit the parking lot, hear the club system thumpin’

Lose the face, you two’s was great

But it’s to the VIP, I got new moves to make (Get down!)

(He looks at the bag of popcorn for a moment, and contemplates whether or not he should throw it out in the big brown barrel that serves as a trash can for the time being or just keep it when he goes out to the ring. Now he thinks about whether or not he should even go out to the ring…aren’t these return/introduction speeches so lame? Yes, but only when you make big claims and don’t come through with them. He’s not going to make any big statements…at least he doesn’t think so. Sometimes he gets carried away…inside of his head, he makes a public apology in advance for any big ideas that he doesn’t come through with…it’s just common courtesy. The crowd is getting pumped up, like they always do when some kind of surprise is about to unfold…even the Japanese crowds, who, he hears, stay a little more quiet than the ones in the States. Yeah, he has wrestled in SHOOT before, but no, the old SHOOT crowd is not really a typical Japanese crowd.)

When the last time you heard it like this

Smoke somethin’, drink somethin’, get ripped

And make the girls in the party just strip

Move ya ass, girl (Get down!)

Only if you know you’ve arrived

From the club, to the park and ride

How many chicks can you fit in that ride

Put ’em up, homie (Get down!)

(He goes to throw the popcorn out, but thinks better of it. He shrugs his shoulders and pushes his way past the technicians, the big switchboards, and finally the thin velvet curtain that separates fantasy from real life. The crowd pops big for a man that they haven’t seen or heard about in somewhere around two or three months. Of course it’s not quite the reaction that a Paul Hook might get after going on a year long hiatus, but hey, it was pretty damn good for only being gone for a quarter of the year. Boyer struts his way down to the ring, taking in handfuls of the popcorn the entire way down, smiling his kernel-toothed smile all the way to the squared circle. The fans are actually cheering him this time…they loved his last match with Del Carver which ended in a pure sportsmanlike way…no interference and no cheap shots…they both just gave it their all. Carver won with a screwdriver from the top rope. Everyone thought Boyer broke his neck or something…apparently those people were wrong. Grabbing a mic, and wasting barely any time, Boyer addresses the crowd. You didn’t think he’d go out there and just, like…eat popcorn, did you?)

Boyer- So uh…here I am…not dead…not depressed…not on the verge of suicide…not mentally insane…not beating myself up in the middle of the ring, and uh…well, here I am. Hey, but I bet you missed me either way. I mean who can resist a depressed drug addict?

(Listens for a barely there reaction.)

Boyer- A suicidal maniac?

(Listens to silence.)

Boyer- A schizophrenic…schizophrenic?


Boyer- Ok, well who could resist ME?!?

(The crowd pops pretty decently, though probably not as loud as one would like…who gives a fuck, he thinks to himself…like they really know him. You know, bottling up the feelings of rejection and passing it off to some phantom barrier really helps a person’s psyche. It does. Really. Just ask the uni-bomber.)

Boyer- Long story short, I’m not going to come out with my normal depressed gimmick or whatever. Hell…it’s just that, you know? It’s whatever. I’ll come out and say what I want to say, and if you don’t like it, than you don’t like it. Come out here and say something to me about it, don’t come out here and say something about it…truthfully, it doesn’t matter. Because truthfully? Truthfully…there isn’t a person here in The SHOOT Project that can beat me on the wrestling mat. I mean, yeah, I might lose…okay, so what? Does that mean you’re better than me? Ugh…whatever…I’m doing it, aren’t I?

(The crowd looks on in slight confusion…seems like he’s rambling a bit, doesn’t he?)

Boyer- I told myself I wouldn’t come out here and make any promises, and I wouldn’t make any huge claims that I would regret like…a week later, because I know I can’t back them up. You know, being completely honest, you can’t beat me. But you know that. I know that. Why does it even need to be said? Why do I need to reiterate that fact over and over and over again? I mean, I guess it’s probably because you’re telling yourself that you can beat me, and I’m just trying to correct you. But…man, this is getting a little boring. Boring like…whatever…I’m not used to this. I’m not used to coming in without making a big impact. I’m not used to coming in without some kind of grandiose entrance, turning heads around the wrestling world, having the crowd buzzing for the rest of the night because of it. I’m not used to having to base my entire start in a federation on words.

(Boyer pauses and takes in a few pieces of popcorn before continuing…)

Boyer- Anyway, so yeah, I thought about a big entrance. Attack Del Carver, because he’s the one who beat me in my last match. Attack Josh Johnson…because Ed Raymond wants me to. Attack Jonny Johnson, because he won my CEWF World Championship when I wasn’t even there or in the right mind to defend it. Attack myself, even. Sound funny? Yeah, no, I’ve done it before. But I decided that I didn’t want to come in and cause an immediate ruckus. Seems like I always throw myself in these stupid ass situations that force me to leave like…what…a month or two later? Hey, by the way, that might happen this time. Just so you know.

(Boyer lifts the bag above his mouth and allows the crumbs to fall all over his face, though some do land in the planned destination. He crumples the bag up and launches it into the crowd, sending the fans into scavenger mode.)

Boyer- That popcorn is fuckin awesome…next time you take a piss break, you should check it out…which, judging by my itinerary will be the Del Carver versus Jeff Cross match. Carver is so gonna tear him a new one. It’s almost like…why did Jason Johnson even book that match for this show? No offense to Jeff Cross, but I mean…he’s not even good. I mean, what kind of idiot “kills” himself, and then returns like a month later?

(He pauses and looks to the crowd with a smile as they give off some sort of a half-hearted laugh…)

Boyer- Wait, I take that back…only a genius would do something like that. Anyway, that’s really all. I don’t have much else to say. I’d like to thank you for your time…I’d like to thank Dr. Ian Mercer for his help in my off time…I’d like to thank myself for being such a fuckin awesome wrestler, and I’d like to thank all of you one more time…without you, I wouldn’t be the fucking man that I am. By the way, I promise more of a long and drawn out, possibly even boring speech the next time I see you. But unfortunately, I just had, you know, a lot of sex, so I’m pretty tired. I’ll see you guys later.

(And with that, the music cues up, the very same that cued up only a short time ago, and Boyer makes his way to the back. No crucifixions…no forced abortions…no head bashing…no chair shotting…no shotgun blasts…just a whole lot of nonsensical gibberish. Boyer laughs to himself as he throws the curtain back over his head…)

Boyer- This might actually be fun for a change.


Ryu: Under Siege keeps rolling on like an out of control tank, and I don’t think the action will be stopping anytime soon. And that, was the return of Erik Boyer to the fray.

Jeff: Action stopping? If anything this is where it’s really going to pick up. All out war will ensue in that ring, as twenty-one men, at least, duke it out in the Under Siege Battle Royal!!

Ryu: The prize, the last two standing men get to compete for the SHOOT World Title! It’s going to be intense.

Jeff: I’m sitting at the edge of my seat Ryu, let’s just get this started!

The ring bell sounds three times getting the attention of everyone in attendance watching, and anyone at home who might be away from the television for a moment. The always-beautiful Samantha enters the ring, her mic positioned in front of her mouth. The fans sit in eager anticipation to find out who the first two men will be to enter the Battle Royal! A silence falls over the fans as the mic slowly moves closer to her lips….

“Hey Mr. Seeker Hold on to this advice If you keep seeking you will find Don’t want to follow Down roads been walked before It’s so hard to find unopened doors”

“Are you Ready?” By Creed has caught the fans by surprise, as Samantha hasn’t even announced anyone into the Battle Royal yet. However, as the song plays on, Ed Raymond arrives on the scene, a big grin spreading across his face. He is met overall with a welcoming reaction, though some have developed a distaste for his column. He strolls down to the ring, a mic of his own in hand, and he plays up the crowd as if he were a superstar entering the battle royal.

“Hey, Mr. Hero Walking a thin, fine line Under the microscope of Life Remember your roots my friend They’re right down below ‘Cause heroes come and heroes go…

Are you Ready? Are You Ready?

For What’s to come!

Ed Raymond’s picture is shown on the Under Siege Big Screen, with “The Inside Scoop” scrolling back and forth in front of it. Raymond slowly but surely makes it to the ring as Samantha does her job.

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen, at this time I have the great honor and pleasure to introduce the writer of SHOOT: The Inside Scoop, Mr. Ed Raymond!

More cheers go up for Raymond as he enters the ring, that broad smile still plastered on his face. He politely motions that Samantha can take her leave of the ring as he himself stands spotlight.

Ed Raymond: You forgot to say Creative Genius, Sam dear, but I’ll forgive you this time.

There are some chuckles from the fans, but there are those who saw that as very arrogant. As always, Raymond doesn’t give a damn, and simply turns to the audience.

Ed Raymond: Well well well… here I am in front of all of you live in the Tokyo Dome. I don’t get this opportunity always, so you can bet I’m going to make good of this one here tonight. Now as all of you, I’m sure, are familiar with Inside Scoop you all know about my weekly rant. See normally, I bring you everything I have to say in the form of a written column, but this week, especially tonight, is very special.

He nods his head as he paces about the ring for a moment, giving pauses to build interest.

Ed Raymond: You see tonight, all of you Raymond-ites get to be treated to a live edition of Raymond’s Rant! Isn’t that just great! I mean… here I am, completely one hundred percent uncensored on a Pay Per View. I can say and do whatever I feel like! So for those of you who found my column too harsh at times, well you haven’t seen a damn thing yet.

Again he paces, building up his momentum, and in turn building up his rant to come. Raymond eventually stops pacing, looks out to the audience, and realizes a small section have started up the ever popular “Asshole” chant. Raymond just shakes his head, his smile fading slightly, but still a smirk can be seen on his face.

Ed Raymond: You know, that’s a cheer I hear all too often. Of course not in regards to me, but in regards to the actual wrestlers in this business. You fans chant asshole almost ninety nine percent of the time to the wrong guy. You want to make insults and call names, go for it, but please keep in mind the people who really deserve your mocking… Yeah, so save you’re asshole chant for guys like Paul Doom, Chaos, Eric Flaherty, just to name a few. Guys like these are real assholes, because they didn’t take an opportunity when it arrived from them. Twenty-one men were entered into a little thing called a Battle Royal. Where the fuck are they now? Half of them I guess decided that the ultimate prize in this federation wasn’t too important.

