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The SHOOT Project Presents: Uprising


The fans are abuzz as Three 6 Mafia’s “Champion” plays.  The fans in attendance are raucous as the camera catches shots of fans and their signs in the stands.  Signs of “The Failed One will be a Success!”, “Corazon doesn’t have Heart!”, “Please Have My Babies, Ray!”, “I is a King Fan!”, and a wonderful shot of a pasted on promotional picture of Cade Sydal, with, written underneath “They Tried To Make Me Go To Rehab, I Said No No No”.  The camera moves on to the entrance ramp and then to the ring itself.  The camera shifts to Dave Dymond and The Other Guy, OG grinning from ear to ear.


Other Guy:  Maaaaan…this is the first pay-per-view event since the re-opening of The SHOOT Project, and we’ve got one HELL of a show for you!!

Dave Dymond:  That’s right, OG, we have EVERY title on the line, not to mention a brand new title!

Other Guy:  Not necessarily BRAND new, Dave…but we’ve got the finals of the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament tonight with Trevor Worrens going one on one against Ray Willmott!

Dave Dymond:  I know we’ve been waiting to see a World Champion crowned for ages now…and here tonight, THERE MUST BE A WINNER!

Other Guy:  What else we got for ‘em, Dave?

Dave Dymond:  We get to see ‘Die Hard’ Dave Marz settle up against Corazon for the Iron Fist Championship!

Other Guy:  No Obisidian in Corazon’s corner…can he prevail against the furious Dave Marz tonight?

Dave Dymond:  We not only crown a new World Champion, we’re going to crown a new LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPION!

Other Guy:  Jun Kenshin, Osbourne Kilminster, ‘Diamond’ Del Carver, Deacon Summers, and Benjamin Biggs are gonna go at it in a Law of Gravity match!  For those of you at home who don’t know what that is…that means those five men are gonna have to go at it in an old fashioned five way ladder match!

Dave Dymond:  That oughtta be scary, but we finally get to see Cade Sydal get his hands on Ron Barker in SHOOT’s first tag team match up since the company’s reopening!

Other Guy:  But Cade’s gotta team up against Ron with none other than Ainsley Lake!  To top it off, Ron Barker’s got to team up with Michael Collins who kinda just got dragged into this whole thing!

Dave Dymond:  It definitely has the makings of being a phenomenal event, because we’re kicking off the show RIGHT now!


Spotlights aim towards the entrance as the dark foreboding opening of Jay-Z’s “Blue Magic” hits.  The fans boo as out from the back emerges Donovan King.  He stands there wearing the chain around his neck ala Rampage and Junkyard Dog.  He pounds his fists against his chest, bobbing his head to the beat of his new theme music.  He wears new black and gold trunks ashe steps into the ring.  He walks over to his corner and ascends the ropes as the fans boo mercilessly.


King hops down, stretching against the ropes.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first…weighing in tonight at 245 pounds…hailing from Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA BY WAY OF MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE…he is….DONOVAN…KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!!!!

The fans boo as King grins from ear to ear.  His theme dies down, however, and the fans are instantly cheering as Three Dog Night’s “The Show Must Go On” begins to play.  King slides from the ring to allow his opponent his entrance.

Dave Dymond:  This is one hell of a match to open the pay-per-view, OG.

Other Guy:  Without a doubt, Dave.  These men damn near hate one another!

Samantha Coil:  And his opponent…weighing in tonight at 245 pounds…hailing from Richmond, Virginia…HE IS THE CURRENT REVOLUTION CHAMPION…JESTER….SMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILES!!!!

Jester walks down the entrance with the Revolution Championship strapped tightly to his waist.  He unbuckles it as he steps up the ring steps.  He continues to watch Donovan King, who isn’t moving outside the ring.  He walks over to the ring ropes and drapes the Revolution Championship over the ropes in King’s face.  Austin Linam holds Jester back and has to nearly drag him back to his corner.

Dave Dymond:  Jester’s scored a pin over Trevor Worrens, who’s facing Ray Willmott later tonight for the World Championship, and that was one hell of a defense on its own, but even now…this is going to be a whole different beast for him against Donovan King.

King rolls into the ring and drops the chain to the outside.  Jester smiles at King menacingly as he hands the Revolution Champion to Austin Linam.  Linam shows the belt to King and then hands the belt to timekeeper Mark Kendrick.  Linam calls for the bell to sound and the match begins!

Dave Dymond:  And we’re off!

King and Jester glare at one another for a long moment.  King rubs his face before he walks to the center of the ring and begins to talk trash to Jester.  Jester looks around the ring at the fans and then gets in the center of the ring as well, grinning at King!  King continues to talk down to Jester until he puts his finger in Jester’s chest, and Jester grabs the finger!  The fans pop as Jester twists the finger around and turns the possible finger poke from King into a hammerlock!  King calls out in pain as Jester wrenches back on the hammerlock!  King throws a back elbow to try to get Jester off of him and Jester dodges it, spinning King around to face Jester.  Jester gets back up in King’s face and King catches a thumb poke to the eyes!  The fans are popping big as Jester takes the early advantage!

Dave Dymond:  Jester takes the fight to King in a most unorthodox fashion!

Other Guy:  It’s tough to see King getting so screwed up with finger pokes and shit, but King needs to get his act together if he’s gonna outsmart Jester Smiles!

Jester whips King to the ropes and nails a hip toss!  King falls flat to the mat as Jester immediately is there, waiting for King to get up.  King gets to his knees and Jester NAILS a hard shin blast to King’s chest, knocking the wind from King’s sails!  Jester picks King up and begins to attack King with HARD open hand slaps, coupled with side kicks to King’s midsection!

Dave Dymond:  Jester is working hard on King’s midsection as this match continues, possibly wearing him down for the Sidesplitter later on.

Other Guy:  Even if King pissed Jester off, Jester’s keeping it down, trying hard to focus on King and treat King like he’s any other opponent!

Jester nails King once again with a kick to the midsection and King rolls to the outside, the fans cheering as he does so!  King slaps the ring apron in frustration, clutching his midsection.  Jester looks at the fans, riling them up as King shakes his head, irritated.  Austin Linam begins the obligatory count.









King rolls into the ring and rolls right back out, prompting boos from the fans!  Jester beckons King to come back into the ring and face him like a man, but King shakes his head no!

Dave Dymond:  What’s the matter with King?  Why won’t he get in that ring like a man and fight Jester?

King starts to talk trash to a fan as Jester has had about enough!  The cheering forces King to turn around…RIGHT INTO A JESTER SMILES SUICIDE PLANCHA!!!  The fans ERUPT as Jester lands on King, pummeling King with punches!!  Linam continues to count!


Dave Dymond:  Jester’s taking the fight to Donovan King here at Uprising!


Jester continues to pound on King!!


Jester gets off of King, prompting more cheers from the fans!  Jester picks King up.


Jester goes to whip King into the ringsteps, BUT KING COUNTERS!  Jester is RAMMED into the ringsteps, toppling them over with a loud CLANG!!



Both men are down on the mat, Jester clutching his head, which connected HARD with the ring steps and King clutching his midsection!


Other Guy:  I bet King’s been waiting to bring the fight to Jester on the outside!


Dave Dymond:  Which is home to a thug like Donovan King!  Not in the ring like a real competitor!


Other Guy:  You’re just mad that what King said about himself was true.  He’s a thug and damn proud of it!

King drapes his upper half of his body over the ring apron, rolling into the ring before Austin Linam reaches ten.  King continues to catch a breather as Jester tries to shake off the effects of the hard head shot.  King sees Jester picking himself up and, with all of his might, NAILS Jester with a baseball slide, SLAMMING Jester into the announcer’s table!  Jester lands in a sitting position against the announcer’s table as King rolls out of the ring, still clutching his midsection.  He glares at Jester before throwing Mark Kendrick from his steel chair and folding it up!  Austin Linam, again, makes his count!


Other Guy:  Things are about to heat up now!


King stands over Jester, throwing the chair down and instead, removing the mats surrounding the ring!


Dave Dymond:  Oh this is going to be pretty painful for either man involved here!


Other Guy:  As much of this match that’s going on outside the ring, we need to remind the fans at home that this match CAN end on a count out!  No Holds Barred is like no disqualifications and no rope breaks!


Dave Dymond:  That’s right.  That doesn’t mean these men can turn this into a Falls Count Anywhere sort of match up, they NEED to get in that ring before referee Austin Linam reaches twenty, or this match up is going to have to end without a pure winner!


King picks Jester up and picks Jester up for a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!  King begins to mouth off to the fans about planting the Clown for good, but Jester throws his legs around, causing King to lose his grip!  King’s trying to plant Jester, but Jester’s nearly countered the hold!  King does the only thing he can, DROPPING Jester with a flapjack!  Jester lands, BACK FIRST, on the exposed concrete!  King stands up, pounding his fist into his chest, the fans booing loudly.


Dave Dymond:  King’s focused HARD on the head and back of Jester Smiles ever since they first met up and King’s looking to put the finish on Jester tonight!

Other Guy:  He’s not out to win this, he’s looking to make Jester survive this!

King rolls Jester back into the ring and slides a steel chair in behind him.  The fans are already booing as King stands up over the endangered Revolution Champion.

Donovan King:  GET THE FUCK UP, CLOWN!!

Suddenly, as if he were faking, Jester THRUSTS UP WITH AN UPPERCUT, SENDING KING TO THE MAT!!  The fans ERUPT as Jester falls to the mat as King lands to the mat, seemingly out cold.  Jester picks himself up and then picks King up.  He whips King to the ropes and runs to the opposite side.  As King returns, Jester jumps to the middle rope AND THROWS HIMSELF BACK WITH AN ASAI MOONSAULT BODYBLOCK!!!  The fans POP as Jester sprawls over King and Austin Linam slides in for the three count!




Dave Dymond:  Jester busting out all his moves on King here tonight!

Jester picks King up and nods his head to the fans.  He pushes King to the corner and wraps King’s arms against the ropes before he starts again with the HARD kicks to King’s midsection!  He picks King up and rests him on the top turnbuckle, and he scales the turnbuckle right after him.

Other Guy:  This shit never ends well!


The fans pop as Jester manages to put King on his shoulders!!

Dave Dymond:  Is he going for a TOP ROPE SIDE SPLITTER!?!

Jester gets ready, BUT KING COUNTERS!  King FORCES JESTER TO THE MAT WITH A CRUCIFIX BOMB!  Jester RAMS his head to the mat HARD!  King picks himself up slowly, grinning from ear to ear!  The fans are booing heavily as King staggers over to the steel chair he slid into the ring earlier.  He picks it up and NAILS the prone Jester in the back of the head!  The fans boo mercilessly as King rolls Jester over and goes for the pin!  Austin Linam slides in for the count!




The fans lose it.

Dave Dymond:  I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!

King is infuriated that Jester managed to power out of the hard chair shot.  King paces around Jester’s body as Jester struggles to get his wits about him.  King starts to tap Jester’s head with his boot, prompting further boos from the fans.  King shakes his head, laughing at Jester.  He rolls Jester back over onto his back and places his boot firmly in Jester’s throat, prompting further boos from the fans.  Jester wakes up, clutching at King’s boot as King presses harder and harder down on Jester’s throat, cutting off circulation.


Other Guy:  He can’t!  HA HA HA HA!  He can’t do shit!  It’s No Holds Barred!

King stands there for a long moment as referee Austin Linam asks Jester if he intend on quitting, but Jester can barely tell Linam no.  King shakes his head and USES JESTER’S THROAT to springboard up and NAIL Jester with a leg drop!  The fans boo as King does not bother to pin Jester.  Instead, King leaves the ring, searching for a fresh weapon.

Dave Dymond:  Jesus.  King is nothing more than a common…a low down…

Other Guy:  …thug?


King stops and sees his chosen weapon.  The fans boo LOUDLY as King picks up for all to see…his steel chain.  King slides into the ring like a serpent as Jester clutches his throat.  King slides over to Jester and begins to wrap the chain around Jester’s throat and face!  The fans are booing, but Jester is trying his best to block the chain from being wrapped around his face!  The fans start to boo as Jester tries valiantly to stop what would surely end the match!

Dave Dymond:  Jesus, King is out to end Jester’s career!

King continues to try, his teeth gritted in fury.  Jester holds the chain down and King FINALLY gives up on his task…and WHIPS THE CHAIN INTO JESTER’S BACK!!  The fans boo as King CONTINUES to whip the chain into Jester’s back!  He rolls Jester over onto his back and wraps the chain up in his hand and around his fist…and he sprawls over Jester…AND RAMS HIS FIST INTO JESTER’S FACE!  The fans boo relentlessly as King POUNDS down on Jester’s face!  King pulls himself up onto his knees, laughing as he drops the chain to the mat, Jester’s face slowly swelling and bleeding!  King busts out into full on laughter as the fans are furious, throwing things at the challenger.

Dave Dymond:  Jesus, Jester’s taken a damn beating that’s a whole different kind of hardcore!

Other Guy:  I know what you mean, Dave.  No big spots or whatever terminology you use…King’s not trying to get the fans’ attention with his moves, he’s just out to hurt Jester.

King stands over Jester and places his boot on Jester’s chest, prompting Austin Linam to call for the pin!




The fans ERUPT.

Dave Dymond:  NO!  Jester’s not out of this fight yet!

King grits his teeth in anger as he picks Jester up and slaps him across the face.  He continues to slap Jester in the face over and over again until he goes to pick Jester up onto his shoulders!

Other Guy:  KTFO!

King goes to hit his finishing maneuver on Jester, but Jester slides down his back!  King turns around and Jester lets out a ferocious battle cry…AND NAILS THE VIRGINIA SIDEKICK TO KING’S FACE!!!  King is OUT.  Jester falls over onto King for the pin!




King’s lip is busted, but he’s kicked out of Jester’s kick.  Jester lies beside king, both men breathing heavily.  Jester pulls himself up and drags himself over to the steel chair and picks it up.  He slams it down to the mat and yells for King to get his ass up.

Other Guy:  Oooh, cursin’…I’m gonna tell…

King pulls himself up to his feet and staggers back and forth.

Jester Smiles:  HEY DONNY BOY!!

King turns around and is NAILED with the steel chair!  The fans POP as King falls to the mat.  Jester places the steel chair on King’s prone body and heads over to the ropes.

Other Guy:  What the hell is he doing?!

Jester wipes the blood from his face and grabs a hold of the ropes…AND SPRINGBOARDS INTO A SENTON SPLASH ON DONOVAN KING!!


Other Guy:  HA HA HA HA HA!!!  Jester got you to say BOOYAH!  You’re so white!

Jester sits with his back turned from King, who is reeling from BOOYA!!.  Jester picks himself back up and then picks King up as well.  He hooks King’s arm and then King’s leg…AND SENDS KING OVER WITH A FISHERMAN’S SUPLEX!!!  He holds the bridge and Austin Linam’s there with the pin count!




Jester slams his hand on the mat in frustration as King rolls to his stomach to avoid another pinfall.  Jester picks King back up off of the mat and King, out of desperation, hooks Jester up AND SENDS HIM OVER WITH THE KILLSWITCH!!!


King and Jester are BOTH down on the mat now.  Jester is OUT on the mat as King rolls to his stomach once again.  He drapes a single arm over Jester’s body and Austin Linam goes to count the pinfall!




The fans ERUPT as Jester shoves King’s arm off of him.  King covers his face with his busted lip as Jester has kicked out of one of the maneuvers he considered his finishing moves.

Dave Dymond:  Both of these men have given their all here tonight!

Other Guy:  I gotta say, Jester’s earned my respect takin’ alla King’s moves like he has!

Austin Linam begins his mandatory ten count for the possible double ten count.





Dave Dymond:  This can’t end in a double knock out, but neither man have moved!




King and Jester both roll to their stomachs and start to force one another to get to their feet.


Both men are up on their feet!


Dave Dymond:  They’re up!

Jester and King stagger into one another and King goes for a punch, but Jester counters with a punch of his own!  King falls backwards as Jester nails him again!  He whips King to the ropes AND KING COMES BACK WITH THE PENALTY KICK!!!!  Jester is OUT!!!  King hooks the leg for the pinfall!




Donovan King:  FUCK!

King picks Jester back up and Jester COUNTERS WITH THE SMALL PACKAGE!




King rolls out and Jester’s on his feet!  Jester goes for a lariat and King ducks it and counters into a backslide!




Jester rolls out of the backslide and grabs King by the wrist and tries to whip him to the ropes, but King counters, whipping Jester to the ropes!  King bends down, telegraphing his back body drop but Jester flies over him and rolls King into a sunset flip!




King flips out of the move and schoolboys Jester’s legs for a roll up!




Both men are out away from one another and up on their feet as the fans ERUPT in cheers for the exchange!  King and Jester glare at one another as they try to catch their breath.  They circle one another in the ring, both men talking trash to the other.  Both men bleeding, both men exhausted.

Dave Dymond:  This has become a brutal affair and neither man seem ready to quit!

Jester beckons King to come and fight him, and King charges at Jester, but Jester IMMEDIATELY counters with a SPINEBUSTER!  Jester pops back up with King PLANTED on the mat!  He throws himself against the ropes, calling for the fans to rally behind him!

Dave Dymond:  Here it comes!

Jester picks King up and throws him onto his shoulders!  The fans ERUPT!  King is up…SIDE SPLITTER!!!

Other Guy:  NO!!!

King clutches his midsection and rolls to the ring apron!  Jester crawls over to King and sprawls over King, hooking the leg!




The fans are amazed, as is Jester, that King kicked out of the Side Splitter!

Dave Dymond:  WOW.  King kicked OUT of the Side Splitter!

Other Guy:  If Jester can hit The End of the Laughter, it’s a done deal for King, though!

Jester tries up pull King up to his feet and goes to whip King against the ropes, but King counters and gets Jester onto his shoulders!  The fans erupt in boos as King NAILS THE KTFO!!!  KTFO!!  King drapes his body over Jester’s and Austin Linam slides into position for the pin!





King lies beside Jester, breathing heavily.  King glares at Jester and picks his chain back up, which was resting in the corner of the ring.  The fans boo as King picks Jester up and wraps the chain around Jester’s throat and SLAMS Jester down an X-Factor!  King lays over Jester’s body and Austin Linam slides into the ring for another pin count!




King gets up, furious.  He removes the chain from Jester’s throat and paces the ring, a bit unsure of what he has to do to bring the Clown down.  Jester rolls to his stomach and slowly starts attempting to pull himself up.  King gets in the center of the ring and gets into pounce mode.  Jester pulls himself up to his feet, but barely.  King charges Jester, but Jester spots him!  He charges King!  DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!!  BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!!!  Austin Linam begins his count!



Dave Dymond:  My GOD!



Other Guy:  What’s it gonna take to stop these guys?!


The bell rings as both men roll to their stomachs!  The fans seem in shock as Austin Linam is summoned to the corner of the ring, confused.

Dave Dymond:  What the hell?  What’s happened?

Mark Kendrick goes over to Samantha Coil and whispers something in her ear.

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…this match has reached its thirty minute time limit!  This match is declared a DRAW!!!

The fans boo LOUDLY as King and Jester pull themselves up.

Dave Dymond:  No!

Other Guy:  So much for ‘There must be a winner’, Dave.

Dave Dymond:  This isn’t right!

Austin Linam goes to tell King and Jester both, handing the Revolution Championship to Jester.  Jester calls for the microphone from Samantha Coil.

Jester Smiles:  NO!

The fans cheer as King glares at Jester.

Jester Smiles:  King might be happy with surviving this match…but I’m here to win.

The fans ERUPT.  Austin nods his head and orders Mark Kendrick to ring the bell!

Samantha Coil:  Referee Austin Linam has declared that this match shall continue in OVERTIME!

Jester is IMMEDIATELY assaulted from behind by King!  King starts to wail away at Jester’s back and hooks him up for a belly-to-back suplex!  He bridges up for the pinfall as Austin Linam slides in for the pin!




King lays the boots to Jester, holding himself up with the ropes.

Other Guy:  Jester may wanna win…but he’s about to find out that King ain’t all about surviving if he can win!

King motions to the back as he continues to boot Jester.  King throws his elbow back HARD and NAILS Austin Linam HARD in the face!  Linam falls to the mat clutching his face as it’s obvious his nose has been busted.

Other Guy:  Uh oh!

King picks Jester up, but Jester manages to counter King’s hold on him into an arm wrench!  DESECRATOR DDR!!!


 Jester goes for the pin!






The fans boo LOUDLY as referee Austin Linam is STILL out from the hard elbow shot!

Dave Dymond:  That is just perfect!

Suddenly, a man with a hooded sweatshirt pulled over his face leaps over the guardrail and races into the ring.  Security scales over the guardrails to try to stop the fan, but the fan makes it to the ring.  Jester turns around to see the fan hooking him up…AND HE NAILS A REVERSE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!!  Security tackles the fan as King is up, grinning?

