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It all starts out with a dark red, almost black screen.  The white letters showing up play stark contrast to the background.

War- (n) noun: a contest carried on by force of arms, as in a series of battles or campaigns.

As the words fade away, the opening guitar rift of “One” by Metallica starts in, softly at first, and the blank screen opens up to a man in purple and green fatigues just outside of a nice little house, complete with white picket fence. A woman holds him close, tears streaming down her face.  Tears of both pride and sadness.  She pulls away from the embrace so she can kiss his lips.  After that he slowly turns around.  The man is Jester Smiles and he walks away from the house… walking with a purpose.  The scene cuts away to a city in ruins.  Panzer tanks make their way through the debris littered streets, and flags sporting the face of THE DEFILER Jonny Johnson can be seen waving in the air.

“I can’t remember anything

Can’t tell if this is true or dream”

Another shot takes us to an army base.  Soliders line up, one by one stepping forward into clear view, somberly saluting as Jester walks by.  Nightmare is seen, then Adrian Corazon.  Then Ainsley Lake, Danny Evers, and finally Dan Stein.

“Deep down inside I feel to scream

This terrible silence stops me”

Back to the war torn city.  Osbourne Kilminster paces with a sword in hand, and in front of him the readied looks from Ron Barker, Thomas Manchester Black, Sinnocence, and Kenji Yamada.  He talks to them, but the song is the only audio accompanying the video.

“Now that the war is through with me

I’m waking up I can not see”

A beliegured solider is seen next, directly on the field of battle, old veterans of wars past seemingly dying all around him.  As he takes off his helmet, the face of The Real Deal can be clearly seen and as he looks up, Donovan King stands before him, gun pointed and ready to fire.  Behind King men approach, their guns raised… pointed at him.

“That there is not much left of me

Nothing is real but pain now”

We get a shot now of just an open battle field. Guns fired, explosions occuring, but all seen silouhetted in front of a blazing red sun that seems to be setting slowly.

“Hold my breath as I wish for death

Oh please god,wake me”

The troops load into a bus. Sons of Liberty and Jester Smiles both waving their final goodbyes to the men, women, and children who gathered to see them off.  Various shots follow of the men and women on the bus, sitting in nervous anticipation.

“Back in the womb its much too real

In pumps life that I must feel”

A cut to the war torn city.  Ron Barker plants another flag which shows Jonny Johnson’s face while Osbourne Kilminster continues to point forward with his sword, leading the troops on towards the field of battle.

“But can’t look forward to reveal

Look to the time when I’ll live”

The bus arrives at the fort where more soliders are preparing for battle. Jester Smiles gets off and walks through the encampment surrounding the fort.  He passes by but the focus remains on two soliders who aren’t preparing for war at all.  A small group gathers around them as they are engaged in a spirited boxing match.  As the crowd gives way, Trevor Worrens and Cade Sydal can be seen moving about a make shift ring.

“Fed through the tube that sticks in me

Just like a wartime novelty”

Back out on the battlefield somewhere.  A solider is down, but not out.  The cold gray eyes of Christopher Davis look up as Vincent Mallows dangles a knife blade above him.  Other soliders approach from behind though, ready to strike at Mallows.

“Tied to machines that make me be

Cut this life off from me”

Once again a wide shot of the entire battlefield.  Darker now as the red sun is just barely seen over the horizon.  The silohuetted troops charge at each other.

“Hold my breath as I wish for death

Oh please god,wake me”

Flashes of light bring clear detail to the silhouettes.  Osbourne Kilminster, Nightmare.  Another Flash, Ainsley Lake charging at Sinnocence. Another flash, Kenji Yamada and Dan Stein engaged in combat.  Another flash still Danny Evers and Thomas Manchester Black, as well as Corazon being approached by Ron Barker.

“Now the world is gone Im just one

Oh god,help me hold my breath as I wish for death

Oh please God help me”

The battle is on in full, but there is a cut back home, inside a gymnaisum.  We see a fight of respect, not war, taking place.  The soliders are Tres Bien and Long Island Hardcore, their battle is the complete opposite of the war waging on.

And then a single cut a long shot down the barrel of a gun and at the handle end we see the eyes of Jonny Johnson a single shot fired and all goes black.

“Darkness imprisoning me”

A quick shot of Donovan King and The Real Deal.

“All that I see”

A quick shot of the Sons of Liberty and The Friends

“Absolute horror”

A quick shot of Vincent Mallows and Christopher Davis

“I cannot live”

A quick shot of Trevor Worrens and Cade Sydal

“I cannot die”

A quick shot of Tres Bien and Long Island Hardcore

“Trapped in myself”

Then all of them, standing on opposite sides of battle, charging in and then the ground shakes… splitting open.

“Body my holding cell”

A SHOOT Project wrestling ring rises up and the two sides charging in all flood the ring, and past it all Jester Smiles runs, pulling his gun at ready.

“Landmine has taken my sight”

Cut to Jonny Johnson standing in waiting.

“Taken my speech”

Another shot of Jester  Smiles charging in.

“Taken my hearing”

And now Jonny Johnson starts to run.

“Taken my arms”

The two are on the verge of meeting. The sun nearly set. The darkness coming in.

“Taken my legs


“Taken my soul”


“Left me with life in hell.


As the guitar solo at the end of the song plays on Jonny and Jester get closer and closer. We cut back and forth between them and the battles waging in the ring.  And just as Jester places his finger on the trigger of his gun.

Jonny pulls out a gun as well.

They both point.

The sun sets.



It literally EXPLODES inside the Richmond Coliseum, as two air raid cannons on each side of the entryway platform shoot off blasts of red pyro in an arching motion from left to right and then back to the left.  The second those explosions end a GIANT explosion erupts over the large WAR video screen, which is trimmed in red and black camouflage pattern.  Set up on the right side of the open stage platform is what appears to be a half blown up bunker that sees things like “SoL” and “Defiler 4 Life” and other tags done up in graffiti like style over the parts of the bunker that are still standing.

Opposite the war torn bunker is a panzer tank that reads WAR across it and sports the SHOOT Project logo behind it.  There is also remnants of a barbed wire fence that outlines the entire platform on each side, but leaves a large space where the ramp way connects and heads down to the ring. 

“One” by Metallica plays throughout over the sound system and the camera angle cuts away from the head on shot of the entryway to changing shots rapidly as various sections of the fans are caught LIVE on Pay Per View!  As the frenzy is captured, the camera shot rests on ringside.  We get a straight on shot of Other Guy, Eryk Masters, and Jeff Hansen situated behind the commentary booth, all set to begin.  CG nameplates pop up on the screen underneath the three men, showing their names with a bunch of bullet holes in them.  The graphics fade away after a moment, and the music seems to fade low.

Eryk Masters: Richmond Virginia, home to SHOOT Project’s proclaimed hero Jester Smiles and TONIGHT it becomes the fitting home to WAR.  Hey everyone it’s me, Eryk Masters, sitting middle in a chaotic commentary booth consisting of myself and my colleagues here, The Other Guy and Jeff Hansen.

Jeff Hansen: A regular non melting pot if you ask me, which makes for a team that allows for ALL opinions to be expressed.

Other Guy: Yeah whether you like those opinions or not.

Jeff Hansen: And there are plenty of people who don’t like what you have to say, too, OG.

Other Guy: That’s what I’m sayin.

Eryk Masters: I think that’s the closest we’ll get to these two agreeing all night, so while the war of words will undoubtedly wage on here at ringside throughout this ALL TOO important Pay Per View, the more crucial battles will be taking place inside that very ring.

Other Guy: Never before has SHOOT Project had an event with SO much at stake.  And I’m not just talkin’ championship titles.  We’re talkin the very future of the organization.  It really and truly is war on all levels tonight.

Jeff Hansen: It’s safe to say a lot is up in the air, but if anyone, and I mean ANYONE is banking on the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship being taken out of here by anyone OTHER than Jonny Johnson, well then they’re severely mistaken.

Eryk Masters: We’ll have to wait and see if you are correct or if the hometown hero can come away with the greatest prize in SHOOT Project.  We get right to the action though now with our FIRST of three championships matches of the night, ladies and gentlemen… WAR IS UPON US!                                     


As the focus shifts to the ring, the camera angles cut to show a steel chair in each corner, parts of the ring ropes wrapped in barbed wire, and then a shot to the outside where two barbed wire wrapped steel chairs are located; one on the side closest to the entryway and another on the side closest to the commentary table. Amidst the set up, Samantha Coil stands in the center of the ring alongside SHOOT Project official Chris Jenkins.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s opening contest is a TEEN IDOL DEATHMATCH… and it is for the SHOOT Project LAWS OF SURVIVAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The Richmond crowd comes alive and the WAR video screen shows the image of Cade Sydal posed across from Trevor Worrens, the jagged “VS.” separating the two.

Samantha Coil: In accordance with the rules of a Teen Idol Deathmatch, only the chairs seen in the ring or at ringside are legal to use.  The winner of the match will be the competitor who can successfully score TWO out of THREE falls.

With the rules announced, “Broken Bones” by nonpoint begins to play throughout the Richmond Coliseum, prompting a great number of fans to rise up to their feet, cheering loudly.

You forget I got this far without you

I’m not the person that you think I am

Eryk Masters: Its sort of worth mentioning that tonight marks the FOURTH consecutive Pay Per View that has seen a two out of three falls match take place in some capacity, and two of those matches have seen the challenger to the Laws of Survival Championship, Cade Sydal, involved.

Other Guy: From Iron Man matches to death matches, to two out of three falls, Sydal’s seen em all, and I gotta say he’s the favorite in any match where endurance is gonna be key.

The life I want to lead needs no approval

From someone who will never understand

The WAR Video screen now showcases the dragon emblem most associated with Cade Sydal and as it spins quicker and quicker, it blurs red and white and gives way to clips of Cade Sydal in action.  Red and white pyro erupt on each side of the entryway as Cade Sydal steps out into the view of the sold out coliseum crowd, pumped up and running on the high of excitement.

You’re forgetting my broken bones

Forgetting I’m not alone

Hard to stand alone

When this feels like home

In this crowd

Cade hops up and down a couple of times, and then he shakes out his arms and starts down to the ring. Eager fans nearly hang over the guard railing that lines the entryway and Cade tries to tag as many hands as he can.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challenger.  He weighs in tonight at 179 pounds.  Ladies and gentlemen… THIS. IS. CADE SYDAL!!!

Just because you lived a little longer

Doesn’t mean your will is any stronger

You forget that all these scars remember

Every time you say I need to change

Sydal runs the rest of the way to the ring now and LEAPS up onto the ring edge. He motions for the crowd to keep making noise and they cheer him on, even more standing now.  Cade grips a portion of the top rope that isn’t wrapped in barbed wire and vaults himself up and over into the ring. 

“You’re forgetting my broken bones

Forgetting I’m not alone

Hard to stand alone

When this feels like home

In this crowd”

Cade then walks a full circle around the inside, pointing to some of the fans, while every so often looking at the chairs and barbed wire.

Jeff Hansen: You guys mentioned the endurance, and I’ll give ya that. Cade can go the distance. But I think it’s questionable as to who can take more pain. And with the addition of barbed wire in this match those ropes aren’t friendly, not one bit.

Eryk Masters: I’ve had a couple encounters with barbed wire in my day, and you’re absolutely right about that. It stings the flesh and can slow any man down considerably.

Other Guy: Still goin with Cade as havin’ the upper hand in this match.  He’s got the experience.

Jeff Hansen: Yeah, you’d say that no matter what because Cade is one of “your boys.”  Bottom line, we open up WAR with a bloodbath of a match that should entertain the hardcore-minded fans here in Virginia.

As Cade’s music fades out, he immediately puts his focus on the entryway. He nods his head in ready like fashion and waits.  The WAR video screen once again shows the image of Cade posed opposite of Worrens, but then that cuts away to show Worrens standing in front of a mirror with a camera in his hand. It’s very “myspace” in its composition and looks like a still picture.  However Worrens suddenly smiles, looking right into the mirror.

“Luck? Survival has nothing to do with luck.

Worrens THROWS the camera into the mirror and it shatters into a million pieces. At the same time the opening guitar rift and adrenaline-pumping scream of “Awakening” by Switchfoot kicks in. The shattered mirror leads into clips of Worrens in action, and every so often the name Trevor Worrens shows up on the screen, wrapped in barbed wire.

“Face down with the LA curbside endings

With the ones and zeros.

Downtown was the perfect place to hide.

The first star that I saw last night was a headlight

Of a man-made sky, but man- made never made our dreams collide,


Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

As the chorus revs up a single burst of gray pyro explodes over the entryway and rains down in front of it.  Trevor Worrens steps out from the back, standing behind the falling sparks, the Laws of Survival Championship held up vertically by the strap!

“Here we are now with the falling sky and the rain,

We’re awakening

Here we are now with our desperate youth and the pain,

We’re awakening

Maybe it’s called ambition, you’ve been talking in your sleep

About a dream, we’re awakening.”

There is a very heavy mixed reaction for the Laws of Survival Champion as he starts to the ring now.

Samantha Coil: He weighs in tonight at 233 pounds…. And is the current and defending SHOOT Project Laws of Survival Champion… ladies and gentlemen… THIS. IS. TREVOR WORRENS!!!

“Last week found me living for nothing but deadlines,

With my dead beat sky but, this town doesn’t look the same tonight”

Other Guy: Richmond Virginia not completely feelin’ Worrens tonight.

“These dreams started singing to me out of nowhere

And in all my life I don’t know that I ever felt so alive,


Jeff Hansen: Typical if you ask me.  I don’t like Trevor that much, but I will say that’s its not fair that some of these fans are shitting on him with boos because he was honest and open, and dare I say accurate when it comes to his comments about Jester Smiles.

Eryk Masters: But that’s what makes the SHOOT fans who they are, a VERY opinionated bunch who are very capable of coming to their own conclusions. As a result, the Laws of Survival Champion met with both some love and some hate.

“Here we are now with the falling sky and the rain,

We’re awakening”

Worrens reaches the edge of the ring, but doesn’t enter right away. He walks around the ring, talking up the fans close by, and seemingly he’s okay with some of the negative reactions he’s getting.

“Here we are now with our desperate youth and the pain,

We’re awakening”

Worrens walks all the way around to the lower right corner of the ring, and walks up the steel steps there.  He ascends to the second turnbuckle from the outside of the ring, and again holds the Laws of Survival Championship high over his head, letting it hang down vertically.

“Maybe it’s called ambition, you’ve been talking in your sleep

About a dream, we’re awakening.”

Worrens drops down into the ring, and he hands the Laws of Survival Championship over to Chris Jenkins.  From there, Worrens’s music starts to fade out, leaving just the noise of the crowd to accompany Cade and Worrens in the ring.

Eryk Masters: Early pick guys?

Jeff Hansen: OG’s already sucked Cade’s dick thus far, so I think the world can speak for him on who he picks. As for me… honestly this one COULD go either way, but because I’d HATE to agree with Other Guy on anything, I’m going to say Worrens keeps the title.

Other Guy: Oh yeah cuz I pay the man a couple of compliments and I’m suddenly suckin his dick?

Eryk Masters: I don’t think anyone is sucking anyone’s dick; so let’s just drop that. As the tiebreaker I think I have to side with Other Guy, though. We’ve seen a completely renewed fire in Cade Sydal, and Worrens may be underestimating that passion.

The referee holds the Laws of Survival Championship straight up into the air and both Cade and Worrens look to it. From there he passes it out of the ring.  Cade and Worrens offer each other a quick handshake, but then Worrens turns away from Cade, moving into the lower right corner of the ring.

Eryk Masters: The ropes are really going to play the X-factor in this one, especially with the way the barbed wire is wrapped randomly around the ropes.

Other Guy: Gotta pick your spot if you want to hit the ropes, and that’s going to shave a couple seconds off EITHER man’s game plan if it involves doing just that.

Cade stands opposite of Worrens as both men are ready.  Jenkins looks to Cade, then to Worrens… then to Mark Kendrick at ringside.  He makes the motion with his hand.


The match is official and Cade and Worrens walk closer to the center of the ring from opposite corners, slowly moving in a circle, only to abruptly stop once they are directly across from each other on the left side and right side of the ring. The two engage in a stare down, with Cade planting his feet firmly and going into a low crouch.  Worrens starts to edge in towards him when suddenly Cade pivots around and looks to make a full sprint to the left side ropes.   Worrens copies, going in the other direction and he scrambles low under the bottom rope to the outside.  Cade doesn’t go to the outside however and he quickly turns right back around and SPRINTS across the ring towards Worrens.

Eryk Masters: Sydal with an early fake out… but Worrens already getting a hold of the barbed wire steel chair!

Worrens doesn’t have a chance to reach his full vertical base with the chair as Cade DIVES CLEAR over the top rope and CRASHES DOWN ONTO WORRENS!!!  The crowd pops huge and Worrens rolls over onto his stomach with Cade staying on top of him, driving forearm shot after forearm shot into Worrens’s face.

Other Guy: What a way to start this match! High flying and hard hits from the Teen Idol himself!

Eryk Masters: Well this is his match.

Jeff Hansen: Yeah but Worrens has brought the barbed wire addition and you can’t forget that.

The fans continue to cheer as Cade beats on Worrens, but Worrens finally is able to push Cade off to the side and get up to his feet.  Cade is right up as well and he grabs Worrens and whips him towards the ring. Worrens reverses though and spins Cade around causing him to collide back first with the ring edge. Cade arches, wincing in pain and now Worrens picks up the barbed wire wrapped steel chair and SWINGS WILDLY at Cade.  Cade darts out of the way and pulls himself up onto the ring edge, but Worrens quickly drops the chair and grabs at Cade’s legs and pulls them out from under him. Cade falls flat on his back and rolls off the edge and onto the floor.  Worrens picks him right back up and violently shoves him under the bottom rope, which is free of barbed wire on the right side of the ring.

Worrens follows directly in after Cade but Cade works on scrambling to his feet and he runs across the ring.  He stops though as he sees the barbed wire wrapped thickly around the middle and top rope and has to re-adjust where he runs and angles his body towards more of the middle of the left side ropes.  This gives Worrens enough time to chase after and as Cade hits the ropes and bounces back Worrens SCOOPS him up and DRIVES him down with a snap power slam!

Eryk Masters: Worrens with the quick slam and the immediate hook of the leg for a cover to follow!

Jenkins drops to his knees by Worrens and Cade and makes the count.  The boos are louder than the cheers inside the Coliseum.



Strong kick out by Cade. Worrens rolls Cade over onto his stomach from there and looks for a camel clutch, but Cade scrambles backwards and avoids it, pulling Worrens’s arms through his own legs, as if going for a pump handle move, but instead Cade pulls up with all his force, causing Worrens to flip over onto his back.  Cade then charges towards the up ring ropes and hits a good patch to bounce off for added momentum.  Cade summersaults forward, then SPRINGS up to his feet, and finishes with a strong senton splash, back first onto Worrens!  He pulls up on Worrens’s legs at his side for a cover of his own.



Other Guy: Worrens with the forceful shoulder up just after one.

Eryk Masters: These two trying for the first fall early, which if either of them were successful in doing so, would have given a HUGE advantage in this match.

Jeff Hansen: It’s funny though, they call for this match and we have yet to see any major impact from the chairs or the barbed wire.  Sooner rather than later, the bloodthirsty fans scattered throughout the arena are going to get restless.

Cade brings Worrens up, holding him in a one armed cravat, then he quickly shoves back and then FIRES a stiff kick right into Worrens’s left side. Worrens reels from the shot and Cade stays light on his feet, arms up to guard his own body and face, and then fires ANOTHER kick, so quick that Worrens can’t get his arm down to block it.  Worrens stumbles towards the up ring ropes and now Cade sweeps around behind Worrens and FIRES yet another stiff kick, this time to the back of the legs!  Worrens winces in pain, but he manages to stay standing.  Worrens turns and Cade spins around with a low heel kick into Worrens’s gut, causing Worrens to double over.

From there Cade hits the up ring ropes once again, avoiding the barbed wire and then lands a quick seated dropkick to the side of Worrens’s head. Worrens drops to the mat, clutching at the side of his head and now Cade is up and he grabs the steel chair out of the upper left corner. The fans come alive with cheers as Cade holds the chair over his head with one arm and points to Worrens with the other.

Eryk Masters: Looks like you spoke just a little too soon.  Cade now looking to make very good use of that steel chair.

Cade stalks Worrens from behind, shouting for him to get up.  Worrens stirs on the mat, still holding his head, but he gets up and Cade waits until Worrens turns around.  Worrens however doesn’t and he starts walking in the opposite direction. Cade shakes his head and shouts for Worrens to turn, and now Worrens turns but he IMMEDIATELY kicks Cade in the stomach, catching him by surprise!

Cade doubles over, Worrens RIPS the chair from his hands and then lifts it up… But Cade SNAPS upwards with a picture perfect dropsault and KICKS the chair right into Worrens’s face! Worrens loses the chair and staggers back.  Cade right back up, now the chair in his hand and he takes it and RAMS the top end right into Worrens’s gut. Worrens doubles over and then Cade CRACKS the chair over the back of Worrens’s shoulders, sending the Laws of Survival Champion flat onto the mat.

Other Guy: Worrens avoidin’ the first chair shot, but no dice on the second third and forth! Cade makin’ damn good use of the chair and this could be the first fall in the making!

Jeff Hansen: I wouldn’t be so sure. We’re talking about a guy who dragged himself through barbed wire to retain that title.  I think his threshold for pain is pretty high up there.

Cade sets up the chair now and with Worrens hurting, Cade goes to the upper right corner and gets a second chair.  The fans buzz with excitement and curiosity as Cade sets it up as well, the two chairs facing each other.

Eryk Masters: Talking about thresholds for pain, Cade no stranger to taking pain.  I mean we’ve seen that in just this year alone with his brutal encounter with Donovan King at Redemption, getting his mouth stapled shut, only for him to RE-APPEAR in the Redemption Rumble.

With the two chairs set up, and the fans buzzing. Cade takes a hold of Worrens and he pulls him up onto the seats of both chairs.  The crowd only gets louder as Cade heads to the corner and starts to climb.

Eryk Masters: Some innovative stuff right here. Cade’s made a sort of mini-table out of the two chairs and Worrens in one hell of a predicament right now.

Other Guy: Ya got that right. Cade all the way up top, Worrens laid out… oh this is gonna be big!

A lot of the fans are on their feet. Cade steadies himself and then LEAPS from the top and NAILS Worrens with a DOUBLE FOOT STOMP TO THE GUT!  Worrens folds in half as the chairs push out in opposite direction.  Cade stumbles forward off of Worrens after that, only to turn around and quickly makes the cover.

Jenkins drops… the Cade fans are cheering loudly!




Eryk Masters: Close fall, but Worrens up before the three count can be made and we’re still on our first fall in this Teen Idol Deathmatch.

Other Guy: Definitely haven’t seen one of these in a long while, so it’s a huge match up to open up WAR with, and even bigger for the two men in the ring right now.

Jeff Hansen: Cade doesn’t want to look dumb losing his own specialty match, and Worrens wants to show he’s the end all be all better man when it comes to Cade.  Because of that, this friendly rivalry is bound to turn brutal in a matter of time.

Cade doesn’t let up after the near fall as he is right back up to his feet and he grabs Worrens by the arm, pulling him up… but Worrens out of nowhere with an attempted Russian Leg Sweep reversal… but no… Cade reverses the reversal and sends Worrens FACE FIRST INTO THE SEAT OF THE STEEL CHAIR with a forward falling Russian Leg Sweep!  Worrens’s head bounces off the steel chair and he immediately rolls to the outside from there, snagging himself on some barbed wire though in the process.

Other Guy: Worrens sacrificing himself there a bit, but I think he just wanted to put some distance between himself and Cade.

Eryk Masters: Cade definitely on the offensive now and he’s got both chairs set up again, this time closer to the ropes…. 

The flash bulbs go off if people have cameras… because Cade Sydal LEAPS OFF THE TWO CHAIRS and FLIPS FORWARD over the top rope! He comes crashing down on Worrens’s shoulders… but Worrens spins his momentum and as he falls he DROPS Cade hard with a desperation power bomb as well!

Jeff Hansen: Wow! That was something else!

Eryk Masters: Cade folded up on the floor, and Worrens down as well as all these fans are buzzing after what they just saw!

Referee Chris Jenkins observes the situation, and with both men down and out, he starts the double count out.



Other Guy: These fans already on Jenkins for startin’ a count out. They want to see this one go down straight.


Eryk Masters: Well at Reckoning Day Cade and King were in a similar situation during a two out of three falls… that did end in a double count out. We could see the same thing right here.



Worrens starts to stir on the floor, and then turns over onto his knees and palms.


Cade stirring, but not up, he just holds at his back in pain while Worrens slowly but surely gets up to his feet.


Worrens turns and gets a hold of Cade.  He yanks him up to his feet and then lifts him up as if going for a spinebuster, but then Worrens turns and THROWS Cade towards the ring, causing him to fly back first into the ropes and more specifically into the barbed wire! 


Cade is caught up, arms draped over the second rope as he sits on the ring edge, the barbed wire JUST cutting into his back! Cade cries out in pain, but the more he struggles the more the barbed wire cuts at him.  Cade tries to rip his body away from the ropes, but Worrens with a HARD palm strike uppercut snaps Cade’s head back and to the side.


Other Guy: A sick set up here but Worrens said he was gonna do whatever he had to to keep the Laws of Survival Championship. And I guess that’s what we’re witnessing right now.

Jeff Hansen: Still confident about your picks boys?

Worrens just slides under the bottom rope to break the count, but then he goes out on the other side and grabs the barbed wire wrapped steel chair.  Some of the fans start to cheer but there is a fair share of booing that begins to echo throughout the Richmond Coliseum. Worrens walks around on the outside and Cade slowly unwraps his arms from the barbed wire rope, but before he drops down off the ring edge… Worrens SWINGS the barbed wire covered chair right into Cade’s torso, SMASHING him back into the ropes!  Cade spasms as he bounces off the ropes and falls face first onto the floor.


The mixed reaction sounds loudly as Worrens follows up with a HARD shot to Cade’s back, again sending the barbed wire right into his flesh!

Jeff Hansen: And so the brutality begins.

Cade writhes on the floor and the referee shouts for Worrens to get the match back into the ring.  Worrens drops the barbed wire wrapped chair now and lifts Cade up, his body showing little scratches and scrapes of the barbed wire oozing with blood.  Worrens recklessly shoves Cade into the ring, under the bottom rope, which catches at Cade’s body a little more.  Worrens then goes around the ring, sliding under where there is no barbed wire and he wastes no time on making a cover of his own on Cade.  Jenkins now makes the count.




Eryk Masters: He’s got it…

NO!  Jenkins rises up to his feet and shows only two as Cade able to shoulder out.  Worrens shakes his head with slight frustration but is back up and brings one of the opened and set up steel chairs closer to Cade.  Cade is still out of it and Worrens lifts him up and places Cade chest first onto the steel chair while pushing his head through the opening of the steel chair.  Once again the fans settle in, but buzz with curiosity, and Worrens KNEELS on Cade’s back, while bending over the top of the chair and PULLING up under Cade’s chin for a camel clutch like submission hold!

Jeff Hansen: That looks like hell, and probably feels worse.  And honestly if these two maintain ANY kind of friendship after this match, then they’re both equally sick.

Other Guy: You don’t believe in separatin’ personal and professional, Jeff?

Jeff Hansen: Yeah I do. But when you maim a guy like Worrens LOOKS to want to do to Cade, it’s kind of hard to say that was just professional business.

Cade shouts out in pain as his head is pulled back at the hands of Worrens. He flails his arms but Worrens continues to pull up, and referee Chris Jenkins asks if Cade gives up. Cade grits his teeth, but then shouts out no and continues to fight against the pain.  Worrens wrenches back again and Cade SHOUTS out again, louder this time as the pain shoots through his body.

Eryk Masters: Can Cade survive this and hold on to keep the match alive. Or does he go down one fall to nothing here at the hands of Worrens and a chair based camel clutch.

Jeff Hansen: OG, it doesn’t look like your boy is holding out very well.

Other Guy: Yeah yeah, keep it up Hansen.

The referee again checks on Cade, but Cade keeps fighting against the pain and once again shouts out no, refusing to give up. The Cade fans cheer loudly and finally Worrens breaks the camel clutch on his own and takes off for the far end of the ring.  Worrens runs full speed at Cade, going for a running knee… but JUST as Worrens lifts the knee, Cade PUSHES the chair forward sending it right into Worrens’s right knee!

Worrens stops in mid-run, bending over to rub at his knee.  Cade works on getting himself up, and he grabs the first chair, folds it up and then steps up onto the chair he pushed towards Worrens and jumps off with the chair across his own body and he CRASHES with a short ranged cross body into Worrens! Worrens knocked down, Cade on top for a cover but Worrens pushes him and rolls through, now on top of Cade.  The cover made with the chair between them… and Cade pushes up on the chair before the count

But Worrens pulls the chair up with him and then CHUCKS it down at Cade who JUST barely rolls out of the way and is up to his feet.


The fans react as Worrens and Cade pause in a stare down.  Cade shakes his head a bit, somewhat shaken up by how close that chair came to hitting him.

Eryk Masters: Things maybe not so friendly anymore, and I know you’d hate to agree with Jeff, Other Guy, but it does look like he might have called it.

Jeff Hansen: I’ll accept YOUR apology there, Eryk. How about it, OG?

Other Guy: Whatever…

Jeff Hansen: Good enough.  Things got a whole hell of a lot more intense right then and there and now, NOW is when we’re going to see some serious hits delivered in this title match up.

From the stare down, Worrens and Cade begin to circle the ring, with Cade pushing the remaining set up chair down and off to the side. He then starts to pick up his pace, forcing Worrens to have to move quicker, but Cade really puts on the speed and now Worrens LUNGES in at him and Cade follows suit, the two men locking into a grapple, which Worrens quickly turns into a waist lock, but Cade fires a back elbow to break. He spins around and fires a stiff high kick to the side of the head!

Worrens stumbles to the side, losing his balance and dropping to one knee.  Cade stays in control, pulling the Laws of Survival Champion into a headlock but Worrens tries to shove Cade back from there. Cade takes a couple steps back but stops himself and then KICKS a punt shot right up into Worrens’s face! Worrens is up to his full vertical base, head snapped backwards from the kick though. He goes to recover but Cade now with a FLURRY of swift kicking shots that sends Worrens staggering closer and closer to the edge of the ring.

Eryk Masters: Looks like Worrens inadvertently lit a fire under Cade’s ass and now he’s unleashing with kicks that only Cade can deliver.

Worrens is nailed with three more kicks and he’s up against the ropes, the barbed wire on the ropes digging into his flesh.  Cade YANKS Worrens away from the ropes by the arm, only to shove him right back into them!  Worrens arches his back in pain, clenching his teeth as he feels the barbed wire’s effect.  Cade doesn’t stop there, he pulls Worrens away again… and AGAIN shoves him right back in… but then follows up with a clothesline that sends Worrens over the ropes and to the outside… the barbed wire scraping a decent size gash up his back!

Other Guy: Worrens dumped to the outside yet again, and Cade right back in this thing.

Eryk Masters: not sure either man EVER left because they’ve been fighting tooth and nail every step of the way.

Cade starts backing up as Worrens is on his knees on the outside, holding his back in pain.  Cade bounces off the far right side ropes and makes the sprint across, throwing caution to the wind as he DIVES through the middle and top rope the barbed wire barely catching him… but Worrens quick up… the other barbed wire wrapped steel chair gripped tightly in his hands…



Other Guy: Dear god!