So to men who put absolutely nothing into this Battle Royal, and who are sitting back stage thinking they still have a chance, I salute them all with one giant


On the words fuck you Ed Raymond looks to the entryway and raises his middle finger.

Ed Raymond: You guys are the schmucks who make my job, criticizing people, way too easy. You are the guys who at the same time eventually make me bored to death. I waste time and effort with thoughts that perhaps you’ll make an impact, but the actions from this past week have proven that it’s never going to happen. As I see it, the SHOOT Project just got a bunch of new jobbers for the real talent to kick around when they want to just have some fun in the ring. The way I see it these men, who didn’t take their opportunity and run with it for all it was worth, are never EVER going to be able to rise up to a positive status within this federation again.

He stops, and listens how the fans barely cheer or jeer him anymore and simply just sit in silence. He laughs but not in a jovial way.

Ed Raymond: Was that too much for you all? No asshole chant anymore? Why is that? Because you realized I speak the truth and that in all reality you were calling the wrong man an asshole…. Yeah, that’s what I thought….

He then flashes that broad smile, this time mockingly however.

Ed Raymond: Well that’s all for this week ladies and gentlemen, I’m Ed Raymond, and as always thanks for listening…

“Are you Ready?” Starts up once more, Raymond tosses his mic out of the ring and exits from the ring area. He leaves the fans solemn, almost as if he killed any interest in this match what so ever.

Ryu: Talk about a major downer… what was that all about?

Jeff: Now I know Ed Raymond really well, and I know he has his mean streaks, but even this one came out of the blue to me. But trust me, when Raymond is angry it’s usually for good reason. And yeah, maybe he put things a bit too harsh, but there was truth to what he said.

Ryu: Don’t tell me you’re going to be a downer too now?

Jeff: No, man, I’m just calling it as I see it that’s what you do as a commentator. I’m still pumped about this Battle Royal, as there are still many participants who are thoroughly involved… Not to mention there is rumor of various unnamed participants who may show up in this match tonight. So I don’t know what to expect.

Ryu: Neither do I. Samantha is back in the ring, the first two names have been drawn, let’s get this one under way.

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen, drawing the number one slot in tonight’s battle Royal is…

“Remember” by Disturbed quickly picks up, giving the fans enough of an introduction as The Real Deal steps out into the view of the audience. He stands completely still staring at the capacity crowd and the surroundings before him.

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen, here is The Real Deal!!

The Real Deal rushes the ring and slides under the bottom rope he then quickly ascends one of the top turnbuckles pointing to himself and then to the fans. Cheers go up for the only Hall of Famer left in SHOOT today. He hops down from the turnbuckle and awaits the number two man.

Samantha: And drawing slot number two, here is Trey Willett!!

The fans turn their attention back to the entryway as “South Texas Death Ride” by Union Underground blasts throughout the arena. Trey Willett comes out, somewhat unfocused and down in spirit it seems. He heads to the ring slowly, walking around the outside of the ring before finally getting up on the apron.

Samantha: After the first two men enter the ring, a new man will be allowed to enter every two minutes afterwards. To be eliminated from this match you must be thrown over the top rope, now let the Battle Royal Begin!

Samantha quickly leaves the ring as Trey Willett enters and the battle royal commences. The Real Deal instantly locks into grapple with Willett, taking the easy advantage over the younger talent. The Real Deal pushes Willett into a corner and lands a hard kick into Willett’s gut. Willett slumps down a bit and The Real Deal follows up with a hard kick to the side of his face. This time Willett falls down to the mat completely and The Real Deal goes to work on his legs, driving his knee into Willett’s upper leg again and again and again.

Ryu: The Real Deal showing some smarts there, if Trey Willett can’t walk, he’s definitely not going to be able to get up and eliminate anyone.

Jeff: This is true, Ryu, I don’t see though why The Real Deal just doesn’t eliminate Willett right here and now. Instead he’s just basically toying with him in the ring.

Ryu: Well The Real Deal likes to show his stuff off, and he’s doing just that.

Inside the ring, The Real lifts Willett up off the mat and scoops him up. He then runs with him towards the other corner and drops him face first into the turnbuckle. Willett bounces off the turnbuckle and stumbles right back into The Real Deal’s open arms. Real Deal locks his arms around Willett’s waist and takes him down with a quick release belly to back suplex. Having the full offense in this match The Real Deal paces about, enjoying the fact that this is really no big problem for him.

Jeff: Okay now that’s just cocky right there. There is no reason to be taking a break in the middle of a match.

Ryu: When you’re the Real Deal, you can do whatever you want. He’s the legend around here!

Jeff: Legend smegend… I saw this guy wrestle other places and he wasn’t so hot.

The Real Deal once more lifts Willett up off his feet and as he does so he hears the fans counting down with an electronic timer that is mounted up on the Under Siege Big Screen. Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… One…

Buzzzzzz… As the buzzer goes off “Wake up” By Rage Against the Machine begins to play. The former Rising Star Champion, Roland the Dark runs down to the ring, hoping to make a name for himself again by winning this battle royal. Instantly he comes up behind the Real Deal who turns around just to be met with a solid fist to the face. The Real Deal reels back, but it turns out Roland wants Trey Willett more than Real Deal. Quickly Roland pins down Willett and lays punch after punch into Willett’s chest and face. The Real Deal leans up against the ropes and basically just watches Roland the Dark carry out his actions. However, without knowing, Roland is quickly nailed in the back with a double axe handle from The Real Deal. Roland stumbles forward and Real Deal grabs him by the back of the neck bringing him up to his feet. The two lock into grapple and Roland manages to gain the upper hand and whips The Real Deal into the ropes. The Real Deal comes bouncing back and Roland knocks him down with a powerful clothesline. The fans cheer simply out of surprise as Roland the Dark really starts to get pumped. Willett slowly begins to get to his feet now, using the ropes for support while The Real Deal gets to his feet and goes right back to battling with Roland. Willett springs from behind Roland and takes him down with a reverse face buster. Just as he looks up though The Real Deal knocks him down with a drop kick.

Ryu: Again the Real Deal showing why he is at the top of his game right now.

Jeff: Alright I give credit where credit is do, The Real Deal is one of the more highly picked contestants to win this thing, but I don’t think its fair to think nobody else stands a chance.

The Real Deal picks Trey Willett up off his feet and runs him towards the ropes. He then tosses Willett over the top and turns his attention back to Roland the Dark now.

Eliminated: Trey Willett

The Real Deal and Roland lock into grapple again, but both men instantly break it and the Real Deal challenges Roland to a game of mercy. The Real Deal raises his right hand out towards Roland and Roland looks towards it hesitantly. However, Roland raises his hand slowly and just as they lock right hand to left hand, the countdown begins yet again. Ten…. Nine…. Eight…. Seven… Six…. Five… Four… Three… Two.. One…

Ryu: Who’s going to be next?.

“Loser” By Three Doors Down picks up now as an energetic Lyger Kid comes running to the ring to help his friend and often time Partner, Roland the Dark. Roland quickly lands a kick to The Real Deal’s stomach before they lock both hands, and Lyger Kid rolls over Real Deal’s back and lands a chin buster bringing Real Deal down to the mat. Roland the Dark then ascends to the top of one corner of the ring, and Lyger Kid ascends to the top of the one directly opposite of Roland. The two raise their hands high into the air and the fans are starting to cheer the high-risk move of these two. At the same time both men leap from the top turnbuckles and land a double leg drop onto Real Deal. They quickly bring The Real Deal to his feet and both men grab one of his arms and bring to the edge of the ring. With one swing they toss The Real Deal over the ropes, but he grabs onto them at the last second, unknown to Lyger Kid and Roland. Real Deal slides himself back into the ring, but then rolls under the bottom rope to leave the ring. Lyger Kid and Roland look to each other and instead of going for one another they await the next man to come down to the ring.

Ryu: Roland the Dark and Lyger Kid are under the impression that they have taken out the Real Deal, look at them in the ring celebrating.

Jeff: Wait a minute, what is the Real Deal doing? He’s getting a chair from under the ring!

Ryu: Now that’s using your brain Real Deal, way to go!

Sure enough The Real Deal has emerged from under the ring with a chair but remains on the outside as to fool Roland the Dark and Lyger Kid. The two pace about the ring for a moment, and just as Lyger Kid turns around he sees The Real Deal rush into the ring. Lyger Kid is caught off guard and The Real Deal smashes his face with the chair. The loud chair shot causes Roland the Dark to turn around but he too is instantly met with a chair shot from The Real Deal. He stands between the two fallen men and wields the chair in hand, waiting for the next man to come down to the ring. Lyger Kid stirs slightly but The Real Deal takes care of that with one more chair shot to keep him down. As The Real Deal looks towards the entry way, waiting for the time to run out, he doesn’t notice the disturbance in the crowd behind him. Suddenly a man leaps over the guard railing, and that man is none other than former World Champion Jeff Cross!

Ryu: What’s Cross doing down here?

Jeff: I don’t know, Ryu, but he looks pissed!

Jeff Cross slides under the ring and comes up behind The Real Deal. Roland the Dark slowly tries to get to his feet, and The Real Deal raises the chair to land another shot to Roland. However, Jeff Cross grabs the chair from behind and rips it out of Real Deal’s hands. As the Real Deal turns around Jeff Cross lands a vicious shot right across The Real Deal’s face that knocks him down flat on his back. Jeff Cross curses at The Real Deal throws the chair out of the ring and locks in the Prodigal Lock!! Seconds later, Del Carver comes running down from the Entry-way causing Jeff Cross to release the hold and flee from the ring. Del Carver chases after Jeff Cross just as the countdown begins.

Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… One..

Buzz! “Evil Walks” by AC/DC blares over the P.A. system now as a very angry Hellion Youngblood walks down to the ring. However, as he notices the situation, he becomes a bit more arrogant, realizing everyone seems to be out cold inside the ring.