Dave Dymond:  That fan just NAILED Jester…thank God security’s all over him!

King picks Jester up onto his shoulders…and RAMS Jester down with the KTFO!  King shakes Linam to get his attention and he sprawls over Jester, hooking the leg for the pinfall!  Austin Linam’s there for the count!

Dave Dymond:  NO!  NOT LIKE THIS!!



Donovan King grins as Jester does not budge underneath him.


The bell rings…and the match is over.


The fans in the arena boo loudly as “Blue Magic” by Jay-Z and Pharrell plays.  King lays on his back, laughing.  Jester is out cold beside him.  King motions for Mark Kendrick to hand him a microphone.

Donovan King:  …LET…DAT…MAN…GO.

The music dies down as security is ordered to release the hooded fan.  The fan gets into the ring and stands there, hands on his hips.  King picks himself up off of the mat, breathing heavily.

Donovan King:  Dis man…is my…number one…fan.  Dis, Vegas, is my coach.

The ‘coach’ helps Donovan King up off of the mat as he rips the Revolution Championship out of Austin Linam’s grip.  The coach stands there holding the Revolution Championship in his left hand and he loosens the hood of his sweatshirt and unzips it with his right hand.  The coach pulls off his hood to reveal himself to the world, taking the microphone from Donovan King.



Harmston grins, handing King the belt, draping it on his shoulder.

Alexander Harmston:  I’ve spent this entire week training Donovan NOT to survive because, you see, he knows how to do that…I trained him to be victorious and to be a Revolution Champion this place…can be proud of!

The fans boo loudly at “The Foundation”.

Alexander Harmston:  The Foundation has given SHOOT her Cornerstone!

He hands the microphone to King.

Donovan King:  I guess…we ain’t gotta worry about dis fuckin’ wannabe here, huh?

King drapes the Revolution Championship on the mat and rests Jester’s head on it.  Harmston stands behind Jester and lifts up his arms by his wrists until Jester’s head hovers a few inches above the Revolution Championship.

Dave Dymond:  What is he doing?!

King, meanwhile, ascends the ropes behind Harmston.

Donovan King:  Eric ‘Jester’ Smiles…you just…got…got!

King LEAPS off the turnbuckle, leapfrogging OVER Harmston…AND NAILS A DOUBLE FOOT CURB STOMP TO JESTER ONTO THE REVOLUTION CHAMPIONSHIP.  The fans are in SHOCK as Jester’s blood now stains the front of the Revolution Championship.

Dave Dymond:  My God…Jester is out…somebody needs to get out here!

King stands over Jester with Harmston buckling the Revolution Championship to his waist.  “Blue Magic” by Jay-Z and Pharrell begins to play.

Dave Dymond:  This is the dawn of a frightening era for SHOOT Project.  As the paramedics rush out here to tend to Jester Smiles…Donovan King is our new Revolution Champion, and Alexander Harmston, a former Revolution Champion himself, is his new mentor!

The medics rush into the ring, checking Jester for any permanent injuries.  Donovan King and Alexander Harmston leave the ring to a chorus of boos.  Soon, King and Harmston disappear to the back of the arena, but not before turning around one final time and glaring at Jester as he’s tended to by the paramedics.  Harmston lifts King’s arm up for all to see as King slaps the bloody face plate of the Revolution Championship.  The duo leave the ringside area as medics assist Jester to leave the ringside area himself.


We cut backstage to see the ever beautiful Abigail Chase stood in front of the camera, microphone in hand. She wears a white, low-buttoned shirt, and a short grey skirt. Her hair has been tied back into a ponytail, and her entire face is a picture of sheer beauty. She smiles at the camera, eliciting some wolf whistles from the males in the audience, before speaking into the microphone.

Abigail Chase: …SHOOT Project is most definitely back on Pay-Per-View, as is evidenced by the quality of competition we’ve seen this evening. But the night remains young, and still to come; we have many more high stakes and championships at stake!

A loud roar! Excitement is in overflow in the Thomas and Mack Centre this evening!

Abigail Chase: …Before we go back to the action, I have, stood beside me, a man involved in one of those contests, tonight. A young man, who for the first time in his career, will contest for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship!

The buzz heightens! Another huge cheer comes from the crowd.

Abigail Chase: …He suffered some tough losses back a month and a half ago, but since the World Heavyweight Championship tournament has been televised, he has had incredible success! To get here, he advanced through Corazon, Jester Smiles and just last week on Revolution, ‘Die Hard’ Dave Marz! Ladies and Gentlemen …

Thunderous reception!

Abigail Chase: …’Red Hot’ Ray Willmott!!!

A huge ‘Ray, Ray, Ray’ chant breaks out, bringing goosebumps to the back of the young Welshman’s neck, as the camera pans around to face him. Already dressed for combat, Ray’s vintage silver Celtic cross is hung around his neck, dangling over a ‘Willmott’ SHOOT Project t-shirt. His long dark brown hair soaked with water, and his eyes, burning with a real intensity. Abigail Chases’ is slightly in awe, as she looks at the man she is about to interview. Respectfully, she steps ever so slightly out of the picture, her black high-heeled shoes echoing around the hallway as they dig firmly into the ground.

She clears her throat and speaks, Willmott giving her his undivided attention.

Abigail Chase: …This is it, Ray! This is what you’ve been working for. Tonight is the night! And what I want to know … what everyone wants to know is what are your thoughts as we make our way through Uprising and toward your match, the main event against Trevor Worrens? How are you feeling??

Chase smiles a beautiful smile that would disarm most men, and thrusts the microphone out in front of Willmott’s face. However, he does not speak straight away. For a time, the microphone hangs in Chases’s hand, resting in the air. Willmott seems more interested in hearing the crowd’s enthusiasm! He listens intently to the buzz in Last Vegas, straining himself for the slightest sound! The fans reciprocate with one of the loudest cheers of the night, and another enormous ‘Ray, Ray, Ray!’ chant. It is clear, at least to him, there is a huge Ray Willmott following here tonight. A huge group of people out there that want to see him go all the way in this tournament. To end it! Beat Trevor Worrens and become champion!

Shaking his head slightly, he breaks the distraction, and looks into Abigail Chases’s eager, elegant blue eyes.

Ray Willmott unpurses his lips.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Abigail, this is … indeed … IT!

The reception is so loud; it feels as if the building is starting to move.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …All of the preparation. The anticipation. It’s over!!

‘Ray, Ray, Ray, Ray!!’

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Within moments, you, along with the rest of the World, will see a SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion crowned for the first time in over a year!

The crowd could not be anymore ready!

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …It just so happens, that right now, I’m the one being given the rich opportunity. An opportunity that a million other athletes across the World dream about day and night! Tonight, it just so happens; I’m that guy that’s going out there. I’m the man who is seeing his dreams through to the full!

Abigail Chase: …What do you think about the relationship between Trevor Worrens and Kaz Sato? Kaz seems adamant about on Trevor winning the World title and that he owes him some…

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Whatever is owed between Worrens and Sato, STAYS between Worrens and Sato. To pay his debt, he has to beat me! He has to get me to scream the words ‘I Quit’! He has to pin my shoulders to the mat for three fucking seconds!

Ray looks sternly at Abigail Chase.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Look into these eyes. See the hours I’ve spent wondering. Enlighten yourself with the thoughts running through my head. Look deep into my soul, Abigail Chase, and tell me that he can accomplish any of those fucking things here in Las Vegas, tonight!!


‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …Deny me! Forgoe me! Declare me defeated before I go out there in front of these screaming ten thousand plus, if you fucking dare!!

Abigail Chase, even though slightly intimidated, does as Willmott asks. Defensively, she inches closer toward him. But the moment she looks into his eyes, she seems relieved, convinced, less apprehensive. Suddenly, it seems to make sense. For a moment, there is nothing but silence as they gaze at each other. Even the fans in the arena have settled for a moment.

Then she brings the microphone to her busty lips.

Abigail Chase: …This is …um …I mean …I…uh …

She swallows, still looking at him.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …I am more convinced. More focused on this than I’ve ever been, Chase. I know what awaits me if I succeed. I also know what awaits me if I fail.

His head nudges down slightly to break the lock of sight shared between the two.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …This is all that matters in my life. This is all I’ve ever loved!

He flicks his head back up again, gives Chase a slight smile and then turns his attention back to the camera.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …So tonight, I finish this! Here at Uprising, I shall go all the way!!

He licks his lips

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …You have my respect for making this far Trevor Worrens; you beat legends in the making and denied the undeniable! But standing in front of you is the reality! Across the ring is the end of the line!

Eyes narrowing.

‘Red Hot’ Ray Willmott: …I AM … Ray Matthew Charles Willmott … and after tonight … YOUR NEW … SHOOT PROJECT … WORLD … HEAVYWEIGHT … CHAMPIOOOOOOOOONNNNNN!!!!

Willmott roars with ear popping intensity! The fans have been loyally chanting along with him, and at the conclusion let out a thunderous roar! Ray looks around him, as the fans cheer and chant, flashes a smile to the camera one last time, then places a hand on Abigail’s shoulder and moves out of the shot!


The action of tonight’s Pay Per View returns to the ring, the fans continuing to show their excitement for being able to be at Uprising live.  At that moment, “Shipping up to Boston”, by Dropkick Murphys, comes blaring through the loudspeakers, as Killian Reilly appears at the top of the ramp, extinguishing a cigarette and pumping his fist in the air.  Big pop from the crowd

Dave Dymond:  Well we were expecting an Irishman, but in the form of Michael Collins.  Instead though the fans welcoming SHOOT’s perennial loser Killian Reilly with a big showing.

Other Guy: Perennial?  Shit Dave, you buy yourself a dictionary?

Dave Dymond: Shut up OG, he’s coming towards us.

The once-boxer makes his way to the commentary desk, smiling and extending a hand as Dymond shakes his readily, OG looking weary of the extended hand, but finally succumbing.  Reilly pops an arm up and points a finger to the desk, signaling to the crowd to give it up to the hard working gentlemen.  The crowd pops big, OG goes to stand and bow, Dymond grabbing his arm and pulling him back to the chair.  Reilly slides into the ring and takes the mic from Samantha Coil, once again signaling to the crowd to give it up and they pop big again.

Other Guy:  Man this guy wants to thank everybody doesn’t he?

Dave Dymond: Well he’s doing a pretty good job so far.

Other Guy: Well as long as he doesn’t-

Killian Reilly:  How are you tonight LAS VEGAS?

Cheap pop from the crowd

Other Guy:…say…that.  Shit.

Reilly laughs

Killian Reilly:  Oh man, I always wanted to do that.

A few laughs from the audience

Killian Reilly:  Now I know, you all come out here for a show, and here’s this big dumb mick jawin’ and takin’ up all your fightin’ time, so I’m gonna try to keep this brief.

Other Guy: Oh thank god.

Dymond elbows him

Killian Reilly:  I would like to apologize on behalf of the whole Irish nation, for the actions, and behavior of Michael Collins.  He’s scum incarnate, and has NO right wavin’ the flag of my nation around as his banner. Now tonight, you may know he’s teamin’ up with the bastard Ron Barker.

Boos from the crowd

Killian Reilly: But I’m here to make you a guarantee.  I will be sittin’ ringside tonight, keepin’ that match as clean as I can.  I’ll be keepin’ an eye on that filthy lot.  And I will make sure, that if that match is to be won, it’s gonna be won on terms that Barker and that scum Collins can’t understand in their filthy little fuckin’ heads.  Yah hear me boys?

He points two fingers to his eyes, and then points out to the crowd.

Killian Reilly: Killian’s got an eye out for both of you.

Big pop from the crowd as he hands the mic back to Coil, and walks back out of the ring.  He then situates himself at ringside, keeping his focus on the ring.  Some of the fans close to him on the other side of the guard railing cheer and shout his name.  He looks back at them every so often with a smile.

Dave Dymond: Well if this upcoming tag match wasn’t already weird enough given HOW it came to be, it’s just had ANOTHER layer added to it in the form of the Irish Boxer, Killian Reilly.

Other Guy: I respect the guy for lookin’ to enforce this match, but look at who is about to step into the ring. Cade Sydal, Ainsley Lake, Ron Barker, and Michael Collins.  Dave, ya saw what went down last week in such short notice, now there’s been time to let it fester, I ain’t sure the mother fuckin’ Las Vegas SWAT could keep this next one under control.


Before any further comments can be made, “Broken Bones” by Nonpoint begins to play, and the lighting inside the Thomas and Mack Center turns a blue and silver.  The fans are on their feet as Cade Sydal steps out from the back first, followed closely by THE woman of SHOOT Project, Ainsley Lake.  Sydal looks especially fired up as he starts down to the ring, tagging a few hands, while Ainsley isn’t nearly as energetic, but still looks fired up in her own way.

Samantha Coil: This next contest is set for one fall, and will be fought under a twenty-five minute time limit!

Sydal makes a mad dash now the rest of the way to the ring and slides under the bottom rope, while Ainsley jogs up the steps and vaults over the top rope.  Inside the ring, Sydal paces like a man possessed.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first at this time, weighing in at a combined weight of 339 pounds, here is the team of AINSLEY LAKE AND CADE SYDAL!!!

Sydal leaps up to the top turnbuckle and raises his arms up into the air as he looks out to the crowd, while Ainsley gives a nod of the head and raises one arm up.  After that she starts to stretch out, warming up for the match, while Sydal now turns his full attention to the entryway.  His music fades out, and now the tension only seems to rise as Sydal, and the fans, await Sydal’s and Lake’s opponents.

Dave Dymond: This has been a long time coming ever since Ron Barker decided to personally involve himself in Cade Sydal’s life… and while I’m sure Cade would have loved to get Barker here tonight one on one, I think he’s fine with getting a chance at Barker, period.

Other Guy: Yeah but Cade’s anger can get his ass into trouble, Dave.  And that’s where Barker is best, takin’ control of a manipulated situation.  And this whole tag match is just that… one big manipulated situation.

Dave Dymond: Of course referring to Barker’s constant pursuit of Ainsley Lake for reasons unknown to us, not to mention how Barker’s tag team partner even got involved with this to begin with.

As Sydal and Lake continue to wait, the live action of Uprising is temporarily replaced by footage from last week on Revolution.

The footage picks up with the after math of the Ainsley Lake and Michael Collins match… and Ron Barker and Cade Sydal are already both in the ring.  Ron Barker takes a few steps back and holds his hand out for a microphone. Samantha Coil quickly hands her’s to a ring crewmember, who hands it off to Barker.

Ron Barker: Sydal, we’re not dealing drugs out here, so this doesn’t concern your pasty ass. Get on to the back, now. I’ve got business with Ainsley, and that’s it.

Cade smirks at Barker, and snaps his fingers, holding his hand out to the side. Another microphone is quickly produced for him.

Cade Sydal: Real cute, sugartits. But here’s the real situation as I see it. I ain’t gonna let you fuck around with no more lives. You’ve already fucked with mine, and I intend on making it end with mine.

Ron Barker: Are you talking suicide? Is it going to be overdose? Or razors? Remember…up the street down across the roa—

Cade Sydal: Shut. The fuck. Up.

The fans pop huge as Cade cuts Ron off!

Cade Sydal: You wanna fuckin’ roll down here and get in Ainsley’s face, that’s fine, she’s a big girl. She can handle her muthafuckin’ own. But you got the fuckin’ Lucky Charms lookin’ motherfucker down here with you when you do the shit? That ain’t so fine. That ain’t so hot. You want it that way, you’re gonna have my ass down here making the numbers a little bit more even.

Ron Barker: Are you suggestin’ a match?

Cade Sydal: You Gawdamn right I am. Far as I’m concerned, Ainsley and I will take you two bitches to school right fuckin’ here and right fuckin’ now!

The fans pop HUGE again at the thought of an impromptu match, right here and now!

Ron Barker: I’m sorry, but that just can’t happen…

The fans begin to boo.

Ron Barker: See, I’m not dressed to compete. These two have wrestled already tonight. And I frankly need you to be tested for Hepatitis C before I ever compete against you, junkie.

The fans boo loudly.

Cade Sydal: That’s fine. Play your little pussy games. But I got a stage you can’t turn down, and neither can that Irish fuck standin’ there with his thumb in his ass. Uprising…that means a bigger payday to you, Lucky, Ron Barker and Michael Collins versus Cade Sydal and Ainsley Lake! How the fuck you like them apples?

Ron Barker: I don’t have a problem with that. So long as you keep your hypodermic needles away from the ring, Sydal!

Cade Sydal: man, fuck you!

Cade drops the microphone and lunges at Barker. Barker sprawls to avoid the takedown and begins raining punches down on Sydal’’ ribs instead. Sydal swpins out and around behind Barker and starts throwing his own punches into Barker’s ribs, before Ainsley and Collins move to pull Cade and Barker away from each other. The separation allows Barker to roll out of the ring, as Cade continues to try and get at Ron Barker! Michael Collins and Ainsley Lake both do their best to hold Cade back, but Cade snaps up into the air and drives his foot across Collins’ skull with the NINJAGUIRI!

The footage ends there and cuts away back to Uprising.  Sydal still waits patiently, eyes narrowed as he is reminded of what went down last week from the footage just seen.  The wait comes to an end as “Natural One” by Folk Implosion begins to play, and the once cheering fans erupt in a heavy chorus of boos.  Ron Barker saunters out from the back, taking in the hatred as optimistic as if he was being cheered.  This only enrages the crowd more.  Following a bit behind Barker is the Devil From Dublin himself, Michael Collins, who doesn’t react to the crowd one way or another.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 490 pounds… here is the team of MICHAEL COLLINS AND “RAVISHING” RON BARKER!!!

Barker takes his time, while Collins eventually passes him now, eager to get into the ring.  The second Collins enters though; he turns his attention to Reilly momentarily pointing at him.  Reilly simply reacts with a mocking smile, which causes Collins to shake his head with annoyance.  Referee Dennis Heflin motions for Collins to get into his corner, and then he turns out to Reilly and seems to issue some sort of warning to him as well.  Reilly just nods his head, leaning back to just watch the match.

Dave Dymond: This match just about to begin, but Ron Barker taking his sweet time to get into the ring… and you know, Other Guy, you just know that the head games are already starting.

Other Guy: Oh they started a while ago, Dave. Even before tonight.  But here, LIVE on Pay Per View, it’s only gonna escalate.

Barker finally enters the ring, and Sydal quickly lunges towards him. Barker just exits as quickly as he enters, demanding Sydal be held back.  The referee keeps Sydal at bay and again Barker goes to enter, this time Sydal just goes to his corner, looking to calm down as he talks out a game plan with Ainsley Lake.  Once in the ring, Barker turns to Collins and then points.  Collins hesitantly nods his head and Barker smirks, now taking his place on the outside edge of the ring.

Other Guy: Looks like Barker makin the call on this one, and Collins gonna be startin’ this thing out against the man who kicked him upside the head, Cade Sydal.

With the two official starting competitors in the ring, Heflin calls for the bell.  It sounds and Collins charges right at Sydal off the get go, swinging furiously at Sydal.  Sydal ducks the hook and just CRUSHES Collins square in the back with a stiff kick!  Collins arches his back in pain, but turns now and Sydal fires a straight kick, but Collins catches the leg and just SHOVES Sydal back.  Sydal does a backward summersault, springs back up to his feet and runs in at Collins, locking up into quick grapple.

Collins uses his slight size advantage to bully Sydal around though, suddenly breaking the grapple up with a hard shove.  Sydal goes down again, but is quick up to his feet, only this time Collins CONNECTS with a straight punch to the face.  Sydal is sent for a loop and Collins stalks right after him, grabbing his arm and whips Sydal into the ropes.

Dave Dymond: Collins not exactly a fan of Sydal after he felt he was attacked for no reason. And while I haven’t always seen eye to eye with how Collins carries himself, I think he did have a point in that case…

Sydal is back and HUGE hip toss from Collins takes Sydal onto his back. Collins goes for a quick cover, looking for a victory…


Other Guy: Sydal shoulders up. And yeah like ya were sayin’ Dave… Collins does have a reason to be pissed off, and he’s takin’ it out on Cade right now.

Collins gets Sydal up to his feet quickly and looks to whip him into the ropes again. Sydal hits though, but stops himself, then picks up speed on his own and runs at Collins.  Collins isn’t prepared as Sydal LEAPS at Collins, getting him with a leg scissors only to spin him through right into a DDT!  The fans pop as Sydal now springs up and charges the corner, DECKING Barker with a hard forearm shot!  Barker takes a spill to the outside, and now Sydal has control of the match!

Dave Dymond: Cade at a proverbial crossroad here, who does he go for… Collins who’s down… or the pain in his ass Ron Barker?