Jeff Hansen: What a sickening shot, and a sickening sound to accompany it!

Cade is down and out on the floor by Worrens’s feet, clutching at his head but not even moving.  Worrens discards the barbed wire chair and just stands there for a moment taking in the echoing and conflicting chants filling the Richmond Coliseum.


Worrens grabs the barely with it Cade and with a slight struggle, lifts the near dead weight of his body and rolls Cade back into the ring.  Worrens slides in under almost right after him and confidently hooks the leg.  Again the boos and the cheers all blend together in echoing sound as Chris Jenkins makes the count.




Eryk Masters: And the first fall ends in favor of Trevor Worrens after a brutal shot to the skull via a barbed wire wrapped steel chair.

The referee calls it and Worrens gets up off of Cade and slowly raises one arm up into the air.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen the winner of the first fall… TREVOR WORRENS!!!


Worrens stands victorious, taking in the crowd reaction and as referee Chris Jenkins checks on Cade, Worrens suddenly drops right back down and makes a second cover!   The fans are quick up to their feet as Jenkins makes a second count…


Jeff Hansen: Two in a row… brilliant!




Other Guy: WOW!

The Worrens fans are loud and unhappy as Cade JUST gets the shoulder up to show that he’s returned to consciousness.  Worrens gets up to his knees, a slight smile on his face as he holds up his fingers, pinched close together as if to say “that close!”

Eryk Masters: Some serious confidence being shown by Worrens now, almost taunting the Sydal fans here in Richmond with that immediate second cover and it was VERY close.

Other Guy: But Cade keepin’ alive and showin’ he’s gonna stick it out in this match.

Worrens pulls Cade up off the mat, blood now staining Sydal’s short shaved hair and Worrens hooks him into a headlock, followed by a quick vertical suplex.  Worrens floats over for another pin attempt.  The count.




But Cade shoulders out again and now the fans are coming alive.  The cheering starts up and gets louder as Cade starts shaking his arm a bit, despite being pulled up into a sitting sleeper hold.  Worrens apparently doesn’t want to play this game though and just YANKS Cade up to his feet and then FORCEFULLY slams him back of the head first down onto the mat!  Cade sits up from there, arching his back and holding the back of his head with both arms.  Worrens pulls at Cade’s right arm to get him up to his feet and now he whips him into the lower right corner of the ring.  Cade puts on the breaks though, stopping just before the steel chair.  Worrens comes at Cade from behind, but Cade snaps around with a hard forearm shot that catches Worrens off guard.

As Worrens staggers back Cade takes the folded up steel chair and picks it up off the mat.  He turns just in time as Worrens advances towards him again and Cade with a SNAPPING HOOK KICK TO THE FACE!

Worrens is spun and as he turns he drops, knocked for a loop from the kick and now Cade turns his back to Worrens… RUNS up the turnbuckle pads and FLIPS backwards with a moonsault, DRIVING the steel chair down on top of Worrens first!

Eryk Masters: Cade just finding everyway possible to put those chairs into play, and right there a chair assisted moonsault.

Jeff Hansen: It’s pretty, sure, but it’s one of those moves that hurts you just as much as it hurts your opponent.  I mean BOTH guys felt that chair DRIVEN into their chest.

With Worrens writhing in pain, chair off to the side, Cade clutches at his own ribs, as he half sits up, wincing. Despite the pain, Cade regains his focus quickly and half dives, half leaps over the chair to land on Worrens for a cover.  Jenkins drops to the mat.

The count…



THRE… NO! Worrens shoulders out and Cade suddenly grabs the right arm and swings his body around, quickly wrapping his legs around Worrens’s shoulder, and neck… and then he TWISTS the arm ever so slightly as he flattens out on his own back.

Other Guy: The Kimura arm bar locked on…

Eryk Masters: Cade doesn’t seem to have a very good hold on it though.

Jeff Hansen: Sloppy work. And this guy thinks he’ll elevate the Laws of Survival Championship?

Eryk Masters: Not sloppy work on Cade’s part, but more or less solid awareness from Worrens who shifts his body to make the hold a little more difficult to lock on.

With Worrens slightly on his side he is able to rock the momentum all the way through and after only a few seconds, pries his own arm away from Cade’s loose grip.  Cade gets right up to his feet though, taking the nearby steel chair in hand and he SMASHES Worrens’s right shoulder with it!  Worrens rolls all the way over onto his stomach, but that doesn’t do him any good. Cade NAILS him with another chair shot to the right shoulder… then another… and another!

The Cade fans get incredibly loud as Cade just unleashes on Worrens’s shoulder! Worrens scrambles up to his feet but Cade right there, CHAIR SHOT TO THE BACK AND TO THE RIGHT SHOULDER!  Worrens stumbles a great deal, almost collapsing forward into the down ring ropes.  Cade stays right behind him, and this time doesn’t wait for Worrens to turn around, he just DRILLS him yet again with the steel chair, and Worrens is chest first up against the ring ropes, barbed wire loosely pressed against his chest.  Cade drops the chair now and pulls Worrens back away from the ropes, holding him  by the shoulder and then driving a knee up into Worrens’s gut from the side.

Worrens doubles over and Cade looks to run him across the ring but then spins around and sends Worrens into the lower right corner, right shoulder SPEARED into the ring post!

Jeff Hansen: See this is the REAL Cade Sydal.  There’s no honor, no respect for an opponent, just ruthlessness. And that’s what I can respect.

Other Guy: Sydal’s puttin’ on a competitive match, there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

Jeff Hansen: Oh come on!  Cade’s blatantly targeting Worrens’s right shoulder.  A shoulder that has had some injury problems before… remember Master of the Mat?  Remember before that in his close quarter combat match with Kilminster?

Eryk Masters: Hansen makes a point.  Cade has picked the right shoulder at this point and now he looks to continue.  Cade going to the outside now and he takes Worrens’s right arm… just PULLING that right shoulder close to the post.

With Worrens face down on the mat, his shoulder lined up with the corner post. Cade walks the length of the ring edge, sizing Worrens up.  The Cade fans are on their feet as Cade starts to run, but as he does, Worrens SOMEHOW digs down deep past the pain, SNAPS up to his feet and CLOTHESLINES CADE WITH HIS LEFT ARM!!!

Cade FLIPS from the impact and lands face first on the floor outside the ring, while Worrens goes down on one knee, holding his right arm close to his body!

Jeff Hansen: That was a clothesline and then some.  Cade turned inside out, as they say.

The fans are left buzzing as Cade just writhes on the floor and Worrens continues to nurse his injured shoulder.  Slowly though, Worrens up to his feet, but on the outside Cade works his way up to his feet as well.  Worrens grabs the top rope at a spot where it’s free of barbed wire, but just as he steadies himself on his full vertical base, Cade grabs at Worrens’s feet and pulls up, sending Worrens suddenly on his back.

Eryk Masters: A possible desperation move there by Cade to by him a little more recovery time… but a move that pays off.

Other Guy: I think it’s more than buying recovery time… check it out Eryk!

Cade pulls Worrens’s legs out of the ring a little more and then hooks them under both his arms. His nose is all busted up, but he continues on, suddenly dropping backwards which CATAPULTS Worrens slightly upwards and his face and upper torso PRESS INTO THE BARBED WIRE ROPES!  Cade continues to keep pulling down on the legs, causing the barbed wire to scratch a little deeper into Worrens’s flesh!

Trevor Worrens: ARRRGGHHHHHH!! God… FUCK!

Cade finally lets go of Worrens’s legs, and Worrens actually has to slowly pulls his face away from the barbed wire, which snags his hair and parts of his flesh.  He screams with pain as he pulls away, a dotted line of blood running just under his eyes, mainly across his nose and cheeks.  He rises up to his feet, stumbling backwards though as Cade gets back into the ring.  Worrens lifts his left arm in a defensive stance, his right arm still pressed tight to his side.  Cade staggers towards Worrens, disoriented still as he loses his balance slightly a couple of times. Cade comes in close and Worrens FIRES with a knee to the right thigh of Cade. Cade falters and Worrens with a knee to the left thigh.  Cade almost is knocked off his feet but he hits a sudden elbow strike to the face to send Worrens stumbling back away from him.

Cade continues forward…. Another elbow strike and this one knocks Worrens clear off his feet.

And from there Cade just drops down on top of Worrens for the cover!  The fans in support of him rise up to their feet cheering once again.




Jeff Hansen: Cade can’t get the job done!

Other Guy: But that was as close as ever right there. Worrens is DEFINITELY bein’ worn down.

Eryk Masters: We’ve seen the Laws of Survival Champion in this…

Cade suddenly sits Worrens up and just SNAP KICKS HIM RIGHT IN THE FACE!

Other Guy: That’s what Cade has made a career with, right there.

Another cover made… the fans on edge.




Eryk Masters: But Worrens kicks out again! And it’s like I was starting to say. We’ve seen him in these positions where he looks beat but somehow manages to come back. And we’re witnessing it again right here.

Cade looks frustrated now as he gets up to his feet, Worrens stirring on the mat, and he turns to the lower right corner.  The final steel chair that has yet to be used lies folded up and on an angle in the corner.  Cade heads over to it and picks it up, only to wedge it in between the top and middle turnbuckle pads.  Behind him, Worrens staggers up to his feet.  He tries shaking his right arm out, but the pain apparently is too much.  Cade turns around now to see Worrens and he storms right back after him. Worrens throws out a wild left handed palm strike but Cade dodges it and kicks Worrens in the gut.  Worrens doubles over and Cade looks to capitalize but Worrens tries to keep fighting through, now hooking a palm strike into Cade’s left side. Cade falters to one side but grabs Worrens by the left arm now and immediately pulls him up to his full vertical base and then WHIPS him towards the lower left corner of the ring.

Worrens JUST able to reverse at the last second and Cade is FLUNG towards the steel chair wedged in the corner!  Cade puts out both of his arms, stopping himself from colliding with the chair…


Eryk Masters: OUT OF NOWHERE!  Cade down… Worrens on his back…

Jeff Hansen: And that’s going to be it.   That’s a knock out shot we’ve seen proof.

The fans are all a buzz. The Worrens fans though start cheering and as Worrens makes the cover, they erupt loudly and rise to their feet!

Chris Jenkins makes the count.





The cheering is insane!

Eryk Masters: And he does it…

Worrens gets up to his feet slowly, his pained expression showing clearly mixed in with complete frustration though…


Other Guy: I don’t think… I mean since Worrens debuted that jumping knee kick has ANYONE kicked out afterwards?

Eryk Masters: I believe the answer is short of Jester Smiles, no.  And even then nobody has kicked out AS QUICKLY as Cade just did.  And Worrens is shocked to say the least.  His face says nothing short of shock.

Jeff Hansen: How in the hell did he pull that off? How?

Other Guy: Who’s eatin’ their words now?  I said endurance is key, I said Cade’s a favorite in that regard, and we just saw proof o’ dat!

The fans slowly settle, but the buzz is electric throughout the Richmond Coliseum as Worrens shakes his head and even looks at referee Chris Jenkins as if to say “you sure?”  Jenkins holds up two one more time and then motions for the match to continue.  Worrens leans back his head, one hand on his hip while his right arm remains by his side.

Eryk Masters: WAR has just begun and already we are seeing an indication of just WHAT this night has in store in the form of intensely competitive battles.

Worrens focuses back on Cade and bends over to pull him up off the mat… and like a cobra ready to attack, Cade springs up just enough to pull Worrens in and roll him up into a small package!  THE CROWD REACTS QUICKLY… so does the referee!



Worrens flails his legs…

THRE…. And just breaks out of the small package… but Cade for a second time shifts his body and this time Worrens has NO TIME to react… to avoid it… THE KIMURA ARM BAR IS LOCKED ON TO THE RIGHT ARM!!!!

Other Guy: Cade got it on this time!  And Worrens has got NOWHERE to go!

Worrens’s screams in agonizing pain as Cade twists the arm, and the wrist, synching on the hold to near perfection.   Jenkins drops low by Worrens’s head, hovering over him and asking if he gives up.  Worrens shouts out no a couple of times but Cade keeps applying the pressure like nobody’s business.  Worrens flails his left arm, clawing at the mat… trying to escape…

BUT HE CAN’T…. he CAN’T fight through it any longer and Worrens STARTS TO TAP!

Eryk Masters: He’s tapping!  Worrens has tapped out and that’s the second fall.

The referee calls it and immediately shouts for Cade to break the hold.  Cade rolls off to the side after releasing the Kimura arm bar, and Worrens coils up, clutching his right arm in absolute pain.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of the second fall… CADE SYDAL!!!

The Cade fans cheer loudly as Cade rises up to his feet, looking worse for wear, but he manages a single nod of appreciation to the crowd that cheers him on. Meanwhile the referee checks on Worrens to see if he is able to continue the match.

Other Guy: It’s all tied up goin into the final fall of this Teen Idol Death match and we’ve seen chairs, we’ve seen barbed wire, and we’ve seen intense wrestling.

Jeff Hansen: I’ll admit, it is crash TV at it’s finest.  Hardcore wrestling done right… IF you like that sort of thing.  Me, I don’t.

Eryk Masters: You’re entitled to that opinion, but I think these fans collectively are saying oh hell yes to this match up.

Other Guy: Amen to that, Eryk!

After a moment, Chris Jenkins nods his head and then signals for the match to keep going.  Worrens is sitting up as Cade comes at him and has to make a desperation kick towards Cade’s leg.  He connects with Cade’s left knee, which slows Cade up, allowing for Worrens to rise up to his feet, but Cade comes back with a kick to Worrens’s right arm! Immediately Worrens spins away from Cade, clutching his arm and shouting profusely in pain.  Cade comes up behind him and grabs Worrens by the left shoulder, looking to spin him around from the other direction, but Worrens recklessly throws out a closed fist that manages to connect with Cade’s jaw and send him staggering back.

Worrens continues after Cade, throwing another hard strike, this time a hooking palm strike that spins Cade around and Worrens goes right for a clothesline to the back of Cade’s head, but Cade somehow senses it and ducks.

Worrens stumbles through towards the lower left corner and Cade FIRES off a dropkick to the square of Worrens’s back, sending him face first into the steel chair wedged into the corner! Worrens bounces off with a sick thud sound and Cade rolls up Worrens from behind!

Again the Cade fans pop big time!



THREE… Worrens forces himself to kick out before the three count can be made but Cade is up to his feet, and from the roll up he has both of Worrens’s legs hooked… catapult… but Worrens stops himself and grabs the steel chair… removes it from the corner and with Cade on his back between Worrens’s legs…

Worrens SMASHES the chair down on the top of Cade’s head!!!

Immediately Worrens drops down to his knees for a cover on Cade.  Jenkins makes the count.



THREE… NO!  A close one but Cade tosses up a lazy arm and just gets the shoulder off the mat.  Worrens staggers tiredly up to his feet and he puts some distance between himself and Cade; opting to walk towards the upper right corner post, and he takes the steel chair from there.  He holds it just in his left hand as he turns back around; Cade is working his way up to his feet, a steel chair in his hand as well.  Cade moves quickly towards Worrens, and the two BOTH swing their chairs connecting steel against steel!

Worrens though quickly fires another chair shot, this time knocking the chair out of Cade’s hands and also knocking Cade to the mat.  Worrens drops his steel chair and heads off into the upper right corner.

Eryk Masters: The Laws of Survival Champion looking to possibly end this one here as he heads to the top rope, maybe trying to best Cade with his own version of the moonsault.

Other Guy: Not somethin’ you normally see from Worrens, but he’s obviously gotta try something new here.

Worrens reaches the top turnbuckle, his back to Cade. But the crowd suddenly buzzes, as Cade is back up to his feet and he charges at the corner. Before Worrens can leap, Cade runs up the turnbuckle pads and sends Worrens FLIPPING FORWARD, FALLING TO THE OUTSIDE ON HIS BACK!!!!

Eryk Masters: And Worrens is down!  Hell he’s more than down… that was SOMETHING NASTY!

Jeff Hansen: I think Cade just tried to kill Trevor Worrens!

The crowd is just stunned now as Worrens lies motionless on the outside, his body landing perpendicular to the corner post. Inside the ring, Cade takes one of the steel chairs now and sets it up.  He then gets a second chair and stacks it on top of the first chair, creating a mini-staircase.  The fans watch on, Worrens remains motionless on the outside and now Cade gets the third chair and stacks it on top, resting two legs on the second chair, and the other two legs on the top second turnbuckle pad.

Other Guy: What does Cade have in store here!?

Jeff Hansen: He’s made a staircase out of the chairs, OG. Are you blind?

Other Guy: Hansen, you know damn well what I meant. I can SEE what he made, the question is how the hell is he going to utilize it?

The fans continue to buzz with curiosity and Cade grabs the final chair and closes it up. He then slowly raises both of his arms in the air, holding the chair out to one side and then without hesitation he SPRINTS towards the angled stack of chairs….



The crowd goes nuts, every single one of them as Cade lies on top of Worrens… and then slowly rolls off of him.

Other Guy: What a high-risk move… the four fifty splash after running up the chairs… un-fucking-believable!!!

Eryk Masters: I second that, OG.  Cade Sydal putting it all on the line and it pays off… we HAVE to see that again.

The live footage is taken over by a replay as for a second time the world bares witness to Cade running up the staircase of chairs and connecting with a four fifty splash!  The replay footage wipes away and we go back to live feed, and Cade is currently slowly but surely trying to get Worrens back into the ring.

Jeff Hansen: I’ll hand it to Cade, that was a ballsy move. BUT if he can’t get Worrens into the ring, then it was all for nothing.

Cade struggles to get Worrens up, but eventually does just that and pushes him into the ring.  The fans slowly rise to their feet and as Cade slides into the ring and makes a cover on Worrens… they’re all up.  The referee drops to the mat.


The fans echo one!


The fans echo two!


Other Guy: And it wasn’t all for nothing… not at all! Cade Sydal pulls it off!

The fans erupt with loud cheering as Jenkins calls for the bell.  It rings and at the same time “Broken Bones” begins to play once more.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the match… and the NEW Laws of Survival Champion… CADE SYDAL!!!

Cade is up to his feet, barely able to hold himself up, but he does so while leaning into the referee who hands him the Laws of Survival Championship.

Eryk Masters: So after a grueling match up the four fifty splash is the final nail that puts Worrens out and Cade Sydal as the new Laws of Survival Champion.

Cade clutches the title to his chest as he raises one arm in victory. He breaks from the referee and celebrates walking around the ring, playing up to the crowd who cheers him on.  Meanwhile Jenkins moves to check on Worrens, kneeling by him to see if he needs medical attention.

Cade moves to the chair staircase and marches up them to the top turnbuckle and then hoists the Laws of Survival Championship over his head. The fans pop big time once more and then Cade drops down carefully turning his focus to Worrens.  Worrens is helped up to a sitting position by the referee and for a moment he looks at Cade and Cade looks back at him.

Other Guy: Question is now, are we gonna see temper flare up or will Worrens pay respect to the new champ.

Jeff Hansen: I don’t think we’re going to get any clear answer one way or another. Even if Worrens wanted to beat the living hell out of Cade right now, he wouldn’t have the strength to do so.

The two continue to look at each other for a moment and finally Cade starts out of the ring, fastening the Laws of Survival Championship around his waist as he walks to the back.

Eryk Masters: So on a night where so much is on the line… so much at stake, we see one title change hands already.  WILL that trend continue?  It’s WAR every step of the way tonight, and we will see both victories and causalities.

Cade stops at the entryway and turns back to face the fans. He raises both his arms in victory again and pats the Laws of Survival Championship proudly.  The fans cheer and then Cade disappears to the back.



We head to the back in front of a very simple SHOOT Project backdrop.  Scott Richardson, all dolled up in a black suit jacket and slacks, blue undershirt and dark blue tie, has a microphone up to his lips and seems eager to issue his early WAR report.

Scott Richardson: Hello and thank you SHOOT Project fans for ordering tonight’s MONUMENTAL Pay-Per-View, WAR.  So much still to come, but first a quick update on some goings on backstage.  It is a SURREAL atmosphere to say the least and more on that in just a second.  But first a few quick tid-bits.

He pauses a moment before continuing.

Scott Richardson: First, the scheduled, “Championship” bout between TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY, and TIM CALAHAN versus CONOR CADEN, ART DELUCA, and LD LESTER has been canceled.  We haven’t heard anything official, but early reports are coming in that the trio was FIRED earlier today.  As for the trio known as R and R and SF…  they were apparently about an hour ago and did not take the news very well.  I will try to have follow up later if possible.

Richardson takes a second pause.

Scott Richardson: Next… We have some information to pass along as it pertains to tonight’s main event.  I have just spoken with HEAD OFFICIAL Tony Lorenzo who says that there will be TWO acting officials on duty in tonight’s main event.  DENIS HEFLIN has been assigned to be a…  Well, as Tony told me, “A second pair of eyes.”  Adding, “With everything that’s at stake, we do not want to mess this up.  The competitors on this roster and our fans deserve a clean bout.”

From what I understand, neither JESTER SMILES nor SHOOT Project WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, JONNY JOHNSON have had any disagreements on the stipulation.

He pauses again.

Scott Richardson: Speaking of the World Champion, as expected, Jonny has declined to meet with any members of the professional wrestling media, and has been locked up in his locker room since he arrived to the building about two or three hours ago.  It is VERY unlikely that we will hear from him anytime before the main event.

As for other members of Jonny’s Camp…  I spoke briefly with Osbourne Kilminster who GUARANTEED a victory in tonight’s UNDER SEIGE, TEN MAN TAG.  He would not comment on who their team might select as the NEW number one contender should his squad come through with a win, but did say that “it would be a decision made fairly and as swiftly as possible.”

Richardson has more to say, but takes his time between points as all good reporters do.

Scott Richardson: On the Sons of Liberty side, things have been surprisingly relaxed.  They understand what’s at stake, and as the SoL team captain, Jonathan Wehali told me earlier, “Now isn’t the time to think.  It’s the time to DO.  It’s the time to DOMINATE.  Scott, it’s the time to WIN.”

Richardson stares into the camera, solemnly.

Scott Richardson: The hallways backstage are empty.  It’s eerily silent.  WAR is here, guys.  And now back to you!

We cut to the ring, where we can see the attendance crowd buzzing with excitement.  The camera then cuts to our stalwart announce team, who seem thankful for the respite from a night of activity.

Eryk Masters: Ladies and Gentlemen, coming up we have a very special message from one of the most exciting new teams to come into the SHOOT Project, Fear and Loathing. 

Jeff Hansen: Most exciting?  Tell you what, when they do something worth being excited about, I’ll buy that.

Other Guy: Hey, watch it, they just might!

At this, a synthesizer beat blares in the arena, to confusion from the crowd.  Once “Where We At” By Hangar 18 begins in earnest, that confusion continues.  Coming down to the ring are two somewhat familiar gentlemen: Alexander Vaka and the self-proclaimed “Style Warrior”, Curtis Rose.  Vaka is clad in very basic black ring gear, complimented by his Von Erich style varsity jacket.  His partner, ever the polar opposite, is wearing an outfit that combines the best elements of Japanese puroresu and the worst elements of hipster fashion: Long red tights with a blue star design seemingly emanating from the crotch, a perfectly stressed military field jacket, and a white fiberglass mask pulled up sitting on top of his head.

Other Guy: See, that’s what I’m talking about.  A Perfect Mix of style and substance, wouldn’t you agree, Jeffery? 

Jeff Hansen: No, I wouldn’t.  I’ve seen a whole bunch of style and fancy words from these two, but nothing that would lead me to believe that they have any chance of actually making an impact.

Both men enter the ring, and Vaka taps his microphone a couple of times before clearing his throat.

Alexander Vaka: Cut the music off, please.  And folks, please settle down, we’ve some very important business to discuss.

There is a little bit of crowd buzz, to which Vaka simply shrugs and removes a packet of paper from inside his jacket.  His volume ratchets up a notch as he begins to pace around the ring, holding them aloft.

Alexander Vaka: I have, in my hand, two liability release forms.  Since we have not been booked, since the other tag teams on the roster refuse To return my calls, we’re forced into this position. 

Style Warrior, who has been bouncing up and down in excitement, snatches the mic from Vaka’s hands. 

Style Warrior: That’s right America!  Can you feel THAT?  Two lucky fellas in this very crowd.  Oh yeah…they get to feel it!  WOO!

Vaka, obviously perturbed, takes the mic back from his amped tag partner.

Alexander Vaka: Much as it pains me to say, he is correct.  If there, is anyone in the crowd who believes that they can best either of us in a one-fall, tag team wrestling match, please step up!

There is a decent mix of crowd noise at this point, a combination of excitement and resentment at the arrogance of the new tag team. 

Eryk Masters: This Cant be sanctioned.

Style Warrior asks for the mic, which Vaka hands him with some reluctance.

Style Warrior: What’s that people?  I don’t hear the pitter patter of little feet coming to the ring to get Santa Style’s present this year.  Yeah.  I don’t even need you to sign, just come catch a beating.  WOO!

Vaka snatches the mic from his compatriot once again, obviously perturbed.  He shakes his head, but then his face lights up, and he points to one side of the crowd.

Alexander Vaka: Cameraman, could you focus over here on these two fine gentlemen that security is letting through?

The camera does cut;  We see the prospective challengers.  They look like college students, to be honest.  One of them is larger than the other, and his Co-ed Naked Lacrosse shirt is impeccable.  The other, slightly smaller, is wearing an Ed Hardy T-Shirt.  They run up and into the ring, removing their hats and watches as they do so. 

Style Warrior:Wow…That shirt is wicked awesome.  What rack did you find that one on?  Was it at K-Mart or Wal-Mart…no wait, you got it at a truck stop on the way here didn’t you?  We shouldn’t keep you to long.  I know there’s a bunch of skirt at the Farm frat that you boys are just dying to roofie. 

One of the gentlemen gets offended at the Style Warrior and start towards him.  Rose puts up a Fighting Irish stance and dances around Alexander.  The challenger is quickly settled down by his partner. 

Alexander Vaka: Regardless, here, gentlemen.  If you can sign these in triplicate, then we can be on our way. 

Both men grab the release forms and pens provided, and begin to use each other’s backs as writing surfaces.  Vaka walks to one corner and discards his varsity jacket, as Style Warrior flips his jacket off and his Vega mask down over his face. 

Other Guy: The guy wears a mask to protect his face?  That…that’s such a good idea!

Eryk Masters: I can’t really get with you on that one, O.G.

Jeff Hansen: Is it weird that I want these two kids to beat these guys who are employed by the company?

Vaka walks over to the men, who are still in the process of signing, and speaks with them both for a moment.  He then speaks into the mic.

Alexander Vaka:  This guy, the bigger one, is Mitch.  His friend is J.D.  And as soon as they pick up the pace and finish signing those forms, we’ll—JESUS!!

The Big Man is exclaiming at Style Warrior, who has Just blindsided J.D. with a running dropkick, while he was mid-sign!  The crowd roars in anger, and Mitch throws his release form on the ground and rushes Vaka!

Eryk Masters: To borrow a line, business is about to—

Other Guy: Oh no you don’t. 

Mitch swings wide, and actually clocks Vaka!  The crowd cheers wildly, as the seven footer actually stumbles backwards!  Style Warrior, on the other hand, is busy running away from J.D., laughing so loudly that it can be heard over the crowd noise.  When he gets enough of a distance between them, he leaps onto the middle rope, and springboards directly backwards, flying into the kid with reckless abandon!

Jeff Hansen: And both men tumble to the mat off of that desperation…hell, I’m not sure what to call that!

Other guy: I’m gonna call it the anti-Gravity Miracle Kamikaze Drop!

Meanwhile, Vaka has recovered, and both men stare each other down.  There’s a leap in the crowd volume, before Mitch tries to spear the big man—big mistake!  Vaka cuts him off with a BIG chop right to the skull!

Eryk Masters: Oh!  Vaka Calls that the Hatchet Job, and it’s easy to see why!

Jeff Hansen: When you get someone of that size swinging in that kind of arc, the damage is always gonna be severe!

Style Warrior has capitalized on his fallen opponent, and he begins laying in numerous stomps to him!  Vaka, on the  other hand, has picked Mitch up and is laying some heavy-looking blows to his ribs!  The crowd’s displeasure could not be more adamant as the team beat the volunteers senseless!

Jeff Hansen: Someone has to get in here and put a stop to this!  This is just a massacre, nothing’s getting proven here!

Other Guy: Hey, those two mooks volunteered!  It’s what they get for acting too big for their britches!

J.D. has made it to his feet, and he starts to swing wild haymakers at the Style Warrior!  Curtis Rose seems to be reeling, but in a desperation move, he launches forward head-first, bringing his fiberglass mask right into his opponent’s face!!  J.D. Crumples!!

Other Guy: And it doubles as a weapon if he’s being overwhelmed, I love this guy!

Eryk Masters: This is bunk and you know it, O.G.!

While Style Warrior strikes a number of poses over his fallen opponent, Vaka throws Mitch into the ropes.  On the rebound, the big man launches him into the air in a flapjack position…And on the way down, Vaka Nearly takes his head off with a Massive Elbow strike!!  Mitch hits the ground with a thud as the crowd’s boos become almost deafening!

Jeff Hansen: Whoa!!  Vaka nearly decapitated the poor guy!!  Can we please get someone down here to put an end to this?!

Vaka grabs the stray release forms and pushes his hair out of his eyes, glaring at Curtis.  For his part, the Style Warrior scrambles and hooks the leg on Mitch.  He looks to Vaka like he’s wanting a three-count, and a very angry looking big man makes a quick count.  As Vaka leaves the ring in a huff, Style Warrior excitedly yells over to the bell man, finally getting him to ring it thrice.  He peels off his mask and jumps to the top turnbuckle like an excited kid, striking a pose.

Other Guy: A rousing victory for Fear and Loathing!

Jeff Hansen: Oh, do you ever listen to yourself?  They just walloped a couple of people with no experience, where’s the victory in that?!

As a few random bits of trash fly towards Style Warrior, “Where We At” cues back up.  After artfully dodging a soda cup, Rose scampers out of the ring and tries to catch up with his partner, as we cut away…


We cut to the ring.  There is a stifled excitement from the audience in anticipation for the next match.  It seems that there is a bit of a delay in the continuation of the show.  No music hits the speakers, no video plays.  The announcers seems to be taking a bit of a break.   A few voices can be heard above the crowd, shouting for what’s next.  When the audience finally begins to seem impatient, almost on cue the opening riff to “I want you so Hard” by the Eagles of Death Metal hits the speakers.  The crowd looks a little confused; as this is not music they are used to.  A man pushes the curtain back and slowly makes his way towards the ring.   He stands about 5’11” and is a rather slender individual.  He pushes his shoulder-length hair from his face and smoothes out his thick, handlebar moustache.  Grabbing hold of the top rope, he launches himself over and into the ring.   A few members in the crowd buzz, telling younger members just who is standing in front of them.  The man reaches through the middle rope to grab at a mic being handed to him.   He takes a few deep breathes, and looks at the crowd.  At this point, the few crowd members who recognize him begin to cheer loudly.  When they begin to cheer, the confused members start cheering as well.   The man stands in the middle of the ring, just breathing in all of the excitement.