Jeff: Looks like Jeff Cross made things a bit of a cakewalk for Hellion Youngblood right now.

Hellion hops up onto the ring apron, observing the situation and the slowly enters the ring through the second ropes. He walks towards Roland the Dark first, then he glances at The Real Deal, and then finally to Lyger Kid. He simply waits, and watches. Roland the Dark now struggles to his feet, not knowing that Hellion Youngblood stands near by in wait. Roland reaches for the ropes and pulls himself up. First to the bottom rope, then to the second rope, until he eventually grabs onto the top rope to stand to his feet. As he turns around the first and only thing he sees is Hellion Youngblood’s foot flying into his face. Instantly Roland the Dark flies over the top rope via Youngblood’s Chaotic Eclipse!

Eliminated: Roland the Dark

Roland lays outside of the ring, out cold as Hellion now turns his attention to Roland’s tag team partner, Lyger Kid. He lifts the Kid slowly to his feet and whips him towards the corner. However, Lyger Kid comes bouncing back and nails Hellion with a flying forearm smash. Hellion tumbles backwards but stays on his feet. Lyger Kid bounces off the ropes again and goes for a cross body. However, Hellion catches him in mid air and goes to throw him over the top rope. However, Lyger Kid manages to hold on to the ropes tightly, causing Hellion to not be able to toss him over. Hellion quickly grabs a hold of Lyger Kid’s head and pulls him right back into the ring and down onto the mat. Meanwhile, The Real Deal rolls about the ring, trying to get his bearings back. Hellion starts to land a series of hard stomps to the rib cage of Lyger Kid, somewhat frustrated that he grabbed onto the ropes just a few moments ago. Lyger Kid is pulled out under the ropes from his partner Roland the Dark leaving just Hellion and The Real Deal inside the ring.

Jeff: Lyger Kid now has the opportunity to rethink some offense in this battle Royal thanks to Roland the Dark, but what’s more important is we could be seeing some fireworks flying in a few short moments when The Real Deal realizes Hellion Youngblood is looming right behind him.

Ryu: Oh no! Real Deal is in trouble, watch out!

Jeff: You’re just rooting for him because he’s the brother of the owner.

Ryu: Job security is always nice though, but I can’t say the same for you.

The Real Deal has gotten to his feet, still unknowing of Hellion’s presence. Hellion doesn’t wait this time, and attacks The Real Deal from behind with a wrap around kidney punch. The Real Deal falls onto the ropes and Hellion runs towards him, landing a knee across his back. The Real Deal stumbles through the second rope and falls to the ground below, but is not eliminated. Hellion follows suit, exiting the ring through the second rope and begins to choke The Real Deal on the guard railing that keeps the fans at bay. A round of boos goes out to Hellion, and he plays into it, raising his middle finger to the fans, furthering their anger. Hellion presses down harder on The back of Real Deal’s neck, wedging the steel railing further into his neck. Lyger Kid suddenly is seen leaping over the top rope and lands on both men, and crashing to the ground!!

Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… One…

Jeff: What a high flying move by Lyger kid, and who’s coming down now?

“Hashpipe” by Weezer begins to play as Kid Wikkid, battered and bruised from his match against Strayt Jakit walks slowly, with a slight limp, to the ring. However, from behind him Strayt Jakit comes out of no where nailing him with a singapore cane! Kid Wikkid tumbles down the entryway and Strayt Jakit follows

Ryu: I guess Kid Wikkid and Strayt Jakit have now entered this thing.. and I don’t know if Lyger Kid knows it or not, but he has just eliminated himself from the Battle Royal with that high flying move he did moments ago.

Eliminated: Lyger Kid

Lyger Kid goes all out on Hellion now, sending a series of hard soccer kicks to the side of Hellion’s ribs. The fans cheer as each kick is delivered with more speed and force. Finally Lyger Kid stops and walks off with his partner Roland the Dark, passing by Strayt Jakit and Kid Wikkid who are dueling it out on the ramp way to the ring.

Jeff: It looks like Lyger Kid did know exactly what he was doing, getting some revenge. The thought of winning became secondary to the young talent and all he wanted to do was take down Hellion for eliminating Roland.

The Real Deal gets to his feet at this point in time and takes Hellion and rolls him back into the ring. Meanwhile, Strayt Jakit wails on Kid Wikkid with the cane, eventually leaving him for dead outside of the ring. Inside the ring The Real Deal picks Hellion up to his feet and sets him up for the Final Judgement. The fans begin to cheer, but before the Real Deal can hit the move, Strayt Jakit cracks the singapore cane right in half over the Real Deal’s head. Real Deal falls straight backward the remains of the cane scattered around him. Strayt Jakit is both surprised and proud of his actions, but his pride blinds him for a moment as a staggering Hellion nails a quick DDT on Strayt Jakit, driving his head into the mat. Strayt Jakit rolls in pain, as he has been through a lot tonight already. Hellion gets to one knee, shaking his head slightly regaining his composure. Real Deal is out cold for the time being, and outside the ring shockingly Kid Wikkid is starting to get to his feet!

Jeff: I can’t believe it, Wikkid is actually getting up, after all he went through during the DOJO title match, and just moments ago… I would think he would be out for some time.

Ryu: That’s why guys like Wikkid are wrestlers of a different breed.

Hellion catches Wikkid approaching the ring out of the corner of his eye and lands a baseball slide to his face, knocking Kid Wikkid back and keeping him outside of the ring. Strayt Jakit gets up to his feet just as Hellion turns back around and ducks around Hellion to lock in a sleeper hold. However, Kid Wikkid grabs a hold of Strayt Jakit’s feet and drags him down onto the mat. Strayt Jakit hits his head hard on the mat and Kid Wikkid pulls Strayt Jakit out of the ring under the first rope, once again leaving Hellion and The Real Deal inside the ring. Kid Wikkid reaches under the ring and pulls out a table and the fans begin to go crazy. Kid Wikkid sets up the table and places Strayt Jakit on it. Kid Wikkid then gets up on the apron and looks to go to land a moonsault. However, Hellion Youngblood runs at Kid Wikkid knocking him the back with an elbow that sends him crashing through the table along with Strayt Jakit!! The fans are on their feet as both Strayt Jakit and Kid Wikkid are now out cold.

Jeff: I don’t think either of those men have even gotten into the ring yet.

Ryu: Well Strayt Jakit got a hit on the Real Deal, but that was about it, and now both are lying amongst a broken table. This is starting to get way out of control!

Jeff: Well another body is about to get added to the mix, as the countdown starts again.

Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Buzz!!

“Fuel my Fire” by Prodigy starts up over the P.A. system as the next superstar is ready to enter. “The Boss” Chris Lee steps through the entryway and is received with a loud cheer from the fans. He walks proudly to the ring, ready to perform for a chance at the world title. However, before he even makes it to the ring someone runs out from the back dressed in a chef’s outfit with some sort of phony Asian mask on and carrying a large fish!

Jeff: What in god’s name? Who is that?

Ryu: I have no clue, but he’s carrying a big fish!!

Suddenly Chris Lee is nailed with the large fish, smashing it into bits and sending the fish guts flying in every direction. Chris Lee staggers forward slightly and turns around to face the “chef”. He raises a confused eyebrow to the man and then nails him with a swift right hand hook!

Ryu: Well it looks like The Boss met The Bass!

Jeff: Yeah and now Chris Lee is angry.

Ryu: That he is and look at him wail on this guy. But who is under that Asian mask?

Chris Lee continues to pummel on the chef while inside the ring Hellion and The Real Deal are now duking it out in an all out fist fight. Chris Lee manages to grab a hold of the mask and rip it off of the man who hit him with the fish and soon the fans and everyone watching sees that the “chef” is actually Laughing Man!! Laughing Man looks on with eyes wide with fright and quickly rushes up the ramp way, with Chris Lee chasing him in hot pursuit. Both men exit the ring area and the fans lose sight of them.

Ryu: So Laughing Man was the one who nailed Chris Lee with the giant fish… now I’ve seen everything.

Jeff: I think its safe to say that Laughing Man is not going to be around much longer, after Chris Lee is finished with him.

Ryu: We’ve got an all out fist fight going on inside the ring, and outside the ring there is still no sign of movement from Strayt Jakit and Kid Wikkid. I think officials are deciding as to whether or not they should be attended to as we speak.

The Real Deal gains the upper hand as he nails a quick left handed uppercut to Hellion that sends him reeling backwards. The Real Deal swings him against the ropes and as Hellion comes bouncing back The Real Deal takes him down with a swinging neck breaker. Officials come out to ring side now to check on the condition of Strayt Jakit and Kid Wikkid. However, as they tend to the two men, they both get up and as if resurrected begin to go after each other again, this time finally getting inside the ring. Strayt Jakit sends Kid Wikkid into the corner and follows up with an avalanche splash. Kid Wikkid stumbles forward and Strayt Jakit goes to take him off his feet with a clothesline but Kid Wikkid ducks under and Strayt Jakit runs right past him into the waiting foot of The Real Deal. Strayt Jakit teeters backward now, allowing Kid Wikkid to come up from behind and lift him up for a back breaker. Kid Wikkid brings Strayt Jakit down hard and then goes straight for The Real Deal, the two men lock up. As they do so, Hellion gets back to his feet after being down for a bit and goes to work on Strayt Jakit who gets up to his feet slowly and staggered. Hellion swings at Strayt Jakit, who ducks under and locks Hellion into a full nelson.

Jeff: Finally some Battle Royal Action, thus far its pretty much been Hellion and Real Deal fighting.

Ryu: There are still many more to come as I think we’ve only had eight guys enter this thing so far.

Jeff: With all the craziness that is going on, I’ve lost count.

As the battling inside the ring continues, the Under Siege Big Screen suddenly turns on revealing the back halls of the Tokyo Dome. Laughing Man is running frantically with a pissed off Chris Lee on his tail. The Laughing man ducks into a room, and it is seen that he has gone into the locker room area. Shouts are heard, and suddenly the door flies open and Laughing Man sails into the wall. From within the Locker room, Lonewolf, William Tell, Eric Flaherty, and Ben Jackman emerge all four men pummeling Laughing Man. Chris Lee catches up to the fray and joins in!