Sydal looks to Collins, some fans pick up, but then Sydal looks to the outside at Barker, and the fans go nuts!  Sydal looks ready to VAULT himself over the top rope, when Collins suddenly gets up and just NAILS Sydal from behind with a double axe handle.  Sydal slumps up against the ring ropes and Collins lands a couple of stiff punches to his back, all the while shouting for Barker to get up.  Barker is slow up to his feet, but finally gets back up on the ring edge to make the tag in.  The fans begin to boo loudly as Barker comes in now, Collins holds Sydal up against the ropes and Barker just DRIVES his knee into Sydal’s back.  Heflin calls for Collins to exit the ring, and he does so, and Barker takes control.

Other Guy: Barker strikin’ when the moment is right, and why do I got this feelin’, Dave, that Collins is gonna do the brunt of the work, and Barker’s gonna come in to try to get the big W.

Dave Dymond: Because that’s exactly what he’s going to do… another knee strike from Barker… and now roll up from behind… SEE!



The fans cheer as Sydal kicks out. Barker gets up only to STOMP down hard on Sydal’s chest.  Sydal writhes from the impact and Barker drops down for another pin attempt.  Again the referee hits the mat to make the count.



Dave Dymond: Sydal kicks out again, and Barker not happy about that in the slightest.

Barker, who shouts at the referee, pulls Sydal up at the same time and looks to pull him in for a short arm clothesline. Sydal snaps back into things though and ducks it and then spins around and just PULLS down on Barker’s head with a reverse sitting face plant!  Barker immediately sits right back up, clutching the back of his head, and now Sydal UNLEASHES with a series of fast foot work!

Other Guy: Nobody kicks like Cade Sydal… and I’ve heard cats talkin’ about being red for weeks where they were kicked by him!  And he’s not lettin’ up one bit on Barker.

Dave Dymond: And rightfully so, every kick fired is well deserved by Ron Barker!

The fans try to count along with the kicks, but Sydal fires them so fast, that it’s nearly impossible.  Barker’s whole body spasms after each kick, and finally he manages to drop to the mat and has no choice but to get out of the ring.  The fans boo, but Sydal doesn’t let him get away.  He turns to his own corner and calls a for Ainsley Lake… then both she and Sydal hit the ropes, while Barker and Collins regroup on the outside.  Sydal and Ainsley VAULT themselves over for dual aerial attacks!!  Ainsley basically corkscrews through the air crashing into Collins, while Sydal does a front flipping senton onto Barker!!!  Sydal and Lake are both quick up and Sydal grabs Barker now and quickly rolls him back into the ring, while Lake gets up off of Collins and actually plays up to the fans a little bit.

Dave Dymond: Ainsley feeding off the energy now, and looks like she enjoyed getting the one up on Collins right there, especially after Collins managed to defeat her last week in singles competition.

The focus returns to inside the ring as opposed to outside as Sydal now sends two more hard kicks into Barker and then forces him completely onto his back for the pin.  Heflin hits the mat… many of the fans rise up to their feet.



OOOOH!  The fans react as Barker gets the shoulder up after two.  Sydal shakes his head a bit, but is not deterred.  He keeps the match going at his pace, pulling Barker up to his feet, attempting to whip him into the corner, but Barker’s larger size works against Sydal, and he reverses sending Sydal hard into the corner.  Sydal hits chest first, staggers back and Barker right there behind him… hooks him… and takes him down with a Russian leg sweep.  Barker quickly turns over and cover Sydal, hooking the leg hard.  The count is made in favor of Barker now, while Ainsley returns to her corner, leaving Collins to recover on the outside…



TH… shoulder up by Sydal and the fans cheer again.

Dave Dymond: Close call after close call, as now its clear both sides just want to get the victory and will do so when any opportunity opens up.

Other Guy: Don’t matter really who even wins this thing, though, Dave. Because it ain’t gonna settle the animosity and hatred between Barker and Sydal. This match is for ground in a war that we’re just seein’ the start of.

Barker up to his feet and he turns now to look at Ainsley, smiling broadly.  Ainsley just shakes his head and Barker goes as far as to blow her a kiss.  The fans boo loudly, and Ainsley just looks on disgusted.  After taunting Ainsley, Barker turns his attention back to Sydal who works his way up to his feet. Barker hits a boot square to the stomach, doubling Sydal over in pain, and then hits the ropes.  Barker goes for a running bulldog take down, but Sydal swats Barker’s arm away from his head and shoves him forward, so that Barker runs past him.  Barker turns quickly, but before he can get to Sydal, Sydal gets past him and makes a tag into Ainsley!  The fans boo though as Barker moves to his corner just as quick and tags in Collins.

Dave Dymond: Ainsley wanted some of Barker, but Barker apparently not wanting to fight Ainsley.

Other Guy: He’s prolly full of shit, but maybe Ron’s actually got some serious feelings for Ms. Lake.

Dave Dymond: I find it hard to believe that Barker has any serious feelings about anything, but regardless Ainsley Lake and Michael Collins now facing off in a bit of a rematch amidst this tag team competition.

Collins has no qualms making a full B-line for Ainsley, and the two lock up into grapple, but Ainsley breaks quickly, wraps her arms around the back of Collins’s head, and drops to her knees, BUSTING Collins’s jaw on the top of her head! Collins staggers back, clutching his chin, while Ainsley recovers, holding her head slightly, but then running at the ropes to pick up some momentum.  Ainsley does a handspring in the middle of her run, but as she pops back up Collins has her well scouted and just CRUSHES her with a clothesline!

The fans respond with a collective “oooh” some even cringing in pain at seeing the impact of Ainsley’s head hitting the mat.  Collins jaw jacks at Ainsley a bit, which causes the fans to boo, and outside of the ring, Reilly stands now, looking on shaking his head at Collins.  Collins, notices Reilly again and marches over towards him a bit, now getting into a shouting match with Reilly.

Other Guy: Collins an angry cat tonight, but he’s gotta keep his focus, otherwise Ainsley’s gonna be able to recover no problem.

The referee comes to Collins’s side now, ordering him to focus on the match at hand.  Collins continues to point furiously at Reilly, but Reilly just sits back down and points to in the ring.  Collins turns to see Ainsley’s boots… HIGH DROPKICK!

Dave Dymond: You called it, Other Guy, and Collins met with a perfectly executed dropkick from Ainsley Lake.  The cover now…


No! Collins with a strong shoulder up that knocks Ainsley to the side.  Ainsley recovers quickly though and goes for a flipping leg drop, recklessly, and it doesn’t pay off.  Collins rolls out of the way, gets up… two step KNEE to Ainsley’s face!  Ainsley is flattened out and Collins makes the cover…


Sydal into the ring!


Other Guy: Sydal breaks that shit up and here comes Barker!

All hell looks about ready to break loose as Collins is up and goes for Sydal, and Barker in as well… and the two carry out a double team attack on Sydal, backing him up against his own corner.  Barker throws kicks to the legs while Collins just throws hard punches and forearms to Sydal’s upper body.  The fans boo loudly, and that’s when Killian Reilly gets up yet again!  This time though he starts closer to the ring shouting at Collins, distracting him from carrying out the double team assault. The distraction works and Collins turns his focus to Reilly again, and referee Dennis Heflin physically pulls Barker back away from Sydal and makes him return to his corner.  Barker finally starts to back off, leaving Sydal down in the corner.

Dave Dymond: Sydal put himself in the middle of an onslaught, but it kept his team alive… though Ainsley still down from that hard knee, and Collins now finally getting back focused on the match.

Other Guy: Reilly’s gonna be a law-biding thorn for Collins every step of the way… Collins’s has just gotta focus and not concern himself with anything outside the ring.

Collins pulls Ainsley up to her feet now and whips her into the corner where Barker is.  She comes staggering out and suddenly Collins spins and NAILS Ainsley with a back fist shot!

Dave Dymond: Irish Eyes Are Smiling right there… and Collins looking to end this and get a second victory on Ainsley.

The fans aren’t happy about what looks to be coming up, and Collins stalks around behind Ainsley. Waiting as she struggles to get up. However as Collins waits, Barker suddenly reaches out and tags in himself!  Collins turns, somewhat shocked and annoyed… almost ready to hit Barker.

Ron Barker: (bringing his arms up) Trust me on this!

Collins just looks at Barker for a moment, and then Barker continues anyway, grabbing Ainsley by the arm and dragging her across the ring, bringing her closer to Sydal.  Sydal watches on shouting loudly at Barker.  Barker then just smirks and rolls out of the ring, flips up the ring apron, and produces a steel chair from out from under the ring.  The sound of boos fill the Thomas and Mack Center as Barker gets back into the ring now and drags Ainsley further towards Sydal, putting him just in her reach.  Barker grips the steel chair tightly and taunts Sydal to make the tag.  Sydal glares at Barker, and the fans continue to boo.

Cade Sydal: Barker you son of a bitch!

Barker just laughs at Sydal, again looking to Ainsley, then to him, taunting him to make the tag.  Reilly has seen enough and now he hops up onto the ring edge all together and then RIPS the steel chair out of Barker’s hands from the side!  Barker is FURIOUS, but it’s Collins who runs clear across the ring and charges Reilly! He knocks Reilly off the ring edge then gets out of the ring as well, the two continuing their full on brawl on the outside!

Dave Dymond: Nothing like Irish pride to fuel a fight.  Both these two slugging it out now, and you knew it was going to happen much sooner than later!

The fans buzz with excitement as Collins and Reilly go at it… Reilly punching lefts and rights into Collins, knocking him away from the ring and towards the back.  Barker, furious, turns his attention and shouts at Collins to get back here… but the two fight their way to the back… and in that moment…


Other Guy: Oh boy… Barker’s in for it now!

Ainsley scrambles out of the ring, and gets up to her feet, holding her head still in pain.  Sydal vaults over the rope and goes after Barker with a high kick to the face, but Barker ducks under… now face to face with Ainsley!

Dave Dymond: Barker’s got NOWHERE TO GO!!

Other Guy: Can’t say I ain’t enjoyin’ this, Dave… cause I am!

Barker freaks out, and turns quickly… but there’s Cade… two-step lunge at Barker, but no Barker weasels out again!  Sydal is inches from Ainsley now, but he halts himself.  And Ainsley’s face suddenly goes dead serious and she SHOVES Sydal just as Barker drops low, hooking Sydal from behind for a roll up.

Stunned confusion.

Barker has Sydal in a pin, and then reaches out one free hand and Ainsley takes a hold of it to give Barker added leverage!

The confusion turns to hatred as referee Dennis Heflin makes the count.


Dave Dymond: NO!


Other Guy: I can’t believe it… the teddy bear won her over!


The boos are near deafening now as Barker breaks the pin, partially because Sydal now forces out of it a second too late.  The referee raises Barker’s hand in victory, while Ainsley enters the ring, walks right up to Barker, and gives him a HUG!!!

Dave Dymond: A celebratory hug… but… I can’t believe this!

Sydal is up to his feet just as he sees the two finish hugging and he is absolutely beside himself!  Before Barker’s music can hit… Barker and Ainsley both turn to see Sydal ready for a fight and immediately a two on one battle begins!

Other Guy: What I tell ya, Dave. The match is over, but this war just took a HUGE turn in favor of Ron Barker!

Dave Dymond: Sydal not giving up one inch of this fight though… but it looks like neither side has a choice as here comes SHOOT Project security!

The fans are buzzing now as they still can’t quite figure out just what happened.  Security hits the ring just as Barker shoves Sydal back hard, and security suddenly swarms just him!

Dave Dymond: What’s going on here?  Security has Sydal detained, but Barker and Lake just looking on… and… are they laughing?

Sydal tries to fight against security, but the numbers are not in his favor.  As they have him detained, four members of the Las Vegas Police Department start down to the ring as well.  Without anything being said, the police approach Sydal and force a set of handcuffs on him. Sydal is absolutely outraged now, and Barker and Ainsley just look on, waving goodbye.

Other Guy: Sydal bein’ arrested… and I’m not sure why, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Neither am I.  He HAS been under a watchful eye these past couple of weeks, but something tells me that once again Ron Barker has SOMETHING to do with this.

Other Guy: It’s written all over dat smug grin on his face.

Still confused, the fans do understand the idea of being under arrest, and as Cade is pulled out of the ring by force, the fans begin to boo loudly, some even throwing their garbage towards the ring at Barker and Ainsley!

Dave Dymond: This has just turned into a circus now, O.G. And we are left wondering just what happened… and asking the all too important question of WHY Ainsley Lake did this.

Other Guy: Oh that girl’s got some explainin’ to do for sure, but doesn’t look like we’re gonna get any answers tonight.  Nah, Barker and Ainsley look more than satisfied for now.

The boos, the garbage hurling, it continues as Barker and Ainsley slowly make their way out of the ring, heading down the entryway just a few moments after Sydal is dragged out of view.

Dave Dymond: Hopefully we get answers soon on this sudden alliance, and fans if we get ANY word on Cade Sydal’s arrest we’ll be sure to relay them here tonight.  As our ring crew clears the garbage, let’s take a look at what’s still to come.

Still shot graphics fill the screen one by one, starting first with the main event of the night, Trevor Worrens versus Ray Willmott.

Dave Dymond: Obviously we are looking to see the finals of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament go down tonight, and when it’s all said and done, SHOOT Project will claim it’s first World Heavyweight Champion of the new era.

The screen is replaced next by an image for the Iron Fist Title match, with Dave Marz staring intensely into the eyes of Corazon.

Other Guy:  The Iron Fist Championship on the line a bit later in a VERY heated battle between the reignin’ champ, Corazon, and the man who never says never “Die Hard” Dave Marz.

And finally five faces take up the screen, Jun Kenshin, Del Carver, Osbourne Kilminster, Deacon Summers, and Benjamin Biggs.

Dave Dymond: And in just a few moments, the return of the Laws of Survival Championship will take place. As Five SHOOT Project soldiers will compete in a ladder match, otherwise known as the Laws of Gravity match, it’s all coming up, as the night continues and what a night it’s already been.

The image for the Laws of Survival Championship match fades away, and the focus shifts away from the ring area completely.


We fade backstage as we catch a glimpse of Jun Kenshin just arriving at the arena. The fans pop loudly as he continues his walk and opens the door to the back of the arena, still a bit upset looking about not being in the World Championship match.


Kenshin turns around to see a kid with a picture of him and a pen.

"I was wondering if I could have your autograph.. my dad knows someone and he got me back here and I really wanted to see you and get your autograph and -"

This made Kenshin smile.

Kenshin: "I’d love to. What’s your name kid?"

From behind is a man with a time piece/pocket watch in his hand as he CRACKS it over the head of Jun Kenshin! Kenshin’s body falls limp to the concrete floor as the camera pans out. It shows none other than Art De Luca himself. He stands clad in tattered and ripped jeans and a black hoodie with the hood over his head. Art laughs a bit as he stares down at the fallen Jun.

De Luca: "Now you know what time it is, huh broseph?"

Dave Dymond: What the hell did De Luca do that for?

Other Guy: Well maybe he’s a little pissed off that he’s not on the PPV!

He turns to the kid and reaches into his pocket. He pulls out a $20 bill from his pocket.

De Luca: "Here ya go, kid."

The kid pauses.

De Luca: “TAKE the money.”

The kid hesitantly grabs the money and walks off. Then, a father and son come up from behind Art as the kid immediately turns and buries his head in his father’s legs. The father stares at Art, a bit of confusion and anger mixed in his expression.

Father: "What in the hell do you think you’re do-"

De Luca: "Look, I got the autograph.."

Art hands the father the autograph, smiling.

De Luca: "I promised you an autograph, right?"

The father just stares down at the fallen Kenshin.. his eyes wide..

"But what abou-"

Art just smirks.

De Luca: "Don’t worry about him, someone will have to clean that up."

Art smirks again as he headed out the double doors of the arena and off into the night. The camera pans back to the father who is now knelt down beside Jun Kenshin.

"Go yell for help!"

The kid immediately rushes off as we go back to live action.

Dave Dymond: “Well that no good punk Art De Luca just jumped Jun Kenshin from behind with what looks like, a time piece!”

Other Guy: “Tell me this Dave. How come De Luca ain’t in this match. Didn’t he win last week? And didn’t Kenshin lose last week?”

Dave Dymond: “Well that was Jason Johnson’s edict.”

Other Guy: “My point is why should a guy like De Luca be left out in the cold?”


Somewhere within the Thomas and Mack Center, away from the other SHOOT Project superstars and staff members, Trevor Worrens sits alone.  Head leaning back against the wall behind him.

Trevor Worrens: When you put it all in perspective, it still doesn’t match the very feeling that comes over you when you reach the point of no return. I didn’t think I’d feel this way, I didn’t want to feel this way.  But sitting here, knowing what will come, I can’t help it… I can’t fight it.

Worrens brings his head straight forward, and then the camera pans out a bit to reveal that Worrens isn’t talking to himself.  With him, none other than Kaz Sato.

Trevor Worrens: It overtakes you.  This is the biggest night in my career thus far. The main event, the World Heavyweight Championship… all eyes on me.  All eyes on me NOT because I allegedly raped a little girl.  All eyes on me, not because I tormented an old man’s life.  All eyes on me… NOT because I’m some sick twisted fuck.

Sato says nothing, he just sits there listening to Worrens.  Worrens sits straight up in the chair and looks to Sato.

Trevor Worrens: All eyes on me, because I am going to become the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.

Kaz Sato: You better.

Sato stands up, his stern expression unchanging.

Kaz Sato: Call it a threat, or call it extra motivation, but if you DON’T win that championship the next time we meet, might be the last time you step into a ring period…

Worrens rises up… and SLAPS the taste right out of Sato’s mouth. Sato’s head reels slightly. And he turns his focus back on Worrens, who expects a hit in return.  Sato, oddly enough, smiles.

Kaz Sato: Good. Channel that when you go into the ring tonight.  I’ll be watching.

Sato forces a slight laugh.

Kaz Sato: All eyes on you, champ.

With that, Sato walks off, leaving Worrens with his own thoughts of what will come later tonight.


We are taken back to the medical locker room as we see Jun Kenshin arguing with a doctor as he holds a bloodied towel to the back of his head.

Jun Kenshin: “Look doc, do whatever you got to do to get me ready for this match. I’m not missing this. Not tonight”

Doctor: “Mr. Kenshin, you still have shards of glass in the back of your head!”

Jun Kenshin: “Well I guess you better get to work then.”

Kenshin turns around and shows the back of his head for the doctor to stitch up as the doctor shakes his head in disbelief. The camera turns to face Kenshin.

Jun Kenshin: “De Luca? You’re a dead man, you hear me, you snot nosed punk. When I get a hold of you? You’re DEAD.”

Dave Dymond: “It looks like Jun Kenshin is still going to compete in the Law of Survival Law of Gravity Match!”

Other Guy: “That dude is certifiable if he thinks he’s got a chance going in there all banged up against four other killers. His match is next!”


The shot returns to Dave Dymond and The Other Guy in the broadcast position.

Dave Dymond: “Fans, as we speak the stage crew is bringing out a ladder.  Not just any ladder either, a 15 foot ladder.  As they are doing that, the technicians in the rafters of this arena are lowering a brand new title belt from the ceiling, suspended on a metal hook…and you know what all that means.”

Other Guy: “That you’re gay, and are going to take this opportunity to come out of the closet, live on Pay Per View?”

Dave Dymond: (sighing and rolling his eyes) “No, it means that we are just about ready for the 5 Man Ladder Match to determine our new Laws Of Survival Champion!”

Other Guy: “All that…plus you’re gay?  Damn, that’s a lot all at once.”

Dave Dymond: “This week, we saw some interesting comments from the 5 men who are scheduled to compete in this match.  Usually, all the competitors come into a match with the same agenda, but not this week.”

Other Guy: “For once, you’re right.  Benjamin Biggs wants to finally prove that his time is here, and win a major championship on a Pay Per View.  Deacon Summers wants to prove himself.  Osbourne Kilminster seems mostly concerned with making the fans happy, while Diamond Del Carver and Jun Kenshin seem most concerned with beating up Kilminster!”

Dave Dymond: “This match has violent potential fans, so let’s get to the ring!”

The camera shot goes to the ring.  As promised we see a 15 foot steel ladder in the center of the ring, with the shiny new Laws Of Survival Championship title belt hanging a foot or so above it.  Tony Lorenzo stands on one side of the ladder, and Samantha Coil stands on the other.  Samantha takes the microphone in hand…

Samantha Coil: “Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to determine who the NEW SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion is going to be!”

A huge roar goes up from the sold out crowd as the camera shot slowly pans up the ladder and zooms in on the belt.