Willenium: That’s right people, The Willenium is back.  Too long have I secluded myself in Hollywood’s loving embrace.   Too long have I lived from the box office to the rental store.  Too long have I stood in awe at the disturbing turn the SHOOT Project has taken.  I have watched from afar as men that should have been retired long ago held my coveted Laws of Survival title.  Men who are not worthy.  I have fallen through and off of cages.  I have destroyed my body, bled, sweat, and even shed a tear or two on this very canvas.  All to preserve the sanctity of the only trinity that matters, the SHOOT title Triad.  You people, remind me everyday, that my career ended here as nothing more than a failure.  I failed in my attempt to unify the great Triad.  I failed to defend my title against the likes of Greg Allocca, Del Carver, and Ichiro Seppukku.   When the great names are tossed around the mouths of the fans of SHOOT, my name is not included.  Unless it is to talk of one of the great victories of other superstars. 

The Willenium begins pacing around the ring, the mic at his side.  The crowd has a mix reaction, first trying to remember any of the films Trey had starred in, and second, trying to remember the last time they heard him say he was coming back.  The cheering has stopped, but there are no jeers either.  The crowd is just there, listening.   Trey pulls the mic back to his face.

Willenium: I remember you.   Didn’t you get beat by the Real Deal all the way back in SWA?  Lord, I remember back in 2003 when Vincent Mallows Crushed you.  Ooh, remember when Del Carver made you tap like a little girl?  Oh man,  Jun Kenshin knocked you the hell out that one time.  Oh crap, you came back once, and got beat by NC-17!  That was a pretty good match.  Oh man, that was sick when Ozzie Killminster knocked you out cold.  You see, I don’t get praise for the good things I have done here in SHOOT.  The men who have defeated me get praise.  No one remembers all of the matches I won.  No one remembers me giving Greg Allocca the Dawn of a New Era through the top of the cage to gain the Laws of Survival Championship.  No one remembers how I made Audric Rose tap for dear life.  How Ichiro screamed for mercy as I took his Rules of Surrender title.  I was ok with fading quietly into the night.  I was ok with resting on my Hollywood laurels.  I was even ok with knowing I had not reached the pinnacle of the wrestling world.  But I took a long look at myself, and after I was done basking in all of my own glory, I realized that there was so much more left to be done.  I would never dream of leaving you people without my stunning smile, perfect hair, and well defined abs.  How have you people been able to buy your t-shirts, and watch your DVD’s knowing that there is a definite lack of Willenium in your daily diet?

The people begin to rustle immediately.  There are a few members of the crowd still wearing Willenium T’s they must have purchased from a bargain rack.  The people have gotten less quiet and a few more begin to chant “Willenium.”  Trey perches himself up on one of the top turnbuckles and begins looking over the crowd.  Obviously pleased with the response he is getting, he lifts the mic to his mouth once more.

Willenium: Consider this a message to all of those in the back who think I’m just a washed up relic from the past.  I am not done.  My career is not yet over, and you have all been put on notice.  The Willenium is back.  The Champ has returned from seclusion, and this is an open challenge.  I will be at every show, waiting.  I will be at every press conference, every autograph signing, every charity event, waiting.  Waiting for someone to step up and be the first to make all of the people realize what they have been missing this past year.  The Willenium has returned.  You thought it could be stopped, you thought you could keep it stifled in the back of your mind like some sort of wet dream, but it’s here.  The Willenium has returned, and someone, anyone, will have to be the first to feel just how great I really am.

Trey drops the mic on the ground, and there is a little feedback until the sound technicians adjust the mic’s volume.  Trey stands on one of the turnbuckles and raises his arms to a mix of reactions from the crowd.  “I want you so Hard” hits the PA once more, and the Willenium flips over the top rope and out of the ring.  Making his way back to the back, he slaps hands with a few fans, posing the whole way back.   


As WAR continues on, “Back In Black” by AC/DC plays loudly throughout the Richmond Coliseum and there is a pretty loud pop from the sold out crowd.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the SHOOT Project WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

The fans get louder as Jared Walsh darts out from the back first, followed moments later by the larger CJ Nelson!  Both men play up to the crowd with Walsh going to one side of the platform area and Nelson going to the other. The video screen behind them shows clips of some of the team’s more “brutal” moments throughout their careers.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, the challengers, weighing in at a combined weight of five hundred and forty five pounds.  Here are CJ Nelson… Jared Walsh… LONG ISLAND HARDCORE!!!

Nelson and Walsh start their way to the ring, tagging hands with the fans, switching sides every so often with each other.

Eryk Masters: So the former World Tag Team Champions looking to get their titles right back here tonight on Pay Per View, and what’s your take on things?  Can they get it done?

Jeff Hansen: You know they had a good thing going with Jonny, they blew it, and now look at them… they lost the titles, and they’re not even REAL titles at that.

Other Guy: They’re more real than those fake pieces of tin Riley and Quinn are carryin’ around with them.

Jeff Hansen: I’d say Quinn and Riley gave more meaning to those titles than Long Island Hardcore have, and that makes them real in my mind.

Walsh runs up the steel steps and quickly vaults over the top rope while Nelson takes a big step over the top rope to enter the ring.  Both men continue to play up to the fans as they walk around the ring.

Eryk Masters: Well regardless, Long Island Hardcore looks pumped despite what some are calling the upset victory that went down last week.  These two have experience and talent, so I for one think they’ll be able to come back and regain the titles just one week after losing them.

Long Island Hardcore’s music fades out and Nelson focuses on the entryway while Walsh stretches out in the corner, then jumps up and down slightly.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents…

“Bell The Cat” by LM.C picks up now and the lights flash purple, pink, green, and yellow all over the arena.  The WAR video screen lights up showing what appears to be a music video starring Shinya and Maya.  Spliced within the video are clips of the pop-rock duo in wrestling action.  After a moment of the light show, Shinya and Maya make their way out from the back, wearing the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships proudly around their waists.  There is an equally decent pop for the champs, but the Richmond crowd seems to be behind Long Island Hardcore a bit more.

Samantha Coil: Weighing in tonight at a combined weight of 332 pounds… they are the current and defending SHOOT Project World Tag Team Champions… here are Shinya and Maya… TRES BIEN!!!

Both Shinya and Maya LEAP into the air and high five each other upon the announcement of their name, and a crazy star design pryo explodes behind them in the color of pink, purple, and green.

Jeff Hansen: So have these two come out of the closet yet, or like… what?

Other Guy: Real mature, Hansen.

Jeff Hansen: What it’s an honest to god question.  Because if they’re not being true to themselves, that doesn’t make them good champions.

Eryk Masters: I don’t think their lifestyle choices effect their in ring ability and determination, which over the past several weeks, we have seen a GREAT deal of from Shinya and Maya.  I think the fans win out in this match regardless of who walks away with the tag straps.

Other Guy: Gotta agree.  These two have developed some respect and a friendship and this match will be able to wipe away the controversy of last week’s tag team title match.  Tonight we see who REALLY should be the champs… Tres Bien or Long Island Hardcore.

With both teams in the ring, referee Austin Linam takes the titles and holds them both high up into the air.  Both Long Island Hardcore and Tres Bien look to the titles and then to each other.  The Tag Team Championships are sent out of the ring with Samantha Coil and Linam quickly goes over the rules with both teams before calling for the bell.


Jeff Hansen: There’s the bell, and we are underway!

Our starting men are chosen:  Jared Walsh and Shinya.  Both men circle each other, creating a definite sense of anticipation in the crowd.  With a burst of energy, both men lock up.  There’s a bit of a struggle going on, with both men jockeying for position, but Walsh makes the first move by kneeing Shinya in the gut, and then taking him to the mat with an armdrag!  Shinya rolls through with it, and stands up, causing a bit of a standoff.

Other Guy: So, who are you boys liking to win?  And, would you be willing to put a little money where your mouth is?

Jeff Hansen: Believe it or not, we’re paid to comment on a match, and it’s actually in progress, O.G.

Walsh smirks, circling his opponent.  Shinya decides to take the initiative this time, running right at Walsh and telegraphing an elbow—before switching it up and going for a baseball slide!  Jared is able to dodge it with a vertical jump, and he tries to give the rising Shinya a big left hook—Shinya blocks it and counters with an overhand chop!  The crowd cheers as Walsh tries to work through the pain, trying to return a chop, but Shinya stops him cold with a gut kick. 

Eryk Masters: And in a surprising turn, Shinya is actually controlling the early portion of this match.

Shinya jumps in the air, twisting his body, and lands a big enzugiri right to Walsh’s head!  Jared hits the mat amid the cheers of the crowd, and his opponent calmly walks over to his corner, making a tag to Maya.

Jeff Hansen: Shinya with the big move, and here comes the fresh man!

Maya struts over to Walsh, a definite spring in his step, before laying a few boots into the rising member of LIHC.  Jared shakes off the last few stomps and kicks, and Maya responds by hooking him into a collar-and-elbow-tie-up.  Maya transitions into a headlock, which he holds onto, wrenching, with a big grin on his face.  Walsh struggles, and we can plainly see that CJ Nelson is shaking with unused energy, shouting support to his partner.  Walsh struggles an arm up, makes a fist, and drills Maya in the kidney with a punch!  Maya, stalwart, keeps his hold on, although he is wincing in pain.  Two more strikes in quick succession, and Walsh is free!  Maya valiantly tries to grab him before he can get to his corner, but Jared makes the tag to CJ! 

Eryk Masters: Here comes the big man!  Business is about to—

Other Guy: If I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times, you aren’t going there.

Maya stops dead in his tracks, as a very angry looking Nelson approaches him, his face crossed with anger.  Maya tries to book it to the safe corner, but CJ shoots an arm out and catches him by the hair.  CJ uses his other hand and uses it to grab Maya by the back of the neck…and he HAULS off, tossing Maya headfirst across the ring, back to LIHC’s Corner!  The crowd makes it’s displeasure plain, especially when the still recovering Jared Walsh lays a couple of kicks to the back of Maya’s head.  Nelson storms over, leans down, and lays a big haymaker right into Maya’s face!  CJ Hauls Maya to his feet, and then lifts him onto his shoulder.  He walks around for a moment, soaking up not only the anticipated buzzing, but also the steady boos…before leaping forward and taking his opponent to the mat with a big modified spinebuster! 

Jeff Hansen: And a big move by Nelson, in what might be a turning point in this title bout!

Other Guy: You know, this may be off topic, but how much do you think I could benchpress?

Maya lays, rolling about in pain and indicating his back, as CJ makes a tag to Jared.  Jared motions upward as he gets into the ring, and CJ smirks before picking his partner up like he’s going to backdrop him, and then throwing him forward, giving Walsh a decent lift for a legdrop—Maya rolls out of the way, causing Walsh to land directly on the mat!!  The cheers of the crowd are cut short as Maya eats boots, courtesy of the freshly angered CJ Nelson, but Austin Linam cuts him off and tells him to go to his corner.  Both Walsh and Maya are slow to get up, but Walsh gets there before Maya, limping only slightly in his stride.  He drags Maya to his feet, and then whips his opponent into the ropes, looking for a clothesline, but Maya ducks!  He comes off the other side, and leaps into the air, looking for a flying forearm, but he’s cut short as Walsh dropkicks him right in his ribs, midair!

Eryk Masters: Maya is valiantly trying to keep ahead of Jared Walsh, but he cant seem to get a moment to breathe!

Jeff Hansen: Now the big question is, can he actually capitalize?

Walsh pushes his hair out of his eyes, stalking over to Maya.  Shinya is clapping his hand on the top turnbuckle, and the crowd joins in: CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP!  Maya stirs as Walsh pulls him to a standing position, and the pump up seems to pay off, as Maya swings and catches him in the ribs with a punch!  Walsh sneers in anger and pain, then waylays his beaten opponent with a Muay Thai-styled knee to the chin!

Other Guy: Ohohooouch!!  Can we get someone in the second row to throw Maya his jaw back?

Jeff Hansen: Walsh, needs to go for a cover here, we might have new tag champions!

The crowd seems to share a collective gasp at the impact, as Maya appears to go limp, falling backwards.  Walsh makes an academic pin…




The crowd breaks out in cheers, and Walsh looks to Linam in disbelief.  Thinking quickly, he moves to the ropes, and then slips to the apron.  Walsh motions to the crowd, getting the same negative reaction, before leaping up and using the ropes as leverage, flying towards Maya with an Eddie Guerrero-styled flipping Senton, And Lands Right onto Maya’s lifted knees! 

Eryk Masters: Maya got the Knees up!  I cant believe it!

Jeff Hansen:  But walsh is still easily better off than Maya, the guy’s been beaten half to death!

Jared Slowly makes it to his feet, wincing at the pain in his back.  Maya is dragging himself to his feet using the ropes for help, bleeding slightly from his lip.  Maya begins slowly making his way to The Tres Bien! Corner, the cheers of the crowd egging him on.  Jared Notices, and dives at him, dropping Maya to the mat with a chop block from behind!  The coliseum erupts in boos, as Walsh gets engaged in a bit of an argument with Referee Austin Linam.  As Linam admonishes the challenger, Maya once again uses his one good leg and his arms to crawl up the ropes and get to his feet.  Walsh remains oblivious, getting heated, and Maya shakes his head, trying to clear out the cobwebs.  The cheers of the crowd finally tip Jared off, and he turns quickly, Only to get clocked right in the Jaw with a big European uppercut!  The crowd erupts, and the noise only ratchets up when Maya Finally dives for it and gets the tag to Shinya!!

Eryk Masters: That argument with Austin Linam might have cost LIHC a whole lot, as the fresh man comes in!

Other Guy: See, now it’s an appropriate time.  Business is about to pick up!!

Shinya rolls in with a big head of steam, launching himself at the rising Walsh with a big flying elbow!  Walsh hits the mat, and Shinya kips up, then runs directly at CJ Nelson—and nails him with a dropkick!!  Shinya turns to Jared, determination crossing his face, and he doesn’t drop his speed, jumping onto the middle rope and springing off with a frontflip senton, which lands!!  Not content to continue his offense, he begins to do a little dance, moving his hips in a seductive fashion, and tying that into a jumping kneedrop right to Walsh’s ribs!!  The crowd has been whipped into a frenzy, and Shinya claps for himself before grabbing walsh by the hair and pulling him to a standing position.  Walsh hazily tries to fight back, trying to nail him in the guy with a knee strike, but Shinya backs out of the way, and Jared surprisingly motions for Shinya to bring it!  Shinya bounces off of the ropes towards Jared, and leaps in the air for what looks like a hurricanrana, but Walsh drops out of the way, and Shinya crotches himself on the top rope!!  Jared doesn’t skip a beat, and even though he looks exhausted, he gets up enough energy to get to his feet, leap in the air, and drill Shinya with a calf kick, knocking him to the outside!!

Jeff Hansen: Shinya had a good head of steam there, but Walsh has apparently schemed his way into a superior position again!

 Maya drops to the concrete and makes his way over to Shinya, draping his partner’s arm over his shoulder and helping him to his feet.  Meanwhile, Nelson has made his way over to their side of the ring, cracking his knuckles and smirking.  Maya and Shinya look to the mat, where they see Jared Walsh, motioning like he’s going to try something high flying and dangerous, drawing their attention.  Nelson takes advantage of this, running at top speed…and surprising the hell out of Tres Bien By taking them both down at once with a spear!!

Other Guy: Holy shit! 

Eryk Masters: All three hundred plus pounds of CJ Nelson taking down those two cruisers!!

As they roll in pain on the outside, Walsh takes his opportunity, springing off of the top rope and landing a big air Senton Splash!!  As the boos erupt and mingle with the cheers of excitement, both men haul up a tag partner each, CJ with Shinya and Jared with Maya.  The get ready to toss them both in the ring, but in a moment of amazing synchronization, both members of Tres Bien ram big, fast elbows into the mugs of their opponents!  Both Shinya and Maya take advantage of the moment by getting to the ring apron, and then springing off with matching Asai Moonsaults!!  The Crowd goes absolutely wild!!

Jeff Hansen:That is why they’re champions! 

Eryk Masters: This could be the moment that cements it for Tres Bien!!

Both Shinya and Maya begin to lay strikes into CJ, not really paying too much attention to Jared, who remains on the ground.  Their fists are small and fast, but aren’t really ringing with any definitive power, and Nelson begins to raise to his hands and knees amid the blows.  Eventually, CJ gets to his feet, and grabs both Shinya and Maya about their necks, trying to shoke them out.  Linam admonishes him from the ring, and Cj responds by shoving Maya into the guard Railing!!  

Other Guy: Do you ever want to just, y’know…hug CJ?  He’s so…angry!

Maya crumples to the ground, as Nelson rolls Shinya into the ring after striking him in the head.  He helps his partner to his feet, and they both go to where they’re needed: Jared to the ring, CJ to his corner.  Jared grabs Shinya by his hair, and then viciously kicks him in the back of the head, driving his face into the mat!!  Walsh runs to his corner and tags Nelson, and both men advance on Shinya, picking him up to his feet—But shinya still has some fight in him, as he kicks Nelson in his Knee and then elbows Walsh in the face!!  The crowd goes crazy as Shinya runs to the opposite ropes, bounces off, and leaps into the air, executing a midair flip while keeping his body horizontal, Nailing CJ with a wheel kick and Walsh with a flying double elbow at the same time!!

Eryk Masters: Jesus!! Did you see that?!

Jeff Hansen: All One Hundred Sixty Pounds of Shinya just took down both members of LIHC with one move!

Shinya pops to his feet and surverys the damage, apparently considering Jared to be the bigger threat.  He drags the beaten Walsh to his feet, and begins laying into him with a series of blows, kicking him about his knees and midsection.  This backs Jared to the ropes, and he tries for a desperation chop to break it up, which he does!  Shinya backs off, then runs at him, but Walsh is able to attempt a flapjack—but Shinya fulcrums on the top rope, and land on his feet on the apron!!  He taps Walsh on the shoulder, and Jared Turns just as Shinya hooks him by the arm…and Monkeyflips Walsh to the Outside!!

Jeff Hansen: Shinya is just dominating right now, and if he can keep it up, Tres Bien will keep their titles!!

Other Guy: It’s apparent to me that you never hurt Shinya’s boyfriend, cuz then he turns into an angry little ball of ass-kick!!

The crowd is going crazy, partially due to Shinya’s big move, and partially because CJ Nelson has gotten up, wiping the blood from his nose with murder in his eyes.  Shinya leaps up and springs off of the top rope, going for a cross body block, but CJ catches him midair!  He simply throws Shinya off of him, causing the smaller champion to land on the mat awkwardly.  CJ stalks over to him, grabs him by the hair and starts dragging him to the corner, roughly shoving him into the turnbuckles.  With no one to help him, Shinya gets struck in the face twice by Nelson’s large fists, and then hoisted into a fireman’s carry position, before being gorilla pressed high into the air…and then being planted onto the mat with a huge Powerslam!!

Other Guy: Purgatory!! Purgatory!!

Nelson hooks Shinya’s leg, and Linam hits the mat and begins to make the count…




The Bell rings, but there seems to be some confusion on the outside: Maya is motioning towards where Shinya lies, where we can see that he has a foot on the ropes!!

Jeff Hansen: Did Shinya get his foot up? 

Other Guy: There’s no way to tell if that was before the three count or not, Jeff!!

Eryk Masters: Linam might have not seen it!!

Walsh looks over to Maya, who turns to him and starts motioning toward the ring.  As Walsh backs off, shrugging his shoulders in ignorance, a grin spreads out across his face.  Maya cant stop running around, motioning towards his partner, but before he can make too much of a noise, Samantha Coil grabs a mic. 

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winners and NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…LONG ISLAND HARDCORE~!!

Jared Rolls in the ring, where the belts are presented to him and his partner.  Referee Austin Linam raises their arms up, as “Back In Black” begins to play and boos nearly drown out the music. 

Eryk Masters: We have new champions tonight, but it might be under the umbrella of some controversy!

Other Guy: The bell was rang, the change was announced, hands were raised, Long Island Hardcore are the new champs!  You just gotta deal with it!! 

As Trash begins to fly into the ring, Walsh and Nelson are presented with their belts, and they make their way up the ramp, leaving Maya to cradle the fallen Shinya, his eyes burning with fury.


The screen fades in to Tyrone Johnston dressed in a pair of burgundy pajamas and sitting upright on a rather expensive hospital bed with his right leg elevated over a stack of goose down pillows. He scoots forward a bit as he situates himself in the center of the camera.

Tyrone:  First things first, I’d like to extend my most sincere and heartfelt congratulations to Caleb Knox on his hard fought victory the other night at Revolution, I’d shake his hand myself if it weren’t for the fact that I was here convalescing in Vegas; my one and only regret is that I wasn’t able to give Mr. Knox as well as you fans here in Shoot the type of performance that has become synonymous with the name 8-Ball…

Unfortunately my current status was…is well, how do you say…questionable.

To be quite frank I’m in no condition to compete.

Tyrone lowers his head and exhales sharply. He then raises his head and continues.

Tyrone:  I know…I know…it’s a tough pill to swallow but rest assured… (Tyrone takes his right hand and begins to slowly rub his forehead) I’ll be back in that ring soon enough, just as soon as I’m medically cleared that is, of course one can never be too safe when it comes to this type of injury you know.

Tyrone begins to mockingly massage his right knee as a chorus of boos ensue with a mixed chant of…

We Don’t Need You!! (clap…clap…clap, clap, clap) We Don’t Need You, by the fans in attendance.

 Tyrone forcefully extends his right index finger forward as though he was prepared to interject a point.

Tyrone:  You know I don’t understand all of this animosity you have toward me especially considering that I just did you idiots a favor.  I saved one of your hero’s from the beating of his life and this is how you repay my benevolence?!  By booing me?

Don’t you hicks realize that I could’ve taken Caleb Knox out with about as much effort as it takes for me to snap my fingers?  He’s beneath me. He knows it and so do all of you.

Think about it, how hard would it have been for Knox to catch a cripple backing up a ramp? I’ll tell you how hard…Not very. The fact of the matter is this…Caleb Knox knows he’s outmatched and is probably pissing in Pampers as we speak but of course he’ll play his role, he’ll smack the ropes and scream to the heavens about how he just can’t wait to get his hands on me, when in reality, he had his chance and did nothing?

Well except for beating on an innocent man whose only crime was wanting to help his boss get out of a unfortunate situation.

At that moment Tyrone begins to wince in pain.

Tyrone:   Don’t just stand there John, can’t you see I need my medication?

The camera pans over toward a heavily bruised and bandaged John Hasbro. With stiff and agonizing joints, John turns his entire upper torso toward a tray of assorted pill bottles. He gingerly grabs one of the pill bottles before being interrupted.

Tyrone:  Not that one Hasbro…it’s the other one.

Hasbro drops the pill bottle back onto the tray and reaches toward a different one before being interrupted yet again.

Tyrone:  NO!! The other one, the one next to the fuckin’…you know what, forget about it, just get the hell out of here and leave me be.

The camera pans back toward Tyrone as the sound of a door closing is heard in the background.

Tyrone breaths deeply before continuing.

Tyrone:  You know what Knox, despite my better judgment, I’m gonna do for you what no one even dreamed of doing for me when I was the one that was as green as blade of grass, I’m going to give you the opportunity to make a name for yourself. I’m gonna allow you to advance your so called career at my expense. I’m gonna allow you reach down deep inside and step into the ring with me at the next Revolution, if…and this is a big if Caleb so I want you to clean that wax out of your ears and listen up real good.

If you’re as eager to get your hands on me as you say you are then come Revolution, it’ll be you, Caleb Knox vs. me, 8-Ball in a San Quentin Street Brawl. 

What’s a San Quentin Street Brawl you ask? Well its simple really, hell, even your little brain should have no problem comprehending the rules because simply put…there are no rules!! That’s right Knox, no pins, no submissions, no rules! You wanna win? Then knock me out because that’s the only way to win!  So Caleb, now that all the fans are gone and the arena is emptied do you have the nuts to square up to me? We’ll find out soon enough.

Screen fades to black.


As the scene fades to the ring, “Pressure” by Skindred hits over the PA, and the crowd EXPLODES!! The cheers and screams of the crowd throughout the arena is nearly deafening. It is, in fact, so loud, that Jeff Hansen and Other Guy, who are both trying to say something, are drowned out by the noise. Surprisingly, when Jester emerges from the back, the crowd actually becomes even LOUDER!! Jester is wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt with the Virginia State flag on the front. On his back he has a large SHOOT Project flag. Jester stands at the entrance way, staring at the crowd, smiling brightly, a look of shock in his eyes. Jester’s eyes seem to be watering slightly as the crowd is practically RIOTING at the sight of the hometown hero. Jester nods and walks to the ring, high fiving fans as he goes down.  Walks up the ring steps and leaps over the ring ropes, flag still draped over his shoulders. He then goes to the turnbuckle, climbs up, unfolds the flag, and holds it up high. The crowd continues to cheer, loudly, but they have quieted, so now, you can hear the announcers.

Eryk Masters: It is difficult to fathom just how loud it is in here without actually being here!

Other Guy: It’s a surreal feeling, for sure.

Jeff Hansen: If this were Jonny’s hometown, it’d be this loud. With boos.

Other Guy: Shut up, Hansen.

Jester drapes the flag over the ropes and calls for a mic. He catches the one thrown to him, but he has to wait for the crowd to die down, which he seems fine with. All he can do is smile.

Jester Smiles: Wow.

Jester lowers the mic for a moment, and the crowd simply cheers more.

Jester Smiles: Richmond, Virginia, the HOME OF LIBERTY, HOW ARE YOU TONIGHT?!

LOUD. So very loud.

Jester Smiles: You don’t know how much I appreciate that. I mean, really, I love you guys so much. But, tonight, for one moment. I don’t want me to hear your voices.

Jester pauses, and there is an odd silence, as no one is sure what exactly he means.

Jester Smiles: I want THEM to hear your voices. The elitist and corrupt of the world! All those that keep every single one of us down daily, I want THEM TO HEAR YOU!

The crowd begins to cheer loudly, and Jester has to speak up.


The crowd is once again at a point of riot. Jester beams with pride as he sees the cheers of his fans. While there is a brief lull in the cheering, Jester speaks up.

Jester Smiles: Tonight, I fight for you.

Jester drops the mic, grabs his flag, and leaves the ring. As he is leaving, he high fives the fans, smiling as he goes. The crowd meanwhile remains too loud for Jeff Hansen, Other Guy, or Eryk Masters to get a word in. The camera then fades out.

We cut to a hallway in the Richmond Coliseum, where we appear to have come in mid-browbeating.  The seven foot samoan, Alexander Vaka, appears to be yelling at his partner, the decidedly smaller “Style Warrior”, Curtis Rose. 

Alexander Vaka: Do you have even the slightest idea what you might have cost us?

Style Warrior: Cost us?  We just kicked those fools asses.  I think we have definatley made our talents known to the rest of the federation.

Vaka looks down, clenching his eyes tight.  He appears to be calming himself down, and he can be heard silently counting to ten.  He slowly hands Rose two packets of paper, which the Style Warrior looks over with marked disinterest.

Style Warrior: Yeah, their release forms.  What’s your point, big fella?

Alexander Vaka: Those releases are only official if they are signed in Triplicate.  Do you know what triplicate means?  It means three times and they had only signed the second signature when you decided to be a big damn cowboy!!

Style Warrior: Cowboy’s are pretty freakin sweet.  Hey, when we get booked and make some money, do you think they’ll have a cowboy show at the circus?

Vaka looks away, obviously fuming.  He grumbles, looking like he’s ready to punch a wall.  He finally turns to his partner and leans down, getting eye to eye with him.

Alexander Vaka:Will you shut up about the damned circus?!  Don’t you get it?  We could get sued because of your little showoff moves!!  They could take us to court, and then—

The Big man’s eyes look directly at the camera, and he stands up straight, adopting a smiling expression. 

Alexander Vaka: Heh heh, I’m…Um.  That wouldn’t happen to be live feed, would it, cameraman?

Style Warrior taps his partner’s chest, looking very confused.

Style Warrior: Yeah, I know.  As soon as I won I asked one of the cameramen to follow us with a live interview.  Besides, even if the stupid keg standing assholes even came up with the idea to sue us, they’d never have the balls to contact one of those lawyerie thingies.

Vaka throws an arm around his partner, all of the sudden all polite friendship.

Alexander Vaka: Oh, please shut up…buddy.  Um, yes.  Let’s make our way to a catering table, eh, Curtis?

His smile is so plastered on, it’s obvious.  Rose’s confused look doesn’t falter, and he doesn’t seem to get where Vaka is going with this. 

Style Warrior: What the hell are you—

Finally, his eyes light up, and he looks right at the camera, adopting a cheesy grin. 

Style Warrior: Hey America!  That was an awesome bout.  Those guys sure fought hard didn’t they.  Well, don’t think their hard work will go unnoticed.  In recognition for their hard work, they will each receive checks for one Hundred dollars in the mail this Tuesday!  Yeah!

Vaka shoots a look at his partner that could melt steel.

Alexander Vaka: Oh, you horse’s ass.

He shoves his partner out of the frame and the follows, and we cut away…


They sit in silent preparation.  In a few moments the first of The Family will go out to the ring.  Vincent Mallows sits on the eyesore of a couch in silence.  Later in the night Kenji Yamada would see in ring action in an all too important ten-man tag. He sits off in the corner in silence.

Roland and Sammy will not be seen in the ring tonight, but they are with their Family.  Roland paces slightly in silence. Sammy just sits against the wall, cradling Mikey in his arms.  He doesn’t look at anyone.

Vincent Mallows: Does everyone know what this night means?

Mallows breaks the silence, but he looks straight ahead, not speaking to anyone in specifically.  Roland stops pacing and nods his head. Kenji nods his, and Sammy nods his head.

Vincent Mallows: I have my business under control… The question is… do you?

Mallows suddenly rises up off the couch and turns directly towards Kenji.  Yamada snaps out of his seat and looks at Mallows with wild eyes.

Kenji Yamada: I am a weapon.

Mallows nods.

Vincent Mallows: Indeed you are. But the Sons of Liberty believe you are an unstable weapon. A weapon that may very well backfire on the rest of your own team.  Are you focused on an actual task or do you plan on being a reckless monster?

There is a great deal of tension in the room at this point and despite Kenji being back with The Family, there is still a doubt that lingers in the air.  Yamada looks around at everyone in the room before he looks to Mallows.

Kenji Yamada: I don’t like Osbourne Kilminster. I WANT the Iron Fist Championship back, but… I AM a weapon.  I will do what I need to do.

Sammy rises up to his feet at this point, his large size easily noticed in the background.

Vincent Mallows: I need some of your rage focused tonight, Kenji.  I need some of that deranged stress put under control.  So I have arranged for you to relieve some of that stress.

Kenji just nods, not really sure what that means.

Vincent Mallows: We’ve all agreed that we ALWAYS do what is best for The Family, correct?

Mallows turns now looking at Sammy and then to Roland.

Sammy Rochester: Always.

Roland nods.

Roland Caldwell: Without question.

Mallows nods and Sammy raises his large arm behind Roland.

Vincent Mallows: I’m glad you feel that way.  Goodbye Mr. Caldwell.

Without hesitation, Sammy CLOCKS Roland from behind, a thud follows as Roland immediately drops to the floor after the massive blow. Sammy seems somewhat uncertain about his own action but as Mallows beckons for him Sammy goes to Mallows without question.  The two leave the room and Kenji’s eyes fixate on Roland.  Kenji stands over Roland as he tries to work his way back to his knees. Kenji’s eyes are cold and emotionless as he watches… sneering.  Roland makes it to the point where he is on all fours, like a dog.