Ryu: Poor Laughing Man, he’s getting his ass kicked hardcore!

Jeff: He deserves it, nobody likes him around here anyway.

The all out gang beating on Laughing Man continues for only a few moments before tempers flare and the five men turn on each other. Lonewolf and William Tell lock up, while Ben Jackman nails Eric Flaherty with his knock out punch, leaving him out cold in the hallway. Chris Lee then gives Jackman a cautious eye before turning his back and going to the ring area yet again. However, the battle between William Tell and Lonewolf soon engulfs Chris Lee and all three men fight down toward the ring area just as the countdown begins.

Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Buzz!!

Jeff: This is completely out of control now! Does it even matter when you come down to the ring anymore?

Ryu: Who cares, this is what SHOOT Project is all about.

Lonewolf sends William Tell rolling down the Ramp way and turns to Chris Lee and the two engage in a fist fight at the top of the entryway. Inside the ring, Kid Wikkid teeters on the edge of the ropes as The Real Deal pounds on him with a series of vertical chops. As he beats down on Kid Wikkid, Hellion winds up for the Chaotic Eclipse on Strayt Jakit, however a staggering William Tell comes up to the ring and pulls the ring ropes down, using them for support in trying to get up. Hellion over shoots the super kick and ends up straddling the ropes in a painful way. Strayt Jakit falls forward and William Tell slides into the ring. The Real Deal winds up for a super kick to send Kid Wikkid flying out of the ring and connects hardcore with Wikkid’s chin as he flips over the top rope.

Eliminated: Kid Wikkid

Ryu: Looks like another one is gone.

The Real Deal turns around, only to be met with a hard left handed hook to the side of the face from William Tell, which sends The Real Deal back into the corner. William Tell begins to choke The Real Deal but he is instantly hit from behind by Strayt Jakit and those two get into a fight. On the top of the ramp way the battle between Chris Lee and Lonewolf gets pretty intense as they stagger towards the edge of a risen stage. Chris Lee goes for an uppercut on Lonewolf but Lonewolf dodges it and seemingly out of no where he nails the Final Encounter. Chris Lee takes the hit harder than expected as the signature move sends him falling about ten feet from the stage area!! The fans look on in much shock, a few “Holy Shits” are heard.

Jeff: My god! Lonewolf just sent Chris Lee falling!

Ryu: That’s not going to make “The Boss” a happy camper.

Jeff: Not at all.

Lonewolf walks towards the ring now, eyeing the wrestlers as the carnage increases inside the ring. Strayt Jakit sends William Tell into the ropes while Hellion once more goes after The Real Deal, trying to scoop him up over the top turnbuckle and eliminate him. The Real Deal holds onto the ropes tightly though, making Hellion’s objective difficult. Lonewolf slowly gets into the ring laying low as to scout out the competition. William Tell goes for a reversal of some sort on Strayt Jakit, but fails and is brought down with reverse DDT, driving William Tell hard into the mat.

Jeff: Well, folks, I’ve just been informed that both Laughing Man and Eric Flaherty are being attended to by Medical staff as we speak, and have been officially taken out of the Battle Royal. I’m not sure of the condition of either men, but it must be pretty severe.

Ryu: Of course it’s severe, Jackman nailed Flaherty with his knock out punch right in the temple, that could be fatal! And Laughing Man, he just got torn apart.

Jeff: I don’t think anyone minds that though at all.

Back to the action, Hellion has given up on The Real Deal and just lays a hard knife edge chop to The Real Deal’s throat, sending him slumping down in the corner. Hellion then turns away from The Real Deal and spots Lonewolf in the far corner, just watching. Hellion wastes no time going over to Lonewolf and Lonewolf is caught off guard as he suddenly feels Hellion grab him from the shoulders. Hellion spins Lonewolf around and is scoops him up and takes him down with a power slam. Just as Hellion connects with a power slam, Strayt Jakit takes William Tell out of the Battle Royal with a monkey flip over the top rope.

Eliminated: William Tell

William Tell gets up to his feet, angered that he was eliminated. He stands around the ring and as Strayt Jakit goes after The Real Deal, William Tell grabs a hold of Strayt Jakit’s foot just as The Real Deal comes running up and nailing Strayt Jakit with a clothesline that sends him over and out of the ring!

Eliminated: Strayt Jakit

Ryu: That was quick, and now look at Strayt Jakit giving it to William Tell. The two men are battling it out like no other.

Jeff: Well tempers are high, and getting eliminated isn’t anyone’s favorite thing.

Ryu: Well William Tell and Strayt Jakit have gone over the guard railing and are now battling out into the fans! This is insane.

The Real Deal now slowly walks about the ring, getting his breath back. Hellion keeps Lonewolf down on the mat with a lou thez press, and sends a few punches into Lonewolf, but The Real Deal comes from behind and grabs Hellion by the back of the neck. He tosses Hellion into the ropes but Hellion holds on stopping his momentum. The Real Deal rushes at Hellion and Hellion ducks down and scoops him up and over the top rope. However, The Real Deal lands on the apron and grabs a hold of Hellion’s head. The Real Deal then runs Hellion into the corner post, cracking his head into the side of it. The Real Deal gets back into the ring just as Lonewolf starts to get to his feet.

Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Buzz!!

“Til I collapse” by Eminem suddenly starts up, leaving the fans in a state of confusion as they look to see if Jeff Cross is coming down to the ring.

Ryu: Jeff Cross is not in this thing. We’ve seen him come into play in this Battle Royal once, but he shouldn’t be entered.

The music continues to play and moments later a horde of…. Well… things emerge from the back. The Mummy, Dracula, and a couple of zombies head toward the ring muttering inaudible things. The fans can’t help but laugh as this is an obvious mockery of Jeff Cross!

Jeff: Well look at that, looks like Cross made some friends while he was “dead.” I’ve never seen anything like it!

Ryu: An army of undead! This can’t be good for our in ring particpants!

The undead army moves slowly to the ring while the battles inside continue on. Hellion, The Real Deal, and Lonewolf engage in a three-way fist fight, with each man sending a punch to another one. Hellion knocks Real Deal back, while Lonewolf quickly sends a punch to Hellion. The Real Deal comes back into things and knocks Lonewolf back a bit with a hard punch to the stomach. Lonewolf teeters over and The Real Deal sets him up for a powerbomb. However Hellion nails a big boot to The Real Deal who falls backwards and Lonewolf lands on top of him. Lonewolf quickly goes to work on Real Deal now, hoping to beat him senseless. The Undead Army doesn’t seem sure of what to do as they wander about the outside of the ring. Back inside, Hellion and Lonewolf now seem to be going to work on The Real Deal, both trying to eliminate him from the picture. Hellion goes to work on the Real Deal’s legs while Lonewolf locks Real Deal into a camel clutch.

Jeff: Smart move by Hellion and Lonewolf, but you know how these things always turn out. They’ll work together for a little bit, but sooner or later one of them is going to turn on the other.

Ryu: I find this very unfair to The Real Deal, he’s been in this thing since the first guy came down… hell he was the first guy down.

Jeff: Sucks to be him I guess.

Lonewolf and Hellion get The Real Deal up to his feet and swing him into the ropes. As he comes bouncing back the table is turned as The Real Deal knocks both men down with a double clothesline. The fans pop loudly for this as The Real Deal starts on a second wind of some sort. Just as he does so the fans begin to count once again with the clock on the Big screen.

Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… One…

“The Future” by Bow Wow picks up as the fans are certainly surprised to see Will James appear before them. Cheers go out for the cocky superstar, as they have not seen him for some time. Will James runs down to the ring, but his momentum is stopped by the Undead Army who suddenly swarm him!

Ryu: Oh dear god! That group of Undead monsters are attacking Will James!!

Jeff: What on earth? They have beaten Will James senseless now and are carrying him back up the ramp way!?

Ryu: Damn Jeff Cross for bringing these fiends back here!

Jeff: Who ever will stop these creatures of the night?

Just as the undead army reach the top of the ramp way, the sound of a bomb explosion followed by “The Entertainer” By Scott Joplin suddenly picks up over the P.A. system. The fans are in complete confusion now, especially when they see a white, multi-color spotted small sized tank roll out into the ring side area. The undead army stops dead in their tracks and drop Will James onto the ground. Suddenly the hatch of the tank opens up and the head of a clown pops out viewing the situation. The clown wears an army helmet and points to the Undead Army. He stops the tank and climbs out, revealing that he is in fact a FREAKIN’ HUGE CLOWN!

Jeff: Oh my god!!! It’s Rufio!!!!

Ryu: What?

Jeff: Rufio the Seven Foot Clown… he’s like an icon to this sport!!

Ryu: Now I’ve seen everything.

Rufio is not alone however, as The Masked Rabbi, Troll, and yes Bob Saget Carrying Infant also come out of the mini tank and go after the Undead Army. The fans have almost lost focus on the actual Battle Royal, as a war has broken out outside of the ring Rufio and his gang chase the undead army off, as they get back in the tank, chasing them through the back halls and eventually out of the arena. The fans are in stitches, and back inside the ring, Hellion Lonewolf and The Real Deal have stopped for a brief moment, unable to even fathom what just occurred! However the three men in the ring aren’t left alone for much longer, as obviously all chaos has broken out in the back halls causing many more superstars to rush the ring. The Flying Dutchman and The Fist storm out not wanting to wait any longer, but they are followed by one of their biggest rivals, Ben Jackman. Jackman grabs a hold of the flying Dutchman and runs him into the side of the ring, and keeps going to keep a distance from The Fist. The Fist stomps after Jackman angrily as The Flying Dutchman pulls himself back up to his feet his head a bit groggy after having it rammed into the side of the ring. The Fist and Ben Jackman lock up into grapple while The Real Deal and Lonewolf start battling again with Lonewolf working The Real Deal into the corner. Hellion grabs a hold of The Flying Dutchman and pulls him into the ring now and starts attacking him with a combination of punches and chops.