Samantha: “First, the ground rules.  All five competitors will now proceed to the ringside area, however they will not enter the ring, they will surround the ring.  Once referee Tony Lorenzo calls for the bell, the match is officially one, and all five men will do whatever they can to climb this ladder and secure the title belt from above the ring.  Whoever is able to touch both feet to the mat in possession of the belt will be declared the winner, and your NEW SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion!”

As Samantha finishes speaking, the lights in the arena start to flicker and dim. A bright spotlight clicks on and starts crawl over the fans in the packed arena.  The spotlight slowly illuminates the fans on the floor.  “The One” by White Zombie starts to play. The spotlight continues to search the crowd, and comes to a stop in the second level. There, deep among the fans, we see Diamond Del Carver.  Carver is surrounded by the fans, many of which are patting him on the back and reaching out to touch him.  As soon as the spotlight hits him, Carver holds his arms over his head, and then starts to slowly pace through the crowd.  The fans part in front of him, as White Zombie continues to play and Carver goes down the stairs, into the floor section, and then weaves his way through the fans until he reaches the ringside area.  Carver hops over the steel guard rail, and stands at ringside.

Samantha: “Introducing first, from Jackson Mississippi and weighing in at 245 pounds, this is The Hardcore Outlaw…Diamond Del Carver!”

Diamond Del Carver’s music fades and Carver patiently waits at ringside, looking up at the ladder. "The Devil’s Chasing Me" by Reverend Horton Heat starts to play, and Deacon Summers emerges from the dressing room and jogs past the video wall, sprinting down the aisle with his arms outstretched.

Samantha: “From right here in Las Vegas, Nevada weighting in at 201 pounds, here is “Fortune’s Friend” Deacon Summers!”

The fans give the relative newcomer to SHOOT Project a warm reception.  Summers comes to a stop when he reaches ringside, and jumps up and down on the spot, loosening up while he also stares up at the ring, ladder, and championship title hanging above.  “Misfit Love” by Queens of the Stone Age cuts in, and the ovation goes up a notch, with the majority of the added volume added by screaming girls and women.  Benjamin Biggs walks into the aisle looking calm and determined.  Biggs slaps hands with the fans until he reaches the ringside area, when he takes a position on the opposite side of Summers and Carver.

Samantha: “Hailing from San Francisco, weighing in at 170 pounds, this is Benjamin Biggs!”

"Undeniable" by Mos Def starts to play next, and the camera shot slowly pans up the aisle towards the video wall and curtained off entrance to the dressing room.  The fans look up the aisle expectantly, but nobody is forthcoming.

Dave Dymond: “Uh…I know we don’t normally talk during the introductions, but I have to say, after seeing what happened between Jun Kenshin and Art DeLuca earlier, I really don’t expect to see Jun Kenshin come out here right now.”

Other Guy: “How could he?  He has to have a serious concussion.”

Sure enough, Kenshin’s music stops playing without Kenshin making an appearance. Then, the Thomas and Mack Arena descends into darkness save for scores of tiny, twinkling star-like lights overhead as the P.A. system begins to rumble with the sounds of “Space Lord” by Monster Magnet.

Aware of who is destined to step out and join them, the fans sing along with Monster Magnet. Stepping out from behind the curtain and into a white spotlight, Osbourne is met with a wall of cheers as the fans applaud the English Icon. His urban camo sleeveless hoodie beneath a black flack jacket, he throws back his hood to look about him through the red tints of his sunglasses, his arms outstretched toward the sky as he drops to his knees!

Jumping up to his feet, Osbourne throws off his hoodie and flak jacket and rips off his sunglasses, throwing the lot out into the stands for the fans as he chimes in with the song, pointing his fingers out at everybody in the crowd, in all directions. Smiling broadly, Osbourne claps his hands as he takes a step forward, stopping his adjust the kneepads with sits just beneath the bottom of his loose-fitting urban camo MMA shorts, the color of them matching the print on his 4oz MMA gloves just as the kneepads match his plain black wrestling shoes. Holding his hands out to either side as he makes his way along the walkway, he shakes hands and taps fists with the adoring, cheering fans.

One fans stops him and hands him a sign, and with a nod, Osbourne takes it and holds his up for all to see – "UPRISING IS O.K.!" Carrying the sign with him, Osbourne continues down toward the ring, stopping just before the matted area and taking a good look up at the ladder stood in the middle of the ring before leaping up onto the apron and stepping into the ring, stabbing the sign with his finger and spinning on the spot to acknowledge the screaming fans in every direction!

Nodding his head as the music starts to die down a little and the lights begin to come back up, Osbourne takes a deep breath and pushes in his gumshield as he looks the ladder up and down before looking down at the matted area outside of the ring, into the faces of all three opponents. Shaking his head, he looks back up into the stands and his smile returns as he slides back out of the ring.

Samantha Coil: And finally… weighing in at 235lbs… hailing from Birkenhead, England…Osbourne Kilminster!

A loud cheer from the SHOOT Project fans packed into the sold-out Thomas and Mack Center punctuates the end of the introductions as they see switching images of all four competitors loosening up their arms and legs outside the ring, ready to do battle, ready to go to war!

Dave Dymond: “Looks like we’re about set to go…finally.”

Other Guy: “Man, Kilminster’s ring entrance lasts longer than some dentist appointments I’ve had…and is about as much fun to sit through.”

The lights all over the arena go down, leaving only the lights high above the ring illuminating the ringside area, ring, and especially the ladder and title belt.  Samantha Coil takes the microphone and with Tony Lorenzo, she exits the ring.  Samantha sits next to Mark Kendrick, while Lorenzo stands on the other side of the table.  The camera shows shots of all four men, on four opposite sides of the ring, looking up at the belt.  Lorenzo nods to Kendrick…

The bell rings to start the match!

Deacon Summers and Benjamin Biggs both leap to the apron, and head right for the ladder!  Biggs and Summers reach the ladder at the exact same time, and start to trade wild punches, preventing each other from starting to climb.

Diamond Del Carver slowly and deliberately rolls into the ring.  On the opposite side of the ring, Osbourne Kilminster is much faster than Carver, and by the time Carver is starting to get up, Kilminster has already slid into the ring and bolted over to where Carver is.  Before Carver can even stand up straight, Ozzy attacks!  Osbourne Kilminster grabs Diamond Del Carver by the back of the neck, and starts to fire an amazing barrage of knees straight up into Carver’s face.  Del Carver’s arms flail helplessly and he tries to back off, but he cannot because Ozzy has him secured by the back of the head in a perfect Muay Thai Clinch.  Carver’s head bounces back and forth from the brutal impact of the knee shots by Osbourne Kilminster.

Meanwhile, Deacon Summers and Benjamin Biggs continue to punch each other back and forth.  Summers starts to get the upper hand, and he sends Biggs to the mat courtesy of a few well placed jabs.  Summers starts to climb the ladder and the fans come to their feet in anticipation.  However, once Summers is about three-quarters of the way up the ladder, he steadies himself and then launches himself off the ladder backward, and executes a breath taking moonsault!  Summers is about to land on Biggs, but Biggs lifts his knees!  Summers lands abdomen first across the knees of Biggs, and bounces to the mat, holding his ribs in agony.

Dave Dymond: “Moonsault by Deacon Summers, and we’ve got our first insane move of this match, OG.”

Other Guy: “It might be the first, but it won’t be the last.  Hey check out Kilminster beating the crap out of Carver.”

Diamond Del Carver has finally fallen to the mat, stunned from the barrage from Osbourne Kilminster.  Kilminster quickly goes behind Carver, locks him up in a rear waistlock, and fires him backward in a German Suplex!  Carver hits the mat like a bag of wet cement, and lies there motionless.

Osbourne Kilminster turns around, and sees that Deacon Summers is lying flat on his back holding his ribs, due to the botched moonsault.  Carver is lying motionless behind him.  That just leaves Benjamin Biggs, who is starting to get up slowly.  Ozzy charges at Biggs at full speed, stops right in front of him, and then spins through the air gracefully, nailing Biggs right upside the head with a roundhouse kick!  Benjamin Biggs does a full 180 in the air before hitting the mat, stunned.

The fans come to their feet, cheering the insanely popular Osbourne Kilminster.  Ozzy stands in the middle of the ring, alone.  Summers is down, Carver is down, and now Biggs is down.  Ozzy points up and the fans go ballistic!  Osbourne Kilminster starts to slowly climb the ladder…

Dave Dymond: “Here we go, Ozzy is on the climb and these people are loving it!”

Other Guy: “Wait a minute…what the hell?”

Suddenly, the camera shot goes to the entranceway.  Jun Kenshin is standing there, holding himself up by leaning against one of the crowd barriers.  Kenshin’s head has a white bandage around his forehead, which is stained with red, but he has a look of determination and anger on his face.  Eyes blazing, Jun Kenshin starts to run towards the ring! 

Osbourne Kilminster does not see Kenshin coming, as his back is facing the aisle.  It appears that Kilminster thinks that the increase in cheers are because he is climbing the ladder, but he couldn’t be more wrong.  Kenshin reaches the ringside area, and does an amazing vertical leap to the apron, and then another in the air, as he lands on the top rope, balancing himself for only a mere microsecond, and then he springs forward off the top rope, right into the back of Osbourne Kilminster, who is about halfway up the ladder!


Jun Kenshin hits Osbourne Kilminster square in the back, sending Osbourne and the ladder toppling forward!  The ladder hits the ropes and bounces, sending Kilminster and Kenshin both flying through the air and then down to the mat in a heap!  The fans come to their feet in unison…

“Holy Shit!  Holy Shit!  Holy Shit!”

The announcers show an instant replay, which is also visible on all of the video monitors in the arena.  We see the bandaged Jun Kenshin stumbling out of the dressing room arena, charging down the aisle, then leaping to the apron, springboarding off the top rope and into the back of Kilminster, which sends both men and the ladder falling.

Dave Dymond: “Jun Kenshin has appeared and made it clear that it’s going to take more than this to keep him out of this match!”

Other Guy: “That was one hell of a spot, but realistically, how much can Kenshin do in his condition?”

We go back to live action, and see Deacon Summers up.  Summers secures the stunned Osbourne Kilminster, and fires him backward through he air with a snap suplex.  As soon as Kilminster hits the mat, Summers performs a standing somersault in the air and ends up giving Kilminster a senton splash right across the midsection.  Kilminster folds up from the impact, and lies still.

Benjamin Biggs gets up, sneaks up behind Deacon Summers by the back of the head, and rushes him through the ropes, sending him crashing to the concrete on the outside of the ring.  As soon as Summers lands on the floor, Biggs runs across the ring, bounces off the far rope, and then rebounds, leaping into the air and diving through the ropes, right into Deacon Summers on the outside, with a perfect flying suicide spear!  Both Summers and Biggs go crashing into the guard rail! Meanwhile, Kenshin is rolling around on the mat, holding his head in pain.  Ozzy is flat on his back from the suplex from Summers. 

Diamond Del Carver pulls himself to his feet using the ropes, and looks at the scene in the ring.  The man known as The Hardcore Outlaw slides out of the ring, and snatches a steel chair, and then slides back into the ring, folding it up. Using the folded up chair like weapon, the veteran jams it down into the gut of Osbourne Kilminster! 

Keeping the chair in one hand, Carver slowly walks over and sets the ladder back up.  The fans start to get excited, as Diamond Del Carver slowly climbs the ladder with one arm, holding the chair with the other.  Once Del Carver is about half-way up the ladder, he stops, and turns around.  Holding the chair under his butt, he leaps into the air, and starts to sail towards the mat, with the folded chair under him…and he lands right on Osbourne Kilminster!

Dave Dymond: “Shades of the Arabian Facebuster by Diamond Del Carver!”

Other Guy: “I don’t know what you call that, but Carver just rode that chair off the ladder, onto Kilminster’s carcass!”

The fans go bonkers, as Carver bounces off Kilminster’s body and starts to roll around the mat painfully, rubbing his own tailbone and screaming in pain.  The “Holy Shit” chant goes up again as we see a replay of Diamond Del Carver jumping off the ladder in a sitting position, with the folded steel chair under him, and then landing right on Osbourne Kilminster. As we go back to live action, Diamond Del Carver has rolled outside the ring, and is pacing back and forth, rubbing his ass with both hands. 

Holding his head, Jun Kenshin is up.  He looks down, and sees Osbourne Kilminster writing around in agony, holding his midsection.  Kenshin’s eyes light up, and he starts to brutally stomp on the midsection of Kilminster.  Diamond Del Carver stands outside and watches, smiling.  Both Deacon Summers and Benjamin Biggs start to stand up, recovering from their collision outside the ring.  Both men attempt to charge at each other, but Diamond Del Carver stands in-between them like a referee, separating them.  Carver points at Kenshin stomping Ozzy up in the ring. 

Summers and Biggs stop short, smiling.  Amazingly, Diamond Del Carver reaches into the crowd, and takes a large bag of popcorn from one of the fans.  Carver holds the bag out to Summers, who takes a handful, and then to Biggs who also takes some.

Diamond Del Carver, Deacon Summers, and Benjamin Biggs all stand back outside the ring, leaning against the crowd barrier, and munching popcorn as they watch a semi-crazed Jun Kenshin kicking away madly at Osbourne Kilminster.  There is a roar of laughter as we see the three superstars watching Kenshin and Kilminster, as they enjoy a mid-match snack.

Dave Dymond: “Well it looks like Diamond Del Carver is enjoying watching Kenshin and Kilminster duke it out.”

Other Guy: “Yeah and he convinced Biggs and Summers to enjoy the show too.”

Oblivious to the comedy outside the ring, Jun Kenshin pulls Osbourne Kilminster to his feet and starts to back him into the ropes, chopping away at him like mad.  Strangely, this seems to almost shock Kilminster into awareness, and he starts to fight back.  Ozzy starts to lash out at Kenshin with a series of palm strikes, driving him backward. Kenshin keeps driving at Kilminster with knife-edge chops, but now Osbourne Kilminster is answering back with palm strikes.  Finally, Ozzy reaches out, grabs Jun Kenshin by the back of the head, rears back, and delivers one, two and then three blistering headbutts!  Kenshin collapses.

Osbourne Kilminster turns around, his fists clenched, breathing heavily, and for the first time he sees Summers, Biggs and Carver on the outside of the ring.  Biggs and Summers both applaud Kilminster with “golf claps” while Carver gives him a big thumbs up with a cheesy grin on his face.  Ozzy does not look impressed, and he charges! 

Summers and Biggs dart off to the sides and get out of the way, but Kilminster dives right between the ropes and delivers a flying “superman” punch upside the head of Diamond Del Carver, knocking him sprawling!  The fans erupt at the site of Kilminster charging through the ropes and clobbering Carver for mocking him.  Kilminster pulls Carver back to his feet and starts to fire lefts and rights at the veteran.

Benjamin Biggs and Deacon Summers both head back into the ring.  Biggs tries to center the ladder under the belt, but Deacon leaps into the air and nails Biggs with a picture perfect dropkick, right between the shoulder blades!  Biggs is driven forward, face first right into the ladder, which folds up and lands on the turnbuckles.  Deacon Summers grabs Benjamin Biggs by the arm, and propels him across the ring with an Irish Whip, and Biggs slams into the opposite corner, back first. Deacon Summers charges, and then half way across the ring he leaps into the air, into a handspring elbow, which he smashes across the jaw of Biggs!  Benjamin Biggs is reeling, and now Deacon Summers grabs him by the wrist again, and hurls him across the ring, face first, right into the folded up ladder!  Biggs smashes into the ladder head first, bounces back, and lies still.

Dave Dymond: “Deacon Summers is showing all of us that he belongs in such a high profile match here.”

Other Guy: “And now is his chance to go for the prize!”

Jun Kenshin is still collapsed on the mat, holding his head.  Diamond Del Carver has started to regain his composure on the outside, and now he is slugging it out with Osbourne Kilminster.  Benjamin Biggs has been incapacitated by being driven face first into the ladder.  Deacon Summers looks around, and then sets the ladder up, right beneath the belt.  He starts to climb.  The fans start to come to their feet as “Fortune’s Friend” Deacon Summers slowly climbs up the ladder, rung by rung.  Carver and Kilminster are too busy punching each other to notice, and Kenshin and Biggs are both out of it.  Summers climbs higher and higher, step by step, until finally, he is at the top rung.

The fans are deafening, as Deacon Summers balances himself against the top rung.  He looks up at the belt, just above him.  He looks out at the fans.  He looks down at the ring below him, and a strange look comes over his face.  The fans gasp, as Deacon Summers takes one final step, and he is now literally balancing himself on the very top step of the ladder.  All he has to do is reach up and grab the belt, but instead, he looks down…


Flashbulbs pop all over the arena, as Deacon Summers spins through the air once, twice, and then lands over the prone body of Benjamin Biggs with a SHOOTING STAR PRESS!  Deacon’s body literally bounces into the air after colliding off the torso of Benjamin Biggs, who goes into convulsions, holding his ribs.  The fans are blowing the roof off the arena, as we see a slow motion replay of the surreal sight of Deacon Summers, first standing perfectly balanced on the top of a 15 foot ladder, and then gracefully diving into the air with a Shooting Star Press.  The obligatory “Holy Shit” chant is echoing throughout the arena, as Benjamin Biggs and Deacon Summers both roll around on the mat, each man clutching at their midsection.

Dave Dymond: “That was one of the damndest things I have ever seen.  Deacon Summers decides to pass on the belt and go for a permanent spot on the ultimate highlight reel in wrestling history.”

Other Guy: “I’m almost at a loss for words here.  I have never seen somebody do an aerial move from that height before. You ain’t kidding, Dymond.  That’s one for the highlight reel.”

Diamond Del Carver and Osbourne Kilminster have stopped slugging each other long enough to watch the spectacle in amazement.  As Kilminster starts to head back toward the ring, Diamond Del Carver reaches into the back pocket of his jeans, and pulls out an object.  He clamps his hand around the wrist of Kilminster, and then grabs the ring post, and pushes Ozzy’s arm towards it.  There is a glint of steel, and…click.

Diamond Del Carver has handcuffed Osbourne Kilminster to the steel ring post! 

Kilminster screams in rage, and starts swinging wildly at Carver with his free arm.  Carver stands just out of arm’s reach, and gives Ozzy the middle finger, further enraging him.  Kilminster starts thrashing around, trying to free himself, as Diamond Del Carver smirks, and rolls into the ring.

Del Carver stands in the ring, and surveys the damage.  Benjamin Biggs and Deacon Summers are both lying on the mat, with the wind knocked out of them thanks to the Shooting Star Press by Summers, and Kenshin is half unconscious thanks to the earlier attack by Art DeLuca and the repeated shots to the skull from Kenshin. 

Carver pulls the ladder down, and opens it.  The Hardcore Outlaw grabs Deacon Summers by the arm, and lays him in the middle of the ladder, in between both sections, so he is literally sandwiched by the steel.  Then, the old man heads out to the apron.

Dave Dymond: “This isn’t going to be good for anybody.”

Other Guy: “What the hell is this crazy old goat doing?”

Once again, the crowd comes to their feet.  Diamond Del Carver slowly and deliberately climbs the turnbuckles, until he is perched precariously on the top rope.  The atmosphere is electric, as Carver looks down into the ring, takes a deep breath, and then leaps off the top rope, with a flying leg drop!  Carver lands on top of the ladder, tailbone first, and then bounces off and hits the mat!  Underneath the ladder, Deacon Summers screams in pain, and starts to thrash around.

The announcers have no choice but to show yet another replay, this time of Diamond Del Carver leaping off the top rope, and landing with a leg drop across the ladder, effectively crushing Deacon Summers. Meanwhile, Carver slowly stands up, rubbing his ass and cursing.  Del Carver opens the ladder up, and sets it up under the belt.  He walks over to Benjamin Biggs, and starts to shake the young man, slapping him in the face, encouraging Biggs to get up and climb the ladder.  Biggs is still holding his ribs, and appears to still be winded and unable to respond.

Diamond Del Carver shouts at Benjamin Biggs to get up, but Biggs cannot.  Finally, Carver shrugs and heads towards the ladder himself.  The world-weary veteran starts to very slowly climb the ladder.

Dave Dymond: “After stunning us all with a flying legdrop, Diamond Del Carver is making the climb!”

Other Guy: “He was good as his word, he tried to get Biggs to go, but when the kid couldn’t do it, Carver decided to try for himself.  Of course, he climbs so damn slow it will Christmas before he gets up there.”

Meanwhile, on the outside Osbourne Kilminster has been going insane trying to free himself.  He has pounded on the handcuffs, on the post, and on the ring apron.  Kilminster looks up and sees Diamond Del Carver climbing the ladder, and Ozzy’s face contorts with rage.  Kilminster places both his feet on the post, so that all of his weight is off the ground and he is literally bracing himself against the post.  His face is red with exertion, and he pulls back as hard as he possibly can, every muscle in his body straining, every fiber in his being pulling as hard as he can.

