12/29/2021 17:26:53MASTER OF THE MAT 2021Master of the Mat 2021 is on the AIR!Live, from Las Vegas, Nevada... the SHOOT Project comes at you with the CONCLUSION of the Master of the Mat tournament and SO MUCH MORE... Nearly every championship is on the line, contenderships... on the line. Are there new champions?! Was it Lindsay Troy or Azraith DeMitri standing tall at the end of the night?! FIND OUT HERE:
12/13/2021 16:21:52RUINATION 18 IS ON THE AIR! RUINATION 18From the SHOOT Project Epicenter in Las Vegas, Nevada... It's time for RUINATION. Is there a new Shut Up and Fight Champion?! Bobby Dean and Doozer make their anticipated debuts! All this and a word from the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship when you CLICK. THE. LINK.
12/13/2021 16:36:25REVOLUTION 168 IS ON THE AIR! REVOLUTION 168It's another night of pandemonium as Revolution 168 hits the airwaves! It's a wild show again as we have Josh Conway making his SHOOT Project debut and a HUGE 8-man tag match that's sure to have something go down. We cap all that off with a big main event between Nate Robideau and Sin City Champion, Azraith DeMitri. Will he defend successfully or will Robideau take home the gold?! Find out HERE:
12/5/2021 20:35:24THE SHOOT PROJECT 2021 YEAR END AWARDSPRESENTED BY THE SHOOT PROJECTIt's that time of year again, folks. Click the link to see how this all works!
12/2/2021 21:40:23REIGN 11 IS ON THE AIRREIGN 11Los Angeles, CaliforniaAdrian Reyes defends his REIGN Championship against Cromwell Yarbury and El Paria makes his debut. All this and more when you tune in!
11/30/2021 8:58:53RUINATION 17 IS ON THE AIR!Master of the Mat - ROUND 1 - FIGHTThat's right, folks. Ruination 17 is on the air and Master of the Mat is kicked off! Who will move on?! Any upsets?! Check it out here!
11/30/2021 10:37:42REVOLUTION 167 IS ON THE AIR! Master of the Mat! Quarters! Semis! Oh my!You got that right, folks! The Master of the Mat quarterfinals and semi-finals are here for your viewing enjoyment!
11/8/2021 8:18:39RUINATION 16 IS ON THE AIRRUINATION IS LIVE! Ruination 16 hits the airwaves as the SHOOT Project comes at you LIVE from the Las Vegas Epicenter! Check it out here!
11/8/2021 9:01:30REVOLUTION 166 is ON THE AIR! REVOLUTION IS LIVEOn the heels of a crazy RUINATION, we're here with Revolution and there's a CRAZY announcement with something we've NEVER done in the SHOOT Project before. Check that out here!
11/8/2021 9:14:02Bookings for RUINATION 17: Master of the Mat and REVOLUTION 167: Master of the Mat are live!PEEP THEM. BRACKETS. WOOOO.BAM. Master of the Mat is HERE. CYCLE. ONE TOURNAMENT. FINALS AT THE PPV.
11/3/2021 0:44:16**Instant Heat, Incorporated and the SHOOT Project complete buyout of LLL, MPW, and MONARCH Pro****Instant Heat, Incorporated and the SHOOT Project complete buyout of LLL, MPW, and MONARCH Pro****Las Vegas, NV:** On the heels of the 20th anniversary of the SHOOT Project's inception, IH, Inc. announced today that they had wrapped up negotiations with the managing partners of each of their international wrestling federations. **Luz de la Lucha (LLL), MONARCH Pro (M-Pro),** and **Masterpiece Professional Wrestling (MPW)** have all agreed to sell the remaining shares of their individual companies to IH, Inc. and the SHOOT Project. This move marks a major expansion and investment on the part of the SHOOT Project, because in addition to that, IH, Inc. President's Josh Johnson and Sean Kygon have unveiled the completion and grand opening of a second Epicenter located in Los Angeles, California. While the Las Vegas Epicenter is more geared to be an "entertainment hub" and gathering place for acts of many kinds, the Los Angeles Epicenter is poised to take on more of a training and sports-centric role, while also housing a similarly sized arena for the company's television, internet, and pay-per-view productions. Some of the requirements of the sale included housing for talent making the move from international territories and guaranteed contracts for the first year of the Los Angeles Epicenter's existence. International talent was informed of these negotiations and encouraged to prepare to make their move a month ago, should they wish to continue their employment. So far, no releases or holdouts have occurred. This development represented an opportunity for the Atlanta based promotion, **REIGN**, also a SHOOT Project holding. With all of these other parts in play, IH, Inc. management elected to sell the facilities they had been occupying in Atlanta back to the city at a discounted cost. They will be converted into a youth center and office complex, with REIGN talent also being relocated to the Los Angeles Epicenter facility. The REIGN management team will oversee operations at the LA Epicenter, with REIGN GM Mark Kendrick being responsible for the day to day. REIGN's first show with its new wealth of talent and new look will debut soon. Please stay tuned!
8/22/2021 22:34:26CONQUEST IS ON THE AIR!CONQUEST has hit the airwaves! Check it out! There's a storm brewing in the SHOOT Project, and moves are being made. Will you be here for the CONQUEST or will you miss out? SHOW IS LIVE!!!
5/18/2021 8:16:34Revolution 160 and Ruination 10! Bookings Available! Another jam packed set of shows coming at you when Revolution 160 and Ruination 10 take the airwaves. We've got a bunch of title matches, some interesting developments in the overall goings on of the SHOOT Project, and the Sin City Championship Series will wrap up! Check them out here!