Kenji Yamada: Dear Brother, it seems like your time here has come to a screeching halt. You may be thinking to yourself…what have you done to deserve this? What has the eldest child done to deserve the grim fate that awaits him. Well, dear Brother, the answer to that is rather simple.

Kenji grabs Roland by the hair and lifts his head up so he is looking at Kenji. There is no struggle from Roland. He is defenseless.

Kenji Yamada: The sword has been pointed, dear Brother…that’s all.

After saying that, Kenji slams Roland’s head against the floor and a loud THUNK can be heard echoing through the locker room. Kenji grabs Roland by the hair again and manages to sit Roland’s lifeless body up. Kenji drags Roland’s body over to the nearby wall. From there Kenji grabs Roland by the hair again except this time he turns Roland around…and SLAMS Roland face first into the wall. A sickening thud makes another echo throughout the locker room. But it doesn’t stop there. The wall is solid and gives nothing as Kenji continues to slam Roland’s face against the wall. Soon, a deep crimson color starts to run down the once white wall.

The sight of blood doesn’t stop Kenji and he keeps slamming Roland’s face against the wall until there is a new sound. A loud CRACK is heard…unnatural and perverse, something broke. The wall is covered in blood in the spot Roland’s face had impacted against the wall. Kenji lets Roland go and watches his lifeless body slump into a heap at his feet.

But it still does not stop. Kenji mounts Roland and starts nailing Roland on the forehead with a closed fist. His rage seems to be endless as he starts to laugh while pounding his fists into a defenseless Roland. Kenji doesn’t even know if Roland can feel it anymore. He doesn’t care, he keeps slamming his fists into Roland’s face. His hands are covered in blood and the splash of blood from fist meeting bloodied face gets blood all over Kenji’s face.

Kenji finally stops when it feels like he is punching a vat of lard. Kenji stands over Roland, blood all over him. He looks down at… Roland… but it is hard to even identify him as Roland anymore.

Kenji Yamada: The sword was pointed, Roland Caldwell, and we…we are no longer Brothers.

Kenji feels good with what he has done, his mind clear…for now he is…




The lights fall low and into a slightly reddish hue as the sound of Gregorian monks chanting echoes throughout the Richmond Coliseum.  The WAR video screen becomes consumed with the visual of blood dripping down the screen, wiping away to one word.  Mallows.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and gentlemen, this next match up is scheduled for one fall, and is the first match in the best of seven series!

Suddenly a heavy metal guitar and drum rift join the chanting, giving it a more ominous yet driving sound.  The lights go up to normal as Vincent Mallows strides out from the back, wearing dark green wrestling trunks trimmed in black and gray.  Mallows is brimming with confidence and is met with a very loud chorus of boos, but he simply shrugs them off.

Samantha Coil: Introducing first, weighing in tonight at 273 pounds… HERE IS VINCENT MALLOWS!!!

Mallows continues his way to the ring, and stops when he reaches the steel steps.  He pauses each step he takes, then walks the length of the ring edge before entering through the middle and top rope on the other side.

Eryk Masters: I’m still trying to make heads or tails out of what we just witnessed. And I keep coming up with the same answer.

Other Guy: And it’s the right one.  Vincent Mallows just ordered an all out assault on Roland Caldwell. The man’s insane. That whole group of men are insane.

Jeff Hansen: Even I don’t like Mallows, and the only reason I think Jonny has this alliance with him, is because the dude is flat out dangerous to have to be against.

Mallows stretches out in the lower left corner of the ring, bouncing off the ropes a couple of times while keeping his arms hooked, then moving about in small circles to keep his legs loose.  His music fades out and immediately the crowd comes alive with positive energy and the cheering already begins.

Other Guy: They all know who’s due out, and they’re all wanting nothin’ more than to see Christopher Davis kick Vincent’s ass!

The arena darkens, a simple spotlight hits the entrance way as the following words are heard:

"The hottest… under the sun… (who that)"

And the fans POP HUGE!

"Ain’t nobody fucking with me man"

The words "Christopher Davis" appear on the WAR Video screen in white block letters, and the fans just go through the roof as the lights come back on at the same time that rapid fire pyro shoots off overhead and to each of his sides. “I’m Me” by Lil Wayne plays throughout the arena, and  Davis marches straight out from the entryway. He doesn’t pose, doesn’t stop to acknowledge the fans, nothing.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in tonight at 279 pounds… HERE IS CHRISTOPHER DAVIS!!!

Davis picks up the pace and Mallows sees it.  Samantha Coil quickly exits the ring as Mallows almost backs into her while taunting Davis.

Eryk Masters: We are not seeing the same Christopher Davis we’ve seen in the past, not tonight. He’s shaken up, guys, he’s pissed off and he’s shaken up.

Jeff Hansen: That could make him a big time problem for Mallows though, OR give him an opening.

Suddenly Davis DIVES into the ring under the bottom rope, a surprising display of agility for the bigger man and the second he’s up to his feet his music is abruptly cut off.  Referee Chris Jenkins quickly calls for the bell but the fight is already on before it sounds.

Other Guy: And here we go!

Davis drives punch after punch into Mallows’s face, sending him staggering back in retreat almost immediately as the match begins.  Mallows grabs onto the right side ring ropes to keep himself standing but there is no let up from Davis as he barrels towards Mallows driving more fists into his upper body and face.  Mallows reels from each shot, bouncing slightly off the ropes each time as well.  He tries to get his arms up to block, but Davis violently shoves them down, taking a hold of his left arm and whipping him across the ring.  Mallows comes bouncing back and Davis scoops him up, holding him horizontally now in front of him.  He shouts out loudly, which pumps the fans up and then hits a HUGE fall away slam!

Other Guy: Davis just a monster tonight, and he’s lookin’ for Mallows’s blood!

Eryk Masters: Big slam, big attitude, big night for Davis to try to shake whatever it is that has Mallows so obsessed with Davis.

As Mallows sits up, arching his back in pain, Davis stomps around the ring in a pacing semi circle demanding that Mallows gets up.  Mallows opts to drop back onto the mat though and he starts rolling towards the ring edge.  Davis shakes his head and goes after him, quickly grabbing Mallows by the shoulder and pulling him up to his feet.  Mallows yanks away from Davis though and turns and NAILS Davis with a left hook to the chin.  Davis’s head snaps to the side, but he snaps it right back in Mallows’s direction and LUNGES with a huge clothesline, but Mallows just ducks it and then delivers a chop block to the back of Davis’s legs.

The fans boo as Davis falls to the mat and Mallows now STOMPS down once on his face and then spins a full circle, GRINDING the base of his boot into Davis’s face.  Davis rolls over onto his stomach the second Mallows removes his boot, trying to guard his face, which allows for Mallows to hit the ropes, charge back, and PLANT his foot in the side of Davis’s head!

Jeff Hansen: All it takes is one mistake, and when you’re running on as much emotion as Davis is tonight, you’re bound to make a bunch.

With Mallows now on the offensive, he pulls Davis up, locking him up in cravat and then he DRIVES a knee up into Davis’s face.  Davis falls to one knee after the shot, only for Mallows to lift him up… snap suplex to Davis.  Mallows does NOT go for the cover but instead lifts Davis into a sitting position and applies a one knee sleeper from behind.  The fans boo loudly as Mallows now wrenches the hold on tightly, calling for the referee to check on the situation.

Eryk Masters: Looks like Mallows bringing this match completely into his control.  He is slowing down the pace, wearing Davis down, pretty much sucking the emotion out of him with this sleeper hold.

Other Guy: Hate to see it, too.  Davis came in here guns ablazin’ and now Mallows just brought an abrupt halt to that.

Davis refuses to give up to the sleeper hold and Mallows half stands up, only to lunge back down and DRIVE his knee right into Davis’s spine.  Davis shouts in pain and Mallows wrenches the neck a little more as he tightens on the sleeper hold.  Davis tries to get something going with his arms and the fans start cheering him on for support.  Mallows just shakes his head in reaction to the cheering and he wrenches the neck again.  Davis shouts out again, his voice though muffled somewhat by Mallows’s arm, which wraps around the bottom half of his face.  Davis continues to hold on though, refusing to give up and he now works on pushing up to his full vertical base.  Mallows gets noticeably annoyed and he kicks at the back of Davis’s leg, forcing him back down onto the mat in a sitting position, and then shifts the sleeper hold… to a concealed choke!

Davis starts flailing his arms wildly now as Mallows strangles him from behind and soon Chris Jenkins notices what’s going on and quickly shouts for Mallows to break from Davis!

Chris Jenkins: Hey break it up!  Mallows, that’s a choke break it up!

Mallows lets go of the hold and shoves Davis forward as he rises up to his feet.  He plays innocent even after the fact that he got caught by the referee.  As Davis works on getting up Mallows runs towards the up ring ropes and before Davis is up to his feet, Mallows plants a running boot into his stomach then snaps around for a swinging neck breaker to Davis.

Now Mallows makes the cover with a hook of the leg.



Eryk Masters: And a strong kick out at two from Davis.

Other Guy: That’s what I like to see.

Mallows is up to his feet now, only to drop right back down with a jumping knee drop.

Jeff Hansen: Not checking biases at the door for this one, eh OG?

Other Guy: I think we all agree that Mallows ain’t a guy you can even rationally cheer for.

Jeff Hansen: Oh you can, he’s determined, motivated, smart. Solid in ring technician… guy just creeps me the fuck out. I mean he faked permanent paralysis just to get to Christopher Davis, to lull him into a false sense of security.

Mallows up again and now he brings Davis up off the mat and sends him into the lower left corner of the ring.  Davis slumps up against the corner turnbuckle pads and Mallows walks slowly towards him.  Davis tries to come off the corner, but Mallows gets to him first, driving another left hook to Davis’s chin, this time spinning him so he’s now chest first against the turnbuckle pads.  Mallows hoists Davis up, sitting him on the top turnbuckle so that he’s facing out towards the fans.  The fans continue to boo as Mallows maintains control of the match, and it only causes Mallows to smirk as he climbs up behind Davis, seemingly looking to execute a back drop suplex.

But Davis has other plans as he gets back into things clocking Mallows in the mouth with a hard elbow that sends Mallows down to the mat in one shot.  Davis manages to turn himself around, but Mallows comes storming back, working his way up the turnbuckles. Davis gets the upper hand though drilling a couple of quick fists to the top of Mallows’s head as Mallows climbs back up.  Mallows still tries to fight past, but Davis locks both of his hands around Mallows’s body and then jumps down onto the mat, snaps his body around and sends Mallows CLEAR UP AND OVER with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex!

Other Guy: And just like that the momentum shifts!

Eryk Masters: Impressive suplex from Davis and I don’t think Mallows expected that surge of power.

Davis is back up to his feet and with Mallows writhing on the mat he heads over him to him and presses down hard for the cover.

Chris Jenkins hits the mat to make the count.



TH… Mallows shoulders out.  Davis stays on top of things though and pulls Mallows up into a grapple.  Mallows tries to shove Davis back, but Davis over powers him and uses the momentum from Mallows’s shove to whip him around into the rope.  Mallows comes stumbling back and Davis HOISTS him up and drops him down with a reverse atomic drop.  Mallows winces in pain and Davis immediately looks to lift him up into a fireman’s carry position.

Eryk Masters: Angela’s ashes attempted… no Mallows quickly gets down out of it… and now assaulting Davis with stiff forearm shots to the back.

The fans boo as Davis is sent staggering forward; Mallows able to avoid his finishing move.  Davis turns and Mallows DRILLS him with a left handed European uppercut though which sends Davis back first against the right side ring ropes.  From there Mallows works Davis over with a series of knife edge chops, which always prompts the occasional “WOOOOOO!” from the fans, but tonight they just boo as Mallows viciously unleashes the stinging blows across Davis’s chest.

Eryk Masters: Mallows showing some anger now, a clear departure from his “calm” attitude that started out this match… and those chops just getting faster and faster!

Other Guy: Vincent tries to act all collected, but at the end of the day he can be just as much a loose cannon as the likes of Kenji Yamada.

Davis leans up against the ropes after being worn down by the chops, one arm dangling over the top.  Mallows takes the other arm and looks to send Davis across the ring, but Davis holds onto the ropes with his right arm, preventing Mallows from sending him across the ring.  He pulls Mallows in and looks to dump him to the outside, but Mallows holds onto the ropes and lands on the ring edge.  Davis turns and Mallows goes through the middle rope with a shoulder thrust but Davis catches him around the neck and pulls him through…. A slight hoist up…


The fans pop as Mallows is planted and that could be it… Davis with the cover.


The fans echo one!


The fans echo two!

THRE… but Jenkins stops the count as he sees Mallows’s foot on the rope.


Eryk Masters: Really close there and man what a DDT.  Mallows dropped from the second rope with a little extra oomph from the SHOOT Project hall of Famer, Christopher Davis.

Jeff Hansen: Yeah but even Davis had to know if he was THAT close to the ropes that Mallows would find some way to get to them.

Other Guy: I don’t know, Mallows was dropped straight on top of his head, coulda easily knocked him out for that three seconds.

Jeff Hansen: Could of, but didn’t.

Davis shoves Mallows’s foot off the rope and makes the cover again.  Again the referee makes the count.



But this time Mallows shoulders out at two.  Davis starts to pull him up to his feet, but Mallows suddenly grips at the ropes and shoves Davis through as he pulls the middle rope down.  Davis spills to the outside and Mallows goes after him immediately.


The referee shouts for both men to bring it back into the ring, but Mallows doesn’t listen, he just takes Davis by the head and looks to slam him forehead first into the ring edge.  Davis puts his arms down though to block, then elbows Mallows in the side…

And SLAMS Mallows’s head down instead.


Mallows staggers back from the impact and Davis turns away from the ring to go after Mallows.  He charges in, but Mallows spins around, drops down and takes Davis down with a quick drop toe hold that sends Davis crashing into the front of the commentary booth!


Eryk Masters: Right in the midst of the action now.

Other Guy: Yeah so long as they don’t break the table, they can beat on each other out here all the want.


Jeff Hansen: Real nice OG… no concern for the well being…

Eryk Masters: LOOK OUT!

Davis is SENT SPRAWLING over the table and Other Guy, Jeff, and Masters all quickly dart out of the way in the nick of time!  The referee shouts at both men to get back into the ring, as Mallows starts punching at Davis who is half on the table and half off of it.


Eryk Masters: Things getting hectic on the outside here as this personal feud is showcasing itself very physically.

Mallows pulls Davis off the table now and as the referee looks to continue the double count out, Mallows walks a stumbling Davis to the ring and rolls him back inside.  Mallows slides in behind him but Davis already working his way up to his feet. Mallows is up and he leans back against the ropes to bounce off of them and then looks for a lariat to the back of Davis’s head, but Davis scouts it and SCOOPS Mallows up from the side and JUST manages to hit a sidewalk slam!  The fans pop and Davis makes a cover, still groggy though from crashing into the side of the commentary table.

Still, Jenkins makes the count.


TW… Mallows kicks out before the referee even reaches two.

Jeff Hansen: Davis must have hit his head harder than we thought if he really believed that lazy cover was going to keep Mallows down.

Other Guy: Davis just tryin’ to hit whatever to keep Mallows down for three seconds… as obviously something important hangs in the balance in EVERY match of this best of seven.

Eryk Masters: A well kept secret it sounds like and Davis trying to keep Mallows from exposing it… and now Davis following up with a hard whip into the upper left corner… but no Mallows swings it back around and sends Davis down ring instead.

Davis collides sternum first with the lower right corner and Mallows walks up behind him and this time he does execute a back drop suplex, sending Davis down to the mat on the back of his head and neck.  Mallows turns and quickly drops an elbow RIGHT to the neck of Davis and then stays down on top of him for a cover, pushing his own forearm hard into Davis’s throat.  The referee with another count.



THR… Davis shoulders out.  Mallows keeps at it though he stands up and drops another elbow… then stands up… a third elbow, then a fourth!  Mallows stays down this time and shouts for the referee to count again.



THREE…. NO!  Davis manages to kick out again.

Eryk Masters: Mallows targeting the throat of Davis, a tactic we saw from… well I guess you can call him a former member of the Family, Roland Caldwell.

Other Guy: Yep, and Mallows knows damn well that Davis had to undergo surgery to help fix his throat, hell the injury kept him out of the Redemption Rumble.

Jeff Hansen: Wouldn’t have mattered, Jonny Johnson still had that thing won from the get go.

Mallows looks somewhat frustrated now and he pulls Davis quickly up off the mat and FIRES with another European uppercut, catching Davis right in the throat once more.  Davis spins around, doubles over, and seems to be gasping for air.  Mallows walks up behind him, pulls him up… hooks him for a Russian Leg Sweep… NO!  Davis sends Mallows FLYING to the mat by keeping himself standing up.  Mallows clutches at his head with both arms, rocking back and forth in pain and Davis now charges at the ring ropes, seemingly getting a second wind.

Mallows starts to stand up… and Davis with a HUGE YAKUZA KICK! Mallows is sent right back down onto the mat.  Davis keeps the momentum going and as Mallows tries to get back up, swaying about a great deal, Davis off the ropes again… and he FLIES THROUGH THE AIR WITH A HUGE SHOULDER TACKLE!!!

Other Guy: Air Davis!

Jeff Hansen: Wow… did you really have to say that?  You don’t have much credibility as is but…

Other Guy: Shut up, Jeff!  Davis is on a tear and he’s right back up to his feet.

Eryk Masters: And these fans joining right along with him.

The crowd comes alive as Davis nods his head standing strong over the fallen Mallows.

Other Guy: This is it!  This is what this entire arena has been waiting for!

Davis holds his arms out to his side as if forming a cross with his body.  He nods his head slowly, eyes fixated on Mallows.  Mallows stirs on the mat in pain, but starts up to his feet, having a bit of trouble keeping his balance. Davis continues to wait, and he nods his head a couple of more times, but now his arms are back down at his side, in a ready position.  Mallows is up to his full vertical base the fans are cheering with anticipation.

Eryk Masters: The Richmond Coliseum is BUZZING with excitement now… and Mallows doesn’t even see it coming!

Slowly, staggering… Mallows turns.  Davis steps in… and he hoists Mallows up onto his shoulders.  The crowd is going nuts for this moment and Mallows flails his body as much as he can, trying to avoid the terrible fate that awaits him.  His movement causes Davis to spin around a bit, in attempts to keep a firm hold on Davis, and with his back now to the referee, Mallows swings his hand in front of Davis’s face and just RAKES HIM IN THE EYES!!!  Davis loses his grip and Mallows gets down onto his feet behind Davis.

The crowd is booing loudly at this point, but the referee didn’t see what happened.  Mallows forcefully grabs Davis by the shoulder, spins him around and BOOTS him square in the gut. Davis doubles over and immediately Mallows hooks him in a front facing headlock, but then in doing so also takes a hold of his left arm. Davis looks to fight back, the fans rallying… but no Mallows JACKS him with a knee into the side of the face… turns with Davis’s left arm extended upwards and now pulled over Mallows’s own shoulder…

And then DROPS to a sitting position while tugging on Davis’s arm, bending his neck and shoulder over Mallows’s own shoulder!

Jeff Hansen: A brutal version of the neck breaker done right there by Mallows and the cover to end this one…

Other Guy: C’mon Davis!

Jenkins hits the mat for the count, and the fans are booing loudly.




The bell sounds and the fans are not happy.  Mallows rolls off of Davis with a satisfied grin on his face, but he breathes heavily showing signs of fatigue brought on by the match.  “Ave Satani” begins to play again as Mallows rises up to his feet, slowly raising one arm in victory.

Samantha Coil: Here is your winner of the match… VINCENT MALLOWS!!!

The boos continue to sound and Mallows turns from Davis and motions for the microphone.  The music plays on as nobody seems to give him one at first.  Mallows shouts out, reaching his arm out of the ring and finally Samantha Coil hands him her microphone.  Mallows moves into the upper right corner of the ring, leaning back against the turnbuckles, arms draped over slightly.

Vincent Mallows: End the music… cut it now.  They know who won.


The crowd responds with even louder booing and Mallows just waits patiently until his music is turned off.

Vincent Mallows: You’re all so very angry.  So very angry people.  But this is just the beginning.  I’d save the anger if I were you.

The fans don’t listen as they are on their feet still showing their hatred and anger towards Mallows.  Mallows simply shrugs.

Vincent Mallows: I warned you, but very well.  I have just one little thing to present here, so please, be civil enough to be silent for just one moment.


Eryk Masters: They are not having it.

Jeff Hansen: You know, these fans have got to learn that the more they boo, that’s just more incentive for a guy like Mallows to prolong this moment.  They’re idiots. Our fans are idiots.

Other Guy: Good sell there, Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: Get over yourself.

Mallows stands there and just waits for the boos to stop… and they do. They turn into cheers as slowly but surely Christopher Davis is BACK up on his feet and he turns to face Mallows.  Mallows perks up out of the corner, standing straight and he holds out an arm.

Vincent Mallows: If you’re smart, you’ll stop.  You’ll wait, and you won’t do one single DAMN thing to me right now….

A smug pause.

Vincent Mallows: Unless you just want me to say everything right now.

Davis SNAPS and bolts after Mallows, forcing him to quickly leave the ring.  Davis shouts at Mallows to get back into the ring but Mallows keeps his distance.

Vincent Mallows: You’ll have more chances to make these fans happy. But this night WASN’T yours. It’s mine.  And because of that… I have something to present to the masses.

Slowly Mallows motions to the entryway.  Naturally all eyes follow and shortly after the attention has shifted in that direction, an elderly white male slowly walks out.  He needs the support of cane it appears as he leans on one, favoring his right side.  Davis can barely look at the man.

Vincent Mallows: Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mr. Davis, father of Christopher Davis. And all this man wanted was to be able to see his son one last time.  That’s all he ever wanted.

The elderly white male seems to have nothing but deep seeded anger mixed with sadness in his eyes.  He can barely contain himself and Davis turns away all together, only to catch the eyes of Mallows.  Mallows smirks looking right back at Davis.

Vincent Mallows: that is all.

And with that, Mallows slowly walks to the commentary table, dropping the microphone off as he heads around the ring and makes his way to the back.  Davis paces like a mad man in the ring now, his emotions getting the better of him.

Christopher Davis: Damn it!  Damn you… Vincent I swear!

Mallows doesn’t even look back at Davis. He just keeps walking, listening to the buzz of confusion from the fans.

Eryk Masters: I don’t… I don’t understand.

Other Guy: I think that’s the point. But whatever is goin’ on here… it has Davis all kinds of pissed off.

Jeff Hansen: The puppet master strikes and this ongoing thing between Davis and Mallows looks to be just starting to get seriously personal.

Davis walks around the ring, stomping his feet or stopping to slam his hands down on a turnbuckle pad.  The fans can only watch on and wonder… what is happening.


The opening shot you see is of Donovan King with a single spotlight shining down on him, his head bowed. "Go Hard" by DJ Khaled, Kanye West, and T-Pain begins.

I think it’s time for me to go hard as the hood I’m from, hey

A sudden shot of King nailing Cade Sydal with the KTFO is shown.

I think it’s time for me to go hard as the hood I’m from, hey

The shift to the spotlight again, this time with King’s head up, looking dead at the camera.

I think it’s time for me to go hard as the hood I’m from, hey

A quick shot of King hitting the KTFO on OutKast is shown.

I think it’s time for me to go hard as the hood I’m from, hey

Back to the spotlight, and King grins to the camera.

If you could you would get rid of me

What you gonna do when a nigga got to go hard

King is shown locking the Carolina Crossface down on a victim.

But I won’t let you get to me

You should already figure I’mma go hard

King slapping his chest, his hoodie on, standing on the middle rope.

If you was as real as me

You would never let another nigga step in yo’ yard

A shot of King glaring down The Real Deal.

Makin’ money ain’t shit to me

This in my veins and it gets to my heart

King picking Cade Sydal up after Jonny’s Friends attacked.

So I am, I will, I gots to go

You got another way to live you gots to go hard

King nailing the One Hitta Quitta.

I am gettin’ it in until the end I got to go, go, go, go hard

With a grin on his face, King stands in front of the Sons of Liberty. Kanye West’s rap begins.

I ain’t never been scurred

Never been a type to bite my words

When I came up ya’ll gave me shit

Now I’m finna make ya’ll eat them turds

Shots of King slapping hands with fans are interspersed with shots of King glaring at the fans with intense disdain.

Always said what the fuck I felt

Gon’ ‘head spit that murder I wrote

Man I don’t care what what you felt

Fuck you nigga I know I’m dope

King standing at the podium, looking out at the audience as he delivers his Hail to the Chief promotional vignette from earlier in the week.

Dope like I’m comin’ to get my all

Felt like I had to play the fly on the wall

Felt like niggas was stuntin’ on me

Funny how I’m flyer then them all

King going toe to toe with Corazon with Real Deal looking on, only for Corazon and King to double team Real Deal.

Now I’m at the top ain’t nowhere to go now

Instead of me she gon’ go down

Maybe I would’ve slowed down if I knew what I know now

I’m stupid yeah I know I’m dumb

King looking at the entrance, watching for The Real Deal, as NC-17 gets ready to cost him his chance to proceed to the next round of Master of the Mat.

It could get fuckin’ old but it’s good I’m young

But my heart get cold as the hood I’m from

Tell me what it take to be numba one

King is next shown allied with Jester Smiles against Jonny Johnson and The Real Deal.

I guess it’s gon’ be what it’s gon’ be

But here’s one thing y’all got to hear

I’mma tell you like George Bush told me

King grins to the camera.

Fuck you niggas I’m out of here

King decimating Peter Lolwen with the One Hitta Quitta. T-Pain brings the chorus back once again.

If you could you would get rid of me

What you gonna do when a nigga got to go hard

King is back under the spotlight, only this time, he is looking into the light.

But I won’t let you get to me

You should already figure I’mma go hard

King locks in the Carolina Crossface.

If you were as real as me

You would never let another nigga step in yo’ yard

The next shot is King glaring down Peter Lolwen, seconds before the One Hitta Quitta.

Makin’ money ain’t shit to me

This in my veins and it gets to my heart

King standing toe to toe with Azraith DeMitri is shown now.

So I am, I will, I gots to go

You got another way to live you gots to go hard

Then, King is shown toe to toe against Corazon, then Jester Smiles, then The Real Deal as the frame slows down.

I am gettin’ it in until the end I got to go, go, go, go hard

The last shot is Donovan King glaring down The Real Deal for the final time.


An orchestral downturn hits the speakers, and the unmistakable voice of Jay-Z is heard.

”Woo!  Uhh, uhh.”

It’s "The Gift & the Curse"

Uhh, uhh yea”

The screen lights up with the visage of the Real Deal, young and old, past and current.  The short haired twenty year old, transposes into the gray and black haired mid-thirty year old.

”First they love me then they hate me then they love me again

.. they love me again

Let’s take a trip down.. I gotcha

The screen shifts, showing Real Deal’s first World Championship win, and the celebration that followed.  It shifts now to suited Real Deal, representing the True Talent Coalition.

”Let’s take a trip down memory, lane at the cemetary

Rain grey skies, seems at the end of every

young man’s life is this line, "Damn – him already?”

Shift now, to Real Deal conquering Skull, reclaiming the kidnapped woman whom he’d been fighting for for months.  Pan now, to a recent scene, featuring his pregnant wife, standing away from a Real Deal, conniving with one, Jonny Johnson.

“And we loved him cause, in him we, saw some of us

He walked like ussss, talked like ussss

His back against the wall, nigga fought like us – damn”

The music skips, and now clips of Real Deal fighting Jonny Johnson in a fire deathmatch are shown.  They fade into clips of Real Deal standing on the side of the ring, as Jonny Johnson’s tag team partner.

“He was his own man, not even him can save him”

Now, Real Deal’s seen fighting OutKast in the alieNation Match, from Impulse in the year 2004, for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship.  It shows his defeat…  then the screen shifts one last time, with OutKast and Real Deal standing together, holding the SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championships over their heads. 

The Grand Slam.

“He runnin around like life’s a peach, ’til one day

he approached this thug that, had a mean mug

And it looked so familiar that he called him "Young Cuz"

Now, Real Deal’s return in the face of Donovan King, who’s just beginning to put the Sons of Liberty together.  An inaudible war of words occurs, showing the moments from that confrontation which would now, prove to be fateful. 

The WAR image replaces the image.

“Told him, get off the strip but the boy ain’t budge (fuck you)

Instead he pulled out a newer thirty-eight snub

He clearly had the drop but the boy just paused (hold up)

There was somethin in this man’s face he knew he seen before

It’s like, lookin in the mirror seein hisself more mature

And he took it as a sign from the almighty Lord…”

Then, Donovan King is shown. 

Real Deal is next. 

A staredown.

“You know what they say about he who hesitates in war

(What’s that?) He who hesitates is lost

He can’t explain what he saw before his picture went blank

The old man didn’t think he just followed his instinct”

One last confrontation. 

Real Deal’s career.

Donovan King…  SHOOT Project CEO? 

Coming up next…




The SHOOT Tron crackles to life and green tinted electrical currents flow across the screen.





The green electrical current forms the shape of a crown as Donovan King stands on the entrance wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, his head bowed. He bobs his head to the beat as the song slowly picks up.




The music picks up as King begins to shake his wrists loose and bounce from one foot to another.




The man pounds his fists together in front of him, bouncing faster and faster.



Pyro EXPLODES in succession with the bass line!




“Out Here Grindin’” by DJ Khaled, Akon, Rick Ross, Plies, Lil’ Boosie, Trick Daddy, Ace Hood, and Lil Wayne TEARS open the PA system as King rips the hood off and screams out to the fans in attendance. The reaction is mixed, more leaning towards the cheering, but it is MASSIVE. King unzips his hooded sweatshirt, unveiling his bare chest, his lone tattoo across his right breast of “est. 1983” in plain view of the camera. On the rear of his trunks is that symbol of the Sons of Liberty.


A lone red spotlight shines down on the entrance as the song, Nas’ “Hero” featuring Keri Hilson, hits its bassline. Then, Nas’ unforgettable voice is heard.

Chain gleamin, switchin’ lanes, two seatin’

Hate him or love him, can’t leave it, the game needs him

Plus the people need someone to believe in

King glares at the entrance as the man he aims to put out of the SHOOT Project altogether stands there bathed in the blood red spotlight, glaring right back at King. The fans are UNGLUED.

So in God’s Son we trust

‘Cause they know I’m gonna give ‘em what they want

They lookin’ for a…HERO

I guess that makes me a…HERO

Real Deal storms down to the ring and slides into the ring. He pops up, and is face to face with King. The lights come back up, “Hero” plays loudly and proudly over the PA as the fans are eating up this moment. Josh Johnson. Donovan King. The Real Deal. The Carolina Messiah. The Legend. The Revolutionary.


Eryk Masters: This is big, folks. Very, very big. Here’s a quick and dirty tale of the tape for these two. Real Deal and King have not been in a ring, since Revolution 45.

Jeff Hansen: That’s Jonnylution 2, Eryk.

Eryk Masters: Right… and at Revolution 45—

Jeff Hansen: …Jonnylution 2.

Other Guy: Just let the guy talk, Jeff, goddamn.

Eryk Masters: At Revolution 45, Real Deal and King were on separate sides of the canvas, as part of a tag team; Real Deal teaming with Jonny Johnson, and King teaming with Jester Smiles. So, suffice to say… there may be some feeling out going on, as the last time these two locked up in a singles match… was last April.