The chain breaks! 

The chain breaks, and Osbourne Kilminster is free!  The crowd goes crazy as Ozzy collapses to the floor, the shackle still clamped around his wrist, the other half still fastened to the steel post.  Kilminster rubs his shoulder in agony, but he wastes no time in sliding into the ring.  Ozzy grabs the steel chair which Carver had used on him earlier, and heads towards the ladder.

Diamond Del Carver is about three-quarters of the way up the ladder, when Osbourne Kilminster steadies himself at the base of the ladder, and then, brandishing the steel chair like an axe, he starts to smash the ladder with it!  The ladder starts to wobble, and Carver looks down in panic.  Ozzy hits the ladder once…twice…a third time…and the ladder topples!

The fans scream as the 15 foot ladder falls directly against the ropes, sending Diamond Del Carver flying through the air, out of the ring.  Such is the force of impact and height of the ladder, that Del Carver literally clears the entire ringside area, and his body sails into the crowd! 


Diamond Del Carver falls into the third row, sending fans and chairs flying everywhere!  People are screaming and milling around, as the announcers show a replay of Osbourne Kilminster breaking his shackles, and then sliding into the ring and sending Diamond Del Carver flying through the air, all the way out into the crowd.  As the shot returns to live action, we see the body of Diamond Del Carver twisted up like a pretzel on the floor in the third row.  He does not appear to be moving, and some Emergency Medical Technicians come running down the aisle.

Dave Dymond: “That was…just…wow.”

Other Guy: “Carver was airborne.  This match is a shocker.  I don’t know what is surprising me more, that Carver cuffed Ozzy to the post, that Ozzy broke free, or how far Carver just flew.  That old bastard should have filed a flight plan for that one.”

Osbourne Kilminster looks down at the carnage, his face expressionless. Finally, he decided to go for the ladder and the gold. As he turns around, his jaw drops…

Jun Kenshin is up!

Jun Kenshin stands before Osbourne Kilminster, shaking with rage!  Kenshin lunges at Ozzy and tackles him to the ground, raining down punches so fast you can barely see them!  However, Osbourne Kilminster is no stranger to fighting from his back, and he starts to protect himself and fire back with shots of his own.  As the two men slug it out, Benjamin Biggs stands up slowly, holding his ribs.

Biggs looks out into the crowd at Diamond Del Carver, an expression of concern on his face.  He then looks at Deacon Summers, who has barely moved since Carver crushed him with the ladder.  Finally, he sees Jun Kenshin and Osbourne Kilminster rolling around on the mat, trading punches and kicks like wild men. Kilminster gains the upper hand, and assumes the mount position over top of Jun Kenshin, hammering blows down on him.

Benjamin Biggs grabs the ladder, and folds it up, closing it.  With a huge effort, he hoists the folded up ladder over his head, and then drives it down onto the back of Osbourne Kilminster!  Kilminster bellows in pain, and rolls off Jun Kenshin.  Biggs drops the ladder, and slides out of the ring, throwing up the apron skirt and searching under the ring. 

Dave Dymond: “Benjamin Biggs is looking for something under there.”

Other Guy: “Based on the way this match has gone so far, it’s going to be something crazy no doubt.  Maybe a bazooka.”

As the fans buzz in excitement, Benjamin Biggs pulls out a folding table from underneath the ring, and sets it up between the apron and the crowd barrier.  Biggs slides back into the ring and grabs both Summers and Kilminster by the ankles, pulling them toward the table.  Biggs pushes the body of Summers onto the table first, then Kilminster on top of him.  The table starts to sag under the weight of the two men, but it does not break.

Benjamin Biggs takes the folded up ladder, and props it up against the ropes, like a ramp, directly above the table.  He bolts across the ring, bounces off the far rope, and then runs up the folded ladder ramp, and leaps high into the air, and crashes down towards the table!  Just in the nick of time, Osbourne Kilminster rolls off the table, but Deacon Summers is not so lucky!


Benjamin Biggs drives the body of Deacon Summers right through the table, which collapses into a thousand splinters!  You can barely see the body of Deacon Summers buried beneath the wreckage of the smashed table.  Benjamin Biggs staggers to his feet, and rolls back into the ring, pumping his fist over his head to the roars of the crowd, the adrenaline surging through his body.

Dave Dymond: “UNBELIEVABLE! Another shot for the highlight reel as Benjamin Biggs scales the ladder and drives Summers into the table!”

Other Guy: “Summers has not recovered from his Shooting Star Press, and then Carver crushed him with the ladder, and now this.  That kid is done.”

Diamond Del Carver is still in the third row.  Jun Kenshin is lying on the mat, still suffering from the after effects of his head injury and brawl with Ozzy.  Osbourne Kilminster is on all fours outside the ring, and Deacon Summers is buried beneath the wrecked table. 

Benjamin Biggs takes the ladder, drags it towards the center of the ring, and sets it up directly underneath the belt.  Slowly but surely, he starts to climb.

Osbourne Kilminster crawls back into the ring, and heads towards the ladder.  He starts to head up after Benjamin Biggs, on the other side of the ladder.  Biggs stops when he sees Kilminster climbing.  The two men meet on either side of the ladder, halfway up, and start exchanging punches, as the ladder wildly rocks back and forth. The fans are screaming at the sight of the two superstars brawling so far up in the air, as the ladder rocks back and forth.


Suddenly, Osbourne Kilminster yells in pain, and slides down his side of the ladder.  As he falls, we see what caused him to yell, and fall.  Jun Kenshin is up AGAIN, and is standing there, holding the steel chair, which he just used to hammer Osbourne Kilminster across the back! 

Benjamin Biggs looks down, and starts to climb again.  Osbourne Kilminster turns around, and violently sends Jun Kenshin back down to the mat with a vicious spinning backfist to the head.  Kilminster starts to climb, but he can’t do it.  Something has him by the ankle…

Diamond Del Carver!

The fans explode, as The Hardcore Outlaw has crawled on his hands and knees back to the ring, and grabbed Osbourne Kilminster around the ankle, trying to prevent him from climbing.  Kilminster starts to stomp away at Carver, shaking his head as he does so. 

Dave Dymond: “If I hadn’t seen Carver crawl right past us, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

Other Guy: “Yeah and did you here him cussing the whole way?  It looks like Carver would rather die than let Kilminster win this belt!”

Unbelievably while the announcers are talking, Jun Kenshin staggers back to his feet!  Kenshin grabs Kilminster from behind, and fires him backward in a release German Suplex!  Kenshin shouts something at Carver, and Carver nods.  As Benjamin Biggs looks down, now three-quarters of the way up the ladder, Jun Kenshin locks Osbourne Kilminster up in position for a belly-to-belly suplex, just as Diamond Del Carver finally gets to his feet.

With an unreal effort, Jun Kenshin launches Osbourne Kilminster into the air, with a release overhead belly-to-belly suplex!  As Kilminster starts to fall, Diamond Del Carver leaps into the air to meet him, slaps on the three-quarter facelock, and drives Kilminster down toward the mat, right onto the steel chair, with a Diamond Cutter!


Jun Kenshin and Diamond Del Carver have just teamed up to perform the 3-D on Osbourne Kilminster…on top of a steel chair! The crowd goes wild!  Biggs looks down in shock!  Meanwhile, outside the ring, Deacon Summers crawls out of the wreckage of the table, and pulls himself back onto the apron by his fingernails! Diamond Del Carver and Jun Kenshin both look at Benjamin Biggs and point UP!

Benjamin Biggs goes back to his climb.  Step by step, rung by rung…the fans are on their feet as he climbs.  Deacon Summers is back in the ring, crawling toward the ladder, but Biggs is near the top now.  Kenshin and Carver reach down and grab Deacon Summers, holding him in place for a moment, and then double whipping him into the corner. 

Benjamin Biggs is at the top now.  He strains, reaches out, his fingers grazing the edge of the belt…he pulls it off the hook…and jumps!  Biggs lands on his feet, on the mat, holding the Laws Of Survival Championship!

The bell sounds!

The sold out crowd goes bananas, as Biggs falls to his knees and holds the Laws of Survival Championship over his head. “Misfit Love” by Queens of the Stone Age starts to play, as Samantha takes the microphone in hand outside the ring…


The crowd roars their approval.  Jun Kenshin and Diamond Del Carver reach down and help Benjamin Biggs to his feet, and then actually hoist him up so he is sitting on their shoulders.  Benjamin Biggs sits on the shoulders of Kenshin and Carver and holds his title belt over his head, to the continued applause of the fans. Kenshin and Carver turn to each side of the ring, so Biggs can show off his new belt, as his music plays.

Dave Dymond: “What an incredible moment!  What an incredible display for all of these five men…and Benjamin Biggs is your new Laws of Survival Champion!”

Other Guy: “Let’s take a look at some of the action we just saw.”

The announcers roll a montage of the match we just witnessed. 

We see Deacon Summers performing a moonsault from half way up the ladder…Jun Kenshin, charging down the aisle, leaping to the apron, then to the top rope, and springboarding himself into Osbourne Kilminster…Diamond Del Carver driving the steel chair into Osbourne Kilminster…the incredible Shooting Star Press from Deacon Summers…Osbourne Kilminster breaking the handcuffs and sending Del Carver into the third row…Kenshin’s amazing comeback…Biggs going through the table…Kenshin and Carver giving Kilminster the 3-D…and finally Benjamin Biggs reaching the title belt, and pulling it down for victory.

As the replays rolled, the crew have rushed out to ringside and cleared up the broken table, steel chair, and ladder.  Deacon Summers has been helped to the back, and Osbourne Kilminster has headed back as well, though he’s slower than others, with the handcuff still hanging around his wrist!  Finally, Diamond Del Carver and Jun Kenshin let Benjamin Biggs down, and Biggs starts shaking hands with the fans as the two veterans head to the back.

Dave Dymond: There’s a commotion in the crowd.

Other Guy:  What the…

A hulking figure jumps the guardrail, carrying a chair.  He’s wearing a tight black t-shirt, and black workout pants.  He slides under the ropes.

Osbourne turns around, unawares, and is met with a vicious chairshot to the face!  He drops to his knees as though hit by lightning as a cut across his forehead begins to pour out blood, to the gasping horror of the onlooking fans!.  The man begins to wail on Osbourne’s body with the chair, bringing up a huge purple welt instantly across his right ribs and leaving Kilminster writhing in agony, his mouth wide open and his face etched with a porttrait of silent agony as he struggles to even draw breath!

The crowd is getting furious, screaming and shouting their disapproval and a LOUD chorus of boos is directed at the mystery assailant.

Dave Dymond:  I think that’s…

Other Guy:  I thought he was dead…

Dave Dymond:  It’s Roland Caldwell!

Roland Caldwell tosses the chair aside and grabs a handful of Kilminster’s hair in one hand and his jaw with the other, slowly pulling him to his knees and then to his feet.  Osbourne blinks, some of the cobwebs clearing away as Roland whispers something in his ear. but before Osbourne is completely compus mentus, Roland begins to lift him up in a bear hug-type hold.

Dave Dymond: But Kilminster is not out!

Kilminster pushes his hands under Roland’s jaw, forcing his head back and releasing the hold. Still not completely sure what’s going on, Osbourne tries to wipe the blood from his eyes and as his fingertips venture up to his forehead, he realises how deep the cut is, but in doing so he’s dropped his guard and Roland floors him with a brutal standing clothesline which turns Osbourne inside out!

The crowd continue to boo, some half-full bottles of water and beer thudding against the ring apron as they’re tossed from the stands, but Roland doesn’t care, even sneering as he looks about into the horrified faces of the fans.

Kilminster gets up slowly, only to receive an elbow right to the mouth.  Blood flies and the crowd begins to scream angrily. Roland pulls Kilminster up by the hair and drapes him across his shoulders.  He laughs to the crowd and…

Dave Dymond:  What is this bastard doing?

Other Guy:  It’s the…


Roland drives Kilminster head first to the mat with the Burning Hammer – an inverted Death Valley Driver.  Osbourne lies motionless on the mat for a moment, then his back begins to twitch, his muscles contracting in random patterns as referees and security finally begin to come down, but Roland runs around the ringropes, kicking out at the men who try to enter the ring to restrain him and tend to Kilminster, holding them back as he demands a microphone.

Roland:  Don’t even think of coming in here!

The refs and security pause, watching Roland.  Roland turns his attention away from them and to the camera.

Roland:  I was a Forgotten Soul, but now I am remembered!  My name is Roland Caldwell, and I am the nightmare of SHOOT Project’s past!  This man, Osbourne Kilminster is meant to be the face of SHOOT Project.  He’s who they sell, but they’re lying to you.  I AM SHOOT PROJECT.  The real SHOOT.  Osbourne Kilminster  is the SHOOT Project fantasy.  I am the SHOOT Project reality!

The boos rain down, more bottles finding their way down to the ringside area and even into the ring, but Roland smirks.

Dave Dymond:  I’m speechless right now.

Other Guy:  Roland Caldwell is a dangerous man.  His matches with Del Carver are some of the most violent I’ve ever seen.

Dave Dymond:  And don’t forget, Caldwell beat Carver twice.

Roland looks down at Osbourne and smiles, soccer kicking him in the ribs, right on the welts sustained from the chair attack, drawing even louder boos from the crowd who make no attempt to hide their disgust at the man who’s brutalised their beloved athlete.

Roland:  I was exiled.  But now I return.  And Osbourne Kilminster must now burn for SHOOT Projects sins.

Osbourne is out, but Roland slams the microphone into his head anyway.  He picks up the chair and…

Dave Dymond: Is he squeezing something onto the chair?

Roland is bending over the chair, doctoring it somehow as referees begin to enter the ring but Roland scares them off, stalking the ring like a lion on the hunt. Holding the chair in the air, he pulls out a lighter. One twitch of his thumb and the spark comes and Roland is bathed in the orange light of the flames.

Other Guy:  Oh my God!

The referees and security try to stop Roland but he clears the ring by swinging the flaming chair.  He lifts the chair over his head and-

Dave Dymond:  Kaz Sato, out of nowhere with a Roaring Elbow!

The elbow strikes Roland in the head and the chair flies through the air, landing on the Spanish announce desk, sending the announcers running for cover as their paperwork ignites. Roland staggers backwards and falls through the ropes and out of the ring, onto the matted area where a group of fans throw slaps and punches at him, but he gets to his feet and stares at Sato with fury as Sato turns to help Kilminster.

Referees and paramedics finally reach the motionless Osbourne, cautiously rolling him onto his back and tending to his wounds, Sato trying to engage Osbourne in some kind of conversation to keep him concious.

Roland stares at the scene and smiles that smile.  He jumps the railing, and just like that, is gone.

Dave Dymond: Oh my God! What was that all about?!

Other Guy: I think Roland feels Ozzy has usurped his place as the King of SHOOT, but he never had that place, did he?

Dave Dymond: Not so far as I’m aware…

Other Guy: Well, we can see they’re taking Osbourne backstage now, so hopefully they can fix him up.

Dave Dymond: SHOOT has one of the best medical teams in the business, so they’ll be able to help Osbourne and do as much as can be medically done for him…


The "IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP" graphic fades from your screen, to Dave Dymond and the Other Guy.

Dave Dymond:  Oh man…  this is a blood feud that has been destruction in the making.

Other Guy:  Corazon is a very, very slippery enemy for Marz.  All Marz knows how to do is fight, and Corazon’s hardly let him do that.

Dave Dymond:  That’s part of his gameplan, though, and even though I hate to say it, it’s been executed incredibly well.  Corazon has had Marz’s number so far, but that could all change tonight.

"Have a Nice Day" by Bon Jovi hits the PA system and the crowd comes to life for the Iron Fist Champion hopeful, "Die Hard" Dave Marz.  He comes to the ring quickly, totally focused, totally ready.

Other Guy:  That is one focused man, Dave.  No hand slapping, no nothing.

Dave Dymond:  You’re absolutely right.  He’s got nothing but revenge on his mind.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first…  hailing from Ozone Park, in Queens, New York…  He stands in at six feet, four inches…  he weighs in at two hundred, seventy pounds…  he is DIE HARD…  DAVE MARZ.

Other Guy:  Not much of a size difference here between these two guys.  A little weight, but nothing too big I don’t think.

Dave Dymond:  Never know, OG.  You never know.

A female voice sings a single tone, and the sounds of an organ playing three notes simultaneously starts.  Then a small percussive "tick" sound hits, and the verse begins…

I plan with a clan of, well known omens:

swordsmen atop four horses, roaming

prophets… of the approaching apocalypse,

rotted flesh, breath smoking, toxic

"War" is the force of our brothers in anger

"Famine" represents the hands of Mother Nature

"Pestilence" relates to man, She hates us

"Death" is the resting place of all creation

Then a semi-long pause…

"I’m brutal…  inhuman."

Pyro goes off and white strobe lights start to hit the stage and flash all over the arena.  Then Corazon finally appears.  He holds the Iron Fist Championship over his shoulder and stands for a good five seconds before starting down the ramp.  The fans are rabid with boos, but Corazon naturally ignores.  He gets in the ring, and unclasps his belt.

Samantha Coil:  And next…  hailing from Mexico City, Mexico…  he stands in at six feet, three inches tall…  he weighs two hundred and thirty-five pounds… he is the current and reigning IRON FIST CHAMPION…  Corrrrrrrazonnn!

Tony Lorenzo is in the middle of the ring with the two fighters who’s eyes are simply deadlocked on one another.  The atmosphere is completely volatile, but time seems to be in slow motion, as Lorenzo runs down the last few things needed to get this contest under way.  When Lorenzo takes the Iron Fist Championship from Corazon and raises it in the air, the crowd in attendance, frankly, pops the roof off.  Marz eyes Corazon, then eyes the title belt, and a smooth grin crosses his face.  Corazon’s expression doesn’t change, as he is just staring a hole in Marz, no smiles, no grins.

Other Guy:  Oh man.  These two…  yeah, they want each other pretty bad.

Dave Dymond:  Can you imagine how Marz must feel?  He’s been waiting to get his hands on Corazon for what feels like an eternity, and since the match, the only person who’s gotten any sort of satisfaction in that area…  has been Corazon.

Other Guy:  Well you have to understand that that’s how Corazon works.  He’s been on top of the game from start to finish, but I don’t think he’s really truly prepared for the heat that Marz is about to bring.

Samantha Coil steps into the middle of the ring now, as the fighters move to their corners. 

Samantha Coil:  This fight is scheduled for one fall, to be fought under IRON FIST RULES.  There is a thirty minute time limit in place.  Good luck!

Lorenzo walks over to replace Samantha, looks at Marz who nods, and looks at Corazon who just stares.  Satisfied, Lorenzo calls for the bell, and the fight is under way.

Other Guy:  Heeeeere we go, Dave.  This is probably one of the more intense hatreds for someone we’ve seen in SHOOT.

Dave Dymond:  That’s pretty funny to think about though, OG, you know?  These guys…  they haven’t really gotten personal with one another.  It’s been purely in ring.

Other Guy:  That’s true.  I’ll remind everyone that, in addition to this being an Iron Fist Championship match, Obsidian has been banned from ringside.

Dave Dymond:  Good.  If it were up to Corazon, I’m sure that big lug would be out here for sure.

As the bell rings, Marz EXPLODES out of his corner, into a flurry of rights and lefts that rock the current Iron Fist Champion.  He starts slamming these MASSIVE haymakers into the side of Corazon’s head, and the crowd is immediately into it, counting along with him.  Corazon gets pushed back to his corner, Marz mounts him from the second turnbuckle and starts the ten punch count!  Lorenzo lets it go, admitting the fact that he will pretty much have little to do with the brutality this match is sure to bring.  Marz stops at five punches, and finishes with one final strong right, which rocks Corazon.  Marz begins to execute shoulder thrusts, following up on the turnbuckle punching.  You can hear the wind being taken out of Corazon’s sails, and the crowd is eating it up, with a small "Marz" chant picking up.

Other Guy:  Marz is fucking aggressive here right now.

Dave Dymond:  Of course he is.  You know all the strife this man has been put through.

After the final shoulder thrust, Corazon is doubled over.  Marz hooks in a front face lock, throws Corazon’s arm over his head, and tries to pull him up for a vertical suplex!  Corazon resists, hooking his leg in Marz’s preventing the execution of the maneuver.  Marz tries again, but Corazon hooks his leg once more.  This time, Corazon punches Marz right in the side, causing the brawler to take a step back.  From there, Corazon explodes out of his corner, locking Marz in and delivering a hanging vertical suplex himself!  With Marz down and returning to his feet, Corazon hits a swift kick to Marz’s side, causing him to collapse back down.  Corazon immediately pulls Marz up, and whips him into the ropes.  Marz holds the top rope down, and Corazon’s momentum doesn’t allow him to stop in time, but he manages to get ahold of Marz, as the two tumble to the outside.

