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Warrior’s Code: News & Notes



Wrestling News and Updates

Wrestling News and Updates

SHOOT Project Gate Earnings

SHOOT Project enjoyed its first $2,000,000+ gate with Warrior's Code, as extra fan seating had to be set up and laid out to accommodate the audience. Officials were obviously very pleased with this and sang the praises of the staff and wrestlers multiple times as a result.

UWA Federation Reception and SP.TV Streaming

The UWA feds are being well-received across the country, with SHOOT Project expanding its reach in multiple new markets. All feds will look to start streaming as part of SHOOT Project's streaming service, SP.TV, along with Ruination, Revolution, and SHOOT Project PPVs.

UWA Roster Expansion and PPV Plans

All UWA fed rosters will be expanding in the coming weeks, with each fed looking to have successful PPVs.

UWA's Governing Body Show Query

This has raised questions about when UWA as a governing body will have its first show and there has been no comment on that subject at this time.

Lindsay Troy's Unexpected Return

The return of Lindsay Troy at Warrior's Code was a surprise to many in SHOOT Project, as talks of her rejoining the company had been tepid at best since her contract expired at the end of last year. The Queen of the Ring's new contract is said to have been finalized not long before the start of the main event between Joshua Breedlove and Laura Seton, and no one in management was made aware of the proceedings outside of Real Deal and Dan Stein. Details of the contract are not being disclosed.

Troy's new music is auspicious; "Stranger Fruit" has been the theme of choice for Vae Victis, the stable founded in DEFIANCE by the Queen alongside her Co-Consul "The Kraken" Henry Keyes. The group's members are spread throughout the wrestling industry, and it remains to be seen whether or not more will appear in SHOOT.

Dan Stein's Injury Update and Response to Incidents

Dan Stein was spared any permanent injuries at the hands of NC-17 and Ayumi Seppuku, but has been advised not to speak for one-two weeks to mitigate any setbacks.

Dan Stein is also horribly upset about the attack on Barbie Kellers and has made sure that any and all costs related to her hospital stay has been covered, as is SHOOT Project tradition. Stein attempted to visit her but was turned away. It's unsure if that was by hospital staff or Max Towers himself.

Following the events of Warrior's Code, two members of the SHOOT Project roster have been removed. Max Towers, more well known under the moniker 7Teeny, has requested and been granted his release. Lars Von Bremen, the man seemingly responsible for the resignation of 7Teeny and the brutal attack on Barbie Kellers, has been terminated effective immediately. COO Dan Stein had the following to say about these two removals:

"It is entirely reprehensible what lengths Von Bremen went to in order to get to Max Towers. Barbie Kellers, a non-contact member of the roster, suffered severely at the hands of Lars Von Bremen. Max Towers resignation is understandable. We have to do more to protect our team, and at Warrior's Code, I was too distracted by my own issues to be properly prepared to deal with something of that nature. I take personal responsibility for the injuries to Barbie Kellers. The resignation of Max Towers has been received and approved, however, we will continue to do what we can to make Mr. Towers feel confident in RCE and SHOOT Project as a company. Max Towers and especially Barbie Kellers, my deepest heartfelt apologies."

Tag Team Title Match Confusion at Warrior's Code

There was some confusion in regards to the SHOOT Project Tag Team Title match that saw Lucha Fitness become the new champions after a hard fought battle against the Coltons. Many fans were expecting to see a barbed wire deathmatch, but instead got a regular tag match. It has come out recently that, while Maximo Fisico of Lucha Fitness made the challenge for a deathmatch, neither he nor Kid Lucha ever actually signed the contract to make it a deathmatch. Since both parties did not sign the contract agreeing to the stipulation (the Coltons did sign), the match was made a regular tag match, which apparently the Coltons only learned about upon arriving to the arena the day of Warrior's Code. Maximo Fisico was asked about why he didn't sign the contract, to which he responded:

"Did I not? Lo siento, se me fue de la cabeza."

Johnny Patriot's Victory and Hospital Visit

Johnny Patriot's victory party over Ryan Samuels and The Punchline was short lived as he accompanied his cousin to the hospital shortly after Warrior's Code went off the air.

The Collins Twins' Reaction

The Collins Twins were visibly irate walking to the back after the beating from The Wild Ones and Cormac Nelson following their brutal New York Street Fight with Long Island Hardcore. Both twins made it clear that his wasn't over yet.

Ultimo Muerte's Booking Decision

In a move that pays off weeks of news and notes rumors, Ultimo Muerte is booked for Master of the Mat. That Muerte was held off of shows for so long was seen as a potentially strange decision on the part of Dan Stein, but with Muerte entering his first Master of the Mat, it seems the strange decision will have an opportunity to pay off.

Real Deal's Recent Signings

Real Deal announced several signings on the heels of Warrior's Code, marking a bit of a boom period for the company as the middle of the year looms. Those names are:

  • Singles Competitors: Anna Daniels, Cormac Nelson, LOCUST, Vito Valentino
  • Tag Teams: The Wild Ones, Heirs to the Throne

Each signing has some kind of tie to the SHOOT Project as it stands, so it'll be interesting to see how things shake out from here.

Lindsay Troy and C.K. Butcher's Re-signing

In addition to that, as mentioned in a previous note, Lindsay Troy has re-signed with the SHOOT Project as has former Redemption Rumble winner C.K. Butcher. Real Deal was said to be pleased about both signings and both look to be featured heavily moving forward.

Joshua Breedlove's Reaction to Lindsay Troy's Return

On the subject of the main event, Joshua Breedlove has not given an official comment on the return of Lindsay Troy and how it might affect his quest to reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship. The former champion has been very active at the Empire's Sanctum, and has been said to be very active recruiting, with members of his team appearing backstage at REIGN and Resistance Pro.