Jeff Hansen: And Real Deal got the shit unfairly beat out of him, by Donovan King.

Other Guy: Either way, there’ll definitely be some feeling out. I don’t expect ring rust in a tradition sense, but smart money puts ol’ RD on the defensive, just based on his age.

Eryk Masters: True enough, but the stipulations around this match just… add so much x-factor, to an already completely combustible situation.

Other Guy: Just say it’s good shit, man.

Eryk Masters: It’s good shit, man.

The bell rings, as referee Willie Dean and the two competitors meet in the middle of the ring. King and Real Deal stare nuclear missiles into one another, as Dean goes over the rules and regulations of the contest. Real Deal offers a fist to King, apparently inviting a sense of sportsmanship. King obliges, much to Real Deal’s surprise, and the bell rings once more, signaling the opening to the match.

Eryk Masters: Real Deal with an interesting show of sportsmanship here, and one has to wonder, immediately… if that was a sincere thing.

Jeff Hansen: You know it wasn’t, and Real Deal was just fucking with King.

Other Guy: Dunno man, it might’ve been. Real Deal is a gamesman, after all.

Real Deal and King move from their corners, and meet in the middle, where Real Deal takes aggression with the collar and elbow tie up. The two jockey for position, but King essentially shoves Real Deal BACK into his corner. Josh responds by immediately moving back towards King, and he throws a MEAN forearm that catches King, but doesn’t stun him all that much. King recovers quickly, then locks Josh up in his own collar and elbow, but Real Deal struggles. King shoves Real Deal back one more time, frustrating the SHOOT Project veteran. Real Deal stays back this time, allowing the aggressive Donovan King to move forward. King goes for a tie-up again, but instead of obliging, Real Deal moves out of the way. King IMMEDIATELY turns to avoid a follow up of some kind. Real Deal fakes a right hand, but then hits King with a boot to the midsection, doubling King over!

Jeff Hansen: THAT wasn’t very sportsmanlike. Did you guys REALLY think he was being ‘SPORTY’ ?

Eryk Masters: Interesting little opening sequence there, and it’s become obvious that King is going to be more aggressive, and force the action. That’s probably to his benefit, since, while Real Deal is still quite skilled, the age IS catching up.

Other Guy: Fuck that noise. King is gonna be the aggressor, because he’s an aggressive person. None of that age bullshit. Real Deal’s gonna have to play it smart to get anywhere here.

Real Deal, at this point, has irish whipped King into the ropes. King is still a bit on the bleh side, due to the toe kick to the stomach, so he’s unable to fully block a stiff elbow that Real Deal throws, instead of a lariat. King hits the mat, and Real Deal covers.




Jeff Hansen: What the fuck?

Eryk Masters: King PERHAPS caught a little off guard there, maybe taking the Real Deal a little less seriously than he should.

Other Guy: I doubt that. You KNOW the man wants to put a hurting on him, and you KNOW that he KNOWS that Real Deal isn’t gonna just lay down. I’d go with caught off guard, rather than ‘taking him a little less seriously.’

Real Deal’s to his feet, looming over King, who sees this and tries to pull at Real Deal’s feet to bring him down. King gets to a knee and drives an elbow into the side of Real Deal’s knee, causing the Hall of Famer to drop to that knee and yelp in pain! King gets back up, and throws a NASTY soccer style kick to Real Deal’s back, sending a ripple of pain down the Real Deal’s spine.

Jeff Hansen: Real Deal BRILLIANTLY feigning weakness here…

Eryk Masters: Actually, King is BRILLIANTLY remembering that Real Deal’s knees are weak, and that he’s been put on leave of absence more than once, due to that.

Other Guy: Feigning weakness? Seriously?


The sound of a chop is heard echoing through the arena, as King works the Real Deal over. He throws chop after chop after chop after chop, and the crowd just continues to go “WOOOO!” Real Deal is clutching his chest here, as King rebounds off the ropes and NAILS him with a dropkick that has Josh flat on his back, staring at the arena lights! King covers, and Dean drops down!



Dean breaks the count, pointing to Real Deal’s foot!

Jeff Hansen: That’s veteran ring SAVVY right there, man.

Eryk Masters: Okay, sure. I’ll give you that.

King stalks around Real Deal, making sure he’s far enough away, to avoid any sort of repeat of what he just did. Real Deal sees this, and gets to his feet, catching his breath against the ropes. Dean moves out of the way, JUST as King, with a FULL head of steam, sends a forearm CRASHING into Real Deal, and disposing of him over the top rope!

Eryk Masters: King sending Real Deal out to the floor here, and he maaaayyyy be in for some serious hurting, right here.

Jeff Hansen: I’ll be interested to see just HOW lenient Willie Dean will be, because, if I’m him… I’m calling some DQ’s if Donovan King gets too out of hand.

Other Guy: Guy… this is for Real Deal’s career, and King’s POSSIBLY becoming the SHOOT Project CEO. There isn’t gonna be any DQ called.

King looks to be licking his lips, as he walks over to where Real Deal is laid out. He sees Real Deal struggling to get to a knee, and toys with him a little bit, making the “Get up!” motion. The fans are loving every second of it, giving Donovan a “KING” chant. Real Deal makes it to one knee and is almost up. King pulls him to his feet and IMMEDIATELY whips him into the ring post, hurting Real Deal’s shoulder!

Other Guy: Now that IS some hurtin’.

Eryk Masters: Real Deal’s shoulder is, unmistakably, bright red. You have to figure that that post shot hurt like hell.

Jeff Hansen: Eryk, I realize that your wrestling days are a few years behind you, but like… no shit.

King pulls Real Deal to his feet once more, as Real Deal instinctively holds his shoulder. King wastes no time, and wraps Real Deal up, tossing him with a release Northern Lights Suplex! Real Deal is sprawled out on the mats surrounding the ring, and King crawls back into the ring. He immediately looks at Willie Dean.

Donovan King: Count dis’ shit, man.

Eryk Masters: King calling for a count here, possibly looking to EMBARRASS Real Deal by causing his loss by way of count-out!

Willie Dean begins to count.



Jeff Hansen: Donovan King is such a dick.




Real Deal gets to a knee.


The fans are chanting along!


Real Deal’s up, and the fans actually pop!

Eryk Masters: These fans are NOT wanting to see a count-out here, and Real Deal is NOT wanting to go out this way.

Other Guy: Real Deal’s a dumb motherfucker, man. If I was him, I’d spare myself the rest of the embarrassment, and just call it a night. We get it. You a fighter.

Jeff Hansen: Fuck that! Real Deal’s got miles left in him. This was RECUPERATION time. Nothing less.

Other Guy: …and you an optimist.

Real Deal makes his way back into the ring, and King is waiting for him on the other side. Real Deal’s almost back in, and back on his feet, as King charges him. Real Deal gets up right at the last second, and King changes his plan, and whips Real Deal into a corner. King runs behind him, Real Deal hits the corner stomach first, and bounces off that way. King pulls Real Deal’s head down, and brings him down with a neckbreaker. King doesn’t pin him or anything, and then sits down on his arm, and wrenching it.

Eryk Masters: King is making a point here to work Real Deal’s arm, shoulder, and neck area. Pretty obviously he wants to end this definitively, with the Carolina Crossface.

Other Guy: That’s a good plan, too. There’s no way you can spin a submission loss.

Real Deal reaches the ropes after around fifteen seconds of pain. King breaks the hold and backs up a few steps.

Eryk Masters: Looks like King’s gameplan is evident.

Jeff Hansen: So far, Real Deal’s is pretty clear too.

Other Guy: And that is?

Jeff Hansen: Play possum and wait for King to fuck up, and you KNOW he will.

King decides the waiting game is over, as he moves to Real Deal, shoving Willie Dean out of the way. King goes to TOWN on Real Deal.







And then a DIRTY elbow, as Real Deal crumples to the ground. King doesn’t even let a moment pass before he pulls Real Deal back to his feet. King wraps Real Deal up, and snaps him over with a snap suplex! He holds on, and does it again! And again! And again! He pulls him up one more time!



ONE. “ONE!!!!”

TWO. “TWO!!!!”


Real Deal gets a shoulder up and Willie Dean shouts “NOOOO!! ONLY TWO!” and the crowd BOOS vehemently!

Jeff Hansen: See? Just playing possum.

Other Guy: You kidding me? Nobody in this arena even knows how that man just kicked out of that move.

King doesn’t allow Real Deal a breath, before he has him again. He basically STOMPS into him, rocking the midsection and shoulders of the Real Deal, who is just trying to cover up, unsuccessfully. King practically throws Real Deal through the roof, lifting him up and propping him against the turnbuckle.




Eryk Masters: JESUS CHRIST.


CHOP. NO. Real Deal blocks the chop! King tries again! Another block! Real Deal stomps on King’s toe! King YELPS in pain and then looks at Real Deal like “WHAT THE FUCK?” The crowd boos! Real Deal shoves King back. King retaliates and throws a forearm! Real Deal ducks under, and now has King in the corner. Real Deal launches into a series of kicks to King’s midsection. King’s hurt! Real Deal takes to the turnbuckle and delivers a series of blows to King’s head, all to the crowd’s chagrin!

Jeff Hansen: The Real Deal is alive! He’s ALIVE, Eryk.

Eryk Masters: King in bad shape right now, with Real Deal all the sudden turning it up a notch.

Other Guy: The Real Deal made his NAME off of shit like this. That mythical second wind that really… just… even for a guy like me, a FIRM Donovan King supporter… it’s something that’s awe inspiring.

Real Deal hits King in the face with a closed fist for the fifth time, and drops from the middle rope. Real Deal looks at his chest, which is currently BLEEDING from King’s chops. He wipes his hand across it, and looks at that. He smirks, and then slaps the SHIT out of King! King has a face smeared with the blood of the Real Deal, and he is ANGRY. Real Deal holds his hands up, begging off. King is the aggressor… but WAIT. REAL DEAL NAILS THE DOUBLE ARM DDT!


Eryk Masters: Holy SHIT.

Real Deal covers!







The crowd fucking EXPLODES.

Eryk Masters: I… I FUCKING LIKE THIS. *ahem*

Other Guy: Little lapse, there?

Eryk Masters: This is just intense, man.

Real Deal rolls off of King, who managed to get his shoulder up and is also on his way up. He shakes his head and slaps himself, trying to snap out of it. Real Deal’s first up, but King is not far behind him. King, with Real Deal’s blood still smeared on his face, half groggily goes after the Real Deal, and throws a SLOPPY forearm. Real Deal catches it, twists him around and attempts the Art of the Deal 04, but King reverses, hitting Real Deal with a rabbit punch that stuns the Hall of Famer. King looks at his fists, and clenches them, sending a clear message.

Other Guy: Oh shit. King’s about to get dirty. Up to this point, if you’ve been watching, he hasn’t thrown a SINGLE punch!

Jeff Hansen: I hope Dean is watching! Closed fists?!

Eryk Masters: Dean IS watching. He’s WATCHING as Real Deal gets his face battered in! Donovan King with an offensive flurry!

RIGHTS and LEFTS ring off of the Real Deal’s face! King is absolutely possessed here, not letting up an inch! Eventually, Real Deal is backed against the top rope. King hooks him with a front chancery, and hangs him up, by way of his waist, across the top rope! King then holds on to his head, and just SPIKES him with a DDT! Real Deal lifelessly crumples over! King covers!

ONE. “ONE!!”

Eryk Masters: DISGUSTING DDT right there.

TWO. “TWO!!!!”



Jeff Hansen: NO it’s fucking not, Eryk.

Real Deal BARELY able to kick out there, and he’s obviously drained. King rolls off, laying on the canvas, catching his breath. Real Deal’s doing the same, and Dean starts a tentative count.





Other Guy: I feel like this is kind of a formality.

Jeff Hansen: Hey, Dean has to uphold the rules here, Other Guy.

Both men are back up now, and both are on their feet. The crowd is absolutely RAUCOUS here, with no discernible chant, only LOUD NOISE! Real Deal and King lock up, and much like the beginning of the match, King SHOVES Real Deal back, but Real Deal rebounds and tries to knee King in the face, but King slides over and CATCHES the Real Deal! SPINEBUSTER. HE SPIKES HIM DOWN WITH A SPINEBUSTER. Real Deal clutches his back, and King goes over to the corner. He takes to the middle turnbuckle and comes off with a second rope leg drop. Not finished, he goes one more time, goes to the top rope, and THROWS REAL DEAL A MIDDLE FINGER, and then FLIPS off the turnbuckle, turning and dropping a guillotine legdrop across Real Deal’s neck!

Other Guy: King showing a DEFIANT attitude here. He’s not going to have his head fucked with by Real Deal.

Eryk Masters: Indeed, and I don’t even know what to say right now. I’m just…

Jeff Hansen: You’re in AWE of Real Deal’s durability and stamina.

King gets up and stands over the Real Deal. He takes his hand and wipes Real Deal’s blood off his face, leans down, flips him off AGAIN, and then SLAPS THE SHIT OUT OF THE REAL DEAL.

Other Guy: What goes around, comes around, Jeff!

Jeff Hansen: Yeah yeah. That was a clever move the FIRST time.

Donovan King: Let dis motherfucker get up.

The crowd pops HUGE, and Real Deal begrudgingly obliges, getting to his feet, but no sooner than he gets his bearings, does Donovan King RUSH him. King throws a YAKUZA kick that would be absolutely DEVASTATING, but Real Deal ducks and King crotches himself!

Real Deal: THIS is how you do that.



Eryk Masters: Yeah but King is still hung up on the ropes.


Other Guy: He… he just told you.

King is slouched back now, and Real Deal just pulls him down off the rope, but doesn’t go for the pin.

Other Guy: Potentially HUGE mistake that the Real Deal just made right here.

Jeff Hansen: Bullshit, OG. Real Deal knows that the hangtime on the ropes probably gave King enough time to recover. The Reality Check WAS a little awkward, anyway, given his position.

Eryk Masters: But Jeff… I thought IT WAS OVER. I was ready for my heart to start peeing, man. It was RIGHT THERE.

King gets to all fours, and coughs, spitting out a combination of blood and saliva. He looks to Real Deal, who’s standing over him, smirking. King gets up, and they reset. King and Real Deal go for a tie-up, but King is a bit groggy still from the Reality Check. Real Deal’s the aggressor. He drops to a knee and just throws a STIFF right hand into King’s gut. Real Deal hooks King and pulls him over for a T-Bone Suplex, with special emphasis on King’s head and neck.

Jeff Hansen: And now Real Deal’s gameplan is revealed. Play possum for… fifteen or so minutes, and then take over for the next ten minutes. Basically, he’s out to fuck King’s neck up. Not his back. That’s a Beautiful People thing.

Eryk Masters: Ughh…

Real Deal floats over, following up. He holds onto King’s head, basically just applying pressure, and not a real submission move, though Willie Dean still follows up. Real Deal uses Dean’s penchant for the rules to use the second rope to apply some extra leverage, and the fans absolutely let him know about that! Dean checks Real Deal, but Real Deal’s already off the rope, as Dean turns around. Dean checks on King once more, and Real Deal does the same, eliciting the same set of boos!

Eryk Masters: Real Deal not playing nice here.

Jeff Hansen: And that makes MY heart pee. Josh is at his absolute BEST when he’s bending the rules a bit.

Other Guy: You call cheating just “bending the rules a bit?” You’re something else, man.

FINALLY, King reaches a rope, and Real Deal is forced to break the hold, which he does without hesitation, wanting to play up a lack of rule breaking, for some reason or another. This allows King to get to his feet. Real Deal IMMEDIATELY tries another Reality Check, but King ducks and catches him in a FIREMAN’S CARRY! The fans go BALLISTIC, with anticipation!


Jeff Hansen: Playing possum, OG. POSSUM.

King stumbles back with Real Deal’s momentum, but finds his stop against the top turnbuckle. He goes to pull Real Deal forward, but he’s stopped as Real Deal his CLUTCHING the top rope for dear life! King pulls one more time, but Real Deal doesn’t budge, so instead, King drops Real Deal, directing his neck over the top rope! Real Deal falls back and is coughing!

Other Guy: That possum too?

Jeff Hansen: No… that looked like it actually probably hurt.

Eryk Masters: Despite the serious momentum shifts in this match, King is still sticking to his head/neck/shoulder gameplan. This kid has come a LONG way from when he started here.

Real Deal is still affected with the neck, and King doesn’t look to let up any time soon, though he did take a few moments to catch his breath. Real Deal is on his way up, with assistance from the ropes and turnbuckle, and King isn’t having that. He calmly walks to Real Deal, hooks him around the waist and throws him over his head with a belly to belly suplex! Real Deal tries to scramble to his feet, but King is already there, he hooks him one more time, and does it again! One more scramble, but King is already there again! This time, King whips Real Deal into the ropes, and on the rebound, King catches him in the Carolina Crossface!

Eryk Masters: THIS could be it.

Other Guy: This really could be, Jeff. You better get your boy to abandon that “possum” gameplan, man.

Real Deal is stuck JUST offcenter from the ring, but he doesn’t quite realize it. Dean’s checking on Real Deal, who just SQUEAKS OUT the word “NO.” King’s torquing the hold HARD, and has had it for about ten seconds now. Real Deal’s fading! Dean asks him once more, and Real Deal squeaks “NO” one more time, but is fading fast! Real Deal’s eyes shut, and he goes limp.

Dean lifts his arm, for a ONE.

Other Guy: Real Deal is about to be GONE.

Dean lifts his arm… TWO.

Eryk Masters: My heart?

Jeff Hansen: Just… just don’t say it, Eryk.

Dean lifts his arm again, but Real Deal opens his eyes and BARELY catches his own arm. Donovan King is LIVID. He pulls back HARD on Real Deal’s neck, which has Real Deal cry out in pain once more! Dean checks on Real Deal again, who YELLS “FUCK NO” this time!

Jeff Hansen: Josh isn’t going down so easy!

Eryk Masters: This is easy to you?

Real Deal starts inching his way back to the ropes! He’s getting closer! King sees this and wrenches back even MORE.



Willie Dean checks Real Deal!


Other Guy: Real Deal with some choice words, for Willie Dean AND for the crowd!

Jeff Hansen: GOOD.

Real Deal’s just BARELY away from the rope, and he reaches it! The chant IMMEDIATELY disperses and is replaced with LOUD booing! Real Deal lays his head down on the mat, while Donovan King gets up. Real Deal starts to push himself to his feet, but Donovan King doesn’t allow him the luxury, choosing to just KICK Real Deal in the ribs! He keeps up, pulling Real Deal to his feet, and then throwing him into the corner, and NAILING him with closed rights and lefts!

Jeff Hansen: King’s frustration REALLY showing here, as he goes to those closed fists once again!

Eryk Masters: It’s pretty clear that King wanted Real Deal done, right there. No spinning a submission hold, like was said earlier.

Real Deal’s face is bruised and battered as King goes to town! The crowd pops with EVERY hit. King tries to whip Real Deal across the ring, but Real Deal collapses to a knee in the center of the ring. King walks behind him, but Real Deal thrusts a foot into King’s right knee! King is staggered, down to one knee! Real Deal’s up, King’s up, still favoring the knee. King tries to tie Real Deal up, to avoid anymore strikes. Real Deal ducks under, shoves King away, and throws a SNAP mule kick, but King ducks! Real Deal spins around, and King is there waiting!

He picks Real Deal up in a fireman’s carry!

The crowd cheers, and King nods his head and does a THUMBS DOWN.

Jeff Hansen: OH NO!

Real Deal suddenly drops to his feet behind King, King turns around, he gets doubled over via toe-kick! Real Deal hooks King with a double arm once more, but King fights out! King pushes Real Deal away, but Real Deal keeps going. He throws a forearm, then a right hand, then a left hand, and King is very rocked! Real Deal hits him HARD with a right hand and King is GROGGY. Real Deal drops back, assumes the position, and throws a SPOT ON REALITY CHECK AT KING, but KING MOVES OUT OF THE WAY, and Real Deal stumbles towards the ropes. King grabs Real Deal before he makes it there, turns him around!




Jeff Hansen: STALL, King. STALL.

Eryk Masters: No WAY does King stall here!

King covers, Dean drops, crowd chants!

ONE. “ONE!!!!!!!!!”

TWO. “TWO!!!!!!!!”


THREE. “THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Willie Dean stands up and calls for the bell, and the crowd motherfucking EXPLODESSSSS. Samantha Coil gets into the ring, as Donovan King gets up and Willie Dean holds his arms up!


The crowd just EXPLODES once more. “Out Here Grindin’” kicks in once again as Donovan King has his arm raised.

Jeff Hansen: Look at that! He let a perfectly good moment in which he could have become CEO GO…and for what? To beat on a hero to these people?

Eryk Masters: Are you saying you’d WANT a King-led SHOOT Project?

Jeff Hansen: …fuck that.

King rolls out of the ring as the fans are celebrating. He looks back at The Real Deal, who is coming to. The two of them lock eyes for what could be the last time. Real Deal’s jaw is clenched, and King offers a grin in his direction. SHOOT Project, whether Real Deal likes it or not, is in the hands of the future now. King disappears to the back as “Out Here Grindin’” dies down.

Eryk Masters: Now with Real Deal alone, it’s dawning on all of that this really is it, isn’t it?

Other Guy: His career in the SHOOT Project…over?

Real Deal gets up, looking at the fans. He bows his head as the booing dissipates. Suddenly, a “THANK-YOU-REAL-DEAL” chant starts. Small…but slowly and surely gains ground until the entire arena is chanting it. Real Deal smiles as “Hero” by Nas and Keri Hilson kicks in again. He holds his arm up to the fans, waving. He rolls out of the ring, walking slowly back up the ramp. He turns once again to the fans until he hears the chant turn to cheering. He turns back to the entrance and OUTKAST is there.

Other Guy: OUTKAST!! OutKast is here!!

Real Deal and OutKast look at each other for a very long time until OutKast grins at his tag team partner and closest friend. Real Deal slowly smiles back at him and the two men embrace. “Hero” dies down and “Shoot Outs” by Jadakiss and Styles P plays.

Eryk Masters: That’s the sounds of the theme music of Instant Heat! Instant Heat back together for one final time!

OutKast holds Real Deal’s arm up for all to see, embracing him once more before walking him to the back. “Shoot Outs” continues to play for a long moment before it finally dies out.



The trio of TOM QUINN, JASON RILEY, and TIM CALAHAN are in their own locker room gathering equipment and packing.  All three of them look frustrated, especially Riley…  surprise, surprise.  Quinn is putting his boots into a brown and yellow sports bag, while Calahan is looking over his locker area for anything he may have forgotten. Riley just shakes his head off to the side.

Riley: And they fuck us over in the end.  Talk all that shit and now that piece of shit Conor puts us out of a MOTHER FUCKING PAY DAY!  AND…  fucking what’s even worse?  We don’t have a title defense.  So now Long Island Hardcore is gonna keep shit talking us.  FUCK CONOR!

Grabbing his stuff off the floor and standing up, Quinn shakes his head and sighs.

Rogue: I know dude, I know.

Calahan turns around.

Super Fan: You guys sure we shouldn’t stick around?  I feel weird leaving early with everything at stake that’s…  ya know, at stake.  Shouldn’t we probably be here for the guys?

Riley scoffs and rolls his eyes.

Riley: PFFT.  Fuck that, dude.  Nothing we do is gonna help any of them out.  Besides, shit’s gonna be fine.  Ozzy seems confident as hell and big cousin…  well fuck, man…  (Laughing) Jonny’s JONNY, dude.  What some fucking clown gimmick is gonna fuck with that?  No way.  They’ll be fine.  I just can’t be around this bullshit.

Calahan nods but very hesitantly.

Super Fan: Okay, man.  (Nodding) Yeah.  You’re probably right anyway.

Quinn scans the room one more time.

Rogue: That everything….?

His voice trails off at the sound of their locker room door slowly squeaking open.

Everyone looks up.

“Anybody home?”

JONAS COLEMAN knocks and waits near the door, while DIEGO REYES just sort of lets himself in.

Jonas Coleman: Dude…  is that okay?

Reyes shrugs his shoulders and doesn’t even acknowledge RnRnSF yet.

Diego Reyes: Oh.  I don’t know.  What, do you mean like just barging in?

Coleman nods.

Jonas Coleman: Yeah.

Reyes stops and looks at Quinn and then briefly at Riley and Calahan.

Diego Reyes: This okay?

Quinn squints his eyes, but it’s Riley who responds first.

Riley: No it’s fucking NOT okay.  What the HELL do you guys want, and the answer better involve “WANTING TO SUCK MY DICK” cause that’s about all I’m willing to settle on, Mercs.

Reyes chuckles a little bit and looks back at Coleman.

Diego Reyes: (Pointing toward Riley with his thumb) THIS guy, huh?

Coleman nods and enters the room.

Jonas Coleman: (Looking at Riley) You’re GOOD, bro.

Quinn, Calahan and Riley get ready to fight.

Diego Reyes: (Holding his arms up) Whoa, fellows.

Jonas Coleman: Yeah man.  No need.  Just here with a simple proposition.

Quinn perks up, though remains guarded.

Rogue: Make it quick.  We’re on our way out.

Coleman and Reyes both nod.

Jonas Coleman: Quick we can do.

Reyes goes on.

Diego Reyes: It’s pretty simple.  Option A, we rough you guys up and take your REAL Tag Team Titles…

Coleman chimes in.

Jonas Coleman: As we were hired to do.

Reyes continues.

Diego Reyes: OR, we offer a limited time OPTION B.

Riley scowls.

Riley: Is option B suck my dick?

Reyes sighs.

Diego Reyes: Man…  No.  Look, no mother fucker’s getting their dick sucked in either of these options.

Riley steps forward looking ready to fight.

Riley: Then looks like we do option C…  I Beat your fucking asses!

Coleman and Reyes don’t seem to take the threat terribly seriously, but DO crack their knuckles and shrug.  Before Riley can do anything stupid, though, Quinn pulls him back.

Rogue: Riles, chill a second.  (Looking at Reyes and then Coleman) What’s option B?

Reyes approves of Quinn’s diplomacy and seems okay with letting Riley’s “Option C” roll off his back.  He then proceeds with explaining Option B.

Diego Reyes: Option B is you and us going toe to toe and having a match.

Coleman points down to their bags.

Jonas Coleman: For those belts, of course.

Quinn considers the match while Riley shakes his head and keeps saying, “NO FUCKING DEAL” over and over again.

Rogue: Look…  You want to go on Revolution in two weeks, we can do that.  But tonight?  We’re not really…  in the mood tonight.  So we’ll take option B, for sure.  Just… you’ll have to wait ‘til next Sunday.

Reyes laughs a little bit and looks next to Coleman, who is also laughing.

Jonas Coleman: Oh in two weeks, Diego.  Heh.  (Peering at his partner) Did you say anything about TWO WEEKS?

Diego shakes his head.

Diego Reyes: Nah, man.  (Looking back at the trio) But I also didn’t NOT say that.  So I can AHEM (Clearing his throat) understand the…  misunderstanding.  See, Option B is more of a “Tonight thing.”  You get me?

Quinn takes his turn to smirk and looks back at his partners before eyeballing Diego and  Jonas.

Rogue: Okay, well.  We’ll have to find a compromise…  because Option A isn’t going to happen either.  So how about we do option C…  (Correcting himself) MY version of option C… and…

Before Quinn can say another WORD, Coleman steps forward and LANDS A VICIOUS RIGHT HAND TO HIS FACE!!!  Riley springs into action, but Reyes DRILLS HIM WITH A KICK TO THE SIDE!  Calahan charges at Coleman, who side steps and THROWS HIM OVER A BENCH, HEAD FIRST INTO A LOCKER!!!  Reyes then finishes Riley off and HURLS HIM STRAIGHT INTO THE SIDE OF THE WALL!!!

Quinn tries to get to his feet, and Coleman STOMPS him out cold like a bug.

Reyes sighs loudly.

Diego Reyes: (Reaching into his pockets and pulling out a wad of cash) Man.  Fuck that.

He hands the money to Coleman who takes the cash, puts it in his pocket, and then walks over the body pile to get to the gym bags off to the side.

Jonas Coleman: They ALWAYS pick Option A, bro.

Reyes follows Coleman and goes to one bag, while he goes to another.

Diego Reyes: Thought that Quinn kid had some goddamn SENSE.  Oh well.  What can ya do?

He shakes his head.  Both men rummage through the bags and each pulls out a REAL Tag Team Title.  Reyes holds his up to the light and looks it over.

Diego Reyes: These them?

Coleman nods.

Jonas Coleman: Yep.

Reyes holds the belt into the light a little more.

Diego Reyes: Look pretty goddamn real to me.

Coleman stands up and puts his title over his shoulder.

Jonas Coleman: Feel real too.

Reyes stands up, satisified.

Diego Reyes: Think our work here is done.

Coleman agrees.

Jonas Coleman: Think you’re right, which means it’s time for OUR option C…  As in…  SEE you later.

Reyes blinks.

Diego Reyes: Really?

Jonas Coleman: Mmmhmm.

They leave and the scene is over.


We cut Backstage, to a cliché, it would appear.  The camera is focused on a locker room door, that actually has a large gold star on it.  There is a long, lingering moment.  After a good 30 seconds, once a nice buzz of confusion has come over the audience, the door opens…to reveal a very familiar face.

Kilgore: Hiya kids!

That’s right, it’s Kilgore Stochansky.  He looks healthy, his hair and moustache recently trimmed, his skin tanned, his blue and white seersucker suit immaculately disheveled.  He apparently still has a taste for gold, as he hasn’t stopped rocking all of his jewelry or his gold canine tooth.  He closes the door and stuffs his hands in his pockets, positively beaming.

Kilgore: Could I borrow you for a minute, America?  I know, I know, serious business is afoot here.  This is the night of WAR, isn’t it?  Busy, busy, busy.

Our man begins to walk, that same predatory, lupine lope in his six-foot-five frame.  It’s like he never skipped a beat. 

Kilgore: I’d like to chat with you all about my friend.  Actually, your friend, too.  I’d like to talk to you about…The SHOOT Project. 

As he rounds a corner, Stochansky is nearly passed by a young man carrying two Starbucks cups.  Kilgore Simply shoots his hand out and snatches one, without even pausing his walk.  The young man looks in his direction, obviously angry.

Young Man: You Asshole!

Kilgore: God Bless you too! 

Our man takes a sip of the drink, smiling in appreciation.  We round another corner, this walk taking on a decidedly “West Wing” tone as Kilgore rolls on through the halls of the Richmond Coliseum.

Kilgore: The Ironic thing about our friend is that, well, I couldn’t tell you how it started or where it came from.  I’m no history major, and I’m not about to try and make something up on the fly to make myself look good.  That would be false, and I am nothing if not honest. 

He takes another sip of the coffee, then throws the cup in a trash can that he passes.  Dabbing the sides of his moustache with a hanky, he marches onward.

Kilgore: But that’s not important.  What is important?  SHOOT has always been there for us.  SHOOT understands the people and tells their story on a national stage.  SHOOT has raised champions, heroes and pariahs alike.  SHOOT gave you something to watch, and us something to strive for.  SHOOT…well, gave a struggling Ukrainian kid his first real break.

At this, Stochansky finally stops walking.  He looks away from the camera slightly, his face contorted into what we can only assume is a façade of sadness.  He bites his lower lip and wipes an imaginary tear from his face.

Kilgore: Must be…something in my eye….

He holds up a finger, signifying that we as the audience need to wait a moment.  After a bit, Our man sniffles and looks back towards the camera, his resolve having returned. 