Other Guy:  So, I’m not sure if this is what Corazon was after, or if he just wanted to keep the playing field somewhat level.

Dave Dymond:  Is the playing field really that level if Marz, the brawler, is on the outside with Corazon, the technician?

Other Guy:  I guess that’s a good point.  We’ll see.

Marz is first to his feet, with Corazon on one knee.  Marz waits, sort of plotting his next few moves.  Corazon gets to his feet, and Marz charges, spearing Corazon into the ring rail.  The crowd lets out an "oooo" as Corazon’s face contorts and he grimaces.  With Corazon concerned about his back, Marz wastes no time front facelocking Corazon and delivering a DDT onto the ground.  This elicits another "Oooo" from the Thomas and Mack Center.  Corazon’s unmoving, so Tony Lorenzo begins the count.



Other Guy:  This could be over here in just a sec.


Dave Dymond:  Yes it could.  That was a nasty DDT.

Corazon starts to get to his feet, and Lorenzo stops the count.  Marz shrugs and goes back to work.  He’s picked Corazon’s upper body and neck as the point of attack, so as Corazon is getting to his feet, Marz boots him right between his neck and his shoulder!  Corazon flattens, and Marz boots him between the same spot again!  He does this two more times, before Corazon turns over and catches is leg, spinning up for a high drop toe hold, that causes Marz’ neck to fall across the ring rail!  Corazon continues, as Marz is hung up.  He gets on the ring apron, runs, and delivers a leg drop from the ring apron, across Marz’s back!  Marz is held up against the rail, back to Corazon, holding on with his hands.  Corazon kicks Marz’s fingers, breaking his hold of the rail.  Marz holds his hands in agony, and the crowd boos.  Marz places his hands on the floor, and Corazon doesn’t give him much time there either, before kicking his wrists out from under him. 

Other Guy:  Now, this is an interesting strategy.

Dave Dymond:  Well, Corazon has been said to be very unorthodox, at times.  Going after Marz’s hands and fingers is pretty effective, especially if he follows it up with some head and neck work.

Other Guy:  Looks like he’s listening to ya, Dave!

Corazon and Marz both are in a standing position now, with Marz still favoring his hands.  Corazon hits Marz with a few right hands, softening him up.  He leans Marz up against the ring post, and balances himself on the ring rail.  Lifting off, Corazon dropkicks the upper back of Marz against the ring post, and Marz screams in agony!  Marz slumps down.  Corazon follows up, moving to the side of the ring apron, about halfway between the ringpost with Marz and the empty one.  He runs from that point to Marz, and dropkicks Marz’s exposed shoulder!  Marz clasps his shoulder in pain, but still gets to his feet.  Corazon smiles at this, acknowledging that the Die Hard side of Dave Marz is starting to come out.  He allows Marz to get to his feet, and Marz obliges, rotating his arm with a smirk.  The two return to the ring.

Other Guy.  Well that was an interesting intermission.

Dave Dymond:  I wonder why Marz opted to get back into the ring here.  Seems like he’d be better off on the outside.

Other Guy:  Well, I’m sure there’s some of that.  There’s also that Corazon was building a bit of momentum up, and any chance to slow that down seems like something Marz would want to take.

Back in the ring now, they begin to circle each other.  Both are a little worn, but both still seem to be rabid to get at one another.  They collar and elbow tie up now, and Marz takes the advantage.  He locks Corazon in with a side headlock, but Corazon pushes him off.  Marz bounces back, chest first, from the top rope.  Corazon catches him and applies a half nelson, with pressure on Marz’s bad shoulder.  He hopes to take Marz over with a half nelson suplex, but Marz fights out, and reverses Corazon with a standing switch.  Instead of applying a move, Marz just CLUBS Corazon with a reverse lariat, and Corazon hits the ring, clutching the back of his head.

Other Guy:  OUCH.

Dave Dymond:  Yeah dude.  Yeah.

The fans in attendance are chanting "Die Hard" which Marz is using as his energy.  He follows up by sliding out of the ring, pulling Corazon by his head and drags him under the first rope.  His head is faced down, and hanging over the edge of the ring apron at this point.  Marz rushes Corazon, and drives his knee right into the side of Corazon’s head!  After that, Marz pulls him out angrily, and Corazon’s dazed on his feet.  He stands Corazon up against the ring post, with his back towards the arena! 

Other Guy:  Oh are we gonna see Marz go aerial here?  Some mocking going on, maybe?

Dave Dymond:  If we see aerial Marz…  I have no idea what to think.  I’ll have seen it all, I think.

But Marz doesn’t go aerial.  He simply backs up, and clotheslines the fucking shit out of the back of Corazon, who’s still against the ring post!  This gets another "Ooooo" out of the crowd, and Marz plays it up a bit, with the "Die Hard" chant still going on.  Marz, sensing some weakness, backs up again and charges, but CORAZON MOVES!  Marz clotheslines the ring post, and IMMEDIATELY falls down, grasping his arm!  The boos that rain down are glorious for Corazon, who, even with a big red splotch down his chest, seems to enjoy the pain.  He looks at Marz who’s on the ground, and kicks him in the head!  He turns Marz over, and just wrenches his arm, putting all of his body weight down!  Marz is in total agony!!

Other Guy:  WOW.  This was a pretty sudden turn of events.

Dave Dymond:  Corazon’s still a bit groggy though.  He’s trying to knock some of the cobwebs out.

Other Guy:  That shot he took to the head was pretty sick. 

With Marz down and clutching his arm, Corazon goes and grabs the Iron Fist Championship belt from the timekeeper’s table.  He holds it up, to the jealousy and hatred of the crowd.  With him, he also carries a steel chair.  When he gets to Marz, he places the belt over Marz’s hurt arm, and raises the chair!

Dave Dymond:  No way!

Other Guy: Way dude.

…but Marz rolls away!  The Iron Fist Championship is left on the floor, and Corazon stands with a steel chair in his hand.  He swings again at Marz, who moves away, but rolls to his feet.  From the grounded position, Marz charges and takes Corazon down with a double leg take down, which causes him to lose the chair.  Marz mounts him and just starts waylaying punch after punch, avoiding using his hurting shoulder.  In a fit of adrenaline, Marz pulls Corazon to his feet, whips him against the rail, picks him up hits a SICK spinebuster on the ground!  Corazon isn’t moving, so Lorenzo starts the count.







Other Guy:  Getting close here…  I think his head may have been rocked on the ground there!


Dave Dymond:  Wouldn’t that suck for him?  He hit his pwetty wittle head.


Corazon gets to one knee, to the chagrin of Marz, who decides now to pick up the Iron Fist Championship.  With Corazon almost to his feet, Marz rushes, and swings the title belt wildly!  Corazon instinctively ducks, using Marz’s momentum against him.  He kicks Marz in the gut, and exectutes a northern lights suplex!  Marz is now down!  Lorenzo counts!




Other Guy:  First chance at a loss here for Marz tonight!



Dave Dymond:  But he’s getting up!  Die Hard is GETTING UP.

With the chant of "Die Hard Marz" now overtaking any sort of other noise in the building, Marz gets to his feet to the roar of the fans.  Corazon stands waiting for Die Hard to return to his feet, and as he does, the two begin engaging in basically a fist fight!  With Corazon throwing wild rights, and Marz throwing wild lefts due to his shoulder, the two begin to wear each other down!  Corazon’s hits start connecting, but Marz will not relent!  Marz shakes off one punch!  Then another!  And another!  Then he winds up and NAILS Corazon, who’s FLOORED by it.  Marz motions for Corazon to get up, and Corazon obliges!  Marz winds up for another HUGE left, but Corazon ducks it!  He catches Marz’s arm in the transition and hits a MEAN neck breaker!  Lorenzo starts to count!



"Die Hard"  "Die Hard"  "Die Hard"




Other Guy:  This is gonna be close! 

Dave Dymond:  Listen to the fans!!  Listen to them rally!






Corazon’s already back in the ring, standing on the top turnbuckle, as Marz gets to his feet.  When he finally DOES get to his feet, there’s a thunderous ovation to be had for the fierce competitor.  Corazon mockingly claps along, and half the crowd splits from the cheers into a showering of hate for the current Iron Fist Champion.  Marz slowly gets into the ring, and Corazon is immediately on him, not giving him time to actually get into the ring.  He grabs Marz by the head and basically slings him into the ring.  He drops an elbow on the back of Marz’s shoulder, for good measure, and to renew the pain he was feeling earlier due to the shoulder attack.  Not wasting any time, Corazon pulls Marz to his feet.  He whips him to the ropes, but Marz ducks under a clothesline attempt!  He rebounds, and then Corazon ducks under HIS clothesline attempt.  When Marz rebounds again, Corazon drops to his knee and straight jabs Marz in the gut.  Marz doubles over, and Corazon quickly stands.  With a swift move, he kicks Marz’s legs out from under him and Marz hits the mat hard! 

Other Guy:  Corazon just isn’t letting up here.  He’s totally relentless.

Dave Dymond:  Marz isn’t exactly dead in the water either, you know. 

Other Guy:  Well sure.  I mean, I guess.

Dave Dymond:  Are you a mexi-can or a mexi-can’t, OG?

Other Guy:  I’m…  I’m neither.  I’m pretty white, man.  A pretty white man.

Corazon sits Marz up, then rebounds off the ropes, before flipping and snapping Marz’s neck with a front neck breaker!  He stands Marz up again, but uses his shoulder to shove him to the corner.  When he’s against the top rope, he mounts Marz on the second rope, and looks out to the crowd, who just boo the shit out of him!  He starts to count…  in Spanish!




Other Guy:  Oh wow!  I guess Corazon’s a Mexi-CAN!



At five, Marz slips under Corazon, who then drops off the second rope.  Marz pulls Corazon’s head back and drives him down with a reverse DDT!  Corazon sprawls out, and now it’s Marz’s turn to go to work.  First, he slips outside the ring, and grabs the Iron Fist Championship and the steel chair.  He slides back in, as Corazon is writhing.  He drapes the Iron Fist belt over Corazon’s neck and aims to drive the steel chair into it!  He BARELY misses as Corazon pulls himself to the outside!  The fans HATED that, and they booooooed profusely.

Other Guy:  DEFINITELY a Mexi-CAN.

Dave Dymond:  Oh come off it.

Corazon starts shaking his head "No" as Marz follows him from inside the ring, begging him to come in.  Each time he tries to slip in, Marz wields the chair and nearly hits him, each time.  The crowd’s level of hate just keeps rising, and when something starts to stir in the crowd, the noise just deafens.  Marz starts to look around, and Corazon slips in.  He chop blocks Marz’s knee, and relieves him of the steel chair.  Marz clutches his knee in pain, and allows enough time for Corazon to wallop him in the arm with a steel chair!

Other Guy:  WHAT A TACTIC.

Dave Dymond:  What a dick, if you ask me.

Corazon starts working that arm again, applying the same kind of reverse arm bar on Marz, and setting all of his weight on it!  Marz is just writhing in pain, and tries to get to the ropes!  Corazon instead, gets off of him, and helps him to his feet.  He wrenches the arm in a standing position now, and executes a DDT, only with the arm as his focus instead of Marz’s head!  The impact only makes Marz angry, as he nearly beats Corazon to his feet, and pulls Corazon in with a nasty short arm clothesline, but in the midst of it all, forgot to not use his hurt shoulder!  He blocks the pain out, as the fans start to chant again, and picks Corazon up one more time.  With nothing more than a brutal shove, he causes Corazon to bounce off the top turnbuckle!  Marz sets up for the backdrop driver, known as the MARZ ATTACK, but Corazon slips out, by flipping over the back of Marz’s shoulder!  Corazon sets Marz up for his own move!  Marz slips out of HIS Marz Attack!  He pivots, grabs the back of Corazon’s head and drives him down with a neckbreaker that had absolutely nothing pretty about it!

Other Guy:  Mexi-CAN.  Mexi-CAN.  Mexi-CAN.

Dave Dymond:  Wow dude.  I mean…  seriously.

Lorenzo begins to count!







Other Guy:  Corazon’s getting to his feet!



Corazon groggily gets to his feet, but Marz is one step ahead, and he tries for the MARZ ATTACK again!  This time Corazon stops, leans forward, and drives Marz down with a bulldog.  Marz gets up two seconds behind Corazon, who lifts him into a fireman’s carry!

Dave Dymond:  This could be it!  Fury of the Dark Heart!?


Lorenzo starts to count!








Dave Dymond:  Come ON, Dave.  COME ON.


Marz is to one knee.  The fans are RIDICULOUS with love for Marz, as he’s struggling to get to his feet.  Corazon doesn’t even waste time letting him, as he hits him again, putting him on all fours.  He hooks Marz’s arms with a double underhook!


Dave Dymond:  ORIGINAL SIN.

Corazon yells "COUNT IT" and Lorenzo starts again.
















Dave Dymond:  He’s getting up!  He’s getting up!

Corazon looks wide-eyed at Marz, but quickly regains what composure he can.



And then, the fans blew the roof off the buiding, as "Die Hard" Dave Marz…  stood up.

Dave Dymond:  WOW.  WHAT A MATCH.

Other Guy:  But but…  Original Sin!

Corazon looks at Marz, with a begrudging smile.  Marz has an evilly wild grin on his face, as he holds his hurting arm.  It almost looks like he winks at Corazon.  Corazon moves to the middle, the two tie up, and Corazon takes the advantage.  He locks in a front facelock, and hooks him with a fisherman’s suplex!  But he holds on!  He pulls him up again, and DROPS him with a fisherman’s buster!  Marz is flattened once again!  Corazon doesn’t let Lorenzo count, as he picks Marz up one more time, and double underhooks him.  Marz is almost limp, and Corazon executes ORIGINAL SIN one more time!

Other Guy:  JESUS CHRIST.  Stay down, dude.  Stay the fuck down!

Dave Dymond:  GET UP.  GET THE FUCK UP.







Marz starts to stir.





Other Guy:  Corazon’s gonna KILL him, man.  DEAD.

Corazon is beside himself, as Marz pulls himself to his feet.  With nothing but adrenaline and guts left, Marz charges him.  Corazon ducks, but Marz stops dead in his tracks.  Corazon turns around and Marz fucking decks him!  He gets back up, and Marz decks him again!  One more time, and he gets decked!  As Corazon gets to his feet, he blindly swings, Marz ducks under him!  MARZ ATTACK.


Other Guy:  No WAY.  NO WAY.







Other Guy:  Corazon’s stirring!  Our Iron Fist Champ is stirring!

Dave Dymond:  He’s done.  He’s so done.




BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  And then Corazon?  Yeah…  he stood up.  Marz nodded in equal amazement.  Finally, the two lock up one more time, with Marz the aggressor.  He exectues a standing switch.  MARZ ATTACK.

Other Guy:  JESUS.  TWO IN A ROW.





Dave Dymond:  OBSIDIAN IS OUT.  He’s banned from ringside!

Other Guy:  Guess bans don’t really hold water for that guy!

Dave Dymond:  What a PRICK.

Obsidian stays on the outside of the ring though, as Marz forgets all about Corazon.  Lorenzo stops his count at SEVEN, as Corazon is now standing.  Marz is jawing with Obsidian, and then Lorenzo goes over to check it out, and starts ordering Obsidian to exit ringside.  Obsidian gives up, but tosses a small can to Corazon!

Other Guy:  MACE.

Dave Dymond:  Oh no..  Oh no no no.

Other Guy:  MACE.

As Obsidian is leaving, Marz turns around into an EYEFULL of Mace!  He clutches his eyes and falls back into the top turnbuckle!  Corazon moves in for the kill here, with one final ORIGINAL SIN!  He double underhooks, and then drives…  Lorenzo counts…

Other Guy:  WOoooohooo MACE.

Dave Dymond:  I can’t even believe…







Dave Dymond:  Not this way, man.  Not this way.

Other Guy:  Marz gets outsmarted again!



Dave Dymond:  Whoa, he’s stirring.

Other Guy:  MA-  What?


Corazon stands over top of him, with his Iron Fist Championship in hand…


…and then the bell rings, and the fans absolutely cannot believe what has just transpired. 

Samantha Coil takes to the ring, and with a defeated tone, and lifeless expression… 

Samantha Coil:  Your winner…  at a recorded time of thirty-seven minutes and forty-eight seconds…  and STILL SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion…  Corazon.

Corazon rips the microphone away from her, interrupting.

Corazon:  You’re…  an interesting…  adversary…  Marz.  But I…  I am brutal…  and INHUMAN.

On cue, "Inhuman" by DZK hits the PA system and the winner and still Iron Fist Champion, stands over Dave Marz, on the top turnbuckle, with his Iron Fist Championship raised high.


As the instrumental opening to “Until The End” by Breaking Benjamin picks up, we see a rapid-fire montage of the 16 men involved in the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title Tournament. Del Carver, Cade Sydal, Deacon Summers, Michael Collins, Osbourne Kilminster, Trevor Worrens, Jester Smiles, Jun Kenshin, Dave Marz, Killian Reilly, Ray Willmott, Ainsley Lake, Corazon, Ron Barker, Benjamin Biggs, and Donovan King.


“So clever, whatever, I’m done with these endeavors.

Alone I walk the winding way.”

The montage slows down a bit, moving along with the pace of the lyrics and music.  We see Dave Marz defeat Del Carver, which fades right into Donovan King beating Killian Reilly… and that fades into Ron Barker beating Ainsley Lake.

“It’s over, no longer, I feel it growing stronger.

I’ll live to die another day…”

Michael Collins is seen pinning Benjamin Biggs fades into Jester Smiles beating Osbourne Kilminster with help from Ron Barker, and then Jun Kenshin is seen first beating Kaz Sato and Kilminster, and then his crowning victory over Cade Sydal.

“Until I fade away.”

As the chorus picks up we see Trevor Worrens soundly defeat Deacon Summers, and then a quick cut split to Ray Willmott beating Corazon via distraction by Dave Marz.

“Why give up, why give in?

It’s not enough, it never is.

So I will go on until the end.”

In the midst of the chorus you just see various shots of triumph and tragedy, disappointment, and excitement, painted on the faces of the sixteen SHOOT Project soldiers.

“We’ve become desolate.

It’s not enough, it never is.

So I will go on until the end.”

Another rapid-fire montage is shown during the musical interlude.  This time of those just advancing.  Jun Kenshin, Dave Marz, Michael Collins, Trevor Worrens, Donovan King, Ray Willmott, Jester Smiles, and Ron Barker.


“Surround me; it’s easy to fall apart completely.

I feel you creeping up again.”

The montage slows down again to the specific pin pointed matches. You see Benjamin Biggs awarded Donovan King’s spot in the tournament, only to be beaten by Dave Marz. That brief clip fades right into Jun Kenshin pulling out the stops to defeat Michael Collins.

“It’s over, no longer, I feel it growing colder.

I knew this day would come to end…”

Next seen is Trevor Worrens battling it out with Ron Barker, then to Ray Willmott coming out to stop Donovan King from totally destroying Jester Smiles.

“So let this life begin.”

The chorus picks up again, and Cade Sydal assaults Barker in slow motion, which then cuts to Worrens picking up the victory against Barker.  Then Willmott taking out the already beaten up Jester Smiles to advance.

“Why give up, why give in?

It’s not enough, it never is.

So I will go on until the end.”

The final four are seen during the chorus, Ray Willmott, Dave Marz, Jun Kenshin, and Trevor Worrens. Each man has a look of intensity and determination on their face.

“We’ve become desolate.

It’s not enough, it never is.

But I will go on until the end.”


“I’ve lost my way.

I’ve lost my way, but I will go on until the end.”

A quick highlight reel of Jun Kenshin and Worrens fighting, with Worrens coming out victorious.

“Living is”

Worrens’s victory fades into Dave Marz and Ray Willmott battling it out.

“hard enough”

Which fades into Willmott and Marz both getting beaten up by Corazon and Obsidian.

“Without you fucking up.”

The very end of the match is shown, with Scott Kamura counting the pin, and an unconscious Ray Willmott scoring the victory.  All of the clips are played from start to finish quickly now leading up to just two faces.


A close up shot of Ray Willmott fades into a close up shot of Trevor Worrens.

“Why give up, why give in?

It’s not enough, it never is.

So I will go on until the end.”

Willmott FLIES off the top rope, Trevor Worrens lands a hard knee strike.

We’ve become desolate.

It’s not enough, it never is.

But I will go on until the end.”


“I’ve lost my way.

I’ve lost my way, but I will go on until the end.”

Willmott trains somberly by himself, Worrens goes for a jog down an empty street.

“The final fight I’ll win,

the final fight I’ll win,

the final fight I’ll win, but I will go on until the end.”

The song starts to fade out, with lasting images of Willmott and Worrens before the screen fades to black.



