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Wrestling Style:Submission/Technical
Date of Birth:12/29/1975
Country:USA (Brooklyn, NY)
Finisher Name:X-Terminator '20
Finishing Move:Short-Arm Cutter
Theme Music:"Church of Execution" by Fear Factory
Signature 1:Dragon's Bite (Gogoplata/Hell's Gate)
Signature 2:Dojo Plex (Gargoyle Suplex)
Signature 3:The Sword, The Shield, and The Flame (Tricolour Suplex)
Signature 4:Venomizer (King Cobra Hold)
Bio:Taken from an excerpt of X-Calibur’s unreleased autobiography…“X-Calibur”, real name Eryk Van Warren, has been involved with professional wrestling since the mid-90’s. Turning to mainstream pro-wrestling in 2000, X introduced the audience to an interesting and unique blend of technical prowess with an appetite for the stiff and extreme styles often seen overseas in countries like Japan and Germany. Over the years, while evolving an early “hardcore” style into more of a submission-based one that we have seen in recent years, X-Calibur has always maintained a penchant for suplexes and slams. His finishing move, the X-Terminator, has put down the likes of--”Yadda, yadda, yadda. You’re just going to have to wait for the full autobiography to really get a sense of the size of his juicy history. In the meantime, here’s a few of the straps he’s acquired:SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship(2)SHOOT Project World Tag Team Championship (with JD Ice as “Instant Heat”)SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship(3)SHOOT Project Redemption Rumble Winner – 2011SHOOT Project Wrestler of the Year – 2011SHOOT Project Is, Like, Undefeated Against Diamond Del Carver Championship(37)SHOOT Project Golden Spatula WinnerLEGACY World Championship(2)LEGACY Dave Hawkins Memorial Tournament II WinnerLEGACY World Tag Team Championship *( with Loco Martinez as “Profanity and Insanity”)LEGACY Tao of Valor ChampionshipLEGACY No Limits ChampionshipOPW Tag Team Championship (with OutKast as “Law & Order”)SWA World Heavyweight Championship(2)SWA World Tag Team Championship (with Blake O’Reilly)SWA Intercontinental ChampionshipSWA Television ChampionshipXWF World Heavyweight ChampionshipEWA Tapout Championship(2)EWA World Tag Team Championship (with Azrael Goeren as “The Hierarchy”)EWA Television ChampionshipNYSWF World Television ChampionshipAWA Hardcore ChampionshipNWW Hardcore ChampionshipBSPW Pacific Coast Championship*- In a rather fucked up moment of treachery, X-Calibur and Cade Sydal won the LEGACY Tag Team Titles together as the “Mohawk Warriors”, but X-Calibur immediately turned on his own partner and violently took him out in a grand plan to allow Loco Martinez to just slide in and become his actual tag team partner with the blessing from LEGACY Belote-agement.