5/17/2021 20:19:46REVOLUTION and RUINATION are ON THE AIR! Revolution 159 and Ruination 9 hit the airwaves!Both shows, that's right, BOTH SHOWS are available to watch, RIGHT NOW.
5/5/2021 16:59:24REIGNREIGN 9 is ON THE AIRFeaturing tag team action! AND A REIGN CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH!
5/4/2021 1:56:09BoOoOoOoOkings!BOOKINGS AVAILABLERevolution and Ruination Bookings are online! Ruination 9 is a BIG show with THREE title matches! Revolution sees a new debut in addition to the Sin City Championship Series! Check those out here!
5/3/2021 21:47:55RUINATION 8Ruination 8 is on the air! Here it is, ladies and gents! Ruination 8! time happenings on this show!
5/3/2021 22:06:08Revolution 158!REVOLUTION 158 ON THE AIR! It's here! Revolution 158 is on the air! we have a new World Heavyweight Champion!? Who won between Dan Stein and Lindsay Troy? Buck Dresden is in the house! Check it out!
4/19/2021 0:19:45IRON WILLIRON WILL IS ON THE AIR! It's MAYHEM AND BEDLAM here at the SHOOT Project as Iron Will hits the airwaves! Will we have new champions?! Check it out here!
4/19/2021 11:39:22BOOKINGSBookings for Revolution 158 and Ruination 8That's right friends, bookings for the next set of shows are available! Check them out here! 8 will take place on Sunday, May 2nd and Revolution 158 will take place on Monday, May 3rd.
4/5/2021 11:54:50Ruination 7/Revolution 157RUINATION and REVOLUTION are ON THE AIR! You heard it here first, folks! The go home shows for our next PPV event, Iron Will, are now available and online! Check 'em out here! There's a B I G announcement at the end of Revolution, too!
4/5/2021 12:31:18Iron WillIRON WILL Bookings are available! That's right, you heard it. You can catch those HERE:
3/15/2021 11:42:24RUINATION 6 IS ON THE AIR!RUINATION 6Join the folks at the SHOOT Project for another edition of Ruination! Breedlove defends against Paulton, Dugnutt Vs. Dean! Teddy Palmer's in the house! All this and more, at RUINATION!
3/15/2021 12:08:38REVOLUTION 156REVOLUTION 156 is ON THE AIR! The PPV is announced! There's a new Iron Fist Championship stipulation AND a title defense to go along with it! All this, and MORE when you tune in!
3/15/2021 12:40:36BOOKINGSREVOLUTION 157 and RUINATION 7!Woooooo! Just like clockwork, the bookings for Revolution 157 and Ruination 7 are online! Check them out here: 7 will take place on March 28th and Revolution 157 will take place on March 29th!
3/2/2021 10:54:08BOOKINGSREVOLUTION 156 and RUINATION 6 BOOKINGS LIVEThis morning, SHOOT Project HQ released bookings for the next set of shows, Revolution 156 and Ruination 6! Both shows feature Sin City Championship Series matches and Revolution will see an Iron Fist Championship defense, but there's rumors of the Iron Fist stipulation changing! Supposedly there'll be more on that later this week! Ruination 6 will take place on March 14th and Revolution 156 will take place on March 15th at the SHOOT Project Epicenter!
3/1/2021 19:20:37RUINATION 5RUINATION IS ON THE AIR! Las Vegas comes alive for the SHOOT Project and RUINATION 5. Take a peek and see if your favorites won and your least favorites lost! The Sin City Championship Series gets underway, there's a Shut Up and Fight Championship defense, and more!
3/1/2021 19:38:17REVOLUTION 155REVOLUTION 155 IS ON THE AIR! That's right ladies and gents, it's REVOLUTION time! The SCCS continues and we have a HUUUUUGE main event, both in number AND in starpower. Check all of that out, plus a word from Nate Robideau, the Unholy Cyber Army, and MORE when you watch:
2/23/2021 15:13:29REIGN Signings & More!Big News in Atlanta! News coming out of the SHOOT Project is that there have been two fresh signings to REIGN and that one member of the SHOOT Project roster will be spending some time in REIGN for the forseeable future. **Michael Van Warren**, brother of the legendary SHOOT Project Hall of Famer X-Calibur has been inked to a deal, as well as Chinese import **Bai Zhao Shou** Additionally, news just came out that James "Scion" Johnson will be joining the REIGN roster on a temporary basis. SHOOT HQ notes that Johnson is wishing to flesh out his skillset and continue to learn from others around him. Van Warren, Shou, and Johnson will make their REIGN debuts at REIGN 8!
2/23/2021 17:12:42REIGN 8REIGN 8 is ON THE AIR!Check it out here:
1/17/2022 16:57:21RUINATION is ON THE AIR!RUINATION 19Ruination hits the airwaves with a big Iron Fist title defense, a big Tag title defense, and more as the Apex starts to shape up! Check it out here!
1/17/2022 17:02:08REVOLUTION 169 is ON THE AIR!REVOLUTION 169The #1 Contenders to the Tag Team championships are in action, two Apex qualifiers, and the future of the SHOOT Project are in action! Plus, words from the World Heavyweight Champion and more!
1/4/2022 10:25:35REIGN 12 is ON THE AIRREIGN 12Los Angeles, CaliforniaREIGN 12 hits the airwaves with some BIG surprises, including appearances by Jacob Mephisto, the Unholy Cyber Army, and Joshua Breedlove! Check out what it all means here!
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NEMESISSanctuary C
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Buck DresdenVoicemail one where I kick IAM's assb
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Kenneth CaperNew Year, New Attitude 3Casper
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