Jeff: Did the buzzer even go off, Ryu?

Ryu: Nope and I don’t think it matters anymore.

More Superstars hit the ring now as Paul Doom and Chaos burst through the entryway already in heated battle. However, they don’t even make it to the ring as Eryk Masters comes up from behind and takes both down with a double bulldog. Eryk Masters then continues to the ring joining the fray! Punches are being thrown left and right at this point in time, and its almost nearly impossible to see who is fighting who. The Flying Dutchman whips Hellion into the corner, The Fist is being double teamed by Ben Jackman and The Real Deal now, with Lonewolf laid out in the corner from a Final Judgement from The Real Deal. Outside of the ring, Chaos comes too and quickly rushes the ring in a rage and he goes after Eryk Masters. However as he rushes the ring, Eryk Masters sends him flying right over the top ropes opposite of the way he came in.

Eliminated: Chaos

Ryu: In he came, and out he went.

Jeff: That is certainly an embarrassing way to go.

Ryu: Well at least an undead army didn’t take him off like Will James was. Talk about weird.

Jeff: True point.

Paul Doom now slowly goes into the ring to join the fight, Eryk Masters awaiting him. However, from behind Masters is nailed by a hard forearm from the Flying Dutchman. Eryk Masters slumps forward and The Flying Dutchman goes to work on him now, leaving Hellion in the corner. The Flying Dutchman hoists Eryk Masters up into the air and brings him down with a brain buster. On the other side of the ring, Ben Jackman and The Real Deal try hard to take the giant Fist out of the Battle Royal. Lonewolf joins the fray helping the two men in their effort to eliminate the Fist. Paul Doom finally gets into the ring, and goes after Eryk Masters, aiding the Flying Dutchman in attacking Eryk Masters. Hellion gets back to his feet now and observes who is where. He sees the three men working on The Fist and suddenly he rushes at all of them. With a mighty push all The Fist falls over the top rope and onto the floor below. The Real Deal and Lonewolf flip over as well, both hanging onto the ropes. Lonewolf kicks at The Real Deal and The Real Deal kicks right back at Lonewolf, both men trying to knock the other one to the ground.

Eliminated: The Fist

Ryu: Oh my… Lonewolf and The Real Deal are on the verge of falling, while Hellion and Ben Jackman have now gone after one another.

Jeff: I guess they still have fight left in them after that Iron Fist title match earlier.

Jackman uppercuts Hellion into the corner, as Lonewolf and The Real Deal both skin the cat and bring themselves back in the ring. However, once in the ring the two men continue to beat on each other, throwing whatever they have left in each other’s direction. On the opposite side of the ring, The Flying Dutchman turns on Eryk Masters and without warning nails Paul Doom with the Dutch Oven. This knocks Paul Doom out cold and The Flying Dutchman sends Paul Doom to the outside, knocking him out of contender ship for the world title.

Eliminated: Paul Doom.

Ryu: I think everyone that is in the ring right now, that’s the last of it, one of those men will be the next world champion by the end of the night.

Jeff: Well Obviously not, Ryu, because look the counter is going off…

Ten… Nine… Eight… Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Buzz!!

“Slow Burn” quickly picks up and the fans are going absolutely wild as Jonny Johnson and Enigma emerge from the Entryway. The energy in the arena raises a notch and then some as this hot duo confidently walk to the ring watching the brawls within the squared circle. The Flying Dutchman and Eryk Masters go after one another once again, as Hellion and Jackman battle it out in another fistfight and Lonewolf and The Real Deal are all over. It’s complete chaos and at this point in time it could be anyone’s match. Jonny and Enigma walk around the ring, taking their time to get in, as there is no rush. Eryk Masters goes to hit his signature move on The Flying Dutchman, but Dutchman reverses and sends Eryk Masters over the top rope with a back body flip.

Eliminated: Eryk Masters

The Flying Dutchman spies Jonny Johnson in front of him now, smirking. Dutchman begins to talk trash to Jonny, not knowing that Enigma has gotten into the ring and nails The Flying Dutchman from behind with a powerful clothesline that knocks The Dutchman out of the ring right into Jonny. Jonny quickly locks the Dutchman in and takes him down with the Demoralization Process before sliding into the ring himself.

Eliminated: The Flying Dutchman

Ryu: We’re down to the last six, and this I’m sure of, I just got word from the back that all participants have entered the ring at some point in time.

Jeff: So two of these men before us will move on to face off for the world title, and what a selection we have. Ben Jackman, Lonewolf, Hellion Youngblood, Enigma, Jonny Johnson, and the Real Deal.

Ryu: Well maybe not Jackman for longer, Hellion has him half way over the top rope.

Sure enough over on the far side of the ring, Hellion has Ben Jackman teetering on the edge of elimination. However, Jackman holds on for his life, doing everything in his best effort not to be eliminated. Lonewolf has The Real Deal in the corner in the tree of woe position and drives a series of hard knees into the Real Deal’s stomach. Jonny and Enigma just watch on, seemingly smug about the whole thing. They look to each other and then they look to Hellion and Jackman on the other side of the ring. Both men chuckle and slowly walk over to them. Enigma grabs Hellion by the shoulder and pulls him away from Ben Jackman. As Hellion turns around Jonny nails him with a swift right hand hook that knocks him into Enigma. Enigma nails Hellion with a right hook, and soon Hellion finds himself bouncing between Jonny and Enigma. Ben Jackman joins the fray and knocks Hellion for a loop as well. All three men deliver a punch, each one trying to out do the first one.

Jeff: Hellion has become the personal punching bag of Enigma, Jonny Johnson, and Ben Jackman!

Finally, Enigma and Jonny Johnson back away allowing to give Ben Jackman is final blow. Ben Jackman winds up, but Hellion ducks his knock out punch. Just as he does so, The Real Deal goes to nail Jonny from out of no where with a super kick, but Enigma pulls Jonny out of the way, and both Hellion and The Real Deal end up nailing Ben Jackman with a version of their superkicks. Jackman flies out of the ring, but as he does so he grabs on to Hellion Youngblood and pulls him over with him.

Eliminated: Ben Jackman and Hellion Youngblood

Ryu: We are down to four men! Who is it going to be.

All four men are up to their feet, and eye each other one by one. Jonny looks to Enigma, Enigma looks to Jonny, and then both men look to Lonewolf and The Real Deal. The expressions on everyone’s faces are intense, that is until Jonny and Enigma break out in laughter and broad grins. Then both men wrap their arms around the ring ropes and flip themselves over the top rope, eliminating themselves from the picture.

Eliminated: Jonny Johnson and Enigma.

Jonny and Enigma make their way up the ramp way backwards both men smirking at The Real Deal who stands their in confusion and anger. Both men simply shrug their shoulders and head off patting each other on the back!

Ryu: What was that all about? Don’t they care about the world title

Jeff: (chuckling) If I know Jonny and Enigma, which I do, they definitely care about the world title, but their just going about it in their own, demoralizing way.

Ryu: I don’t understand at all.

Jeff: Of course you wouldn’t.

The Real Deal stands in the ring staring fixed point at where Jonny and Enigma were at before they left the ring. He seems more concerned with their actions than Lonewolf. The bell sounds as Samantha walks into the ring, calling an end to this Battle Royal. Lonewolf raises his hands in victory, but the Real Deal seems occupied with thoughts in his head.

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of tonight’s Battle Royal that will go on to compete for the World Title, Lonewolf and The Real Deal!!

The fans respond with mostly cheers, but some really wanted to see either Jonny Johnson or Enigma or even both in the main event tonight. Lonewolf ascends the top ropes playing to a crowd of fans while The Real Deal just takes his leave of the ring, shooting a quick glare at Lonewolf, who catches eyes with him and the two have a brief stare down.

Jeff: What an odd turn of events that Battle Royal was. I completely lost track of who was coming and going at one point in time.

Ryu: But through it all, Lonewolf and The Real Deal lasted it out, but you have to wonder what the outcome would have been if Jonny and Enigma hadn’t removed themselves from the picture.

Jeff: Trust me, Ryu, if anything those two have planted themselves further into the picture, you just have to look at it from the whole perspective. Both men sent a message to Lonewolf and The Real Deal.. that message they can be world champion whenever they want, and don’t forget it.

Ryu looks to Jeff with a confused expression on his face.

Ryu: You got all of that from them leaving the ring?

Jeff: Indeed I did, Ryu, it’s because I know them so well.

Ryu: Well speaking of people knowing others so well, in just a few moments, two men will go all out in a Tokyo Street Fight match who know each other very very well, and hate each other a ton.

Jeff: This one should go beyond the realm of hardcore, and I’m just hoping both men come out alive.


(The arena is dark, the crowd buzzing with anticipation….the spotlight clicks on…to show Samantha standing in the center of the ring…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…this next match, is a TOKYO STREET FIGHT!”

(The crowd erupts into cheers…)

Samantha: “The RULES for a Tokyo Street Fight are SIMPLE…THERE ARE NO RULES!”

(The crowd cheers loudly…)

Samantha: “During this fight…falls will count ANYWHERE…there is NO DISQUALIFICATION…NO TIME LIMIT…a fighter can ONLY be declared the WINNER if he PINS his opponent for a 3 count…or if the referee declares that one of the fighters is UNABLE TO CONTINUE!”

("Till I Collapse" by Eminem begins to play over the arena sound system…)

Samantha: “And now…the competitors! Firstly…now approaching the ring…standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at 230 pounds…here is JEFF CROSS

(Jeff Cross emerges from the dressing room and steps into the spotlighted area on the runway. Jeff is wearing black army boots, highly polished, and green khaki army fatigue pants…he is also wearing a black long sleeved T-shirt, with his own customised ‘Jeff Cross’ logo on it…the words ‘DEAD MAN WALKING’ are emblazoned on the back. Jeff’s fists are heavily taped. He looks relaxed, as he casually makes his way to the ring. Jeff Cross steps into the spotlighted center of the ring and raises his hands over his head, to a strong reaction from the crowd…his music fades. )

Samantha: “And now…HIS OPPONENT!”

