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XXCW Shakedown Episode 13

XXCW Shakedown Episode 13

Attendance: 6,000

Show Gate: $60,000

TV Rating: 4.4

Match Results

1. Warchief vs. Blade

Winner: Warchief
Time: 12:47
Rating: ★★★★☆

Summary: Warchief and Blade delivered an intense and physical opening match. Blade's experience and agility were countered by Warchief's brute strength and power. The match concluded with Warchief hitting The Dutch Decapitator for a decisive victory, further establishing his dominance in XXCW.

Segment: Alexei Volkov and Connor Mason Face-off

Alexei Volkov and Connor Mason came face-to-face in the ring, exchanging heated words. Volkov reiterated his confidence in retaining the World Heavyweight Championship, while Mason promised to bring the fight of his life. The tension between the two reached a boiling point, foreshadowing their upcoming clash.

2. Kazuo Yamashita vs. Demetrius Numitor

Winner: Kazuo Yamashita
Time: 14:10
Rating: ★★★★☆

Summary: Kazuo Yamashita showcased his strong style once again, battling Demetrius Numitor in a hard-fought contest. Numitor's technical wrestling skills were on full display, but Yamashita's relentless offense proved too much. The match ended with Yamashita hitting a brutal lariat to secure the victory.

Segment: Isabella Rojas' Challenge

Isabella Rojas, riding high on her recent victories, issued an open challenge to any female competitor in the locker room. Babette Domina answered the call, setting up a highly anticipated match for next week. The segment ended with both women exchanging intense glares, hyping the upcoming bout.

3. Zero Gravity vs. Super Sonic

Winner: Zero Gravity
Time: 13:55
Rating: ★★★★★

Summary: Zero Gravity and Super Sonic faced off in another spectacular high-flying match. Both competitors wowed the crowd with their aerial prowess and innovative maneuvers. Zero Gravity managed to secure the win with his Z-Force finisher, earning Match of the Night honors once again.

Segment: The Southern Rebels' Announcement

The Southern Rebels announced that they would be defending their Tag Team Championships in an open challenge at the next major event. This declaration brought excitement to the tag team division, with several teams expressing interest in the opportunity.

4. Chris Carnage vs. Nik Van Dam

Winner: Chris Carnage
Time: 11:30
Rating: ★★★★☆

Summary: Chris Carnage continued his dominant run, taking on the high-flying Nik Van Dam. Van Dam's speed and agility were impressive, but Carnage's raw power and ruthless aggression gave him the upper hand. Carnage secured the win with the Bloodlust, further cementing his reputation as a formidable competitor.

Segment: Attrition's Dominance

Attrition (Ryan Odyssey and Warchief) delivered a backstage promo, declaring their intention to take over the tag team division. They called out The Southern Rebels, promising to end their reign as champions. The segment ended with a menacing warning, setting the stage for an inevitable clash.

5. Main Event: Connor Mason vs. Preston Alexander

Winner: Connor Mason
Time: 18:15
Rating: ★★★★★

Summary: In a thrilling main event, Connor Mason faced off against Preston Alexander. The match was a showcase of technical skill and raw power, with both competitors giving their all. Mason ultimately secured the win with the Impact Slam, sending a strong message to Alexei Volkov ahead of their title match.

Top Acts of the Evening

  • Warchief - Dominant victory over Blade.
  • Kazuo Yamashita - Strong showing and hard-fought victory.
  • Zero Gravity - Spectacular high-flying match and victory.
  • Chris Carnage - Continued dominance and impressive win.
  • Connor Mason - Thrilling main event performance and victory.