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World Tag Team Championship

The Coltons (2)06/09/2024#NUM!The Coltons defeated Lucha Fitness at Master of the Mat 2024 to become the World Tag Team Champions.
Lucha Fitness04/15/202406/09/202455Lucha Fitness defeat the Coltons at Warrior's Code to become the World Tag Team Champions
The Coltons7/10/202304/15/2024280The Coltons defeat the Carolina Lions at Revolution 194 to become the World Tag Team Champions
Carolina Lions11/13/202207/10/20231239Carolina Lions defeat Lux Aeterna in a Ladder Match at Reckoning Day 2022 to become the World Tag Team Champions
Lux Aeterna5/4/202211/13/20221193Ayumi Seppuku & Lindsay Troy defeat the Sisters of Steel at Revolution 174: Champion's Choice to become the World Tag Team Champions
Sisters of Steel4/6/20225/4/2022028Sisters of Steel defeat the UCA at ApeX to become the World Tag Team Champions
UNHOLY CYBER ARMY (2)8/22/20214/6/20224227UCA defeats SCS at CONQUEST to become the World Tag Team Champions
Sin City Scoundrels1/24/20218/22/20214210SCS defeats UCA at Reckoning Day to become the World Tag Team Champions.
UNHOLY CYBER ARMY8/16/20201/24/20214161UCA defeats MCGA at Redemption to become the World Tag Team Champions.
Lunatikk Crippler and Corey Lazarus6/10/201411/7/2014150Crippler and Lazarus defeat ANARCHY! after a championship reign of more than one calendar year to become the World Tag Team Champions at Revolution 124.
ANARCHY5/29/20136/10/2014377ANARCHY defeats Sex and Violence at Dominion 8 to capture their first World Tag Team Championships
Sex and Violence1/7/20135/29/2013142Sex and Violence defeats the Genesis Corporation and two other teams at Revolution 104: Championship Edition to become the World Tag Team Champions.
The Genesis Corporation12/10/20121/7/201328The Genesis Corporation defeats the Sinister Syndicate at Redemption 2012 to become the World Tag Team Champions.
The Sinister Syndicate9/24/201212/10/201277The Sinister Syndicate defeats the Bad Ass Brotherhood at Revolution 100 to become the World Tag Team Champions.
The Bad Ass Brotherhood12/29/109/24/2012635The Bad Ass Brotherhood defeated VAS, The Flying Avengers, and the Allied Forces at Revolution 70 to capture the vacant World Tag Team Championships.
The Crimson Riot09/26/1011/07/1042
Flying Avengers02/02/0909/26/10601
Flying Avengers11/02/0802/02/0992
Tres Bien10/26/0811/02/087
Long Island Hardcore03/30/0810/26/08210
Instant Heat6/24/200607/01/067
Kenshin & Mirage4/8/20066/24/200677
Club EC v22/5/20064/8/200662
Loose Cannonz12/7/20052/5/200660
Los Technicos11/27/200512/7/200510In a match at the PPV, Los Tech def. The Poe/Catch Warren, Loose Cannonz (Matt Kanyon/Eli Storm), and High Rollers (Hippy Dave/Bryan Doss)
Esteemed Colleagues (Club EC)10/28/200511/27/200530
The LAW (3)9/1/200510/28/200557
Esteemed Colleagues (Club EC)7/10/20059/1/200553
D & C5/13/20057/10/200558Dutch Harris and Cade Sydal introduced the tag titles back into SHOOT Project
The Sensational Thrillers5/19/20035/13/2005725
Instant Heat (2)4/13/20035/19/200336
The Beautiful People9/29/20024/13/2003196The Beautiful People defeated The MadMen at UnderSeige 2002 in a Cage Match to start one of this business' most historic title reigns.
The MadMen8/23/20029/29/200237On JUNE 16th 2002, a match was held to determine WHO would be the NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS to the Shoot Project Tag Team Champions, who were at that time, the team of HARDCORE STYLE. In this match, THE MADMEN - Flying Dutchman & The Fist - defeated the team of SYCO WARD. Despite this, The Madmen never received their title shot…and subsequently LEFT SHOOT PROJECT. Hardcore Style went on to LOSE their titles to the team of Erik Boyer and Cronos Diamante, who ALSO subsequently left Shoot Project. The MadMen then defeated Hardcore Style to become the next Tag Team Champions of SHOOT Project.
Boyer & Diamante7/7/20028/23/200247
Hardcore Style4/1/20027/7/200297
KillaCrowe & Renegade3/3/20024/1/200229KillaCrowe & Renegade defeated Will Schmidt & The Lyger Kid for the vacated tag team titles.
Angel & KnightMare2/3/20023/3/200228Mike Angel defeated Ravage in a one-on-one match to determine which of them got the tag titles, and Angel picked KnightMare as his partner after winning that match.