After the momentary fade to black, the focus returns to the ring, and as the cameras inside the Thomas and Mack Center swirl about the arena, capturing the fans that cheer with excitement.


All attention goes to the ring, where Samantha Coil now stands side by side with senior official Scott Kamura.  In front of both of them, a wooden stand complete with a glass case atop it, and inside the glass case, none other than the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, senior official of SHOOT Project, Mr. Scott Kamura!!!

There is a pop from the fans out of respect for the longest employed referee of the SHOOT Project.  He takes the microphone from Samantha for a moment.

Scott Kamura: Thank you. It is with my great privilege that I stand here tonight as the official who will call tonight’s main event!

The crowd picks up again.

Scott Kamura: And because of everything that has happened throughout this tournament, I promise that tonight’s World Heavyweight Championship match will be without interference, and contested under all of SHOOT Project’s enforced rules, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it!

Kamura nods his head as another rousing cheer from the fans fills the Thomas and Mack Arena.  He hands the microphone back to Samantha Coil, and just as she takes hold of it, the opening guitar rift to “The Pursuit” by Evans Blue begins to play. The SHOOT video screen comes to life with an art house montage of shots of Trevor Worrens from various angles.  Between the artistic shots are quick clips of Worrens in action followed by the words “The Failed One” and then his name.

The lyrics pick up, but there is no fancy opening pyrotechnics, Trevor Worrens just slowly steps out from the back, standing there, in black shoes, black jeans, and a dark blood red button up shirt, untucked, seen just partially under an unbuttoned black leather jacket.

“You lived a time of lies until you told me everything

I hope we make amends, but you don’t”

His head is lowered, and the fans aren’t even sure how to react, though some boos are heard throughout the Thomas and Mack Center.

“Life taught you how to fly and then you flew away from me

You left me haunted, star the ending image of the one”

The instrumental accompaniment pauses… only to pick up just as Worrens lifts his head with a burst of intense energy!

“’Cuz they’re still in you too low

All the voices you don’t know

And they’re still in you too low

All the choices that you chose

(Make the voices tell me who you are and who I am to be)”

As the chorus wraps up, Worrens walks down towards the ring, never once looking at the sold out crowd that surrounds him.

Other Guy: This is it, Dave, the moment of all fuckin’ moments!

Dave Dymond:  We are at the very beginning of the end of tonight’s Pay Per View event, but when it is all said and done, SHOOT Project will know who it’s very first World Heavyweight Champion of the new era will be.

Worrens walks up the side ring steps upon reaching the ring, and as he ascends up the three steps, he removes his leather jacket and lets it drop to the floor.  He then enters the ring, and still not looking at anyone, he starts to unbutton the dark blood red shirt.

Dave Dymond: So much has played into the main event we are going to bare witness to, and Other Guy, how fitting that in a new era, two men, never called champion, will be competing for that right.

Other Guy: Controversy, struggles, all that aside, that’s what it comes down to. The crowning of a champion, who’s gonna be the first to represent SHOOT as the top cat.

Dave Dymond: Will it be Trevor Worrens, the complex former follower of the infamous Vincent Mallows… who’s struggle has led him to this very moment or will it be…

The lights go out in the arena, and the opening chords of ‘Halo’ by Machine Head play over the public address system, and already the fans pick up ten fold, the noise almost overwhelming.


Flickering red and orange lights pan across the whole arena, highlighting clusters of the crowd for an instant, then putting them back into darkness as quickly. Occasionally, the lights engulf people in the crowd, pushing and shoving each other, starting the formation of a mosh pit! Some people in the crowd don’t know how to react to this, not used to this type of treatment. Some seem slightly intimidated. Others embrace it and really get into the vibe!!

Other Guy: I think the Thomas and Mack Center is ready for it to get seriously RED HOT in here!

Then just as the tune is about to kick in, it stops suddenly … and all we can hear is the buzz in the capacity crowd, each shouting different things to try to break the silence. All of a sudden, loudly reverberating throughout the arena, a gritty voice roars …


‘Halo’ kicks into beat and a HUGE explosion of fire goes off around the entrance ramp area!! Ray Willmott charges out from the back, his arms thrust into the air, the fire still burning slightly behind him. As the tune continues to play, and Ray gets into the vibe of the intro, the first words uttered by Machine Head play over the PA …

‘This is a call to arms, will you stand beside me?!’

As the words are sung, a wave of fire rushes along either side of the entrance ramp, and when it reaches the end, it explodes around the ring, just as ‘’ escapes their lips! As the fire dies down, Willmott darts into the ring, ascending the ropes, getting the crowd hyped up and ready for the battle.  Worrens exits the ring. As Willmott takes the proverbial center stage, going to each corner, and playing to the crowd who seems to be fully behind Willmott tonight.

Other Guy: The SHOOT faithful might not know how to react to Worrens, but they sure as hell know how they feel bout’ Ray Willmott, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Quite possibly the total definition of fan favorite, Ray Willmott comes into this match more geared up than ever… and all this week we’ve heard just what he had to say, what he feels, and despite HOW he got here, Willmott is not going to let that spoil the fact that he IS here tonight… standing under the brightest spotlight of them all, a SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship match.

After Willmott has gone to each corner of the ring, he walks towards the center, and now Trevor Worrens re-enters the ring as well, and both men end up standing on each side of the glass case in which the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship is kept.  Even though the biggest prize in the industry is in between them, Worrens and Willmott keep their eyes locked on one another.  Two ring crewmembers enter the ring as Scott Kamura takes the top off the glass case and removes the championship belt.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s Uprising main event is scheduled for ONE fall, and the winner will be named the SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!

Kamura holds the title up and the crowd buzzes with excitement.  The two ring crewmembers take the glass case and wooden stand out of the ring.

Samantha Coil: And now to introduce the competitors.  First, standing to my left, he hails from Claremont, New Hampshire, and weighs in tonight at 233 pounds… he is “The Failed One” TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Worrens doesn’t react to the announcement of his name, but the fans do, many of them booing.  The boos, however, don’t seem to phase Worrens one way or another.  Willmott, sensing his name to be announced next, starts to hop up and down, the energy building up inside of him.  The crowd feeds off of that energy, it seems, as they start to pick up in volume.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

The noise builds up… the cheering getting louder.

Samantha Coil: He hails from Cardiff, Wales and weighs in tonight at 220 pounds… ladies and gentlemen… this is “RED HOT” RAY WILLMOTT!!!

The Thomas and Mack Center is filled with deafening noise, and many of the fans get back up out of their seats to applaud and cheer Willmott!

Dave Dymond: If you just listened to these fans, you’d think Ray Willmott already won the match, Other Guy.

Other Guy: This is what Ray needs… he FEEDS off this kind of excitement and anticipation.

Dave Dymond: that he does, but the other side to the coin, if you will, is that Worrens has stated time and time again that he doesn’t think Willmott deserves this, so the cheering will only motivate Worrens more to stop him from winning what is undoubtedly Willmott’s most important match up in his career thus far.

Other Guy: Both guys are driven, one way or another, Dave, and that’s kinda the bottom line.

Samantha Coil leaves the ring, as Scott Kamura now shows the championship belt first to Trevor Worrens and then to Ray Willmott.  He says something to both men, that cannot be heard by anyone else, and both Worrens and Willmott nod their head.  Kamura nods his and then takes the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship and hands it to Mark Kendrick outside of the ring.  Worrens turns his back away from Willmott now, moving towards the lower right corner of the ring.  He leans against the corner post, head buried for a moment in his arms.  Willmott looks on, still jumping up and down, but not as much as he was before.  Worrens turns away from the corner post now and looks towards Willmott. Willmott stops jumping up and down all together, returning the focus in Worrens’s direction. With both men ready, and Kamura’s focus back in the ring, he signals for the bell!


The fans settle into a quiet excitement as Willmott is the first to move, but Worrens moves at him quickly and forces Willmott into a grapple.  There is a brief struggle, but Willmott gets the upper hand and just shoves Worrens’s arms down, breaking the grapple.  Worrens shoots them right up again though, again forcing Willmott into grapple.  Another struggle, but again Willmott breaks it and then taking hold of one of Worrens’s arms he just whips him into the ropes. Worrens comes running back and now Willmott is the one to initiate the grapple.

A struggle… but Worrens now the one to break it… followed by a HARD push! Willmott’s upper body shakes from the impact, forcing Willmott to stumble back only a couple of steps.  Worrens looks at Willmott, but surprisingly does not attack.

Dave Dymond: Worrens a little annoyed maybe that Willmott looking to make this a back and forth affair, what with Willmott looking for his perfect end to an imperfect tournament… but not sure Worrens wants to be brought into that.

Other Guy: It’s a weird respect floatin’ between these two, but also will be no love loss ya can count on that.

Willmott regroups and now starts to pick up his speed, moving around the ring in a circle, with Worrens mimicking.  Willmott lunges in for yet another grapple attempt, but this time Worrens sort of ducks and side steps past Willmott, wrapping around from behind and quickly pulling him into a reverse headlock.  Willmott struggles again, but throws his arm around the side, connecting with an elbow to Worrens’s side.  The shot stun Worrens, forcing him to let go of the headlock, and now Willmott spins around and just NAILS Worrens square in the chops with a high flipping dropkick!

The fans pop as Worrens goes down, but quickly sits up rubbing his jaw.  Willmott hits the ropes now and comes at Worrens full speed; he leaps for the sitting dropkick, but Worrens up almost at the same time, hooking both of Willmott’s legs!

Dave Dymond: Precision timing, impressive counter there, and Willmott’s in a bad spot!

Willmott’s feet hit Worrens’s mid-section, but Worrens absorbs the blow, drops Willmott onto his back while holding both legs, and walks over… locking on a Boston Crab!  Willmott quickly looks to army crawl to the ropes, the fans buzzing and soon rallying behind him as he makes it closer, but Worrens elevates his own body a little, then just CRASHES down onto Willmott’s back in a half sitting position!  Willmott’s body is pressed onto the mat, and Worrens looks to transition quickly, turning now and going to lock on a camel clutch!

Willmott tries to move his head around, keeping Worrens from locking on the submission hold, all the while continuing for the ropes… and he quickly gets them, gripping them tightly.  The fans cheer, but Worrens quickly YANKS Willmott away from the ropes, by the head and WHIPS him back onto the mat the other way, back of the head first! The fans respond with a collective “oooh” as Willmott holds his head in between his arms.  Worrens makes a very abrupt and quick cover.

Kamura is caught off for a split second, but drops quicker to make the count.


Kickout by Willmott.  Worrens pulls Willmott up to his feet, and keeping him held by one arm, Worrens strikes with a solid knee to the gut.  Willmott goes to double over but Worrens pulls him back up to a full vertical position and hits a knee strike again.  As Willmott doubles over this time, Worrens lets go of Willmott’s hand, drops to a crouch and DRIVES a palm jab square up into his face.  Willmott’s head SNAPS back and he stumbles a great deal, all the way so his back is up against the ropes.  The ropes keep Willmott from falling, however, but put him in prime position for Worrens to stay on the assault.

Worrens looks right at Willmott and then picks up the speed himself, running at Willmott with a full-blown clothesline! Willmott is smart though and holds onto the ropes, flipping over and landing on his feet on the ring edge, while Worrens’s force carries him over and causes him to take a spill to the outside!!!  The fans didn’t expect this and suddenly Willmott is in control!  As Worrens gets up a bit slower than normal, Willmott looks over his shoulder once, jumps up onto the second rope and BOUNCES HORIZONTALLY OFF OF IT!  Willmott turns in mid-air with a body splash that is like A LINE DRIVE SHOT right into Worrens!!!


Other Guy: Gotta love when Red Hot pulls off somethin’ like that!  He just rocketed himself at Worrens like it was nothin.

Dave Dymond: What lead to that moment too, a very uncharacteristic move of Worrens, who somewhat reckless charged at Willmott. But that just goes to show you that what’s at stake in this match up, is going to be what pushes both these men through as they try to reach the proverbial finish line.

Other Guy: Yeah well if neither of these cats get up… then what? They gotta finish this thing in the ring.

Kamura has already started the ring out twenty count, but Willmott, who took significantly less damage, is up already by five, taking a hold of Worrens as Kamura breaks for a moment to shout at Willmott to bring it back into the ring.  Willmott does so, rolling Worrens in and then pulling himself up onto the ring edge.  Willmott enters through the middle and top rope and looks for the pin.  The fans are on the edge of their seats, some are standing…



Shoulder up by Worrens, which quiets the energetic fans a bit. Willmott is not discouraged and he gets Worrens right back off the mat, not attempting another pin.  Willmott fires with a few quick well-placed chops to keep Worrens staggering, then he sends Worrens into the ropes. Worrens comes back, Willmott steps in, looking for a hip toss, Worrens tries to counter the momentum, but Willmott turns it right back around and hip tosses Worrens in the other direction, sending him square on his back and shoulders!  Worrens springs into a sitting position, and Willmott drops down now, taking the opportunity to lock on a sudden bow and arrow stretch… pulling out on the arms as he does so.

Dave Dymond: Willmott, we know, is well trained in submission holds, but its when and where he chooses to use them that always catches the world by surprise.  Though I’m guessing as this match continues, Willmott will be looking to pull out everything he knows in order to beat Worrens.

Other Guy: I think more importantly for Willmott, this is about provin’ he IS worthy of callin himself World Heavyweight Champion, Dave.

Dave Dymond: As do I, it’s Willmott’s driving point and has been ever since this match was made.  Worrens now fighting through the pain that must be shooting down his arms and into his shoulders, and as we get back to the here and now, could we see Worrens tap?

Other Guy: Don’t think so, Dave. Fans say what they want, hell so do the SHOOT soldiers, but this Worrens cat, there’s somethin’ about him, and he’s proven he’s got the fight in him. And I kinda like that about him.

Kamura continues to check on Worrens now, who shakes his head no repeatedly, while trying to stand back up to gain some momentum against Willmott.  Every time though, Willmott fires with a quick kick to the back of the leg, keeping Worrens on the mat, this time on both knees.  Worrens shows no sign of giving up though and once again starts getting up,  Willmott goes to kick at him again, but this time Worrens kicks back, connecting with Willmott’s stomach, which forces him to drop his hold on Worrens’s arms.  Worrens spins around…

Right knee strike, left knee strike… palm jab to the sternum… palm jab to the head!

The force spins Willmott around and Worrens winds up, looking for a crushing clothesline to the back of the head, but Willmott ducks it, and Worrens steps past Willmott, QUICK ROLL UP!!!




Dave Dymond: Wow!  He almost had him there and the way that flowed so smoothly, Willmott HAD to have had it scouted.

Other Guy: Worrens has made that a constant in all of his matches, and it’s paid off, but that just shows ya how dedicated Willmott is to this match up.

Willmott and Worrens both quick up now, Willmott the first to strike with a straight punch to Worrens. Worrens fires back though with a palm jab to the right side of the jaw. Willmott’s head rattles to one side a bit, but Willmott with a kick to the leg.  Worrens’s leans to one side, slumping on his leg a bit, but again lets go with another hard palm jab; catching Willmott in the exact same spot he hit him before. The fans build up with anticipation as this back and forth fight goes down, wondering who will get the eventual upper hand.

Willmott hits another punch… Worrens then fires with a jab and then follows with a quick knee strike that is recklessly thrown, and barely catches Willmott in the side. Willmott quickly reacts, taking the opportunity as Worrens tries to regroup with his footing.  Willmott nails Worrens with another punch, and another… whip into the ropes…

But reversed!

Dave Dymond: Worrens not letting Willmott have that opening…

Willmott runs back, seemingly faster and LEAPS through the air with a flying forearm that catches Worrens right in the face!!!

Other Guy: Spoke too soon, Dave.

Dave Dymond: That I did, Worrens is down again, and Ray Willmott KIPS back up to his feet right away and you can see it, O.G!  The energy is flowing now!

Willmott, pumped up, starts to look out to the fans now, motioning for them to get going too.  They start cheering him on, while Worrens stirs on the mat.  Willmott starts to go the corner, but he looks back over his shoulder and sees Worrens starting to get to his feet. Willmott quickly goes back towards Worrens and now nails a solid boot to the gut. Worrens doubles over in pain, and Willmott now looking to execute a standard vertical suplex.  Worrens is lifted up off the mat, but he quickly pulls his own weight downward, trying to keep from being suplexed.  Worrens then tries to reverse it… bringing Willmott up… but not all the way!  Willmott gets his feet planted back on the mat, and now Worrens hits a knee strike, and goes for the vertical suplex again.

And AGAIN Willmott brings his body back down, feet planted on the mat.  Worrens attempts a third time, but Willmott refusing to get lifted up… but just as Willmott goes to bring his body back down, Worrens just snaps down too… SPIKING Willmott’s head with a DDT!

Other Guy: OH. SHIT!  That was the end all be all of elevated DDT’s if ya ask me, Dave!

The once buzzing crowd is almost completely silent as Willmott lies on the mat, writhing in pain as he clutches at his head. Worrens just lays out on top of him for the pin.


Dave Dymond: Kamura with the count… is this one over…


THR… and the fans pop!

Dave Dymond: No it is not!  Willmott showing that undying perseverance as he JUST gets the shoulder up.

Other Guy: Couple more drops on his head though, Dave, and I don’t think Willmott’s gonna know where he is, let alone be able to move.

Worrens gets up to a sitting position beside Willmott, not really happy with Willmott shouldering out like he did.  He just looks out into the distance for a moment, but then gets up to his feet, turning to face Willmott as he does so.  He grabs Willmott and quickly scoops him up and body slams him onto the mat!  Willmott arches up in pain and Worrens scoops him up… and a second body slam!  This time Willmott rolls over onto his stomach, but Worrens still right there. He pulls Willmott up and this time hooks him into a front facing headlock and wrenches the neck a few times, looking to wear down Willmott.  Willmott starts to slump to one knee, but Worrens forcefully pulls him up back to his feet, when suddenly Willmott gets a burst of energy and pushes his entire body weight into Worrens, working him back against the upper left corner post! Worrens hits back first and the fans start to pick up as now Willmott starts running shoulder after shoulder into Worrens’s mid-section! Worrens half slumps half doubles over each time Willmott connects with a shoulder and after a final hard shoulder shot, Willmott starts to run away from Worrens, only to turn his body and then run full speed at Worrens!

Dave Dymond: Corner spear!!!

The fans erupt at the display of pure impact as Willmott connects square on with Worrens, driving him even harder against the corner.  From there Willmott arches up, using all his body strength to carry Worrens up and over with a back bridging pin!

Kamura drops to the mat for the count… the fans up on their feet.


The fans echo one


The fans echo two


Other Guy: ALMOST had a World Heavyweight Champion decided, Dave, but Worrens turned out of that one at the last second.

Dave Dymond: Not even last second, O.G.  The last of the last second, as Kamura only shows two… but damn close to a three, and these fans know it.

Worrens starts to get up, but Willmott obviously up first and he fires a kick square to Worrens’s shoulders.  Worrens winces in pain and Willmott fires with another kick… and another!  Worrens arches forward after the third kick, trying to get up to his full vertical base in the process.  Willmott grabs him by the shoulder, spins him around and fires with a hard punch.  Worrens drops directly to the mat from the impact, which seems to even catch Willmott by surprise.  Willmott goes for the cover again, not letting a single opportunity pass him by.



Stronger kick out at two by Worrens this time, who manages to knock Willmott off to the side.  Willmott right back up to his feet yet again, and this time he wastes no time going to the corner.  The fans are up on their feet once again as Willmott ascends to the top rope, Worrens rolls over onto his stomach and starts to push up, but without hesitation Willmott flips backwards with a picture perfect moonsault and he lands square across the shoulders and back of Worrens!

Willmott bounces off the back of Worrens, however,  and clutches his stomach in pain!

Dave Dymond: the move connects, but Willmott possibly winding himself in the process.

Other Guy: No doubt.  Worrens pushed himself up just enough that Willmott pretty much doubled himself over across Worrens’s back… nasty feeling I’m bettin’.

Dave Dymond: Of course Worrens not unpunished by that moonsault, as he clutches at his own back in pain.  And as now both these men look to get up to their feet first, you have to imagine every single SHOOT Project solider is watching on in the back, but some, like Osbourne Kilminster and Kaz Sato, have an even larger vested interest in the outcome of this match.

Other Guy: And Sato even beyond the bet that was made earlier this week.  Cuz remember, Dave, Worrens wins and The Beast has himself an automatic World Championship match… at least that’s the vibe I’m getting.

Willmott is up to his feet just before Worrens can recover from the moonsault, and Willmott charges at Worrens from the side, who is again pushing himself up on hands and knees.  Willmott flips over Worrens for a modified cradle roll, but Worrens reacts quickly and as Willmott ends up on his back, Worrens snaps on a side headlock, putting a great deal of pressure on Willmott’s neck!