Kilgore: I’m sorry about that, let’s continue. 

Movement kicks back up again, with Kilgore’s lanky frame making great strides.  As we round another corner, he begins to smile broadly, that same predatory grin, all smile and how-do-you-do up front, with that undercurrent of scheming.

Kilgore: What could be more important than explaining to you what SHOOT was?  Well, simple, really: What SHOOT is going to be. 

Our man stops walking, then stuffs his hands into his pockets, taking on a casual pose.

Kilgore: SHOOT will become a place that I will call home again.  SHOOT will be known as ground zero for the rebirth of the sport.  SHOOT will be known as the place where Kilgore Stochansky, out of it for so long, finally made his triumphant return…and took what was rightfully his.

His eyes flash slightly, a trick of movement and hallway lights.

Kilgore: I see so much sin and largesse in our friend.  Heck, I’d wager that all of America sees what dire need our friend is in.  And I, like so many great heroes of myth and yore, felt a calling;  something tugging me back here…because our friend, the SHOOT Project, is in peril. 

At this, his smile broadens, despite the seriousness of his words. 

Kilgore: But fear not, ladies and gentlemen.  I don’t shun those close to me who have gone down a dark path.  I do my darndest to make them better again.  And whether anyone likes to admit it or not, they know that I’m needed.

He begins walking again, and takes a break from speaking to pop a piece of gum into his mouth.  After a few thoughtful chews, he continues. 

Kilgore: I was never in this to be a hero.  But there just seem to be wrongs that Have to be righted, and who am I to sit idly?  The only thing I ask of you, fans, friends, all of America and even my supporters on the international tip, is this: Don’t go singing my praises all willy-nilly.  Believe me, you’ll have plenty of time to do that when you’re sitting in the den with your grandchildren, telling them of a bygone time when you knew a real patriot by the name…of Kilgore Stochansky. 

With a sudden sideways shuffle, our man slips into the same star-labeled dressing room.  It would appear that he took Intrepid Cameraman in a complete circle.  We cut away with the focus on the golden star…


“One” by Metallica plays in the background as the fans start to get more and more excited as they see the Under Siege Cell being lowered towards the ring.

Other Guy:  It’s that time, guys!

Eryk Masters:  The Under Siege Match, named in homage of the pay-per-view event made famous by the SHOOT Project all those years ago, is about to begin!  Jeff, anything you’d like to add here?

Jeff Hansen:  Rah rah, sis poom bah.

Other Guy:  As always, ladies and gentlemen, my broadcast colleague…and I used that term loosely…proving why he was unemployed for all that time between companies.

Jeff Hansen:  Well what the fuck do you WANT me to say?  It’s a big ass fucking cell, Jonny’s Friends are goin’ in there, and they’re gonna tear the Sons of Liberty apart!

Other Guy:  Cute.  Considering how barely together Jonny’s Friends have even been lately, I’d—

Eryk Masters:  Wow, look who’s just appeared at ringside!

The camera focuses in on none other than ELI STORM, who waves to the fans in attendance.  He shakes a few hands and signs a few autographs as he takes a seat at ringside.

Jeff Hansen:  Ooh, he doesn’t look like he’s been working.  I wonder if he’s had a bite to eat in days!  HA HA HA HA!!

Other Guy:  Fuck off.  Seriously.

Eryk Masters:  It looks like, as is Nightmare’s custom, that he’s gotten a ringside seat for one of the more famous victims of Jonny’s Friends and their onslaught in SHOOT Project with former member of the Sons of Liberty Eli Storm.

Jeff Hansen:  Fuck Nightmare buys up ringside seats for events all the damn time.  Sure, let’s get the fans behind us, but let’s make sure that they NEVER get any hard time on the camera side so we can get more pity faces lining the guardrails!

Eryk Masters:  To go over the rules…of the match, by special request, here’s SHOOT Project Timekeeper MARK KENDRICK!

The fans are already cheering as Mark Kendrick stands up next to the announce booth, pumping his fist in response to their adulation.

Mark Kendrick:  What a good feeling to be here in Richmond, Virginia!

The fans cheer in response.

Mark Kendrick:  Coming up next is the Under Siege Match, in which four members of the Sons of Liberty and the partner of their choosing goes up against…

The cheering for the Sons of Liberty is enough to stop Mark from speaking.  After a few moments, he continues.

Mark Kendrick:  …goes up against four members of Jonny’s Friends and the partner of their choosing!

The fans unleash their merciless boos.

Jeff Hansen:  Fuck Richmond.

Mark Kendrick:  The rules are as follows.  In the back, as captains of their respective teams, Nightmare and Osbourne Kilminster each drew a series of numbers as well as the names of themselves and their teammates.  Each individual on each team, with the exception of the first two, have been given a random number to coincide with their entrance into the match.

Jeff Hansen:  Wait…so…after one Son of Liberty and one Friend get in the ring, we could feasibly see ALL four members of the Friends come in one after another and tear up whatever dumbass is stuck in there with them four on one?  PERFECT.

Other Guy:  Pfft.  We could see one Friend getting mauled by four Sons of Liberty!

Mark Kendrick:  Now…the match is no disqualification, no holds barred.  Anyone can leave the ring and anyone can, if they find a way out, escape the cell.  Once all five members of both teams have arrived in the ring, THEN AND ONLY THEN…can eliminations occur!  The first two will be in the ring for five minutes, then the third will arrive, followed shortly by the next and so on until all members of both teams are in the ring!

Kendrick waves to the fans as the camera moves over to Samantha Coil, who stands beside him.

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…INTRODUCING FIRST…

“Wake Up” by Rage Against The Machine plays, bringing the fans to their feet.  Out from the back emerges Ainsley Lake wearing black and silver variations on her normal ring gear.  She waves to some of the fans, slapping hands as she walks down towards the ring.

Samantha Coil:  …a member of the Sons of Liberty…she is the current Revolution Champion…she is AINSLEY…LAAAAAAKE!

Other Guy:  Looks like she left the Revolution Championship in the back.  Good idea, too, considering the veritable hell she’s about to go through being the first person in!

Ainsley stretches against the ropes as she nods at referee Austin Linam as he tells her something.  “Wake Up” dies down and is greeted by Folk Implosion’s “Natural One”, bringing the boos and bringing Ainsley’s attention completely on the entrance.

Samantha Coil:  And her FIRST opponent…a member of Jonny’s Friends…

Out from the back emerges Ron Barker, glaring down at Ainsley with a grin on his face. 

Jeff Hansen:  YES!!  PERFECT!!

Samantha Coil:  …he is…RON…BAAAAAAAARKER!!!!

Barker gets in the ring and is kept from Ainsley by Austin Linam.  “Natural One” dies down and Linam gets the two of them to get to their respective corners.  The Cell door is locked by the referee in charge of it, Dennis Heflin.  Austin Linam gets away from the two of them and calls for the bell and the match to begin!

Eryk Masters:  Neither Ainsley Lake nor Ron Barker have any idea who may be coming out to the match next, so it’s going to be hell on both of them for this first five minutes!

Ainsley Lake, predictably, starts jawing off at her opponent.  Ron, however, shrugs it off, SLAPPING her HARD across the face!  She is staggered, but immediately comes back with a SLAP of her own!  Barker glares at her for a long second before he goes to slap her again, only to have Lake duck underneath it, bounce off the ropes and try to hit a flying clothesline that Barker ducks under himself, forcing Lake to roll through with it and get up, only to get LEVELED by a Ron Barker LARIAT!!  Barker gets Lake up and shoves her into the ropes, hitting her in the face with elbow shots before he whips her to the ropes.  As she comes back, however, she gets to NAIL Ron Barker in the face with the flying elbow smash!

Eryk Masters:  I gotta say, I think Ainsley’s gonna have to hold her own with Ron Barker big time here, guys.  Barker and her have a long history, so it’s only just a matter of time before the two of them start to REALLY go at it!

Other Guy:  It’s a feeling out process, you know.  You don’t wanna fuck up THIS early, you know?

Jeff Hansen:  Ainsley Lake’s not got a chance against anybody in this match, you know.  She’s, without a doubt, the weakest member of either team, you know.

Ainsley shrieks out to the fans who cheer for her as Barker picks himself up, holding his head.  She is right there, however, pummeling Ron Barker with right elbow strikes before she manages to whip him to the ropes.  However, he counters and catches her, NAILING her with a belly to belly suplex!  The fans boo as Barker gets up, kneeling and getting face to face with her, laughing his ass off at her attempt to attack him.

Other Guy:  Ainsley’s doing the best she can, but it’s a hard road to hoe in this instance.  Ron Barker’s a brutal fighter, and her strength might not measure up if he’s on his game like it looks like he is tonight.

Barker looks around at the fans, mocking them as he picks Ainsley up.  He puts her head in between his legs, makes a mocking pump motion, prompting the fans to boo even more.  He laughs as he grabs her by her midsection.

Jeff Hansen:  Not looking good for Ainsley…

Barker picks her up…BUT AINSLEY COUNTERS WITH THE BURNING SAINTS!!  BARKER IS DOWN FROM THE BURNING SAINTS!  Ainsley is immediately up, throwing herself into the ropes, trying to catch her breath.  The fans are popping BIG as Ron Barker is DOWN.  Lake staggers over to the ropes and climbs up to the top, looking out over the fans with an excited look as Barker struggles to get back to his feet.

Eryk Masters:  Ainsley Lake throwing out one of her finishing maneuvers here on Ron Barker.  I’ve gotta say, it was really early, but when you’re dealing with THIS kind of size difference, it goes a long way ot throw it all at the wall and hope for the best!

Lake looks down at Ron, who gets up, and locks eyes with Lake, on the top rope…just in time to hear the countdown begin.





Eryk Masters:  Who will it be?!


An alarm sounds through the arena, and “Line ‘Em Up” by Freeway and Young Chris kicks in, the fans booing loudly as out from the back emerges THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK.  The fans boo as Black walks down to the ring, the cell door already open for him.

Other Guy:  Oh damn.

Jeff Hansen:  Ainsley Lake’s alone in there against two of the biggest and baddest motherfuckers in SHOOT Project!

Barker gets to his feet, laughing hysterically as Black walks to the ring.  Lake, however, realizes she’s in over her head, and IMMEDIATELY LEAPS OFF THE TURNBUCKLE AND HITS BARKER WITH THE HIGHER SIDE OF LOW…and doesn’t even give herself a moment to breathe, rolling through and LEAPING THROUGH THE ROPES IN A SUICIDE DIVE ON BLACK!!!

Eryk Masters:  Lake is desperately going to pull out all the stops to stay alive in there against Black and Barker!

Black lands against the cell wall, trying to shake off the cobwebs.  Lake, however, goes under the ring, trying to find something to even the score.  She comes out, looking up to Barker and then to Black, who is coming to rather quickly.  She continues to look underneath the ring, but Black pulls her out!  He stands her up and she tries to fight, but Black overwhelms her, SLAMMING her back first into the side of the ring!

Jeff Hansen:  HEY!  So much for the plucky heroic underdog!!

Black rolls her into the ring as Barker is coming to, a look of pure anger on his face.  Black looks down at her as she clutches her back and whips her to the corner.  She bounces off, but stays in the corner.  Black follows it up…SPLASH!!  Lake staggers out and Black NAILS her with the Flatliner!!  The fans boo loudly as Barker is up now, and both men tower over her.  Black picks her up and motions to the ropes, prompting Barker to nod his head in agreement!

Other Guy:  Oh damn it…this isn’t good…

Black whips her to the ropes and Barker SLAMS her down with a STIFF SPINEBUSTER.  Barker is up now, picking her up almost immediately.  He grabs her by her cheeks, his teeth gritted in furious anger.  He pushes her back and BITCH SLAPS her to the mat!!  The fans ERUPT into boos as Black applauds Barker’s ruthlessness!  Black holds his finger up to Barker to get his attention.  Black picks Lake up and SENDS HER DOWN ONTO HIS KNEE WITH A BACKBREAKER.  Lake calls out in pain, but Black yells to Barker.

Thomas Manchester Black:  YO.  CHECK THIS OUT.

Black STANDS BACK UP, STILL with Lake in his grasp!  ANOTHER backbreaker!  He laughs as the fans boo, picking her up again…and AGAIN with ANOTHER backbreaker!

Thomas Manchester Black:  One more?

Barker nods as Black picks Lake BACK UP…and hits a THIRD backbreaker, unceremoniously dumping her body to the mat in a heap.  Barker laughs as Black picks her up once again and hooks her up…EXPLODER straight down to the mat.

Eryk Masters:  Jesus.  One on one, Ainsley Lake can stand toe to toe with the best of ‘em…

Jeff Hansen:  But when faced with superior talents AND superior numbers…she stands NO chance!  Look at her!  LOOK AT HER!!  HA HA HA HA HA!!

Other Guy:  C’mon, damn it…I really hope somebody’s coming soon to help her out.

Jeff Hansen:  YOU DON’T KNOW!!  HA HA HA HA…you have NO fucking idea who’s coming out!  What if it’s Sinn?  What if it’s Ozzy?  She is FUCKED!!



Black and Barker lord over Lake’s body as she struggles to overcome the pain.


Barker and Black are both looking rather confident as the countdown continues.



An alarm sounds.


The fans…fucking…LOSE IT.  “Wake Up” kicks back up and out from the back, with rage in his eyes and fists clenched, CORAZON appears, storming down to the ring.

Other Guy:  IT’S ON!!!  IT IS FUCKING ON!!!

Corazon rips the cell door open from the referee and slides into the ring, Barker moving to get Black between the two of them!  Corazon stops, staring at Black and then looks down at Ainsley, who is clutching her back.  Corazon looks over Black’s shoulder and then to Black.  He smirks.

Corazon:  You ready?

Black CHARGES Corazon, but Corazon NAILS him in the midsection with a HARD kick, doubling him over!  Corazon storms past Lake’s body to Barker, who has slid from the ring!  The fans are ERUPTING as Corazon stands over Lake’s body, pulling her up to her feet.  She looks at Corazon relieved as Corazon beckons for the two men to get up and face the two of them.  Barker gets to where Black is holding his midsection and slides back into the ring.  Black and Barker stand there, in one corner.  Corazon and Lake stand in the other corner.  Corazon checks up on Lake and he heads over to Barker and Black, vengeance on his mind.

Other Guy:  Oh it is fucking on.  It’s so on that on has no clue how on it is.

Jeff Hansen:  Stop being stupid.  Lake’s still fucked up.  It’s still just as good as two on one.

Eryk Masters:  But…Jeff…that one is Corazon.

Jeff Hansen:  SHUT UP.  Both of you!

As Corazon heads towards Barker, Barker ducks out and Black meets Corazon with a shot to the face!  Corazon staggers but rallies back with an elbow smash!  Black staggers and goes for a side kick, but Corazon catches the leg underneath his arm.  Black leaps up for an enziguiri, but Corazon ducks the enziguiri and STILL has a hold of Black’s leg, quickly taking his own boot and pinning Black’s leg down under the back of the knee and STOMPING down on the back of Black’s knee, leaving Black on the mat in pain!  As Corazon stands there, happy with what he’s done to Black’s knee, Barker appears behind him, arms out, ready to catch him.  Corazon turns and is CAUGHT in a Barker SPINEBUSTER—WAIT!  Ainsley Lake is there!  She clips Barker’s knee from under him!  Barker FALLS!  Corazon with a Thesz press on Barker, CLUBBING Barker with both fists in the head!

Other Guy:  It looks like the Revolution Champion is BACK on her feet!!

Corazon and Lake pick Black up and Corazon lifts him up…letting Lake catch him with a 3D!  Black holds his head as Lake and Corazon both pick Barker up.  Lake drops Barker with a drop toe hold and Corazon NAILS him with the BRUTALITY CHECK.


Both members of Jonny’s Friends are DOWN.  The fans are cheering loudly as the countdown begins again.



Black pulls himself up, glaring at the entrance behind Corazon and Lake.


Black pulls Barker up, who is suffering from the HARD Brutality Check.  Black points to the entrance.


Corazon crouches down, eager to see who’s next.


The alarm is heard throughout the arena as “Daremo Inai Ie” by MUCC kicks in, and the fans can’t help but boo mercilessly.

Other Guy:  Of all the monsters on this team…THIS guy is next!!

Jeff Hansen:  See that?  That’s perfection…and I don’t mean Barker’s finisher, dude.

KENJI YAMADA steps out into the arena, his face contorted in anger as he paces down to the ring, a mad man hell bent on destruction.  He enters the cell and doesn’t give Corazon or Lake a single chance, BARRELLING through the two of them with a DOUBLE clothesline!  The fans boo as Yamada puts the boots to Corazon specifically, allowing Black and Barker to pick Lake up.  They both whip Lake to the ropes as Yamada picks Corazon up.  Lake, however, has other plans, and SPRINGBOARDS off the middle rope and NAILS a flying bulldog to Kenji!  The fans POP as Lake gets back up, bouncing off the ropes and charging at the other two men, nailing them with a double flying crossbody!!  The fans cheer their asses off as Lake scurries over to Corazon to get him up.  Yamada picks himself up, standing behind her as she crouches down to check on Corazon.  Kenji LIFTS her up with a STIFF release German suplex!!  Kenji is over her, grabbing her legs, tucking them around his waist, and then lifting her arms up in his Pendulum Lock!

Other Guy:  Jesus Christ, this guy is a pitbull in that ring!

Yamada keeps the hold locked in, pulling back as hard as he can on Lake, causing her to cry out in pain.  Corazon, meanwhile, is up and rushes over to stop Kenji, but Barker bumrushes him with a shoulder block!  Corazon bounces off the ropes and gets met with a BIG BOOT from Black!  After Yamada’s had the hold locked in for a sufficient amount of time, he lets her go, putting the boot to the back of Lake’s head one final time for good measure.  Barker laughs, picking Lake up by her hair.  He whips her to the ropes and NAILS HER WITH PERFECTION.  Corazon, trying to get his wits about him, gets picked back up by Yamada, who actually CLAWS at Corazon’s face!  Black picks Lake up and THROWS her to the outside of the ring, leaving the three members of Jonny’s Friends to lord over the hurting Corazon!

Jeff Hansen:  IT’S ON!!  Corazon in there alone with THREE of the most bloodthirsty men in the SHOOT Project!

Eryk Masters:  I can only hope there’s a Son of Liberty coming down to the ring next!

Yamada drops down to Corazon, pummeling him with rights and lefts as the fans boo loudly, showing their lack of appreciation to the mauling.  Barker takes a few steps back, letting himself take a breather.  Black, meanwhile, looks around the ring for Lake, but doesn’t find her.

Other Guy:  Where’d Ainsley go?

Black taps Barker on the shoulder, motioning to where he threw Ainsley out of the ring, prompting both men to exit the ring looking for her.  Both men pace the ring as Yamada continues to pepper Corazon’s body with rights and lefts on the mat, Corazon doing all he can to block the onslaught.

Jeff Hansen:  It’s fucking obvious where the bitch is, LOOK UNDER THE RING!!!

Barker looks at Black and points to the ring apron, motioning for them to open it and find Ainsley.  Just as they RIP open the ring apron, Lake appears on the OTHER SIDE of the ring, sliding a STEEL CHAIR in the ring!  Barker and Black continue to search under the ring as Lake gets back in the ring, standing over the oblivious Devil himself, Kenji Yamada.  The fans boos turn to cheers, which stops Kenji long enough to look up…RIGHT INTO THE STIFFEST CHAIR SHOT TO THE FACE YOU’VE EVER SEEN.  The fans ERUPT as Yamada’s brow is IMMEDIATELY split open, blood starting to drop from it almost instantly!!

Jeff Hansen:  BOO!  NO FAIR!!


Jeff Hansen:  I know the bitch is retarded, look at who she dates, but that is just UNFAIR!!



Corazon pulls himself up as Lake RAMS the chair down on Kenji again!  Black enters the ring, followed by Barker and Lake IMMEDIATELY attacks!


Lake NAILS Barker with the chair, sending him down!


Lake gets caught by Black, who rips the chair from her hand and NAILS her in the head!


The ominous alarm sounds and “Gets Me Through” by Ozzy Osbourne kicks in, the fans booing once again!

Other Guy:  Oh…shit.

SINNOCENCE steps out from the back, walking hard down to the ring!


Sinn enters the ring and immediately moves past Corazon, locking Lake up in the IRON MAIDEN.  She sinks the hold in as Black gets caught in a WICKED European uppercut, hooking Black’s head up…and HOISTING HIM IN THE AIR FOR A BELLY TO BACK BRAINBUSTER!!  Black is OUT as Corazon is spun around by Kenji, but Corazon catches him…ACT OF INHUMANITY!  Kenji is OUT!!  Corazon makes his way to Sinn, but Barker catches him…PERFECTION!!!  CORAZON is out!!  The fans boo as Barker gets in Lake’s face, slapping her as Sinn continues to keep the hold locked in.

Other Guy:  Oh this is fucking ridiculous.  RIDICULOUS!!

Ron Barker:  Let her go, Sinn.  Let’s have some fun.

Sinn releases the hold, glaring down at the woman who managed to defeat her for the Revolution Championship.  Barker motions for the steel chair, which Sinn happily grabs.  Barker picks Lake’s head up, putting the steel chair underneath in.  Barker bounces off the ropes for a falling knee drop, but Lake moves, Barker SMASHING his knee into the chair!!

Eryk Masters:  Ainsley Lake has some fight left in her still!

Sinn immediately starts to kick at Lake, who is blocking the moves as best she can.  Sinn, however, manages to hit a well placed kick to Ainsley’s temple, disorienting her long enough to allow Sinn to pick her up and puts her between her legs!

Eryk Masters:  We saw what happened last time Ainsley was put in this position!!

Sinn, however, LIFTS Ainsley up…AND SENDS HER DOWN TO THE MAT WITH A SICKENING THUD OF A POWERBOMB!!  Sinn pulls herself over Ainsley’s body, wrapping Ainsley’s legs around her body.  She cradles Ainsley’s face, trying to resuscitate her.

Jeff Hansen:  Okay, this is hot.

Sinn strokes Ainsley’s cheek as she slowly pushes her own body down on Ainsley.  She bites her bottom lip as Lake comes to.  Lake locks eyes with Sinn and reaches up, taking Sinn’s face in hers.

Jeff Hansen:  Okay…THIS is hot.

Ainsley looks into Sinn’s eyes for a long, intimate moment.  Suddenly, Lake NAILS Sinn with a headbutt!  Sinn’s nose INSTANTLY bleeds as the fans ERUPT!  Lake tries to move her off of her, but Sinn HEADBUTTS LAKE RIGHT BACK!!!  ANOTHER!!  ANOTHER!!  ANOTHER!!  ANOTHERANOTHERANOTHERANOTHER AND ANOTHER!!!  Lake’s lip is BUSTED OPEN and her face is COVERED in Sinn’s blood!  The fans boo LOUDLY as Sinn stands up, infuriated.

Other Guy:  Was THAT hot for you?

Jeff Hansen:  Fuck yeah it was!

Kenji, at this point, is up and picks Corazon up, who drops down to his knees in front of Kenji.  Kenji glares at Corazon for a long moment before the countdown begins again!


Corazon NAILS Kenji with a LOW BLOW.


Corazon sneaks up on the groggy Black, and NAILS the Act of Inhumanity on him AGAIN.  Barker and Sinn move in on Corazon!


Barker and Sinn wail away on Corazon, who valiantly tries to fight back!


Corazon NAILS them with a double clothesline, dropping to his own knees, staring at the entrance.


The alarm sounds as Corazon stares dead at the entrance, only to hear Muse’s “Knights of Cydonia”!  The fans pop HUGE as Dan Stein appears from the back, power walking to the ring!  He slides into the ring, immediately taking a hold of Kenji and planting him BACK on the mat with a standing Power Surge DDT!  Barker is up…and Stein takes him BACK down with ANOTHER standing Power Surge DDT!!  The fans are cheering LOUDLY as Stein picks Sinn up himself…NAILING ANOTHER STANDING POWER SURGE DDT ON SINN.  The fans are eating it up as Stein has LEVELED three of the four members of Jonny’s Friends currently in the ring!

Other Guy:  YES!!  YES!!  YES!!!

Stein screams out to the fans, hearing their loud cheers for him.  He goes to check on Ainsley, who spits blood onto the canvas.  Lake is in obvious pain and Stein tries to help her get up.  Corazon, meanwhile, moves to help the two allies of his.  Black, meanwhile is slowly trying to come to behind the two Sons of Liberty as he moves towards the steel chair slowly but surely.  Sinn, also, is coming to, and Black motions to her as the fans begin to boo, picking up on the goings on behind Corazon, Lake, and Stein.  Barker, however, rolls himself to the outside again, clutching his head, trying to get shake the cobwebs loose.

Eryk Masters:  It looks like The Sons of Liberty are trying to get Ainsley’s stuff together while Black is rallying Sinn to get up…and Kenji is slowly coming to himself.

Other Guy:  The Sons need to turn around or this could get VERY ugly for them!

Suddenly, Corazon snaps his head around…but it’s too late!  Black LEVELS Corazon with a Lariat, sending BOTH men to the outside of the ring!  Stein looks down at the two men on the outside and looks for Barker, only for Sinn to sneak up behind him and NAIL him with a low blow!  This is no ordinary low blow, however, as she takes a FIRM hold of Stein’s genitals!  Stein immediately falls to the mat, clutching his beloved jewels as Sinn stands up, licking the blood dripping over her lips.  She pinches her index finger and thumb together, motioning to Stein and laughing.  Lake, however, charges at her, but KENJI LEAPFROGS OVER SINN, NAILING LAKE WITH A HURRICANRANA!!!  Even the fans who boo can’t help but POP at SUCH an astounding maneuver from Kenji!

Other Guy:  WOW AND DAMN!!

Jeff Hansen:  Kenji just APPEARED out of NOWHERE and hits that PERFECT hurricanrana on Ainsley Lake!

Eryk Masters:  LEAPFROGGING over Sinnocence!!

Kenji and Sinn, both sporting crimson masks, look at one another, an unspoken respect formed between them.  Ainsley, however, can only hold her head as her own bloodied face drips blood onto the mat.  Kenji walks over to Stein and picks him up, lifting Stein up onto his shoulders.  Stein, still feeling the shock of the low blow, is helpless as Kenji SLAMS him to the mat with with Onifuusha Hurricane Driver!!

Other Guy:  Despite the numbers starting to even out, things are STILL bleak for the Sons of Liberty!

Kenji looks at Sinn, who stands in front of Stein’s body.  Kenji…LEAPS UP…AND NAILS SINNOCENCE WITH A HURRICANRANA, USING HER BODY AS A WEAPON ONTO STEIN!!!!

Eryk Masters:  HO-LEE-SHIT!!!!  I hate to say this, BUT I LIKE IT!!!

Stein holds his chest now as Corazon slowly picks himself up outside of the ring.  Meanwhile, Barker is on the other side of the ring, taking a seat on the ring steps, waving to Eli Storm who is glaring at him from ringside!  Barker looks to be no longer winded, smirking and laughing as he relaxes, lounging on the ring steps.

Other Guy:  That sneaky son of a bitch!  While the numbers are uneven, he’s out there taking a break and mocking the fans!

Eryk Masters:  It’s sneaky, but it’s also brilliant.  Can’t deny that.

Jeff Hansen:  Forget about it, Eryk.  That fuck over there doesn’t have clue one about brilliance.

Other Guy:  Fuck off.

Jeff Hansen:  YOUR NAME IS OTHER GUY!!  Where’s the fucking creativity there?!

Corazon, however, is slowly sneaking to the side of the ring Ron Barker is relaxing on.  Meanwhile, Black is picking himself up from his clothesline on the outside.  Yamada picks Sinn up, who is groggy but grinning her ass off down at Stein, and the two of them continue to glare Stein down, focused completely on taking him down.



Other Guy:  Who can this be?


Jeff Hansen:  There’s only three more guys left, take a guess!


Corazon has Barker cornered, and Barker stops, shocked Corazon snuck up on him!


The alarm sounds and “Wake Up” by Rage Against The Machine kicks in AGAIN and the fans pick up, cheering loudly as NIGHTMARE appears, storming down to the ring with a vengeance!

Other Guy:  The Sons of Liberty team captain has ARRIVED!!

Nightmare enters the cell without even bothering to take off his entrance sleeveless duster and immediately shoves Barker into Corazon, who RAMS Barker’s head into the cell wall!  Nightmare enters the ring and Yamada immediately greets him, the two of them trading rights and lefts!  Sinn is trying to sneak up on Nightmare from behind.

Ainsley Lake:  HEY SINNY!!

Sinn turns around, and Ainsley NAILS her with a middle rope Higher Side of Low!!  The fans pop BIG as Lake sneaks up on Kenji, hitting him with a Lungblower!

Eryk Masters:  It’s four on four now!

Jeff Hansen:  C’mon!

Kenji holds his back as Nightmare picks him up, peppering him with HARD shots, pummeling the much smaller Yamada!  Nightmare quickly NAILS Kenji Yamada with the STO!!  He pulls Lake up, moving her to the corner with Stein.  Corazon, on the outside, GRINDS Barker’s face against the cell one final time before he slides into the ring to be on the side of Nightmare.  Nightmare reaches into the pocket of his duster and hands Corazon a black object, which Corazon snaps to his side, revealing an ASP!!

Jeff Hansen:  Oh for FUCK’S SAKE!!

Corazon stands in front of Nightmare, Stein, and Lake, and NAILS Yamada in the bloodied face with the ASP!  Sinn is back up, but is brought BACK down from the ASP!  Corazon looks around, trying to find Barker or Black.  Black, however, slid back into the ring after having disappeared to catch his own wind!  He NAILS Corazon with the steel chair Ainsley brought into the match earlier on, forcing Corazon to drop the ASP!  Nightmare goes for a clothesline that Black ducks prompting Nightmare to turn around, but Black takes Nightmare’s duster’s tails and jerks Nightmare off of his balance, catching him with a Rude Awakening neckbreaker!  Black takes the ASP and tosses it at Stein to confuse him long enough for Black to get past him with a leg sweep and catch Lake with a rising tackle!

Eryk Masters:  Thomas Manchester Black has managed to take out all four members of the Sons of Liberty with one combination of moves!

Black turns his attention back to Corazon, who is still groggy but coming to.  He rushes over to him and hits an elbow drop as Barker slides back into the ring, his face skinned slightly but not bleeding.  Sinn is back up, helping Yamada get to his own feet.

Jeff Hansen:  Look at that!  Thomas Manchester Black has single handedly taken out the Sons of Liberty AND rallied Jonny’s Friends all at once!

They each pick their targets, Barker taking the groggy Corazon, Sinn taking the woozy Stein, Black picking Nightmare, and Kenji going after the weakened Lake.  Lake sees Kenji coming for her and ducks out from the ring, prompting Kenji to follow after her.  Sinn kicks Stein once before hitting a double kneedrop, dropping both knees on either side of Stein’s head, smothering him between her legs as she sits on his face, mocking the fans who boo at her.

Jeff Hansen:  Sinnocence is my favorite SHOOT Project Soldier in SHOOT’s entire history.  Entire fucking history.

Black goes for a spinning back hand, but Nightmare catches him and sends him FLYING with a Dragon Suplex!!  Sinn spots Nightmare, but is kicked in her head by him for her troubles!  Barker, however, is there and goes for a low blow on Nightmare to equalize things a bit…bit Nightmare barely flinches, snapping over to Barker!  Nightmare knocks on his crotch area, showing he’s wearing a cup!

