World Heavyweight Championship

Ignatius Albert Martin5/4/2022#NUM!Ignatius Albert Martin defeats Joshua Breedlove at Revolution 174: Champion's Choice to become the 44th World Champion
Joshua Breedlove12/27/20215/4/2022128Joshua Breedlove defeats NEMESIS at Master of the Mat 2021 to become the 43rd World Champion
NEMESIS8/22/202112/27/2021127NEMESIS becomes the first woman World Champion at CONQUEST
Nate Robideau4/18/20218/22/2021126Nate Robideau becomes the 41st World Champion at Iron Will
Buck Dresden8/16/20204/18/2021245Buck Dresden defeats Jonas Coleman at Redemption to become the 40th World Heavyweight Champion
Jonas Coleman5/3/20208/16/2020105Jonas Coleman defeats Buck Dresden at RISE to become the 39th World Heavyweight Champion
Kenji Yamada2/5/20165/9/201694Kenji Yamada defeats Trey Willett, Dan Stein, and Cade Sydal in a ladder match on Revolution 132 to become the 38th World Heavyweight Champion
Maya Nakashima10/7/201311/7/2014396Maya Nakashima wins the 2013 World Heavyweight Championship Primus at ELITE, outlasting seven other members of the SHOOT Project roster to claim his first World Heavyweight Championship, and becoming the 37th World Heavyweight Champion
Trey Willett7/22/201310/7/201377Trey Willett wins the World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Revolution 114, becoming the 36th World Heavyweight Champion.
Dan Stein7/1/20137/22/201321Dan Stein wins the World Heavyweight Championship in the main event of Master of the Mat 2013 - Day 2, becoming the 35th World Heavyweight Champion.
Donovan King8/5/20127/1/2013330Donovan King wins the World Heavyweight Championship in the first ever Primus match at RISE, becoming the 34th World Heavyweight Champion.
X-Calibur10/9/20118/5/2012301X-Calibur defeats Cade Sydal and Jonas Coleman at Master of the Mat to become the 33rd World Heavyweight Champion.
Cade Sydal2/7/201110/9/2011244Cade Sydal defeats Azraith DeMitri to become the 32nd World Heavyweight Champion
Azraith Demitri7/25/20102/7/2011197Azraith DeMitri defeats Sinnocence for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship to become the 31st World Heavyweight Champion.
Donovan King2/2/20093/8/200934Donovan King defeats Corazon to become the 30th World Heavyweight Champion.
Corazon2/2/20092/2/20090Corazon defeats Jester Smiles and Jonny Johnson to become the 29th World Heavyweight Champion.
Roland Caldwell2/3/20083/17/200843
Jun Kenshin12/16/20072/3/200849
Trevor Worrens9/30/200712/16/200777Trevor Worrens defeated Ray Willmott for the vacated SHOOT World Title
MiRAGE5/14/20067/1/200648MiRAGE won a three-man ladder match involving Eli Storm and Cade Sydal to win the vacant SHOOT World Title.
Eli Storm3/25/20065/14/200650Eli Storm defeats Cade Sydal in a Last Man Standing Match to become the 20th World Heavyweight Champion in SHOOT Project History.
Cade Sydal2/5/20063/25/200648Cade Sydal defeats OutKast in a Retirement Match to become the 19th World Heavyweight Champion in SHOOT Project History.
Ayumi Seppuku4/7/20057/10/200594
X-Calibur2/27/20054/7/200539X defeated Ben Jackman in the finals of a tournament to determine the World Champion upon the restart of SHOOT Project (1/1/2005).
Real Deal12/17/20034/30/2004135The Real Deal defeats Davis in his 5th defense to become the 15th Champion in the history of SHOOT Project and the only 3 Time World Heavyweight Champion in SHOOT history. The Real Deal defends the title successfully twice, before SHOOT Project closes on 04/30/03.
Christopher Davis9/28/200312/17/200380
Diamond Del Carver7/14/20039/28/200376
OutKast11/24/20027/14/2003232OutKast becomes the 12th SHOOT Project Champion. At this point, SHOOT Project has left Japan, and become a national organization with syndicated television programming and world tours. The Shoot Project Championship is declared a WORLD Heavyweight Championship. OutKast sets a SHOOT Project record, holding the World Championship for a record 8 Months and engaging in a record 6 successful defenses.
Real Deal9/28/200211/24/200257Real Deal Josh Johnson won the SHOOT Project World Title by winning the Under Siege Battle Royal for the Vacated Belt.
Ravage9/8/20029/28/200220Ravage wins the SHOOT Championship and successfully defends his title 3 times. He is forced to vacate the title on 09/22/02, due to injury.
Jeff Cross8/23/20029/8/200216After 3 successful title defenses, Carver issues and open challenge on the 08/23/02 episode of Oblivion, and is defeated by a Masked Wrestler. During the match, the Masked Wrestler reveals himself to be Jeff Cross, a former SHOOT Project star who was supposedly crippled and out of wrestling.
Diamond Del Carver7/14/20028/23/200240Carver pins Ben Jackman to win a No Disqualification Match which also featured The Flying Dutchman, Chris Lee, & Rocky Stellar to win the Vacant SHOOT Championship and become the 8th SHOOT Champion.
Stoned Cold7/7/20027/14/20027Ice (known as Stoned Cold at the time) defeats Lee to become the 7th SHOOT Champion. Ice (also known as Jake Dominion) leaves SHOOT in a contract dispute the following week. The title is declared VACANT.
Chris Lee6/30/20027/7/20027In the Main Event of Master of the Mat 2002, the #1 Contender Chris Lee, fights the #2 Contender, JD Ice, and the winner of the Master of the Mat Tournament from earlier in the show, Diamond Del Carver. Lee pins Carver to win the vacant SHOOT Championship.
Real Deal3/24/20026/30/200298Erik Boyer VACATES the Championship and leaves SHOOT Project the following month due to a contract dispute. The Real Deal (Josh Johnson) defeats Rancid in the Tournament Final to win the vacant SHOOT Championship. The Real Deal goes on to successfully defend the title several times, and also wins every other title in SHOOT Project in a "Quest for Glory" Match on 04/21/02. However, The Real Deal suffers a crippling knee injury shortly after his successful title defense against Jeff Cross at the "Training Day" PPV on 04/28/02. The title is declared VACANT as of June 2002.
Erik Boyer2/10/20023/24/200242
The Azrael11/25/20012/10/200277Azreal wins a 6 Pack Match in Taurus's first defense to become the 3rd SHOOT Champion. Azreal then beats Taurus in a singles match to solidify his reign on 12/16/01
Taurus11/11/200111/25/200114Taurus defeats Shaolin in his very first defense and becomes the 2nd SHOOT Champion.
Shaolin10/28/200111/11/200114Shaolin wins an Elimination Match over Massicirist, Dominion, Savage & Master Molde and becomes the first ever SHOOT Project Champion.