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XXCW: Shakedown 008

XXCW Shakedown - Episode 8

Double Cross Championship Wrestling (XXCW)

Shakedown - Episode 8 - Marietta, GA (KSU Convocation Center)

Attendance: 4,600 (Sold Out) | Gate: $69,000

Opening Segment: GM Doc' Jerry Mandrell, Jr. Sets the Stage

GM 'Doc' Jerry Mandrell, Jr. opens the night by hyping up the crowd for a sold-out show. He announces that tonight's main event will feature a last chance qualifier for the PPV’s main event title match.

Match 1: Nik Van Dam vs. La Bestia 666 - Light Heavyweight Action

A high-flying, fast-paced match that has the crowd on their feet. Nik Van Dam secures a win with the Van Dam Press, strengthening his case for a future title shot.


Backstage Interview: Babette Domina

Babette Domina talks about her evolving strategy in the women's division, vowing to dominate and become the undisputed best by defeating every challenger in her path.

Match 2: The Southern Rebels vs. The New Vision Titans - Tag Team Clash

A brutal tag team match that showcases the gritty style of The Southern Rebels against the innovative offense of The New Vision Titans. The Southern Rebels win, proving their dominance in the tag division.


In-Ring Promo: Super Sonic Challenges All Comers

Super Sonic stands in the ring and issues a bold challenge to any wrestler in the back for a match at the PPV, promising to prove he's the greatest Light Heavyweight Champion in XXCW history.

Match 3: Hank Henry vs. Murgatroyd Cunningham - Southeastern Championship

A rematch from previous shows, where "Alpha Pride" Hank Henry defends his title against "The Likely Lad" Murgatroyd Cunningham. Hank Henry wins again, showcasing why he is the top technician in the promotion.


Match of the Night

Main Event Segment: Last Chance Battle Royale

A chaotic battle royale featuring stars like Jynx, Thermos Lund, and others, with the winner earning a spot in the PPV main event title match. The match ends with Jynx standing tall, last eliminating Thermos Lund.

Top 3 Most Popular Acts of the Night:

  1. Super Sonic - His open challenge has set the stage for a highly anticipated PPV match.
  2. Hank Henry - Retaining the Southeastern Championship has solidified his top-tier status.
  3. Jynx - Winning the battle royale has skyrocketed his popularity among fans.