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XXCW: Shakedown 009

XXCW Shakedown - Episode 9

Double Cross Championship Wrestling (XXCW)

Shakedown - Episode 9 - Marietta, GA (KSU Convocation Center)

Attendance: 4,600 (Sold Out) | Gate: $69,000

Opening Segment: GM Doc' Jerry Mandrell, Jr. Welcomes New Signings

GM 'Doc' Jerry Mandrell, Jr. opens the show by introducing the new roster members: Kazuo Yamashita, Isabella Rojas, Connor "The Impact" Mason, Elena Petrova, and Jack "Wildcard" West. He announces that each will be featured in tonight's matches.

Match 1: Isabella Rojas vs. Babette Domina

In her debut match, "La Reina" Isabella Rojas takes on the formidable Babette Domina. The match is a fast-paced, high-flying spectacle, with Rojas securing a win with her signature move, Cielo Crash.


Backstage Segment: Connor Mason's Challenge

Backstage, Connor "The Impact" Mason issues a bold challenge to any current title holder in XXCW, declaring his intentions to dominate the heavyweight division.

Match 2: Kazuo Yamashita vs. Jynx

"The Ronin" Kazuo Yamashita showcases his strong style wrestling against the powerhouse Jynx. The match is intensely physical, with Yamashita coming out on top using his Samurai Cutter.


In-Ring Promo: Elena Petrova and Hank Henry

"The Siberian Huntress" Elena Petrova confronts Southeastern Champion Hank Henry in the ring, teasing a potential intergender match and displaying her technical prowess by demonstrating submission holds on a training dummy.

Tag Team Match: The Southern Rebels vs. Jack "Wildcard" West and Super Sonic

In a thrilling tag team match, Jack "Wildcard" West teams up with Light Heavyweight Champion Super Sonic against the tag champions The Southern Rebels. The match ends in chaos as all teams showcase their best moves, with West and Sonic pulling off a surprising victory with a combined high-flying finisher.


Match of the Night

Closing Segment: A New Challenger Appears

As the show wraps up, Alexei Volkov, the World Heavyweight Champion, comes to the ring to address the crowd. Suddenly, Connor Mason interrupts, setting the stage for a confrontation that promises to lead to a major showdown.