(The rough but catchy guitar riff of “It’s A Long Way To The Top” by AC/DC cuts in. Del Carver walks into the spotlight at the head of the runway. Del looks his normal self…Long black hair soaked and slicked back…tight blue jeans, and black biker boots…although the boots are a bit more polished than usual…and the jeans look NEW. Del is wearing a black SHOOT PROJECT: UNDER SIEGE T-shirt, with the sleeves cut off of course…exposing his scarred and tattooed arms…on the back of the Under Siege T-shirt, there is a nicely depicted likeness of Del Carver and Jeff Cross face to face with the words STREETFIGHT over it and LIVE ON PPV underneath. This is one of the two Special Edition Shoot Project T Shirts which have been on sale all day in the lobby of the arena. Del is wearing two black gloves, with the fingers cut off. Del slowly raises his hands to the cheer of the crowd as his music continues to pound. Del begins to jog down to the ring…)

Samantha: “Now making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 260 pounds…here is DIAMOND…DEL…CARVER

(Del’s music fades as he slides under the bottom rope. The bell rings…and Del Carver stands face to face with Jeff Cross…)

Ryu: “Well…this is NOT what I expected! Del Carver and Jeff Cross are locked in a STAREDOWN! The way these guys have been talking about each other and treating each other for the past couple of months…I figured they’d try to KILL each other the MINUTE the bell rang!”

Jeff: “I wouldn’t have been surprised at that either Ryu, but there is also a lot of emotion in this match. Del Carver feels that Jeff Cross betrayed him, and made a fool of him. Jeff Cross feels that he has to DESTROY Del Carver to make a point here…that he IS a legit Main Event level player…and that he IS a legitimate superstar. PLUS…these guys have been playing a game of one-upmanship for the last month…and tonight kind of represents the END…the culmination of ALL this hostility…”

Ryu: “Man…these guys are just standing nose to nose…staring a HOLE in each other. The tension is unreal as the crowd cheers…you what’s funny? The title of Jeff Cross’s theme music is ‘Til I Collapse’, and that might be very appropriate for tonight!”

Jeff: “HERE WE GO! A SLAP to the face of Jeff Cross by Del Carver! Look at the emotion of Del Carver’s face! Jeff Cross responds! Now Jeff Cross starts pounding way! Jeff Cross with more rights, backs Carver into the corner…Carver comes back with a kick to the gut of Jeff Cross…he throws Jeff Cross outside the ring…but Cross is right back in and back up in Carver’s face!”

Ryu: “HA! You know what he’s saying? You don’t push ME around Carver!”

Jeff: “Now Jeff Cross starts going WILD on Del Carver with right hands to the face…just brutal stiff jabs over and over…right, right, right, right, finally Carver shoves Jeff Cross off. Side headlock on Cross by Carver, Jeff Cross shoots him off, shoulder block by Carver…Jeff Cross drops down, leapfrogs, Jeff Cross hip tosses Carver to the outside!”

Ryu: “WOW! Did you see the HEIGHT Cross got when he beal threw Del Carver over the top rope? Look at the replay!”

Jeff: “WOW! Jeff Cross launches himself over the top with a cross body! Del Carver is staggered! Knee to the gut by of Cross by Carver….head to the pole…NO Jeff Cross reverses and rams Carver into the pole!”

Ryu: “Carver staggering…holding his right shoulder…it looks like he really hurt it! Running clothesline on the outside drops Carver. Jeff Cross looking under the ring for something…he’s got a trash can and a lid.”

Jeff: “Well…this didn’t take long! Cross throws the can into the ring, takes the lid, heads over to Carver…but Del sees him coming and Cross gets kneed in the gut. Jeff Cross manages to hang on to the garbage can and he nails Carver in the head with it!”

Ryu: “What a whack! Cross bent the lid over Carver’s head!”

Jeff: “Now Jeff Cross jumps up to the apron and climbs up to the top turnbuckle…and faces outside the ring…”

Ryu: “AIR CROSS! Double axe handle connects on Del Carver and Carver goes DOWN! There’s a replay.”

Jeff: “Del Carver crawling on his hands and knees now…he grabs a chair and pulls himself to his feet. Carver folds the chair…whirls around…and he NAILS Jeff Cross in the HEAD with it. Jeff Cross face is a mask of pain. Cover! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Jeff Cross!”

Ryu: “Hey, somebody finally went for a cover at least!”

Jeff: “Carver staying on Jeff Cross…suplex on the concrete! Now Carver gets the chair again and slides it into the middle of the ring. Carver picks Jeff Cross up…rolls him into the ring and follows him in…Carver pulls Cross to his feet…DDT on the chair! Cover! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Cross!”

Ryu: “Carver is up…and laying the BOOTS to Jeff Cross…stomping him, and kicking him in the side…and look…Jeff Cross is cut on the forehead! Now Carver is pulling off his belt…”

Jeff: “WHIP! WHIP! Carver is WHIPPING Jeff Cross with his leather belt…now he wraps it around his hand…and hammers away at Jeff Cross’ face. Jeff Cross is a bloody mess! Now Del Carver WRAPS HIS BELT AROUND CROSS’S NECK! He’s CHOKING HIM! Del Carver stands behind Jeff Cross and pulls on the belt which is wrapped around his windpipe…”

Ryu: “Now Carver is rolling out, looking under the ring for something…he can’t seem to find it…man, he ALWAYS forgets where stuff is under the ring, but you KNOW every week he’s down there before the show…stashing his little goodies under there! NOW he’s found what he was looking for…the dreaded wooden folding chair, wrapped up in barbed wire!”

Jeff: “Well, at least he hasn’t torched it. Yet. Jeff Cross is back up waiting for Carver when he rolls back into the ring…and kicks Del in the gut! And again! Carver is down and he drops the chair! Jeff Cross on his feet, kick to the gut of Carver, right jab, knee to the gut by Carver stops Jeff Cross. Carver picks Cross up and puts him on the top now…”

Ryu: “What’s he going to do, Superplex I guess?”

Jeff: “Looks like it…Cross straddled on the top turnbuckle…Carver is up, Cross fighting him off…big right hook sends him off! Carver crashes back to the mat… Jeff Cross to the top, standing up…”

Ryu: “Carver has that chair again…what the hell is he doing…he’s swinging the chair at NOTHING?”

Jeff: “NO! In desperation, Del Carver whacks the ropes with that chair…the reverb shakes the ropes like mad…and Jeff Cross gets crotched! Jeff Cross falls forward over the turnbuckles…perfect set-up for a chairshot to the back! WHACK!”

Ryu: “OW! First Cross falls crotch first on the top turnbuckle, then Carver smacks him over the back with a chair that’s wrapped up in barbed wire!”

Jeff: “Carver sets up the chair in the middle of the ring…grabs Jeff Cross… BACKBREAKER ON THE CHAIR! Jeff Cross looks dead!”

Ryu: “Cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Cross! Carver stomps the chair back into semi-normal form…he lays it down, picks up Jeff Cross…sidewalk slam on the chair!”

Jeff: “Cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Cross! Carver is getting mad. Jeff Cross gets to his knees…LOW BLOW on Del Carver!”

Ryu: “Now both men are down! Cross to his feet first…and HE grabs the barbed wire chair…and CLOBBERS the prone Del Carver! OH MAN! Carver is MASSIVELY busted open. Jeff Cross STILL has the chair…and hits ANOTHER chairshot to the head of Del Carver!”

Jeff: “What a bloodbath this is turning out to be…both men are soaked in their own blood…and each others most likely! An Irish whip into the corner by Jeff Cross is reversed by Del Carver…but Jeff Cross reverses it AGAIN…and Del Carver is whipped right over the top! What momentum!”

Ryu: “Meanwhile…here’s a replay of the chairshots! Oh gross…I think I’m gonna barf! Meanwhile, Jeff Cross has followed Del Carver outside the ring…and nails him with that garbage lid that’s lying out there from earlier! Now he’s got the belt…which was hanging around his NECK all this time…”

Jeff: “WHIP! WHIP! Jeff Cross is madly whipping Del Carver as Carver stumbles up the aisle… now these guys are brawling their way up the aisle!”

Ryu: “Good thing our cameras are mobile! These guys are evenly trading lefts and rights…look! Now they’re over by the sound truck, by the entrance…”

Jeff: “Jeff Cross lands a couple of nice forearm smashes to maintain the advantage…Del Carver is violently shoved over a big pile of boxes, supplies and stuff…”

Ryu: “Carver just came up with something! WHOOSH! Cross gets sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher!”

Jeff: “Cross temporarily blinded…then attacked with punches and kicks to the ribs…Del Carver grabs the nearest trash can…and drills the bloody Jeff Cross in the head…”

Ryu: “Oh man! Carver just dumped the contents of that garbage can all over Jeff Cross! WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING?”

Jeff: “Del Carver just pulled the bloody Jeff Cross to his feet and shoved him back into the entranceway! Can we…if someone if hearing this in the truck…we need a cameraman to follow these guys…”

Ryu: “Here we go! A mobile cameraman catches up with these guys in the hallway right behind the entrance…”

Jeff: “Oh man…both these guys REALLY have the proverbial crimson mask going now. Now Jeff Cross has a fire extinguisher…he just pulled it off the wall…and he nails Carver in the head with it!”

Ryu: “HEY! These guys went LEFT backstage…they aren’t heading for the dressing room area…they’re headed towards the back hall! Look…there’s the table with the water and juice and all that…oh no.”

Jeff: “Jeff Cross is now laying Del Carver on the table! Del Carver is STUNNED…he’s OUT on his feet from that Fire Extinguisher shot to the HEAD…he’s just laying across the table where the water, juice and coffee are…now where the hell did Jeff Cross go? He laid Del Carver across that table…and then disappeared out of the camera shot…”

Ryu: “OH SHIT! THERE HE IS…he’s BACK…and he’s got a LADDER! He’s setting it up! Jeff Cross is going to the top! He’s going to jump off that ladder on to Del Carver!”


Ryu: “WHAT A CRACK! Holy Shit!”

