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XXCW: Shakedown 002

XXCW Shakedown - Episode 2

Double Cross Championship Wrestling (XXCW)

Shakedown - Episode 2 - Marietta, Georgia

Opening Match: Babette Domina vs. La Bestia 666

Babette Domina, with her unmatched technical skills, faces off against the high-flying luchador La Bestia 666. In a match filled with submission attempts and aerial assaults, Domina secures the win with a perfectly executed Horizon Lock.


Doc' Jerry Mandrell, Jr. Announces a Tournament

The General Manager reveals a tournament for the XXCW Light Heavyweight Championship, promising to showcase the agility and talent of XXCW's cruiserweights. He teases some surprise entrants, raising the stakes and excitement for the upcoming matches.

Mercury Order of Unseen Knowledge vs. Dark Energy

In a tag team match filled with mystique and aggression, the occultist trio of Mercury Order faces the brutal force of Dark Energy. The match ends in chaos as Samhain secures a victory for Mercury Order with an Inverted Hierophant, amidst interference and mystical mind games.


Locker Room Confrontation: Syn and Blade

Backstage, tensions boil over as Syn and Blade engage in a heated confrontation. Security struggles to keep them apart, hinting at a future rematch that could shake the foundations of XXCW.

XXCW Southeastern Championship: Hank Henry vs. Tucker Day

In a match of pure intensity, "Alpha Pride" Hank Henry takes on "The Rocky Mountain Madman" Tucker Day for the XXCW Southeastern Championship. Henry's technical prowess meets Day's raw power, ending with Henry submitting Day with the Alpha Lock.


Main Event: XXCW World Tag Team Championships - Bob n' Weave vs. The Southern Rebels

The agile and dynamic duo of Bob n' Weave challenges the hard-hitting Southern Rebels for the XXCW World Tag Team Championships. In a thrilling display of teamwork and resilience, Bob n' Weave captures the titles with a combination of high-flying maneuvers and powerhouse tactics, culminating in a dramatic SOB on Jeb Tucker.