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XXCW: Shakedown 005

XXCW Shakedown - Episode 5

Double Cross Championship Wrestling (XXCW)

Shakedown - Episode 5 - Marietta, Georgia

Opening Match: XXCW Light Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Final: Ana Carillo vs. Bob Cardoso

The tournament heats up as "Lil' Half Dead" Ana Carillo takes on one-half of the tag team champions, Bob Cardoso. A high-flying spectacle from start to finish, Carillo secures her spot in the finals with an "Up to No Good" finisher.


Backstage Segment: The Southern Rebels and Dark Energy

Following their intense match last week, The Southern Rebels confront Dark Energy backstage, hinting at unfinished business between the two teams and teasing a rematch that could shake the tag team division to its core.

XXCW Southeastern Championship: Hank Henry vs. Murgatroyd Cunningham

"Alpha Pride" Hank Henry defends his title against "The Likely Lad" Murgatroyd Cunningham in a match showcasing Henry's technical mastery against Cunningham's resilience and cunning. Henry retains with a submission victory via the Alpha Lock.


In-Ring Promo: Blade

Newly crowned XXCW World Heavyweight Champion, Blade, stands in the ring to issue his open challenge. The lights dim, and to the shock of the crowd, a new challenger emerges, setting the stage for a future showdown.

Tag Team Showcase: Mercury Order of Unseen Knowledge vs. The New Vision Titans

The Mercury Order uses their unorthodox style to battle the high-flying New Vision Titans. In a match filled with mystique and aerial maneuvers, The Mercury Order secures the win, sending a message to the tag team champions.


Main Event: Non-Title Match: Syn vs. Tucker Day

In a clash of titans, the monstrous Syn faces "The Rocky Mountain Madman" Tucker Day in a hard-hitting main event. The match is a brutal display of power and aggression, ending in a no-contest as both competitors refuse to heed the referee's commands, brawling their way out of the arena and leaving the crowd in awe.