Jeff: “Oh my LORD! Jeff Cross nailed Del Carver right in between the eyes with a fire extinguisher, laid him across the beverage table…then jumped off a ladder and broke them BOTH through that table! Here’s a replay! LOOK AT THAT!”

Ryu: “Cross lays his arm across the chest of Del Carver…COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! NO! CARVER GOT HIS SHOULDER UP…RIGHT in the nick of time!”

Jeff: “UNREAL! This man may not be the wrestler of the year but he can take a beating like very few men I’ve ever seen…and then he comes back for more!”

Ryu: “Jeff Cross and Del Carver are both bleeding profusely…laying motionless amongst the wreckage of that table…Del Carver starts to stir…he turns over…oh NO!”

Jeff: “Del Carver sees that giant stainless steel coffee urn laying on the floor next to him. That thing was FULL of boiling hot coffee and must have fallen to the floor when Jeff Cross threw Del Carver on top of the table…Del Carver is grabbing it with both hands…that thing must have GALLONS of coffee in it…DON’T DO IT DEL…”


Jeff: “Jeff Cross SCREAMING and thrashing about in pain…but Del Carver isn’t DONE! He takes that huge…NOW EMPTY…Coffee Urn…and SMASHES IT over Jeff Cross’s head. AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN! AND AGAIN! SOMEBODY STOP HIM!”

Ryu: “Look at Carver’s face! He’s laughing and smiling like a crazy man! Jeff Cross is a mess of Coffee and BLOOD! Now Carver is pulling him to his feet…and HOLY SHIT!!!”

Jeff: “Del Carver just grabbed Jeff Cross by the back of the neck and threw him head first into a vending machine! Glass shatters everywhere! All the cans of soda are spilling out and landing on Jeff Cross’s head…adding insult to INJURY!”


Jeff: “Now Del Carver grabbing Jeff Cross by the scruff of the neck AGAIN…pulling him to his feet again…and THROWING him through the GLASS BACK DOOR TO THE ARENA! MORE GLASS SHATTERS AND SMASHES EVERYWHERE!”

Ryu: “I have NEVER seen ANYTHING like this in my LIFE! There is broken glass EVERYWHERE…and now Del Carver is stepping through that shattered glass door out into the parking lot…where Jeff Cross lays in a bloody heap. Cross’s face is a TOTAL bloody mess…his shirt is torn…his torso is soaked in blood and coffee and broken glass…and he is laying face first on the concrete in the parking lot…as our camera guy steps carefully through the door…or the doorway I should say…Del Carver is on his hands and knees now…he has COLLAPSED next to Jeff Cross and he is laying on the ground in FETAL POSITION…HE is a bloody mess…his shirt is torn to shreds and his face is also a bloody mask…and he’s holding his ribs…I think Jeff Cross broke Carver’s ribs when he splashed him off that ladder…”

Jeff: “I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever about that Ryu. His ribs HAVE to broken from that impact…how could they NOT be? Both men are laying motionless on the concrete in the parking lot amongst the broken glass from that door. The ref stands over both men…he looks at the camera and SHRUGS…”

Ryu: “Lucky for the fans in the arena that this is a Pay Per View event and we have some projection screens set up around the arena for this…so they can see what’s happening just like the people watching our webcast, or at home via video or Pay Per View can…the fans in the arena have lapsed into a shocked silence as both fighters lay motionless in the parking lot!”

Jeff: “Head Referee Scott Kamura looks at both men…shakes his head and starts to administer a STANDING TEN COUNT…ONE…TWO…THREE…Jeff Cross is TWITCHING, but not getting up…FOUR…no sign of movement from Del Carver…FIVE…SIX….SEVEN…Jeff Cross is moving…he’s up to his knees, but you must be STANDING to break the count….EIGHT…now Del Carver is to his knees…NINE…BOTH MEN STAND UP! UNBELIEVABLE!!!”

Ryu: “The crowd erupts in a standing ovation as Del Carver and Jeff Cross stand face to face in the parking lot, both men are wobbly, both men are literally dripping blood to the pavement…standing amidst broken glass…we’ve come FULL CIRCLE…they’re staring at each other just like they did at the START of this match…UNREAL!”

Jeff: “Finally Jeff Cross throws a weak, wobbly jab at Del Carver…Del side-steps it…and fires and EQUALLY weak punch…but it hits Jeff Cross right in the KINDNEYS. Jeff doubles over in pain…Del grabs him by the hair…and pulls him backward…Del throws his arm around Cross’s head…like a headlock, but Jeff Cross is facing UP…”

Ryu: “You KNOW what this is!”

Jeff: “You’re damn right I do! Del Carver has Jeff Cross in the set up position for a DDT, but reversed so when he LANDS it will be flat on his BACK…which on the concrete will be CRIPPLING…Del Carver calls this move ZERO HOUR…”

Ryu: “Jeff Cross fighting as hard as he can to get out…Del holds his fist over his head and roars as the crowd does the same…BAM! DEL CARVER NAILS JEFF CROSS WITH the ZERO HOUR…on the CONCRETE…in BROKEN GLASS!”

Jeff: “Carver isn’t going for the cover though…he gets up and staggers away…he has temporarily disappeared from camera view…”

Ryu: “He’s back…what’s he got…a CHAIN?”

Jeff: “Del Carver with a length of Steel Chain, and he’s wrapping it around Jeff Cross’s neck…over and over…now he’s DRAGGING Jeff Cross through the parking lot…”

Ryu: “You don’t think he’s ACTUALLY taking him to the STREET do you?”

Jeff: “With Carver, you never know…Del Carver dragging Jeff Cross by the neck across the parking lot, with our cameraman in HOT pursuit…he seems to be heading for a grassy area at the far end of the arena parking lot…you can see as he drags Jeff Cross, Cross is trying in vain to pull the chain away from his neck…he’s turning BLUE!”

Ryu: “OH MY GOD…Ha Ha Ha! Look at THIS!”

Jeff: “My Lord. Del Carver has reached a little grassy hill at the far end of the parking lot…and there…amongst some trees, there is a HUGE HOLE DUG, with a giant pile of dirt next to it…and IS THAT WHAT I THINK IT IS?”


Jeff: “Well…it’s obvious that Del Carver put some preparation into this! Del Carver releasing the choke hold he has on Jeff Cross…he unwraps the chain.…Jeff Cross sees that hole…his eyes are WIDE…and he doesn’t want to go in!”


Jeff: “No…but I also wouldn’t fake my own death and put Del Carver through the guilt of thinking HE was responsible for it, either. Carver grabs the SHOVEL from the pile of dirt in front of that hole…WHAM…Carver nails Cross with the shovel…”

Ryu: “The crowd comes to it’s feet watching from inside the arena…they’re cheering themselves hoarse!”

Jeff: “Carver pounds that shovel upside Cross’s head …”

Ryu: “Oh that’s it…call an ambulance. Carver just keeps pounding Cross in the head with that damn shovel…”

Jeff: “WHAM! Carver just PLASTERED Cross right in the FACE WITH THAT SHOVEL! Cross doubles over. I think I saw teeth fly out!”

Ryu: “Carver driving a knee right into Cross’s head AGAIN!”

Jeff: “Cross’s eyes roll back in his head…he’s staggered…AND DOWN HE GOES! HE FALLS BACKWARDS INTO THAT HOLE!”

Ryu: “Referee Scott Kamura stands over the hole and starts to administer the standing 10 count! He’s at FIVE now…”

Jeff: “PLEASE LORD let this be over…EIGHT…NINE…TEN!”

Ryu: “IT’S OVER!”

Jeff: “Carver may have WON, but he’s STILL a bloody mess! Now he picks up that shovel…”


(The bell rings…and “It’s A Long Way To The Top” by AC/DC starts to play…)


Jeff: “The crowd goes nuts as one of the bloodiest battles I have ever seen comes to a dramatic close. Both of these man literally gave all they could tonight. When Jeff Cross fell back in that hole, he hit HARD, his head smacked the ground, and I do believe he is unconscious…Del Carver is awake, but is clutching his side…as he continues to shovel dirt over the unconscious Jeff Cross!”

Ryu: “Del has shovelled a bunch of dirt on top of Jeff Cross…the referee tries to stop him…Carver pushes him away and keeps shovelling…”

Jeff: “Boy, look at the LOOK on Del Carver’s FACE…he has officially SNAPPED. He looks like a total crazy man as he frantically shovels more and more dirt on Jeff Cross…”

Ryu: “Man…Carver is really going to town…the dirt is flying a mile a minute…and it looks like that hole is pretty much FULL. Del now takes that tombstone and pounds it into the ground with his shovel! Del Carver SPITS on the makeshift grave…and raises his hands over his head! Jeff Cross is BURIED!”

Jeff: “Del Carver has been joined in the parking lot by Ben Jackman and Kid Wikkid…they have Del Carver propped up between them…and he is being helped away by his friends. You would expect an argument normally, but Del Carver is in NO shape to argue…he meekly collapses up against Kid Wikkid and Ben Jackman…”

Ryu: “There’s something very ironic about the fact that this whole thing started over Jeff Cross pretending he was DEAD…and now it’s OVER and he’s BURIED in a GRAVE in the parking lot…I assume that the refs will get somebody to get him out of there.

Or maybe not.”

(The Camera returns to Jeff and Ryu in the announce position…)

Jeff: “Well fans, I for one and I’m SURE you agree with me, will NEVER forget the fight we just saw.”

Ryu: “But even with that, we’re STILL not finished, in fact, we’re moving right along!”


[“Click, Click, BOOM” by Saliva hits the PA system, and the crowd has a mixed reaction. They’re rather loud for the introduction of the star who is coming on the ramp. Lonewolf steps into the scene, and the reaction picks up.]

Samantha Coil: Coming in first, standing at six feet, six inches and weighing in at 252 lbs….He is…LONEWOLF!!!

[Lonewolf walks out onto the stage, where he looks out to the crowd, before heading down the ramp. Behind him, red fireworks and towers of fire set off. He walks up the stairs and into the ring. He stands in the corner, awaiting his opponent]

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, from Charleston, South Carolina, weighing in at 235 lbs., six foot three inches, The Real Deal!

