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XXCW: Spectacle

XXCW Shakedown - Double Cross Spectacle PPV

Double Cross Championship Wrestling (XXCW)

Double Cross Spectacle - Pay-Per-View

Location: KSU Convocation Center, Marietta, GA

Attendance: 4,600 (Sold Out) | Gate: $69,000

Opening Remarks by GM Doc' Jerry Mandrell, Jr.

GM 'Doc' Jerry Mandrell, Jr. kicks off the night, welcoming fans to XXCW's major PPV event, promising that tonight will be filled with memorable matches and historic moments.

Match 1: XXCW Light Heavyweight Championship: Super Sonic vs. Nik Van Dam

The evening starts with a high-flying battle as Super Sonic defends his Light Heavyweight title against Nik Van Dam. After a series of thrilling aerial maneuvers, Super Sonic retains with a Sonic Boom, solidifying his reign.


Backstage Interview: Babette Domina

Babette Domina speaks about her journey and her determination to make a mark tonight by defeating every challenger in an Open Challenge match later on.

Match 2: Tag Team Turmoil for the XXCW World Tag Team Championships

A fierce contest featuring top teams including The Southern Rebels, Bob n' Weave, and The New Vision Titans. The Southern Rebels emerge victorious, claiming the tag team titles after a grueling series of matches.


In-Ring Promo: Hank Henry

Before his match, "Alpha Pride" Hank Henry delivers a fiery promo, vowing to retain the Southeastern Championship and prove he's the backbone of XXCW.

Match 3: XXCW Southeastern Championship: Hank Henry vs. Jynx

In a brutal match, Hank Henry defends his title against Jynx. The match is filled with intense back-and-forth action, ending with Henry securing the victory with an Alpha Slam.


Match 4: Women's Open Challenge Match

Babette Domina faces multiple challengers in a gauntlet-style match. She defeats each opponent with technical prowess and strategy, ultimately standing tall as the dominant force in the women's division.


Main Event: XXCW World Heavyweight Championship: Blade vs. Alexei Volkov

The main event sees Blade defend his World Heavyweight Championship against "The International Phenom" Alexei Volkov. In a match filled with tension and near-falls, Volkov stuns the crowd by defeating Blade to capture the championship, ending the night on a shocking note.


Match of the Night

Closing: GM Doc' Jerry Mandrell, Jr. Comments on the Night's Events

GM 'Doc' Jerry Mandrell, Jr. closes the show, congratulating the new and defending champions, and teases major announcements for the next episode of Shakedown, ensuring fans that the best is yet to come.