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XXCW: Shakedown 003

XXCW Shakedown - Episode 3

Double Cross Championship Wrestling (XXCW)

Shakedown - Episode 3 - Marietta, Georgia

Opening Match: XXCW Light Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarterfinal: Super Sonic vs. Nik Van Dam

Two high flyers, Super Sonic and Nik Van Dam, dazzle the audience with their aerial prowess in this tournament quarterfinal match. In a contest filled with high-risk maneuvers, Super Sonic wins with a breathtaking Sonic Boom.


Backstage Segment: The Mercury Order of Unseen Knowledge

The Mercury Order speaks cryptically about their plans to dominate all the gold in XXCW, hinting at using their mystical powers to foresee and manipulate their path to victory.

Murgatroyd Cunningham vs. Jynx

In a clash of styles, "The Likely Lad" Murgatroyd Cunningham uses his technical skills against the raw power of Jynx. Despite Jynx's dominating presence, Cunningham secures the win with a cleverly applied Chipping Norton.


In-Ring Promo: Tucker Day

"The Rocky Mountain Madman" Tucker Day calls out Hank Henry, demanding a rematch for the XXCW Southeastern Championship. He promises to unleash his full fury, vowing that the next time they meet, Henry will not walk away the champion.

XXCW Southeastern Championship: Hank Henry vs. Demetrius Numitor

In a battle of technique and brute strength, "Alpha Pride" Hank Henry defends his title against "The Greco-Roman" Demetrius Numitor. The match is a showcase of both wrestlers' skills, with Henry ultimately retaining his championship by countering Numitor's Greco-Roman Suplex into an Alpha Slam.


Main Event: XXCW World Heavyweight Championship: Syn vs. Blade - No Disqualification Match

In a highly anticipated rematch, Syn defends the XXCW World Heavyweight Championship against Blade in a brutal no disqualification match. The bout features tables, chairs, and undeniable resilience. Blade, seeking redemption, finally overcomes Syn with a Razorblade onto a chair, becoming the new XXCW World Heavyweight Champion in a match that will be remembered for years to come.