Dave Dymond: Worrens trying to get right back into this thing, and once again he’s going for the neck, and its no secret why that is.

Willmott struggles against the side headlock but starts to get up to his feet, but Worrens rises up with him, keeping the side headlock in place.  Again Worrens wrenches at the neck, but Willmott gets his arm on Worrens’s back and shoves him forward, forcing Worrens to lose grip on the headlock.  Worrens looks to bounce chest first off the ropes, but in a surprising moment Worrens leaps up onto the second rope, jumps off and turns with a clothesline… BUT MISSES!  Worrens crashes onto the mat on one knee, and Willmott now elevates himself up onto the top rope, and keeps his balance long enough to jump off and catch Worrens with a bulldog take down just as Worrens attempts to get up to his feet!  Worrens’s face is planted into the mat, and from the bulldog, Willmott seamlessly transitions, pulling back both of Worrens’s arms, while locking his own arm around Worrens’s neck and chin!

Dave Dymond: That appears to be a modified version of the rings of Saturn, and Worrens has nowhere to go!

Other Guy: I don’t usually say it, Dave, but this one could be over here if Willmott can keep this thing locked on.

Dave Dymond: Senior official Scott Kamura in place to check on Worrens who, wow, SCREAMING through gritted teeth… I don’t think I’ve seen Worrens in that kind of pain as of yet.

Other Guy: Well you’re seein’ it now!  Willmott has this thing in his control, but gotta give it to Worrens who is fighting like there’s no tomorrow.

Dave Dymond: There might not be. Worrens has said if he loses this match up, then he’ll have failed himself. We’ve SEEN the emotion from Worrens and I’m not sure he could even handle failing himself.

The fans watch on as Worrens is a few feet away from the ropes, and Kamura is right there asking him if he gives up.  Willmott keeps the submission locked on, and Worrens just continues to scream out, not really having much choice in regards to getting to the ropes.  The fans really start to pick up as Willmott’s face of determination speaks volumes.


Dave Dymond: Worrens’s face bright red, and these fans are saying it all, they want Worrens to tap, they want to see Ray Willmott become the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion.  There is no split crowd, no mixed feelings, this is what it comes down to.

Other Guy: And talk about redeeming yourself.  Nothin’ like making your opponent give up to show you earned what you won.

Kamura asks Worrens yet again if he gives up.  Worrens’s eyes are closed, his teeth clinched tightly, face bright red… but Worrens still shouts “NO!” and in a last ditch effort, Worrens rolls his entire body to the side, absolutely BESIDE himself in pain… but he manages to roll over on top of Willmott… forcing him on his back for a pin!

The referee quickly shifts positioning and makes the count!


Willmott breaks his hold immediately, realizing he’d be pinned if he kept it locked on.  Worrens rolls away from Willmott, getting closer to the ropes, and breathing heavily. The once lively crowd begins to full on boo Worrens, who now is basically in the ropes.

Dave Dymond: Willmott on the verge of winning, but Worrens dug down deep there, and I guess you do have to give him credit.

Other Guy: You guess? Nah, Dave. These fans be booing, but truth is Ray Willmott would do the same thing.  Worrens got out of a damn difficult situation,  and now he’s givin’ himself some time to recover.

Dave Dymond: Well Willmott not exactly happy, but that look of determination still in his eyes.  He knows how close he is. He can feel it.

Willmott paces back and forth while Worrens slowly rises to his feet, still breathing heavily.  Kamura checks on Worrens, but Worrens just swats his hand through the air, basically signaling for him to back off.  Kamura does so and signals for the match to continue. Worrens turns his focus to Willmott now, hair soaked with sweat, half matted to the sides of his head. In a surprising move, Willmott looks right back at him and applauds.  Not out of mockery, but sincere respect.  Willmott then looks out to the fans and points to Worrens, then continues to applaud.  Some of the fans, sensing the respect Willmott is showing, start to applaud too… but before it completely catches on, Worrens charges at Willmott and before Willmott can look back at Worrens, he is NAILED with a stiff as fuck clothesline!


Other Guy: SICK!

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens not reacting well to that show of respect, and I don’t know, Other Guy, maybe he thought Willmott was mocking him?

Other Guy: Who knows, but Worrens just did a complete one eighty here… and pretty much out of the god damn blue!

With Willmott down Worrens rolls him over onto his back and then plants both of his palms firmly on Willmott’s upper back. He then elevates himself straight up, but then swings down, DRIVING his knee right into the side of Willmott’s head!  Willmott is pinned in placed so only his head snaps to the side!  The fans cringe, and now Worrens elevates himself again… and ANOTHER knee is driven into the side of Willmott’s head!

Dave Dymond: What is this all coming form?

Other Guy: We’ve talked about Worrens bein‘ a mixed up cat, Dave, and we’re seein’ the exact reason why right now!

Dave Dymond: But… OH NO! A THIRD KNEE!!!

The fans are beside themselves now as Worrens gets up to his feet and Willmott is barely moving.  Worrens turns his body, sitting down on Willmott’s back now while pulling up under his chin… locking on a camel clutch dead center of the ring!  Kamura takes his position just off to the side of Willmott, checking to see if Willmott gives up, all the while the fans booing loudly.

Trevor Worrens: Give up! GIVE IT ALL UP!!!

The muscles in Worrens’s arms tighten as he pulls back slightly more on the head and neck of Willmott.  Willmott can be heard saying no repeatedly… and Worrens now breaks the camel clutch on his own, only to hit a hard palm jab to the back of the head and then lock the camel clutch right back on!

Dave Dymond: Now that was just unnecessary.  Worrens almost using this submission hold as a way to taunt Willmott.  I can’t even tell if he’s concerned with even just winning anymore.

Other Guy: Oh he’s concerned bout that, Dave, but I think he wants to send a message to just about everyone else in the back now, too.

Willmott continues to fight against the camel clutch that has now been re-applied, and the fans start to clap their hands and cheer, trying to start a rally behind Willmott.  Worrens shakes his head as Willmott tries to pull his body, along with Worrens, closer to the ring.  The rally noise gets louder, but Worrens kills it again, breaking the camel clutch and then just dropping an elbow across the back of Willmott’s neck, sliding to the side in the process.  Worrens rises to his feet now and starts to pace about the ring, shaking his head as he looks to Willmott every so often, only to look away.  Worrens then storms out of the ring all together and walks over to timekeeper Mark Kendrick.  He shoves Kendrick out of the way, taking his chair and he tosses it into the ring!  Kamura starts the twenty count ring out.

Other Guy: He’s lost it, Dave.  Trevor Worrens is gone.

Dave Dymond: So predicted that the struggle would be too much for Worrens to handle, and we’re seeing the breakdown… what the… a SECOND chair!?

Worrens takes hold of another chair and tosses that one into the ring as well.  The fans are on their feet, booing as loud as they can, but Worrens just seems to tune them out.  He flips up the ring apron, all the while Kamura shouts at Worrens to get back into the ring…the response, a THIRD chair thrown into the ring, this one from out from under the ring.

Dave Dymond: Worrens is flirting with disqualification here, as under SHOOT rules a chair is okay, but this excessive and un-needed.

Other Guy: I think Worrens is flirting more with gettin’ himself counted out right now, Kamura already at ten, he’s got ten more seconds to get back into the ring.


Kamura continues to count, stopping every so often to again shout at Worrens, but Worrens is completely in his own world.  Willmott slowly gets back into things now, holding his neck as he gets up.


Worrens has a fourth chair from under the ring and throws that one in too, not even looking at the fact that Willmott is almost up to his full vertical base.


Worrens searches more, and suddenly he staggers back, dropping an object that he pulled out from under the ring.

Dave Dymond: Worrens just freaked out!  What’s that?

The camera angle shifts now to put a focus on the object Worrens dropped. 

A steel briefcase.

Dave Dymond: Who… I mean… is this a joke?  That Halliburton briefcase was an instrument of destruction used by none other than Vincent Mallows himself, and I’m not sure HOW that got under the ring, but Worrens seems to be snapped back to reality!


Willmott is up… he sees Worrens on the outside and runs full force!


Dave Dymond: Willmott RISKING it all but he connects!!!

The fans, taken by a surprise, quickly cheer, and for a moment the Uprising replay screen pops up, showing the replay of Willmott, DIVING out of the ring.  It shows in slow motion, then speeds up just as Willmott connects with Worrens and takes him down. The screen cuts away, bringing all focus back to the present.

Other Guy: That’s the intensity of Ray Willmott, Dave.  His neck’s gotta be killing him, but he put it on the line anyway!

Dave Dymond: And now he’s just going full throttle against Worrens on the outside, PUNCH AFTER PUNCH!!

Kamura looks to regain control of the match now and actually leaves the ring, shouting at Willmott to break it up and get back in the ring.  Willmott pulls away from Worrens after a bit of hesitation, fists clenched tightly.  Worrens slowly works on getting up, and Willmott does not exercise patience this time, he grabs Worrens and struggles a bit to get him into the ring, but finally gets him up against the edge and looks to get his legs up as well, but Worrens fires with a blind back elbow that finds its mark.  Willmott staggers back a bit to the side now, and Worrens rolls into the ring, but then rolls back out and comes at Willmott.  Willmott blocks a palm jab, but Worrens follows up with a knee strike that Willmott can’t recover quick enough to block.

Willmott staggers now, forced up against the guard railing.  Worrens is right there with a few more palm jabs, and Kamura now stays with the action, realizing he needs to be there to keep control.  The fans once again boo as Worrens seems to get the upper hand, working Willmott with more and more palm jab strikes.  Willmott leans over the guard railing, back against it, almost knocked all he way over… and Worrens looks to deliver the final shot to send Willmott over… but Willmott drops low… LIFTS WORRENS UP BY THE LEGS…


Dave Dymond: Willmott not out of this one, not by a long shot now as Worrens knocked for a huge loop!

Other Guy: Kamura knows the importance of this match up, so he knows there’s gotta be a winner, but how the hell is he gonna get this one back inside the ring now?

Worrens slumps, his head on top of the guard railing, his arms dangling over the top, and Willmott motions for everyone up close to back off. They clear out, but Willmott still motions and soon they, along with SHOOT Project security clear the chairs as well.  Kamura shouts at Willmott, but Willmott now is the one in his own world… as he walks away from Worrens and gets up on the ring edge. The fans soon put two and two together and they go nuts!

Willmott points out to the sold out crowd and then runs he length of the ring…. LEAPS OFF and GUILLOTINE LEG DROPS WORRENS!!!!



Other Guy: Wow is fuckin’ right, Dave! Worrens flipped over that guard railing!

Everyone in the arena is caught up in the moment that for a moment they don’t see Willmott on the other side of the guard railing, clutching at his left leg!

Dave Dymond: Hold the phone here… Willmott is clutching at his left leg… I’m not sure exactly what…  Can we see that leg drop again?

The replay screen pops up amongst the confusion, and from the angle played, Willmott can be seen running off the apron, the leap… all in slow motion.  As he comes crashing down on top of Worrens with his left leg, it is seen that it connects partially with Worrens’s head, but also with the top of the railing… and he bounces off to the floor, leg twisting up a bit under him!

As the screen cuts away again, Kamura is now standing over Willmott, checking on the situation, and the fans, who were once on their feet going nuts, have fallen silent, concerned more now with the well being of Ray Willmott.

Dave Dymond: I can’t make heads or tails of just what is going to be the decision here… can Willmott even go on?

Other Guy: I don’t know, Dave, and how do you make a decision in a match like this?

Kamura drops down low now, the fans consumed with concern and the feeling of suspense.  Kamura says something to Willmott, and then is seen nodding his head… Willmott obviously saying something back!  Kamura rises up to his feet now, AND SIGNALS FOR THE MATCH TO CONTINUE!!!

UPROARIOUS CHEERS fill the Thomas and Mack Center as Willmott slowly grabs the guard railing and pulls himself up to his feet, limping a great deal, however.  Worrens lies on the other side, stirring, but not getting up just yet.  Slowly, Willmott limps to the ring, and slides in under the bottom rope, slowly, as to not agitate his leg.  Worrens, on the outside, finally gets up, bleeding from the mouth as it can be seen.

Dave Dymond: The respect I have for Ray Willmott just increased ten fold, Other Guy.  The will to go on… his fighting for these fans, I hate to be biased, but he SHOULD be the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, and I hope that it happens.

Worrens sloppily gets back on the other side of the guard railing, while inside the ring, Willmott starts to discard of the four chairs that were tossed into the ring earlier.  Worrens staggers towards the ring, spitting blood onto the floor, and as he slides into the ring, Willmott grabs the final chair, and looks to discard it, but suddenly the fans pick up… shouting for Willmott to hit Worrens!

Other Guy: These fans out for blood now, Dave!  Worrens already bleedin’ but these fans want more.

Dave Dymond: And Worrens deserves it if you ask me.  Struggle or not, conflicted or not, Worrens was going to use those chairs… and Worrens DID assault Willmott when all Willmott did was show Worrens some sincere respect.

Willmott grips the chair a bit now, just as Worrens is completely in the ring.  He looks to the fans, they cheer. He looks to Worrens.  Willmott looks genuinely torn, the fans keep cheering.

“Knock his block off!” clap-clap-clapclapclap!  “knock is block off!” clap-clap-clapclapclap

Other Guy: Hah! Never heard that chant before.

Dave Dymond: The SHOOT Project faithful have spoken, but Willmott hesitant… I say just do it! Wallop the man!

Worrens starts to get up to his feet, not seeing Willmott with chair in hand yet, but he does, and suddenly Worrens steps back, hands raised in front of him, and shakes his head repeatedly.  Willmott narrows his eyes, but then turns, slides the chair out of the ring… but SPRINGS back around just as Worrens was about to take a shot at him!  Willmott blocks the attack, swats Worrens’s arm away, and NAILS Worrens with a standing clothesline! Worrens hits the mat.  Willmott starts to walk towards the corner, limping, but as he does so, Worrens kicks his leg out from behind him… CRUSHING HIM RIGHT IN THE BACK OF THE KNEE!!!

Willmott collapses onto the mat now, screaming in pain as he again clutches at his left leg.

Dave Dymond: Damn it!  There is no possible way Trevor Worrens was true to his word of respecting Ray Willmott, not after that blatant attack on the injured leg! Not after anything we’ve seen pan out in this match up.

Other Guy: Sometimes respect takes a back seat to victory, and it looks like Worrens made that his final decision here tonight.

Both men stir on the mat now, exhausted and hurting.  Worrens starts to get up first, while Willmott tries to get to the ropes, using them to stand on his injured leg.  Willmott struggles a great deal though, and Worrens now there to capitalize on the injured Willmott.  Willmott grabs a hold of the ropes, starts to pull himself up, and Worrens KICKS at Willmott’s leg again…

BUT WILLMOTT elevates himself up via the ropes and lands on his one good foot, just missing being kicked by Worrens.  Before Worrens can recover, Willmott turns, ONE LEGGED DROPKICK…

NO!  Worrens just swats Willmott down onto the mat and STOMPS the living hell out of Willmott’s left leg!  The boos become almost overwhelming now as Worrens’s eyes go wide, his focus dead on Willmott’s leg.  Willmott screams and tries to squirm away from Worrens, but Worrens just grabs at Willmott’s injured left leg and pulls him into a single leg crab.  Willmott’s immediate instinct is to reach out for the rope, but his placement and Worrens pinning him down under his own weight, keeps him just out of reach!

Dave Dymond: Trevor Worrens has shown he goes for one specific part of the body, but now we are seeing a lethal opportunist emerge, as Worrens snapping on a single leg crab, and I can’t believe Willmott isn’t screaming bloody murder at this point.

Other Guy: That leg could be damn well shattered, Dave, but ya know, Willmott would still fight through until he absolutely couldn’t hang.

Willmott continues to reach out for the ropes, all the while Kamura checks to see if Willmott gives up. Willmott shouts out NO! Which the fans cheer.  Willmott continues now to reach for the ropes, and soon the fans all start to rally behind him.

“RAY! RAY! RAY! RAY!” echoes once again throughout the Thomas and Mack Center, which only seems to infuriate Worrens.  Worrens looks over his shoulder and sees Willmott almost grazing the bottom rope with his fingertips.  Worrens suddenly stands up, still holding onto the left leg and starts to pull Willmott away from the ropes. The cheering dies, but in mid-pull, Willmott manages to turn his body to the side just enough to kick out his right leg and catch Worrens in the side!  Worrens is knocked away from Willmott now, and Willmott scrambles to the ropes.

Dave Dymond: And Willmott survives… but how much damage was done to that leg remains the question?

Other Guy: Oh Willmott looks in pain, Dave, that’s for damn sure.

Worrens goes back after Willmott, but now the referee stops Worrens, since Willmott has the ropes.  Worrens stops, but glares past the referee and right at Willmott who pulls himself up to his full vertical base.  He turns now, an expression of complete pain on his face, the second he turns from the ropes, Worrens shoves past the referee and goes at Willmott. Willmott throws a desperation haymaker that just connects with Worrens. Worrens stumbles back and Willmott limps towards him, another hard shot!

Worrens is knocked for a loop; Willmott pumps his fists now repeatedly, trying to feed off an adrenaline rush!  The fans see Willmott getting back into it and start to cheer.  Worrens recovers from the punch and suddenly lunges at Willmott… but Willmott jumps and hooks Worrens in a headlock… turns his body… THE FANS ON THEIR FEET…

But Worrens STOPS the momentum of the tornado DDT, lifts Willmott up a bit more, bends Willmott’s left leg, and DROPS it right down on his knee!  Willmott bounces off Worrens’s knee, eyes going wide… PAIN CONSUMING HIM!!!  Willmott barely stands, his left leg pretty much giving out under him.  Worrens staggers a moment; Willmott’s eyes are glazed over, the pain too much… he collapses!

Dave Dymond: Willmott is out… O.G!

Other Guy: I see, I saw… he just flat out collapsed!

Worrens looks on just for a brief second, before he just drops and covers Willmott.  The fans aren’t sure how to react, though many still boo as Kamura makes the count.





Dave Dymond: Ray gets the shoulder up!!!

Other Guy: Un-fuckin’-believable!

The fans go absolutely nuts, and Worrens quickly reacts, and just KNEES Willmott square in the face!  The cheering immediately dies as Willmott’s arm drops instantly and his head falls limp to the side.  Worrens makes the cover again.




Dave Dymond: Not enough left in him though…

Kamura rises up to his feet and calls for the bell, the fans sitting in stunned silence.  “The Pursuit” by Evans Blue starts to play for the second time tonight, and Worrens gets off of Willmott, and just sits beside him.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of this match… and THE SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…

Kamura brings the Championship to Worrens who remains sitting on the mat.

Samantha Coil: TREVOR WORRENS!!!

Worrens looks up towards Kamura, and seeing the championship in his hands, Worrens gets up and takes the title as his own.

Other Guy: Willmott had JUST enough strength left for that last kick out, but that knee shot, Dave, it was the final nail in the coffin.

Dave Dymond: This is a very surreal moment.  No fanfare, the fans in general look more concerned with Ray Willmott’s condition than the fact that Trevor Worrens is SHOOT Project’s World Heavyweight Champion.

Worrens holds onto the World Heavyweight Championship while Scott Kamura checks on Willmott now, quickly looking to the back and waving down medical staff.  Worrens stands there as medical staff passes him, and then he just lazily lifts the title up by the strap, so it hangs vertically downward from his hand.  There are no cheers for Worrens though; many fans boo, though others remain silent, very much shocked by the abrupt end to the match.  Worrens pushes the hair out of his eyes with his free hand, looking out at the crowd… almost one by one.

Dave Dymond: I don’t know what to say, this is a…well a very bizarre moment.  Obviously a lot of concern about Willmott’s condition, but amidst it all, that man, Trevor Worrens, stands as the victor.  Trevor Worrens stands as THE Champion.

Other Guy: Yeah ya pretty much said that, Dave.

Dave Dymond: Well I’m not really sure what else to say…

Still holding the championship title up in the air, Worrens looks to Willmott now… and now Osbourne Kilminster comes down to the ring as well, wanting to know what happened to his friend.

Dave Dymond: SHOOT Project faithful, we end on this very confusing moment. Bittersweet to some extent as we do have our first World Champion crowned, but at what cost?

Other Guy: Yeah there’s a lot gonna come from the outcome of this match, and this night all together, Dave, but that kinda all gets put on hold in this very moment.

Dave Dymond: We thank everyone who joined us on Pay Per View tonight; it is a night that will not soon or ever be forgotten.  This has been Uprising… Goodnight.

The last thing seen is Worrens in the ring, holding the championship belt, his eyes never leaving Willmott.  From there it fades out to a black screen and then to the SHOOT Project logo.