Other Guy:  Nightmare was ready!

Nightmare whips Barker to the ropes and catches him with a back body drop!  Stein gets up, smacking his lips with a disgusted look on his face!

Eryk Masters:  He must not have liked what he tasted!!

Other Guy:  OH GOD.  Rotten fish and Viking cum!

Jeff Hansen:  SHUT THE FUCK UP!!  God I’m nauseous.


Barker clutches his back in agony.


Lake is in a solid sprint around the ring, running from Kenji!


Suddenly, Stein is on the outside, NAILING Kenji with a flying clothesline from the inside out!


Lake slides back into the ring as Corazon rallies to Nightmare in the middle of the ring.


The alarm sounds yet again and “Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine plays again!

Other Guy:  This is it!  The last Son of Liberty!

‘DEVIOUS’ DANNY EVERS sprints out from the back and IMMEDIATELY slides into the ring!  He almost instantly NAILS a Shining Wizard on Sinn, sending her BACK to the mat!  Ainsley is grinning from ear to ear as Stein enters the ring and the five members of the Sons of Liberty team stand united in the center of the ring!

Eryk Masters:  We’re one man away from eliminations going into effect!

Black pulls Sinn to the outside of the ring, as does Kenji to Barker.  The four members of Jonny’s Friends pace outside the ring, glaring at the united Sons of Liberty.  For the first time in this match, the numbers are completely in the Sons of Liberty’s favor.  Black, Kenji, Barker, and Sinn all stand together near the door way to the cell, glaring down the five members of the Sons of Liberty.

Other Guy:  It’s like a calm before the storm here now.  The Sons of Liberty are complete in the ring, while Jonny’s Friends stand outside the ring, one man down from being on equal ground with the Sons.

Evers takes Ainsley in his arms and kisses her on her forehead while Stein glares a hole through the four individuals on the outside.  Kenji goes to enter the ring, but Black holds him back.  Meanwhile, Nightmare and Corazon beckon the four of them to enter the ring and fight them fairly.  Barker mocks Corazon and Nightmare for their efforts while Black motions to the four of them to stay together.  Nightmare locks eyes with Black, impressed with Black’s crack decision to play strategy with his team.

Jeff Hansen:  Listen to the fans, guys.  They’ve got silent, watching the nine of them in there, taking their breathers, getting ready for the last step in this match, which has been utter fucking hell on all of ‘em.

Eryk Masters:  It’s been insane, to be sure.

Other Guy:  Danny Evers looks itching for a fight, since he’s not been able to hit anybody as of yet.

Jeff Hansen:  Oh, he’ll get his fucking chance.  Believe me, you know I’m right.

Other Guy:  Oh, I know.

Stein has had enough and charges at the four of them on the outside, but Nightmare calls him back!  Danny pulls Stein back to the group, keeping them together in the center of the ring.



Nightmare, Danny Evers, Ainsley Lake, Corazon, and Dan Stein all glare at the entrance.


Sinnocence, Thomas Manchester Black, Ron Barker, and Kenji Yamada all turn to the entrance as well.


Other Guy:  Oh…shit.


The alarm sounds, and we all know who it is.  “Break Your Face” by Jack Nickelz plays and the fans pepper the captain of Jonny’s Friends in boos!  OSBOURNE KILMINSTER saunters down to the ring slowly.  He’s fresh, he’s geared up, and he’s got a vile smirk on his face as he enters the cell.


The Sons of Liberty move to the back of the ring as Black motions for the lot of them to surround the ring.  Ozzy, however, has another idea.  He motions for everyone to get into the ring at once.  The five of them slide in and pick themselves up.  The Sons of Liberty do not attack.  Ainsley Lake is bloody.  Sinnocence is bloody.  Kenji Yamada is bloody.  The ten members of the Under Siege Match stare at one another from across the ring.

Other Guy:  They’ve put one another through hell here tonight…and it’s just getting started!

Eryk Masters:  Ron Barker and Ainsley Lake, one hour ago, got into this ring…and I gotta tell you, I don’t think even they knew what they were getting themselves into!

Jeff Hansen:  It’s been an hour?!

Without warning, the five on five onslaught begins.  Thomas Manchester Black targets ‘Devious’ Danny Evers.  Ainsley Lake takes on Sinnocence.  Dan ‘The Lights’ Stein locks up with Kenji Yamada.  Corazon and ‘Ravishing’ Ron Barker go head to head while Nightmare and Osbourne Kilminster greet one another in the center of the ring, everything on the line.  Kenji punches Stein back, leaping up vertically into a hurricanrana, only to drag Stein completely out of the ring and to the outside of the ring.  Once outside, Kenji reaches underneath the ring and brings out a long rectangular box.

Eryk Masters:  What is that?

Kenji rips the box open and reveals…TUBE LIGHTS.  Kenji holds one up like a baseball bat and measures Stein as he gets to his feet.  Stein spots the light tube and turns his head JUST in time to catch a HARD light tube shot to the back of the head, bringing Stein to the ground!  Meanwhile, Black legsweeps Evers to the mat and leaps up for a flying knee drop, only for Evers to roll out of the way.  Black clutches his knee but doesn’t stop, getting up to his feet and catching a Danny Evers dropkick, sending Black to the corner.  Evers grabs Lake and whips her to the corner, but Lake counters and Evers FLIES into the corner with a splash!  Black staggers out and Evers catches him in the Kastfall Part ONE!

Eryk Masters:  Been a LONG time since I’ve seen that move!  A diving DDT, akin to Christian Cage’s reverse diving DDT, an homage to his mentor and friend, OutKast!

Lake, meanwhile, scurries over to Sinnocence who hip tosses her down to the mat.  Lake lands in a seated position and Sinn immediately manages to hit a dropkick to Lake’s back.  Kenji slides her a light tube and Sinn lifts it up high over Lake’s head.  Suddenly, however, the light tube is RIPPED from Sinn’s hands!  Sinn looks back and sees Danny Evers holding the light tube, the fans popping as Evers glares HARD at her!  Sinn begs off, and Danny looks down at the light tube, smirking.  Suddenly, his eyes snap over to her and a grin crosses his face…AND HE SHATTERS THE LIGHT TUBE ACROSS SINN’S FACE.

Jeff Hansen:  HOE-LEE-SHIT!!!

Sinn falls to the mat, shrieking in pain.  Of course, who should hear it but the team captain and Sinn’s lover, who NAILS Nightmare to disorient him as he charges at Evers.  Evers spots Ozzy coming for him and tries to duck out, but Ozzy will have none of that and he locks Evers in a full nelson and SLAMS him down to the mat with a full nelson slam!  This time, however, Ozzy isn’t done, yanking Evers BACK up…and SLAMMING him BACK down to the mat with ANOTHER full nelson slam!!  He sprawls over Evers, pummeling him with HARD strikes until Corazon appears behind him, slamming him in the back with his elbow!  Ozzy is pulled off of Evers by Corazon, who IMMEDIATELY attacks with the Acts of Brutality!  Ozzy staggers backwards and Corazon NAILS the Brutality Check on him, dropping Kilminster to the mat!  Corazon staggers from the superkick and Ron Barker IMMEDIATELY catches him with PERFECTION!!!  Barker goes for the pin fall, and Austin Linam slides into the ring to make the count!



Nightmare FORCIBLY pulls Barker off of Corazon by his hair, only to have Barker gouge Nightmare’s eyes!  With Corazon down, Barker turns to pin him again, but AINSLEY LAKE charges at Barker, BUT BARKER CATCHES HER!!  PERFECTION!!!  Ainsley Lake is DOWN!  Barker grins, motioning to Sinn, who is bleeding profusely from the various cuts on her face from the light tube.  Even through her blood, she sees her prey.  As Danny Evers starts to come to, Sinn scurries over to Lake, and Austin Linam is there to count the pin fall!


Stein’s back in the ring, but gets tripped up by Kenji!


Evers is up, groggy, and leaps to catch Lake, only to catch a Ron Barker spinebuster!!


Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…the first person eliminated in this match…IS AINSLEY…LAKE!

Sinn gets off of Lake, spitting blood down on her prone form, the fans voicing their intense displeasure.

Jeff Hansen:  HA HA HA HA!!!!  DOWN FOUR TO FIVE!!

Other Guy:  She did her best, went just under an hour in there against some of the toughest mother fuckers in the SHOOT Project.

Austin Linam helps Lake stagger towards the door, while Sinn waves goodbye to the person she just eliminated.  Corazon is up now, breathing heavily as she is led to the back.  Black is also up, and he is the first person to catch Corazon’s ire, getting dropped, yet again, to the Act of Inhumanity.  Just as Corazon gets up, however, Kenji Yamada springboards off the top rope and hurricanrana’s Corazon down to the mat!  Barker sprawls over for the pin!



Nightmare saves Corazon!  From behind Nightmare, however, is Kenji Yamada, armed with another light tube.  Nightmare turns and sees Kenji, aim for him, but Kenji gets caught from behind by Dan Stein, who whips Kenji to the ropes, Kenji still armed with the light tube.  Stein springboards off the opposite middle rope…LIGHTS!!  DAN STEIN HIT THE LIGHTS, KICKING THE LIGHT TUBE INTO KENJI’S TEMPLE, SHATTERING IT ACROSS HIS FACE!!  Kenji flops down to the mat and Barker IMMEDIATELY kicks him out to the outside!  Barker turns and Stein NAILS him with a kick, sending him to the outside!  Stein points upwards, apparently with a grand idea.

Jeff Hansen:  What is that shithead doing?

Stein slides out from the ring and actually leaves the ringside area and runs to the back!

Other Guy:  Um…

Ozzy Kilminster picks Danny Evers up and hooks him up in a vertical suplex position.  He looks out to the camera, holding Evers up, thumbs down to the mat…END OF DAYS!!  Ozzy pulls the END OF DAYS out of NOWHERE!  Evers crumbles to the mat and Ozzy gets back up, Nightmare and Corazon standing there, glaring at him.  He laughs at the two of them, shrugging.  Then, he slides from the ring as out from the back comes Stein, who is armed with a LADDER!  Black spots Stein and charges out of the cell at him to try to circumvent Stein’s possible idea, but Stein NAILS Black in the face with the butt of the ladder!!  Black is down and Stein sets the ladder up.  He looks down at Black, grinning as he starts to ascend the ladder at the base of the ramp!

Eryk Masters:  These things never end well!!

Stein climbs up to the top and slowly balances himself up on the top of the ladder, looking down at Black, who lays prone on his back.  Sinn, meanwhile, moves to the outside and calls out to Stein to get his attention.  Stein turns and looks at her as she shoves the ladder!

Jeff Hansen:  YES!!! YES YES YES YES!!!

Barker, at this point, has spotted Stein and made his way to the outside as well.  In the ring, Kenji and Ozzy are debating on who takes who as Corazon and Nightmare lord over Evers, who is also coming to.  Suddenly, Barker and Sinn make a FINAL shove at the ladder!!!  The ladder is toppling…STEIN MOONSAULTS OFF OF THE LADDER!!!  STEIN CAREENS INTO THE SIDE OF THE CELL!!!  HE’S HOLDING ON!!  DAN STEIN IS UPSIDE DOWN ON THE CELL AND HOLDING ON FOR DEAR LIFE AS THE LADDER FALLS OVER ONTO BLACK!!! 


The fans chant HOE-LEE-SHIT!!Stein rights himself and climbs up to the top of the cell, breathing heavily and clutching his apparently injured fingers!!  Barker looks up, glaring at Stein and HE makes HIS way to the top of the cell!!  Sinn is right behind him!  Stein looks over and spots the two of them coming for him and he rolls to the middle of the cell roof!

Eryk Masters:  This is insane!!  Dan Stein is on top of the cell now, with Ron Barker and Sinn in tow coming for him!!

In the ring, Corazon and Danny Evers stand against Kenji and Ozzy, prompting Nightmare to rush to the outside and scurry up the cell wall himself!  Black comes to, dragging himself to the cell wall, and HE starts to climb!!!

Other Guy:  With an even battle in the ring, high above it is one hell of a struggle about to ensue!

Ron Barker and Sinn move to either side of Stein, neither knowing Nightmare is behind them!  Barker and Sinn grin at one another as Stein grins right back at them!  He points behind the two of them and they BOTH freeze as Nightmare is RIGHT there!!  Barker charges to Nightmare, who SPEARS him down!!  Sinn tries to capitalize while Nightmare is unawares, but Stein hits her with a dropkick!!  Black, meanwhile, is up on the top of the cell as well!  He slinks behind the battle as they continue to struggle.

Jeff Hansen:  See where Barker got speared?

Other Guy:  Yeah, fuck…they tore a section of the roof open!

Nightmare picks Barker up, unaware of the cell roof breaking underneath him!  He puts Barker’s head between his legs and goes for a piledriver…AND THE ROOF GIVES!!!  BARKER FALLS TO THE MAT AND NIGHTMARE CLUTCHES THE ROOF PANEL FOR DEAR LIFE!!!  The fans ERUPT into a HOE-LEE-SHIT chant!!!  Stein DIVES for Nightmare, offering his hand to get him back up!  Sinn begins to wail away at Stein’s back, trying to get him to stop and get Nightmare to drop!!  Stein NAILS her with a HARD elbow, rocking her back off of him!  Black, however, moves to attack!  Nightmare looks at the scene above him with alarm.

Nightmare:  DAN!!  BEHIND YOU!!

Stein rolls away, and Black MISSES with the diving double axe handle!!!  Black struggles to keep from falling, but NIGHTMARE CATCHES HIM BY THE THROAT!!  Black looks at Nightmare, who has eyes of pure hatred, AND NIGHTMARE DRAGS BLACK THROUGH THE HOLE AND BLACK CRASHES TO THE MAT NEXT TO BARKER!!!  THE FANS CHANT ONCE MORE!!


Nightmare FINALLY pulls himself back up to the top of the cell, looking at Stein, who is looking down at the fallen Black.  Stein helps Nightmare to his feet and pats his shoulders, a look in his eye of complete reckless abandon.  He looks down at Black specifically.

Jeff Hansen:  This mother fucker has apparently lost his Goddamn mind.

Sinn rolls away from them and slowly brings herself down from the cell, knowing she can do little on her own to stop the two of them.  Nightmare bends himself over and puts his head between Stein’s legs, and PICKS Stein up on his shoulders!!  Stein waits a few moments to balance himself and slowly, Nightmare and Stein get Stein almost completely on Nightmare’s shoulders!  Without time to act, STEIN LEAPS OFF WITH A SLOPPY SHOOTING STAR PRESS, CLIPPING HIS OWN HEAD ON THE CELL ROOF AS HE CRASHES DOWN ONTO THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK!!!  GUESS WHAT THE FANS DO?!


Eryk Masters:  I’ve…oh man…I’ve got NOTHING.

Jeff Hansen and The Other Guy offer similar sentiments, unable to speak.  Danny Evers takes this time to hit a suicide dive onto Kenji and Ozzy as Nightmare drops to the mat below, draping Stein’s body over onto Black.  Austin Linam counts the pin fall!!




Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…the SECOND person to be eliminated in this match…IS THOMAS MANCHESTER BLACK!!!

Sinn stares at the carnage in the ring as Corazon moves to pin Barker.




Sinn slides into the ring and tries to take on Nightmare and Corazon by herself!  She is easily overwhelmed, but Ron Barker is given JUST enough time to slide over onto the unconscious Dan Stein, pulling him off of Black and pinning him for himself!!!



Danny slides in the ring, but it’s too late!!


Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…the THIRD individual eliminated in this match…DAN ‘THE LIGHTS’ STEIN!!!

Sinn, however, finds herself the victim of THE ORIGINAL SIN!!!  Corazon EASILY crushes her down with his original finisher, and she is OUT.  Corazon rolls her over and hooks her leg for the pin fall!!




Jeff Hansen:  Jesus CHRIST!!

Nightmare catches Ozzy, lifting the Iron Fist Champion up in a crucifix, NAILING the Cliffhanger on him!  Ozzy clutches his head in pain as Barker slowly starts to come to.  Sinn, meanwhile, finds herself being picked up by Corazon yet again, AND CORAZON NAILS HER WITH THE ACT OF INHUMANITY!!  The referee has finally managed to get Thomas Manchester Black and Dan Stein removed from the ring and slides back in as Corazon goes for the pin fall!!





Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…the FOURTH individual eliminated in this match…SINNOCENCE!!!

Ozzy glares at Corazon, picking himself up off of the mat in pain.  Nightmare moves to stop him, but Barker NAILS PERFECTION ON NIGHTMARE!!!

Other Guy:  It’s sloppy now after over an hour, but that move is STILL Hell on whoever has to take it!!

Ozzy sprawls over onto Nightmare and hooks the leg!!


Barker punches Corazon, knocking him back!



Barker FREEZES, and Ozzy is STUNNED.  The fans ERUPT as Nightmare KICKED OUT OF PERFECTION.  Ozzy scurries off of Nightmare, who rolls over to his side, trying to catch his breath.  Corazon, however, spots Kenji getting the better of Evers and clubs him from behind, sending him SAILING over the top rope again!!  Barker moves to pick Nightmare up, but Corazon NAILS another Brutality Check on Barker, staggering him back RIGHT INTO DANNY EVERS’ GRASP!!

Other Guy:  I bet Danny Evers has waited YEARS for this moment!!!

Evers HOISTS Ron Barker UP onto his shoulders!!!  The fans are ERUPTING…and Evers DRIVES HIM DOWN TO THE MAT!!!!

Other Guy:  He calls that his Death Valley Slam!!

Jeff Hansen:  Death Valley Slam?

Other Guy:  DVS!!

Evers sprawls over onto Ron Barker and Austin Linam slides in to count the pin fall!!




Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…the FIFTH person to be eliminated…RON…BARKER!!!

Danny Evers lies on his back, grinning as the fans are cheering their ASSES off.

Other Guy:  The final men in this match for the Sons of Liberty are Nightmare, Corazon, and Danny Evers.

Jeff Hansen:  DVS…Devious!  I get it!

Other Guy:  Quick on the uptake, I see.

Jeff Hansen:  Fuck you.

Eryk Masters:  And the last members of Jonny’s Friends are Kenji Yamada and Osbourne Kilminster!

Kenji Yamada and Osbourne Kilminster enter the ring together and the two of them head right into Corazon and Nightmare, exchanging blows!  Danny Evers, however, is back up as Austin Linam manages to remove Ron Barker from the ringside area.  Evers catches Kenji from behind and hits him with a belly to back suplex, leaving Osbourne Kilminster alone against Corazon and Nightmare!  Ozzy hits the two of them with a double clothesline to bring them down to the mat, suddenly turning it all against the Sons of Liberty, leaving Danny Evers alone with Kenji Yamada, who is slowly coming to, and Ozzy Kilminster!

Other Guy:  Uh…oh…

Kenji grins as he slides outside, grabbing the steel chair, and sliding it back into the ring.  Danny stands between Ozzy and Kenji as Ozzy points to Kenji.  Evers looks to the both of them one last time and flips the two of them off, prompting further cheers from the fans!!


Corazon and Nightmare are stirring as Ozzy kicks Evers in his midsection and, lightning fast, HE NAILS THE WAKE UP CALL.  Evers clutches his face as Corazon and Nightmare pull themselves up, and Ozzy charges at both of them, holding them back!!  Kenji, however, pulls Evers up, hooks him up…AND NAILS THE ONIFUUSHA STORM DRIVER ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!!!  Kenji’s face, bloodied completely red, grins as he hooks Evers’ leg and Austin Linam goes to count the pin fall!!



Corazon breaks free of Ozzy and rushes to his friend’s aid!!


Corazon doesn’t care, pummeling Kenji with rights and lefts!!

Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…the sixth person eliminated…DANNY…EVERS!!!!

Austin Linam drags Evers out of the ring as the sides are evened up yet again. 

Kenji pushes Corazon off of him and Corazon goes for the Original Sin, but Kenji counters, going for the Onifuusha Hurricane Driver, but Corazon counters AND NAILS THE ACT OF INHUMANITY!!!  Ozzy hits Nightmare with a HARD Muay Thai knee to the face, rocking Nightmare and sending him to the mat.  Corazon hooks Kenji’s leg for the pin!



Ozzy saves Kenji!!  Kilminster picks Corazon up and hooks him up for the Wake Up Call, but Corazon counters!  ACTS OF BRUTALITY!!  Ozzy is staggered, but Kenji reaches out to trip Corazon once again from hitting the Act of Inhumanity, prompting a STIFF AS FUCK kick to Kenji’s face!!!

Other Guy:  We’re down to four men now, and it’s looking like they’re out of ideas as to what the hell they can actually do to one another!

Jeff Hansen:  Ozzy Kilminster ALWAYS has a plan.  Can’t help it if the Sons of Liberty are mildly retarded.

Kilminster is suddenly THROWN from the ring by Nightmare!  Nightmare walks over and picks Kenji up, hoisting him over his shoulder…AND NAILING THE CCD.  Nightmare looks at Corazon, and Corazon lifts Kenji up…AND NAILS THE ACT OF INHUMANITY!!!  He goes for the pin and Austin Linam is there to count!!




Samantha Coil:  Ladies and gentlemen…THE SEVENTH individual eliminated from this match…KENJI YAMADA!!!


Austin Linam tries to help Kenji, but Kenji shoves Linam against the cell wall before collapsing on the outside of the ring, exhausted and furious at his elimination.  Osbourne Kilminster, however, steps into the ring, glaring at Corazon and Nightmare.  He looks down at Kenji Yamada and then beckons the two of them to come on and fight him.

Jeff Hansen:  See?!  NEVER count Osbourne Kilminster out until it’s ALLLLL OVER!!!

Kilminster NAILS Corazon with a kick to the midsection and shoves him away, and Nightmare IMMEDIATELY catches Kilminster with a vertical suplex…BRAINBUSTER!!!!  Ozzy holds his head as Nightmare picks him up, prompting Corazon to hit the Act of Inhumanity, KILMINSTER SHOVES CORAZON OFF.  Nightmare moves in to Kilminster, hitting a hook kick to Kilminster’s knee, followed up with a rolling elbow to the small of Kilminster’s back, another hook kick to Kilminster’s other knee, a suddenly HARD punch to Kilminster’s midsection, doubling him over.  Nightmare backs up, ready to hit the final part of his Ghost Dance, BUT OZZY MOVES OUT OF THE WAY OF THE AXE KICK!!!  The fans are amazed as Ozzy looks Nightmare dead in his eyes.

Osbourne Kilminster:  NOT TONIGHT, WEHALI!!!

Kilminster goes to hook Nightmare up in the Wake Up Call, but Corazon sneaks up behind him, and HOISTS him up onto his shoulders!  Kilminster struggles…AND CORAZON NAILS THE FURY OF THE DARK HEART.  Kilminster holds his head as Nightmare picks Ozzy up one final time, and executes a startling fast Ghost Dance on him, dropping with the HARD Axe Kick at the end!!  The fans ERUPT as Nightmare looks at Corazon, who looks back at him teammate.  Nightmare sprawls over onto Kilminster and hooks BOTH legs with intensity and Austin Linam, and the fans as well, make the count!!!




Jeff Hansen:  NO!!!

Other Guy:  YES!!!!


“Wake Up” by Rage Against The Machine plays and the fans are ERUPTING with cheering as Nightmare and Corazon embrace in the center of the ring.  Nightmare holds Corazon’s arm up, and Corazon holds Nightmare’s up.

Eryk Masters:  The Sons of Liberty survived!!!  Corazon and Nightmare survived!!!  The Sons of Liberty have defeated The Real Deal, now they’ve beaten Jonny’s Friends and have the right to name a NEW number one contender!!!

Jeff Hansen:  Jesus Christ NO!!!

Nightmare summons Eli Storm to get in the ring with them, embracing his fallen tag partner as the three men celebrate.  Osbourne Kilminster rolls out of the ring and is greeted at the entrance by Sinnocence and Ron Barker, the only allies of his able to come out to greet him.  He even manages to receive a standing ovation as he disappears to the back.  The cell slowly begins to rise back to the ceiling of the arena as Corazon, Nightmare, and Eli Storm make their way to the back.

Other Guy:  Only one match to go…and one last hope for the Sons of Liberty to take this company from the men who’ve tried to crush it!  GO JESTER!!


“Ladies and gentlemen, I want you all… To open your eyes.”

The voice comes over the arena’s PA system and just then the lights turn to a golden hue and the WAR video screen lights up to show serene rolling clouds… the purest of white, rolling across a miraculously blue sky.  The opening guitar strum of “Open The Eyes of My Heart Lord” by Michael W. Smith kicks in and the golden hue of lights seems to twinkle, bathing the entire inside of the Richmond Coliseum in a heavenly aura.

Other Guy: Oh you’ve GOT to be kiddin’ me.

Jeff Hansen: The Miracle Worker has returned, guys.

“Open the eyes of my heart, Lord

Open the eyes of my heart

I want to see You

I want to see You”

As the words start in, joining with the peaceful music, clouds seem to billow out from the entryway, filling the platform stage with wondrous white wisps and then one by one men and women of various sizes, all wearing sky blue choir robes walk out from the back, parting to both sides and they sing along with the music.

“Open the eyes of my heart, Lord

Open the eyes of my heart

I want to see You

I want to see You”

As the music picks up, the choir starts clapping their hands and the golden lights flash all over. The crowd begins to boo loudly as Paul Jarvis saunters out next, arms open wide in loving embrace of the world.

“To see You high and lifted up

Shinin’ in the light of Your glory”

Jarvis stands in the middle of the choir, taking a step forward and suddenly he drops to his knees.

“Pour out Your power and love

As we sing holy”

Jarvis points in the sky with his left hand, a golden pyro shoots off.


Then the right hand, another golden pyro shoots off.


Then both hands and TWO golden pyro shoot off at the same time.

Other Guy: What a waste of time… I mean has he done ANYTHING to warrant this kind of arrival?  I don’t think so.

Eryk Masters: going to agree with you one hundred percent on that one, OG.

Jarvis rises up off his knees as the song continues. He greets each and every one of the choir members, and the fans just keep booing.

“Open the eyes of my heart, Lord

Open the eyes of my heart

I want to see You

I want to see You”

The music fades out slowly, with just the choir now singing and Jarvis once more stands in the middle of the two sides, listening to them while smiling; showing off his nearly perfect white teeth.

“Open the eyes of my heart, Lord

Open the eyes of my heart

I want to see You

I want to see You”

The choir just sways and claps, and the song seems to be over, when suddenly a large black woman takes to center stage, wearing one of those hands free microphone headsets and Jarvis, who was making his way to the ring, suddenly rushes back to the platform as the music kicks in to the lively part once more and starts moving joyfully with the rest of the choir.

“To see You high and lifted up”

Boisterous Black Woman: LIFTED UP!

“Shinin’ in the light of Your glory”

Boisterous Black Woman: OH YOUR GLORY!

“Pour out Your power and love”

Boisterous Black Woman: GIMME THAT LOVE!

“As we sing holy, holy, holy.”

Boisterous Black Woman: Holy HOLY!

The choir continually repeats “holy holy holy” for as long as the black woman can hold out the note.  As the song concludes, there is actually applause from the fans, if only for the singing talents of the choir and the boisterous black woman.  Jarvis nods his head and gives the woman a moment to bow and then she takes her place back amongst the choir.

And now as Jarvis takes out a microphone from the pocket of his white cloth pants, the booing begins again.

Paul Jarvis: Please… join me at this time in prayer.

The crowd gets louder, but Jarvis seems to be in his own world as he bows his head.

Paul Jarvis: Our father, who art in heaven…

Jarvis slowly brings his head back up.

Paul Jarvis: Is TOTALLY pissed off at every single one of you!


Other Guy: From terrible, to… well a lot worse than terrible.

Jarvis seems to scowl at the fans and gives them a “tsk tsk” motion of the finger.

Paul Jarvis: That’s right. Because of you, this place is suffering.  Because of you, I felt the need to leave!  And the second I did… the VERY ABSOLUTE SECOND I walked away from here, everything went to hell in a hand basket.  Yeah, you people drove me a way and pretty much wrapped SHOOT Project up with a nice little bow, maybe some cheese and sausage, some lotions… whatever…

And you sent all of that STRAIGHT to Satan himself.

Jarvis is beside himself with frustration as he continues to scold the live audience.

Paul Jarvis: I WAS a World Champion when I left.  I WAS the top competitor in an organization that NEEDED me.  And because of all of you, I had to leave that behind.  I had to stop helping them, because SHOOT Project is hurting more.  This place NEEDS a miracle.

He stops, and a sudden smile spreads across Jarvis’s face.

Paul Jarvis: You dudes are SOOOOOOO lucky that I just happen to be THE Miracle Worker.


Paul Jarvis: No boo to yourselves. Boo yourselves everyday for a long while until you realize what YOU did to this place.  I mean how BAD does an organization have to get to see one of its own LEGENDS, one of its own HALL OF FAMERS…


The fans do not like hearing that one bit.  Jarvis nods his head though as if to say “yeah that’s right.”

Paul Jarvis: Yeah, that’s right. Diamond Del Carver, a supposed staple of this place, left to Legacy… I mean Legacy people… c’mon!  If that’s not an indication that this place has turned to absolute SUCKAGE, then I don’t know what is.

And it’s your fault.  YOU people kept supporting this place like it was actually good.  YOU people continued to come to shows, when you should have said no way jose!  No way jose at all!

Jarvis shakes his head “no” to mimic what the fans SHOULD have been doing.

Paul Jarvis: But it doesn’t stop there. I left and a man who was in the thick of a title scene, NC-17… he left to that shit hole that Rob Belote TRIES to pass off as a credible organization. And hell, I even heard rumor that YOUR hero of SHOOT Project, the clown who turned that frown upside down… Jester Smiles, actually contemplated going there too!

So I ask you, if Legacy is a piece of crap… but SHOOT Project superstars are leaving to go there… what the hell does that make SHOOT Project?

Jarvis waits for an answer, but the fans are just beyond angry, booing to a near deafening level.  Jarvis continues to wait, going from side to side of the stage as if trying to hear someone shout out an answer.  Nobody gives him one though.

Paul Jarvis: What that makes SHOOT Project, peeps, is a place in DIRE need of me.  That’s why I’m here, that’s why the WONDER. OF. WONDERS has returned.

His face gets deadly serious.

Paul Jarvis: WAR ends tonight.  And then… the healing begins.

And just as abruptly the smile returns.  “Open The Eyes To My Heart” begins to play again and Jarvis slowly lifts his arms out once again in a loving embrace, as if ready to hug the world.

Eryk Masters: Some very controversial words there from Jarvis… and I’m not sure he was given the green light on most of that.

Other Guy: The day Paul Jarvis ISN’T a complete asshole is the day Jeff Hansen… well also isn’t a complete asshole.

Jeff Hansen: Again with your hatred for honesty.  Jarvis might not have the best track record or a HUGE list of accomplishments… but he makes a damn good point.  And I for one can’t wait to see what his first miracle in SHOOT Project will be.

Jarvis takes his leave of the ring area, with the fans still booing loudly as he departs. From there the focus shifts elsewhere.      


There is a buzz amongst the crowd. An anticipation. A dull roar resounds all over the Richmond Coliseum as everyone waits for the next match to begin.  Inside the square circle, SAMANTHA COIL waits near the ropes, while officials TONY LORENZO and DENIS HEFLIN are discussing a few matters near one of the turnbuckles.