[As Lonewolfs music fades away, the intro to “Remember” by Disturbed hits the PA, and the fans in attendance come to their feet, cheering the hero and legend of SHOOT Project, The Real Deal. He walks down the ramp, sporting his simple black tights with white trim. He hops up onto the ring, smiling and playing to the fans. This elicits more cheering. He’s loving every minute of being in front of a mass crowd. It’s something he hasn’t done in awhile. He jumps over the ropes, into his corner, and stares Lonewolf down.]

Ryu Kosi: Heh, Real Deal doesn’t seem too worried about Lonewolf.

Jeff Hansen: Well, Lonewolf doesn’t seem intimidated by that stare either.

Ryu Kosi: He doesn’t look intimidated, but you and I both know that he’s ready to leave that ring right about now.

Jeff Hansen: Well everyone, the almighty Ryu Kosi is scared… where’s the Messiah when you need him?

Ryu Kosi: Shut up.

[Real Deal and Lonewolf meet each other in the center of the ring, and immediately lock up. Real Deal gets a huge advantage, and tosses Lonewolf backwards. Lonewolf is slow to get back to his feet, shaken up by the strength of Real Deal. Lonewolf stands up and runs at Real Deal, as Real Deal lifts his foot up, and leaves an indent in Lonewolf’s face]

Ryu Kosi: Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

Jeff Hansen: As if you have any idea…

Ryu Kosi: Well, I have sympathy pain. It’s basically the same thing.

Jeff Hansen: [Sarcastically] Oh yeah… what was I thinking?

[Real Deal lifts Lonewolf up and throws him into the corner. He starts to pummel him with lefts and rights, before laying him out with a huge clothesline. Lonewolf falls to the ground, as he rolls out of the ring. Real Deal follows him out, and throws him right back in]

Jeff Hansen: Real Deal means business here, not wasting any time.

[Real Deal starts stomping on Lonewolf, before lifting him up and delivering a piledriver. Real Deal runs across the ropes and lays a leg drop on Lonewolf. He goes for the pin. 1…2…kickout]

Jeff Hansen: It’s still too early.

Ryu Kosi: Yeah, but at the rate this is going, it’ll be over in minutes.

[Real Deal lifts Lonewolf up, and delivers a massive DDT. He lifts up Lonewolf’s head and locks on a sleeper hold. The ref checks Lonewolf by lifting his arm twice. Lonewolf keeps his arm up the third, and start to make his way to his feet. Before he can, Real Deal lifts him up and nails a DVD. He goes for another pin. 1…2…kickout]

Jeff Hansen: I dunno how much more Lonewolf can take.

Ryu Kosi: Not too much more… he’s just about done.

Jeff Hansen: We actually agree on something?

Ryu Kosi: Errr… maybe…

[Real Deal picks Lonewolf up, but before he can fully get to his feet, Lonewolf hits a low blow, but the ref doesn’t see it. Real Deal bends over, as Lonewolf nails a front face DDT. He locks on an STF, as Real Deal yells in pain]

Jeff Hansen: Well, Lonewolf took control of this match, and now has a submission method working on Real Deal. Real Deal is hurting.

Ryu Kosi: Please, this is nothing.

[Real Deal reaches the ropes, and Lonewolf releases the hold. He lifts Real Deal up, and places him between the ropes, his neck resting on the second. Lonewolf goes against the opposite ropes, and as he comes back to Real Deal, he leaps. Real Deal moves out of the way just in time, as Lonewolf meets the ropes sitting down. He flips back into the ring, as Real Deal uses the ropes to help him to his feet]

Ryu Kosi: C’mon Real Deal… take advantage!

Jeff Hansen: Wow Ryu… you’ve changed a lot since last match.

Ryu Kosi: Shut your cakehole.

[Real Deal stands and lifts up Lonewolf. He drags Lonewolf over to the turnbuckle, and sets him up on the top. He heads up as well. He wraps his arms around Lonewolf’s waist, and nails a powerbomb from the top rope! Real Deal heads to the top again, and nails an elbow drop. He gets on top of Lonewolf, and starts to throw rapid punches at Lonewolf’s face]

Ryu Kosi: Now this is pure wrestling, right here.

Jeff Hansen: Real Deal has just dominated this whole match.

Ryu Kosi: I can’t disagree with ya there.

Jeff Hansen: There are few things we agree on Ryu… maybe we should savor this moment in SHOOT Project time.

Ryu Kosi: …Nah.

[Real Deal gets off Lonewolf, and this time lets Lonewolf get to his feet on his own. Once he does, Real Deal sends a haymaker right into Lonewolf’s side]

Ryu Kosi: Looks like he’ll be spitting up blood tonight.

Jeff Hansen: Perhaps, but perhaps not.

Ryu Kosi: Wait, who is this coming down the ramp? The fans are yelling at the top of their lungs…

Jeff Hansen: That’s ED RAYMOND!!

[Real Deal turns toward Raymond, and looks puzzled. Josh turns around and Lonewolf is up. Lonewolf rocks Real Deal with a massive right hand. Spit and blood fly out of Johnson’s mouth, and he stumbles down and hits his knees. Lonewolf is quick to follow up and punches Real Deal in the mouth again.]

Ryu Kosi: You know, Real Deal was quite in control of this matchup, but when Ed Raymond came out, that was it. He turned around and got leveled.

Jeff Hansen: Well, those are the breaks. You turn your attention, and you get burned for it. What can I say other than the fact that he got what he deserved? You just can’t turn away like that.

[Lonewolf drags Real Deal to his feet and whips him into the ropes. He bounces off the opposite side and nails Real Deal with a massive wheel kick that was directed right at Johnson’s jaw. Real Deal is struggling to get to his feet, he’s on one knee as of right now. Lonewolf is boasting. He turns to Real Deal and runs at him, driving a knee into the side of his face. He follows Josh down and keeps that knee in the side of Johnson’s face inducing even more pain.]

Jeff Hansen: Lonewolf certainly knows how to capitalize.

Ryu Kosi: He’s supposed to be one of the best. So he’d know a little something about that, wouldn’t he?

[He grabs Johnson by the hair and brings him to his feet. He sends Johnson into the ropes, and follows. Real Deal with an Asai moonsault from off the second rope! He catches Lonewolf with a reverse DDT and drives him, headfirst, into the mat!]

Ryu Kosi: Now THAT was impressive.

Jeff Hansen: I can’t take away from that, that was quite the desperation move. However, they’re both down now. That had to take a lot out of them both.

Ryu Kosi: Doesn’t that sort of go without saying?

Jeff Hansen: Shut up.

[They’re both slow to their feet. Real Deal is first, however, and the crowd gets behind him. He picks Lonewolf up the rest of the way. He sends Lonewolf into the ropes and kicks him in the stomach. He hooks his arms.]


Jeff Hansen: NO! Lonewolf broke free, but barely!!

[Real Deal looks at Lonewolf who smiles back. Lonewolf punches Johnson in the gut, doubling him over. He stands up, and hits a DDT!]

Jeff Hansen: Cover! One…Two…Thr-

Ryu Kosi: NO! Johnson kicked out! That was SO CLOSE!!!

Jeff Hansen: These two REALLY want it, you can tell, they just keep pressing on.

[Lonewolf picks up Johnson, but Johnson shoves him into the turnbuckle. He rolls Lonewolf up! One…Two…NO!!! Lonewolf kicked out! Both men are up. Lonewolf is furious! Johnson is calm! Real Deal throws a right hand, it’s blocked! Lonewolf throws a right, it’s blocked! Johnson kicks Lonewolf in the gut… REALITY CHECK!!!]

Ryu Kosi: Fucking GROSS! Lonewolf was DOUBLED OVER and Johnson hit him with the Reality Check!

Jeff Hansen: This HAS to be it!!

Ryu Kosi: Real Deal covers… One…Two…Thre- NO!!! Lonewolf barely got a shoulder up! Real Deal is FURIOUS!! He picks Lonewolf up and places his head between the top rope and the middle rope.

[Johnson has turned away from Lonewolf and is posing to the crowd, who is clamoring for the next move. He gets up on the opposite second rope and throws an arm in the air.]

Jeff Hansen: ED RAYMOND!!!

[Raymond had slowly walked over to Lonewolf’s position while Real Deal was posing. He picks up a chair, and sprints toward Lonewolf!! SMACK! Raymond took the chair and hit Lonewolf in the side of the face!]

Ryu Kosi: Real Deal doesn’t know what happened! He was playing the crowd!!

Jeff Hansen: This is really, really bad. Lonewolf is done, I think.

Ryu Kosi: I think you might be right. Lonewolf can’t take much more, if any. He’s bleeding profusely now. There’s no way…

[Real Deal turns around to see Lonewolf lying face down on the mat. He just shrugs. He walks over to Lonewolf, and taps him with his foot. He seems unconscious. Josh just lifts him up. He puts him in a front face lock, and motions to the crowd. Lonewolf places a right fist firmly into Johnson’s side! Johnson grabs his kidney area in pain, and Lonewolf stands on his own two feet. He haphazardly rears back…]

Jeff Hansen: BIG BOOT!!!


Jeff Hanesn & Ryu Kosi: FINAL JUDGMENT!!! ONE!!! TWO!!! THREE!!!!!

[The crowd goes APESHIT when the final bell is sounded. People are throwing things and everyone is just bouncing off the walls.]


Jeff Hansen: While that win and ending was quite impressive, you have to realize that it wouldn’t have been possible except for the help of Ed Raymond. I think he may have been the dividing factor in this second title victory for The Real Deal.

Ryu Kosi: That’s very possible. It’ll be interesting to see what Real Deal and Ed Raymond both have to say within the coming weeks.

[“Remember” by Disturbed sounds through the arena, and the decibel level is increased. Real Deal stands, holding the SHOOT Project Championship over his head. Ed Raymond can be seen with his hands clasped together, smiling.]

Jeff Hansen: Well, this will certainly be a night to remember.

Ryu Kosi: That it will be. And with that, we end this night with the SHOOT Project at Und-

[The footage is automatically cut, and replaced with loud static.]