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XXCW: Shakedown 012

XXCW Shakedown Episode 12

XXCW Shakedown Episode 12

Attendance: 5,900

Show Gate: $59,000

TV Rating: 4.3

Match Results

1. Ryan Odyssey vs. Thermos Lund

Winner: Ryan Odyssey
Time: 11:58
Rating: ★★★★☆

Summary: Ryan Odyssey made a strong debut, showcasing his blend of technical prowess and raw power against Thermos Lund. Lund's resilience kept the match competitive, but Odyssey's dominance prevailed. The match ended with Odyssey executing a devastating finisher to secure the victory.

Segment: Connor Mason's In-Ring Promo

Connor Mason stood in the ring, addressing his upcoming title match against Alexei Volkov. He declared his intention to become a dual champion and expressed his confidence in overcoming Volkov. The crowd reacted enthusiastically, showing their support for Mason's ambitions.

2. Chris Carnage & Preston Alexander vs. Dark Energy

Winners: Chris Carnage & Preston Alexander
Time: 13:25
Rating: ★★★★☆

Summary: In a hard-hitting tag team match, the newly formed team of Chris Carnage and Preston Alexander took on Dark Energy. Both teams displayed great chemistry and coordination, but Carnage and Alexander's raw power and technical skills gave them the edge. The match concluded with Carnage hitting the Bloodlust, followed by Alexander applying the Coil Lock for the win.

Segment: Backstage Confrontation between The Southern Rebels and Attrition

The Southern Rebels were confronted by Ryan Odyssey and Warchief, known as Attrition, backstage. The two teams exchanged heated words, escalating tensions in the tag team division. A challenge was made for a future match, promising an intense showdown.

3. Zero Gravity vs. Nik Van Dam

Winner: Zero Gravity
Time: 14:50
Rating: ★★★★★

Summary: Zero Gravity and Nik Van Dam delivered a high-octane, aerial showcase that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Both wrestlers pushed the limits with their high-flying maneuvers. The match culminated with Zero Gravity hitting the Z-Force for a spectacular victory, earning Match of the Night honors.

Segment: Alexei Volkov's Response

Alexei Volkov responded to Connor Mason's earlier promo, asserting his dominance as the World Heavyweight Champion. He dismissed Mason's ambitions and vowed to retain his title. Volkov's confident and menacing tone added intensity to their ongoing rivalry.

4. Isabella Rojas vs. Babette Domina

Winner: Isabella Rojas
Time: 10:30
Rating: ★★★★☆

Summary: Isabella Rojas continued her impressive run with a victory over Babette Domina. The match was a back-and-forth contest, showcasing Rojas' agility and Domina's power. Rojas ultimately secured the win with a high-flying finisher, solidifying her status as a top contender in the women's division.

Segment: Blade's Challenge

Blade came out to the ring to issue a challenge to Kazuo Yamashita for a rematch. He acknowledged Yamashita's skill but claimed he would emerge victorious in their next encounter. The challenge was accepted, setting up an anticipated rematch for the following week.

5. Main Event: Attrition (Ryan Odyssey & Warchief) vs. The New Vision Titans

Winners: Attrition
Time: 17:10
Rating: ★★★★☆

Summary: The main event featured the debut of Attrition against The New Vision Titans in a fierce tag team match. Odyssey and Warchief's combination of power and technical skill overwhelmed the Titans. The match ended with Warchief hitting the Dutch Decapitator, followed by Odyssey's finisher, to secure the win and establish themselves as a formidable team.

Top Acts of the Evening

  • Ryan Odyssey - Impressive debut and strong performance.
  • Chris Carnage & Preston Alexander - Dominant tag team debut.
  • Zero Gravity - Stellar high-flying match and victory.
  • Isabella Rojas - Continued winning streak and impressive performance.
  • Attrition - Strong tag team debut and main event victory.