Eryk Masters: The anticipation in the atmosphere is surreal right now. I’ve never really felt anything like it.

Other Guy: What we are about to witness is going to be huge, and these fans know that it means big things.

Jeff Hansen: Big things for Jonny, remember that. Jester Smiles is simply sharing the spotlight.

Other Guy: God I hate you Hansen.

The lights go out!!!!  Another HUGE pop follows because people LOVE being in the dark!! Through the cheers, we can hear the sound of sirens. Not just one siren, but many sirens. Air raid sirens, police sirens, tornado sirens, and any other imaginable sirens all blend together to signify a warning. The SHOOT Project video screen comes to life, and quickly, a quote flashes across the screen.

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.-John F. Kennedy

A riot is the language of the unheard.-Martin Luther King Jr.

Usually when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.-Malcolm X

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The right of a nation to kill a tyrant, in cases of necessity, can no more be doubted, than to hang a robber, or kill a flea.-John Adams

If you want good laws, burn those you have and make new ones.-Voltaire

Here I stand; I can do no other. God help me. Amen.-Martin Luther

Suddenly, there is a GIGANTIC explosion of green and purple pyros all along the stage and even from the video screen. The lights come on, and the crowd cheers loudly, even though there is still no Jester Smiles.

Jeff Hansen: Well, that was pretty and all, but where is the Hero?

Suddenly, the lights go out, and strobe lights go off all over the arena. On the video screen, all you see is the word “RISE” in big green and purple letters. As “Long Forgotten Sons” by Rise Against hits over the PA, various search lights shine all over the arena, and you can hear the crowd growing louder and louder and LOUDER as they wait. Finally, all the spotlights come together in a single beam at an entrance into the audience seats, directly behind the announce table. And there, wearing camo MMA gloves, a camo sleeveless t-shirt, camo baggy wrestling paints, and camo mardi gras mask is none other than Richmond’s own Jester Smiles.

The crowd erupts into cheers so loud, you can barely hear the music playing over the PA. Jester raises his arms high in the air, smiling brightly, eyes closes, looking up at the sky. His eyes open and he points straight up. The camera zooms in, and you can see Jester mouthing “For you”. He then LEAPS in the air and shouts out “BOOYA!” before making his way down, zig zagging his way through the crowd, high fiving, hugging, and generally appreciating the crowd.

Far from home on a road unknown

Where the vultures circle on winds that blow

From northern skies that haunt these waking moments

Our shadows cast by the mountain range

Our calloused souls, we find a way

Through desperate eyes, we long for the horizon

While this sun is rising, yeah

The video screen suddenly flashes “SING ALONG” and begins to place the lyrics on the video screen. Jester stops in front of a row of fans and begins to conduct them, as if to get them to sing. They oblige as the chorus kicks in, and the majority of the crowd in the Richmond Coliseum is singing.

We are the long forgotten sons

And daughters that don’t belong to anyone

And we are alone under this sun

And we work to fix the work that you’ve undone

Jester smiles happily and high fives as many fans as he can before making his way back down. He moves quickly, but he still zigs zags as much as he can, high fiving and hugging as many fans as he possibly can. Meanwhile, the cheers are still ridiculously loud.

When cries for help go unanswered

And signal fires just burn and burn

We wonder if we’re waiting here for nothing

‘Cause our lips are sewn our ears are filled

With the constant drone of the unfulfilled

But we’ll never fall if we stand for something

We stand for something, yeah

Finally, Jester reaches the barricade behind the announces table and he leaps over.

Eryk Masters: Looks like we’ve got ourselves a guest, gentlemen. Good to see ya Jester.

Eryk and Other Guy stand up to shake Jester’s hands, which Jester happily obliges, smiling and nodding to both of them.

Jeff Hansen: Don’t you have a ring to get into?

Jester looks at Hansen, who has his chair turned away from Jester. Jester actually turns Hansen’s chair around, lifts him out of the chair, and without warning, gives Jeff Hansen the biggest hug in the WORLD! Other Guy, meanwhile, falls into his chair, laughing.

Jeff Hansen: LET GO OF ME!

Yeah, we are the long forgotten sons

And daughters that don’t belong to anyone

And we are alone under this sun

And we work to fix the work that you’ve undone

Jester, during the announcement, is circling the ring, high fiving as many fans as he can. He actually goes back UP the entrance ramp to high five fans, and comes back down to high five the other side.

Don’t fall, I see lights in the distance

They’re not far away

Stand up ’cause the sky is turning gray

There’s hope in these footsteps of persistence

So don’t go astray

These lights get closer every day

Once he has circled the entire ring, Jester LEAPS onto the ring apron and let’s out a joyous cry before leaping over the top rope and going to the nearest turnbuckle. As the music lowers, Jester climbs the turnbuckle and begins to conduct the fans, again encouraging them to sing.

‘Cause we are the long forgotten sons

Yeah we are the long forgotten sons

We are the long forgotten sons

And daughters that don’t belong to anyone

And we are alone under this sun

We work to fix the work that you’ve undone

What you’ve undone

Jester flips backwards, and when he lands on his feet, purple and green pyros shoot off from the ring posts! The crowd continues to cheer loudly, and Jester falls to his knees, arms out stretched, staring up at the sky and smiling brightly. He then gets up, and the smile is gone. He still stands in the middle of the ring, pacing back and forth, watching the top of the entrance ramp.

During the silence, Heflin pats Lorenzo on the back and makes his way to the outside, where he will presumably assume his role as second acting official on duty.

Jeff Hansen: As we heard Scott say earlier, TWO officials on duty in this one, and from what I understand, Lorenzo has the final call, but can consult Heflin if the need arrises.

Other Guy: Should eliminate the outside interference aspect and cut down on shenanigans.

The fans begin to grow EXTREMELY anxious, while Jester continues to pace.

This atmosphere is absolutely ELECTRIC.

Jester pump his fist.

He stops in his tracks and nods his head.

The fans get LOUDER and LOUDER.


Eryk Masters: Wow, guys.

The haunting chimes creep in like a rolling fog over a cemetery!


A guitar croaks out a single sound.




“Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day) by Broken Social Scene” EXPLODES into its dissonant beginnings, the wailing, SIREN-LIKE sounds spinning the room out of control!  Although loud, the fans are making it known without ANY DOUBT that they are 150% behind JESTER tonight, and are filling the Richmond Coliseum with quite possibly the MOST DEAFENING CHORUS OF BOOS IN THE HISTORY OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING.

Eryk Masters: This is unbelievable.

Jeff Hansen: Such a SICK atmosphere, Eric.

Jester waits through the opening portion of the song along with this SOLD OUT CROWD.  He has never looked more ready for anything in his life!  You can see the determination in his eyes through the circling spotlights.

The maddening, instrumental insanity continues to build, and build, and build!

The dissonance swells.

And swells.





Curtains rustle!


“Well, I got shot right in the back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

Timed perfectly, the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, JONNY JOHNSON steps through the curtains at the start of the first verse of his song, and flows into a rhythmic stride down the aisle.  The WORLD TITLE dangles over his right shoulder, its blue jewels glistening under the rotating spotlights.  He’s in the standard attire…  black wrestling trunks, black wrestling shoes, knuckles wrapped in white tape, and sports a yellow a T-shirt that has “Rohkar Died For My Sins” scrawled across the front in thick, brown sharpie marker.

“I said I was never coming back,

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

Jonny moves a little more slowly than usual, knowing how GIANT this match is for everyone involved.  He enjoys flaunting his power, and actually stops about halfway down the aisle where he stares at Jester.  Smiles can’t help but cast a knowing smile and nods as he locks eyes with the World Champ.

”When I thought the islands were under attack,

You weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

When I saw the bedroom, wasn’t too sure,

‘Cause you weren’t there, you weren’t there.”

A few fans reach out to touch the stalled Champion, but Jonny shrugs them off and keeps his eyes on the challenger.  He then takes the WORLD TITLE off his shoulder and holds it out to his side, looking at the prized possession and then back at Eric.

The lighting scheme changes up as the song heads into key-changing chorus.  Pink lights appear to fall from the ceiling like trippy rain drops.

“And if God is what we made.

Cut their hands on the needles

Don’t get high on what you create.”

Jonny stares at Jester.

Jester stares at Jonny…




“Well, I saw the geyser turn into death

And you weren’t there, you weren’t there”

An arena’s worth of flashbulbs and camera phone go off in rapid fire succession!

Other Guy: (Almost to himself) God damn…  C’mon Eric, man.

Jonny slings the title back over his shoulder and carefully makes his way up the steel steps.   He keeps his head down and ignores the VENOMOUS reaction he’s receiving from the crowd.  In droves, fans lean over the railing to get as close to the DEFILER as they can get…


That’s what one of several ANTI-JONNY signs says.

And there are plenty more.

Jonny steps up onto the apron and stalls another second or two before ducking in between the top and middle ropes.  Jester keeps his distance, while Lorenzo walks over toward the Champ.  Jonny hands him the WORLD TITLE and nods at whatever he’s being told.  He lifts his leg and Lorenzo pats down his boots and side.  Everything seems to be clear and Lorenzo steps back toward Samantha Coil, who is eagerly waiting to make the opening announcements.

“Ibi Dreams of Pavement (A Better Day)” by Broken Social Scene fades out and the Richmond Coliseum seems to get EVEN LOUDER!!!

Eryk Masters: This is incredible, guys.  After everything these fans have been through…  Under Siege, King and Real Deal…  Mallows and Davis.  A GODDAMN Teen Idol Deathmatch…  SHOOT Tag Team titles…  After ALL of it, it comes down to this.

Other Guy: And maybe a little extra pressure on Jonny…  it has NOT gone well for his camp this evening…

Jeff Hansen: I don’t think there’s any added pressure, OG.  There is not a single man in this company who is more prepared week in and week out than our World Champion, and love him or hate him…  This is where he SHINES, guys.  Big match.  GIGANTIC implications…  if anyone has pressure, look no further than Eric Rohkar.  Smiles is a notorious CHOKE ARTIST, and there would be no bigger stage for him to choke than in front of his home crowd with the entire SOL group cheering him on in the back.  You tell me that THAT isn’t pressure.

No one argues with Hansen and instead everyone stays quiet as Samantha Coil begins her announcements!!!

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen…  the following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL, with a time limit to exceed no longer than ONE HOUR and it is for the SHOOT PROJECT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD!!!

She pauses and the fans GO ABSOLUTELY NUTS!!!

Samantha Coil: Introducing first…  to my left in the camouflage-colored ring attire.  He weighs in at two hundred, forty-five pounds and he hails FROM RICHMOND, VIRGINIA!!!


The fans begin to blow the roof off the arena.

Samantha Coil: He is the 2008 MASTER OF THE MAT…  JESTER SMILES!!!!

THE ROAR IS INSANE!!!  By far the loudest, most intense pop of the entire night!!!

Smiles does everything he can to stay calm, but it’s apparent that the adrenaline is really running through his body.  However, he does what he can to cork the excitement up, realizing that all the pops in the world aren’t going to win or lose this match for him.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent…

Coil’s tone almost alludes to the reaction that follows the start of the Champion’s introduction.  What was, seconds ago, the LOUDEST POP, quickly turns into the most EAR SHATTERING HEAT!!!


Jonny hints at a smirk.

This is what he lives for.

Samantha Coil: To my right…  in the black trunks and shoes…  He weighs in this evening at two hundred, twenty-five pounds.  Hailing from CHICAGO, ILLINOIS.  He is the SHOOT PROJECT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD.  This is the DEFILER…  JONNY JOHNSON!!!


The heat continues to rain down, but Jonny pleasantly ignores the idiotic reactions.  Idiotic in his mind, anyway.  Both men glare across the ring at each other…  their eyes digging into one another’s souls.


Jonny removes his shirt, dumps it outside and starts circling the ring.

Eric follows suit.

Lorenzo moves toward the ropes closest to Mark Kendrick’s timekeeper’s table and hands the WORLD TITLE off to a ring hand.  He then points at Kendrick.



Jeff Hansen: And here we go…  SHOOT PROJECT WORLD TITLE ON THE LINE…  Jester Smiles, Jonny Johnson…  Who ya like boys?

Jester and Jonny takes things very slowly…  neither man wants to make the first mistake.

Eryk Masters: I’ll be biased and go with Smiles, Jeff.

Other Guy: You don’t even gotta ask me, Hansen.

Jeff Hansen: Then it looks like I got the Champ boys.  I’ll put a grand of my own money.  You guys game?

Jester takes a few steps in and Jonny steps back and leans against the nearest turnbuckle.


The crowd gets on Jonny’s case a little bit.

Other Guy: A grand?  You got it, Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: Eryk?

Eryk Masters: I’m down if you are.

Jeff Hansen: Deal, boys.  Heh.  Good fucking luck.

Jonny moves out of the corner and approaches Jester.  He reaches in aggressively, as though daring Smiles to come at him with something.  Jester stays neutral.  Both men lock up and the crowd POPS AGAIN!  (Ridiculous)  Jester pushes, but Jonny is quick to maneuver up with a knee strike to the midsection!  Jester hunches forward!  Jonny grabs the back of his head and VIOLENTLY pulls him down to the mat!!


Jonny stays aggressive.  He drops an elbow!  BUT JESTER ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!  Jester to his feet!  Jonny up!  The Champ turns around and Jester CHARGES WITH A CLOTHESLINE!  Jonny DUCKS!  Jester turns around!  Jonny fires a high kick!  BUT ERIC BLOCKS!  He pushes Jonny back and the Champ stumbles awkwardly to a knee!  Eric charges and DRILLS JONNY WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK TACKLE!!!  He lands on top of the Defiler and keeps him mounted!!!  ERIC BEGINS THROWING RIGHTS AND LEFTS CRAZY STYLE!!!


Lorenzo tries to get in and break it up!!!  Jester switches to FOREARMS!  HE DRILLS Jonny across the bridge of the nose!!!  THE FANS GO INSANE!!! JESTER SLAMS ANOTHER FOREARM!!!  Jonny FINALLY pushes him off and IMMEDIATELY rolls the hell out of the ring!


Jonny SLAMS the mat outside.  Heflin watches from the floor, about ten feet away.

Eryk Masters: Jester Smiles with an ONSLAUGHT.  This cannot be how Jonny wanted the first five minutes of this bout to start.

Other Guy: And Eric plays it cool man.  He’s not gonna follow Jonny outside and that’s smart as hell.

Smiles stays away from the ropes and Lorenzo administers a very timid ten count, making it to maybe one and a half before Jonny rolls back inside the ring.

Eryk Masters: We should note that as one of the stipulations of this contest…  while a COUNT OUT or DISQUALIFICATION will not result in the title changing hands…  there was an agreement that should Jonny be counted out, disqualified, or lose through any other “unscrupulous acts”, Jester would be granted an automatic rematch.  A small tid-bit of information that didn’t make headline news, but something we figured we’d pass along.

Other Guy: It’s just another way to ensure that Jonny has to compete.

Jonny rolls back into the ring, but Jester continues to stay back a healthy distance.

Jeff Hansen: To be fair…  It’s not like Jonny’s a fucking weasel guys.  I know that’s kind of the thing you say about “EVIL BAD GUY HEELS” or whatever you think Jonny is, but the man has been a competitor throughout his entire career.  You honestly think he’d be okay with taking a loss of ANY KIND to Jester Smiles?  That rule was thrown in there, sure, but it didn’t make anyone’s news for a REASON.  It’s not going to come into play.

The Champ is up to his feet and Smiles can’t help but grin at him.  Jonny shakes his head and Jester starts talking it up a little bit.  Both men circle the ring and move in for a grapple.  They lock up, but Jonny quickly circles behind him with a waist lock!  Eric tries to use his extra reach advantage to hit an elbow, but Jonny stays low!  He grabs a hold of one of Eric’s legs from behind, lifts him up and executes a VERY QUICK back suplex!  He just as quickly floats over into a MOUNT POSITION (Just as Eric had done moments earlier) HOWEVER, he simply stares at Eric, smirks and then rolls off in a surprisingly, and perhaps, underhandedly so, gesture of sportsmanship.

Smiles seems a little confused and hesitant as he pushes his body off the mat and back to his feet, while Jonny takes a few more steps back and begins applauding.


Smiles shakes his head.

Jonny rubs at his nose.

Jeff Hansen: Jonny’s letting Eric know that HE’S in charge of this thing and HE’S going to dictate the pace.

Eryk Masters: Both men back to a vertical position, but Jeff, you’ve got a point.  It neutralizes Jester’s aggressive approach and keeps the challenger guessing a little bit.  The key for Smiles will be not letting it affect him and trying to establish that match HE wants to fight.

Both men remain in a vertical position.  Smiles is a little bit hesitant to act first and Jonny circles again, looking for a third grapple.  Both men move in, but before they hook up, Jonny stops and puts his hand out.

…For a handshake.

Other Guy: Seriously?

Smiles doesn’t even consider the gesture and promptly tells Jonny to “Fuck off”.  Jonny then puts his hands in the air…  palm facing his opponent.

Now he wants a test of strength.


Jeff Hansen: Do you love this guy or what?  You make him the bad guy…  He’ll be the bad guy!

Jonny half-heartedly taunts Eric to go along with the test of strength, but Jester’s reply?



Other Guy: There we go!!!

Jonny falls back toward the ropes!  Eric swings him toward the other end.  Jonny bounces back!  Eric attacks with a dropkick…  BUT JONNY STOPS MOVING! Smiles hits the mat hard!  Jonny charges forward, grabs both of Jester’s legs and flips over into a pinning predicament.

Lorenzo with the count!



Jester Kicks out before TWO, but Jonny, obviously annoyed now, gets up and FIRES BACK WITH A SICKENINGLY STIFF KICK BETWEEN THE SHOULDER BLADES!!!



The DEFILER: (Off Mic) Is this what you WANT!?  SON OF A…

Before he can say “Bitch”, Jonny charges and brutally STOMPS THE SIDE OF ERIC’S FACE!!!


Jonny suddenly turns and GLARES at the fans around the ring!

The DEFILER: (Off Mic) FUCK YOU!  (Turning) FUCK YOU!  (Turning) FUCK YOU!

Eric rolls to his side and holds at his head, Lorenzo, noticing the severity of the blow, goes to check on him.  Jonny, though, has other plans and rips Lorenzo out of the way.  Tony doesn’t like it and lets the Champ know, but Jonny ignores him.  He picks Smiles up off the mat and IMMEDIATELY drills him in the face with a forearm of his own!  Smiles stumbles back toward the corner!  Jonny follows with a second shot right as Eric tries to get back to his feet!  The blow sends Eric back to the mat and scooting awkwardly into the corner!  Jonny lays in another boot and then follows with a SICK KNEE to the head!  Eric’s body collapses forward, as the bottom turnbuckle acts almost as a pillow for his ringing head!!!

Eryk Masters: (Pained) Mmm!  A WICKED flurry of offense from the Champion and he is taken the crowd out of this thing at the snap of a finger.

Jeff Hansen: THIS is why he is World Champion, Eryk.  When that light turns on…  Forget about it…  and that’s what these fans are slowly realizing.  It’s like a football game, guys.  The “underdog” got a quick score, but Jonny just put up fourteen unanswered.

Other Guy: And likewise, Jester’s just down seven, Jeff.

Jonny grabs a hold of Eric’s head and, with a little help from a handful of hair, starts to slowly bring him up off the mat.  Jester slumps backward and Jonny cruelly SLAPS HIM in the face!  Jonny follows that up with a back elbow strike!  Jester is not in good shape!

The DEFILER: (Staring at Jester) COME ON HERO!


Jonny grabs a hold of Eric’s side and executes an IRISH WHIP!  Jester tries to keep his balance and stumbles forward, only to walk right into a SNAP POWER SLAM from Jonny!!!  Jester hits the mat hard and the World Champion stays on top and hooks the leg!!!




Jester out before two AGAIN!  Jonny seems a little frustrated with his opponent’s tenacity, but continues going to work.  He picks Smiles up off the mat and nonchalantly tosses him to the outside!  The fans at ringside reach over the guardrail as soon as Jester is on the outside, while Heflin rushes to check in on the challenger, who seems to be sporting a PRETYY NASTY CUT (as the cameras pick up) to the right of his right eye.  A fair amount of blood trickles down that side of Eric’s face, and Heflin is there to make sure he’s okay to continue.  Meanwhile, on the inside, Jonny has a few words with Tony Lorenzo, who is trying to keep the Champion inside the ring.  This of course FAILS when Jonny backs off and Lorenzo begins making his ten count because Jonny, being Jonny, simply drops down and slides out another side of the ring.

Heflin rushes over now to stop Jonny, while Lorenzo also warns the Champion not to test his authority.  Jonny rolls his eyes and promptly slides back into the ring.  “Count him out then.  Whatever”  He tells Lorenzo, while Heflin goes back to Eric’s side.

Jeff Hansen: Smiles not in the best shape right now after taking a healthy dose of Defiler offense…  but that’s what Jonny likes to do.  Catch you off guard and go to work, and right now this is looking like Jonny Johnson 101, boys.

Lorenzo proceeds with a ten count, while Jester struggles to get back to his feet.  He tries to prop himself up against the guard rail, but can’t seem to find the strength to push himself up.



Eryk Masters: We’re nearing the twenty minute mark in this one and the momentum has shifted DECIDEDLY to the DEFILER’S favor.

Other Guy: Which in a weird way almost benefits a guy like Jester.  He’s a guy without a single ounce of quit in his body, and Jonny is a guy who gets EASILY frustrated under those conditions.  We saw it at Reckoning Day with Corazon and to a degree we saw it with Cade a few months ago at Master of the Mat.  I think if Eric can keep his head above water…  Man, it might not be pretty, but I think he can do this.

Jeff Hansen: Optimism is nice, but it’s not real.  Not under these conditions.

Lorenzo has reached five on his count.

Jester is up to his feet, but seems to be relying pretty heavily on the guardrail to keep him stable.



Lorenzo counts inside and Heflin checks outside, but Jester finally pushes Helfin out of the way and STORMS into the ring.  Lorenzo stops the count and Jonny rushes into greet Smiles!  Jester gets to his feet!  Jonny comes with an attack, but Jester is quick to fire off a right hand to the midsection!  Jonny is stunned temporarily and Jester follows with an open palm slap to the side of the head!

Other Guy: This is what I mean!

The crowd starts to get back into it IN A HURRY!!!  Jester follows with a left handed open palm slap!  Jester spins around and CONNECTS on a back elbow!  Jonny falls back further!  THE FANS GET LOUD!   SMILES FEELING IT!  Jester quickly wipes away the blood trickling down over his eyes and follows with a straight right hand!  Jonny falls back into the ropes and tries to charge back with a strike of his own…  but ERIC SPINS HIM DOWN TO THE MAT WITH AN ARMBAR COUNTER!!!!


Jonny FRANTICALLY kicks his legs and is able to get into the ropes before suffering any SIGNIFICANT damage!  Lorenzo calls for the break and Jester obliges.  Jonny scurries to his knees!  Jester stays aggressive!  He moves in to grab Jonny, but Jonny gets a handful of his tights and pulls Smiles down and forces him to fall NECK FIRST into the second rope!  Jester bounces back off!  Jonny up to his feet from behind!



Eryk Masters: Holy hell! What agility!  I LIKE IT!

Jeff Hansen: SHUT UP!

Jonny has no idea!  He turns around!  Jester DRILLS HIM with a spinning karate kick to the midsection!  DOUBLE UNDERHOOK!

Other Guy: Butterfly SUPLEX!!!

Jester HURLS Jonny into the air with the BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!  The Champ scoots across the mat!  He holds at his back and tries to get back up!




Jonny down!

Jeff Hansen: NO!  Not with that!  I’ll quit!!!


Jester makes the cover!!!






Jonny JUST shoulders out at two and a half!

Eryk Master: WOW!

Other Guy: Damn!

Jeff Hansen: (Sigh of relief) That would have been the worst ending to a pay-per-view EVER. Thank GOD Jonny kicked out!

Jester is REALLY feeling it now. The crowd is back into things and THEN SOME!!! Smiles pumps his fist and taunts for Jonny to get up! Jonny stirs! Jester runs in and NAILS A KNEE LIFT! Jonny’s head POPS UP and he holds at his face!!! JESTER THEN IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWS WITH AN ENZUGURAI!!!!



Jester SCREAMS out in primal rage and the fans respond with a THUNDEROUS POP!!!

Other Guy: YES! COME ON, MAN!

Jonny rolls on to his back and Jester stares at him for only a second…


Eryk Masters: What is he thinking? What’s going on?

Jester swiftly moves to the corner.

The fans stir, wondering what the hell he has in mind!

Jester looks back over his shoulder. Jonny is motionless.

Eryk Masters: What the… HE’S GOING TO THE TOP?!?!

Smiles CLIMBS TO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! He gets his balance and points to the fans!!!

Jester Smiles: (Off Mic) I FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

Other Guy: HOLY SHIT!





The fans shout out in despair.

Jeff Hansen: (Amidst the crushing silence) YES! THAT IS WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! YES!!!

And as Jester has the wind knocked out of him.

So does the arena.

Jonny rolls to safety, while Smiles deals with the pain of hitting the mat at full velocity without getting his arms out to cushion the blow.

Eryk Masters: A questionable move from Jester Smiles, and MAN… the air has been let out of this room in a HURRY.

Other Guy: (Trying to maintain professionalism) Not a terribly smart move from Eric, man. You get a cat like Jonny on the ropes… do what brought you to the mother fuckin’ dance!

Jeff Hansen: This is what makes Jester Smiles, Jester Smiles. I CALLED IT!

Jonny is groggy on his way up to his feet, but he maintains a sense of focus. He hobbles over toward Eric and starts to try and pick him up from behind. Smiles is a lot of deadweight at this juncture and so Jonny struggles a little bit.

However… He finally gets him up…


Other Guy: NOOOOO!!!




The crowd is stunned.



Jonny pushes Jester over.

Smiles looks dead.


Lorenzo makes the count!!!



Their hero is dead. The fans could not look anymore full of sorrow.





Jeff Hansen: NO! WHAT?!?! NO WAY!? BULLSHIT! GODDAMNIT! No one has kicked out of the Demoralization Process since Loco Martinez during a match almost FOUR GODDAMN YEARS AGO!!!

Jonny is absolutely LIVID. He IMMEDIATELY turns around and makes a second cover!!!

Lorenzo with the count!!!





Jonny SLAPS THE MAT IN DIRE FRUSTRATION! He turns back toward Eric in a fit of rage! He goes to pick him up! BUT ERIC COUNTERS WITH A ROLL UP!!!!

Lorenzo with the count!






Eryk Masters: Oh MY GOODNESS! Jonny up to his feet now!!

Jonny charges wildly at Eric, who is still trying to shake off the effects of the Demoralization Process! Smiles, though, drops his shoulder!! FIREMAN CARY!!!


Jonny throws an elbow to the side of Jester’s head! Jester falls to a knee and Jonny drops down behind him!!!


JESTER COUNTERS WITH AN OVER THE SHOULDER THROW!!! Jonny scoots across the mat! Jester is still in a bit of a daze! Jonny up! JONNY CHARGES!!! BUT JESTER DIPS HIS SHOULDERS!!!





Other Guy: DO IT!!!! COVER HIM!!!









..Dashed away when LORENZO SIGNALS TWO!!!


Other Guy: AH! DAMN IT!

Jeff Hansen: And it’s JONNY who makes the courageous escape.

Smiles falls to the mat in frustration of his own. Jonny holds at his midsection, winded and definitely struggling. Jester is up to his feet and trudges toward Jonny… But it’s JONNY who suddenly catches Jester with a DROP TOE HOLD! He keeps their legs intertwined and reaches over across Jester’s body and LOCKS IN AN ULTRA STIFF STF!!!


Eryk Masters: Jonny reaching EXCEPTIONALLY deep into his playbook this evening! He catches Jester off guard and we see an STF… a move he used to refer to as DESTINY’S CALL!!! Smiles was not prepared for it at all!

Other Guy: Get out, man! You’ve got this!

Jeff Hansen: TAP SMILES! TAP!!!


Lorenzo drops down to check on the Jester’s status! Smiles is about three or four feet away from the ropes! JONNY PULLS BACK HARDER!!!

Jester’s body clenches up, but the challenger will not be deterred! HE FIGHTS THE PAIN AND SCOOTS FORWARD!!!

Other Guy: GET THERE!!!

Jonny tries to pull back, but loses his grip and just breaks the hold before Eric can make it to the ropes! He gets to his feet and QUICKLY DROPS A KNEE DOWN ACROSS SMILES’S LOWER SPINE!!! Jonny rolls over to the side and tries to recuperate. Lorenzo checks on both competitors and the fans get more and more antsy, anxious for some finality to this thing.

Jester crawls a couple more feet closer to the ropes and uses them to help pull himself up! Jonny gets to a knee.

The fans start clapping.

Eryk Master: These fans don’t want to leave without a Jester Smiles victory and they are going to do everything they can to help him to do it!

Jeff Hansen: It’s fucking futile, man!

Jonny gets to his feet and moves in on Smiles. Jester is up, but leaning forward on the ropes! Jonny comes in from behind! Jester wards him off with an elbow! The blow spins Jonny around! Jester moves out from the ropes! Jonny has his hands on his knees! Jester from behind…


Jonny follows with a CRIPPLING left hand! Eric’s head whips to the side! A right handed strike follows that! Eric falls to a knee and Jonny CHARGES IN WITH A YAKUZA KICK!!! SMILES IS OUT COLD, BLOOD NOW POURING DOWN HIS FACE!!!!

Jeff Hansen: Put him the HELL AWAY! Jonny is finding that gear that CHAMPIONS need to find. Eric is DONE!!!

Other Guy: This shit aint over ‘til it’s over!!!

Lorenzo checks in on Jester, but Jonny shoves him out of the way. He picks Jester up and SLAPS him in the face! Jester falls back into the ropes, but CHARGES BACK WITH A CLOSED RIGHT HAND!!! JONNY GETS SMACKED HARD!!! Jonny FIRES BACK!!! Smiles falls back, but AGAIN charges forward and HITS JONNY HARD!!! THEY BEGIN TO THROW PUNCHES BACK AND FORTH!!!







Jester falls forward a few steps! JONNY FROM BEHIND!!!

Other Guy: HOLY SHIT NO!!!!!









Eryk Masters: LAST LAUGH!!!! LAST LAUGH!!!

Other Guy: YES!!! PLEASE!!!

Jeff Hansen: NOOOOO!!!










Other Guy’s headset slams to the table and the embattled announcer STORMS THE RING!!!

LORENZO CALLS FOR THE BELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



FANS BEGIN POURING OVER THE GUARD RAILING!!! Security stops a few, but there are too many!!! THEY RUSH THE RING AND RUSH TO JESTER!!! Lorenzo gets the WORLD TITLE BELT from Mark Kendrick and PROUDLY HANDS IT TO SMILES!!!!!!








Hansen is deathly silent for reasons we all understand, while Masters allows the story to tell itself. PURE PANDEMONIUM!

King gives Smiles the embrace of ALL EMBRACE while the rest of the Sons of Liberty begin to hoist him into the air!!! The fans in the ring help out, while Knox and Stein and LIHC and Tres Bien and all the others begin APPLAUDING!!!

Jester is lifted into the air! ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!


No one even sees Jonny leave.

Because for once…

The DEFILER is completely irrelevant.

This is Jester Smiles’s moment.

This is Jester Smiles’s night.


“Whether in chains or in laurels, liberty knows nothing but victories.”

-Douglas MacArthur